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Se, OCIA International Organic Certification 16720 16720-06 Associate/iD Number ~ Certificate Number Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa Ltda Av. Los Cafetaleros N° 600. San Martin de Pangoa, Satipo, Junin PERU. The Organic Crop Improvzment Association has inspected this operation and determined that it compliance with the following certification programs: OCIA International (IFOAM-accredited) The operation is certit ed for the foliowing category of production: “ Farm Green Coffee, Cocoa ‘This certificate is valid only to acument the OCIA certification of the opetation named on this certificate. This certificate is not va'id for trade, but only validates that the above operation may have product eligible for certification. Eligible product can be verified by filing a Transaction Certificate utheeization form with OCIA Intemational. sED _O, Soe % & Zz Executive Director 07-Jul-06 07-Jul-07 2 © ~ Etecine Die “Bipraton Bae e & ~- OC 3312CGG010-00_ 25-Apr-06 ber Last Annual Inspection Cate This certificate is valid unti. certification is surrendered, suspended or revoked. An updated organic management plan and on-site inspection are required annually. Any ‘uestions reaardina the \erfication ofthis Certificate should be directed to: Organic Crop Imj:rovement Association International (OCIA) 6400 Comhusker, Suite 125, Lincoln, NE 68507, 402-477-2323