Let’s learn together Part 2

(June 2009 till September 2009)

June 2009

behnam June 1st 2009 Dear Friends, I've missed you terribly. It is difficult for me to open this site at my office. I don't know why. Also, my computer that I used to use at home stopped working two days ago! I think it is old and tired(lol). Dear Maryam, thank you for your long writing. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for some good advice. Your writing is closed somehow. I mean, there is no topic in it. I don't know what I should write as an answer. Please make it possible for me to write to you. Please don't close it. You can do it easily just by asking some questions and making some comments. Please give me some excuses to write to you Thanks. (lol) Dear Marina, so many thanks for your great writing. I really enjoyed reading it. I will answer it in the future. This is just to let you know that I have read it, and I have enjoyed reading it. Thanksssss(lol). Dear Nana, I have answered your writing about strong cow! Please try to find it. I don't know in which page it is. I just know that I prefer to be strong, but not a strong cow! By the way, strong bull is better, isn't it?(loool) Dear Andrew, where are you my friend? I hope to read more from you soon. Dear Cathy, I've missed you and your writings. Please keep on writing and make this thread a nice place to be in. Dear Mohsen,thank you for sharing your great thoughts with us. You are always helpful for me. I hope to hear more from you. I have to leave. I have no time to name all friends. Please forgive me. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 1 June, 2009

nanazhong June 1st 2009

dear Behnam, Thank you for your so detail answer,i can learn more from it. I'm so exciting because one of my friend whose i lost touch with two years ago keep touch with me again.I can't how to explain my feeling?As a result i think about some problems: 1.what's your best friend in your different period,the classmates in your primary school or middle school,university;the colleague in you job;the friends you know in other way. 2.how many years between you with the friend you know the longest time? 3.Have you regret that you lose touch with one of you friend? Best regards NANA JUNE 2,2009

nanazhong June 1st 2009 dear Cathy , Thank you for your watermelon.I also ate a watermelon yesterday(i dig it by a spoon).In my city the price of water melon is so cheap,1.6/kilo.I like the summer because i can eat many kind of fruit in Guangdong,such as apple,pear,grape,peach,durian?Mangosteen?litchi,and so on.Is it many kind of fruit in Beijing you can eat? Happy children days! NANA Jan 1,2009

behnam June 2nd 2009 Dear Marina, How are you my close friend? I hope everything is ok with you. I don't know how I should thank you for writing that wonderful friendly writing! Thank you very much indeed. It is time to have a look at your writing again and then write something as an answer. Actually, what I am writing isn't worth considering as an answer to your lovely writing. I'll just write something, in order to make you sure that Behnam does care about his

friends and their writings. Women are really fussy. They shop all day but they bring nothing to home! They try a lot of clothes, but they buy nothing. That is too loose! This is bright. That is dark. This is large. That is small. It doesn't suit me. It doesn't match with my bag. I look awful in it. It doesn't fit me, etc. These are some common sentences that you can hear in all shopping centres in all over the world. It doesn't matter that someone is from China or England. People are the same! Thank goodness that Marina has brought something to home with herself! (loool) What kind of noise do they make? I don't know. Some of them roar, some of them bark, some of them make a sound like a goat, some of them make sound like birds. To be berief, they make many kinds of sounds. It is as many as the number of animals. hahahah (looooooooooool). Joking aside, you know the sounds that boys make. Please let us know some of them. (loool). I make noise like a cock, and then I gather women around myself. (looooooooooooooooooooooool) hahaha... You are definitely right. Universities are one of the best places to make different noise, because there are many boys and girls in them. There are many excuses to make noise. By the way, according to the curve I explained in my last writing, it is a good and proper time to make noise and to find partner, then to make nest, and then to lay.(looooool) There is a witty question which is forgotten to be asked yet. I have been at universities for more than 12 years, but I ... Oh my God, what is wrong with me? (loool) Books have got personality. Some of them speak with us. Some of them say; "Come and read me!". On the other hand, some books make us hate them. They often say;" Get away!"(loool) What chikens do? It's clear. They just listen and wait for their turns.(loool) They are so humble in this situation! About Microwave, I got what you wanted to point out. That is true. It is about intefereing. If some noise interferes with signals, it stops us from getting correct information and good connection. In the world of human beings, it often happens. That is true that some noise interfere with real signals. We should try to produce the proper signal, and at the same time we should use special devices to reduce the noise on the output signals of our detectores. (loool) It's difficult, but possible! I'm not confusing at all. All your writing is as clear as a bright day. Thank you for using some good sentences. Thank you for saying some possitive things about me. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your possitive thoughts.

Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 2 June, 2009

behnam June 2nd 2009 Dear Mohsen, How life is going with you? I hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for writing in this thread. That is very nice of you to visit this site and our thread regularly. Dear Mohsen, to tell you the truth, I didn't get the text. In other words, I understood the text, but I didn't get your point. Could you please let me know what it means? About sitting with someone and eating or drinking something with someone I should say that I don't care. I dislike to sound selfish or proud, but I think, sitting with some famous people won't make us strong and famous. We have to make ourself important just by doing some important deeds. I always think to myself; "Behnam, you have been fan of someone or something for years, what have you gained? Is there anyone who supports you?" I know, it is very strange to think as I think, but it is a fact. It is a fact that speaking about some important people won't make us important. It is a fact that sitting with some important people won't make us important. It is a fact that.... I don't want to write about importance and who is important. It is really a long story. It is so philosophical. Some people know that when such and such person(famous one) gets to sleep and when gets up! A friend of mine knows that how many cups of coffee such and such person(famous singer) drinks during a day. What is the use of such knowledge? My father supports a football team in a crazy way. I don't know why he cares about that team. I often say to him; "Dad, if you cared about your degree in Mathematics, as much as you care about football and those silly players, you were a professor in it, and you could give a new theory in the world of Mathematics." He often looks at me in a way that a wise man looks at a stupid person and says; "Well, you Behnam, It is your turn! You do it instead of me and don't bother me!" Anyway, I gave you an alive example from my own family to let you know that taking photo with someone, being fan of someone, supporting someone in a silly or madly way, etc is not good. I believe, that man should take photo with Mohsen. That man should pay for sitting with Mohsen, etc. In this sentences, that man and Mohsen are two imaginary people.

Oh my dearest friend Mohsen, sorry to sound like a teacher or writing in a fatherly way. I hope you won't get upset. By the way, Mohsen, I am familiar with your thoughts. I just took this topic as an opportunity, or maybe as an excuse, to write something. Please forgive me for sounding like a strict friend. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 2 June, 2009

behnam June 3rd 2009 Dear Nana, How are you keepig? I hope you are fine. You have got a special personality. You often come late, but with full hands. I mean, you bring many useful things with yourself. Imagine there is a man who has got a wife and some children. He is on a business trip, and he is late. His family are worried about him. Finally he comes, but brings many things with himself to his family.(LOL) What you have brought to us? Well, you are not able to bring us some food or some presents. You have brought us some things that are much better than those stuff. Food and other stuff has got a very short life. We eat somethig, it's finished. There are some things which are everlasting! Kidness, love, etc are some examples, but I'm not looking at this angle, although there is no doubt about your kidness. All I am saying is making people think about some important issues! Yes, dear Nana, you made me think about my life and my friends. You made me review my life from the past until now. I won't answer your questions, because the answers are private somehow. I hope you forgive me. Friends are like books; they should be a few but useful! By the way, friendship has got many levels. All people are our friends from some points of view, but the levels of friendship are different. Everything is interesting and favourite when it is new, but friend is interesting and favourite when s/he is an old friend. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." A friend is helpful even though s/he is not near you physically. You have got his/her good impression on yourself, emotionally from a distance. You feel alive when you think of him/her. I believe, it is one the laws of the world that we are alive when our hearts beat quickly thinking of some human beings. In the world of friendship it happens regularly. For example, my heart is beating quickly now.(loooool)

I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 3 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 3rd 2009 M ne 9 Hel Behnam, llo ank much for you great wr ur riting , your points and your answe It's very nice ers. y Tha you so m to meet someon understand what I m m ne mean and wr it in a d rite different way and make it more y e clea That's be ar. ecause of yo knowled and und our dge derstanding me :) , so I so pleas for g I'm sed your answers. Dea Behnam, clothes hav changed ! in cave men time , the worn dre ar ve ey esses which are mad from leav , they were short an cover jus few parts from their bodies, then in de ves nd st n othe times eve er erything was changed , it was sham on a wom to mak he legs or hands s me man ke r app pear , now w returned to the cave men time fr clothes point of vie (LOL), we from s ew ever rything is al llowed to be appeared !!!! e The are lots o points in our current life have d ere of developed , but on the o other hand I think we a returnin to past st by step, even some laws which are used by some kind of are ng tep h y ds peop but wha a pity!!! Cave man w doing some actions because h wasn't knowing, ple, at was s he but now some p people are d doing some actions eve if they kn en now!!! ar t his woke up with great smil , in fact th h le his Dea Behnam, I've a great morning th day , I w mor rning will af ffect on all my day :) , so don't think that I'm serious and in a bad m d mood beca ause of my w writing toda , but I just saw a ter ay rrible movie , its name " a date wit e th dark kness " and I didn't like it. d e ar r mputer" :) , p please tell H that HE should be ok , HIM E e Dea Behnam , about your " Mr. comp and HE must have a brigh faced and a beautification oper d htd ration . and if HE didn' make 't that , we are go t oing to mak his upside down and make HIM a live amm ke e d M munition and put d HIM in house a M arrest , noth hing more (L (LOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOL). ar for our give pic Dea Behnam, thank you f reading my writing , and it's yo turn to g us a top , so thin deeply de friend , we want a fresh one :) . nk ear w f I'm very much l looking forw ward to hea aring from y as soon as you can you n. Mar rina. 206 6 behnam June 3 2009 3rd

Dear Cathy, How are you? I hope all is well with you. So many thanks for offering of watermelon! Watermelon is a fruit that everyone likes it. I thought a lot (I tried to take my friend's advice. She is your friend too. Hahaha) about what I shall write to Cathy. There wasn't any particular topic. Finally, I found poor watermelon a good excuse to write about. Writing about watermelon! So funny, isn't it? (looool) Have you ever seen the tree of walnut? Have you ever eaten walnut? You know that the tree of walnut is very large. It is a kind of tall tree. However, the fruit itself is small. Without exaggerating, the fruit is too small (nothing) in comparison with the tree. A funny man saw the tree of walnut. He said; "Oh my God! When the tree of walnut is extremely large, what should we say about the tree of watermelon? How big is it?" (loool) Watermelon is a cold fruit. We should be careful with its bad effects. At night it is so dangerous for some children. (loool) I am only joking. Although I am joking, there is an important point in every joke. The point of my joke is that it is much better for Behnam to write without thinking!!!(loooooooool) Whenever he thinks about a topic, he ruins that topic and spoils himself.(loool) Okay. It is time to be just a little bit serious.(lol) Dear Cathy, you don't write as before. What has happened? Does your boyfriend prevent you from writing, or the lack of time is the main reason for being so late and brief in writing? If your boyfriend prevents you, he is right, but if the lack of time bans us from reading your great writings, just let me know. You know, I'll send you some time, because it is summer. Teachers and students are usually free in summers, so that there is a lot of free time in my country during the summer. (loooooooooool). Thank you for reading. I hope not to sound rude. Please forgive me for making any mistakes. I hope to read more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 3 June, 2009

Cathy Li June 3rd 2009

Dear Behnam, Thanks for your great friendship and your attention. I'm pretty good and enjoying every minute of early summer. Unluckily, I'm neither a teacher nor a student, but I am working in an educational consultants institute which offers services to teachers and students, so when teachers and students are enjoying the leisure time, we usually devote maximum attention to work. I'm eager to and longing for writting more to you and dear friends here every day. However, poor Cathy, she fails to do that. Cathy writes here as before Less words, strong feeling Small walnut, big tree bears big watermelon, friends eat If dear Behnam holds the same friendship to Cathy, if all friends love Cathy as before, I can give up small walnut and big watermelon. I'm here only for you this moment, coz I'm destined to live and to love friends. Who can sing without fear? Friends Who can warm your tired heart? Friends Who can always be your side? Friends I don't know why God creat this special word "Friends". When Friday ends, Friends are still be here, and always be everywhere.


Cathy Li June 3rd 2009 Dear Nana, A million thanks for your kindness and care on me. I can easily taste fruits you listed. You are just like a special fruit which can moisten my heart. I've been more certain that how fond of each other the sisters are in real life.

Love you Cathy

Cathy Li June 3rd 2009 Dear Maryam, Tell me, do you like eating grapes? I'm just gazing at the round "Rosy Grapes" which are like a strings of purple beads. I hope you won't be upset if I descirbe you as "Rosy Grapes", coz You are a strings of pearls to me. Every bead can move me strongly and let me enjoy different tastes of life. I miss you strongly, Baby. Hope you are living in the balance of life in the new city. Cathy

Cathy Li June 3rd 2009 Dear Marina, You can clearly see that fruits are so popular among friends from the above writings. Which kind of fruits do you prefer? I get close to you and clearly see a bowl of cherries on the table beside you. The cherry trees blossomed early this year. Now, the cherries are quite ripe and let people feel the passion of youth. I love this kind of passion. It makes life full of tastes of love. Take time to love, it's a joy of life. Cathy

mary June 4th 2009 Hi Marina, How are you? How's life? I hope you are in a good mood and enjoy your time the best.

As I told you before, now I am at home, in front of my computer and writing to you. It feels really great. Thanks a lot for having sympathy with me. But it's not completely my case. Let's forget it. I think I complained about it a lot. As a matter of fact, I love cooking, but for sure I can not be a cooker! :) If I try my best and practice, I will be a good cook. Thank you for offering me to cook for me. By the way do you like to eat out or at home? and why do you prefer it? Who do like to eat out with? I hope you get a good job as you wish very soon. Thank you a lot for keep on writing to me and make friendship keep going. I hope to read more from you. Best wishes, Maryam

mary June 4th 2009 Hi Cathy, How are you my lovely friend? I hope wherevr you are and whatever you do, be healthy, happy and successful. Thanks a lot for your hositality. You are so kind towards friends. About grapes, for sure, I likke eating them. They are juicy and sweet and sometimes kind of sour. I really like them. Don't worry dear. I like the way that you describe things. Feel free and write whatever you like. I truly enjoy reading them. You are so special and it's clear in your writings. Thank you for your beautiful description. Always be happy, always wear a smile not because life is full of reasons to smile, but because your sweet smile itself is a reason for many others to smile. All the best, Maryam

id diom999 Ju 4th 2009 une 9 we c learn to can ogether.hao about u?de Benham o ear m

nanazhong J n June 4th 200 09 dear Behnam, I'm so happy w when i read your so long letter.At th same tim am sad that i can't write y g he me,i so lo letter to you becau my word is limited ong o use ds d.When i can write lette longer than n er long ger? As f as you a concerne far are ed,friendshi has got m ip many levels.How many levels in yo our heart?What's th basis for judgment,t he r time,interes sting?(If you think these are prive,y u e you can't answer m in public) me ) Hav a good w ve weekend NAN NA Jan 4,2009

metzean June 4th 2009 m Dea Behnam, ar Hop you have a bright da and feel happy, than for writi your ma pe e ay h nks ing assage for me. m Peop need to feel like a winner , wh they are complimen ople w hen e nted, they ge a warm fu et fuzzy, mag gical inside. This is imp . portant for p people to re eceive recog gnition .Som people do not me d go b beyond and above their duty even when they k r know it will help others because they l s, t thin nobody w recogniz their effo Their att nk will ze ort. titude is "ev if I do th ven hing, nobod is dy goin to notice anyway. ng e r acher in university, but he never re eceives reco ognition For example Behnam is a diligent tea by faculty or un f niversity dir rector. He may think th they und m hat derestimate his abilities a bad s, feel ling comes i inside of Be ehnam and h will prob he bably stop w working if he find better job. e r ersity praise Behnam i a way tha shows the receive es in at ey On other hand if the unive ognition abo how Beh out hnam acts i his job, B in Behnam will be more se l erious and reco indu ustrious for his perform mance. For example the can arra ey ange a cerem mony for Be ehnam and during cer d remony Behn is given a certifica gift or p nam ate, plague by a celebrity e.g. the

minister of education , his hard working would be appreciated .It would motivated Behnam to work better than past and feel happy inside. This is what celebrities do on ceremony and people recognize the feats of elite performers like behnam. Who are the celebrities? In my opinion the genuine celebrities are scientists, national champions who defend against enemies and people who devoted their life for humanity. But unfortunately some people like actors in cinema , soccer players are recognized as celebrities for average people of society. Because the can effect on the feeling of this people. I know that you do not watch T.V. there is Korean serial film on T.V which is call 'Jumong Saga" .In this movie there is an actress called SU-SA-Now. I have heard that a boy from Khoramabad ( a city in Iran) who eagerly watched this movie ,fell in love with SU-SA-Now and asked his father to send a letter to SU-SA-Now and ask her for marriage. But his father do not show any feed back to his boy and after few weeks the boy committed suicide.you see how actress effect on his feeling . Their Behnam , The invitation for dinner with Obama is just a cheating letter. The writer wants to get 5$ or 10$ from people and some na�ve people pay the money and never receive the invitation for dinner. I postet it here for LOL . Always be happy, Mohsen 207

behnam June 6th 2009 Dear Cathy, You cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw your writing. You cannot believe how I felt when I read it. Thank you for writing in this thread. You make this thread a warm place to be in. You make the atmosphere of this thread friendly. Your way of writing is special. Thank you for your close friendship which smells like big watermelon and small walnut. Please keep on writing. I think it is time to write about our countries. I am supposed to write about Iran, and you are supposed to write about China. I know that China is a big country. Iran is so tiny in comparison with China. When a country is big (Wide & vast) it is very difficult to write about it, due to the fact that there are different people with different ideas and cultures.

