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Claimed cases of euthanasia .

What is euthanasia? ‡ It is intentional killing of a person for his/her alleged benefit. ‡ In Greek Good death .

‡ Freedom of choice. . ‡ Frees up medical funds for other people.Why is this done? ‡ It relieves extreme pain.

.ethical reasons which are against ‡ Medical oath ‡ Assisted suicide ‡ Devalues human life ‡ View that only god can take away life. Never use knowledge to kill.

Practical reasons ‡ Organs rackets may increase ‡ A signature can take away persons life ‡ Impossible to predict life expectancy .

It was a mercy killing.‡ Medical facilities can be degraded ‡ Rise in murders under the name of euthanasia.. . I just couldn t stand to see him suffer in front of that TV each time his favourite team lost .

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