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Name: Steven Sanderson Professor: Kevin McNamara Class: Introduction to Business BA11 5040 Assignment: Reaction Report to Student

Orientation of SLN website Since I have never taken an online class I have found the Student Orientation part of the SLN website to be very informative. Now that I have finished the orientation I now, not only know how to navigate the site but also know how to use the site. Through the orientation I learned how to do various things. For example I know how to ask questions through the module, by “raising my hand” in the virtual classroom by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button. I have a friend who has taken various courses online through Suffolk and I now understand the terminology she used, such as what a Module is. Since going through the orientation I also understand what the symbols mean and why they are there. I have learned that the Meet Your Classmates section of the site is the way that we will be able to view blurbs about our fellow students as if we were in class and speaking to each other via conventional means. The Student Orientation has also been a good way for me to learn how to communicate with my professor. Along with being able to communicate with my professor I also know how to participate in class discussions. I now understand the way we communicate our assignments also, which of course is one of the most important communication vehicles of the orientation in my opinion. To summarize, going through the student orientation has shown me invaluable information. It has done this by not only telling me how online class works but most importantly how to communicate and produce my assignments.