It is the same in Iran. I mean, there are different people with different cultures in Iran. Cultures vary from province to province. I am eager to know some things about marriage or wedding ceremony in China. I hope to read more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 6 June, 2009

behnam June 6th 2009 Dear Marina, How are you? I hope you are fine. I will answer you soon. All the best, Behnam, 6 June, 2009

behnam June 6th 2009 Dear Mohsen & Nana, How are you? I hope you are fine. I will answer you soon. All the best, Behnam, 6 June, 2009

asal June 6th 2009 Hi.i am asal.i have been reading your writing.they are so interesting the more I read,the more they attract me.i?m not good in writing but I do my best although I need your help. Asa I see,you are very kind and helpful that I rarely could and can find this characteristicamong other people. You can consider it as a gift that GODgave you. As I told you,I read some of your writing and liketo tell you my feeling about some of you if it doesnot hesitate you. Cathy li:I like the way you write,the way you express your feeling. They are realy enjoyable and I love them.i think you see the world with thei details and can use them,describe them with your words,ofcourse with your nice feeling.

Bhnam:I think you were the first one who could gather other member with his encouraging words.you like to help people and this shows you are realy good teacher .i think you see world so seriously.your words praise me for writting although I know there is a long way to improve my writing but I am sure if everybody wants and practice,it will make the climb easier.you are so logical and I think you are a good person that are dependable. Andrew;dear old man,it is not easy to know you well but it seems you like to make others smile and also you are a helpful man. They are only my feeling by reading your words and hope you do not mind. I like to hear and read from you soon. Best regards asal

asal June 7th 2009 hi everyone i like to be friend with you but it seems nobody wants to read it.i can be a good friend you can see it

behnam June 7th 2009 Dear Asal, So many thanks for putting message on this site, in this thread. Welcome to this thread. Thank you once again for saying some positive things about me. Yes, you are absolutely right. I often take life so seriously. I like to take it easy, but I cannot. I don't know what is wrong with me. I believe, someone is human being when they help other people. Anyway, that is very kind of you to consider me a helpful person. I am not exaggerating- but, your English is great. You writing is wonderful. How did you learn English? What level are you at? I am so happy that you usually follow our writings. That is very nice of you. Would you possibly introduce yourself to us? Could you please write about yourself? This thread belongs to you. Please try your best to make this thread a nice place to be in. Thank you for joining us. Please share something with us. So sorry for the delay in replying. I am looking forward to hearing more from you very soon.

All the best, Beh hnam, 7 June, 2009

mary June 8 2009 m 8th Hi B Behnam, How are you m friend? I hope you a well and enjoying yo time. w my are d our I'm terribly sor for answ rry wering late. y know, t you that day wh I was at home(Sari and hich t i) wered to M Marina and C Cathy, I turn the com ned mputer off be efore answe ering your writing w answ and doing othe things. Bu unfortuna d er ut ately, I coul ldn't turn it on later. I d don't know exactly e wha the proble was. Any at em yway, sorry for being s late. y so We have a sayi ing, "The en njoyment wh is in forgiveness is not in reve hich s enge." (Loo ooL) You wanted me to give you an excuse for writing Ok, now if you want, you can an u e u g. f nswer the f following q questions? If yo could int ou terview with God, what would you choose to k h t u know about And why? t? ? Whi favor wo ich ould you as him? sk By t way, you wrote that my writing was closed I don't kn who clo the u g d. now osed it. (LoL And L) if it was closed you could knocked at the door of it. Did you do that? (L d, d t f u (LooooL) I go what you wanted to t me. Alth ot tell hough my wr riting is not very good, I try my be to t , est writ it that wa te ay. I kn you will tell me after a long tim just this short letter My answe is, "It's sh but now l me r! er hort swe eet." (Loooo oooL) I did mean to offend you or make y upset. I j wanted to play som jokes wit dn't o u you just d me th wor I hope n to bothe you. rds. not er I loo forward to reading f ok from you as soon as yo can. s ou Best wishes, Mar ryam

metzean June 8th 2009 m Dea friends, ar s ematical cha allenge, and it's been s d said that: This is a mathe If yo ou're an eng gineer (or h history majo , you sho or) ould be able to solve e it in (under) thr minutes if you're a architect, in three ho n ree s, an , ours; if

you're a doctor, in six hours; if you're an accountant, in three months and if you're a lawyer, probably never. if you're good at math or logical problems, solve this challenge and the answer is the password to open the spreadsheet to which you can add your name to the hall of fame. What is the missing number in this logical series? 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ____??? All the best, Mohsen

behnam June 8th 2009 Dear Maryam, How life is going in Tehran? I hope everything is going well with you. The weather is changing from time to time! It is spring, but we often have four seasons on just one day! How come? Well, as you can see, these days it smells like spring in the mornings, cool and nice. At noons, it is like summer, hot and dry. In the afternoons, it looks like autumn, windy and leaves are flying in the dusty sky! In the evenings, it is like winter, could and feeling less! I strongly believe that women are like the weather of spring! They are very changeable! Men cannot make a plan, because they cannot rely on their actions and sayings! (LOOOL)! Men should know that it is not good to count on women sayings. They often say different things. They tell us something in the morning, after half an hour or less, they will forget what have said before. They have got a very good memory to keep all bad things from the far past until now, but they don't keep their promises. They have not got a steady friendship with a positive fixed slope. Their feelings and thoughts fluctuate between minus and plus infinity! This is a strange habit of them!(LOOOL) Their beliefs, ideas and feelings change as quickly as the weather of spring. Dear Maryam, that paragraph is a common idea of me. Please take it easy. I just remembered it right know. I hope you don't take them personally. They are not meant to criticize any one person in particular. About your question I should say that it is a witty one. I haven't thought about it. I maybe asked about managing the whole world. How could you manage these creatures, plants, etc? What kind of feelings have you got when you know that you are the only boss of the entire universe? I maybe asked about women's strange behaviours! (looooooooool joking) How do you feel when you know that there is no the start and the end point?

How has closed it? Well, the writer! Don't you believe so? (loool) Dear Maryam, do not worry about making me upset, annoyed, angry, and so on. Just write what you want to. It is very good to be polite to people, and to be considerate, but sometimes, it prevents us from being ourselves. I reckon, we should be polite to people as long as it works. In some cases, being polite means being stupid. Being polite is one thing, but worrying about other people's feelings is other things. I think, it is not good to be so obsessed with people's feelings. According to this way of thinking, you are free to make jokes, to play jokes on words, even on me. I'll never get upset. Sometimes, I pretend to get upset, just to take more attention from someone, or to have emotional blackmail. (looooooool) What a brave man Behnam is! Who has the nerve to tell people such a fact???!!!! (loooooooooool) It is a fact in the world of human beings. Please write regularly. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 June, 2009

jackerrol June 8th 2009 hello benham i am jack from philippines. just new to this site, learning good command of english makes everybody a citizen of the world. i joined to have many friends all over the world and to learn better english. Good afternoon to both of you benham and hossain. jack 208

behnam June 8th 2009 Dear Mohsen, So many thanks for your great message and nice question. I found an answer for it, but I'm not sure whether my answer is true or false. I don't mean to boast, but I found it as soon as I saw the question. It only took one minute, or even less than one minute for me to solve it. I hope my answer is true. If so, what are you going to give me az a prize? (looool)

1 1*1+1=2 2*2+2=6 6*6+6=42 42*42+42=1809 1806*1806+1806=3263442 So, I think the answer is "3263442". Am I right? About your last writing, I completely agree with you. Thank you for writing in this thread. Please keep on writing. Please don't leave this thread. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 June, 2009

behnam June 8th 2009 Hello Jack, Thank you very much for putting message in this thread. Welcome to this thread. That is very kind of you to choose this thread for sharing some things with people and making friends with them. It seems that your English is rather good. I am a learner myself. I have been learning English for years. I really love it. For me, living without English and Physics is impossible. If I get married, I will have got three wives, Physics, English, and that person. (loool) Oh my God! How will I manage that hardship and bad situation? It will be a very chalenging thing. (loool) God help me when they feel jealous of each other! Hahaha... You should know that women's jealousy has got two sides. It's like fire. It makes life warm, but sometimes it burns all things.(loool) It is a man's art to manage the temperature, so that the life is always warm and friendly. It's really an art! (loool) Could you possibly introduce yourself? Thank you for joining us. Please do not hesitate to write me. By the way, I guess you have just visited the first page of this thread. I hope you will open the last pages to visit the new messages. All the best, Behnam, 8 June, 2009

behnam June 8th 2009 Sorry Mohsen, 42*42+42=1806. It was just a typing mistake. Best Regards, Behnam, 8 June, 2009

behnam June 8th 2009 Dear Idiom999, Thank you so much for putting message in this thread. Welcome to this powerful site. Do you know that the runner of this site is a kind English teacher? I am a teacher, but not kind. I am a strict teacher instead! By the way, I teach Physics rather than English.(loool) When it comes to considering English language, I'm a beginner. I hope our friendship would help us with improving our English skills. Of course, we can learn together. There is no limitations and restrictions. Just try to share something with me and my friends. There are many people in this thread from different parts of the world. They are so friendly. We would learn a lot through friendship. Would you possibly introduce yourself? Could you please write a little bit about yourself? Thank you for joining us. Please do not hesitate to write in this thread. I hope to read more from you. All the best, Behnam, 8 June, 2009

nanazhong June 8th 2009 dear Behnam, I think you answer for Mohson is right becase the same as me.I think Moshson will give a sweet kiss to you for prize :) best regards NANA JUNE 8,2009

nanazhong June 8th 2009 dear Cathy Thank you for your writing.How lucky i have a chinese sister as you! Do you belive in fortune?Do you think everthing is decided by someone?I do.Just like i can know you,Behnam Mohsen and so on in this way.This project is a little strange.Anyway i am happy i can know you. Do you belive something can give luck to you?My friend is so lucky since he bought a house.He is promoted and gain a lot of money,have a girlfriend. GOOD LUCK ANAN JUNE 8,2009

behnam June 8th 2009 Dear Nana, How are you? I hope you are healthy, happy, glad and fine. How can we write long? Well, it is so easy. Just put letters together to make words, combine words to make sentences, join sentences together to form paragraphs, and ultimately combine paragraphs to form a text. You see, it is very easy. Hahaha... LooooL. I'm only joking. Your writing is really good. You always make sense. If you try to explain something about your country to us, you will use many sentences, because it is not possible to explain something without writing some sentences about it. For instance, describe 'The World Biggest Ancient Wall' which is in China. You should know that most of us never have been to China, so we know a little about it. We have seen some photos of it, or maybe, some different stories. Now, try to give us a feeling of being in China, over that wall. Imagine that you are going to describe the wall to some children. It confines you to use some special simple sentences, everyday language, and plain English. If you try, you can. I believe, it isn't a matter of ability or something like that to write a long test; it is a matter of time instead. For ladies time is very important. They don't like spending time on writing. They prefer to spend a lot of time on wearing make-up, cooking some delicious food(If they can! Modern ladies often hate cooking, because they believe that cooking is not an interesting thing!(loool))

A friend of us has written that "quality is better than quantity". (I'm not sure about using the same words). According to their belief, it is not an important thing to write long, but meaningful or sweet. So, I suggest you following their strategy and policy! Don't worry about the length of your text, because we are not going to weigh it!(loool). I know that you are confused with my writing. I have to write more to make it clear, but I am in a hurry. I have to leave soon. As a hint I should say that I have made some sarcastic remarks in my writing.(looool). Only joking. About the levels of friendship and heart... To be frank, I didn't understand what you mean. Would you please make it clear? Please keep on writing, and keep our friendship going. I hope to read some long texts from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 June, 2009

behnam June 8th 2009 WOW! Dear Nana, we are writing at the same time. Oh my God! Heart talks to heart! It is about 20:20 In Iran, what time is it in your city? With regards, Behnam, 8 june, 2009

Mohamad June 9th 2009 Dear friends, Behnam,Mohsen Maryam,Marina, Nana,cathy,Andrew,and?.(ladies and gentlemen) How do you do my intelligent and kind brother and sister salam to you all. I can write just these words, 1.salam (Hello) 2.I hope you are in good health, and 3.I am so sorry I am here and I am reading your writing everyday, I lost my password and didn?t open my reply box, so I registered again. Experience show that reading your writing helps me promote a motivity attitude toward life and toward communication , so thank you for being such a good friends to me and making my times with the best words you write. With special thanks, Araghi, 9,June,2009

behnam June 9th 2009 Hello dear Mr Araghi, How are you my old friend? "Hardasan Kishi? Niya bizi tak ghoidin?" I hope you are in a good mood, enjoying your beautiful life, trying to achieve your golas, following success, making the world a good place to be in. Thank you for putting message in this thread. Welcome! You have lost your password! It means that you have forgotten it! Oh my God! It means that you haven't used it for ages, at least you haven't written for ages! Why? What have we done to deserve this punishment? Why have you punished us with your continuous long silence? Please have a mercy on your friends. We really need to feel your presence! Thank you for putting message. I had been missed you terribly. I became so glad when I saw your message. Please try to write regularly. Your writing is great. Please share something with us. Your thoughts are great. Don't keep them as a secret. Please keep on writing in this thread. I hope to see more writings from you. All the best, Behnam, 9 June, 2009 209 Cathy Li June 9th 2009 Dear Behnam, Thanks for your nice words which lets me much happier. Thanks for your close attention which lets me keep on writing on hard days. Thanks for your great friendship which always touches my heart. Dear friend, I found you favor me a big watermelon-a big topic about marriage and wedding ceremony in China. It's hard for me to digest, and all I can do is just to enjoy a tiny slice of it. Different regions have different customs in China. But one thing is similar that the people should abide by monogamy. Following the traditional customs, the male always affords a house ready for the marriage. However, nowadays, the young people bear great pressure on how to live a life. It's not easy for one to buy a house in big cities. I personally think the modern marriage in some big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, is very simple. The young lovers will choose the way which suits for their situation to get married, irrespective of the traditional way.

