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Published by Andy Brown
This is an idea I roughed out for a sci-fi series (mini-series really) that I drafted a few years back.
This is an idea I roughed out for a sci-fi series (mini-series really) that I drafted a few years back.

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Published by: Andy Brown on Nov 06, 2010
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Annivar Created by: Andy Brown Written between 12/15/07 and 1/14/08 Cast Annivar: Princess of Primhaven Garivar: King of Primhaven Jerrie: Annivar’s maidservant Wren: Annivar’s Fool LeStacia: Queen of Bourbonham Wyman: LeStacia’s tax collector Calliard: Prince of Bourbonham Deston: LeStacia’s Sorcerer Ithorn: Bandit who kidnaps Annivar Skarl: General of Arms for LeStacia Horace: Ithorn’s second-in-command Glossen: Mastermind behind plots against Primhaven and Bourbonham Lutzig: Member of Ithorn’s camp Brawr: Skarl’s second-in-command Prentiss: Member of Ithorn’s camp Vicar: Brought in to wed Annivar and Calliard Settings: Kingdom of Primhaven Kingdom of Bourbonham Terrean Forest


Annivar, Part One: Unexpected Journey TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Our tale takes place in the peaceful Kingdom of Primhaven. In the lavish throne room of the castle, Princess Annivar and her trusted companion and fool, Wren, amuse themselves. Annivar: Wren, do it again! I love that trick you do with your balls! Wren: Of course, Princess. (Wren juggles three glowing orbs in the air.) Annivar: Pretty. How will I survive without you when I embark on my studies in Winterhaven? Wren: You mean the King isn't going to pay for me to study alongside you? What kind of Fool am I if I have no wit? Annivar: Oh, Wren, that would be too perfect. But someone must stay behind and entertain Father. He'll be lonely without me. Wren: Alas, the King is not so easily amused when I play with my balls as you are. (Jerrie, Annivar's maidservant and attendant, enters the throne room.) Jerrie: Princess, there you are! I've been looking all over for you. Your riding instructor informed me that you did not appear for your lesson this morning. Annivar: Jerrie, I mastered riding at an early age. What is there left for Wendell to teach me? Wren: Kama Sutra? Jerrie: As long as your father remains King, you will follow the schedule he sets for you. Riding at 10. Archery after lunch. And tea at 2. Wren: Is the King training a lady or a warrior? (King Garivar enters from a secret entrance and stands behind Wren.) Garivar: He certainly isn't training a fool, Fool! Wren: My apologies, your majesty. Annivar: Father, be nice to Wren.


Garivar: And good day to you, too, daughter. Annivar: Good day, Father. (Annivar gives her father a big hug and curtsies.) Garivar: Jerrie, are my daughter's trunks packed for her journey? Jerrie: Yes, your Highness. Garivar: Good, good. We shall depart for Bourbonham at sunset! Annivar: But, Father, my studies are in Winterhaven. Wren: There's nothing in Bourbonham except bandits and that awful Queen LeStacia. Garivar: Precisely, Fool. There has been a change in plans, Annivar. We have an audience with Queen LeStacia on the morrow. Annivar: Oh, Father, not that! DUH DUH DUH!!!!!! Will Wendell teach Princess Annivar the Kama Sutra? Why is King Garivar taking his daughter to meet Queen LeStacia? Will Wren have a job when his mistress leaves the castle? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Two: Disturbing Currents TODAY on ANNIVAR…… While King Garivar and Princess Annivar make preparations to depart Primhaven, a very different scene takes place in the dark and oppressive castle of Bourbonham. Queen LeStacia holds court in her throne room. Wyman: Your majesty, I bring the daily collections from your people. LeStacia: Was there any defiance this time, Lord Wyman? Wyman: None, Highness. I believe the Wicker Street Bloodlettings was a sufficient demonstration of what happens to those who defy your will. LeStacia: The Wicker Street Bloodlettings? Is that what they're calling it?

Wyman: Yes, Highness. LeStacia: It certainly has a nice ring to it. See my monies safely to the depository, Wyman. Your services are no longer required today. Wyman: Of course, your Majesty. (Wyman bows and departs and meets Prince Calliard on his way out.) Calliard: Lord Wyman, does this tunic make me look fat? Wyman: Fat, sir? I don't know that I catch your meaning, Prince Calliard. Calliard: I think I'm retaining water. Wyman: Very good, sir. I must make haste to the depository, if it pleases you. Calliard: Ask around and you will find out what pleases me, Wyman. (Wyman bows and exits hurriedly.) LeStacia: Cal, it goes without saying that you need to modify your deportment when Garivar and Annivar arrive. There can be no room for error on our parts. Calliard: I don't understand why we're even doing this. There are other ways to achieve our ends. LeStacia: Oh really? And who would lead that campaign? You're not exactly a warrior, my son. Calliard: I do look good in a suit of armor, though. LeStacia: I am not interested in your private affairs. Have you seen Deston? (The room quakes and Deston, LeStacia's Sorcerer, appears in a flash of smoke at LeStacia's side.) Calliard: There he is, mother. LeStacia: There's no need to show off, Deston. Save it for our guests. Deston: As you wish, Highness. But I felt it necessary to reach you as quickly as possible. I've been studying the currents again. LeStacia: And? Deston: It looks grim. LeStacia: Cal, go fetch Skarl. I would like private audience with Deston.


Calliard: Why not have Deston conjure him up? I'd rather not be seen out. I look a fright. (Skarl, LeStacia's General of Arms, hurries into the throne room and bows.) Skarl: My queen. My agents inform me that King Garivar and his entourage have departed Primhaven. They should reach us by morning. LeStacia: Very good, Skarl. Have a dispatch of your finest men meet them and insure their safe passage into our city walls. And take my son with you. Skarl: I live to serve, Highness. Come, Prince Calliard. We should continue your lessons in swordplay. Calliard: Why not? It will be the most play I have had in some time. (Calliard and Skarl leave the throne room.) LeStacia: Deston, tell me everything. The currents were grim? Deston: I am afraid so, Highness. The outcome is unchanged. With or without an alliance, Prince Calliard will die. DUH DUH DUH!!! Does Prince Calliard know how to handle his sword? What is this alliance that Deston speaks of? Will there be a repeat of the Wicker Street Bloodlettings? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Three: Ambush TODAY on ANNIVAR…… King Garivar and his entourage make their way by horse and carriage through the Terreaen Forest en route to the castle at Bourbonham. Night has fallen and the travelers are on their guard. Annivar: I still don't understand why my studies need be halted for this detour. Wren: Oh, I think I have an idea why we're going to Bourbonham. Garivar: You know nothing, Fool. Jerrie: Mistress, it is unwise to question the logic of your father and king. He knows what is best for you.

Garivar: These are perilous times, daughter. Primhaven is at peace for now, but there are those that would see our kingdom reduced to rubble. Wren: Like Queen LeStacia. Annivar: Wren, be nice. Garivar: It is true that LeStacia is not known for her gentility. But Bourbonham is our neighbor. In times like these, we have to consider our survival before all else. (A rider comes alongside their carriage to report to Garivar.) Rider: I bear news, your Majesty. Wren: And I bear bunions, good rider. Care to see? Garivar: Another word, Fool, and you walk the rest of the way to Bourbonham. Report. Rider: Our scouts are aware of activity within earshot of the path, Highness. They have reason to believe that you may be under watch and are in grave danger. Garivar: How much longer until we reach the borders of Bourbonham? Rider: Within the hour. Garivar: Very good. Maintain course. We cannot stray. (The rider joins the ranks and pulls ahead to alert the scouts.) Jerrie: Princess, in the remaining time before we reach Bourbonham, we should focus on your recitations. Annivar: Jerrie, I hardly think my father and Wren are interested in hearing poetry recited in five different languages. Wren: As long as you throw in some Carthage, I wouldn't mind the diversion. I love the poetry of Carthage. Garivar: A fine sight this is. My daughter amusing her fool. Annivar: Father, you are keeping something from me. Garivar: Very well then. You are a wise young lady. I will tell you everything in the time that remains. (A loud noise diverts their attention. A tree falls across their path in the road leading to Bourbonham and spooks the horses.)


Rider: A brief delay, Highness. We will have the path cleared shortly. Garivar: Proceed. Annivar, I received a secret letter a month ago. A threat has been made on your life. That is why I could not allow you to go to Winterhaven. Annivar: A threat on my life? Garivar: There's more. The letter also contained a threat on the life of Prince Calliard of Bourbonham. That is why I contacted Queen LeStacia, and that is why we are traveling to Bourbonham. Wren: And here I thought we were going for their annual Lutefest. Garivar: That's it, Fool! Get out of my carriage. (A cloaked figure on horse approaches the carriage with crossbow.) Stranger: Your highness, I am afraid I cannot allow any of you to leave this forest alive. DUH DUH DUH!!! Who is threatening the lives of Annivar and Calliard? Does Wren really have bunions or is he just being clever? Who is the shadowy stranger on horseback? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Four: Counter-Offer TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Queen LeStacia holds conference with Deston in her castle in Bourbonham, vexed by news that her son's fate is unchanged. LeStacia: Deston, is it possible that the currents have led you astray? Deston: It's not likely, Highness. I've devoted the better part of my life to the study of these currents. LeStacia: Answer me this. Do you know the manner in which my son will meet his end? Do you know by whose hand? Deston: It is too soon to tell, your Majesty.

