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Homage to the 21

The Twenty-one Praises of

OM TA-RE TU-TA-RE TU-RE SO-HA (Tara's Mantra)

Tara is a completely enlightened buddha who had previously
promised to appear, after enlightenment, in the form of a female
bodhisattva and goddess for the benefit of all beings. Her primary
activity is to protect from the eight fears. Practiced in all Schools of
Tibetan Buddhism her various forms are found in all classes of
tantra - Nyingma and Sarma.

Tara (Star) or simply Drol-ma in Tibetan, goddess of protection and
compassion, worshipped by Vajrayanists worldwide. One of the
widest worshipped deity in Tibet, Tara is the bodhisattva
representing the miraculous activities of all buddhas. In myth she is
born from Chenrezig's (sanskrit: Avalokitesvara, the male
counterpart similar to Tara) tears of compassion or from her own
vow to be enlightened and stay a woman. There are innumerable
manifestations of Tara, manifesting in so many ways as sentient
beings may require, but her most famous are the peaceful WHITE
TARA, who brings protection, long life and peace; and the dynamic
GREEN TARA, who overcomes obstacles and saves beings in
dangerous situations in the most immediate manner. Tara also
manifests in the 21 forms of Taras.

Jeff Watt at
"From the tantra known as the 'Twenty-One Praises of Tara' spoken
by the buddha Samantabhadra arises a system of practice with 21
emanations - 1 for each verse of praise. Each form of Tara has a
specific color and accomplishes a special activity. Based on that,
there are 3 well known and distinct lineages for the set of 21 Taras;

Pandita Suryagupta, Lord Atisha and the lineage from the
Nyingma Lama - Longchenpa. Aside from these 3 there are other
less known sets of 21 Taras as well as numerous individual forms
and lineages. The 3 main lineages do not share the same
iconographic forms. In the Atisha system all the Taras appear in the
same basic posture with equal faces and hands and only differ in
the color of the body and vase held in the right hand of each. Some
have a slightly fierce facial expression. Basically the colors are a
code for the 4 activities: pacifying (white), enriching (yellow),
subjugating (red) and eliminating (black.) Mixed colors such as
orange indicate a combination of qualities, tempered by strong

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We are including Green Tara as the number one here, since she is
considered by all systems to be the "originator" from which all other

Taras emanate, although she is usually not included in the 21. With
several lineages by which the 21 Taras are categorized, there is no
universal agreement on their names, the order in which they
appear, or even on all of their faculties and powers, so we will
present them here in as complete fashion as we are able,
recognizing that there will be mistakes of omission and probably of
commission as well. (We beg forgiveness, and encourage more
knowledgeable readers to send us their suggestions or corrections.)

However, for the purpose of the practice of the "Twenty-one Praises
of Tara", it is not necessary for all of the deities' images and
information to be in order. These are only presented so as to give
the reader a good feel for all of the Taras and to illustrate their
salient features.

But first, a bit of background and history:

Origin of the cult of Tara

The view that the divine bodhisattva known by the name Tara
assimilates the various characteristics and qualities of several
goddesses of the Himalayan regions, from tribal snake deities to the
great Shakti of Hinduism, and of other goddesses from farther a-
field, is not a novel one.

Whether this is due to the somewhat outmoded idea of the
archetype, or due to cultural drift and diffusion, or to people's
general inability to keep specific details in mind is not really
important. What is significant and valuable is the profound devotion
that people have for Tara and the genuine efficacy of her practice.
In times of great difficulty, millions of people call upon "Great Noble

Not everyone agrees on how she should be depicted, however, and
perhaps that in itself is significant. Stephen Beyer, in "The Cult of
Tara", reported that until some even very experienced Tibetan
artists were shown the details of the 21 Taras as illustrated in
foreign texts, they often did not know or could not recall which
colors, gestures and symbolic items belonged together. Also there
seem to be waves of popularity for different lineage teachings of her
practice, some claiming origin with one or another famous teacher
of the past and others none at all. That is, some versions of her
ritual worship [Sanskrit: sadhana] or practice are regarded as
"termas" - tantric texts revealed or uncovered by gifted individuals
under extraordinary circumstances.

When her cult developed exactly is unknown. The Chinese pilgrim
Hsuan Tsang, who visited northern India between 633 and 645,
reports without describing, a "Tolo" image in a temple near Nalanda

) Origin of the Ritual Practice of Tara There exist two different scholarly Tibetan traditions as to which teacher was first responsible for introducing her practice." and "particularly. In the orthodox Indian sacred tradition. Târâ refers to the second of Ten Means to Realization. But the root tar." and it is also related to "star" and to "pupil of the eye.Buddhist University to which the general population was particularly devoted. though often we see Drolma because it follows the Tibetan spelling a little more." In Tibetan. it is actually sgrolma. . And as Shri Tara Devi she is the deification of that Mahavidya. As a Târîni. (if we transliterate. Her Name The Sanskrit root târ-means "to traverse" or "cross over" as in using a bridge to ford a stream. she carries you across. she is called Dolma or Do'ma. according to Hindu Tantra.can mean "tree. she serves as a bridge for you to get to immortality.

