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Manipulated One deliberately change to test it

Definition : Keep all the variables which can effect the experiment the same.


Purpose : Make fair test of hypothesis Make sure not affect the results Types Of Variables

Responding Change because of manipulated variable Controlled/ constant Those which must be the same

Make a prediction about variables based on past experiences Must be clear worded Collecting Observations HOW Statement which explains the relationship between variables DEFINITION Evaluating the Observations FORMULATING HYPOTHESIS Imagining Possible Explanations USES Judging Which Explanations are Hypotheses e.x : µthat dark coloured object heat up faster than light coloured object To predict the answer problem .

charts and graphs. Explaining findings of experiments and stating conclusions .EXPERIMENTING Steps Stating hypothesis Purpose : To find the solutions to a problem or some facts yet unknown Stating variables Manipulated Responding Constant Designing method to collect data Stating early the steps in an experiments Demonstrates understanding and application of scientific method though inquiry. tables. research and selfdesign of experiment to test a hypothesis Collecting data Conduct experiments to test hypothesis by changing variables that are manipulated. Interpreting data Presenting data in diagram.

x : very soft Definitions are in context of students' experiences .not from the glossary.x : between the independent and dependant variables plus the standard of comparison Describing Relationships Between Variables Understanding Cause and Effect Relationships what caused what to happen and why Definition : Sub process of communicating Operationally : an action (operation) e.Defining operationally Explain relationships between variables in an experiment e. not to be memorized Explaining how to measure a variable in an experiment .

INTERPRETING DATA Definition : Data ± information scientist collect by observation and measurement Interpreting data ± find some pattern in the data which give them an answer to the problem Types of data Picture Try to indicate about the hypothesis Table Writing Identify relationship between variables to make conclusion Graphs Colour Line Bar Pie .

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