I can't tell the difference clearly, but I can promise that I will definitely invite you to attend my wedding ceremony in near future. I think by this way you will enjoy more. I'm looking forward to sharing your views. Cathy

Cathy Li June 9th 2009 Dear Maryam, Welcome home! With a big hug, welcome you back. From your writing to Marina, I got to know that you were at home and enjoyed cooking some nice dishes. I firmly believe that you must be a good cook, coz you always do things seriously and diligently. Even thought I am poor in cooking more delicious food, I love cooking much. I used to cook some special food to invite some good friends over for dinner, but recently it's hard for me to balance the time. Cooking can help me remove the troubles away and let me relaxed. I plan to cook some food this weekend and enjoy it with couple of friends. So, enjoy yourself and cook much, good luck will follow soon. Good luck to you, my girl. Cathy

Cathy Li June 9th 2009 Dear Nana, I believe fortune will follow our friendship. I believe God has bestowed all attributes to our human beings, and that's the best luck to all of us, and that's why we can embrace each other and immerse in this warm place. Sometimes, when I meet some people at the first sight by chance, I just feel that I have been so familiar with them. That's kind of predestination, I personally think, and I take it as sort of predestination. Some people also think that love can only be found by accident and not through seeking, but we know that the true luck is we cherish and fully enjoy all we had. I am enjoying our great friendship. I love wearing amethyst bracelet, coz amethyst always brings good luck to me. Is there

any ornaments special to you? I am sure good luck will be doubled by sharing. Good luck to you Cathy

behnam June 10th 2009 Dear Cathy, How things ar going with you? I hope everything is going well with you. I hope everything is going according to what you wish! I hope the future comes according to what you expect. Thank you very very much for writing something about the marriage in China. Dear Cathy, as you know, I'm not an intelligent clever sharp man. I cannot understad things easily. You should write about something, like marriage in China, in a simple way. Let's suppose that there is girl, and her name is "Z". There is also a boy, his name is "X". Now, countinue writing about their lives. Follow their lives until graveyard! I mean, write a short story about them. Another thing about your country which is very interesting for me is the number of girls in comparison with the number of boys. According to statistics, there is only one girl for four boys! We have heard that couples in China are not allowed to have more than one child. On the other hand, almost all families, prefer having boy to having girl. I don't want to speak about the reasons of it, surely traditional way of thinking is one of them. Families often like to have someone as an inheritor who is a male. Well, nowadays, it is so easy for couples to know what is the sex of the baby before giving birth to it. I am not sure, but they can become aware of the sex of babies in the womb after two weeks. When they find out that the baby is a girl, they abort it. I mean they stop growing before being complete. Abortion is maybe forbidden, I don't know. However, some families will finally find a way to abort the famles babies. They will try their best to have a boy. I have also heard that nowadays it is possible to make decision about the sex of the baby that you are going to have it in the future. Oh my God. Some people advise couples on how to give birth to whatever you want; boy or girl. SO FUNNY(LOOOL). What do you want? A girl. OK. You should do this and that. Hahahaha... Anyway, they; not all people, but the majority of couples, prefer boys to girls. The question is this: What will happen in the future for boys who cannot find partners?

Will your government import females from other countries? It seems funny at the first glance, but it is a fact. Facts are often hidden among other things. Facts are not easily caught by ordinary people! Anyway, what is the solution? I hope to read my answers very soon. All the best, Behnam, 10 June, 2009

asal June 10th 2009 Hi Behnam, How are you my friend? I hope you are well and enjoying your time. I am so glad to write in this thread.i know ,because of lacking in English knowledge that I have, it made my writing not clear to understand.but I do my best and will be realy happy if you tell me about my mistakes if you have enough time and donot mind. I am studying in an english institute but I have been taking part in this class less than two years. I have teaching at home and some institute math and physics. My sister encourages me to continue my education.i like to receive my M.S in iran and for P.H.D in another country. I know azari,too but not as much as you know as a native. I am looking forward to reading about you. Best regards, Asal

asal June 10th 2009 Hi Behnam, How are you my friend? I hope you are well and enjoying your time. I am so glad to write in this thread.i know ,because of lacking in English knowledge that I have, it made my writing not clear to understand.but I do my best and will be realy happy if you tell me about my mistakes if you have enough time and donot mind. I am studying in an english institute but I have been taking part in this class less than two years. I have teaching at home and some institute math and physics. My sister encourages me to continue my education.i like to receive my M.S in iran and for P.H.D in another country. I know azari,too but not as much as you know as a native.

I am looking forward to reading about you. Best regards, Asal

asal June 10th 2009 Hi Dear Maryam Thank you for studying this writting I am Asal a new member of this site.as I have read ,you are so kind and optimistic,and I like to have a friend like you .i had lived in your city (sari)for four years.i like mazandran.because of my father?s job I have lived in different cities. I like the way you write and think . when I read your writing, I feel that my close friend is near me. She lives in another city far from me.i hope I donot bother you with my writting.it is my e.mail address:(yasi.asal6@gmail.com) I like to hear from you soon. Best regards, Asal

asal June 10th 2009 Hi Dear Cathy li Thank you for studying this writting I am Asal a new member of this site. I would appreciate the way you express your feeling. They are realy enjoyable and I love them.i think you see the world with its details and can use them,describe them with your words,ofcourse with your nice feeling. it is my e.mail address:(yasi.asal6@gmail.com) I like to hear from you soon. Best regards, Asal

asal June 10th 2009 Hi Dear Marina Thank you for studying this writting I am Asal a new member of this site.you are so sweet person. I like arab people.i hope we be the best friend. it is my e.mail

address:(yasi.asal6@gmail.com) I like to hear from you soon. Best regards, Asal

asal June 10th 2009 Hi Andrew Thank you for studying this writting I am Asal a new member of this site. I like to communicate with you and other member.as I read it seems you like to make others smile and also you are a helpful man.I hope I donot bother you with my writting. I like to hear from you soon. Best regards, Asal 210

lotus3008 June 10th 2009 Hey, Behanm. Your questions and your thought are very recommendable here. I think you are a man relish of thinking. Now let me tell you the idal i think. Yean, you are right. It is un-balanceable in the number boys comparation with girls these year. But one thing you should know is that the thinking prefer to have a B-baby is very few now, escepcially in City like Beijing, ShangHai or ShenZhen. Maybe ten years ago the thought is natural as the integrated development, include cultrue and economic or level of people's life is very slow. But now, you know, the economic of China can have a challenge with America. Another thinkg is that the rate of man to female is about 119:100, but not 4:1. O(?_?)O ??~ If i will have a baby later, i like he (she) wharever she is girl or boy, she is my honey, also my parent and family. So, do not worry about it or fell confuse about it althougn there will over 5 million can not find the other patner.

Wish what i said will be helpful to you. By the way, I work in a India Company in ShangHai now. Glad to have a discussion with you. Best Regards Shawn X

behnam June 10th 2009 Hi Asal, How are you keeping? I hope you are happy and healthy. It was very nice to read your writings. It put me in a good mood. Now, I am happy because an energetic friend has come to this humble thread. Your English is great. Your writing skills are very good. Please devote a little of your time and energy to writing in this thread, to sharing some things with us. Since I'm a learner myself, I'm not able to correct your writings. My knowledge about English is not good enough to correct someone's mistakes. I firmly believe that correcting people's mistakes is not a good policy. At least, it'll never work in this place. My learning strategy is based on writing without worring about making mistakes. Whenever I've made a mistake, I learnt something from it. Let me give you an example: If you read my last writing to Cathy, you will find a big mistake in it. It is full of mistakes, but one of them is very big!(LOOOL) I am sure that you and all my friends have noticed it. It is a grammatical error actually. Just look at this structure "suggest someone doing something!" Is it a grammatical sentence? Of course, not! There is no such structure as it in the English language. It must be "suggest doing something", or "suggest someone do something". Well, I've made this mistake, but I'm not worried about it, because I have learnt from it the true structures of using "suggest" and "recommend". I'd seen those structures in different dictionaries for many times, but it was useless! Here, we learn through writing and reading. It is very nice making friends with a person who is interested in English, able to understand Azeri language, likes Physics, teaches Physics and Maths, and intends to continue studying in order to receive M.S and Ph.D degrees. Oh my God! We have got many things in common!

I am still in the dark, because you didn't tell us about yourself. Would you please introduce yourself? At least, let us know what is your gender, and how old you are? I hope to read more from you as soon as you can. All the best, Behnam, 10 June, 2009

behnam June 10th 2009 Dear Shawn X, So many thanks for responding to my last writing to my dear friend, Cathy. It is very kind of you. First of all, it should be mentioned that I wasn't criticising. I respect all people, all cultures, all countries, and all religions. It was just a question. I hope you didn't get upset with me and by my words. You are absolutely right. Nowadays, people's beliefs and attitudes have changed. It is the same in all parts of the world. In my country, females are respectable. They are treated with respect. A point should be made that women have always been treated with respect in my country. It isn't my own idea, that is what the history shows. The ratio of females to males is 119:100??? How come? That's great. Because of many reasons, the rate of females to males in all countries is more than 1, but it seems that the reverse is true in China!!! How come? Why? China is the most populated country in the world. It has got a population of more than 1.4 billion. Let's play with numbers and make a calculation(lool): The number of men=1400000000/(119+100)*119=760730593 The number of women=1400000000/(119+100)*100=639269406 The difference between those two numbers=760730593-639269406=121461187!!! Oh my God! A huge number of men who haven't got partner. This number is about 1.7 times more than the population(all females and males) of my country, Iran! There is no doubt that China is a very wide and vast country. In compariosn with it, Iran is so tiny. By the way, it is powerful as well. Dear Shawn X, I am not sure about those numbers. Also, I am not sure about the ration of single males to single females which was 4:1. I think this ration is based on facts if we consider only single people.

I believe, all countries are facing with such serious problems and challenging facts. Thank you for reading this writing Shawn X. I hope you won't get upset with my words. I needed an excuse to write something in this thread. At this time, China and the number of single females and males was a good excuse to write about and to play a joke on my dear friend, Cathy. Your English is great. Please do not hesitate to write in this thread, and to share something with us. All the best, Behnam, 11 June, 2009

lotus3008 June 11th 2009 Dear Behnam, I am glad for your reply and discussing with this topic. I think you have misconstrued my words. Like you, I really respect you and your thought, even i am inspire by your passion that you are so interested in China's problem. OK, let's continue the discussion. Maybe you have a wrong reference to my words: "The ratio of females to males is 119:100??? How come?" I said it is male:female about 119:100. And this is the statistic in 2005, sorry i have not declared of this. I have search the rate carefully agian, but no one can give me the exact result of rate. Even we have the data of rate, You know, it is still not accurate as so many reasons, such as the area, period and so on. In fact, the rate is not the peoblem, the main thing is that there is the true that China will have increasingly more men than women of reproductive age for a long time. China will have too many men for a generation to come. I think there are 3 measures to alleviate the current situation. One is that China will still hold the policy, one family one child. And another is to spread propaganda in everywhere of china: girl is also the successor and inheritor. And the third, sex?selective abortion accounts for almost all the excess males now, so it is forbidden in every hospital. Thanks for your care and interest about China's population problem. Most chinese, include me, have not thought this for a long time for many years. But many friends aroud me, know or un-know them, have the same idea that we love our next

era no matter they are girls or boy. Can you tell me something interesting about you and your country ? I know nothing about your culture. Thanks. Shawn X

Thanks for your reply , Dear Winnie. What is your job, would you mind tell us. Thanks.

lauri June 11th 2009 Hey y'all, I joined this group tonight because I couldn't sleep and wanted to do something to entertain my mind. English is my first language but I enjoy learning about other places in the world. I'm female and 18 years old. I graduated from high school (secondary school) in May and college begins in August. You all write English very well. I took spanish as a second language in school and it is difficult to learn a new language. I'm not fluent yet but I'm happy I did it because my parents let me go to Mexico on holiday. And I will continue learning spanish in college. Behnam, I read that you are a teacher. I want to be a history teacher once I finish school. Can you answer a question in your next reply? Khadijah, Muhammad's first wife, was a merchant and was independant. I don't understand why, in some strict Islamic places, women don't have equality. Peace, Lauri

asal June 11th 2009 Hi lauri how are you .i am so glad to know you. i hope to be a good friend with you.

best regards, asal

winnie li June 11th 2009 Dear Shawn X, Thanks to remember me You can not image how excited and happy am i to join here. I am from Guangdong China,work in apparel trade,American company.Have you ever gone to Guangdong? Dear all. Good evening.it is 10PM in China. I am a new menber here. let us learning english and share with our mind freely in this forums. I think u are all well in english,would mind teach me ? Best regards, Winnie

nanazhong June 11th 2009 dear Cathy, I'm exiting when i read your thread everytime."predestination",this word is perfect,which i cann't express this meaning,you do. As you are concerned,you believe in falling in love at first sight?For me,I am suspicious of it.Though we may have a special feeling with the person at the first sight,it is just feeling not love.We are not crazy.Do you agree with me?One of my friend don't agree with me,she says love is a feeling,you should believe your heart. Tomorrow is Friday near to weekend.I am becoming happy again.The same to you. NANA June 11,2009

nanazhong June 11th 2009 dear Winnie & Lauri, Welcome to the longest thread in this forums.welcome to our family.You will love here because we have "the thread's father---Behnam".He can treat you as his

children.?HAHA.....,When Behnam see it,his moustache will be tilted.Don't misunderstand,our Behnam is a very very handsome man) Let's learn together!! NANA June 11,2009

samor June 12th 2009 Hi Lauri, your question draw my attention and i would like to answer you ,sorry Behname i can't be patience untill i see your reply, i got this article from the website http://english.islamway.com/ also there are alot of articles belong to women and family you see them if you wanna to know more about the postion of woman in islam. http://english.islamway.com/bindex.php?section=all_article&topicid=40

Women in Islam: Oppression or Liberation?

