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Published by: Malik Ahsan Shahid on Nov 08, 2010
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Human Resource Management
Human resource management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of management of and providing direction for the people who work in the organization,

The Important of Human Resource Management (HRM)
Selecting, training and evaluating the work force. Hrm help establish an organization sustainable competitive advantage. All manager need to be aware of federal and provincial legislation and companies policies. Work practice that lead to both high individual and high organization performance. Hrm activities must be completed in order to ensure that organization had qualified people.

The HRM Process
Activities necessary for staffing the organization and sustaining high employee performance. The factors that most directly influence the HRM process are employee labor unions , governmental law and regulations and demographic trend.

Labor Unions
An organization that represent worker and seeks to protect their interest through collective bargaining. In unionized organization , many HRM decisions are dictated by collective bargaining agreements , that defines things such as criteria for hiring , promotions .

Identifying And Selecting Competent Employees
Every organization needs people to do work whatever is necessary for doing what the organization is in business to do . It involves three tasks: human resource planning , recruitment , decruitment and selection .

Human Resource Planning
The process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and kinds of people in the right places, and at the right times, who are capable of effectively and efficiently performing their tasks. Two steps of HR Assessing current human resource Meeting future HR needs

Current Assessment
Human Resources Inventor

A review of the current makeup of the organization¶s resources status.

Job analysis
An assessment that defines a job and the behaviors necessary to perform the job: Knowledge, skills, and abilities .

job description
A written statement that describe a job. job specification A written statement of the minimum qualifications that a person must possess to perform a given job successfully.

Recruitment and Decuriment
The process of locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants to an organization

The process of reducing a surplus of employees in the workforce of an organization.

Major Source of Potential Jobs Candidate
Internet services Employee referrals Company website University/colleges Professional recruiting services

Screening job applicants to ensure that the most appropriate candidate are hired. Types of selection devices: Written Tests Performance Simulations Interviews Background Investigations (reference checks) Physical Examinations Application Forms

Realistic job preview
A preview of a job that provides both positive and negative information about the job and the company In addition to the positive comments typically expressed during an interview , he might be told about the limited opportunities to talk during the work hours .

Bringing a new employee into the organization WorkWork-unit orientation Familiarizes new employee with work-unit goals workClarifies how his or her job contributes to unit goals Introduces employee to his or her co-workers coOrganization orientation Informs new employee about the organization¶s objectives, history, philosophy, procedures, and rules Includes a tour of the entire facility

Developing the necessary skills in employees
Training can be needed for: New employees Promoted employees Performance Management Changed technology, products or processes Legal requirements Career development

Training Subjects
Personal/Interpersonal skills
Technical Business Mandatory (i.e. legislated, certification) Problem solving/decision making

Performance Management 
Establishes performance standards and appraises employee performance Provides the information for objective HR decisions and the supporting documentation How else can we know if we have the right HR and if we are maximizing their potential?

Compensation and Benefit
Benefits of a Fair, Effective, and Appropriate Compensation System
Helps attract and retain high-performance employees highImpacts on the strategic performance of the firm

Types of Compensation
Base wage or salary Wage and salary add-ons addIncentive payments SkillSkill-based pay

Contemporary issues in managing HR
Managing downsizing Managing workforce diversity Managing sexual harassment Managing work life balance Controlling HR costs

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