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24/11/2008 electronic devices(ece)

1mark questions:

1.define hall effect?

2.define 1.zener break down 2.avalanche break down?
3.what ias law of junction?
4.what is mass action law?
5.what do u mean by carreier life time?
6.give diff b/w the drift &diffussion current?
7.draw vi characteristics of tunnel diode?explain about "tunneling" of diode?
8.write working principle ofd varactor diode?
9.define cutt in voltage?draw vi characteristics of pn junction diode?
10.what is fermi level define it?
11.give relation b/w alpha,beta& gamma?
12.what is biasing?why stabilization is required?
13.what is thermal runway?
14.define thermal stability?
15.what is stability factor for self bias circuit?
16.what is early effect?
17.draw i/p&o/p characteristics of
1.CB,CE,CC configurations?
18.draw vi characteristics of
2.ujt,etc? transistor act as amplifier?
20.define jfet parameters?
21.define electric field intensity?

1.discuss hall effect & mention its application?
2.derive expression for continuity equation& diffussion lenght?
3.derive current diode equation?
4.explain drift & diffussion currents?derive expression for electron current due to drift &
5.derive equation for conductivity in conductors & semi conductors?
1.with respect to enery bend diagram explain vi characteristics of tunnel diode &explain abt
tunnel diode?
2.write short note on:
3.explain why zener diode act as voltage regulator?explain terms zener break down &
avalanche break down?
4.derive expression for diffussion & transistion capacitance in pn junction diode?
5.draw vi characteristics of pn diode under forward & raverse bias,comment on its temp
6.explain diode characteristics & their dependence on temperature?
1.what is bias compensation?explain various compensation circuits?
2.describe phenomenon of thermal runway & state conditions for thermal stability ,thermal
3.derive expression for s' & s" & explain abt stability factor & what are the factors affecting it?
4.derive expression for self bias circuit?
5.explain characteristics of photo transistor & write its applications?
1.explain about scr operation & its characteristics?
2.list out important characteristics of fet & compare fet with mosfet?
3.explai about mosfet operation & its characteristics?
4.draw equivalent circuit of ujt & explain its operation with help of emitter characteristics?
5.explain about 1.diac 2.triac & explain principle involved in it?