and Chandragomin's "Praises of the Noble Tara Who Saves From all Great Terrors". a princess called Jnanachandra [Wisdom Moon. Of Atisha's 117 works. according to Drugpa Jetsen. It took another 400 years it to be revived. The orthodox Buddhist tantric tradition was not deemed appropriate for general dissemination in the 11th century which was a time of reform. the Kagyu consider there is a special relationship with White Tara via Gampopa (fl. there was a Buddha called Dundubh-ishvara [Lord of the Sound of Drums] and he had a devotee. Also. all of the White Tara lineages derive from his translation of 3 of Vagishvarakirti's works in the larger cycle known as 'Cheating Death. according to Beyer. and to the 'hearers' and bodhisattvas. but that he would. These were: the incantations called Mother of Avalokiteshvara and 108 Names of the Goddess Tara. It is noteworthy that. until finally there arose in her the determination to. He claimed that it was Tara who prophesied that his life would be shortened by his going to Tibet. .] For many ages. But Kagyu temples everywhere begin the day with the four-mandala offering to Green Tara. The 21 Praises to Tara. According to Beyer whose informants were Drugpa Kagyu. That person was Dromton [or bromton] who built a temple to Tara that was standing at Nyetang at least until the late 1970's. He. greatly benefit beings and one devotee in particular.' The White Tara tradition stems from that writer's own revelations and not from the tantric tradition said to have originated with the Buddha. contemporary tantric master Ven. Zhunnupe. she made offerings to him. were brought from India in the 11th century by Darmadra of Nyen. 1100. widely disseminated which it was under Taranatha (fl. 1600) according to the Tibetan historian.Evidence is strong that in the tenjur of Tibetan king Trisong Deutsen (reigned 755-797) there were only 3 works concerning Tara. All denominations will call upon Green Tara in times of necessity. only 6 are about her. of the 77 Indian works he translated. or at least. Tenga Rinpoche maintains that lineage.) The superior. wrote 13 works on Tara. Tara's Determination In a world known as Various Lights. It is generally agreed that it was not until Atisha arrived in Tibet in 1042 that her cult was introduced. though. abbot of the Sakya monastery who wrote a commentary a century later. himself. but they were not translated for general use. by undertaking that duty to the dharma. only 4 are about Tara.

manifesting as care. "What difference does the form of the body matter? In fact. Chenresi or Chenrezig). two lights emanating from all the buddhas . united as a father and mother. She became known as Tara the Swift. .out of Emptiness. These lights. Reborn into the realm of Buddha Amoghasiddi in the era called Vastly Extended. in the era called Beginningless.' and during the day. also those of the heaven of power of vision over others. engendered Tara who was then born from the heart of the Lord of the World 'as a bud from the lotus. Tara took another vow before him: She determined to protect the sentient beings of the infinite worlds of all ten directions from harm. and so she became known as Tara the Saviour. but those who wish to serve the aims of beings in a woman's body are few indeed. but by the merit of her devotion and her determination which. until this world is emptied out serve the aims of beings with none but a woman's body. to dispel this incorrect notion from the minds of certain beings. these initiatory energies. Every morning before she had taken food. and in the night. called in Tibetan.' That is how Tara is understood to have come to us ." Then Wisdom Moon sat determinedly in meditation for many ages. In him.herself. a monk whose name was Stainless Light was empowered via the light of compassion of all the tathagathas [buddhas] and became Avalokiteshvara (Lord of the World. therefore may I. she introduced and fixed innumerable beings in the state of acceptance. fixed in contemplation innumerable heavenly rulers of beings. become a buddha. I will forever be reborn as a female!" "Those who wish to attain supreme enlightenment in a man's body are many. and the state called Saving All Beings. She settled into the state of meditation called 'Defeating all Maras.that of Understanding and that of Compassion. She attained the knowledge that events do not arise. Then. and Tara the Heroine. for who had ever heard of a female buddha? "Nonsense. finds its way through the union of wisdom and compassion to all sentient beings. She was advised that she would first have to seek a rebirth in a male body. every evening she did the same." she thought.

" After much discourse she finally replied. your roots of virtuous actions. the Victorious One. and to countless members of the Sangha of Bodhisattvas. The offerings she prepared each day were in value comparable to all the precious things which filled a distance of twelve yojanas in each of the ten directions. that you have come into being in this female form." And so she vowed: "There are many who wish to gain enlightenment in a man's form. At that time some monks said to her: "It is as a result of these." a "person" nor any perception. made offerings to this Enlightened One. leaving no intermediate spaces unfilled. The Princess "Moon of Wisdom" had the highest respect for his teaching. work for the welfare of beings right until Samsara has been emptied. one hundred thousand years.Tara's Vow Long ago in an age before which there was nothing else. the Tathagata Dundubhisvara came into existence and was known as the Light of the Various Worlds. as is befitting. and there are but few who wish to work for the welfare of living beings in a female form. and for ten million. The weak-minded are always deluded by this. Therefore may I. and therefore attachment to ideas of "male" and "female" is quite worthless. "In this life there is no such distinction as "male" and "female." neither of "self-identity. If you pray that your deeds accord with the teachings. Finally after all this she awoke to the first concepts of Bodhi-Mind. in a female body. to his attendant Sravakas. then indeed on that account you will change your form to that of a man." .

I bow to the Body of Tara the river of compassion. I bow to the Body of Tara cohering like water. I bow to the Body of Tara. I bow to the Body of Tara ripening like fire. . I bow to the Body of Tara infinite as space. I bow to the Body of Tara unchanging in the three times. I bow to the Body of Tara supporting like earth. I bow to the Body of Tara adorned with the Marks and the Signs. Tibetan 21-Tara Prayer Flag Tibetan Homage to Manifestations Of Tara I bow to the Body of Tara who saves from the eight fears. I bow to the Body of Tara. I bow to the Body of Tara subduing disease like medicine. I bow to the Body of Tara expanding like air. I bow to the Body of Tara of infinite fame. I bow to the Body of Tara who is as bright as the sun. I bow to the Body of Tara whose limbs are like the moon. I bow to the Body of Tara who is the Sovereign of Doctors. the world's benefactor. I bow to the Body of Tara of a thousand hands and eyes. sure curer of sorrow.

Then we will offer a complete "ritual" of "The Twenty-one Praises of Tara". . With some history and background taken care of. I bow to the Body of Tara lovely yet free of desire I bow to the Body of Tara who teaches the Way of Freedom. let us continue and get to know the "Twenty-one Taras". as well as additional reference material on Tara.I bow to the Body of Tara skilled in means like taming.

