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-199 Woodcutting

Woodcutting = From 1 to 15
>Using: Bronze hatchet(1-6) Steel hatchet(6-11) Black hatchet(11-15)
>Location: Near/right under the Grand Exchange Entrance where you
find tons of trees
>Woodcutting logs from: Tree(Normal)

Woodcutting = From 15 to 30
>Using: Black hatchet(15-21) Mithril hatchet(21-30)
>Location: Right under Varrock West bank lower entrance where you
will find a couple Oak Trees
>Woodcutting logs from: Oak Tree

Woodcutting = From 30 to 99
>Using: Mithril hatchet(30-31) Adamant hatchet(31-41) Rune
>Location: Draynor village, willow trees
>Woodcutting logs from: Willow tree

>>1-25 Wood cutting
>Normal tree's

>Money made:8164gp
>>25-40 Wood cutting
>Money made:20,384gp
--At level 41 Switch to rune axe--
>>40-65 Wood Cutting

>Amount:6107(these don't sell fast)

>Money made:109,926gp
>>65-75 Wood Cutting
>maples or willows.

>Amount:7610(maple) or 11274(willow)
>Money made:289,180gp (maple) or 202,932gp (willow)
>>75-99 Wood Cutting
>yews or willows.

>Amount:67566(yews) or 175171(willow)