For centuries, Muslim women in all corners of the world have been aware of the liberation that is achieved by adhering to the concept of hijab. Current world events have once again brought the issue of women?s liberation in Islam to the forefront of people?s minds. Can a Woman Who Adheres to Hijab Be Liberated? Can a religion that considers morality to be a part of faith clearly define the equality of men and women and their rights and responsibilities? The answer is a resounding ?yes.? In a day and age when the basic tenets of Islam are being questioned by Muslim and nonMuslim alike, we must be cautious when evaluating Islam. The general picture that is painted by the media is biased and unsubstantiated. The impression that some Muslims give to the world is often not a true reflection of the religion, one that is the completion of all religions. Islam, the religion for all people in all places and times, which takes the equality of men and women very seriously. It sees the liberation of women as essential and considers modesty, good character, and manners to

be the way to achieve such liberation. Too often, the image of a covered woman is used to represent what much of the world views as oppression. Her very existence is described in terms that convey ignorance and unhappiness. Words like ?beaten,? ?repressed? and ?oppressed? are bandied about by the Western media in a desperate attempt to convince the readers that women in Islam have no rights. Descriptive and intrinsically oppressive terms such as ?shrouded? and ?shackled? are used to portray an image of women who have no minds and who are the slaves or possessions of their husbands and fathers. In the 19th century, T. E. Lawrence described women in Arabia as ?death taking a walk,? and from that time forward, the true status of women in Islam has been shrouded by misunderstanding. The truth about women and Islam is far from this melodramatic portrayal. Over 1,400 years ago, Islam raised the status of women from a position of oppression to one of liberation and equality. In an era when women were considered possessions, Islam restored women to a position of dignity. In order to gain a true insight into the real and lasting liberation that Islam guarantees women, we must first examine the concept of liberation as viewed by the West. In Western countries where liberation encompasses unlimited freedom, many women are actually finding themselves living lives that are unsatisfying and meaningless. In their quest for liberation, they have abandoned the ideals of morality and stability and found themselves in marriages and families that bear little resemblance to real life. What is liberating about working all day and coming home at night to the housework? What is liberating about having babies who, at six weeks old can be deposited in childcare centers to learn their behavior and morality from strangers? Girls as young as 6 years old have been diagnosed with eating disorders, teenage pregnancy is rampant, and women who choose to stay at home to raise their families are viewed as old fashioned or unemployable. Women in the West are liberated: liberated to the point that they are no longer free to choose the life that is natural for them. They are free only to choose from the selection of consumer goods offered to them by their masters. The so-called liberated women of the West have become slaves. Slaves to the economic system, slaves to the fashion and beauty industries, and slaves to a society that views them as brainless machines, taught to look desirable, earn money, and shop. Even the career woman who has managed to push her way through the glass ceiling is a slave to the consumer society, which requires her to reside in a spacious house, wear only the latest designer clothes, drive a luxurious car, and educate her children at the most exclusive and expensive schools. Is This Liberation? The natural inclination of women is to please, comfort, and support their men: their husbands, fathers, brothers, or sons. The natural inclination of men is to protect, support, and provide for the women lawfully in their lives: wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Islam, the only true religion and infallible guide to life, requires that we follow such

natural inclinations. It allows us to abandon ideas that are intrinsically foreign to human nature and supports us in developing and sustaining natural family relationships that spread out to form part of the wider Muslim community. A Muslim woman knows her place in society and knows her place in the family infrastructure. Her religion is her first priority; therefore, her role is clear-cut and defined. A Muslim woman, far from being oppressed, is a woman who is liberated in the true sense of the word. She is a slave to no man or to any economic system; rather, she is the slave of God. Islam clearly defines women?s rights and responsibilities spiritually, socially, and economically. Islam?s clear-cut guidelines are empowering; they raise women to a natural and revered position. Women in Islam have no need to protest and demonstrate for equal rights. They have no need to live their lives aimlessly acquiring possessions and money. With the perfection of Islam as the natural and only true religion came the undeniable fact that women and men are equal, partners and protectors of one another. {So their Lord accepted from them; Never will I allow to be lost the work of any of you, be they male or female. You are of one another; so those who emigrated or were driven out from their homes, who suffered harm in My cause, and fought and were killed, I will verily expiate from them their evil deeds and admit them into gardens under which rivers flow: a reward from God; and with God is the best rewards.} [Quran 3:195] {And whoever does righteous good deeds, male or female, and is a true believer in the Oneness of Allah, such will enter paradise; and not the least injustice, even to the size of a speck on the back of a date stone, will be done to them.} [Quran 4:124] Women in Islam have the right to own property, to control their own money or money that they earn, to buy and sell, and to give gifts and charity. They have formal rights of inheritance. They have the right to an education; seeking and acquiring knowledge is an obligation on all Muslims, male or female. Married Muslim women are completely free from the obligation of supporting and maintaining the family, yet may work if they wish too. They are in no way forced into marriage, but have the right to accept or refuse a proposal as they see fit. Women in Islam have the right to seek divorce if it becomes necessary, as they also have the right to save their marriages. Islam teaches that the family is the core of society. In Western cultures, the fabric of society is being torn apart by the breakdown of the family unit. It is in these crumbling communities that the call for the liberation of women arises. It seems to be a misguided and feeble attempt to find a path of security and safety. Such security is available only when the human being turns back to God and accepts the role for which he or she was created. Liberation means freedom, but not the freedom to do as one pleases. Freedom must never

be at the expense of oneself or of the wider community. When a woman fulfills the role for which she was created, not only is she liberated but she is empowered. The modestly dressed or covered woman you see in the street is liberated. She is liberated from the shackles that have tied the feet of her Western counterparts. She is liberated from the economic slavery of the West, and she is liberated from the necessity of managing a house and family without the support of her husband or the help of a wider community. She lives her life based on divine guidelines; her life is filled with peace, happiness, and strength. She is not afraid of the world, but rather embraces its tests and trials with patience and fortitude, secure in the fact that true liberation is only achieved by full and willing submission to the natural order of the universe. Oppression is not defined by a piece of material, but rather by a sickening of the heart and a weakening of the mind. Oppression grows in a society that is crumbling because its members have lost sight of the true purpose of their existence. Liberation arises and takes root in a society that is just, cohesive, and based on natural order and divine guidelines. Islam is such a society, and this is what makes a Muslim woman is liberated. Are Muslim women oppressed?

Are Muslim women oppressed? Among the many topics of interest to non-Muslims, the status of Muslim women and the theme of their rights -- or rather, the perceived lack of them ? seems to be foremost. The media?s portrayal of Muslim women, usually outlining their ?oppression and mystery? seems to contribute to this negative perception. The main reason for this is that people often fail to distinguish between culture and religion -- two things that are completely different. In fact, Islam condemns oppression of any kind whether it is towards a woman or humankind in general. The Quran is the sacred book by which Muslims live. This book was revealed 1400 years ago to a man named Muhammad ?peace be upon him-, who would later become the Prophet ?peace be upon him-. Fourteen centuries have passed and this book has not been changed since, not one letter has been altered. In chapter 33, entitled Soorah Al-Ahzaab (The Clans), verse 59 Allaah The Exalted Almighty Says (what means): {O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the woman of the believers to bring down over themselves (part) of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known (as free respectable women) and not be abused. And ever is Allaah Forgiving and Merciful}. [Quran 33:59] This verse shows

that Islam makes wearing a Hijaab necessary. Hijaab is the word used for covering, not only the headscarves (as some people may think) but also wearing loose clothes that are not too bright. Sometimes, people see covered Muslim women and they think of this as oppression. This is wrong. A Muslim woman is not oppressed, in fact, she is liberated. This is because she is no longer valued for something material, such as her good looks or the shape of her body. She compels others to judge her for her intelligence, kindness, honesty and personality. Therefore, people judge her for who she actually is. When Muslim women cover their hair and wear loose clothes, they are obeying the orders of their Lord to be modest, not cultural or social mores. In fact, Christian nuns cover their hair out of modesty, yet no one considers them ?oppressed?. By following the command of Allaah, Muslim women are doing the exact same thing. The lives of the people who responded to the Quran have changed drastically. It had a tremendous impact on so many people, especially women, since this was the first time that the souls of man and women were declared equal -- with the same obligations as well as the same rewards. For the first time in history, women were granted economic independence in Islam. The money they bring in to marriage is theirs as well as the money they earn. In Islam, women are allowed to choose their own husbands and in extreme cases, ask for divorce. A woman has the right to be educated, contrary to what the contemporary world might think. The responsibility is that of the person who is raising her. Islam is a religion that holds women in high regard. Long ago, when baby boys were born, they brought great joy to the family. The birth of a girl was greeted with considerably less joy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, girls were hated so much that they were buried alive. Islam has always been against this irrational discrimination against girls and female infanticide. The Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ?alayhi wasallam, said: �Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim (male and female)� [Narrated By Ibn-Majah & was classified as Sahheeh By Al-Albani but other scholars have classified it as weak]. Men and women both have the capacity for learning and understanding. Since it is also their obligation to promote good behavior and condemn bad behavior in all spheres of life, Muslim women must acquire the appropriate education to perform this duty in accordance with their own natural talents and interests. While maintenance of their homes, providing support to the husband and bearing, raising and teaching children are among the first and very highly regarded roles for a woman, if she has the skills to work outside the home for the good of the community, she may do so. However, this is allowed only as long as her family obligations are met and as long as she complies with the Islamic code of dress and conduct, with no intermingling with men

in the workplace. Islam recognizes and fosters the natural differences between men and women despite their equality. Some types of work are more suitable for men and other types for women. This differentiation in no way diminishes the effort or benefit of one gender over the other. God will reward both genders equally for the value of their work, though it may not necessarily be within the same sphere of activity. The two great roles a woman plays in life are that of a wife and a mother. The Prophet ?peace be upon him-, once said to a group of Companions: Concerning motherhood, the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ?alayhi wasallam, said: �Heaven lies under the feet of mothers� [Classified as Weak By Al-Albani in Daeef al Jamea']. This implies that the success of a society can be traced to the mothers who raised it. The first and greatest influence on a person comes from the sense of security, affection and training received from the mother. Therefore, a woman having children must be educated and conscientious in order to be a skillful parent.

�A man came to the Prophet, sallallaahu ?alayhi wasallam, and asked: "Who among my
kinfolk is worthy of my good companionship?" The Prophet ?peace be upon him-, replied: "Your mother" three times before saying: "Your father� [Bukhari]. This indicates the impact that a mother has in a person's life. So women are highly honored in this great religion. Islam is a religion that treats women fairly. The Muslim woman was given a role, duties and rights 1400 years ago that most women do not enjoy even today in the West. These rights are from God and are designed to maintain a balance in society; what may seem ?unjust? or ?missing? in one place is compensated for or explained in another place. From: Al-Jumu?ah Vol. 14

�The best among you are those who are the best to their wives� [Narrated By IbnMajah & Classified as Sheeh By Al-Albani in Saheeh Ibn-Majah]. This shows that Islam highly encourages treating the wives well. They should be shown love, respect and care. To foster the love and security that comes with marriage, Muslim wives have various rights. The first of the wife's rights is to receive dowry, a gift from the husband, which is part of the marriage contract and required for the legality of the marriage. The second right of a wife is maintenance. Despite any wealth she may have, her husband is obligated to provide her with food, shelter and clothing. He is not forced, however, to spend beyond his capability and his wife is not entitled to make unreasonable demands.

sorry again behnam for interference Regards 211

behnam June 12th 2009 Dear Shawn X, How are you keeping? I hope everything is going well with you. Thank you very much for replying. I completely agree with you. I know nothing about such things, I just wanted to play a joke on Cathy, as a good excuse to force her to react? (loool) About my country Iran, there are many topics to write about. Please specify your question. I'll surely answer it as completely as I can. Dear Shawn X, I saw that you have written something about Winne. You have thanked him/her for his/her reply! I tried to see his/her writing or message in this thread, but there was nothing! How come? Did you mean that she/he has Emailed you? Anyway, it was a little bit confusing. In the past, the majority of people were farmers. As you know, farming is a very difficult job. Men often are stronger than women, from physical body point of view. They are created for farming(loooooooooooool). Therefore, families prefered boys to girls. I don't want to list all farming activities, because everybody knows them better than me. It is a fact that they people in the past prefered boys to girls, not only in your country, but also in all countries. Nowadays, the life has changed. Farming is doing with so many machines. In other words, farmers use many different machines. On the other hand, girls are so kind to their parents. In this dog eat dog world, people's first needs are love, kindness, friendship, affection, and tolerance rather than food. Who doubts or doesn't believe that women are the mine of those important things which I named? Women are the sources of love, kindness, affection, etc. There are many reasons for the fact that in the past, people often prefered boys to girls. Also, there are many reasons for the fact that almost in all countries, nowadays, there is no difference between them and people have no preference for boys and girls. Thank you for reading. I hope to read more writings from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 12 June, 2009

lauri June 12th 2009 Dear Sameer, Thanks for answering my question so in depth! I really appreciate it. I guess people from one cultures see things differently than those from other cultures. Peace, Lauri

behnam June 13th 2009 Dear Lauri, Thank you so much for putting message in this humble thread. Welcome! In my country, when someone tries to make some excuses to do some good actions, people often give them a sort of compliment in order to show that they are surprised. For example, imagine a person who was not in touch with their friend for months phones a friend and says,"...I am phoning to say you 'Happy Mother Day!...'" In this situation the person who is on the other side of the line often says, " Happy Mother Day to you too. I wish it was always Mother Day, and then I was able to hear your kind voice." It is not common, but some people give such compliments in order to show that they are surprised and they have expected to have that sooner. I am not sure whether this Persian based expression and compliment will work in this situation or not. I wish you always could not sleep soon, and then wrote in this place to entertain your mind! (=I wish I had your writing sooner, and I am very surprised by your writing). Spanish language is the second widely spoken language in the world. According to what some experts has said, after fifty years, it will be the first widely spoken language in the world. Therefore, you are one of the luckiest people, as far as most important languages are concerned.(loool) Well done! Your question is so good and a tricky one at the same time. First, it should be mentioned that I know nothing about such things. On the other hand, I am in no position to answer it. I only know a little bit Physics. I am going to write my own idea and way of thinking about your question. Short answer to your question: IN ISLAM, WOMEN ARE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT FROM BUSINESS

ACTIVITIES POINT OF VIEW. Your question is a good excuse to write something about women and men. In addition, your question is worth being dug much deeper.

First of all, we should know that in terms of Geography, your question is related to three parts of the world; Iran, Arab countries, and other countries particularly the world of west! Unfortunately, I have not been neither to Arab countries nor to most of western countries. Therefore, it is not good to judge about them. However, in my country (=Iran), women has been treated with respect from the begging of the history of human beings. Iranian people are Aryan. Our race is Aryan. If you like to know some facts about Iran and other races in the world, you should try to study history of human beings carefully. I am a Muslim, and I believe Islam. You should know that I have studied about other religions then I have chosen Islam. From Islam point of view, my friend Sameer has written some useful sentences. I hope that helps. Now, it is time to write my own idea about your question. Equality, and equality between men and women! What does it mean? 1. Men are different from women, and vice versa! They are just different. It does not mean that there is something wrong with them. Women are also different from men; it does not mean that there is something wrong with them. Do you believe that women and men are different from each other? Please pay a careful attention; we are not speaking about preference, or about who is better than other is. Being different does not necessary mean that one of them has got preference. Both women and men are human beings. 2. If you believe that women are different with men, you will maybe ask why. Well, God should answer this question!(LOOOL) However, we have brain, so we can think about it. I am sure that you know the reasons much better than me. If you do not believe in differences, just look at your mother and father, and then compare them!(lol). Please do not get upset. 3. It is a fact that women and men are different from each other. Therefore, do you believe that different creatures need different things? If you do not believe this fact, just ask from your mother and father about what they expect from each other. If you believe this fact, please read number four. 4. We need different things; therefore, we have to have different tools in order to be able to fulfill our desires and needs. God have given men and women different needs and then different tools. Our needs are different. Our tools are different. On top of that, our duties are different. Why? Well, it is the strategy of our God. God have got some aims of creating human beings, and the entire universe. 5. We need different things; we have different tools; we have different duties and

responsibilities. It means that we need different rights, therefore different policy. An important point should be made that when it comes to speaking about human beings and their rights, women and men are the same. They are two parts of a complete thing. When we put them next together, they become complete. In other words, they complement each other. 6. In Islam, there are only three jobs that women are not allowed to get them; to govern or to rule, to judge or to be a judge, and to fight(to take part in a war as a real killer, but it is okay to participate). We do not know why, but this is what God have said in the Holy Koran. Sometimes, we try to give some reasons about why God have not allowed women to have those jobs. Speaking about the reasons cases fighting with each other.(loool) 7. According to what I have heard, studied, known, seen, experienced, learnet, be thought, Women are sentimental and men are sage and wise. I know that using these words (sage, wise) will case a fight, but please do not get upset. Almost all women are easily affected by emotions such as love, sympathy, sadness etc. When it comes to judging fairly, governing in a justice way, and fighting with enemies, those characteristics do not work at all. 8. In order to prove that women are sentimental, western culture is a good example. In the western countries, according to what they claim, women and men have got the same opportunity to get those mentioned jobs. Let us count; how many women are judge, leader, and commander? There are as many as the number of fingers in a person's hands. How many women are dancer, singer, painter, nurse, cinema star, musician etc.? The number is mentionable in comparison with the former jobs! On top of that, how many physicists, mathematicians, and Nobel Prize winners are there in the western countries? Why? What are the reasons? This is what our friend Lauri should answer. 9. In Islam, from making money and business point of view, women have got much more freedom than men. It is men's duty to pay the expense of life. They can make money and save it for themselves. You will not believe if I say that women (I mean married women) can ask money for doing housework, even for feeding the child that they have given birth to it! 10. I am not a priest, although I sound like it. Islam is the first religion, which has considered women real human beings. According to what I have learnt from Islam, particularly from the Holy Koran, women are the cloths of men and vise versa. It means that they cover the weaknesses of each other. They make each other complete. It is not possible to think about living and life, without considering the rights of them fairly, not equality. Equality is meaningless. Dear Lauri, If you want to study about Islam, do not pay attention to what people say about it, do not pay attention to some countries, governments, people who pretend to be Muslim. There are many confusing things in the world of Islam. Some of them are because of our own misunderstanding. Some of them are because of the policy off other countries. Some of them are because of our laziness. Do not pay attention to the actions of people who say something, but do other things! Even do not pay attention to what

