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› ⥄േゞ࡮⥄േੑベߣߜ߇޿ේઃ⥄ォゞߪ‫ޔ‬ዊဳߥߩߢ゠㆏ᢝౝࠍ⥄↱ߦ⿛ⴕߢ߈ࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
Unlike car and motorcycles, a moped can freely ride between trolley rails on streets because they are

2 ࠻ࡦࡀ࡞ߩਛߢゞਔㅢⴕᏪ߇޽ࠇ߫㚢஗ゞࠍߒߡ߽ࠃ޿‫ޕ‬FALSE
Inside a tunnel, if there is a lane for passing, it's okay to stop or park

3 ⓨ⿛〒㔌ߣ೙േ〒㔌ࠍวࠊߖߚ〒㔌߇஗ᱛ〒㔌ߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE
"Stopping distance" is "breaking distance" plus the distance that goes by before the breaking starts
(judgment and action time)

4 ೙േ〒㔌ߣߪ‫߇ࠠ࡯࡟ࡉޔ‬ታ㓙ߦല߈ߪߓ߼ߡ߆ࠄゞ߇஗ᱛߔࠆ߹ߢߩ〒㔌ߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE
ƠBreaking Distanceơ is the distance from when you actually start breaking until you have stopped

5 ේઃߩ⩄บߦⓍ߻⩄‛ߩ㊀ߐߪ‫ޔ‬㧟㧜ࠠࡠࠣ࡜ࡓ߹ߢߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE
On a moped, the weight limit for loads you can carry is 30 kg

6 Ꮏ੐↪ߩࡋ࡞ࡔ࠶࠻ߪ‫ޔ‬ਸ਼ゞ↪ࡋ࡞ࡔ࠶࠻ߩઍ↪ߦߥࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
It's okay to substitute a hard hat used in construction for a bike helmet

7 ᱠⴕ⠪ߩߘ߫ࠍㅢࠆᤨ‫ޔ‬቟ోߥ㑆㓒߇޽ߌࠄࠇߥ޿႐วߪ‫ޔ‬ᓢⴕߔࠆߩ߇ࠃ޿‫ޕ‬UE
When passing by a pedestrian and you cannot get a safe distance away from them, you should go slowly

8 ේઃߪ‫৻ޔ‬ᣇㅢⴕߣߥߞߡ޿ࠆ㆏〝ߢߪ‫ޔ‬㆏〝ߩਛᄩ߆ࠄฝ஥ㇱಽߦ‫ߺߪޔ‬಴ߒߡㅢⴕߒߡ߽ࠃ޿
It is okay for a moped to go into the middle or right side of the road on a one-way street

9 ᮮߩାภ߇⿒⦡ߦߥߞߚߩߢ‫⊒ߦߜߛߚޔ‬ㅴߒߚ‫ޕ‬FALSE
he signal for the cross traffic turned red, so I started off immediately Was that okay?

›0 ାภ߇੤Ꮕὐߩ⋥೨ߢ㕍⦡߆ࠄ㤛⦡ߦᄌࠊߞߚ႐วߦ‫ޔ‬ᕆ஗ᱛߔࠇ߫ෂ㒾ߥ႐ว‫ޔ‬ᵈᗧߒߥ߇ࠄㅴ߻
If it is dangerous to suddenly stop when a light has turned from green to yellow, you can be careful and
continue through the intersection

›› ⥄േ 2 ベゞߦ⩄‛ࠍⓍタߔࠆᤨߪ‫ޔ‬Ⓧタⵝ⟎ߩᓟࠈ߆ࠄ 0 3m ࠍ⿧߃ߡߪߺ಴ߒߡߪ‫ޕ޿ߥࠄߥޔ‬
When loading a 2 wheeled vehicle, the load must not jut out more than 0 3 meters to the rear

›2 ේઃߪ‫ࠬࡃ✢〝ޔ‬ኾ↪ㅢⴕᏪࠍㅢⴕߢ߈ࠆ߇‫ߩࠬࡃ✢〝ޔ‬ㅢⴕࠍᅹߍߡߪ޿ߌߥ޿‫ޕ‬UE
A moped can use a bus only lane but must not inhibit any bus that comes by

›3 〯ߺಾࠅߣߘߩ஥┵߆ࠄ೨ᓟߦ 5m એౝߩ႐ᚲߪ‫ޔ‬㚢ゞ࡮஗ゞ⑌ᱛߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE (›0 meters)