LeStacia: Then what could possibly be gained by an alliance with King Garivar? Deston: There is always the option of conquest. Meanwhile, in the recesses of the Terreaen Forest, a shadowy figure holds King Garivar and his entourage at the point of a crossbow. Garivar: You would threaten the life of a king? That is a hanging offense. Stranger: Your Highness, you are not currently in the position to pass out judgment. Wren: He is in the position, though, to hand out commemorative coins from Primhaven's sesquicentennial. Stranger: Your fool has wit. I might spare him. Garivar: He is no fool of mine, you miscreant. Annivar: But while we are on the subject of sparing, why leave it at just Wren? There must be some counter-offer that can be made. How much are you being paid to assassinate us? Jerrie: Princess, that is not proper subject matter for a lady to discuss. Wren: If it saves your neck, you should be obliged to let the lady be vulgar for once. (Back in Bourbonham…) LeStacia: Conquest? Not that the thought hadn't entered my mind, but what a delicious idea. Deston: With the proper planning, you could justify a conquest of Primhaven as vengeance for your son's death. LeStacia: But Garivar is en route to Bourbonham under the assumption that we will forge an alliance. Deston: And so you should continue that course. All the better. He will never expect the first assault. (Back in the Terreaen Forest…) Stranger: My men have yours outnumbered. There is no escape. Why should I listen to any counteroffer? Garivar: Are you foolish enough to think you will walk away without repercussions? My army is strong. Stranger: Not strong enough to prevent your capture. But you and your daughter make valid points.

I will allow your passage through the forest, your Highness. But the Princess comes with me. I will make my demands known to you thereafter. Garivar: I will die before my daughter goes anywhere with you! Annivar: No, father. It is the only way. Go to Bourbonham. Queen LeStacia will help you. But first, stranger, I must know your name before I depart with you. Stranger: You may call me Ithorn. DUH DUH DUH!!! Who is this Ithorn and what does he intend to do with Annivar? Will LeStacia be able to successfully overthrow Primhaven? Will Garivar reach Bourbonham without further interruption? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Five: Surprises TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Ithorn and his men have escaped under the cover of darkness of the Terreaen Forest with the Princess Annivar, leaving King Garivar and his remaining entourage time to reflect on what just transpired. Jerrie: There was nothing you could do, your Highness. Garivar: I do not believe that. I could've forfeited my own life in return for hers. Wren: And then Primhaven would be without her King. Annivar is resourceful. She will outlive us all. Garivar: You may be right, Fool. You may be right. (A Scout approaches Garivar's carriage.) Scout: Your Majesty, riders approach from Bourbonham. Garivar: Find out who they are and what their business is. Bring their leader to me. Do not hesitate to use force. Scout: Yes, your Majesty. (Prince Calliard returns to the throne room in the castle at Bourbonham. Queen LeStacia sits upon her throne in deep contemplation.)


Calliard: Mother, you look vexed. LeStacia: I am vexed, my son. Calliard: Have Garivar and his envoy not arrived yet? LeStacia: Not yet. I have sent Skarl to give them safe passage. But that is not what vexes me. Calliard: Then what is it, pray tell? LeStacia: Cal, I am not only your queen but also your mother. And a mother always worries about her son's happiness. Even when I am conquering neighboring lands. Calliard: I know that. LeStacia: Will you be able to accept the alliance with Primhaven that I am proposing to Garivar? If not, I will call it off. Calliard: Don't be foolish, mother. I am not only your son but also Bourbonham's future king. On my life, I promise you that I will see the alliance through to its end. LeStacia: That is what I'm afraid of. (Skarl and his dispatch have intercepted Garivar on the road to Bourbonham. The lead scout has held conference with Skarl and leads him to Garivar.) Skarl: Your Highness, I am Skarl, General of Arms for Queen LeStacia. I come to offer you safe passage to Bourbonham. Garivar: I wish you had arrived but a quarter hour sooner. You might have stopped the bandits who made off with my daughter. Skarl: My apologies, Highness. Let us make haste to Bourbonham and formulate a plan. The Queen will want to be alerted. (Ithorn and his forces arrive at their secret encampment in the Terreaen Forest with Annivar in tow. They have her blindfolded so that she might not trace her way back to the road.) Annivar: Ithorn, I demand that you remove this blindfold at once! Ithorn: All in good time, Princess. It is better that you do not know too much as to your whereabouts. It is of the utmost importance that you cannot lead patrols back to this location upon your release. Annivar: As if you intend to let me leave here alive.


(Ithorn removes Annivar's blindfold and helps her off her horse.) Ithorn: Join me by the fire, Princess. You are safe here. Annivar: I am only safe so long as my father and Queen LeStacia meet your demands. Ithorn: Are you hungry? Thirsty? My men are quite good cooks as it turns out. I could have them prepare something for you. Annivar: I have lost my appetite, thank you. Ithorn: Suit yourself. I am famished. A raid always works up my appetite. Horace, prepare two cutlets of buck for me and the Princess. Horace: Coming right up, Ithorn. Annivar: I told you I wasn't hungry. Ithorn: You'll change your mind. May I tell you a secret? Annivar: You may as well. I have nothing but time on my hands. Ithorn: That is true enough. Princess, there is no need to fear me. Annivar: I suppose all men of peace negotiate at the end of a crossbow. Ithorn: You are spirited, but listen. I did not come to your father's carriage to kill you this evening. I came to save your life. DUH DUH DUH!!!!!! Is Ithorn really trying to save Annivar's life? Will LeStacia be able to save her son from an untimely end? Will Garivar ever see his daughter alive again? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Six: Escalation TODAY on ANNIVAR…… King Garivar and his entourage have arrived at the castle in Bourbonham under the protection of Skarl. Queen LeStacia is in her throne room with Prince Calliard and Wyman who are amusing themselves with a game of cards.

Wyman: If only we were playing for real. I would have your crown. Calliard: There are other things besides the crown that we could play for. Wyman: My liege, I am not that kind of tax collector. My affections cannot be bought. Calliard: I am not interested in your affections, Wyman. Just the by-product. (Skarl enters with Garivar, Jerrie, and Wren in tow.) Skarl: Your Highness, may I present to you King Garivar, ruler of Primhaven. Garivar: Step aside, good man. I must have a word, LeStacia! You guaranteed our safe passage, and my daughter has been taken by bandits. LeStacia: I don't believe I care for your tone. Am I to be held responsible for the ill-preparedness of your soldiers, Garivar? Garivar: Queen LeStacia, my nerves are peaked but make no mistake. I will have my daughter back safely, and I expect your assistance in the matter. LeStacia: Very well. Skarl, send your best men into the Terreaen Forest to find the Princess and the bandits who hold her. Skarl: Yes, your Majesty. At once. (Skarl exits the throne room.) Meanwhile in the hidden camp of Ithorn, Annivar is just rising for the day to the smells of breakfast prepared by Ithorn's men. Ithorn: Good morning, Princess. I take it you slept well? Annivar: As well as may be expected under the terms of your protection, Ithorn. Ithorn: You still do not believe that I hold you here to protect you. Annivar: I believe that I would be far safer under the watch of my father and his men. Ithorn: You will have to forgive me if I do not share your opinion, seeing as that my men bested your father's on the road to Bourbonham. Besides, a lady of your breeding has no business in Bourbonham. Why are you traveling there? Annivar: You wouldn't understand. Tell me, Ithorn. Does breakfast come with your noble protection, or will that cost my father more?

Ithorn: My apologies, Princess. Horace, a platter for the Princess. Horace: How would the lady like her eggs? Annivar: If you cook eggs half as well as the buck you served last night, I will leave that decision in your capable hands, Horace. Thank you. Ithorn: May I call you Annivar? Annivar: If it makes you feel more congenial, by all means. Ithorn: Annivar, I promise you that you will be reunited with your father by week's end. But something is going to happen in Bourbonham soon, and it is better that you not be there when it does. (Back in Bourbonham, Garivar and LeStacia are holding private conference while Wren and Jerrie remain with Calliard and Wyman.) Calliard: I like your tights, Fool. What is your name? Wren: I am called Wren. But I have been out of sorts since my mistress was taken from us. Calliard: The Princess is your mistress? Wren: Yes, your Highness. I live but to entertain her, though she treats me like she would a friend. Calliard: And how do you entertain the Princess? Wren: She loves to watch me play with my balls. Calliard: I believe the Princess and I may have more in common than I first thought. Jerrie: Wyman, is that you? Wyman: Jerrie! What a pleasure to see you after all this time. You haven't aged a day. Jerrie: You're too kind. You always were. Wyman: Old habits die hard. And how is your husband? Jerrie: I was widowed in the Battle of Talahi. That is how I came to be in the employee of the King. Wyman: I am sorry to hear that, Jerrie. I have thought of you often over the years. (Back in the camp of Ithorn…)


Annivar: Horace, this is delicious. Horace: My pleasure, Princess. I've never cooked for royalty before. Annivar: I may have to steal you from Ithorn when I am liberated. Horace: You can't afford me, Princess. (they share a laugh) Annivar: Ithorn, what is going to happen in Bourbonham? Ithorn: I am afraid I cannot tell you that. My patron gave me specific instructions as to what and how much I can reveal. Annivar: Will you at least tell me the name of your patron? Ithorn: Very well, Annivar. But I can only tell you this. I have not met him. I receive all communications from him in ways most strange. He is called Glossen. And that is all I know. DUH DUH DUH!!! Who is Glossen? How do Jerrie and Wyman know each other? Will Calliard derive as much pleasure from Wren as Annivar does? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Seven: Turning Tides TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Annivar and Ithorn are walking through the Terreaen Forest near Ithorn's encampment. Annivar: And you mean to tell me that you have never held conference with this person you only know as Glossen? Ithorn: I have a good feeling about Glossen. After all, it is only through his instructions that I have come to meet you and save your life. And once my letter of demands is delivered to King Garivar and Queen LeStacia, I might be able to make a difference in your kingdoms. Annivar: Ah, so you are a noble man. No ambition for fortune or power? Ithorn: The land provides most everything I need. I am blessed with the fellowship of friends. I have little need of power or fortune.

