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? p A mailing list is ««
d a list of various things of interest to customers
2 p he index must be classified under various heading denoting various interest
c it enables the person in charge to use different coloured tabs
3 p hen they want to send new price lists to their costomers«
b they must check the invoice from the suppliers
4 p iss Carson put a red tab on the card of the file which the Sales anager
needed he red tab was a token that the file was «
c discarded
5 p A good filing system is a great help«
d to find things in a shorter time


? p etail shop = toko eceran (noun)

p aya have retail shop in Jakarta
2 p epartment store =
p esti is shopping in department store
3 p Chain store =
p y Father was bought a lock at chain store
4 p hotesaler = agen
p he manager goes to wholesaler ³Akung´ for auditing sales
5 p anufacture / manufacturer
p She was working in manufacture Bandung
6 p Suppliers = pengirim
p She suppliers always check goods for to sent
7 p ark (verb and noun) =
8 p Account
p ÿ ¶am studying account in the class


? p anager anager anagement anageable
2 p Classify Classified Classified
3 p ÿnforman ÿnformation
4 p Coloured X Colour Colourful
5 p Account Accountant Accountancy
7 p se sed seful, used
8 p Suggest X Suggestion suggestive


?p he manager always go to office

2p he employce have classify mission for manager
3p She give me information do out salary
4p inda likes color red
5p ÿ ¶am studying account in the class
6p his bulding is for the use everyone
7p e give suggest to employe about working


? p ho¶s going to type the report ?

2 p ho¶s responsibility is it?
3 p he books cover is it¶s most interesting part
4 p She¶s writing the customers¶s names on the cards
5 p he choice is your¶s not our¶s
6 p ³ÿ¶ÿÿ try to become a good business man,´ said Olaf

7 p An earphone is plugged into iss Sharpe¶s ear¶s

8 p ÿt¶s a busy day today
9 p hat boys one of our student¶s

? phey haven¶t said they¶re going to sell their¶s property