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Published by: Waaylon SupadupaFlyy on Nov 07, 2010
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Drama Script Tableau & readers theatre R: Once upon a fairytale dream land, there was a young family.

They were happy together, living simple lives. Till one day the father was asked to go to find for his country. This is their story« L: Mommy Mommy! I·m going to be late for school if you don·t hurry up! O: we·re coming, slow down honey W: it·s a miracle how fast they group up. Olivia smiles. W: have a good day at school Luba Leaves stage. Arrive at house Waylon check·s imaginary mall O: Waylon what·s the matter« W: take a look for yourself Olivia reads letter stating Waylon needs to go to war. W: I leave in 3 days« Run off stage. Different directions O: why didn·t you tell me earlier? W: I didn·t know don·t be mad it·s not my fault O: not your fault? Everything·s your fault you always pretend that nothing·s wrong W: I do everything for you what else do you want i« Luba walks in L: (innocently) mommy? Daddy? What·s wrong? W: nothing luba we·re just discussing something L: mommy..? O: you·re fathers goin to war and not coming home for two years Waylon glares at Olivia Luba runs away.

M: Waylon. But you still need to live it L: promise to write me every day? W: I promise Waylon kisses luba forehead. Waylon and luba hug. And I will be home as soon as I can. sweat and tears here. Olivia smiles Olivia and Luba leave stage. Don·t be sad L: but daddy I don·t want you to leave Olivia looks at them W: I know but I have to« L: can·t someone else go? Why you this isn·t fair!! W: life is unfair. Luba enters with Olivia and rojin on each side R: be safe. Now solider are you ready to fight? . Shows luba in room playing with her hair Waylon knocks W: luba I know you·re upset but I have to go. W: good bye« Leave stage M: you will leave your blood. I am sir General Marco here to take you to Afghanistan. Waylon packs. Are you ready? W: ready as I ever will be. and kick some butt Rojin tries to smile Waylon hugs rojin O: I love you don·t forget that Hug L: ill miss you daddy W: I·ll miss you too luba M: we must go now.Leave stage.

Leave stage. Get ready Waylon gets on stage looking scared with luba. M: OVER DERE R: FIRE! Luba ducks and Waylon gets hit L: Waylon!! Luba kills rojin and Marco. R: how are you going to tell Little Luba? Leaves stage. Luba in room. aunt Rojin what·s wrong? R: I have terrible news for you« O: daddy·s not going to be home anytime soon L: why? Does he have to be in Afghanistan for longer? . Rojin and Olivia walk in sad L: mommy. And now he·s gone. O: he was my everything. M: then go and make me proud. Marco with same outfit as original ringing Olivia·s door M: I am sorry to announce this but Waylon has been killed at war at 0:800 Olivia breaks down Rojin arrives on stage with original outfit.W: yes sir. Leave stage. And shakes Waylon Then pushes leaves closer to him. Shhh don·t cry Olivia sobs louder. Rojin and marco get on with a different look R: they·re over here M: are you sure? R: positive. Reads letter and comforts Olivia R: it·s going to be okay.

Olivia cries over the dead body Luba runs to the body. He loves you and so do i Luba smiles and hugs Olivia Deee Endd . L: I·ll miss you daddy And looks up at heaven L: but I know you·re in a better place. Leaves stage. L: you mean he·s «.R: no Luba« your father he« O: he·s not coming home ever. Music plays. Rojin and luba looking sad holding each other Marco standing in connor with head down. Olivia walks with tears in her eyes and flowers in her hands.dead? R: I·m sorry. I know how much you cared about him« Luba breaks down O: don·t cry you still have mommy and aunt rojin Luba sobs louder Olivia and rojin hug luba. Waylon lies dead on the floor. O: and he is with you everywhere you go.

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