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Administrative Theory

Administrative Theory

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Published by Abhijit Jadhav
Public administration IGNOU study material.
Public administration IGNOU study material.

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Published by: Abhijit Jadhav on Nov 06, 2010
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This Unit deals with the important issue of relationship between the citizens and
administration, factors responsible for their alienation, difkrent avenues/institutional
devices available to the citizens for redressal of grievances against administration.
After you have read this unit, you should be able to:
explain the relationship between citizen and administration

e discuss the factors responsible for alienation of citizens from administration

describe the existing channels-legislative and judicial for redressal of citizens
grievances against administration


analyse the problem of corruption in administration and the role of Central
Vigilance Comn~ission in maintaining integrity in administration

@ explain the importance and functions of Indian Ombudsman Lok Pal and Lok Ayukta

discuss the redressal machinery functioning in various MinistriestDepartments.

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