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eBook How to Make Homemade Bath Salts and More With Essential Oils

eBook How to Make Homemade Bath Salts and More With Essential Oils

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Published by Julie Behling

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Published by: Julie Behling on Nov 09, 2010
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Creating Boutique-Quality Holiday Gifts on a Dime

(Bath Salts, Sugar Scrubs, Foaming Hand Soaps, Household Sprays and More!)
Hi, I’m Julie Behling and it’s my pleasure to share some ideas with you on how to make your own holiday gifts with essential oils that will allow you to: • • • Delight friends and family with unique, practical, quality gifts Have fun getting into the holiday spirit, and Save money

Bath Salts
One of my favorite things to make with essential oils is home-made bath salts. These are way more powerful even than the expensive bath salts you’ll find at specialty shops, and when you make them yourself they are way cheaper! What You’ll Need: • • • • Epsom Salts (plain with nothing added – you can get bags of Epsom salts at any grocery or drug store) Therapeutic-quality essential oil(s) of your choice (Optional – sea salt or Himalayan salt) Glass jars/containers of some kind (mason jars work great, especially the wide-mouth variety. But you can be creative here – check out www.thecontainerstore.com for ideas. Go to craft stores and look around, etc…) Labels, ribbons, or whatever you like for packaging

Ideas for Essential Oils: For bath salts to help you get in the holiday spirit, try Christmas Spirit (it has orange, cinnamon, and spruce oils). For relaxation and insomnia, try Lavender. To ease muscle aches and pains after a workout, or for injuries or arthritis, I recommend Aroma Siez or PanAway. Sacred Mountain is a great blend to promote a mood of contemplation. 1 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www.youngliving.org/julieannbehling

add your essential oils to the salts. then blend the oil into the salts with the spoon. so take a look at a craft store for ideas! I have used large envelope labels for this purpose. pour the salts into your containers using a funnel. Otherwise. Next. and dump into the bowl – 3 times. fill jar 3/4 full with Epsom salts. your phone number. I cannot guarantee your homemade creations will turn out well and be fully appreciated by those you give them to! For more ideas. Directions: You will need a large bowl (preferably glass). and a funnel. I highly recommend you use Young Living’s therapeutic-quality essential oils. then fill to the top with the sea salt. a large spoon.org/julieannbehling or contact me at 850-294-9683.By the way. Start by adding 5 drops per quart of salts.org/julieannbehling . If you are also using sea salt or Himalayan salt. go to www. Anything with peppermint (like Aroma Siez) might be best with a little less than 9 drops per quart. You might also write “All-Natural”. People will judge your bath salts by their outward appearance.com . etc… 2 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www. Measure out 3 quarts of Epsom salts by pouring salts into a jar.youngliving. Then dump contents of jar into the bowl. I have found that 9 drops of Young Living oil per quart of Epsom salts is a good ballpark estimate on how much oil to add.youngliving. created by (your name). however it will depend somewhat on the specific essential oil you are using. julieb_23@yahoo. Start slow – you can always add more oil if you need to! After you have mixed the essential oils into the salts and you are happy with their fragrance. Next you need to figure out labels and packaging.youngliving. Let’s say you are making 3 bath salts in quart-size Mason jars. browse Young Living’s essential oil catalog here -https://www. Include the following information on the label – the name of the Bath Salt. Add more oil until the salts reach the desired level of fragrance.org/julieannbehling To purchase Young Living oils.

palmarosa. cinnamon. ylang ylang. lemon. Therapeutic-quality essential oil(s) of your choice (Optional – sea salt or Himalayan salt instead of sugar to make salt scrubs) Glass jars/containers of some kind – smaller jars are better for this. and spruce. try Joy (a blend of bergamot. clove. roman chamomile. geranium. ribbons. or whatever you like for packaging • • Ideas for Essential Oils: For an invigorating sugar scrub. I recommend peppermint and rosemary oils! For a sugar scrub to soothe skin and make a woman feel like a woman. and rose essential oils)! Another great idea – use Abundance in a sugar scrub to promote a good mood. and fun to use! What You’ll Need: • • • • • White or brown sugar. depending on the look you’re going for. patchouli. mandarin. frankincense.youngliving. especially the wide-mouth variety.org/julieannbehling . Go to beauty supply or restaurant supply stores or online outlets for these.thecontainerstore.com for ideas or go to craft stores and look around) Little spoons or scoops so people can scoop out a small amount of sugar scrub. such as almond or refined sesame oil. They are easy to make. Again – check out www. 3 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www. Labels. since you use much less of this than of the bath salts (small mason jars work great.Take a bath with any leftovers to sample your new creation! Sugar Scrubs Sugar scrubs are perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin all over your body. High-quality (preferably organic) vegetable oil. and to infuse yourself with the frequency of abundance!!! Abundance is a blend made with orange. jasmine. myrrh. ginger. rosewood.

