A couple of nights ago there occurred a blast in Goa which was claimed to be done by some Sanatan Sangathan (honestly

, never heard of it). Apparently, it was not powerful enough because the news was reduced to meager single page articles in newspapers and a 2-hour ‘breaking news’ run on the TV. However, it was sturdy enough to give wings to my imagination… Imagine the members of this Sanatan Sangathan preparing the bomb, then putting it in the feet of Shiva asking for his blessings – Bhagwan! Make this bomb powerful and successful. With your blessings it’ll kill only the vidharmis and not touch the Hindus. If however, any Hindu might mistakenly come in its range, be benevolent to let him through the gates of heaven. And make us stronger still so that we can continue the good work of saving Hinduism. I wonder if the Lashkar-e-toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad guys would do same stuff before blasting a bomb - praying before Allah for the bomb to discriminate between Muslims and non-Muslims. However, the underlying problem with both the bombs is its secular nature. Now when C-4 or RDX is developed, unfortunately the makers are incapable of imbibing it with religion specific nature, hence rendering it secular. And as such there is no guarantee of not killing the Muslims with a bomb planted by ‘Jehadi’ organizations or Hindus by a Hindu organization. Neither is there any recorded proof of any incident when a Muslim dying of a Jehadi bomb shall be sent to Jannat or so in case of Hindus. However, there are visible proofs that the very idea for which people fight and plant these bombs affects their ‘own’ people the most. Hindus have always been killed by Hindus for wealth, power, women etc. Afghani and Paki terrorists have been killing a lot of Pakis and Afghanis (all Muslims for a Muslim cause); Stalin killed more communists than capitalists ever did and the real reason for the American mortality rate lies in its political interference in other countries’ affairs. Amongst the entire hullabaloo, the RDX, C-4, Beretta, AK -47, weapons grade plutonium and even Hydrogen bomb have retained their secular nature. I salute them all!!!

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