Annivar: I never considered that. How long will it take your courier to reach Bourbonham? Ithorn: Little more than an hour. He departed shortly after breakfast. (Annivar stumbles on a tree root and falls to the ground. She grabs a nearby stone and conceals it.) Ithorn: Princess, let me help you. Annivar: Thank you. Meanwhile, King Garivar and Queen LeStacia hold private conference in an anteroom near the throne room. LeStacia: Skarl is my best general. He will find your daughter. Garivar: I trust your judgment, probably more than I should. If our children weren't being threatened, I never would have agreed to this. LeStacia: It is for the best, Garivar. An alliance is the only thing that will save our children and our two kingdoms. Garivar: From what? An unseen enemy? Yours is the only kingdom I would ever suspect an attack from. And as for the matter of our children…. LeStacia: What? Garivar: It is going to be a great sacrifice for Annivar. LeStacia: And what of my Cal? I am not so blind as to delude myself into thinking Annivar is the perfect match for my son. Garivar: True. I think he would sooner pair off with my daughter's fool. LeStacia: But you are resolved to see this through. I have your word? Garivar: Yes, LeStacia, I pledge on my very crown that I will see the union of our children and alliance of our kingdoms. (Deston appears in the anteroom in a flash of smoke.) LeStacia: Deston, how many times do I have to tell you not to materialize in my anteroom?! Deston: Your Highness, I bring news! (Back in the Terreaen Forest, Ithorn has helped Annivar back to stable footing.) Annivar: I must not be accustomed to walking over such treacherous terrain.


Ithorn: It is my fault. I thought you might enjoy a break from the camp. We should return. (A faint noise is heard in the distance.) Annivar: Did you hear that? Ithorn: Yes, I did. If I am not mistaken, I would have to say that it sounds like a search party. We will return to the camp, Annivar. And I must ask you not to offer resistance. Annivar: I am sorry. Ithorn: For what? Annivar: This. (Annivar takes the stone and strikes Ithorn in the head with it. He falls to the ground and Annivar runs in the direction of the sound.) Skarl and his men are near the road back to Bourbonham. Skarl: We should divide our efforts. Raythe, take your men and scour the forest towards Primhaven. I will take the rest with me and concentrate on the lands between here and Bourbonham. Return with your men to Bourbonham by nightfall. Raythe: Yes, sir. (Raythe and his men gallop off towards Primhaven. Skarl and his men head back into the forest. He hears something.) Skarl: Riders, halt! (He hears the rustling of leaves in the distance. A voice cries out.) Annivar: Help! Somebody, help! (Annivar is running with such intensity that she pays little attention to the ground beneath her and trips on another tree root. She falls to the ground and when she looks up, stares into the face of a rider's horse. Skarl leaps off his horse and helps Annivar to her feet.) Skarl: Are you Princess Annivar? Annivar: Yes. Who are you? Skarl: I am Skarl, General at Arms for Queen LeStacia's army. We will take you to your father, but can you lead us to your captors?


Annivar: I'm sorry. I cannot. I lost my way in the forest when I escaped. They are nowhere near here. Take me to Bourbonham at once. DUH DUH DUH!!! Is Annivar protecting Ithorn from retribution? What news does Deston bring? What is Glossen's endgame? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Eight: Kindling TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Wren and Prince Calliard are in conference over a carafe of wine in the throne room. Wren: Maybe you can clear this up for me, your Majesty, but I never understood the whole "jousting" thing. Calliard: I understand completely, Wren. If I'm going to have something long and hard coming at me, it had better not be made of metal. Wren: Excellent, sire. I will have to use that line when I return to Primhaven. Calliard: Line? (LeStacia, Garivar, and Deston emerge from the anteroom.) LeStacia: Cal, all is not lost! Deston brings us news. Wren: Is it about the Princess? Garivar: No, Fool, it is about the price of timber in Chiltonham. Of course it is about the Princess! Wren: Why is everyone else getting the one-liners today? Calliard: What news is this, Deston? Deston: I was studying the currents, my lord, and I not only saw that Princess Annivar is still alive. But I also glimpsed her escaping her captor. Wren: And then?

Deston: Nothing. My meditations were disrupted, and I lost all sight of the Princess. But I am certain that she will return to us soon. Meanwhile, Wyman and Jerrie stroll the courtyard of Bourbonham. Wyman: I never imagined that I would see you again, Jerrie. Jerrie: I know. There were times, especially after I lost my husband, that I thought of the days of our courtship. Wyman: I wish I had not been so rash in my ultimatum to you. Jerrie: No, you were right to make me choose. I don't regret it. You should know that. Wyman: Right. But it would seem that our lives have been entwined once more. You cannot deny that it must be more than mere chance. Jerrie: Perhaps. But I am not the same woman you wooed those many years ago. I have spent the better part of my life being no less than a mother to Annivar. I worry that she may not be returned to us alive. Wyman: Let us return to the castle then and discern if any news has arrived. But you must know something, Jerrie. Jerrie: What is it? Wyman: Even with all the changes that time has molded on you, I still believe you to be as exquisite as the day we parted. (Back in the throne room.) LeStacia: Now that we know the Princess is safe, we should move on to the business at hand. The alliance. Garivar: Quite right. The alliance. Wren: Prince Calliard, you may want to change your tunic after this news. Calliard: What are you talking about? Garivar: Fool, be quiet. Prince Calliard, your mother and I were discussing the fates and futures of our two kingdoms, Primhaven and Bourbonham. Calliard: Your Highness, I know all about that. My mother told me before you arrived that a peace accord would be signed between you.

LeStacia: I am afraid, my son, that I was not entirely honest with you. Garivar is not here to sign a peace accord. Calliard: I'm afraid I don't understand. If not for peace, then why did the King journey this distance? LeStacia: Garivar and I both received threats on the lives of our heirs from some anonymous villain. It was then that we realized that the only way to insure your safety and that of Annivar was for there to be a union between Primhaven and Bourbonham. Calliard: What sort of union? Wren: Look at it this way, you'll get to dress up for the event. Ooh, maybe I'll catch the garter. Garivar: Shut up, Fool! LeStacia: Bourbonham and Primhaven must become one in order that you and Annivar are protected. I consulted Deston, and he agrees. When she returns you and Annivar must wed. (The throne room doors are thrust open to reveal Annivar, Skarl, and a small contingent of his troops.) Annivar: I will not wed anyone this day, Queen LeStacia! DUH DUH DUH!!! Will there be a garter for Wren to catch? Will Jerrie and Wyman rekindle their former romance? Will Annivar resign herself to a union with Calliard? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Nine: Obedience TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Annivar, Garivar, and Wren are in the guest chambers of the castle at Bourbonham shortly after Annivar's return to her father. Annivar: It was not to be like this, Father. I should be studying in Winterhaven right now, not being forced into marriage with Prince Calliard. Wren: You may have to don a codpiece, my lady, to sway his favor. Garivar: That will be all out of you, Fool. Annivar, I know this is not the life you saw for yourself.

But there is no other alternative. It is for your safety and Prince Calliard's that we are forcing this issue. Annivar: Was your marriage to my mother an arranged marriage? Garivar: As a matter of fact, it was. It was only my good fortune that I quickly fell in love with her…and my tragedy that I lost her so soon after you were born to us. Annivar: I am sorry if I bring you any heartache at her mention. Garivar: Nonsense. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. (Jerrie rushes into the chambers.) Jerrie: Princess, you've returned to us! Meanwhile in the throne room of the castle, LeStacia, Deston, Skarl, and Calliard confer over the return of the Princess and of their next course of action. LeStacia: And the girl was unable to lead you to the bandits' lair? Skarl: No, your Highness. I sent a contingent into the forest towards Primhaven before the Princess found us, but I won't hear word from them until the evening. LeStacia: Report to me when you have news, Skarl. And send a smaller contingent back into the forest surrounding Bourbonham. No more than two hours walk, though. I feel certain our enemy is near. Skarl: Yes, your Majesty. (Skarl bows and exits.) Deston: My queen, now that the Princess has returned I feel that the worst has passed us. Calliard: Will our marriage change the currents you've observed? Will Bourbonham be spared destruction? Deston: It is too soon to tell, sire. After all, you are not married yet. Calliard: Mother, if all is beyond hope of salvage, must I marry that woman? LeStacia: Cal, you will do what is best for the future of this kingdom. Now that the Princess is returned, we can continue our plans for expansion. Deston: Highness, is it not too early to discuss this?

