Political Changes Are In Order

It is high time for a change in our political system and the way we govern our country. We have to put an end to the traditional way of doing things. They are outmoded, and no longer have any real meaning in the way things can work if we are to see our country remain stable. First, we must remove the Electoral College, and elect our leaders strictly by popular vote. It should be a simple thing that the person who receives the most votes, wins. It makes nose sense to see a candidate win an election s popular vote, only to lose by the electoral system. Besides, electoral representatives in certain conditions don t have to be bound by the mandate of the people in the event of candidates not having enough electoral votes to win. Surely, this doesn t appear to be a democracy. When the first George Bush became president, it was decided by the Supreme Court. If we are to continue to have a free country, this cannot happen again. Also, the two party majorities, no longer make sense. The majority in the Republican Party call themselves conservatives, and makes every effort to purge themselves of moderate members of the party. Charlie Christ and Lincoln Chaffee were perfect examples. The democrats, if electing a more liberal candidate, have major problems holding on to power, because they lose their more moderate constituency. A three party system is in order now. We should have a liberal, conservative and moderate party with representatives in each party that represent the political leanings of the areas where they rule. The way it would go is like this. The three parties would run candidates in party primaries for local, state and national office. Every party in the fourth year would run a presidential candidate as well. All voters who declare party affiliation as a conservative, liberal or moderate would elect their party s candidates. Non-affiliated voters could only vote in the elections. Campaigns would be severely limited in spending, so people could no longer run based on their financial capabilities. This would bring back the theory that anyone can run for office, regardless of their wealth. On Election Day, winners would only be announced when an election ended, and there would be no more projections. Every effort should be made to keep the media from dictating how election outcomes should be run.

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