Green Tara Source of all Tara Emanations 1 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha OM TA-RE TU-TA-RE TU-RE SO-HA (or SVAHA) (We will use "So-Ha". closer to the Tibetan pronunciation) Right Hand Left Hand .

in the gesture of granting refuge holds the stem of a blue water lily or utpala that waves over her left shoulder while her right hand also holding a flower. Homage to you!" The practice of Green Tara helps to overcome fear and anxiety. or obscurations: 1) lions and pride 2) wild elephants and delusions 3) forest fires and hatred 4) snakes and envy 5) robbers and fanatical views 6) prisons and avarice 7) floods and lust 8) demons and doubt As we shall see. Green Tara has her right foot extended as if about to rise.) her hands with their blue utpalas signal. she instantaneously saves us from eight specific calamities. eliminate suffering of all kinds and bring happiness. green is considered to include all the other colors. "Samsaric beings! Cling not to worldly pleasures. flaws. Enter the great city of liberation! Flower-goads prodding us to effort. (Unless you actually need protection from elephants and lions!) . Green Tara is typically pictured as a dark. (Another lineage describes 16. When called upon. She wears the many characteristic ornaments of the samboghakaya. According to the first Dalai Lama (1391-1474. offers that which we desire. and some others. She usually wears striped leggings but above. but devotees also believe that she can grant wishes. green-skinned young girl. all of the Taras' qualities and powers should be interpreted in like manner. and interprets them as representative of corresponding defects. Her left hand.) The First Dalai Lama lists the 8. a boon. only her shoulders are covered.In Tibetan culture.

Mantra: Om Banza Tare Sarva Biganen Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand . the "Great Pacifier" of negative obscurations. The Tara Who Averts Disasters & Enhances Harmony 2 of 21 This White Tara (Yang-Chen-Ma). is usually associated with the Hindu Goddess Sarasvati.

The Tara Who Averts Earth-Born Calamities 3 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Lam Lam Bhaya Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand .

The Tara Who Bestows Prosperity & Protects against Famine 4 of 21 "The Giver of Supreme Virtue" (So-Nam-Chog-Ter-Ma). "The Tara who Increases" Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Dzambeh Moheh Dana Meti Shri Soha Right Hand Left Hand .

The Tara The Wish-Fulfilling Tara 5 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sarva Ata Siddhi Siddhi Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Bestows Longevity & Protects Against Untimely Death .

"Tara of The Life Force" Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Braja Ayiu Shei Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts the Evil Effects of Poison . 6 of 21 "The All Victorious" (Nam-Gyal-Ma).

7 of 21 "The Peahen" (Peacock) (Ma-Ja-Ma). "Tara Who Eliminates Poisons" Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sarva Diksha Dzala Yaha Raha Ra Peh Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Destruction Wrought by Fire .

8 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Ram Ram Dzala Bhaya Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Destruction Wrought by Water .

9 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Bham Bham Dzala Bhaya Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Evil Caused by Wild Beasts .

10 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sarva Heh Heh Dzaleh Dzaleh Benda Peh Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Protects Against Wild Elephants & Averts Evil Affecting Cattle .

11 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Ham Ham Dushing Hana Hana Drasaya Peh Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Evil Caused by Demons & Protects Against Carnivores .

12 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sarva Dushing Bikanen Bham Peh Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Increases Power .

13 of 21 "Kurukulla". Mantra: Om Bema Tare Sendara Hri Sarva Loka Washum Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand . Red Tara said to attract partners & help one influence others.

The Tara Who Increases Wisdom 14 of 21 "The Giver of Intelligence" (Rig-Je-Ma). "Tara Resonating with HUM" Mantra: Om Ratana Tare Sarva Loka Jana Piteya Dara Dara Diri Diri Sheng Sheng Dza Dzanjia Na Mu Sheng Kuru Soha .

Right Hand Left Hand .

"Tara Blazing in Flames" Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Randza Dushen Droda Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand . The Tara Who Averts Hell-born Calamities & Protects Against Politics 15 of 21 "The Destroyer of Opposing Forces" (Da-Pung-Som-Ze-Ma).

The Tara Who Averts Destruction Caused by Wind 16 of 21 "Ta Savior of The Scented Forest" (Jig-Ten-Sum-La-Gyal-Ma). "Tara Embodiment of The Three Jewels" Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Yam Yam Dzala Bhaya Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Evil Caused by Robbers .

17 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Dzora Benda Benda Drktum Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Destruction Caused by Armies .

18 of 21 "The Invincible" (Shen-Gyi-Mi-Tub-Ma). "Tara Who Crushes the Forces of Others" Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Dik Dik Dikshena Raksha Raksha Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Averts Heaven-born Calamities & Enhances Indestructibility .

19 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Sarva Eh Eh Maha Hana Bhaya Shindham Kuru Soha Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Subdues Demons & Protects Against War .

20 of 21 "The Wrathful" (To-Nyer-Chen). "Tara of Wrathful Gaze" Mantra: Om Garma Tare Sarwa Shatdrum Biganen Mara Sehna Ha Ha Heh Heh Ho Ho Hung Hng Binda Binda Peh Right Hand Left Hand The Tara Who Heals Sickness .

21 of 21 Mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sarva Dzara Sarva Dhukka Brasha Manaya Peh Soha Right Hand Left Hand .

. Tara Praises Preliminaries The Twenty-one Praises of Tara Refuge vows. chant or sing the 21 Praises. and the Tara empowerment from an accredited teacher is required for doing the complete liturgy with offerings. Prepare for this practice by setting the proper motivation and reciting the preliminary prayers and practices: Taking refuge and generating the altruistic dedicated heart Sang gye cho dang To the Buddha. though. Anyone. the Dharma tsog kyi chog nam la and the Sangha Jang chub bar du dag I go for refuge until I am ni kyab su chi enlightened Through the positive potential Dag gi jin sog gyi I create by practicing pay so nam kyi generosity and the other far- reaching attitudes May I attain Buddhahood for Dro la pen chir sang the benefit of all sentient gye drub par shog beings. can read.