Calliard: Expansion. LeStacia: Yes, my son. Look at it this way. With the Princess around, you'll have more time to amuse yourself with her fool. (Skarl enters with a bandit in tow.) Skarl: Your Highness, this bandit was just captured with demands from his master, Ithorn! He obviously does not know that the Princess is already back. Deep in the Terreaen Forest, Ithorn has returned to his encampment. He is a little woozy but no worse for the wear. Horace: Ithorn, what happened to you? Where is the Princess? Ithorn: She's escaped. But that's not important right now. Lutzig left this morning to deliver our demands to LeStacia and Garivar. Horace: Not our demands, Ithorn. Ithorn: Right. Glossen's demands. Horace: We never should've gotten mixed up in this. Ithorn: I know, Horace. But it's too late now. We can't turn back now. Horace: Why not? (A falcon swoops down into the encampment and drops a small parcel before flying off above the tree line. Ithorn picks it up and opens it.) Ithorn: It's a letter from Glossen. (He reads) "Ithorn, you and your men have been faithful servants. Lutzig's sacrifice will not be in vain. All is not lost. Move your camp three hours north of Bourbonham and await further instruction. The Princess is not out of danger yet. Glossen." Horace: I'll tell the men we're leaving. Back in the throne room at Bourbonham, Garivar, Annivar, Wren, and Jerrie have joined LeStacia, Calliard, Deston, and Skarl who is questioning Lutzig, the prisoner. Skarl: I will ask you once more. Where is your camp? Lutzig: I will tell you nothing. Kill me. LeStacia: That can be arranged.

Annivar: Wait! Father, no harm was done me in Ithorn's camp. Spare his life. Garivar: This is LeStacia's kingdom. It is not for me to decide. Annivar: Queen LeStacia, spare this man's life. I beg you. Make it a wedding gift. LeStacia: Then you will agree to wed my son? Annivar: Yes. I will. DUH DUH DUH!!!!!! Will Lutzig be set free? Why is Glossen having Ithorn move his forces? Will Annivar keep her word and wed Calliard? Find our next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Ten: Consequences TODAY on ANNIVAR…… The bandit Lutzig is held by Skarl in the throne room at Bourbonham. LeStacia has excused court, but Annivar, Garivar, Deston, and Calliard remain. LeStacia: Annivar, you know that I cannot release the prisoner without some information. Lutzig: Your Holiness, I will tell you nothing. I thank you, Princess, but I came here prepared to die. Annivar: I do not remember meeting you at Ithorn's camp. Please tell them what they need to know. Then you'll be free. Lutzig: Ithorn wanted to keep you as isolated as possible. For your own good, he said. He was hell bent on protecting you, if you pardon the expression. If I told the Queen anything, I would be betraying him and his mission. Skarl: Why not start with something simple, like your name. Lutzig: My name is Lutzig. You can put it on my gravestone, if you like. Meanwhile, Ithorn and Horace are leading the members of the encampment away from their home in the Terreaen Forest per the orders of Glossen. Ithorn: Should we go after him, Horace? Try and rescue Lutzig?

Horace: I don't know if I'm the person you should be asking that. We all knew what we signed on for when we joined up with you. Lutzig knew he might not return from this mission. But I don't like the idea of sending a man to his death. When we had the Princess, we at least had some leverage. Ithorn: It is all my fault. Now we have lost Lutzig and Annivar. Horace: If you don't mind me saying, I think it may be for the best that the Princess got away, what with your feelings for her and all. Ithorn: Feelings? What are you talking about? I have no feelings for Annivar. She is a job and nothing more. Horace: No feelings, you say? That must be why you insist on calling the heir and future ruler of Primhaven by her first name. And I don't know any captors who take their prisoners for romantic strolls in the forest. No, you've got no feelings for her, sir. (The sound of riders is heard in the distance.) Ithorn: Horace, hide the men! We may have been discovered. (Back in the throne room at Bourbonham…) Garivar: LeStacia, perhaps your wizard could just pull the information out of the prisoner. LeStacia: Deston, can it be done? Deston: It is possible, your Majesty. But it might kill him. LeStacia: I am willing to take that risk. Annivar: I am not, your Highness. You forget that my acceptance of this alliance is contingent on the liberty of this prisoner! LeStacia: And you forget that you are a guest in my kingdom, Princess. Annivar: Good wizard, can our ends not be accomplished peacefully? General Skarl, are there no other methods at your disposal to withdraw the information? No potions or enticements? Calliard: Princess, I think you forget that yours is not the final word here. If it pleases you, I should like a word alone with you in my mother's anteroom. Annivar: Very well. Let us withdraw. But nothing is to be done to Lutzig until I return. LeStacia: Of course, Princess. (Back in the Terreaen Forest. Ithorn has seen the last of Skarl's contingent on its way back to

Bourbonham from Primhaven. He returns to Horace.) Ithorn: We were lucky they did not find us. Horace: I doubt it. Glossen must be covering our tracks. Ithorn: I confess that his methods are strange and mysterious, but if the forces from Bourbonham had been more on their guard, they would have found us. And we would then meet the same fate as Lutzig. Horace: Maybe your Annivar will be able to spare his life. Ithorn: Why would she? We held her captive. She fled. She has no reason to spare him. Horace: I don't want to get your hopes up, but I saw sparks flying between you two. And I don't think it was from the limestone in the cooking fire. Ithorn: Nonsense. She was biding her time until the opportunity for escape presented itself. And I fell her it. Horace: For her. No harm in that, friend. We should probably get back on course, though. Before we lose too much daylight. Ithorn: Right. We should go. But as soon as we reach our new camp, I am going out on my own. Horace: Where? Ithorn: I am going to Bourbonham and will not return without the Princess. (In the anteroom of Queen LeStacia…) Annivar: What do you want to say, Prince Calliard? Calliard: You try and reason with my mother, with Deston, with our general. Has it not entered your mind that I may hold some modicum of power in this kingdom? Annivar: It is not my wish to offend you, but you don't seem all that interested in the affairs of your kingdom. Calliard: Do not mistake my gentility for weakness, Princess. If we are to be married, understand that I will not be ruled by you. Annivar: You have made your point, Prince Calliard. Calliard: Call me Cal, Princess. We are to be partners in this new kingdom, after all, are we not?

Annivar: That we are, Cal. So tell me how you intend to help with Lutzig? (The sound of glass shattering and shouting is heard outside the anteroom. Annivar and Calliard hurry back into the throne room.) Calliard: Mother, what happened? LeStacia: I don't know how it happened, Cal! The prisoner fell silent and then in a surge of power freed himself from Skarl and leapt through the stained-glass window! Annivar: I heard shouting. What did he say? Skarl: I think he was shouting, "Glossen," my lady. DUH DUH DUH!!! Will Ithorn be successful in his attempt to retrieve Annivar? Was Glossen behind the death of Lutzig? Is there more to Calliard than we were led to believe? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Eleven: Defiance TODAY on ANNIVAR…… The sun has set as Ithorn and his men finish making their new encampment north of Bourbonham. They have no idea that Lutzig has already met his fate. Horace: I don't think it's very sound idea that you go to Bourbonham on your own. Ithorn: The Queen would expect a detachment of soldiers from our camp. She wouldn't expect that I would come by myself. Horace: And you aren't going to consult Glossen? Maybe he knows something you don't know. Ithorn: I am certain that Glossen knows a great many things that I do not. But he doesn't know my heart. I will not see Annivar sacrificed to an unknown evil. Lutzig will most likely pay that price if he hasn't already. Horace: I won't argue the matter further. But if you're going to go, at least take some flares with you. I'll have a vigil kept to watch for your flare should you spot some danger. Ithorn: Horace, we're many hours from the walls of Bourbonham. A flare would do little, suffice to let you know that all is lost.


Horace: I insist, my friend. Ithorn: Right. Then I will defer. Meanwhile in the throne room of the castle at Bourbonham, LeStacia holds court as tensions mount from the afternoon's violence. Annivar: Father, I will not wed the Prince after this treachery. Garivar: Annivar, you made an agreement with the Queen that must be honored. Annivar: An agreement that became void when she allowed Lutzig to die! LeStacia: Allowed, you say? How was I to know the man was mad enough to hurl himself from my tower? Annivar: You have the power of a wizard at your disposal! Mighty Deston, how comes it that with all your knowledge of currents and potions that you could not keep Lutzig from his course? Deston: Princess, it is not as simple as merely waving a wand or speaking an incantation. The power behind Lutzig's death is one not to be trifled with. Garivar: Peace, daughter. Do not allow your passions to rule you. Annivar: You are right, Father. Queen LeStacia, I apologize for my rash behavior. Deston, I did not mean to question your ability or integrity. Deston: No apologies are necessary, Princess. I foresee that you will one day be a queen of the utmost compassion. Your convictions are your greatest ally. Annivar: If you will excuse me, I should retire for the evening. LeStacia: Of course, my dear. But I must press the issue of my son. Will you honor your pledge? Annivar: Yes, your Highness. I will honor my pledge. In one week's time I will wed your son. The scene shifts to the private chambers of Calliard where he and Wren play a simple game of cards over a cup of winter ale. Wren: Before I came to the court of Primhaven, I worked in the palace at Mittigon. They know how to treat a fool, my lord. Calliard: Wren, when we are alone you may call me Cal. I will not stand on ceremony with you. Wren: What will you stand on then if not on ceremony?

Calliard: Always the wit. Tell me, will Annivar ever see me as an equal? Wren: Part for part, you are not her equal, Cal. Calliard: Of which parts do you speak? I have a mind, a heart, and a soul of the same mettle to rule. Wren: Yes, but your mettle is of different shape and proportion than the mettle of my mistress. Therefore, your parts are not equal. Calliard: Oh really? Show me. (Back in the throne room. Garivar has departed and LeStacia and Deston are alone.) LeStacia: You play your part well, Deston. I almost believed your flattery of the Princess. Deston: I wouldn't want to fall under suspicion for treachery when circumstances change in your favor, your Highness. Have you decided upon your next move in the overthrow of Garivar and Primhaven? LeStacia: I never expected that the Princess would return to us alive. That murkies the waters a bit. I cannot rationalize an attack on Primhaven unless Bourbonham suffers a blow. Deston: And what form might this blow take, your Majesty? LeStacia: I will think further on it. In the meantime, continue your studies of the currents. If we can locate the bandits and this Glossen character, we might be able to use them to our advantage. Deston: Yes, my lady. North of Bourbonham, Ithorn makes his way to Bourbonham under the cover of darkness. The quiet of Ithorn's thoughts are shattered by the voice of Glossen. Glossen: What are you doing, Ithorn? Ithorn: Glossen, is that you? Where are you? Glossen: Safe and far from your current location. Why are you not with your men? Ithorn: I could not wait. I am returning to Bourbonham to save Annivar and Lutzig, if he is not already dead. Glossen: Lutzig is lost. He sacrificed himself for the cause. Now is not the time for Annivar's rescue. Return to your camp. I will keep her under my watchful eye. Ithorn: Are you in Bourbonham then?

