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Wetland Learner Internship App07

Wetland Learner Internship App07

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Published by Alison Reber

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Published by: Alison Reber on Oct 23, 2007
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Wetland Learners Internship Application

The Wetland Learners Program is a multi-partner endeavor aimed at developing a range of personal and community relationships with wetlands. The program revolves around providing field experiences for elementary students. Post-secondary students take part by serving as field instructors. Planning and carrying out a focused educational activity requires background content research, developing a teaching strategy, preparing instructional materials, and communicating with & orchestrating a group activity. To do these things requires core professional skills: leadership, scholarship, and showmanship. During the 2007/2008 academic year, Baker Wetlands (south of Lawrence) will be used for field trips. Interns are expected to attend 2 planning meetings (abt 1.5 hrs each), spend time preparing their activity (abt 3 hrs), and take part in at least 3 field events (abt 3 hrs each). Interns will be compensated $50 for each field event worked. We have a modest budget to purchase necessary materials and supplies. Contact information: Alison Reber, 2007/2008 Internship Program Coordinator, Alison@streamlink.org, 785-840-0700

Date: Name: Address:

Phone: Email: Academic Degree Program: Reference contact information:

Please attach a resume &/or listing of academic courses completed.


Please describe how a wetland learner internship fits with long-term plans..

Please describe your experience with teaching and/or making public presentations.

From your perspective, what would make this time well spent?

When are you available to cover events from 8 to 3:30 during the school week? Events are typically scheduled from 8:30 AM - 11 AM or 1 PM -3:30 PM.

Thank you for your application.

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