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1. "Moon Strut" 2. "Don't Even Try It" (featuring Funky DL) 3. "Strive" (featuring Apani B) 4.

"Home Sweet Home" (featuring Substantial) 5. "Still Talking To You" 6. "Luv (Sic)" (featuring Shing02) 7. "Steadfast" 8. "Lyrical Terrorists" (featuring Substantial & L-Universe) 9. "Lose My Religion" (Remix) (featuring L-Universe) 10. "It's About Time (Fat Jon Remix)" (featuring Pase Rock) 11. "Plazma Avenue" (featuring Five Deez) 12. "D.T.F.N." (featuring Cise Starr) 13. "People's Don't Stray" (featuring Funky DL) 14. "Luv (Sic) Part 2" (featuring Shing02) Link: Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/171117615/Hydeout_Productions_First_Collection__2003 _.rar

Tracklist: Code: 1. "Blessing It (Featuring Substantial and Pase Rock of Five Deez)" (Produced by Nujabes) 2. "Horn in the Middle" (Produced by Nujabes) 3. "Lady Brown (Featuring Cise Starr)" (Produced by Nujabes) 4. "Kumomi" (Produced by Nujabes) 5. "Highs 2 Lows (Featuring Cise Starr)" (Produced by Nujabes) 6. "Beat Laments the World" (Produced by Nujabes; contains a sample from "Blessi ng It") 7. "Letter From Yokosuka" (Produced by Nujabes) 8. "Think Different (Featuring Substantial)" (Produced by Nujabes) 9. "A Day by Atmosphere Supreme" (Produced by Nujabes) 10. "Next View" (Featuring Uyama Hiroto on Sax) 11. "Latitude (Remix) (Featuring Five Deez)" (Produced by Nujabes) 12. "F.I.L.O. (Featuring Shing02)" (Produced by Nujabes) 13. "Summer Gypsy" (Produced by Nujabes) 14. "The Final View" (Produced by Nujabes) 15. "Peaceland" (Produced by Nujabes) Link: Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/171106717/Nujabes_-_Metaphorical_Music__2003_.rar

Tracklist: Code:

rar Tracklist: Code: . "Waltz for Life Will Born" (featuring Uyama Hiroto) 4. "Hikari" (featuring Substantial) 6. "Modal Soul" (featuring Uyama Hiroto) 11. "Imaginary Folklore" (featuring Clammbon) 5.1. "Counting Stars" 7. "Ordinary Joe" (featuring Terry Callier) 3. "World's End Rhapsody" 10. "Light On The Land" 14. "Fly By Night" (featuring Five Deez) 9. "Sea Of Cloud" 13. "Feather" (featuring Cise Starr & Akin) 2.rar Tracklist: Code: 1. "Thank You" (featuring Apani B) 9. "After Hanabi (Listen To My Beats)" Link: Code: http://rapidshare. "Eclipse" (featuring Substantial) 7. "Sky Is Falling" (featuring CL Smooth) 3. "Music Is Mine" 6. "Voice of Autumn" 2. "With Rainy Eyes" (featuring Emancipator) 11. "Luv (Sic)(Modal Soul Remix)" (featuring Shing02) 12.com/files/171139041/Hydeout_Productions_Second_Collection__200 7_. "Flowers" 12. "Horizon" Link: Code: http://rapidshare. "The Sign" (featuring Pase Rock) 8. "Windspeaks" (featuring Uyama Hiroto) 13. "Reflection Eternal" 4.com/files/171112325/Nujabes_-_Modal_Soul__2005_. "Old Light (Voices from 93 Million Miles Away Remix)" (featuring Pase Rock) 10. "Another Reflection" 8. "Luv (Sic) Part 3" (featuring Shing02) 5. "Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix)" (featuring DSK) 14.