. Dro la cho kyi kor lo And turn the wheel of Dharma for kor wa dang sentient beings. Sem chen tam che nye ring May all sentient beings abide chag dang nyi dang/ drel way in equanimity. Seven-limb prayer Reverently I prostrate with with my Go sum go pay go ne body. Tog may ne sag dig I confess all my negative actions tung tam che shag accumulated since beginningless time Kye pag gay wa nam And rejoice in the virtues of all holy la je yi rang and ordinary beings. speech and mind chag tsal lo And present clouds of every type of Ngo sham yi trul cho offering. Kor wa ma tong bar Please remain until cyclic existence du leg zhug ne ends. The Four Immeasurables May all sentient beings have Sem chen tarn che de wa happiness and the causes of dang/ de way gyu dang den happiness. actual and mentally trin ma lu bul transformed. Dag zhen gay nam I dedicate the virtues created by jang chub chen por myself and others to the great ngo enlightenment. drel war gyur chig May all sentient beings never Sem chen tam che dug ngel be separated from the may pay de wa dang/ mi drel happiness that knows no war gyur chig suffering. par gyur chig May all sentient beings be Sem chen tam che dug ngel free from suffering and the dang/ dug ngel kyi gyu dang causes of suffering. free from dang nyom la ne par gyur attachment and anger that chig hold some close and others distant.

Visualization & Recitation Visualize much radiant and blissful green light from the TAM and mantra at Tara’s heart streams into you and into the sentient beings surrounding you. This light purifies the imprints of all negative actions. View that green light emanates from a multi-layered cloud of Taras of all forms in the space around this world system. The light covers all space and all sentient beings of this world system and even spreads on to all of space. For trouble spots and situations add an ever widening tornado of Taras superimposed with similar widening stacks of all Buddhas and bodhisattvas over the place with intense blessing raining down to help. While doing the visualization. it brings inspiration and blessings from Tara [and all Buddhas and bodhisattvas]. View all sentient beings of this world system as now having that TAM and mantra at their heart as a result of the earlier recitation. all world systems and all sentient beings. that they are in their normal places around the world. thus enabling you to realize the entire gradual path to enlightenment quickly. Also view all Buddhas and bodhisattvas similarly arrayed joining in with light appropriate to them. recite as much as possible Tara’s peaceful mantra: . and dispels all sickness and harms from spirits. In addition.

At its center appears a green syllable TAM. the essence of Tara's blissful omniscient mind of wisdom and compassion. This transforms into a white moon disc. The Protection Cakra of Arya Tara Alternate Visualization & Recitation You are in your ordinary form. such as walking. driving. Then continue this practice at all odd moments through the day. standing in lines. you may limit the visualization effort so that the particular activity is not compromised in an unsafe way. and any other activity that can allow divided attention. OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA Wish that all subsequent such visualizations and recitations throughout the day be considered to be logically part of this practice at this point. For things such as driving. At your heart appears a white AH made of light. Standing clockwise around the edge of the moon appear the .

Her left leg is drawn up and her right leg is slightly extended. Her right hand on her right knee is in the gesture of giving. Her body is made of emerald-green light. Her face is very beautiful and she smiles with loving kindness at all sentient beings. She is seated on a lotus and moon disc. . Surrounding her in space are twenty-one other Taras. as well as all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas.letters of the mantra om tare tuttare ture soha. Surrounding you are all sentient beings. rainbow-colored light goes out in all directions and invokes Tara to appear in the space in front of you. youthful and exquisitely beautiful. made of green light TAM From the TAM. You lead them in reciting the prayers and requests to Tara. her left hand at her heart is in the gesture of refuge and holds the stem of a blue utpala flower that blooms by her ear.


The Twenty-one Praises of
Homage (Respect) to the Twenty-one

OM; je tsun ma pag ma drol ma la chag tsal lo

OM; I prostrate to the noble transcendent liberator.

Chag tsal drol ma nyur
ma pa mo
Homage to Tara swift and fearless
Chen mi kay chig lhog
With eyes like a flash of lightning
dang dra ma
Lotus-born in an ocean of tears
Jig ten sum gon chu kye
Of Chenresig, three worlds'
shel gyi
Ke sar je wa lay ni jung
Chag tsal ton kay da wa
kun tu
Homage to you whose face is like
Gang wa gya ni tseg pay
One hundred autumn moons
shel ma
Kar ma tong trag tsog pa
And blazes with the dazzling light
nam kyi
Of a thousand constellations.
Rab tu che way o rab bar
Chag tsal ser ngo chu ne
Homage to you born from a gold-
kye kyi
blue lotus
Pay may chag ni nam par
Hands adorned with lotus flowers
gyen ma
Essence of giving, effort and
Jin pa tsun du ka tub shi
Patience, concentration and
So pa sam ten cho yul nyi
4 4
Chag tsal de shin sheg Homage to you who crown all
pay tsug tor Buddhas

Ta yay nam par gyal wa
cho ma Whose action subdues without
Ma lu pa rol chin pa tob limit
pay Attained to every perfection
Gyel way say kyi shin tu On you the bodhisattvas rely.
ten ma
Chag tsal TU TA RE HUM
Homage to you whose TUTTARE
yi ge
and HUM
Do dang chog dang nam
Fill the realms of desire, form and
ka gang ma
Jig ten dun po shab kyi
You crush seven worlds beneath
nen te
your feet
Lu pa may par gug par nu
And have power to call all forces.
Chag tsal gya jin may lha
tsang pa
Homage to you adored by Indra,
Lung lha na tsog wang
Agni, Brahma, Vayu and Ishvara.
chug cho ma
Praised in song by hosts of spirits,
Jung po ro lang dri sa
Zombies, scent-eaters and
nam dang
No jin tsog kyi dun ne to
Chag tsal TREY che cha 7
dang PEY kyi Homage to you whose TREY and
Pa rol tul kor rab tu jom PEY
ma Destroy external wheels of magic.
Yay kum yon kyang shab Right leg drawn in and left
kyi nen te extended,
May bar tug pa shin tu You blaze within a raging fire.
bar ma
Chag tsal TU RE jig pa
Homage to you whose TURE
chen po
Du kyi pa wo nam par
The great fears, the mighty
jom ma
Chu kye shel ni tro nyer
With a wrathful frown on your lotus
den dze
Dra wo tam che ma lu so
You slay all foes without exception.
9 9
Chag tsal kon chog sum Homage to you beautifully adorned
tson chag gye By the Three Jewels' gesture at
Sor mo tug kar nam par your heart.