Within 5 meters of a railroad crossing, parking and stopping are prohibited

›4 㤛⦡ߩ᧟ࠍᜬߞߡ޿ࠆᱠⴕ⠪߇޿ࠆᤨߪ‫ޔ‬ᔅߕ⼊㖸ེߢᵈᗧࠍଦߐߥߌࠇ߫ߥࠄߥ޿‫ޕ‬FALSE
When you see a pedestrian holding a yellow cane, you must make sure to sound your horn to warn them

›5 ੤Ꮕὐౝࠍ⿛ⴕਛ‫✕ޔ‬ᕆ⥄േゞ߇ㄭߠ޿ߡ߈ߚߩߢ੤ᏅὐࠍߐߌߡᏀ஥ߦነߞߡ৻ᤨ஗ᱛߒߚ‫ޕ‬FALS
While going through an intersection, an ambulance approached so I immediately stopped my bike at the
left side, in the middle of the intersection Was that okay?

›6 ቟ో࿾ᏪߩᏀ஥ߣߘߩ᷹┵߆ࠄ೨ᓟߦ ›0m એౝߪ‫ޔ‬㚢ゞ࡮஗ゞ⑌ᱛߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE

On the left side of a safety zone and within ›0m of one, parking and stopping is prohibited

›7 ኻะゞߣⴕ߈㆑޿ߩ႐ว‫ޔ‬㆏〝ߩ ஥ߦ㓚ኂ‛߇޽ࠆᤨ‫ޔ‬ෂ㒾ߥߩߢ㓚ኂ‛߇޽ࠆ஥ࠍㅴⴕߒߡ߈ߚ
When you must go into the oncoming traffic's lane due to an obstruction in your own lane, it is a
dangerous situation so the car coming from the lane with the obstruction should be given the right away
(stop and wait for an opening)

›8 ⓨ⿛〒㔌ߣߪ‫ޔ‬ㆇォ⠪߇ෂ㒾ࠍᗵߓߡࡉ࡟࡯ࠠࠍ〯ߺࡉ࡟࡯ࠠ߇ታ㓙ߦല߈ߪߓ߼ࠆ㑆ߦ⿛ⴕߔࠆ〒
"eaction Distance [Kuusoukyori]ơ is the distance that passes while a driver senses danger, steps on the
break, and the breaks actually start to have an effect

›9 ᮮᢿᱠ㆏ߣߘߩᚻ೨ 30M એౝߢߪ‫ޔ‬ㅊ޿⿧ߒ߽ㅊ޿ᛮ߈߽⑌ᱛߐࠇߡ޿ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE

In a pedestrian crossing and within 30 meters before one, passing and overtaking is prohibited (his is
the only clear place that passing is prohibited If you're like me, you don't know the difference between
the two: overtaking ㅊ޿⿧ߒ involves changing lanes and passing ㅊ޿ᛮ߈ is going past a car in the
next lane, staying in your own )

20 ේઃߩᦨ㜞ㅦᐲߪ‫ޔ‬Ფᤨ 30 ࠠࡠࡔ࡯࠻࡞ߢ޽ࠆ߇‫ޔ‬ㅊ޿⿧ߒࠍߔࠆᤨߪ‫ޔ‬⍍㑆ㅦᐲᲤᤨ 40 ࠠࡠࡔ࡯

he maximum speed for a moped is 30kmh, but when passing, it is okay to momentarily exceed 40kmh

2› ㅦᐲ߇ 2 ୚ߦߥࠇ߫೙േ〒㔌߿ࠞ࡯ࡉߢߩ㆙ᔃജߪ‫ޔ‬6 ୚ߦߥࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE

When you double your speed, your breaking distance and the centrifugal force on you in a curve
increases six fold (It's exponential, so double your speed, and you get 2^2 or 4 times the distance and
centrifugal force)

22 ㅊ޿⿧ߒߩㆇォᠲ૞ߪ㔍ߒ޿ߩߢ‫ߦߺ߿߻ޔ‬ㅊ޿⿧ߒࠍߒߥ޿ᣇ߇ࠃ޿‫ޕ‬UE
Passing is difficult to do so it is best not to pass excessively