Behnam has written. Please, make time for studying about it. Islam is independent. We should know that Islam has not got any border. You are Muslim, even though you are living in the centre of the world of west; if we consider actions and deeds. Behnam is not , maybe, a real Muslim! Being Muslim is not just a name or an adjective to carry! Muslims must do according to what God have said in the Holy Koran. Dear Lauri, so many thanks for reading this writing. I have tried not to make you get upset. I hope you will not get upset. Please forgive me if used some strict structures. Please forgive me if I sounded like a priest. I hope my answer helps! Please do not hesitate to write in this thread. All the best, Behnam, 13 June, 2009

behnam June 13th 2009 Dear Lauri, I am terribly sorry for making many mistakes. There are two spelling mistakes. "...It is not possible to think about living and life without considering the rights of them fairly, not equally." The second spelling mistake is using "cases" rather than "causes" twice! I am not worried about making mistakes, but I am really worried about making people feel confused!(loool) I thought these mistakes may be confusing, or may make you confused! Therefore, I tried to correct them. In my learning strategy, making mistakes is an art!!! (LOOOL) Anyway,I hope you forgive me. All the best, Behnam, 13 June, 2009

behnam June 13th 2009 Dear Sameer, So many thanks for answering that question. Thank you for writing in this thread. Your answer is complete and clear. Thank you for sharing it with us. I respect you for two main reasons: 1. Firstly, I respect all human beings, and I have deep respect for people who write in this place.

2. Secondly, I respect you because you are a friend of my ex-friend. I am not sure whether you could get what I am saying or not. I hope you can get it, as I expect. It will be a great honour for me if you make friends, and keep in touch with me by writing in this humble thread, and through sharing some things with us about yourself and your country. Although there is no need to search for excuses to make friends, I think we have got enough things in common, which are good excuses for us to make friends with each other. How do you think? I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. All the best, Behnam, 13 June, 2009

mary June 14th 2009 Happy Woman's Day I hope all my female friends have a great day and enjoy their time with their families. And of course, it's Mother's day too, so Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world, especially my mom and I want to thank her for all she has done to me. Best wishes for all of them, Maryam

winnie li June 14th 2009 Hi Maryam, Thanks for your blessing. You know,Our mother's day is in second week of May in China which is different from your country. Some children make blessing cards to their mother ,or give a present ,or go out to have a dinnier household in this special day . Can you write more about what u do and greet Mother's Day? Best wishes and Hopefully can get your reply soon.

Best regards, Winnie

mary June 14th 2009 Hi Behnam, How are you? Is everything all right? I hope so and I hope you feel great and enjoy your time the best. Thank you for your long writing and sorry for being late in answering. You wrote that women are like the weather of spring. I think you, men, should thank God for it. As you know, variety is the spice of life. (LoooooL) So it's a good characteristic of women. Feel free, Behnam. I have taken the habit of reading your general ideas in your writings to me. But remember that it doesn't mean that you wrote very long to me. (LoooL) Thank you for answering to my question. In my idea, you answered it in a very clever way. I can't say anything about it. Oh, just one thing. If it had been necessary for you to know about women's strange behavior, for sure God would have let you know. By the way, there is a saying, "curiosity killed the cat." (LoooL) So be careful with what you want to know. Sometimes knowing something will get you in trouble like, the story of that man who wanted to know the language of animals, but after reaching his wish, he regretted. You are frank, Behnam and I think it's one of the reasons which make us to see you as a real friend. Thank you for being brave and frank. I regularly write on Fridays, don't I? :D Believe it or not, I really like to write more and read my friends writings every day, but it's really hard for me. I did it before and maybe in the future I will be able to. Ok, this time you give me an excuse to write about, but please give me a simple one. I'm not as experienced as you. I'm a beginner in writing. I've just read your writting to Lauri. It is really great as always. I really enjoy reading your writings, especially when you explain something. Thank you so much my friend. I look forward to reading more from you. Best regards, Maryam

mary June 14th 2009 Dear Araghi, How are you? I hope you be healthy, too and be happy. It was surprising to see your writing here again. Please make time to write something to us from time to time. I know that sometimes it's really hard, but there is always a way if we want. Let us use your knowledge and get advantages of it. Please share your ideas with us as before. Best wishes, Maryam

mary June 14th 2009 Hi Cathy, Thank you for hugging. I believe that it's one of the ways to transfer feelings well. Thank you for your compliment, but I don't cook when I'm at home. I just eat and sleep there and spend time with my family and friends, but here in Tehran I do it. If I don't, I will be hungry. :) I agree with you about cooking. I enjoy it, too. Of course, I must have enough time for it. I don't like to hurry. I hope one day, I be one of your friends whom you cook for. I'm sure your food tastes very good, because you do cooking with love. Let's hold a party and prepare some drinks and foods for our friends and have a good time together as we learn. I hope you have a good feeling in all you do. Good luck, Maryam 212 mary June 14th 2009 Hi Asal, Thank you for writing to me. Thanks for your nice words and compliment.

I like to read my friends' writings, so feel free and write whatever you like. Actually, it's an honor for me to be one of your friends. I think you know Sari well after living for four years, because it's not big. Which streets do you like the most? Do you have any friends there? And could you please tell me where you live now? Please share your ideas with us about the topics which we discuss. I hope to read more from you. Best wishes, Maryam

mary June 14th 2009 Dear Winnie, Thank you for reading my writing and answering to me. Thank you for making friend with me. You are completely right. It's Mother's Day in my country, but I just wanted to share it with my friends and thank all mothers around the world. In my country, we may greet our mothers just by hugging her and kissing and saying, "Happy Mother's Day" or may give her a red rose or bying a present or... . On the whole, we try to do something to make her happy. Actually, this way we want to show our appreciation. Thank you so much for your explanation about this event in your country. I like to know about such things in different cultures. I really appreciate if you write about such things from time to time or when the time is ripe. I look forward to read more from you. Best regards, Maryam

behnam June 15th 2009 Dear Maryam, Mitra, Asal, Roghayyeh, Saba, Rayhaneh, and all Iranian ladies who visit this site and this message, Happy Mother's Day to You! Happy Woman's Day to You! Happy Ladies' Day to You!

Without any doubt, the best word in the all literature is 'love', and the puriest and the most unconditional love is mother's love towards her children. Some of you are mothers, and some of you have the capability to be a mother. Therefore, it is alright to say; "Happy Mother's Day!" Women are the mines of kindness and love. In fact, these two words cannot be explained without considering the real sources of them; Females! All the best, Behnam, 15 June, 2009

behnam June 15th 2009 Dear Maryam, Thank you so much for trying to keep our friendship going. Thank you once more for attempting to make this humble thread a nice place to be. I have written many times that a person is like an unread book. How could we read a book? First, we have to believe that there is a book, good to read. Secondly, we have to be able to read. Finally, we have to page through the book. How can we be able to read a book? In addition, how could we page through a book? This is an extremely important matter. Is it possible to read a book, written in English, without having the English language knowledge? The answer is no! We have to be familiar with alphabet, words, grammar, etc. Two issues should be discussed: 1.What language are human beings written in? 2.How can we page through, and then read a human being? Dear Maryam, you have asked me to give you some topics to write about them. I believe, those two questions are very important, and they deserve consideration. Please write your idea about them. Thank you for admiring my way of writing. Come on Maryam! Your English is much better than mine is. Are you kidding? Sometimes, a change is as good as a rest. It is an old proverb, I think. You have written that changing and being changeable is a good characteristic of women, because it makes life interesting and tolerable. I know these sorts of thoughts teach us to look on the bright

side of something and be optimistic about it. I am one of the most optimistic people in the world; at least I am so optimistic about women. I agree with your thought up to a point, but there is something I disagree! When the weather is changeable, and you had four seasons just on one day, it added variety to life. That is definitely true. However, imagine I am going to go out, what should I take with myself? An umbrella, a jumper, or a raincoat? What should I wear on my feet? Boot or sandal?(looo) Men's attitudes towards some things change quite fast. Therefore, men love variations!(loool) We smell many kinds of flowers, because we love variations and making various!(looool) I won't dig this subject anymore!(looooooool) I do not know how to end this writing! Ahan! I understand now.(loool) Dear Maryam, I firmly believe that things are not black and white. I have told my friends this sentence repeatedly. There are many numbers between zero and one (0-1); in the same way, there are many colours between black and white. In addition, there are many situations between hatred and love. I do not know why women are not able to understand it. I think, their measuring system is based on digital.(loool) We should know that the universe is based on analogue technology not digital.(lol) Dear Maryam, you will get confused with reading these strange sentences. Please forgive me for writing them. Thank you for reading. I hope to see your reply very soon. All the best, Behnam, 15 June, 2009

asal June 15th 2009 Dear Behnam I am so sorry for answering so late .please accept my apologize. thanks a bunch for your positive words about me.they make me over the moon.may I ask you how you come to a conclusion that my English is good? And about my being late,my husband was sick and I devoted my time and energy to look after him.so I am sure you know my gender.About your other question ,I do not know what you want to know about me. I want to know your idea and also other friends?idea about what you would do if you could not use one of your sense?i mean if you could not see,hear,?only for one day. Please tell me your point of views .it is realy important to be aware how people live in this world ,how they see God?s creature.you can test your sense. I hope I could express my question explicity.

Hope to hear from you soon Best regards Asal

asal June 15th 2009 Hi Maryam I am so happy to know you and to have another nice friend. Yes, I know sari but certainly not as well as you .i like Tajan bridge because there, I was more at peace with myself where I could speak with my kid when I was in the family way, specially in the evening.But they are about many moons ago. I like to see the sea ,river,?those places make me calm. And the other famous place (that is my idea)is where a lot of people go there,sell and buy things.as you know it is in molamajdi street.I clean forgot to tell you ,I live in Gorgan ,now. My new friend, I want to know your idea about the question that I express on Behnam?s thread. Hope to hear from you soon Best regards Asal

behnam June 16th 2009 Dear Asal, Thank a million for replying. Although you are late, it was so nice to see your reply. Your English is great. Why? Well, it is clear. Sentences speak loudly. They tell us that our writer is a skillful person.(loool) You were looking after your husband! I can't believe it.(loool). I've got two reasons: 1. Nowadays, women don't care about their husband.(loool) 2. You are likely from the north part our country. Women who are originally from north part of Iran aren't kind to their husband.(loool)

The lack of one sense! I've never thought about it yet. Surely, the life will be so difficult. I can't imagine it. What could I do? Nothing, because it isn't a matter of doing something. It's a matter of feeling something.

How would I feel? This is meaningful. I'd be very sad. Anyway, it wouldn't be end of the world. There are many people who aren't able to see, but they live like other people. One day without ears to listen! That's okay! What I often hear on a typical day are not important at all. They are the same, routine repetitive sentences! One day without eyes to see! Well, it depends on many things. For instance, If it's my wedding party, bride and many beautiful ladies, I couldn't help seeing!(loool). However, on other days that's okay. I'll sleep all day.Hahahaha... One day without a sense is not so difficult for me. Joking aside, the life would be so difficult if someone had a sense lost! God help them. Thank you for reading. I was only joking in writing some sentences. I hope you won't get upset. All in all, it's a fact that some women aren't kind to their husband. Why? I think, there is a psychological problem! You maybe say; "Well, Behnam your mother maybe doesn't care about your father, and then you judge about women in that pessimistic way!" No, never! My mother is originally from Tabriz. She loves my father!(looooooooooooooooool) I'm only joking. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 16 June, 2009

lotus3008 June 17th 2009 Sorry, I have seem that you use the 'lool' or 'looooool' frequently in you replys everytime. Would you mind tell me what it is mean ? Haha. Thanks.

behnam June 17th 2009 Dear friend(Lotus3008), Mobile phone text messages, chat room messages and sometimes emails can be written using the smallest number of letters possible. In this regards, "LOL"(=lots of love/laughing out loud) is one of them. I often write it at the end of some sentences which are funny for me, strange, or make me happy while I'm writing them. As you know, there are different ways of laughing. In other words, there are different ways to show our happiness. By the way, we should show how happy we are, or how funny a joke, a

sentence, etc. is. In the real life, we show it by means of many ways. In the virtual life, we often use emoticons to show our feelings. Emoticon is a special sign that is used to show an emotion in email and on the Internet, often by making a picture. For example, the emoticon :) looks like a smiling face and means that you have made a joke. In the case that our feeling is strong, we often use some of them by putting them next together. In this place, using "LOL" means that I am laughing at my own way of writing. Sometimes there is hidden point in my sentences. Sometimes it is a funny thing, etc. When I add "O", I show its strenght. Let me give you an example. Just look at my last writing to Asal. Pay attention to this sentence: "My mother is originally from Tabriz. She loves my father! (looooooooooooooooooooooool)" There are too many points which are hidden in this simple sentence. For example, women who are from Tabriz are kind to their husbands, but you are from other place, and then you aren't kind to your husband! This isn't a proven fact. This is just a comment. In fact, I'm pulling her leg! You see, it is not good, even not possible to speak with a lady in this way. All people consider it impolite. However, I have written such an impolite sentence. My friends are familiar with my special personality. They know that Behnam often plays joke on his friends. Therefore, they don't get upset, even though the sentence is strange. "...She(my mother) loves my father!" This sentence is so funny. People often don't speak about the love which is between their parents. I know that I'm writting strangely, and because of that I laugh at myself. Finally, "LOL" is like "Haha", or "Hehe". When you add "o", it is, as if you add "ha" to it.(looool) I hope that helps! All the best, Behnam, 17 June, 2009

asal June 17th 2009 Dear Behnam Thank you for your replying. I read all your words without considering lol. I mean about that part which you wrote about my writing. why?because I could not realize a connection between your positive words and LOL. Pardon me my teacher, may I ask you ,you are sure about what you wrote ?it can be either you are single and so young or you have not seen north of Iran(people of this

part).I should hope not the other girls who live there see that part of your writing.why?you can be on dangerous ground in the near future .poor you ,only God can help you. I wonder why and how you jump to conclusions that I am from the north of Iran originally. no ,my friend, I am not. Your words made me think, you are racism. are not you? OH my God that was realy LoooooooooL. PLEASE do not say such a lol words to your wife if you are married or to other women.it is only an sisterly advice.LoL^10^100 Women love their husband if their husband are not only as a person who is registered their names in their register(an official list,I am not sure about this word in English). you said ?I believe, someone is human being when they help other people.? I think you close your eyes and also your other sense not to see that part of women?s heart which is so powerfull? I do have to say that it is better to change my idea .you are not as serious as you were.:) Thanks for sharingyour point of your views. I am sure you devote your energy whenever you write .as you know energy will never waste. waste not, want not. They are only my idea about women,and hope to not get you upset.you are a perceptive young man. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, 213

behnam June 17th 2009 Dear Asal, How are you? I hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for the fast reply. It made me very happy. It was so nice reading your writing. I think, you are so sensitive about your English skills. I have written that your English is great. I have just wanted to encourage and motivate you to keep on writing in this place. I've understood what you have written. It means that your English is good enough to make yourself understood. Please forgive me if I've judged about your English unfairly. I didn't mean to make you upset. Thank you for your sisterly nice advice. I'll try my best to take your advice in all my life. By the way, I've been to north of Iran so many times. I have written it on purpose. Besides you, there are many people who are originally from the north part of Iran and vist this thread regularly. Actually, my best friends are from north. I was just telling some untrue things, in order to tell a joke, or to pull your(their) leg.