Glossen: No more questions, Ithorn. Return to camp. Ithorn: I am sorry. I cannot do that. Glossen: If you continue on your path, I will not protect you. Already I am taking steps to remove the next immediate threat to Annivar's safety. If you are caught, it will complicate matters. Ithorn: I have made up my mind, Glossen. I will not be swayed. Glossen: Nor will I. Peace be with you, Ithorn. (Back in the castle at Bourbonham, Deston consults the currents in his private quarters atop the castle. A veil is lifted from Deston's perceptions.) Deston: Everything is becoming clear. I should have seen it all before. The Queen must be alerted. (Deston hears the voice of Glossen in his head.) Glossen: Do you think you can stop me? Deston: Who is that? Who's there? Glossen: I believe you know me as Glossen. Deston: I know everything, and I will stop you. Glossen: Really? You weren't able to stop me when I seized Lutzig. Deston: Show yourself, and I will show you what power is. Glossen: Turn around. (Deston turns around to face Glossen just in time to be on the receiving end of Glossen's deathblow. The force of Glossen's magic sends Deston over the edge of the castle, and he falls to his death screaming.) DUH DUH DUH!!! Who will be Glossen's next victim? Will Ithorn be able to reach the castle in time to save Annivar? How will LeStacia unfold her plans against Primhaven without Deston? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Twelve: Respite

TODAY on ANNIVAR…… It is the following morning in the palace at Bourbonham. News of Deston's death has spread through the kingdom. Annivar, Wren, and Garivar are keeping vigil in their guest chambers. Annivar: We shouldn't be here, Father. Garivar: Are you frightened? Annivar: Of course not. I am frustrated. Wren: I am frightened. This villain Glossen has so far killed one of Ithorn's bandits and the Queen's wizard. None of the royals have been attacked yet. That means I am expendable! Garivar: Fool, you were expendable long before Glossen came along. I was already planning to give you to the Prince as a wedding present. Wren: I don't imagine the Prince will want a gift when he's already seen the package. Annivar: I could be in Winterhaven now. I would probably be safer there than I am here. How are we to fight a villain whose face we've never seen? Garivar: Glossen will not prevail. And he will not come near you. I intend to ask the Queen to assign General Skarl as your personal guard until the marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, Jerrie and Wyman are in the courtyard selecting provisions for a picnic. Jerrie: Wyman, I really should be with my mistress right now. Her wedding day will be here before week's end, and she must be beside herself with anxiety what with Deston's demise. Wyman: The Princess will be well-protected without you, Jerrie. As for the wedding, we are only going a short distance from the castle for our picnic. The rest of the day will be yours to suffocate your mistress with preparations. Jerrie: You make me feel as I did before…as if no time has passed. Wyman: For me it has not. Jerrie: It cannot last. Once Annivar and Calliard are married, I will most likely return to Primhaven with the King. He will undoubtedly set me to work in his vineyards or some other menial task. Wyman: There are alternatives, you know. Jerrie: What alternatives? Wyman: Come with me. We have what we need, and I want to show you something.


The scene shifts to the throne room of the Palace where LeStacia, Calliard, and Skarl hold court. LeStacia: Skarl, twice our defenses have been breached by Glossen. I will not stand for it to happen a third time. Skarl: It won't happen again, your Majesty. Calliard: Make sure that is doesn't. That will be all. (Skarl bows and starts to exit.) LeStacia: Skarl, please stay. Cal, there is no need to be snide with the general. Besides, he needs to be informed as to the next phase of my plan. Calliard: Mother, are you sure? LeStacia: Now more than ever. With Deston being dispatched by Glossen, you are the only two I can trust. Skarl: Of course, your Highness. Say the word and it will be done. LeStacia: Not just yet. We will wait until Cal and Annivar are married before we make our move. For now Skarl, I want you to investigate any connection between Garivar and the deaths of the bandit and Deston. It will be difficult to move forward with my plans if we cannot link Garivar to Glossen. Calliard: If all else fails, we can always fabricate the link. LeStacia: True enough. Skarl, you are dismissed. Keep me posted on your findings. Skarl: Yes, my queen. (Skarl bows to exit as Garivar, Annivar, and Wren enter the throne room.) Garivar: Queen LeStacia, if I may beg your indulgence, we have need of the good General Skarl. Beyond the walls of Bourbonham, Wyman has led Jerrie a short ways from the kingdom to an opening in the forest north of the castle. Jerrie: Where are we going? This can't be safe. Wyman: I know these forests like the back of my hand. I wasn't always a tax collector. Now be patient. We're almost there. Jerrie: This had better be worth it. I could be measuring Annivar for her wedding gown right now.


Wyman: Close your eyes and take my hand. I want to see your reaction. Jerrie: Very well. But I feel foolish. (Wyman takes Jerrie's hand and leads her down a short path that ends in front of a quaint cottage.) Wyman: Alright. You may open your eyes. Jerrie: It's a cottage. Wyman: No, it's my cottage. Our cottage, if you want it to be. Jerrie: What are you saying? Wyman: I'm getting ahead of myself. Go inside and take a look. Jerrie: I will, but then we must talk. (Jerrie and Wyman enter the cottage. There is a kindling in the fireplace and a man is crouched beside it working it to a flame.) Wyman: What are you doing in my cottage? Stranger: I am sorry, sir. I thought this place was abandoned. Jerrie: I know you! You're the bandit who stole my princess. Wyman, he's Ithorn! DUH DUH DUH!!! Will Skarl be able to find an honest link between Garivar and Glossen? Will LeStacia bend to the requests of Garivar? Will Ithorn do harm to Jerrie and Wyman now that they have discovered him? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Thirteen: Blind TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Wyman and Jerrie have happened upon Ithorn hidden in Wyman's secret cottage in the forest beyond the walls of Bourbonham. Ithorn has drawn his crossbow and has it aimed at the two. Ithorn: I would feel more comfortable if the two of you would take a seat at the table.


Wyman: You are in my cottage. The least you can let me do is start a respectable fire. Ithorn: Very well. Start the fire. Any sudden movements, and I promise you that your lady will meet her end. (Wyman goes about the business of starting the fire from the remnants of kindling. Jerrie sits.) Jerrie: I don't believe you'll kill me. Ithorn: Oh really? What makes you so certain? Jerrie: My mistress would not intercede on behalf of bandits if she were not treated decently by their master. Ithorn: Annivar interceded on my behalf? Jerrie: Not you, but your friend Lutzig. And I would thank you to refer to the lady as Princess in my presence. Ithorn: If the Princess came to Lutzig's defense, then you must know that I abducted her for her own safety. Jerrie: I know nothing of the sort. My mistress has kept a closed mouth in all affairs relating to you. I think she's protecting you. Wyman: You don't know that, Jerrie. Jerrie: I know it pleases him for me to say so. Look at him! The man is in love with her. Meanwhile in the throne room at Bourbonham, Garivar has made his requests to LeStacia with regard to Annivar's protection until she and Calliard are wed. LeStacia: King Garivar, you must understand that to assign Skarl to your daughter would be to sacrifice one of my most valuable assets. Garivar: Is she not worth such protection? LeStacia: Of course she is, but I just now set Skarl to the task of finding Glossen so we could put an end to this before another tragedy befalls us. Annivar: Father, I do not need any special protections. Garivar: You have no idea what is best for you. As a future Queen, you have to put your safety before your pride or feelings of invincibility.

Calliard: He is right, Annivar. If you or I should fall before our union, what will be the fates of our kingdoms? Annivar: If that be the case, then I suggest that General Skarl continue the Queen's bidding and seek out Glossen. I am certain he can advise a suitable substitute to guard me in the interim. Skarl: King Garivar, if it pleases you I will assign my second in command to your daughter. He is most reliable and will not fail her. Garivar: Send for your man, General. Queen LeStacia, if anything happens to my daughter I will hold you personally responsible. LeStacia: On my life, I promise you that your daughter will see her wedding day unharmed. (Back in Wyman's Cottage…) Wyman: The fire is ready. Shall I prepare our picnic or will the man with the crossbow be doing all the cooking today? Ithorn: Sir, I did not intend to disrupt your assignation. I only ask that you allow me to remain here until I insure Annivar's safety. I mean, the Princess. Jerrie: Never mind calling her Princess. Knowing my mistress, she probably gave you leave to be so informal. Sit, Ithorn. Join us. Is there enough, Wyman? Wyman: There is. But I don't feel good about feeding the enemy. Ithorn: How can I convince you that I am not your enemy, sir? I am here to protect Annivar, not harm her. Wyman: You could relinquish your weapon. Ithorn: That I cannot do. But I will holster it for now. And I am not the enemy. My employer came to me with explicit instructions that the Princess must be kept alive no matter the cost. There seems to be some grave danger in Bourbonham. Jerrie: Hold, Ithorn. Who is your employer? Ithorn: I've never met him. I only knows that he goes by the name Glossen. Jerrie: You damn fool! Glossen is using you. He has already killed Lutzig and the Queen's wizard, Deston! Ithorn: Then we haven't a moment to lose. I must alert my men. For better or worse, we must attack Bourbonham and save Annivar.

