Shot List

1. Title company- lakeside productions- digetic sound of phone 2. Close up shot – telephone ringing 3. Black screen- production company 4. Close up- plastic bag 5. Establishing shot- character “Chris” stuffing documents in plastic bag 6. Point of view shot- documents being stuffed into a plastic bag 7. Close up shot- Chris face, emphasising his desperation; panic struck 8. Black screen- production company 9. Establishing shot- Chris outside the “gherkin” building. 10. Close up- Chris panting; out of breath 11. Low angle shot- Chris panting; out of breath 12. Black screen- production team 13. Close up- match being struck 14. long shot- Chris watching documents burning 15. Medium shot- Chris walking away from fire 16. Close up- Chris face; angry 17. Long shot- Chris walking away; loosening tie 18. Chris walking out of shot 19. close up- of fire burning; flickering 20. flickering close up shot- of Chris, immediately switched to fire; emphasising anger 21. Black title screen- fade(characters names) 22. Low angle shot- feet running 23. Medium; two shot- of Chris chasing bal clavered man 24. Close up shot- Chris face; desperation 25. Close up shot- bal clavered man- alert 26. Long shot- two men running 27. High angle shot- man jumping fence 28. Low angle shot- Chris appearing furious 29. Close up shot-Chris wiping forehead; once again appearing angry 30. Black screen- production company 31. High angle shot- Chris sitting down 32. Point of view shot- Chris reading a letter 33. extreme close up-Chris-appearing shocked; increasingly angered 34. point of view shot- glancing at the letter 35. long shot- Chris stands up looking side to side 36. black screen- production staff 37. Medium tracking shot- Chris emptying papers into bin 38. point of view shot- Chris pouring petrol into bin 39. medium shot- Chris looking anxious 40. low angle shot- Chris lights match 41. point of view shot- Chris sparks match

42. point of view shot- Chris flicks match into bin 43. over the shoulder shot- Chris watches fire burn 44. long shot- walking away from seen 45. close up- Chris still appearing quite angry 46. Chris walks out of shot

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