gyen ma
Ma lu chog kyi kor lo
Your wheel shines in all directions
gyen pay
With a whirling mass of light.
Rang gi o kyi tsog nam
trug ma
Chag tsal rab tu ga wa ji 10
pay Homage to you, radiant and joyful
U gyen o kyi treng wa pel Whose crown emits a garland of
ma light.
Shay pa rab shay TU TA You, by the laughter of TUTTARE
RE yi Conquer demons and lords of the
Du dang jig ten wang du world.
dze ma
Chag tsal sa shi kyong
Homage to you with power to
way tsog nam
Tam che gug par nu ma
The assembly of local protectors.
nyi ma
With your fierce frown and
Tro nyer yo way yi ge
vibrating HUM,
HUM ki
You bring freedom from all
Pong pa tam che nam par
drol ma
Chag tsal da way dum bu
Homage to you with crescent moon
u gyen
Gyen pa tam che shin tu
All your adornments dazzling
bar ma
Rel pay tro na o pag may
From your hair-knot, Amitabha
Shines eternal with great beams of
Tag par shin tu o rab dze
Chag tsal kel pay ta may
Homage to you who dwells in a
may tar
blazing wreath
Bar way treng way u na
Like the fire at the end of this age.
ne ma
Your right leg outstretched and left
Yay kang yon kum kun ne
drawn in,
kor gay
Joy surrounds you who defeats
Dra yi pung ni nam par
hosts of foes.
jom ma
14 14
Chag tsal sa shi ngo la Homage to you whose foot stamps
chag gi the earth
Til gyi nun ching zhab gyi And whose palm strikes the ground
dung ma by your side.

nyi ma 16 Chag tsal kun ne kor rab 16 ga way Homage to you with joyous retinue Dra ye lu ni nam par gem You subdue fully all enemies' forms ma The ten-letter mantra adorns your Yi gay chu pay ngag ni ko heart pay And your knowledge-HUM brings Rig pa HUM lay drol ma liberation. Kun ne go cha ga way ji Your armor radiates joy to all . ma 19 19 Chag tsal lha yi tsog nam Homage to you on whom the kings gyal po of gods. nirvana's peace SO HA OM dang yang dag Perfectly endowed with SOHA and den pay OM Dig pa chen po jom pa Overcoming all the great evils. Lha dang mi am chi yi The gods themselves and all spirits ten ma rely. virtuous.Tro nyer chen dze yi gay With a wrathful glance and the HUM ki letter HUM. Nya ngen de zhi cho yul peaceful one nyi ma Object of practice. Rim pa dun po nam ni You subdue all in the seven stages. gem ma 15 Chag tsal de ma gay ma 15 zhi ma Homage to the blissful. nyi ma 17 17 Chag tsal TU RE zab ni Homage to TURE with stamping dab pay feet HUM gi nam pay sa bon Whose essence is the seed-letter nyi ma HUM Ri rab man da ra dang You cause Merus. 18 18 Chag tsal lha yi tso yi Homage to you who holds in your nam pay hand Ri dag tag chen chag na A moon like a celestial lake nam ma Saying TARA twice and the letter TA RA nyi jo PEY kyi yi PEY gay You dispel all poisons without Dug nam ma lu pa ni sel exception. Mandara and big je Vindaya Jig ten sum nam yo wa And all three worlds to tremble and nyi ma shake.

ma 21 21 Chag tsel de nyi sum Homage to you. most exalted and sublime! ma Tsa way ngag kyi to pa di dang Thus the root mantra is praised Chag tsal wa ni nyi shu And twenty-one homages offered.kyi You soothe conflicts and Tso dang mi lam nyen pa nightmares as well. the Chen nyi po la o rab sel sun and moon. ma Radiate with pure brilliant light HA RA nyi jo TU TA RE yi Uttering HARA twice and TUTTARE Shin tu dag po rim ne sel Dispels extremely fearful plagues. zombies and tsog nam yakshas Jom pa TURE rab chog nyi O TURE. sel ma 20 Chag tsal nyi ma da wa 20 gye pay Homage to you whose eyes. adorned with three nam ko pay natures Zi way tu dang yang dag Perfectly endowed with peaceful den ma strength Don dang ro lang no jin You destroy demons. tsa chig .

ma drol ma la chag tsal lo Homage to the glorious Chag tsal drol ma TA RE one who frees with TARE. pel mo With TUTTARE you calm all TU TA RE yi jig kun sel ma fears. . Arya Tara. TU RE don nam tam che You bestow all success ter ma with TURE. I OM chom den de ma pag prostrate.The Condensed Praise (could be said multiple times) OM to the transcendent subduer. SO HA yi ger che la rab tu To the sound SOHA I pay great homage.

chen po As a result all violent poisons - Ten ne pa am zhen Whether abiding within or yang dro wa spreading to others - So pa dang ni tung That they have eaten or drunk wa nyi kyang By this remembrance will be Den pay rab tu sel completely removed wa nyi tob And they will eliminate Don dang rim dang completely afflictions by spirits. Do pa tam che tob Without obstruction all of their par gyur la wishes will be granted Geg nam may ching And every single hindrance will so sor jom gyur chig be destroyed as it arises. jom pa nyi tob They will attain the destruction Gyal wa che wa dun of all lower realms nam gyi And the seven million conquering Nyur du wang ni kur Buddhas war gyur la Will quickly grant them every Di lay che wa nyi ni empowerment. Pu do pay ni pu tob Those wishing a child will have gyur ching one Nor do pay ni nor And those wishing wealth will nam nyi tob attain this as well. Sem chen zhen pa If for oneself or for the sake of nam la yang ngo others. tu shi way After being purified of all evils Nyen dro tam che completely. Nyi sum dun du ngo These praises are read sincerely par jo na two. Dug ngel tsog ni Poisons and all various nam par pang te sufferings.Praise for the Benefits of Reciting the Homage Lha mo la gu yang Those endowed with perfect and dag den pay pure respect for these goddesses Lo den gang gi rab de jo de The intelligent who recite these So dang to rang praises with most supreme faith lang par che ne Both in the evening and upon Den pay mi jig tam waking at dawn che rab ter Will have fearlessness bestowed Dig pa tam che rab on them by this remembrance. tob ching Thus they will attain greatness Sang gye go pang and so forth tar tug der dro To the ultimate state of supreme De yi dug ni dag po Buddhahood. three or seven times. . tug gi sir way epidemics.