(Back in the throne room, LeStacia and Calliard are alone.) LeStacia: You handled yourself rather well with the King, my son. Calliard: I sometimes think you underestimate me, mother. And you give the General too much credit. LeStacia: Are you jealous, Cal? Calliard: He is beneath me. What cause have I to be jealous? His second will keep the Princess safe until we wed. After that, Glossen will be the least of Annivar's worries. LeStacia: It must not be linked to us. When Garivar falls, I want it to be because his own people rally behind our banner. Calliard: They will when they learn that he has conspired to have me assassinated on my wedding night. But when it goes awry and his daughter instead is the victim, Primhaven will be ours for the taking. (A disembodied voice shakes the throne room with its power.) Glossen: You are not as clever as you think. You can still be defeated. LeStacia: Who is there? Show yourself. Glossen: I am Glossen. You will know me when I decide it is time. Calliard: You are a coward who deals in riddles. There is no one who can defeat us. Glossen: But there is. And I can tell you how to defeat them. DUH DUH DUH!!! Will Ithorn be able to save the Princess? Why is Glossen conspiring with LeStacia and Calliard? Will Wyman and Jerrie join with Ithorn? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Fourteen: Duped TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Annivar, Garivar, and Wren are having seasonal ale in their private chambers in the castle at Bourbonham. Skarl's second in command, Brawr, stands guard outside.


Garivar: Do you think it wise that we imbibe while you are in danger? Annivar: It is probably not wise, but if I were studying in Winterhaven I am certain that I would have already consumed several pints. Wren: Drink up, my majesties. That will make my job all the easier. Garivar: I think not, Fool. I am far more discerning after I've had a pint or two. Wren: Of course you are, my liege. That is why we celebrated Patron's Day in polka-dot tunics. Inspired. Garivar: You are a ruining this ale for me. Daughter, rid us of this fool's company. Annivar: Father, you know I consider Wren family. But if I must. Wren, go play with the Prince. I am sure he must miss you terribly. Wren: He's only using me for his exertions. Garivar: No amount of ale will rid me of that image. Leave us, Fool! Wren: As you wish, sire. (Wren leaves Annivar and Garivar alone in their chambers.) Annivar: You don't really hate Wren, do you, Father? Garivar: Perhaps not. But I daren't give him the satisfaction in knowing. Annivar: Give us a toast then. Garivar: If you wish. To happy endings. Annivar: To happy endings. Meanwhile, in Wyman's cottage beyond the walls of Bourbonham, Wyman and Jerrie try to dissuade Ithorn from rash behavior. Jerrie: It's suicide, Ithorn. You don't have the manpower to launch an attack on Bourbonham. Ithorn: It isn't an attack. It's a rescue. Wyman: Our walls are well-defended. Duping the defenses of a woodland convoy is a lot easier done than breeching the defenses of a castle wall.

Ithorn: I am nobody's fool, sir. Glossen has played me and in the process put in danger the woman that I love. I have to do something. My men are resourceful. But I have to bring them here first. Jerrie: But you mentioned flares. Will that not signal them? Ithorn: It will only signal them that all hope is lost. Wyman: And it will alert the palace guards. Jerrie: Wait! We might be able to use that to our advantage. Ithorn: So you are now in league with me? Jerrie: How can I refuse he who loves my mistress? Back in the throne room of the castle at Bourbonham, LeStacia and Calliard continue to formulate their plans against Annivar, Garivar and those who would thwart their efforts. LeStacia: Glossen may prove to be a valuable asset. This might make me forget that he killed my only wizard. Calliard: Glossen is obviously more powerful than Deston. LeStacia: Obviously. Perhaps too powerful. Calliard: Let us cross that bridge when we come to it, mother. Now where is Skarl? LeStacia: He should be here shortly. Then we can have our forces readied for the resistance that Glossen revealed to us. Calliard: Once they are dispatched and Annivar and I are wed, it will be all the easier to take Primhaven. (Skarl enters with Wren in tow.) Skarl: It seems your son has an over-zealous admirer, your Highness. LeStacia: Tell me, Fool. How long have you been listening? Wren: Long enough to know that it is you who are the fool if you intend to perpetrate any harm upon my king and princess. Calliard: Don't take this personally, but don't forget your position in this kingdom. Wren: I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to grab my ankles before the Queen, Cal.

(Calliard strikes Wren and drags him to the window.) Calliard: It looks like Glossen is about to cause another accident. Skarl: Your Highness, do you think it wise? Calliard: Don't question me again, General. (Back at Wyman's cottage…) Ithorn: Wait until I am a good distance gone before you fire the flare. Are you sure you want to do this? Jerrie: I've made up my mind, Ithorn. I won't be talked out of it. Wyman: Here's a little something to get you through the night. I'll meet you and your men here at sunset tomorrow. Ithorn: Thank you, Wyman. Let's hope this works. (Back in the throne room…) LeStacia: Cal, you can't kill this fool. We don't know how Glossen will react. Calliard: I don't care, mother. I won't have a lesser wreck everything we've worked towards. Wren: Your Highness, a quick word, if you please. Calliard: Make it brief. Wren: I faked it. (Calliard pushes Wren out the window to his death as a flare ignites the sky in the distance.) Calliard: Well, mother, it looks like the resistance is forming. DUH DUH DUH!!! Will Glossen punish Calliard for killing Wren? Will Ithorn and his men be in time to make a difference? Will Annivar survive the death of Wren? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Fifteen: Fabrications

TODAY on ANNIVAR…… It is nightfall in Bourbonham. Garivar and Annivar are resting from their libations unaware of recent events. Garivar: I knew there was a reason that I don't drink ale in Primhaven. Annivar: Why is that, Father? Garivar: I'm allergic. Annivar: Perhaps the Queen's apothecary can concoct something to soothe your head. Garivar: I'll live. Where is that fool of yours? It doesn't take that much time to dally with royalty. Annivar: Cal must be feeling amorous. Garivar: Is it Cal now? Annivar: It may as well be. Although I do think you deny my wishes too much with this union, I have set my mind to make the best of it. (Commander Brawr enters their chambers.) Brawr: King Garivar, the Queen asks that you and the Princess join her in the throne room at once. There seems to be an emergency. Garivar: Is it serious? Brawr: I am sorry, my lord. That is all I am permitted to say at this time. Please follow me. Meanwhile, Jerrie makes her way back to the gates of the castle at Bourbonham. She is intercepted by General Skarl. Skarl: Who goes there? Jerrie: I am Jerrie, of King Garivar's court. The Princess is my mistress. Skarl: How came you to be beyond the walls of our city? Jerrie: I was feeling cooped up and wanted to stretch my legs for a bit, General. May I enter? Skarl: Guards, seize this woman. (Several of Skarl's men surround Jerrie and take her in custody.)

Jerrie: What is the meaning of this? Is it against the laws of Bourbonham to leave the castle walls? Skarl: We saw your flare, madam. We know what you're up to and now you will be called to answer for it. Several miles north of Bourbonham, Horace and the remnant of Ithorn's men are breaking camp, preparing to move on. Horace: Are you sure you saw the flare? Prentiss: I saw it with my own eyes, Horace. I wouldn't steer you astray. Horace: Ithorn told me that he would only use the flare when all was lost. The Princess must be beyond rescue. Prentiss: You think Ithorn was taken captive? Horace: Possibly. He's just one man. What can he do against legions? (They hear the bushes near them rustle.) Prentiss: You hear that? Horace: I did. Ready your steel, Prentiss. We may have been discovered. (Ithorn emerges from the forest.) Ithorn: Horace, you're still here. I'm not too late. Horace: Ithorn, how did you get away? We saw your flare signal. Ithorn: Ready the men. I'll explain on the way. Horace: Where are we going? Ithorn: We're marching on Bourbonham. Back in Bourbonham, LeStacia and Calliard are met with the arrival of Garivar and Annivar. LeStacia: Thank you for coming so quickly, Garivar. You may leave us, Commander Brawr. Brawr: Yes, your Majesty. (Brawr exits leaving them in private.)