23 㧞ベゞߢゞߩ㑆ࠍߧߞߚࠅࠫࠣࠩࠣㆇォࠍߔࠆߣ๟࿐ߩㆇォ⠪ߦਇ቟ࠍਈ߃ࠆߎߣߦߥࠆ‫ޕ‬U E
Zig-zagging in and out of traffic will make the surrounding drivers anxious
24 Mߩ㗂਄ઃㄭߣ൨㈩ߩᕆߥ਄ࠅMߪ‫ޔ‬ㅊ޿⿧ߒ߇⑌ᱛߐࠇߡ޿ࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
Near the top of a hill and on a steep uphill slope, overtaking is prohibited (It is prohibited on a downhill
slope not an uphill one)

25 ዊߐ޿ࠞ࡯ࡉߦߥࠆ߶ߤ‫ޔ‬㆙ᔃജߪᄢ߈ߊߥࠆ‫ޕ‬UE
he smaller the curve is the higher the centrifugal force will be on you

26 ਛᄩ✢߇㤛⦡ߩ✢ߢ඙↹ߐࠇߡ޿ࠆ㆏〝ߢߪ‫ޔ‬ਛᄩ߆ࠄฝ஥ㇱಽߦߪߺ಴ߐߥߌࠇ߫ㅊ޿⿧ߒߢ߈ࠆ‫ޕ‬
When the road is divided by a yellow center line, you can cross over to the right side of the road and
pass if needed

27 ේઃߪ‫ޔ‬ᒝ೙଻㒾ߦട౉ߒߥߌࠇ߫ߥࠄߥ޿߇‫ޔ‬છᗧ଻㒾ߦ߽ട౉ߔࠆߣ቟ᔃߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE
A moped must have the mandatory Kyousei insurance but it is also good to have Optional Ninni insurance
as well

28 ᮮᢿᱠ㆏߿⥄ォゞᮮᢿᏪߣߘߩ┵߆ࠄ೨ᓟ㧝ࡔ࡯࠻࡞એౝߩ႐ᚲߪ‫ޔ‬㚢ゞ߽஗ゞ߽ߒߡߪߥࠄߥ޿‫ޕ‬
Inside or within › meter of a pedestrian or vehicle crossing, you must not park or stop your vehicle (It's
within 5 meters Nice tip: it's always 5 or ›0 m if both are prohibited)

29 㚢஗ゞ⑌ᱛ႐ᚲߢ྾ベゞߪ㚢஗ゞߪߢ߈ߥ޿ߩߪ߽ߜࠈࠎߛ߇‫ޔ‬ේઃ߽ዊߐ޿߇㚢஗ゞߒߡߪ޿ߌߥ
޿‫ ޕ‬UE
In a place where parking and stopping is prohibited, of course, 4 wheeled vehicles can't park, but even
though a moped is small, it also cannot park there

30 ᮮᢿᱠ㆏ࠍ⋡ߩਇ⥄↱ߥੱ߇ᮮᢿߒߡ޿ࠆߣ߈ߪ‫ޔ‬ᓢⴕߒߡ⿛ⴕߔࠆߩ߇ࠃ޿‫ޕ‬FALSE
When there is a person in the pedestrian crossing with impaired vision, it is best to go slowly (You have
to stop and go slowly)

3› ㅊ޿⿧ߒࠍߔࠆߣ߈ߪ‫ޔ‬೨ᓟᏀฝߩ቟ో⏕⹺ࠃࠅ߽‫ޔ‬ᣇะᜰ␜ེߩว࿑߇ߐ߈ߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬UE
When passing, beyond checking for safety in all directions, you must signal which direction you are going

32 ࠲ࠗࡗ߇⏴ࠅᷫߞߡ޿ࠆߣ៺ᡂ߇ᄢ߈ߊߥࠆߩߢ‫ޔ‬೙േ〒㔌ߪ⍴ߊߥࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
As a tire gets worn out, the friction becomes greater, so the breaking distance becomes shorter

33 ఝవ㆏〝ࠍㅢⴕਛߩゞߪ‫〯ޔ‬ಾ߿ᮮᢿᱠ㆏ߩߥ߆ߢ߽ㅊ޿⿧ߒࠍߔࠆߎߣ߇ߢ߈ࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
A car driving on a road with the right of way can pass other cars even within railroad and pedestrian
crossings (No, but you can inside intersections)

