Name ___________ Date ______ Number___ Third Grade Homework Stars

African Trickster Tales Thi s Week ’s S tar Sp eci al s:
a. A contraction has a apostrophe where letter(s) are taken away. b. Sentences end with the right punctuation! c. In a sentence, a list of three words has commas. d. Proper nouns are capitalized.

Be an Editing Star!

Edit these sentences. Write the letter(s) of the rule that helped you. 1. 2. 3. 4. I cant wait to hear another trickster tale havent we learned about greece mali and rome camels didn’t get thirsty as they traveled wont you tell me more about africa

Copy corrected sentences on the lines below.

Be a Spelling Star!
Sorting can help you remember spelling. Sort your spelling words into the appropriate column.

she’ll shouldn’t don’t

he’ll doesn’t won’t

didn’t we’ll I’ll

hasn’t they’ll haven’t

Contractions with ‘ will’

Contractions with ‘not’

Understanding homonyms helps our reading and writing make sense. • Illustrate each homonym in the boxes below. • Write a sentence that shows you know how to use the homonyms correctly.



%Extra Mile With a Smile: Illustrate your sentence! %

Be a Thinking Star!
If this word is the answer:

What might the question be? Write the question h ere:

Now try thi s: Pu t an X th e word th at d oesn ’t belon g with th e o th er wo rds. Expl ain why in the box next to th e wo rd s. Niger Sahara Africa desert Use the following words to create an analogy. Sahara is to desert as _________ is to river.

Be a Vocabulary Star!
New words help us think, read, and write about new information. Write the letter of the definition next to the matching word. ______ griot ______ trader ______ resources ______ resourceful a. b. c. d. able to deal with a situation with imagination and creativity a storyteller who passed down the history and traditions of mali a person who traded salt for gold in mali the riches of a land

Use two of the vocabulary words in a sentence that makes sense. Your sentence should show that you know what the words mean.

Be a Star Test-Taker! Plug i t In ! When you see a blank in a test item, plug in the answers to see which one sounds right.

Salt and gold were two of Mali’s most valuable ___________. a. foods b. spices c. resources d. kings

Be a Reading Co mp rehen si on Star: Complete the attached p ag es.

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