Garivar: Have there been developments? Calliard: Your Highness, I am afraid that Glossen has struck again. Annivar: What do you mean, Cal? LeStacia: Annivar, this will not be easy for you to hear. I need you to be strong. Annivar: Queen LeStacia, I beg you to dispense with the mysterious overtones. Garivar: Yes, LeStacia, out with it already. Who has Glossen struck down? LeStacia: He's over there. (LeStacia point to an altar near the window. On it lay a body covered in a shroud. Annivar goes to the body and removes the shroud, revealing the broken body of Wren.) Annivar: No! Not Wren! Not Wren, Father. (to LeStacia) There must be some mistake. Why would Glossen kill Wren? He has no power. No valuable knowledge. Calliard: Annivar, there is no mistake. Glossen is responsible for Wren's death. We saw it with our own eyes. Annivar: Then tell me everything! I don't believe you. Garivar: Daughter, I know you're upset. Don't take it out on them. (Skarl enters with Jerrie in tow.) Skarl: Queen LeStacia, I found this woman wandering outside the castle walls. Near the site of the flare. Annivar: Jerrie! General, release her. Garivar: What is this nonsense about a flare? LeStacia: We had not yet gotten to that part. Glossen threatened a demonstration of his power. After he dispatched Wren, a flare burst into the evening sky, and Glossen declared that there would be an uprising. Jerrie: Princess, I promise you I'm not a part of any uprising. Calliard: If not, then what were you doing? Is there something we should know about King Garivar? Garivar: I don't like the sound of your tone, Prince Calliard. Explain yourself. LeStacia: I believe my son is asking if Jerrie is merely carrying out your orders. Are you the

author of tonight's tragedy? DUH DUH DUH!!! Will Garivar be framed for the murder of Wren? When will Glossen reveal his true intent? Will it be too late for Ithorn and Wyman to save Jerrie and Annivar? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Sixteen: Conspiracies TODAY on ANNIVAR…… It is the following morning in the kingdom of Bourbonham. Beyond the castle walls, Wyman welcomes Ithorn and his men with breakfast at his cottage. Wyman: Welcome, friends. There isn't much space, but it should suffice as a staging ground. Ithorn: Any word from Jerrie? Wyman: None yet. I fear the worst. I knew I shouldn't have allowed her to go it alone. Horace: Any chance you could return to the castle undetected? Wyman: I doubt it. Ithorn, introduce me to your friend. Ithorn: This is Horace, my second in command and the best cook these parts have known. Horace: Nice to meet you. Wyman: You must pardon my meager breakfast. Horace: Any meal I don't have to prepare is far from meager. Wyman: Agreed. Ithorn, there has been another death. As we were signaling the flare, I spied a body plummet from the Queen's throne room. Ithorn: Could you tell who it was? Wyman: I could not. Ithorn: Then we must not lose more time. After breakfast, we should make our move. Meanwhile, Queen LeStacia holds Jerrie, King Garivar, and Annivar in the dungeon of her castle.

Commander Brawr stands guard outside their cell. Garivar: I knew I never should have trusted LeStacia. I have put you in harm's way, Annivar, and for that I am sorry. Annivar: There is no need for apologies, Father. We will get to the bottom of this. I will not see you or Jerrie harmed. Jerrie: Mistress, I've spoiled everything. I only meant to help. Annivar: What do you mean? Jerrie: Come closer. It is best that the Commander does not overhear. I was having a picnic with Wyman at his cottage beyond the castle walls. Garivar: That hardly seems subversive conversation material, Jerrie. Jerrie: No, your Highness, that is not all. We found Ithorn at the cottage. Annivar: Ithorn? Here? That isn't possible. He should have taken his men far from this place. Jerrie: He is single-focused in his pursuits and that is to see you safely delivered from Bourbonham. He loves you, Annivar. I know it. Garivar: Loves her? That bandit who took her in the Terreaen Forest? Nonsense. Jerrie: I swear it, Highness. Annivar: Truly? I daren't consider it. Not now. Garivar: At least you wouldn't have to worry about him choosing your fool over you. Annivar: Too soon, Father. Wren is too freshly fallen for such jests. Garivar: I apologize. Annivar: Jerrie, where is Ithorn now? (Queen LeStacia, Calliard, and Skarl enter the dungeon.) LeStacia: Good morning, friends. I apologize for your change in accommodations, but it was for your own safety. Garivar: Save the pleasantries, LeStacia, and release us. LeStacia: Let's discuss our children's nuptials first, shall we?


(Back at Wyman's cottage…) Ithorn: We will need some system of signals. Wyman: As tax collector, I do have access to the palace. At dawn, a flame is lit atop the palace in memory of Bourbonham's fallen kings. Once I have secured means of entry, I will extinguish the flame as a signal. Horace: That is assuming you can get back inside the walls of the city. Wyman: Look at me. I am beyond suspicion. I will tell them I was on an overnight hunting trip. Therefore, I will not have been privy to knowledge of any of the recent tragedies. Ithorn: What if you are taken? Wyman: Then you will know to leave Bourbonham. Ithorn: That is not an option. With or without your signal, we will strike. Wyman: I don't advise that. But if you must, wait till first light tomorrow. The defenses are at their weakest at first light, changing of the guard and all. Ithorn: Right. So we are agreed? (Back in the dungeon…) Annivar: Queen LeStacia, do you honestly believe that I would marry your son now that you have thrown us in your dungeon? Calliard: Annivar, it was for your protection. We have no way of knowing when Glossen may strike next. Annivar: I do not fear Glossen, and I certainly do not fear you. LeStacia: Listen to them, Garivar. Already they squabble like married monarchs. Understand me, Princess. We have all suffered losses, I my wizard and you your fool. Let us not compound those losses by making your wedding day witness the demise of your father and friend. Garivar: We will not be coerced into anything. We had an agreement, LeStacia. Calliard: That agreement became void when your people conspired against us. Jerrie: I swear, sire, that I have no conspired against anyone. Annivar: Queen LeStacia, I bend to your will.


LeStacia: Of course. Annivar: But I have conditions. LeStacia: I'm listening. Annivar: Release us from this dungeon. I will wed Cal tomorrow at first light. After the ceremony, you will see my father, Jerrie, and my father's men safely returned to Primhaven. Further, your forces will not invade my father's kingdom. LeStacia: Agreed. General Skarl, escort the Princess to her quarters. Commander Brawr, you will take King Garivar and Jerrie to their new quarters. It looks as if I have a wedding to plan. Outside the walls of the Bourbonham, Wyman makes his way to the entrance gate with a hunting bag in tow. He is stopped shortly inside the castle walls by a guard. Guard: Lord Wyman, where have you been? Wyman: Hunting, my good man. At least I tried. I wasn't very successful. Guard: I'm sorry, sir, but I must ask you to come with me. Wyman: Is something the matter? Guard: Orders from the Queen. Anyone found outside the city walls must be brought in for questioning. Wyman: There must be some mistake. I am her Majesty's tax collector. Guard: Yes, sir. But if the interrogation does not go well, you may be her Majesty's next execution. DUH DUH DUH!!! Will Wyman pass the Queen's interrogation? Will Ithorn and his men be thwarted before they have a chance to enter the city walls? Will Garivar and Jerrie be spared if Annivar marries Cal? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Seventeen: Interrogation TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Evening has fallen in Bourbonham and in the throne room of the Queen, Wyman is being

interrogated by Skarl. Skarl: And you continue to hold to your tale that you were hunting? Wyman: I do. Skarl: Tell me, sir, what exactly was it that you were hunting? Wyman: Wild loons, General. Skarl: Wild loons? Interesting, don't you think, Highness, given that wild loons have been extinct for over a generation. Wyman: That would explain why I had no luck. (Skarl strikes Wyman.) Skarl: Let's keep this respectful. LeStacia: Wyman, I've always been able to depend on you. Tell us what we need to know and you will be released. Calliard: It is obvious that he is not going to betray his comrades. Wyman: I have no comrades, my prince. I was hunting and stayed the night under the stars. I was not aware of any curfew. Skarl: He is consistent. Queen, with your permission, I would like to bring in Commander Brawr. LeStacia: Yes, of course. (Skarl goes to the door and knocks twice. Commander Skarl enters with Jerrie in tow.) Wyman: Jerrie! You're alive. LeStacia: If you would like her to remain so, I suggest you talk. Meanwhile, at Wyman's cottage, Ithorn and his men ready themselves for battle. Horace: There aren't enough of us, Ithorn. Not by a long shot. Ithorn: We don't need to conquer their army, just get past them and into the castle. Once inside, finding the Princess will be easy. Horace: No other communication from Glossen? Ithorn: No, not since before I arrived. No matter. Glossen is the enemy, like those who hold

Annivar. Horace: Do you think Wyman will be able to signal us? Ithorn: I wish I could say I had faith in the odds, but I do not. Tomorrow morning we will march on Bourbonham with or without Wyman's signal. Back inside the castle, Annivar is alone in her chambers when Garivar is brought in by a guard. Annivar: Father! Garivar: I demanded the guards bring me to you. Where is Jerrie? I was certain they had brought her here. Annivar: I do not know. I have been alone since General Skarl brought me. Garivar: This does not bode well. Annivar: They cannot harm Jerrie. LeStacia promised. Garivar: I think you'll soon learn that LeStacia is not one to keep to her word. Annivar: True. I am just ready for tomorrow to come, so I can see you safely returned to Primhaven. Garivar: Do you really think that is going to happen? Annivar: It has to happen. I will not wed Cal if any harm comes to you or Jerrie. Garivar: My dear daughter, I am afraid that you have no choice in the matter. You will wed Cal, and Jerrie and I will die. We all will die sooner or later. (Back in the throne room…) Skarl: Are you ready to talk now, Wyman? Jerrie: Wyman, do not say a word! Skarl: She will be the first to die, sir. (in Wyman's ear) There is still a chance for you both to escape the fray. Calliard: General, what are you saying to the prisoner? Skarl: My liege, I merely informed Wyman that one more mis-step and he will rue this day. Wyman: Let us say that I do give you the information you require. What protection do I have from Glossen?


Jerrie: Wyman, no! LeStacia: Silence her, Commander. (to Wyman) Glossen has not made himself known to us since Wren died. For all we know… Calliard: Wait, mother. You don't actually think that… LeStacia: It is hardly conceivable, but all the same... Calliard: And yet it is still likely, seeing as that there have been no further rumblings from Glossen. Skarl: Your Highness, I am confused. What are you talking about? LeStacia: I'll get to that, General. But first a change in plans. Take Wyman and Jerrie to the north wing and keep them under guard until morning. I can't think of a better way to commemorate the nuptials of my son than with the execution of two insurgents. Skarl: But why the sudden change of plans, my liege? Calliard: Isn't it obvious? Wren was Glossen. Now he's dead, and there's no one to stand in our way! DUH DUH DUH!!! Was Wren actually Glossen? Will Ithorn be able to stop Jerrie and Wyman's execution? Will Annivar live beyond her wedding day? Find out next time on…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Eighteen: Extinguished TODAY on ANNIVAR…… It is the dawn of the wedding day in the kingdom of Bourbonham. Queen LeStacia has assembled Calliard, Commander Brawr, Jerrie, Wyman, and the Vicar in the throne room where the private wedding ceremony will be held. LeStacia: Vicar, after the ceremony please announce that the wedding party will adjourn to the courtyard for the wedding execution. Vicar: Yes, your Highness. No reception?