Dear Asal, I didn't understand this part of your writing: *you said ?I believe, someone is human being when they help other people.? I think you close your eyes and also your other sense not to see that part of women?s heart which is so powerfull? I do have to say that it is better to change my idea .you are not as serious as you were.:)* Would you please let me know what you mean by saying them? I am really confused with those sentences. Why do you think that my eyes are closed and my senses don't work? Please do me a massive favour and make them clear. *...They are only my idea about women...* What do you mean? Your ideas about women! Are there any ideas? There aren't any ideas about women in your writing! If you mean "...Women's heart is so powerful." It isn't an idea at all. It is only a comment which is made in an unfair and unfriendly way. I haven't closed my eyes to such facts. I adore women and their abilities. Women and men complement each other well. I've given my idea about this issue over and over again. All people who visit this humble thread know my idea about women and men. I'm not the representative of men to speak about men's and women's write. I don't care about such things anymore. *...you are racism...* In order to make you happy and to give you the illusion of being witty and a good fortune-teller, I have to say "YES". I am a racism. I do belief that different races of people have different characters and abilities. If this way of thinking is considered racism by you, I am a reall one. I read my last writing to you again. I understood that I have made a very big mistake. I shouldn't have written something about you and your life. Although I was speaking with other people indirectly, It was a stupid thing to write such things and I bitterly regret it. I hope you didn't get upset. I never meant to make you upset. In my last writing, I was actually joking. I just wanted to give you some excuses to write, and then to practise English. Please pay attention that those sentences are written in order to send some messages to some people who are hidden in this thread. These people read our writings regularly, but they don't write!(be dar migoftam ta divar beshnave. Baz mano nakoshi ke loghate dar o divar ra bekar bordam. In yek zarbol masal ast!) I hope you will forgive me. Hope to read more from you. All the best, Behnam, 17 June, 2009

sa amor June 17th 2009 Dea Behnam, ar It gi ives me muc pleasure to be your f ch e friend,sorry for lating in reply coz i was alitt bit y z tle busy last days i have to pr y repare my se for the online exam next week if god wills i will elf do t online ex of micr the xam rosoft windo server 2003 in net ows tworking so pray for me e frien when y said i'm the friend of your ex-f nds, you o friend i got what u mea surly but i didn't an und derstand why u said ex-f y -friend aren u still in c n't contact with her????? h take ecare and have good ni ight. Reg gards Sam meer

metzean June 17th 2009 m 9 Dea Behnam, ar u answering th puzzle is unique, you gave the c he s correct answ thanks a lot, wer, s You ability in a you are deserve to get the f e first prize ,. I should d deliver it to y through your emai you h il. I enj njoyed readi your wr ing riting about man and w woman rights in Islam a well as th ts as he answ of Same they we explana wer eer, ere atory and gu uidance for the people w have fa to who aith God . d I wa engaged in the presi as ident electio for a wee and had n enough time to wri here. on ek not ite Obv viously peop had diffe ple ferent ideas and choose different ca e andidates. B extremi in But ist each group ma a suitable situation for the enemies as they made . h ade y Aga the mena ain acing triang of USA, UK and Isr with a s gle rael smile in their face came to batt tlefield and leaded thei mercenar in Tehra to attack people, pri ir ries an k ivate and governmental p possessions and some b blind mind p people some etimes supp ported them. As yest terday all pa arties announced that the rioters a not belo are onging to th hem, the riot will ter be crushed and arrested very soon by policemen. c d y The triangle is very angry and very da send his tricky advic through B e ay ce BBC chann to nel prov voke people but their p e, policy have been stuck in a dead line.I am sur re. Dea Behnam, you always write that woman and man comp ar s d plete each ot ther,but you are u not competed y where is the lost ha one of yo yet. s alf ou? All the best, Moh hsen

behnam June 18th 2009 Dear Sameer, Thank you for replying. Your writing made me so glad. I hope everything is going well with you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and your success in your forthcoming exam. I am sure you will be successful in it. It is a great honour for me to be a friend of you. I really take pride in making friends with you. I have written something and, fortunately, you have understood it. Dear Sameer, I don't like to put blame on other people, or to pass the buck! Maybe, there is something wrong with me, and I'm not aware of it. Anyway, at the moment, that person is my ex-friend. Dear Sameer, I have never made decision unless I have kept the plan. When I am going to do something, I often think about it carefully. If I decide to do it, I'll do it, and nobody or nothing can stop me! I am so determined to achieve my goals. I don't like to boast, but nothing can stop me on the way of achieving! Friendship and making friends with people is one of them. Friendship has got many levels, as you know. I hate to be like the weather of spring! Some people are not able to be steady. Their friendship isn't steady. Their thoughts change unexpectedly! Their behaviours change unexpectedly. Changes often bother us. At least, such changes bother me. I often don't make promise, but I keep it if I make. This is a habit of me. Unfortunately, some people are fair-weather friends. They are with you when you are happy. They leave you when you are sad, and facing some problems or difficulties. They made promise easily, but they don't keep. They start easily, but they don't continue. It is not good to gossip about other people. Let's stop speaking about our sadness. I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 18 June, 2009

behnam June 18th 2009 Dear Mohsen,

How can I thank you for asking that very good question? You cannot imagine how happy I am. Thank you very much. Women and men complement each other! What does it mean? It doesn't necessarily mean that single people are incomplete. Please look at the earth and the moon. They attract each other because of the force of gravity. The closer they come together, the stronger attraction is. The gravity force is always there, between them, even though they are far from each other. There are two sexes in every society. They are different. Each of them has got advantages and disadvantages. They get benefits from each other, even though they aren't couples. The highest level of being complete is getting married and having children. There is no doubt. I do believe it. However, what I am saying is that I am flying in this sky(sky which is made by women), or I am swimming in this ocean, even though I am single. I have a very kind sister, and a very kind mother. I feel their special kindness with all heart and soul. Also, I get some particular things from my father. Whenever my father isn't at home for more than one day, I understand that there is something lost. It isn't just a simple habit. It is a fact! The same goes for whenever my mother isn't at home for more than one day. The life is very beautiful when they are both at home. When they are both at home, I feel calm and relaxed. We get a lot of benefits from the sun, even though we don't touch it. Whenever the sun is in the sky, all creatures get different advantages. I am sure that you have ubderstood what I mean. If you want to understand it well, just think about a place, or a society there is only one sex. Think about military service, you will get my point. There's no denying that getting married and establishing family is the highest level of growing and becoming complete. I can't deny it. I hope that I can meet my partner and get married soon. Please pray for me(lend to me some money:)). Dear Mohsen, these days, I am a little bit nervous. I don't know why. I often make a lot of mistakes in my writings. I hope you forgive me for making any kinds of mistakes. Please reply soon. All the best, Behnam, 18 June, 2009

asal June 18th 2009 Dera Behnam Thanks for everything you wrote.I wish every thing around you is Ok.

I wrote your nice sentence in order to complete what you said ?Nowadays, women don't care about their husband.?you know it is realy hard to find a person who is able and wants to help others.your sentence about humanbeing is realy wonderfull.and obout other sentences which I wrote ,I can not believe that a woman as a wife be unkind to her husband with no logical reason.maybe there are some women and men that are not kind to eachother but as you wrote it is a a psychological problem that they suffor from. why do you think that my belief about women?s heart is only a comment which is made in an unfair and unfriendly way?i am sure about it.someone told me that our brain has such a powerfull ability that can cause people be able to overcome the gravity of the earth.it is amazing.but about other part of our body ,I mean heart,maybe it is not able to do like brain but it has its own abilities. I asked you to be my friend and I wrote them only to express my opinion and did not want to be upset with me .(allah mani baghoshlason istameidim sani injidam). By the way, I am not a killer. Hope to read more from you. Best regard, Asal,

nanazhong June 19th 2009 dear Behnam How's it going?Everything is OK?I got the news it turns to be unpeaceful in Iran from TV because of the prisident vote .Someone was be assassin ted,the death toll now stands at 13.Is that true?Where are you?I'm so worried about. GOOD LUCK NANA JUNE19,2009

mary June 19th 2009 Hi Behnam, How are you my naughty friend? I hope you feel great and enjoy every minute of your life. Firstly, thank you for Mother's Day greetings. Thank you so much for writing those kind words. Actually, I don't think that my writing is better than you, neither in English nor in Farsi.

The only lesson which I never liked was writing composition. I think the reason was not to be able to write beautifully. Maybe I can write in English good, but in Farsi it's terrible. Actually, I never liked to read my composition in the class. About your example for going out, you asked what you should take or wear. That's ok, but I think you are the man, so you should know/find the answer yourself and I'm sure that men know how they should treat in these days.(LooL) And when you, men, want to smell flowers, just be careful about the bees which are around the flowers and also some thorns. (LooooL) In your last paragraph, you wrote something about the way through love and hatred. In my idea, our measuring system is not digital, we don't see just black or white and we are not just in the step of love or hate, but sometimes we move quickly from one step to another and therefore reaching from love to hate soon or vice versa. Sometimes this process happens very quickly which may causes others not to be able to understand it well. I hope my friend Asal write her ideas about this matter. I'm sure it will help both of us. As we know, two minds are better than one. Now it's time to answer your question. I think I should have written to give me a hard topic to write. Maybe this way you gave me a simple one. (LoL) Books are written in different languages like Farsi, English, German? . As you wrote, for reading them we must know that language. Of course, sometimes we know the language, but we are not completely familiar with it, so we can read the book, but we are not able to understand it completely and get all the concepts as well. For example, in English we have lots of idioms and expressions which we don't translate them word by word. If we do this, we don't get the meaning correctly. So when we read a book, we understand it according to our knowledge. The more we read different books, the more knowledge we gain. Personally, I think, if we want to liken people to books, those things which I have written about books are true for people, too. People are written in different languages. Of course, they are similar in some words (characteristics), but there are some special words for each person. At first we must know the general words to be able to read(communicate with) people, then for understanding them better, we must learn that special words. On the whole, by communicating (reading) more and caring carefully, we understand people better. I hope not to confuse you by this way of writing. By the way, you asked how we could page through a book. It depends on the paper of that book. Some papers are thick and you can page through it anyway you like, but some papers are tender, so you should page through it very carefully and gently. (LoooooooL) I'm very eager to read your points of view about this matter.

I hope to read from you soon. All the best, Maryam

mary June 19th 2009 Hi Asal, How are you my friend? Is everything ok? I hope a healthy and happy life for you and your family. I like Tejan river, too. It's a beautiful place. I and my friend went walking along the river in the evening. Our house is near the river. It takes only 20 minutes to go there. I like sea, too. I love walking at the beach with naked feet and then feel the sand and coolness under your feet. It's really enjoyable. I think you mean Torkaman bazaar in Molamajde din street. It's a nice place for walking through and finding something to buy. About your question, for sure if I don't know that I will lose that sense just for one day, I will cry during that day and become very upset, but if I know that it's temporary, I try to look at it as an opportunity to understand the value and importance of that sense. We often take these blessing gifts of God for granted and we don't appreciate them, because we have had these senses and abilities from the beginning, so we never feel lacking in these senses. Thanks God for being healthy and having the ability to use these senses and God bless those who don't have such abilities. I hope to read more from you. Best wishes, Maryam

behnam June 21st 2009 Dear Asal, You cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw your writing, especially something in Azeri language. My heart jump from its place, it beat much more quickly, I was walking on air. Overall, I got surprised. Thank you very much indeed. Azeri language is my mother tongue. I really love it. In spite of living in Tehran, being born in this polluted city, I love Azeri language. I believe, Azeri language is much more

convenient than Farsi to show my feelings. Dear Asal, your comments gave me a good excuse to write something about heart; particularly women's heart! You have written that women's hearts (the part of them that feels strong emotions and feelings) is so powerful. That is true. However, there is something, which is very important and deserves consideration. Let me start by asking a question: Is it merely enough to have a powerful heart? As it is clear, everybody has got a heart. Having a heart is not enough. It is only like a good tool. Women must know how to use it. If they know how to use that powerful heart, they will be successful in their lives. What is the use of a heart, which is filled with doubt, mistrust, suspicion, and some negative things? This heart is not powerful at all. This heart will bother people who are around its owner. This heart will make all meetings like a court: Why did you tell it? Why did you do that? What did you mean? Why did you laugh? Why did you go there? Why did you write this? Why, why, why? Dear Asal, although I am writing these things in replying to your writing, I do not mean you. I am speaking generally. A heart, which is filled with some negative things, causes many problems, to both its owner and other people. How was it filled? Who has filled it? There are different issues. I am in no mood to write about them. I just want to say that when a thing (like a woman's heart) is so important and favourable, its enemies are powerful too, and there are a huge numbers of them. Why do people kill birds? Well, they have got some delicious meat. Why do people kill peacocks? Well, they have got some beautiful feathers, etc. What I am trying to say is that a heart is a gift from God to its owner; they must keep it safe from all dangers and bad things. A heart that is full of hatred, hostility, anger, doubt, mistrust, grudge, suspicion, and some other bad emotions cannot be powerful. A heart is powerful when it is full of love, kindness, affection, sincerity, honesty, and some other good emotions and humanity. There is a very famous saying in Farsi language; 'people often get what they have got in their hearts'. That is true. We often reap what we have sown in our hearts. Heart is human beings' best part of bodies. There is a good place for love and hatred, friendship and hostility, God and devil. Someone who keeps his or her heart safe, achieves their goals, meets success. Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best,

Beh hnam, 21 June, 2009 . une tremely day for a friend of mine. S y d Since it is to difficult to open oo o P.S. 21st. of Ju is an ext this page again to email, even to sign in yahoo m n, n messenger, I would like to take thi e is opp portunity to let her know that I'm keeping my f w k fingers cros ssed for you I hope, an I am u. nd sure you will p e, pass your ex xam. You will meet suc ccess. By t way, a fr the friend of me is too worr about m Don't w e ried me. worry please I'm still al e. live.

4 214

Clare June 2 2009 C 21st I've heard that the authori ities in Iran have block access to some sites (BBC, Fac ked o s cebook, hoo ger, r Iranian frie ends can see this e Yah messeng Twitter etc) so I'm not sure if any of our I pag But I'd ju like to sa that I hop you're al keeping sa in these difficult tim I ge. ust ay pe ll afe mes. thin I can prob nk bably say fo everyone that you're all in our thoughts an hearts at the for e e t nd mom ment. Clare -Clare, glish-at-hom me.com eng

metzean June 21st 2009 m 9 Tha anks Clare t that you thin about people of Iran there are some rioter in few str nk n, rs reets of Teh hran which t they will be arrested ve soon. ery ar Dea Friends, I lik to write y a summery of Dr. C ke you Chamran s'b biography a hope yo enjoy rea and ou ading it. It?s so hard to say who the Chamran is; I think I can never tell you a g s e good descrip ption which helps you to know s something a about the Ch hamran. Tod is annive day ersary of hi today is anniversary of the gre martyr w struggle to im, ry eat who e free edom, justice and the H Human?s gre eatness. The great marty Mustafa Chamran was born in 1932 in Te e tyr w ehran in one of the poor e rest family in Tehra His fathe was hosi an. er iery and he worked har to gain le rd egitimate da aily brea Chamra was in cr ad. an rowded family and he a always hono ored about h family because his b his f father taugh him gaining a clean sustenance (however if be very lit ht e ttle) is a hol war ly (jiha for God ad) d.

