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GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, Room 306 013-CH Atlanta, Georgia 30334 NUMBER CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION parece tee CERTIFIED HANDLER REGISTRATION Pe eeaeae This registration is hereby issued for the organic operation, hereinafter named, under the provisions of “ Chapter 21 Organic Certification and Labeling ” as amended. THIS REGISTRATION EXPIRES ON DECEMBER 31, AND IS CONSIDERED LEGAL AND VALID UNTIL REVOKED, SUSPENDED Cooperative Coffees, Inc. OR” UNTIL. THE EXPIRATION OF THE REGISTRATION 302 West Lamar Street 7 ANNUALLY UNLESS NO LONGER ENGAGED IN THE ACTIVITIES Americus, GA 31709 REQUIRING THE REGISTRATION a PROMINENTLY DISPLAY THIS REGISTRATION INPLACE OF BUSINESS | ———__S—____ Rev. 12/2003 THOMAS T.IRVIN, COMMISSIONER.