Calliard: The reception will follow the execution. Speaking of which, where is Skarl? LeStacia: I believe he is preparing the gallows. We don't want anything to go wrong, do we, Wyman? Wyman: Will you grant the request of a dying man, my liege? LeStacia: What did you have in mind? Wyman: In keeping with the traditions of times past, it is customary to extinguish the Flame of Kings atop the castle on the wedding day of the eldest son. May I? Calliard: I hope you're not planning to jump off the castle. LeStacia: Good point, Cal. Commander Brawr, secure the prisoners and extinguish the Flame of Kings. Brawr: Yes, your Majesty. (Brawr shackles Jerrie and Wyman to each other and leaves the room.) LeStacia: What about you, Jerrie? Any last requests? Jerrie: My only wish is that you get what is coming to you, Highness. Both of you. Calliard: But we are, old woman. We are. Meanwhile, Annivar is putting on her wedding gown in her private chambers as Garivar is brought to the room. Annivar: What do you think, Father? Garivar: Such beauty is wasted on these tyrants. Your mother could not have been any more beautiful than you are at this moment. Annivar: I wish she were here. Garivar: As do I. Do you think he'll come for you? Annivar: Who? Garivar: Ithorn. Jerrie mentioned that she saw Ithorn. He must be near. Maybe he will swoop in and save the day. Annivar: That would be a miracle.

Garivar: We need one right now, daughter. A miracle is our only hope of escaping this ordeal. My blood boils when I think of this sham marriage I've doomed you to. Annivar: You mustn't talk like that. to the consequences. (A guard enters the room.) Guard: It is time. The scene shifts to Wyman's cottage beyond the walls of Bourbonham. Ithorn and Horace keep watch for Wyman's signal as their men finish breakfast and ready themselves for battle. Ithorn: You've outdone yourself, Horace. Horace: This may be the last meal for some of these men. I wanted it to be memorable. Ithorn: You don't think we will be successful. Horace: No, my friend, I do not. But I have been living and fighting with you now for many years. And if that means I will spend my last day doing the same, I could not think of a better way to go. Ithorn: You are my best chance of getting to the castle. As long as the men can keep the soldiers distracted, we should be fine. Horace: Fair enough. Let's say for the moment that the men buy enough time for you to get inside the castle. What then? Ithorn: I would imagine that Annivar will either be held in seclusion or perhaps in the throne room. She will no doubt be guarded, so I will have to dispatch her guards before I am able to make off with her. Horace: Just like that. You make it sound easy. Ithorn: You must concede that I am rather gifted with a sword and crossbow. Horace: Even if you weren't, there's no time to argue the point. Look. The flame has been extinguished. Ithorn: Gather then men. We're leaving. (Back in the throne room. Annivar stands with Calliard before the Vicar while Garivar, LeStacia, Commander Brawr, a few of his men, Jerrie and Wyman observe the ceremony.) Annivar: Cal, why are Jerrie and Wyman shackled? What is to become of them? Calliard: You will find out soon enough. All you have to remember today are two little words, "I do." I am doing it for you and Jerrie and Primhaven. I am not blind

That should not be too difficult. Annivar: And then my father and Jerrie will be returned to Primhaven. Right, Cal? That was our agreement. Calliard: Recent events have altered the agreement. Annivar: What events? Calliard: Haven't you heard? Glossen is dead. There is no one to stand in our way. Garivar: LeStacia, is what he is saying true? Is Glossen dead? LeStacia: So it would seem. Cal, dear, we should get started. Vicar? Vicar: Friends and citizens, we are gathered here today to join Annivar of Primhaven and Calliard of Bourbonham in the union of marriage. The Queen would like it announced that following the ceremony, we will all adjourn to the courtyard to commemorate this momentous occasion with the public executions of the shackled prisoners, Jerrie and Wyman. Annivar: A public execution is not necessary, Cal. I beg you. Calliard: Think of it as a wedding gift, dear. Annivar: Have it your way. Proceed, Vicar. Vicar: We will now exchange vows. Prince Calliard, do you take Princess Annivar to be your wife and future queen? Calliard: I do. Vicar: Princess Annivar, do you take Prince Calliard to be your husband and future king? (Annivar takes Calliard by the throat with one hand and lifts him off the ground.) Annivar: I….do….not. (Annivar snaps Calliard's neck, and he falls to the ground dead.) DUH DUH DUH!!! Stay tuned for the conclusion of…… ANNIVAR!!!!!! Annivar, Part Nineteen: Coronation

TODAY on ANNIVAR…… Annivar has just dispatched Calliard at the altar of their wedding ceremony to the astonishment of all those in the throne room. LeStacia: Cal! Annivar: He killed my fool. I've killed yours. Garivar: Annivar, what have you done? LeStacia: Seize her at once, Commander! Brawr: Yes, your Majesty. Guards! (Brawr and his men charge Annivar.) Annivar: Anthrus! (Annivar's incantation sends Brawr and his men hurtling to the back of the room where they hit the wall and crumple to the floor unconscious.) Jerrie: Mistress, what are you doing? Garivar: Where did you acquire this power? LeStacia: I don't care. Once General Skarl returns, he will be more than a match for you. Annivar: Skarl won't raise a hand to me. You can ask him yourself. Skarl? (Skarl and his men storm the throne room with Ithorn in tow.) Ithorn: Annivar! Jerrie! Wyman! LeStacia: Skarl, what is the meaning of this? Skarl: Mother, I think you should reserve your questions for Annivar. Garivar: Mother? Skarl is your son? LeStacia: He was born in secret after his father's death. Skarl is my second son. Skarl: Second only in birth. I should have ruled Bourbonham, not Cal. LeStacia: So you betray me by teaming with her.

Annivar: Why should you be angry, LeStacia? You teamed with me. LeStacia: I never conspired with or for you! Annivar: Don't you realize by now that I am Glossen? Ithorn: Annivar, how could you? I risked my men to rescue you! Lutzig died because of you. Annivar: You had the opportunity to flee when I escaped in the Terreaen Forest. Ithorn: I loved you. Annivar: I never asked for your love. Your men will unfortunately suffer that consequence. Garivar: But why, Annivar? I did not raise you like this. The power. The anger. Annivar: The power I acquired from my mother. I found her private diaries hidden away in our castle in Primhaven. I learned a great many things from them, Father. Magic. Incantations. Study and manipulation of the currents. Why do you think Deston never saw Glossen for who he really was, LeStacia? I have been pulling the strings since before I authored the threat letters sent to you and my father. LeStacia: But how did you get involved, Skarl? Skarl: Tell her, Annivar. That part of the story is all the more lurid. Annivar: My mother's journals did not only reveal her mastery over magic but also of her conquests in love. Garivar: You will not malign your mother's name! Annivar: I'm sorry, Father. Her own hand betrayed her. For a time, she found love and comfort in the arms of another. He, too, died an untimely death. But you already knew that, LeStacia. LeStacia: Yes. You speak of my husband, the last king of Bourbonham. Garivar: My wife? Your husband? Skarl: And she killed him for it. Annivar: My study of the currents revealed to me that Skarl was Bourbonham's second son. I also knew that LeStacia and Calliard were making ready to invade Primhaven, an invasion that my father has grown too weak to effectively counter. I would not be the victim of some power struggle. Skarl: So she contacted me.

Annivar: First as Glossen. Skarl: Before she revealed her true self to me. Annivar: Then we orchestrated our plan. Jerrie: And fooled us all. Garivar: And now? What becomes of us? Annivar: I am not without a heart, Father. You, Jerrie, Wyman, and Ithorn will be exiled beyond the kingdoms of Primhaven and Bourbonham. LeStacia, you and your son killed my dearest friend in the world. You will meet your son shortly in death. Ithorn: No! I will not be banished. I am no one's puppet. I will forge my own destiny! (Ithorn breaks free and gets weapons from the fallen soldiers in the back of the room.) Garivar: Ithorn, a sword! LeStacia: Yes, for me, as well! (Ithorn throws swords to the waiting hands of Garivar and LeStacia and rushes to Jerrie and Wyman to free them.) Annivar: You would oppose me, Father? Garivar: Unto my death. Annivar: Very well. Your deaths will usher in the birth of a new kingdom with Skarl and I as her monarchs. There will be no Primhaven or Bourbonham. From this day forth we will march under the banner of Glourhaven! Jerrie: You will do it without me, Mistress. Wyman: Indeed. My fate will be the same as Bourbonham's. Annivar: So be it. Skarl, kill them all. (A battle ensues. Ithorn holds his own against Skarl's men, but Jerrie and Wyman fall quickly. LeStacia rouses Brawr and his men who rally behind her, but they are easily subdued by Skarl's soldiers. Garivar dies at his daughter's feet, and Ithorn is finally bested by Skarl. Annivar observes the body count. Only their men and the Vicar survived.) Skarl: It is finished, my love.

Annivar: So it is. Vicar, marry us. Glourhaven needs her king and queen. Vicar: As you command. The End.

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