At age 15, he began his activities with Islamic associations, participating in classes of interpretation of the Holy Qu?ran instructed by late the great Ayatollah Taleqani and those of logic and philosophy by martyr Morteza Motahhari.

He was so clever and so wise because of that he accepted in the Alborz high school (the best high school in Tehran) And after that he went to Tehran university in Mechanical engineering (I think my field is only similitude between me and him!) which he was best in there. He obtained a government scholarship; he went to the United States for a period of 14 years and earned his master?s degree from the University of Texas. He then proceeded to get his Ph.D. in electronics and plasma physics with honors from the University of California at Berkeley. He was then hired as a senior research staff scientist at Bell Laboratories and NASA"s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Chamran became politically active, and became a leading and founding member of the Islamic revolutionary movement in the Middle East, organizing and training guerrillas and revolutionary forces in Algeria, Egypt, Syria, and especially southern Lebanon, I think it?s enough to say that in the southern of a Lebanon he managed a high school of the poorest of the people who lived there and the Great ayatollah ?Seyyed Hasan Nasrollah? was a student in there! And after Islamic revolution in Iran he came back. He was appointed commander of Iran"s Pasdaran, as well as Iran"s Minister of Defense, personal military aide to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and the latter"s representative to the Supreme Council of Defense. And at last he was martyred t by Saddam?s Army on 21 June , 1981 in Dehlavieh (A place from south of Iran) Remember, it?s not a complete description about him. I can?t describe him at all. References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostafa_Chamran http://irandaily.ir/1385/2587/html/panorama.htm#s151917 http://www.answers.com/topic/mostafa-chamran http://www.irib.ir/occasions/chamran/chamranen.htm Best Wishes, Mohsen

behnam June 21st 2009 Hello Nana,

So many thanks for worring about me. That is very kind of you to care about me. Unfortunately, I never watch TV nor read magazine. I know nothing about what you have asked. I hope you will forgive me. I am doing my routine tasks as reading books, shopping, helping my mother, making myself ready to set students an exam, spending my free time on improving English skills, etc. I know nothing about politics. I never could understand it. Don't worry my kind friend. I am still alive. I hope to read more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 21 June, 2009

behnam June 21st 2009 Hello Maryam, Thank you for answering. analogy between human being and book is wonderful. How could we read them? Well, everybody has got two important parts; brain and heart. Brain is considered as the center of someone's thoughts and heart is considered as the sourse of feelings and emotions. If we want to study that book(a human being), we must pay an especial attention to these two places. How could we page through that book? Well, we have to make her/his thoughts come out from brain, and let him/her reveal her/his feelings. How? Well, we have to make him/her speak, and then we have to listen to them. We have to focus on their body language. When it comes to studying human beings, alphabets are more or less the same. I mean, all people have got, more or less, the same feelings, the same emotions, and the same needs approximately. As you have written, we often judge about other people according to our beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. That is alright, because we have not got other choice. All people have got five senses. People are different from each other in that the intensity of senses varies from person to person. In terms of basic needs, people are almost the same. We often see people are very different from each other. The main reasons for these differences are cultures and some habits. I am in no mood to write more. I hope you will forgive me. I hope to read more from you soon.

All the best, Behnam, 21 June, 2009

behnam June 21st 2009 Hello Clare, Thank you for worring about Iranian people. Thank you for your wishes. Actually, I know nothing about what is happening in Iran. I just know that it is too difficult to visit some sites. For example, I often download some weekly audio files from www.bbclearningenglish.com, but I couldn't open it last week. I thought to myself that it is just because of the speed of the Internet which was so low during last weeks. Now, I understood that they are blocked by the authorities. Since I never watch TV nor read magazine, I know nothing about politics, so I have no idea about it. I know how to play joke on people, and it is time to make a joke. I hope you won't get upset. Although such difficult time is not good for common people like Behnam, at least I've got a golden opportunity to be in your thought, and particularly in your heart, even though for a very short time! How can I thank God for this chance?!!! I am only joking. I hope this difficult time will be finished soon. Thank you for the worry and care. All the best, Behnam, 21 June, 2009

Clare June 21st 2009 I like jokes! You and Andrew used to joke a lot and poke (very gentle) fun at people... Anyhow I'm glad that this site doesn't seem to be blocked and that you can read and post messages. Best wishes Clare

-Clare, english-at-home.com

Marina1 Jun 22nd 200 M ne 09 Dea Behnam, ar It's a bit hard f me to wr an apolo , maybe the reason is of being Syrian or a part for rite ogy e n g from my family , or maybe because of me ,I don't know. m y e f t But?.. Beh hnam, please forgive me if I've don something written something , s e ne g, said someth hing , I've never mean to make y upset , t wrong is with me. R nt you the s Reading you writing about ur a made me ex xtremely sad , but when I saw your writing on the website after two days d n r n e me m abse made m so happy. ent me Beh hnam, forgiv me for making mista ve akes and lots of faults. ts The is a sente ere ence you wr to Sameer , that so people leave their f rote ome friends whe they en are sad and be with them when they a happy. A I like tha w are Am at??? I pref to kill my fer yself n. that , please forgive me and tolera me , just don't get up e e ate pset then Anyway , if I'm like t from Marina . m Plea take car of your se and your family, I h ase re elf r hope everyth hing will be okay very soon. e s Mar rina.

behnam June 22nd 2009 b e 9 Hi C Clare, ank the ly. fair pare Behna with And am drew. Andre is a ew Tha you for t fast repl It is not f to comp prof fessional in making jok He has got a great sense of hu kes. t umour, whereas, poor Behnam B is an amateur. Behnam is nothing, in comparison with Andr and his abilities. Anyway, n n rew than you very much for fr nk friendly mess sage!!!! Oh my God! "P Poke fun at s somebody" means som mething bad and negativ I think. It is ve, I ter Behnam, yo are a wit person". Anyway, yo are the te ou tty ou eacher, and I d bett to say, "B resp you a lo By the w I didn't mean to be rude with y Please forgive me if I pect ot. way, t e you. e e soun nded like th hat. Sinc you are a good teach it is con ce her, nvenient to ask you a q question. As far as I kno s ow, "use to" show that a par ed ws rticular thin always ha ng appened or was true in the past, r n espe ecially if it n longer h no happens or i no longer true. Behnam and And is r drew used to joke a t lot...is a little b strange, b bit because I st play jok on people What is yo idea about it? till ke e. our I ho to read m answer soon. ope my

All the best, Behnam, 22 June, 2009

leyli June 22nd 2009 friends thanks alot for your pity on iranian people.my sisters and brothers are kiling by iranian teroris governor just because they want them vot tha government cheat on it. and than behnam says " i dont know what is going on in iran" shame on you behnam. you are an enamy every body in this site should know . frinds behnam is not Iranian. he is a thug. dont talk whit this anamy that dont know what is going in his contry

leyli June 22nd 2009 frieands all i have said is going back to Metzean more than behnam .Metzean soon god will answer you who is rioters in iran! innocent people or your grate leader " Kamenei"! every body if you want to know what is going in iran go serch in twitter and youtube.... "God please help iranan people"


leyli June 22nd 2009 my Email adress is lili_carina@yahoo.com

Andrew June 22nd 2009 Dear Clare, did I poke fun at you or didn't I poke eventually fun at you? Anyway thank you very much for admission my merits. I make efforts to do my exercises in a gentle manner though sometimes I might go too far. It's like an addiction I can't oppose to. By the way, I've picked that infection along with studying English so I wonder if there is not the language itself what bear some slight virus of misbehavior. Am I right? Yours sincerely, Andrew

nanazhong June 22nd 2009 dear Behnam, I'm so glad that you live a life as usual though the TV said the situation in Iran was serious. Where's your wheather in your city?In here it is very hot. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice in China in which the day is the longest.The temperature was 35'C and it was so hot.In this festival,some people used to eat noodles,some people used to eat dog meat.Do you have this festival? GOOD LUCK NANA JUNE 22,2009

Andrew June 22nd 2009 Well done Behnam! It is a very good idea sometimes to show natives thier grammatical mistakes. These British can be so self-confident as to their language. Do you believe they are absolutely innocent like angels with the wings? Do you ALWAYS speak right even speaking your own language? I notice (and not very seldom) what a jumble can I say in Russian, especially after listening English too much. So... Thank you for your patience and ask for to consider the whole message as just one more hoax. My best wishes to you, use difficult times for to strengthen your spirit:) Andrew

Andrew June 22nd 2009 Dear Nana, I don't know where is the Behnam's weather in Teheran store at:))))

but in my city they keep it obviously in some big powerful refrigerator and just after that spread it all around. I've no any acceptible idea why they do so, maybe for a weather didn't get sour? Yours sincerely, Andrew

behnam June 22nd 2009 Dear Marina, Thank you so much for coming back to this thread. This thread feels your absence, and all friends have missed you. Welcome! You haven't made any mistakes, have you? There is no need to apologize. Please continue to write in this thread. Please do not leave us alone. Please keep friendship going. Please do not lose contact with us. Please keep your promise. Please care about friends and friendship. Please be here. These are what I want you to do. (loool) Thank you for putting message. It really put me in an excellent mood. I hope to have your great friendship forever. All the best, Behnam, 22 June, 2009

behnam June 22nd 2009 Hello Leyli, Thank you for putting message in this thread. Welcome to this place. Thank you for joining us. Finally, thank you once again for worring and caring about Iranian people. Unfortunately or fortunately, I know nothing about politics. I neither watch TV nor read newspapers and Magazines. I used to read newspapers, but finally I got so depressed. My doctor told me not to read newspapers and watch TV (Particularly, for me it is forbidden to follow news). What crime have I committed to deserve that punishment? Anyway, please forgive if I've done any bad actons. I know nothing about what is going on Iran. Am I guilty just because of being unaware of

new Is it a se ws? erious crime not to be a e aware of som mething, or not to be in r nterested in n som mething? Do y know w you what is the m main differe ence between a wise an a foolish? Well, a wi nd ? ise pers knows w son what he say but a foolish says wh he know ys, hat ws! Hav you ever seen and lo ve ooked at a fl flock of birds flying in t sky. The bird, which goes ds the h in front of the o fr others, only knows whe it is goin to go. It c y ere ng chooses the path, wher to e re land The other just follow it. They know nothing about the place wher they are going d. rs w k g e re g to la and. They a aren't choosers. Let' end by wr 's riting a famous proverb 'a word is enough fo a wise ma b; s or an'. Alth hough you h have used so bad wo ome ords and you have chos bad lang u sen guage, I don n't blam you. I wo me ould like to make friends with you Could you please intr u. u roduce your rself? I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 22 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 23rd 200 M ne 09 ??? ???? ????? ? ???? ??? ? ?????? ?? ? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ? ??? ar Dea Behnam, Tha you for b ank being so nic and kind with me, th ce hank you for putting me in an exce r e ellent moo too. od ere ld bout sadness and happi s iness, it con ntacts betwe tears an een nd The is and ol saying ab frien ship : " Y can't re nd You emember wh were wit you when you were c ho th n crying from happ ppiness , bec cause they were many , but you can remember who were with you when w r w you were crying from sadn , becau they wer few ". De Behnam , I hope yo will g ness use re ear m ou ll w a lways not be sad in al your life , but if you were once , remember that Marina is here, al e, here with you. Beh hnam , " ex-f friend" a wo which m ord made me ex xtremely sad , this word made my e d d eyes like two swollen pillows, I just could saw my mot s ther's hands , my broth s her's legs , m my siste hair (LO do you want me to have that eyes again? If not , d er's OL), u o ?? don't call me your " e ex-f friend" agai , and be p in patient , kee your prom too. ep mise ar u and nds ou nk Dea Behnam, I know you from long time ago , a all frien know yo too. I thin you are a great brie for Iran , and I'm sure that all I ef Iranian peop are prou of you. ple ud

I hope to have your great friendship forever too. Just be patient. :) . By the way , you always say that you are from Azerbaijan which is in the northern west of Iran , some people consider you ( that region citizens) as very reach and comfortable people. Emmmmm , so are you reach and you hide it??? (LOOOOOOOOL). I'm just joking , only to make you smile. In fact , now I know lots of things about the geography of Iran , and I'm fascinated by its nature and all its cities. God protect it and all Iranian people. I hope to hear from you soon. Marina.

behnam June 23rd 2009 Hi Andrew, Many thanks for the message. I had missed you terribly. Dear Andrew, please be in touch with me, and with this place. Please don't leave us. Yes, the same is when I speak Azeri. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 23 June, 2009

behnam June 23rd 2009 Hi Nana, Thanks for the message. It made me very happy. I hope you are happy, in an excellent mood. Well, it is summer now. Fortunately, the weather is so nice in this part of Tehran. It is cool; not hot and not cold. It was raining during spring. We had got a lot of rain. The weather is very good. 35 degrees Centigrade isn't so hot, is it? I hope you can tolerate it. We haven't got such festival in Iran. At least, I'm not aware of it.

Hav you ever eaten dog m ve meat? If so, how was it Muslims a not allo t? are owed to eat dog mea I know, it is red like other anim meat, but it is forbb at. mals biden to eat dog meat. I don't t know why! Tha is what G have sai to us in o holy boo Koran. I not sure but I at God id our ok; I'm e, thin dog meat is forbidde in three fa nk t en famous relig gions. Musli ims, Christi ians, and Je are ews not allowed to eat dog mea at. I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 23 June, 2009 216 6

metzean June 24th 2009 m 9 Dea Friends, ar rtunately ma rioters w any were arrest and conf ted fessed that t they had de esigned a plo ot For befo election by help of Z ore Zionism reg gime, UK an USA . nd me ople sten fake news w which broadc throug dcast gh Som innocent Iranian peo who lis to the f BBC C,CNN and other treac cherous cha annel like FA ARDA were provoked t come to s e to streets , help rioters and fire the bu and other treasury th p d us r things. Thes people mi se ight be shot and t kille by the rio ed oters in ord to claim that the pol der licemen are killing peo and som e ople me na�ve Iranian people like Leyli who live in Can n e nada believe it ,but the p e policemen are not arm with gun to avoid k med n killing some innocent pe eople. Leyli should kno that the f i ow foreign channels never tell positiv and corre news to p r ve ect people. Who believe in world that some gover o rnment like Israel .UK and USA su upport natio ons ,they should be ashamed fo what they had down with other nations dur y e for ey n r ring history The y. bigg Joke is when they s gest speak abou democracy in other c ut cy countries. All the Best, Moh hsen

Clare June 2 C 24th 2009 "Po fun at so oke omeone" isn negative - it just mea that you like to pul people's le n't ans u ll egs. Yes - "used to" means that you had th habit in th past but not any mo I only us it " t he he ore. sed ause I hadn seen And n't drew's posts in a while. On the othe hand, I d er don't come by this b beca foru every da so I may have misse his posts... um ay, ed

I'm really glad to see you back, Andrew, and I can confirm that we've also had the big powerful refrigerator phenomenon in Italy. Where did all the rain come from?? Lily / Mohsen: I know that you have strong feelings about what is happening at the moment, but this is not the place to discuss the ins and outs of politics, or to make personal attacks on others. There are plenty of other places on the internet where you can do that, but here is a place for friends to stay in contact and talk about other things. Please keep it nice! Clare -Clare, english-at-home.com

behnam June 24th 2009 Dear Marina, Thank you so much for the reply. It made me feel very happy. How are you? I hope you are enjoying every minute of your life. My parents are originally from East-Azerbaijan province of Iran. Both they are teachers. Unfortunately, we aren't rich. We have got a flat, two cheap cars, some books and some old furniture. However, we are a happy family. We understand each other very well. The atmosphere of the house is so relaxed, warm and friendly. As all people, we have got some problems, but those problems and difficulties cannot make us give up. Iranian people are very kind. They are much better than me. I am not a good representative. I am not, and I cannot be a sample of Iranian people. Anyway, that is very kind of you to think of me like that. You are absolutely right. I'm an impatient person. I hope I could manage my behaviour in difficult condition. I do believe that friendship should be kept growing with a little slope, with a very small angle from the horizontal. It is wrong to sleep up, and then to sleep down over and over again. Friendship is like a road, and people are like cars. The road should be smooth, not bumpy. No one likes driving on a bumpy road. We should avoid making roads of friendship bumpy! How can we make it smooth? Being stable is one way. Keeping the slope of friendship growth smooth is the other one. Finally, we have to try to avoid sleeping up and down again and again. These ups and downs are like bump in the road of friendship. Please do not lose touch with me. I hope to hear more from you soon.

