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Setting Dimmer Levels Controlling Intelligent Heads Palettes Programmer

Setting Dimmer Levels Controlling Intelligent Heads Palettes Programmer

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Published by: ChamSys|net on Jul 27, 2008
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Head numbers are used in various displays to indicate which heads are being operated on. Head numbers can
also be used for selecting heads and setting intensities directly from the keypad.

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MagicQ User Manual



By default the console numbers in the order that they are patched starting from 1.

If you expect to be selecting heads using the keypad then we recommend you use unique head numbers for
each head. The console will use unique numbers by default. You can modify head numbers manually so that
they are more meaningful to your rig. Alternatively you can use one of the in-built renumber algorithms.

Pressing RENUM HEAD NOS and selecting BEST FIT causes the console to use an intelligent algorithm to
allocate heads starting with numbers that you can easily recall. For example, if you patch 4 MAC500s and 4
HPEs then when you renumber using BEST FIT it will number the MAC500s from 1 to 4 and the HPEs from
11 to 14.

If you would rather work with DMX channel numbers, then press the RENUM HEAD NOS soft button and
select BY DMX. This will configure the head number for all patched heads to be the DMX channel address of
the head. You can then select heads and set intensities using the DMX channel numbers.

Selecting HEADS (ALL START 1) sets the head numbers so that for each head the numbers start from 1 - this
is the default option. Selecting BY NAME sets the head numbers so that they use head name, gel and type to
order the heads.

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