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Administrative Theory

Administrative Theory

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Published by Abhijit Jadhav
Public administration IGNOU study material.
Public administration IGNOU study material.

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Published by: Abhijit Jadhav on Nov 06, 2010
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' The scope of Public Administration has increased enormously during the twentieth century. '
The importance of Public Admiqistration has grown substantially with the success of the
~ussiah Revblution, increased role of state during and after the Second World War,
measures of welfare adopted in most of the countries and growth of large number of
'developing countries. Taday, Public Administration influences almost all aspe~gi ~f human
life. Even in a capitalistic country like'the USA, the role of govemment has expanded in an
effective manner. The net result of this increased role of state or govemment has&eltn that
large number ofspecialised branches of Public Administration have come up'on the scene. I
Some of these branches aie economic administration, social administration, educational
administration, health administration, transport administration, space administration, etc.
Besides, there are areas such as state administration, urban administration, rural
administration, financial administration and personnel administration which have *become
istegrd p&s 6f the vocabulary of govemment. Therefore, when we comp'are
administrative systems existing in various nations or cultures, we can compare either the
whole of the administhive systems or some important parts of such systqms. Today, we '
find a number of studies on comparative educational administration, comparative health
administration, compaktive economic administration, comparadve social adqhinistration
and other related areas. Further, there are a very large number of,publicationa on
comparative urban administration and comparative rural administration. It be~omes\ckar
that thesmp ofComparative Public Administration is as vast as that of its mother
discipline, vk Public Administration. Anything that & 'a~tlve'

can be


Whi* di~ussing the scope of Cotnparative Public ~dministratian, not only the specia,laed ;
branches ,of administration have' to be taken into WW~.

Further it also needs to'be , '



stressed once again that comparative studies can be conducted at macro, middle-range and
micro levels. These studies can be inter-institutional, cross-national, cross-cultural and

Here an interesting question arises: what do we include under the rubric of "nature" of
Comparative Administration and what do we put under the heading of "scope" of
comparative Administration? The best advice that can be given to students of Public.
Administration is that to attempt a neat distinction between the 'nature' and 'scope' of
comparative Public Administration may no!be a very useful effort. These two aspects are
overlapping and have common stress on the types, levels, and range of comparative

Now a brief reference to the'signiticance of Comparative Public Administration is in order.

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