Multiple Choice Questions

Kinematics Rabindra and Jason

Bus A and Bus B are running in a two lane road parallel to each other. Their positions at
1 s 2 s 3 s 4 s 5 s 6 s 7 s 8 s

Bus A Bus B

different times are shown in the figure.

1 s

2 s

3 s

4 s

5 s

6 s

7 s

8 s

A) The two buses have nearly the same speed:

(a) At 1s (b) At 7s (c) Between 3s and 4s (d) They have different speeds at all the times. B) At the end of 8 seconds bus B is a head of bus A because (a) Bus A is moving at lower speed (b) Bus A stopped at the end of 8 second (c) Bus A has decreasing speed (d) Bus A has increasing speed. C) Which one is not true about the motion of the two buses? (a) Bus A passed Bus B at least time (b) Bus B passed Bus A at least time (c) Bus A has same speed as bus B at least time (d)Bus A and Bus B never ran at same speed . D) Which sketches do represent the motion of the two buses correctly? d v v d









(a) B only (b) Both B and C (c) C only (d) Both C and D (e) None .

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