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Published by: chns77 on Nov 09, 2010
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Vision- and motor-impaired users can use the Accessibility Setup Assistant to change how
PDF documents appear on-screen and are handled by a screen reader, screen magnifier, or
other assistive technology. The first time you start Adobe Reader, the Accessibility Setup
Assistant starts if Adobe Reader detects that assistive technology is running on your
system. (See Setting accessibility preferences.)

Single-key accelerators and keyboard shortcuts make document navigation simpler. Some
of the more common keyboard shortcuts are described here. For a complete list of
keyboard shortcuts, see About keyboard shortcuts. For additional information on how
Adobe products enhance electronic document accessibility, visit the Adobe website at

To activate single-key accelerators:

1. Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows®

) or Adobe Reader > Preferences (Mac OS), and

click General on the left.
2. Select Use Single-Key Accelerators To Access Tools.
3. Click OK to apply the change.

To open the How To window:

Press Shift+F4.

To close the How To window:

Do one of the following:

q (Windows) Press Shift+F4 or Esc.

q (Mac OS) Click the Close button.

To open or close Adobe Reader Help:

Do one of the following:

q To open Help, press F1. In Mac OS, you can also press Command+?.

q To close Help, press Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 (Windows), or click the Close button.

Click the Search or Index tab to use that feature. In Windows, press Ctrl+Tab to cycle
forward through the tabs, or press Shift+Ctrl+Tab to cycle backward through the tabs.
Press F6 to move between the document pane and the navigation pane. In the Index tab,
you can type an entry into the Select Index Entry text box. The list scrolls to the first
match to the text string you type. Click a link to go to that topic.

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