Executive Summary y Objectives: Competitive preparation Bank P.O/Clerk SSC/RLY MBA(CAT/MAT/XAT) y Mission: To Reach all the undergraduate and graduate students .

Faculty (English) . Vikash sir 6. Niti shukla 4.Company Summary y Company Ownership will be operated in a joint venture 1.I. Shekhar suman 3.Center Manager .Enquiry handling > Study material > . Neha sinha .Faculty (Math & D.BDM .Faculty (Reasoning) .) y Start-up: > Marketing > Targeting the objective > Managing The Front Office.As the director . Vikash kumar singh 2. Mukesh sir 5.

Proficient study material 3. .Services y Common services for all y Special Services Well managed class room 2. Excellent Faculty 1. 4.

Market Segmentation Segmentation Undegaduate Graduate Pass out .

Strategy and Implementation Summary y Competitive Edge y Sales Strategy y Sales Forecast .

Management Summary y Personnel Plan .

Financial Plan Appendix y Break-even Analysis y Projected Profit and Loss y Projected Cash Flow y Projected Balance Sheet y Business Ratios .

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