epidemics. until I reach De ma tob gyi tse this stage rab kun tu yang May I know the sublime Lha dang mi yi de happiness of humans and gods. dang ne la sog Obstructions. Yar ngo da tar pel May I be reborn from an shing gye par dzo extremely beautiful and holy . Requesting Prayer Je tsun chom den de O compassionate and venerable ma tug je chen subduing goddess Dag dang ta ye sem May the infinite beings. Du min chi war gyur diseases and so forth pa na tsog dang The various causes of untimely Mi lam nyen dang death. the dan eight fears and other afflictions. tob par dze du sol For all of my lives. without an Be mi lhun gyi drub exception. wa chog tob ne So that I may become fully Tam che kyen pa omniscient drub par je pa la Please pacify quickly all Bar che don geg rim obstacles. spirits. tsen ma nyen pa Bad dreams and omens. Jig pa gye sog nye And make it so that they no war tse wa nam longer exist. par dze du sol May I strive to realize and Drub la tson shing increase the sacred Dharma dam cho pel wa Accomplishing your stage and dang beholding your sublime face. Drib nyi jang shing Soon purify the two obscurations tsog nyi nyur dzog and complete both collections ne So that we may attain full Dzog pay sang gye enlightenment. Dag du gyo drub May my understanding of she chog tong wa emptiness and the precious dang dedicated heart Tong nyi ton tog Increase like the moon waxing jang sem rin po che full. including chen tam che kyi myself. Nyur du shi shing May the mundane and may par dze tu sol supramundane collections Jig ten jig lay ni de Of all excellent auspicious pa yi qualities and happiness Ta shi de leg pun Increase and develop and may all sum tsog pa nam wishes Pel shing gye pay Be fulfilled naturally and don nam ma lu pa effortlessly.

Kor dang ku tse tse Whatever your name. one face and two chag nyi nyur shi arms. wa tab pay tu May the precious Dharma and Dag sog kang du ne everything auspicious increase pay sa chog ter Throughout the world and Ne dang ul pong tab directions where I and all others tso shi wa dang dwell. dang May I and all others attain only Kye kyi tsen chog these. sang po chi dra wa By the force of these praises and De dra ko nar dag requests made to you. Gyal way kyil dor sang shing ga wa lotus ter In the joyous and noble mandala Pay mo tam pa shim of the conqueror tu dze lay gye May I attain whatever prophecy I Nang wa ta ye gyal receive way ngo sum tu In the presence of Amitabha. O Mother of shog Conquerors. sog gyur par shog May all disease. Lung ten pa yang Buddha of Infinite Light. fighting Kye la to ching sol and quarrels be calmed. may you be auspicious! nam pay tra shi Whatever your body. dag ki der tob shog O deity. whom I have Dag gi tse rab ngon accomplished from previous lives ne drub pay lha Du sum sang gye The enlightening influence of the kun gi trin lay ma three-time Buddhas Ngo jang shel chig Blue-green. the swift pacifier ma O mother holding an utpala Yum gyur ut pel flower. Gyal yum drol ma Whatever your retinue. Cho dang tra shi pel war dze tu sol Dedication and Auspicious Verses Gay wa di yi nyur Due to this merit may I soon tu dag attain the state of Arya Tara Pag ma drol ma That I may be able to liberate drub gyur ne All sentient beings from their suffering. lifespan kyo gu chi da dang and pure land. poverty. Dro wa chig kyang By whatever virtue I have collected ma lu pa From venerating these subduing blessed De yi sa la go par ones. . most noble dang shing kam and holy.

who have abandoned all defects of Sung ki gyon pang mind and see all the infinite objects of ka la ping kay knowledge. without cho che pay exception. yang O Brilliant Mother of Auspicious Glory. who have abandoned all defects of Ku yi gyon pang speech and possess a beautiful.shog Chom den de ma May all sentient beings. Tug gi gyon shay please bring your auspicious presence to ja ta dag sig us! Tra shi pel par ma yi tra shi shog OM TA-RE TU-TA-RE TU-RE SO-HA . Te ni sem chan ma You. wat chog You. sparrow- tsen dang pay che like voice. the Joyful Pure sag pa Land. den You. who have abandoned all bodily lu pa defects and possess the signs and marks De wa chen tu gay of a Buddha. Dag gi gay wa chi Be born in Sukhavati.

Tara the Heroine The homage is made to Tara. embodiment of the mercy of all Buddhas. a protector of all beings in the realms of desire. Praising her enlightened activity. who was born from the tears of Avalokiteshvara.Additional Materials & Reference EXPLANATION FOR THE TWENTY-ONE VERSES OF PROSTRATION AND PRAISE BY VENERABLE GESHE DAMCHO YONTEN These fall into three main sections. 1. Praises in Reference to Legend . 2. . the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Praising by means of the legends associated with Tara. 3. Tara . 1. form and formlessness who arise as an 'I' based upon samsaric aggregates. Praising the symbolic aspects of her manifestations.