native force / rain 6.dj spinna / rock 9.unkle / rabbit in your headlights(underdog instrumental) 8. common / full moon 6.the scott steireway trio / 88keys 12. "Thank You" 9.jungle brothers / get down(bronx dogs 12') 7.lava / vem para ficar 15.armand van helden feat.galliano / prince of peace(attica's bp instrumental 9 9. "Winter Lane" 6.ben hurman / scott air 4.com/files/171124290/Modal_Soul_Classics__2008_.diversion tactics / some product 7.moonstarr / 2. "Iyawo" Link: Code: http://rapidshare.prefuse 73 / 10. "Dionna" 13.the fames taylor quartet eve nin(oliver holtzer & r gecheidles remix) / killin g time 11. "Children" 8.h / the re-return of the original art-form 5. Sob & Cry" 7. "Mourn. "Omnipresence" 11. "atoll moao" 4.blackalicious / make you feel that way 2.dj spinna / ladbroke groove 3.nickode & osiris / brooklyn 3.guide de palma / new morning .rar Ristorante Nujabes Tracklist: Code: side a 1.moonstarr / dust 5. "A Dream Goes On Forever" 12.jamiroquai / canned heat(mvp unreleased remix) 8. "To Impress The Empress" 2. "Vem Para Ficar" (from Ristorante Mixtape) 15. "Sound Network" 10.dj smash / say ow 4.royksopp / eple side b 1. "AI-NO-KAWA" 3.tranquility bass / cantamilla 14.bugge wesseltopt / eve nin(oliver holtzer & r gecheidles remix) 12.cyne african elephant 11.1.dadamnphreaknoizphunk / crocodileleather tile 13. "Folklore" 14. "Under the Hood" 5.

Donny Mccullough Ain't Love Funny .com/files/171134389/Ristorante_Nujabes__2004_.Freda Payne 10. Just Me And You . 5. Elevate Our Mind .Amii Stewart Closet Thing To Heaven . I Suppose .Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 3.Charles Earland Phire . Happy Song(Tonite) .Ohio Players 16.Betty Wright 7.Anita Baker 11.Eramus Hall Just Me And You . Sweet Love . Hurry Down Sunset .The Peddles On A Clear Day . The Show Is Over .Eramus Hall . Free And Single .Angela Winbush Angel .Billy Butler 9. Phire .GO Ain't Love Funny .Taveres 18. Mater Of Love .Donny Mccullough Closet Thing To Heaven . On A Clear Day . Say It . Free And Single .Black Street 15. Hope That We Can Be Together Soon .Taveres The Skin You're In .Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Hope That We Can Be Together Soon .Jerome "Secret Weapon" Prister And Output Say You'll Be .Linda Tillery I Suppose . Come To Me .ian pooley / balrnes 17.Love Unlimited If You Want Me.Amii Stewart Separate Ways .Black Street Happy Song (Tonite) .Adriana Evans Looking For Your Love .Atl antic Star 7.The Peddles 13.Thelma Houston 4.Chocolate Milk Hurry Down Sunset .Love Unlimit ed 8.Mary Davis You're Just What I Need You're Just What I Need .Charles Earland 9.Betty Wright . Be Real Black For Me.dave benoit / life is like a samba Link: Code: http://rapidshare.nick holder / summer daze 14.the ta / sofuntastik 16.Evelyn "Champagne" King The Show Is Over . 2. 4.Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway Be Real Black For Me-Rob erta Flack & Donny Hathaway 2.Chocolate Milk 6. 6.Billy Butler Play My Music .Atlantic Star With Your Love I Come Alive . Sweet Sticky Thing .Ohio Players Sweet Sticky Thing .Linda Williams Elevate Our Mind . If You Want Me.rar Sweet Sticky Thing Tracklist: Code: A Side 1. Say It .Linda Tillery 17.Je rome "Secret Weapon" Prister And Output B Side 1. With Your Love I Come Alive .Freda Payne Mater Of Love .SunFire Young.Linda Williams 8.Thelma Houston Come To Me .Evelyn "Champa gne" King 14.katfry sledge / another star 15.Angela Winbush 5. Looking For Your Love . Play My Music . Angel . 3. Say You'll Be .13.Mary Davis Separate Ways . The Skin You're In . Young.Anita Baker Sweet Love .GO Dark Side Of The Sun .Adriana Evans Dark Side Of The Sun .SunFire 12.

14.Bobbi Humphrey The Good Life .Michael Wycolf On My Mind . 15. 17.Tony Toni Tone Tell Me Mama .Betty Wright Stay (Brixton Bass Mix) .Cashflow The Good Life .Glenn Jones Stay (Brixton Bass Mix) . 16.Michael Wycolf Looking Up To You .10.Gota & Heart Of Gold Someday .Gota & Heart Of Gold Looking Up To You .Glenn Jones Someday . 13. 18.com/files/171148050/Nujabes_-_Sweet_Sticky_Thing.Tony Toni Tone Can't Fight The Feeling -Sugar Can't Fight The Feeling-Sugar Mine All Mine .Cashflow Mine All Mine . 12.Jay E On My Mind .Bobbi Humphrey Link: Code: http://rapidshare. Say It Again .Betty Wright Say It Again .rar . 11.Jay E Tell Me Mama .

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