and its uses in Weaponry.

By Fred Vere-Nicoll

. weakly radioactive element. dense. lustrous. ‡ Natural uranium consists of a mixture of three radioactive isotopes ‡ Uranium is used primarily in nuclear power plants.Uranium the Staring point of Depleted Uranium ‡ Metallic uranium (U) is a silver-white.

is weakly radioactive and a radiation dose from it would be about 60% of that from purified natural uranium with the same mass. 0.001% 234 ‡ There is at least 3 times less 253U than in natural uranium.2% 235U and 0.8% 238U. .Depleted Uranium ‡ Percentages by mass of uranium in DU 99. ‡ Depleted Uranium. consequently.

jpg . which are the densest known substances under standard (i. ‡ less aerodynamic drag and deeper penetration due to a higher pressure at point of impact.Military Applications ‡ Depleted uranium is very dense ‡ 19050 kg/m³. Earth-surface) ‡ 84% as dense as osmium or iridium. http://hannah. ‡ DU projectile ordnance is often incendiary because of its pyrophoric property.

jpg .Armor plate ‡ depleted uranium can also be used in tank armor ‡ in the M1A1HA and M1A2 Abrams tanks http://www.

uk/children%20pho to/DU1. .chimerafilms.

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