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93/08/2087 17:08 8822577619 FORESTRADE, PAGE 84/11 Certificate of Organic Operation Certified Organic to the USDA National Organic Program Certified Party: FotesTrade, tne 41 Spring Tree Rd. Brattleboro, Vermont 05301 US Client 1D Number; 1103257 Certificate Number; \CS-00492-2005 Provessed Product *Centificate only Valid with the attached schedule. Date First Certified: 1/24/2004 Issue Date of this Certificate: 01/31/2007 Certification good antil surrendered, suspended, or revoked according to USDA regulations 205.404(c) Granting Certification and 205.405 Denial of Certification, ICS Ine, in granting this certification, warants that it has reviewed the above Certified Party’s application, inspection, and other records and determines that the products identified above are organically grown andor processed andior handled in accordance with applicable USDA National Organic Program standards and statues, ‘The Certified Party, in acceptance of this certificate, warrants that itis and will remain in full compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the USDA National Organic Program and all applicable standards and stanstes, (Questions regarding the verification of this certificate should be directed to: INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVICES, INC. (ICS, Ine.) 301 Sth Ave SE, Medina, ND 58451, USA (701) 486-3578 - Fax: (701) 486-3580 03/98/2087 17:08 8822577619 FORESTRADE PAGE 05/11 Schedule of NOP Certified Products ir doco an atacoen 0 te USDA Nana Orga Progran's Creo of Orgone Option. Aetna prose etd arom hve btn Sd ae apple eenens fh Nato Orga Progra. (Qucitine eganding he ereatn of is doce sob ced tn: INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVTCES, INC (C3, Pe) 301 Sth Ave SE, Meda, ND S867, USA (701) 4863578 Rx: (701) 4463180 fern cam Cerlified Party: ForesTrade, Inc ~Page I~ 41 Spring Tree Rd. Brattleboro, Vermont 05301 US Issue Date of this Schedule: \/31/2007 Schedule Number: 1C3-00492-2005 Certificate Number: 1C8-00492-2005 Certified Products: 2006 Certified for: Packaging of Vanilla Beans Handler/Broker of 100% Allspice (Whole Berries, Grownd) Arabica Coffee Black Pepper (Whole, Ground) Black Pepper Essential Oil Cacao Cardamom (Bold Green, Decorticated Seed, MYQ, Ground) Cardamom Essential Oil Cassia Cinnamon (Sticks, Broken & Cleaned, Ground) Cassia Cinnamon Essential Oil Clove Bud Essential Oil Clove Stem Essential Oi Cloves (Whole, Ground) Curcuma Kanthorrhiza (Sliced & Dried) Galangal (Sliced & Dried) Ginger (Sliced & Dried, Ground) Ginger Essential Oil Leman Grass (Sliced & Dried, Ground) ‘Mace (Whole, Ground) Nutmeg (Whole) Patchouli Essential Ot Piper Cubeba Ramon Nut (Whole, Ground) Fa