34 㜞ㅦ㆏એᄖߩ⥄േੑベߩᦨ㜞ㅦᐲߪ‫ᤨޔ‬ㅦ㧢㧜㨗㨙ࠠࡠࡔ࡯࠻࡞ߛ߇‫ޔ‬ේઃߪ‫ᤨޔ‬ㅦ㧠㧜㨗㨙ߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬
Outside a motorway, the maximum speed for a motorcycle is 60 km/h, for a moped it is 40 km/h
35 ਄ࠅMߩ㗂਄ઃㄭߣ൨㈩ߩᕆߥਅࠅMߪ‫ޔ‬ᓢⴕߒߥߌࠇ߫ߥࠄߥ޿‫ޕ‬FALSE
You must go slowly at the top of a hill and on a hill with a steep decline (You must not overtake in the
same situation)

36 ቟ోߦᕆ஗ᱛߔࠆߚ߼ߦࡉ࡟࡯ࠠߵ࠳࡞ࠍᒝߊ〯߻ߣᮮォ߿ᮮߴࠅࠍ⿠ߎߔߎߣߪߥ޿‫ޕ‬FALS E
Stepping heavily on the break to make a sudden stop for safety, won't cause you to roll or do a flip

37 ෂ㒾ࠍߐߌࠆߚ߼‫ࠍ߻߿ޔ‬ᓧߥ޿႐วߩ߶߆ߪ‫ޔ‬ᕆࡉ࡟࡯ࠠࠍ߆ߌߡߪ޿ߌߥ޿‫ޕ‬UE
o prevent danger, unless it is unavoidable, you must not step suddenly on the brake

38 ゞߩὐᬌߪ‫ߦ ›ޔ‬ÿ߽ߔࠆߩ߇ࠃ޿‫ޕ‬UE
It is good to inspect your vehicle many times within the day

39 ਛᄩ✢߇㤛⦡ߩ✢ߢ඙↹ߐࠇߡ޿ࠆ㆏〝ߢߪ‫ޔ‬ㅊ޿⿧ߒ⑌ᱛߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
When there is a yellow line dividing the road, overtaking is prohibited (Only if overtaking would require
going over that line)

40 ାภ߇⿒⦡ߣ㤛⦡ߩ ߇ÿᤨߦ␜ߐࠇߡ޿ࠆᤨ‫ޔ‬ේઃߪ‫ߩ ޔ‬ᣇะߦㅴⴕߔࠆߎߣ߇ߢ߈ࠆ‫ޕ‬

When the signal show both red and a yellow arrow at the same time, a moped can continue in the
direction of the arrow (hese yellow arrows are actually special signals for buses, the signal normally
goes green, yellow, red and green arrow, yellow again [not arrow], and finally red)

4› Ꮏ੐↪ߩࡋ࡞ࡔ࠶࠻ߪ‫ޔ‬ਸ਼ゞ↪ࡋ࡞ࡔ࠶࠻ߩઍ↪ߦߥࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
You can use a construction helmet in place of a normal bike helmet

42 ߹߇ࠅ ߿੤Ꮕὐߣߘߩ┵߆ࠄ 5 ࡔ࡯࠻࡞એౝߩ႐ᚲߪ‫ޔ‬㚢஗ゞߒߡߪ޿ߌߥ޿‫ޕ‬UE

You must not park or stop your vehicle at a turn in the road or an intersection or within 5 meters of

43 ⥄ಽ⥄ÿߢ‫⏕ߣߚ߼ߐ߇޿ ޔ‬ାߔࠇ߫ㆇォߒߡ߽ࠃ޿‫ޕ‬FALSE
If you feel that you have sobered up after a drink then it is okay to drive

44 ฝÿߒࠃ߁ߣߔࠆߣ߈ߩว࿑ߪ‫ޔ‬ฝÿߒࠃ߁ߣߔࠆ 3 ೨ߦⴕ߁‫ޕ‬FALSE
You have to signal that you are going to turn right about 3 seconds before you do (You signal 30 meters
before you turn in either direction, it's 3 seconds when you are changing lanes)

45 ೙േ〒㔌ߣゞ㑆〒㔌ߪ‫߶ޔ‬ÿÿߓߢ޽ࠆ‫ޕ‬FALSE
Breaking Distance and Safe distance between cars is about the same (he Japanese have formula that
goes Ơeaction Distance (ⓨ⿛〒㔌)ơ + ƠBreaking Distance (೙േ〒㔌)ơ = Stopping Distance)