abundanthealth4u. natural antimicrobial soap! Of course. use 20-25 drops of the essential oil of your choice.cgi? category=LS&item=872577772 . Make your own all-natural foaming hand soaps with essential oils. or Thieves for a safe.youngliving.com ) Labels. Shake well to disperse essential oils.asp Foaming Hand Soaps Have you ever looked at the ingredients on some of those liquid hand soaps on the market? Artificial fragrances and coloring and other harmful chemicals are plentiful. browse Young Living’s essential oil catalog here -https://www. or the Ecological dishwashing liquid – Ecover – which you can find at Whole Foods or other health food stores) Distilled water Essential oil(s) of your choice Foaming hand soap containers (I get mine at www. or whatever you like for packaging • • • • Directions: Fill foaming soap containers with 1 part soap base and 10 parts distilled water.org/US/products. natural soap base (try this liquid glycerin soap -http://www. For an 8-oz container.youngliving.com/cgi-bin/category. and get clean and lightlyfragrant hands without all those chemicals! What You’ll Need: • High-quality. Essential Oil Ideas: Try Christmas Spirit for a festive hand soap.citrusmagic.For more ideas. you can never go wrong with lavender! Household Sprays 4 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www. ribbons. even in those soaps that claim to have natural ingredients.org/julieannbehling .

Of course. Christmas Spirit would be nice this time of year to make your home smell like Christmas heaven! Roll-Ons Essential oil roll-ons are an ideal way to introduce people to the power of essential oils. What You’ll Need: • Roll-on containers (available at www. Screw the spray top on. muscle aches and pains. shake well. or whatever you like for packaging Directions: Fill spray bottles with distilled water. and are super easy to make! What You’ll Need: • • • • Distilled water Essential oil(s) of your choice Glass spray bottles (preferably dark glass to protect the oils – I get mine from www. Purification is wonderful as a natural air freshener (keep one in the bathroom and by the cat’s litter box). then add about 8-9 drops of the essential oil of your choice (for a 4-oz bottle). White Angelica is lovely spray that will fluff your aura and facilitate a happy mood.com ) 5 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www.abundanthealth4u. and also doubles as a natural insect repellant. Depending on the type of essential oils you use. ribbons. and package them however you like! Essential Oil Ideas: Lavender essential oil sprays are great for spraying down linens before retiring for the night.abundanthealth4u.youngliving. or soothe anxiety and tensions.com ) Labels.Homemade household sprays with quality essential oils are a fun and classy gift. your roll-ons can help get rid of headaches.org/julieannbehling .

Try lavender or Valor for stress-reduction. open the cap.youngliving. There is no end to the possibilities here! Nasal Inhalers These handy inhalers are perfect to use with decongesting essential oils to open up your sinuses on the go instead of snorting concoctions like Afrin. and shake to disperse essential oils.com ) Essential oil(s) of your choice Directions: Put 5-6 drops of the essential oil(s) of your choice on the absorbent wick. try a peppermint-rosemary combination (5 drops peppermint.org/julieannbehling .abundanthealth4u. then insert wick into inhaler. Add 7-8 drops of essential oils.• • • Grape-seed or almond oil Essential oil(s) of your choice Labels and packaging Directions: Fill roll-on container to within ¼ inch of the top with the grape seed or almond oil. Package as desired. 2 drops rosemary). Essential Oil Ideas: For headaches. Put on the roll-on lid. What You’ll Need: • • Plastic nasal inhaler containers (available at www. Inhalers are convenient to use on the go – just take them out of your purse or pocket. and catch a nice whiff! Essential Oil Ideas: 6 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www. RC for congestion in the lungs and sinuses. For muscle aches and pains. 7 drops of PanAway or Aroma Siez will do the trick.

com 850-294-9683 7 Julie Behling YL # 853324 www. the citrus oils (and the Peace & Calming blend) are not ideal as they don’t seem to hold their fragrance very well when they are diluted. Julie Behling YL # 853324 www.To ease congestion in the sinuses and lungs.youngliving. Have fun. and make sure you make some of this stuff for yourself too! And last but not least – Merry Christmas!!! Blessings. From personal experience. I recommend putting a layer of clear packing tape over any paper labels so the ink won’t run if the item gets wet.youngliving. Christmas Spirit (with orange oil) seems to be an exception. pick one or two essential oils from Young Living and start there.org/julieannbehling . Thieves is a good one. When labeling your homemade items. Also. then use what you have! If you are brand new to this. To protect yourself from getting sick. eucalyptus.org/julieannbehling julieb_23@yahoo. and maybe Idaho balsam fir! Final Thoughts If you already have a stash of Young Living essential oils. try RC essential oil blend (has several varieties of eucalyptus plus some other really good stuff). you may try any combination of peppermint. melaleuca.

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