The finger of her left hand holds the stem of a water born lotus. divinity of mystical activity who turned to the Bodhisattva of Compassion and said "O noble one. the number of the beings suffering in samsara was not significantly decreasing. Tara of Golden Hue Her Hand Postures Whose colour is blue tinged with a golden radiance. Thus the compassion of all Buddhas emanated as a fountain of enlightened energy. From the lotus appeared Arya Tara. whose exquisite face embodies the delicacy of a million lotus blossoms. Praising the aspects of her Beatific Form (Sambhogakaya) 2. Shed no more tears. the flower of . Verses in praise of Tara's symbolic attributes The verses in praise of the symbolic attributes of Tara's being has two parts. even though he had striven with all his might to free the sentient beings from samsara. Praises in Reference to the Symbolic Aspects . motherly aspect of compassion. He burst into tears and from the pool that formed from the water issuing from the lotus eyes of the Compassionate Bodhisattva there sprung forth a lotus. embodies the fertile. a feminine emanation of the primordial Dharmakaya Buddha Amitabha.The Twenty-One Taras There are twenty-one different Sambhogakaya manifestations of Tara. Each form of Tara embodies a particular aspect of compassion. We shall work together to turn the battle against samsara". 1. Then a net of lights shone forth from her two eyes and scanned the three realms of the world. I offer myself in the service of freeing countless sentient beings from the cyclic existence as quickly as possible. 2. Tara of White Lustre This verse describes the brilliance of the Beatific Form of enlightenment.It is said that once the Bodhisattva of Compassion became dismayed on seeing that. Green Tara represents the active energetic aspect of compassion. Praising her Wisdom or Truth Body aspect (Dharmakaya) Tara has two main types of Beatific Forms: Peaceful and Wrathful. There are six verses in praise of her Peaceful forms: 2. while White Tara. for example. 3. and she is the national protectress of Tibet. Arya Tara.

4. together with the syllable HUM at her heart. . There are seven verses in praise of Tara's wrathful Sambhogakaya forms: 8. Tara who Heralds Supreme Power Tara's excellence in Removing Mara and the two obscurations The great fearful one are the ferocious army of Maras. who are completing the Ten Perfections must also fully rely upon Tara for she embodies the utter fulfilment of the Ten. her right leg symbolises the wisdom of emptiness and left great compassion. The seven worlds refer to the three lower realms (hell creatures. thus invoking all forces and placing them in joy.which has opened into bloom beside her ear. She presses upon the three realms of the world her body blazing amidst darting flames. Although this is a peaceful emanation of Tara. Tara practice destroys both of these obscurations together with their seeds. Tara who Resounds the sound HUM How she overcomes Disharmonious Conditions The syllables TUTTARE and HUM that she utters. which obstruct the attainment of liberation from samsara: and the obscurations to knowledge which obstruct the attainment of omniscience. Totally Victorious Tara How Worldly Gods Worship Her Tara represents the beyond-samsara state to which even the great gods of the universe still aspire. 5. This symbolises how Tara embodies the Ten Perfections. symbolise the wisdom of emptiness combined with the great compassion. Tara who destroys Negativity How Tara crushes External Threats Sitting in a peaceful posture. Her lotus face is marked with lines of wrath and her manner is that of a wrathful Bodhisattva destroying the enemies within: the obscurations of delusion. She symbolises the very forces that have the power to gain total victory over negative events of this life as well as over the obscurations of delusions and obscurations to omniscience. externally she is slightly wrathful. 7. With her two feet she presses down upon the seven realms of the world. The Bodhisattvas of the ten stages. To symbolise this she sits in the centre of a raging fire. Victorious Ushnisha Tara How Tara is revered by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Because Tara is the mother of all the Buddhas they carry her upon the crowns of their heads as an ushnisha. 6. ghosts and animals) the realms of man and the desire gods and the realms of the gods of form and formlessness.

Stamping upon the earth in a ferocious manner with her right foot. Her right hand. Tara of the Rosewood Forest The symbols in Tara's two hands Holding the stem of a lotus at her heart between the thumb and middle finger of the left hand. Tara of Virtuous and Creative Serenity Praising Tara's Dharmakaya Aspect This verse is in praise of the mind and speech factors of Tara's Dharmakaya aspect. Tara with Vibrant Lines of Wrath The Syllable HUM which emanates light Twitching the lines of wrath on her face. bringing all Maras and the eight great gods of the world under her control. Tara Destroying of Grasping The Peaceful and Wrathful Mantras The ten syllable mantra refers to the root mantra OM TARE TUTTARE . Tara who Bestows Maturity Tara's Wrathful Posture Just as the fire at the end of time blazes with the heat of seven suns and easily consumes the earth and stones of the world. 12. The wrathful lines on her face flicker and lights shine forth from the syllable HUM at her heart. her remaining three left fingers are stretched upward into the mudra of the Three Jewels. On her hair-knot sits Buddha Amitabha. Tara of Auspicious Brilliance Praising her head Ornaments Tara's visible head ornament is a crescent moon. 14. 11. These natural forces of goodness spontaneously respond to the goodness generated by meditation upon Tara. like that on the first day of the month. 16. Tara who Invokes How Tara practice activates the ten direction Protectors This practice invokes the protectors of the universe. Laughing with mantric laughter she utters TUTTARE. the wisdom fires in which Tara sits consume easily the myriads of delusions. 15. Tara who Dispels Sorrow Praising Tara's Crown and her Laugh Her head-crown emanates a garland of lights to outshine all others. giving total liberation from all forms of sorrow such as poverty and pain. is adorned by a wheel of truth that radiates forth waves of light to outshine the lights of samsara. 13. radiant with the light that eliminates sorrow.9. She holds her right hand in the threatening mudra and emanates lights from the Syllable HUM at her heart. held in the mudra Supreme Generosity. the foes of the Trainees joyously following a spiritual path. who emanates a constant stream of light to fulfil the needs of living beings. 10. filling the seven dimensions of the world with light and bringing them under her power.

