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Published by: siyardeen on Nov 09, 2010
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ABBYY FineReader will display a warning message during scanning if the brightness setting is incorrect. You may also need to adjust
the brightness setting when scanning in black–and–white mode.
To adjust the brightness:

1. Click the Scan button.

2. In the dialog box, specify the desired brightness.
Depending on which scanning interface is being used, either the ABBYY FineReader scanning dialog box or the scanner driver
dialog box will open. A medium value of around 50% should suffice in most cases.

3. Proceed to scan the document.
If the resulting image contains too many "torn" or "glued" letters, troubleshoot using the table below.


ABBYY FineReader 9.0 User’s Guide

Your image looks like this


This image is suitable for OCR.

characters are "torn" or very light

● Lower the brightness to make the image darker.

● Scan in grayscale. Brightness will be tuned

characters are distorted, glued together, or filled

● Increase the brightness to make the image brighter.

● Scan in grayscale . Brightness will be tuned

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