19. HUM indicates the wrathful mantra . AH at her throat and HUM at her heart.grasping at a self within and clinging to substantial existence in the external world. Totally Victorious Tara How Tara eliminates the effects of Poison The hare-marked moon like the celestial ocean symbolises the power to eliminate the poisonous effects of delusions and mental distortions from within the mind. Through the power of reciting TARA twice and also the mantric syllable PHAT. By reciting the wrathful mantra HARA twice and also the peaceful mantra TUTTARE. Tara who brings Complete Perfection How Tara overcomes ghosts and evil spirits Tara's three natures. of her body. her left gentle like the moon. flower and bud she holds in her left hand. even external poisons are overcome. Brahma of the realm of form. The gesture of her left hand symbolises refuge while her right hand is in the mudra of giving highest happiness. showing that she abides both in samsara and nirvana. 21. The most exalted TURE refers to TARA herself. appear respectively as the letters OM at her crown. 18. 3. Praises in Reference to Enlightened Activity . whose pounding feet cause everything in the external world to tremble and shake.Green Tara Visualisation Tara represents the entire range of virtuous and enlightened activity and is therefore said to be the mother of the buddhas of the past. leaders of the spirit worlds and all kings of the gods and celestial beings bow their heads to Tara. she radiates dazzling bright beams of light.TURE attribute symbolised by the utpala fruit.OM NAMA TARE NAME HARE HUM HARA SVAHA. Her left leg is drawn upwards while her right foot rests upon a small lotus pedestal. These possess the strength to pacify the delusions within as well as external poisons. 17. Tara who consumes sorrow How Tara eliminates disputes and nightmares Indra of the desire gods. 20. speech and mind. Tara who Produces Bliss How Tara shakes the three worlds From the transformation of the primordial sound HUM appears TURE. Tara wears the five silk robes . Tara Source of Siddhi How Tara cures disease Her right eye fierce like the sun. the most powerful illness is overcome. By the power of these two mantras one destroys the enemies of liberation . present and future . She sits in royal posture on a white moon- disc resting on a lotus blossom.

through giving and other good deeds. and in her tiara she bears and image of Amitabha. 20 of whom float in the sky above her on rainbows and lotuses. (Recite 3 times) Homage to Tara: . Tara Image of the Nyingma Lineage Other Prayers to Holy Tara Refuge Prayer: In Buddha. White Tara.and six ornaments. may I attain Buddhahood for the sake of all living beings. Dharma and the most excellent Community I take refuge until enlightenment is reached. is found below. while her other main form. She is accompanied by the twenty-one forms of herself.

TARE. please bless me to attain spontaneously and effortlessly favourable conditions and all hoped for results. may we temporarily accomplish all of our aims and wishes and ultimately attain the stage of Buddhahood. Prostrations to Tara. the saviouress from all poverty. please take heed of me. 21 or 100 times or as many as possible) TARE (Recite 21 or 100 times or as many as possible) Request for blessings: Arya Tara. and along with SVAHA I bow. the Brave One. Praise to Tara: OM. (Recite 1. .The crowns of gods and demigods are bowed to Her two lotus feet. 2. prostrations to the Blessed One. the goddess Tara. Dedication of merits: By the merit of this prayer. 3. may I and all living beings be happy and be free from sufferings and unfavourable conditions. 7 or 21 times) Mantra: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA (Recite 7. I prostrate to the Mother Tara. Having allayed all of my misfortunes. All fears are dispelled by TUTTARE TURE - she bestows all benefits.

& Sadaksari Avalokiteshvara (this 4-armed form is incarnate in the Dalai Lamas). Other Reference Tara's Names & Attributes . Tibet) Clockwise from upper left: Sakyamuni. Sangskar. Tara. Ancient Tibetan Thangka (Karsha Monastery. Tsongkapa (Founder of Gelukpa sect).

shi." 6. The Blazing Light ( "Tara Victorious Over the Three Worlds. The All-Victorious (Nam.gyal.] "The Great Pacifier. The Peahen ( "Tara Who Crushes the Forces of Others.sum.wä.nam.dön.gyal. The Giver of Supreme Virtue (Sö. The Giver of Wealth ( "Tara Pulverizer of the Maras." 5.chen) "Tara of Wrathful Gaze.ja. The Conqueror of the Three Worldly Realms (Jig." 10.gyi.tub. The Destroyer of Opposing Forces (Da." 11. The Giver of Intelligence (Rig." "Tara Bestower of Auspicious Conditions.nön.pam.le." . The Terrifier (Jig. The Conqueror of Others (Shen." 13. The Wrathful ( "The Great Subduer. The Invincible ( "Tara of the Life To pacify hindrances and develop bodhicitta 2." "Tara Who Saves by Means of HUM.chog. The Saviour of the Scented Forest (Jig." 17." The Auspicious ( Saraswati ( "Tara Embodiment of the Three" 12." "Tara who Increases.chen.ter.sum.nam. The Very Peaceful ( "Tara Who Eliminates "Tara Blazing in The Swift Heroine (Nyur. The Subduer of Countless Harmful Forces (Pag.ze.gyal." 18."" 4.som." 16.ten.) "Tara Resonating With "Tara Eliminator of Poverty.gyal. The Invincible Queen (Mi." Also [ "Tara Eliminator of Conflicts and Bad "Tara Trembler of the Three White Tara "The Great Pacifier" (of kleshas: negative obscurations.

Rays of Light (Ö "Tara Accomplisher of All Enlightened Activities. OM BANZA TARE SARVA BIGANEN SHINDHAM KURU SOHA The Tara who averts disasters 3.zer. OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA SARVA RAM RAM DZALA BHAYA SHINDHAM KURU SOHA The Tara who averts destruction wrought by fire 6. OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA SARVA LAM LAM BHAM DZALA BHAYA SHINDHAMKURU SOHA The Tara who averts earth-born calamities 4. OM TARE TUTARE TURE SOHA The Green Tara – Goddess of Goddesses . The Mountain-dwelling Mendicant (Ri.The source of the other 20 emanations "Tara Eliminator of Diseases. OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA SARVA BHAM BHAM DZALA BHAYA SHINDHAM KURU SOHA The Tara who averts destruction wrought by water 5.chen.Calling upon the Taras 1.tö." 21. OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA SARVA YAM YAM DZALA BHAYA SHINDHAM KURU SOHA The Tara who averts destruction wrought by wind ." Tibetan Mantras of the 21 Taras Mantras for specific purposes .