All the best, Beh hnam, 24 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 24th 2009 M ne Dea Behnam, ar I'm f thank y , but I'm not enjoyi every minute of my life , I'm bo fine you m ing ored , and I need a change , the ch hange is com ming soon G willing , but I'm bo God ored from w waiting. Som metimes hard to wai for someth it hing that yo know tha will happe sooner o later , mo than ou at en or ore it's h gett ting surprise from som ed mething une expected. Lif is so diffi fe ficult someti imes , it mak us kes gett ting nervous and worried, anyway being with God and fe that he is very close to me , s y eel s e mak me feel re ke elaxed. Wha about you Behnam ? I hope ev at u ?? verything is going well with you. Dea Behnam, I was jokin when I sa that you are rich an hide it , b it seems I was ar ng aid nd but righ you are v ht, very rich an you have something which is wo more th money , your nd orth han war life with your great p rm parents , I t think they a a real treasure and I think you know are that very well. t Be s stable! I hav learnt the lesson, thank you. ve I ho to read m ope more from y you. Mar rina

Marina1 Jun 24th 2009 M ne Dea Clare, ar u wner of this s , you wr for lots of people h site rite here , but I'v found out that ve You are the ow you don't write for me. It's a real fact , but I don't know the r e s t reason, may it's my way of ybe w writ ting or the t topics that I talked abo , or mayb the reaso is me, I d out be on don't know. But in order of being the o f owner of thi site , I'm a is asking you t write to m even on In to me, nce. fact I've no que t estions abou English s I can't wr in " help me " forum , I just wa to a ut so rite p m ant have a convers sation with C Clare! Plea write to me , about a ase anything or any topic y r you nt. I'll everywhere until u wan And I've to warning you , that I not give up , I'll write for you e seei your rep :). In fa I'm going to use my nephew's w of askin , he is 3 years ing ply. act g way ng y old , his birthda was on 19 June , my family ma a simple party for h , we gav him ay 1 y ade e him ve n and to him the main seat in the table , and put the candles on the cake a began t sing for h "

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you?." But he started to cry , he just wanted a piece of cake! He didn't care about five ladies' singing(LOL). I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you can. A member of your website. Marina.

Clare June 24th 2009 Hi Marina! I'm so sorry if you think I've been ignoring you, but I haven't needed to "say" anything to you! I don't know much about you, but I think you're from an Arab country. Is that true? I know that you like friendships, that you're not married, and that you often post on this forum! Do you have any other hobbies? Why are you learning English? What do you find difficult about it? Hope to hear from you soon Clare -Clare, english-at-home.com

behnam June 24th 2009 Dear Mohsen & Friends, Politics does not interest me much, but I have to write something about it now. Although I have expressed my opinion about it by making an analogy between a group of birds and people, I think it is not clear enough to be understood easily. If we study the history of wars between people and countries more closely, we will see that there are some things common among them. The main reasons for all wars are selfishness, power, pride, and wanting more. In brief, it is just because of destructive human emotions such as greed, envy, revenge, etc. According to what God have said in the holy Koran, there were only a few people (maybe four people, Adam & Eva, two boys and their wives) when the first war broke out in the history of human beings. In fact, two brothers fought with each other, and finally one of

them killed the other one! Some people believe that the main reason of war was the difference between their wives. In other words, the wife of murderer was uglier than the wife of killed. If we take everything into consideration, we will understand that the war,(all wars) has broken out because of destructive human emotions. When two or some countries are at war, the leaders know why they are fighting, but the troops often do not know. The commanders also know some facts, but not all of them. They often say to their troops, "We are fighting for justice, freedom, self-esteem, selfrespect, humanity, peace, keeping our country, etc." Imagine, two countries are at war, and their leaders are making speech to the commanders and troops. Now, imagine there is a hidden camera in each place. What will we see and hear? I am sure; it will be the funniest joke in the world. They will say exactly the same sentences: "We are fighting for justice...We must keep our ideology, which is the best in the world. As soon as you die, God will give you a great reward. God is waiting for you in heaven. I will pray for you!!!" "I will pray for you!" What a ridiculous sentence! If you could say, "Well, let's change our position. You go to the battle and fight with enemies and let me stay here and pray for you." What would you hear as an answer? "No, it is not possible. We know how to pray. We have to stay here. We have got some important duties, much more important than taking part in war"! If we think about it, and pay a careful attention, we will understand that we are fighting, killing, going to be killed just to fulfill our leaders desires. I rarely see films. So many years a go, when I was watching a film about lives of people in the past in Europe, I heard a very nice sentence a woman (actress) told a priest, when the priest was advising her. The priest said, "Oh honourable lady. Be afraid of God. Don't do that!". The woman answered, "Yes, be afraid of God, not be afraid of the priest." This sentence is meaningful. I love this sentence. I know that people will ask me immediately, "What should we do? Our lives felt empty and meaningless, if we were so pessimistic. "I believe, we should study such issues carefully. We should consider everything. We must try our best to recognize fate from fact. We have to use our brain. We should think about the result of our actions. We should believe in the cause and effect law. We have to work hard. We should improve our lives and country. We should work and work. We must respect our people, experts, engineers, doctors, students, and all people in the world. We must care about our genius. Hard working is the key secret of success. It is not useful just to use some nice sentences as mottoes. We must practice what we preach. I am a teacher. I teach Physics. I have to care about my students, way of teaching, family, and what God want me to do according to the Islam, which is described in the holy Koran. I do not like to be an entertainer, then to make some people smile and laugh, or to

amu them. use at icy fe. ave tood, what I was taught or what I have t, Tha is my poli in my lif What I ha underst lear leads me to think so I do not m rnt, o. mean that I am right, a my way of thinking is the and best Not at all. What I am saying is m own idea I am like this. t. . m my a. I lov "Nahjolb ve balaghe" the second mo famous b e ost book (the first one is th holy Kora in he an), the world of Sh hiite. I love I Imam Ali (p peace be upon him), the first philo e osopher in th he wor of Islam. Let me hav a look at this book. I am going to translate the first ad rld . ve t e dvice (He ekmatha va s sokhanane kootah) from Arabic in English: nto : [Gh hala Ali alay salam: K fel fetn kabnel laboon; la zahron fayo yhe Kon nate orkab, va la zaron a fayo ohlab](In ca of sediti be like the child of a camel; it has no hum then peo ase ion, f t mp, ople cannot ride it, a it has n breast mi then peo cannot milk it.)(Th is the fir and no ilk, ople t his rst 'adv and sho sentence vice ort es'). Dea Mohsen, this site is n ours. In other word we are not the owne of this site We ar not ds, er e. are like some g guests. We h have to follo the rules of the host A sense of moral duty tells ow s t. f y o d rules of "host' and 'gus Before ev st'. verthing, we are expected to e us to notice and obey the r und derstand suc things in this modern world! ch n Dea Mohsen a all frien please s ar and nds, stop writing about poli g itics. For th sake of God, for he G the sake of frien ndship, plea stop writing about p ase politics. I ho to read s ope some intere esting things from you s s soon. All the best, Beh hnam, 23 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 24th 2009 M ne Dea Clare, ar Tha anks a lot for your reply you really made me h y, y happy. At la Clare wrote to me! :) . ast Yes dear Clare , I'm from S e Syria which is a part fr Arab w h from world, it's on the n Med diterranean , it's very near to Euro , it means that Syri girls are very beautiful n n ope ian e (LO OL). ar have no mai reason fo studying E in or English, all what I kno that I lov it. I'm l ow ve Dea Clare, I h as a engineer should hav strong En an ve nglish , and it's very int teresting for me to stud it r dy afte 5 years in the univers with ele er n sity ectrons mov ving up and down (LOL Network and d L), ks lots of hard sub bjects , I fin English a good way f spendin time , bec nd for ng cause I can throw two birds by on rock " ful my free ti and be h ne ll ime happy". Ma aybe God made me be inte erested in En nglish to pr repare myse for travel elf ling abroad d(LOL), who knows! o

Recently I have some difficulties by saving some vocabulary, I'm trying to save five words a day , but when I see a movie , I see that there are lots of words which I can't understand it. I think it's my main problem with English. About other hobbies , I like painting , even if I'm not a good painter. When I was studying in the university , my friends know what are the most difficult papers in every lecture for me by count how many paints I have painted (LOL) on it. I like walking but not alone , in fact I don't like to be alone even in my home , because I feel afraid(LOL). I'm going to begin my job soon , God willing , I'm still waiting for the sign of beginning (LOL). I'm very bored these days, and at the end, I'm not stable as my dear friend Behnam said. Dear Clare , how do you manage your time on this website ??? do you feel bored from time to time ??? what kind of sports do you like to do ??? and what's the most important thing in your life??? Sorry for writing so much , I hope I didn't make you get bored. Hope to hear from you soon. With my best wishes . Marina.

behnam June 24th 2009 Dear Clare, I have been thinking of how to keep Clare in this thread. Finally, my friend Marina helped me with this matter. :) Since you are the runner of this powerful site, people who visit it are interested in writing to you, or reading something from you. Some people (me included) are obsessed about your message. :) Good for you! I wish I were like you. :):):)(LOL) Unfortunately, I disagree with your explanation. 'Poke fun at somebody' means to make fun of someone in an UNKIND way. This is what you will find if you look it up in dictionaries. I also disagree with the way you used 'used to'. Although it is, maybe, right if we just consider Andrew's absence and his habit of making jokes, it isn't a grammatical sentence. You were speaking about me and Andrew, so it isn't correct. I think, it is just because of the weather of Italy.(LOL) :) There is a better guess. When I was a child, and then was learning my mother tongue, my parents (especially my mother) used to use some incorrect structures and sentences

deliberately in order to check my improvement in learning language. For example, one of the ways was this: Mother: Behnam, the sky is green! Little Behnam: No mum, it is blue! Mother: Well done my little boy! Little Behnam: Well mum, buy me an ice cream then.(lol) Mother: Ice cream is hot. Little Behnam: No mum, it's cold. Mother: Yes, sorry. You're right, but there is no money im my bag. Little Behnam: sighing, screaming, crying, pretending to be in sulk, etc. depends on situations. (I have been aware that which one works in a particular situation.) :) ...... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Anyway, you are the boss. I was only joking. The English language is yours. You can do whatever you like. It is like your own money in your bag. You can spend it on whatever you wish. It does not matter at all, if you change all rules and grammar. (loool) Now, I am pulling your leg. You know, Behnam is a strong man. He often pulls people's legs firmly. He has made many people lame, because he has taken their legs out from their normal places. You should be very careful with him and with your leg as well. (loool) :) I cannot help laughing at my own way of writing. How funny man Behnam is! He pokes into everything. I hope you won't get upset. I think, you are right. Now, it sounds like poking fun at you. Please forgive me. Your kindness lets me feel free to write such things. Please reply soon. All the best, Behnam, 24 June, 2009

Clare June 24th 2009 Funny man!! Maybe I should have said "tease" instead of "poke fun at", but remember I said "poke gentle fun at". I didn't intend anyone to think I meant you were being mean not at all. Thanks for replying Marina! I don't have lots of time to spend on the site and there are lots of things I'd like to do with it to improve it for everyone. But I also work a lot, so don't always have much time. Like everybody, I think!

I'm extremely l lazy. The on sport I re nly eally enjoye was boxing. I did something cal "fit ed lled boxing" where it's more a keep fit tha a violent sport. We u an used punch bags rather than r ing n that he'd bet watch o for my boxing tter out b hitti people, but I'd like to just warn Behnam t mov if he's go ves oing to pull out people's legs! l Any yway, what's your new j s job? I bet y you're really looking forward to it! y ! BTW I'd love t visit Syria one day. I read a l about Da W, to a I've lot amascus an it sounds nd beautiful. I'm r reading a bo at the m ook moment abou a journal who foll ut list lows in the foot tsteps of a 6 century m 6th monk from Greece, thr rough Syria, Turkey and Israel to Egypt. , E It's called "Fro the Holy Mountain" and it's fas om y " scinating. L and lots of connect Lots s tions betw ween Islam and Christi ianity. Anyw I digres way, ss! Hop to read m pe more from you, but plea don't wo if I don reply imm ase orry n't mediately ;)) ) Clare hnam for yo lovely, a our articulate post about w wars and pol litics. PS: Thanks Beh -Clare, glish-at-hom me.com eng 217 7

Marina1 Jun 24th 2009 M ne Hi C Clare, Tha anks a lot for your grea reply. It's very nice to hear that y love vis at o you siting Syria , you are completely welcomed by all its pe eople , Syria people ar very kind and nice m an re d more n om us sited it twice , it's really ly than me by thou usand time. I'm not fro Damascu , but I vis beautiful as you have said So please come , then I can meet you , and I will invite u d. n t Beh hnam , Mary , Mohsen , Cathy a Andrew , then it wi be a big title on the website yam and w ill " En nglish-at-ho in Syria !!! it's ve lovely. ome a" ery Dea Clare, it s ar seems you h have divided your time for lots of t d things , I wi I were li you ish ike , I'm really eag to fill my time with lots of thing , nowada I can sel a lot of fre time m ger y gs ays ll ee for e everyone , d you want some??? : :). do :) Emm mmmmm, fi boxing !!! please pla with Behnam , but d it !! ay don't worry I be there to take I'll e care of all of yo :) (LOL) e ou ). To t moment I've no ide what kind of working I'm going to do in my job, I'm re this t ea d g g y eally

eager to begin , I feel sometimes that I'm busy with my family's problems , and poor Marina has no problem to be busy in , I sometimes looking for a problem , but I always fail , all of that , because I don't have anything to fill my time with. In a brief way , if you opened the top of my head , you wouldn't see anything , you would just see a very thin line which contact my ears to my head , so if you cut it , my ears will fall down (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL). :) :) Dear Clare, what is your favorite color??? And what is your favorite clothes ??? do you like to be " in" in fashion ???? By the way , it seems , you like to read some writings in this place, would you please let me know which topics did you like??? And do you have an idea about new topic??? Thanks Clare for your writing to me , you writings are welcomed in anytime you want , just be here! Marina.

leyli June 25th 2009 I am so sorry for you dear Clare! Now I undrestand exactly the duty of this site but be aware you can ignore me but you cant ignore god.




leyli June 25th 2009 Every body finally Iran will become free contry .

leyli June 25th 2009 Dear Clare I will tell every body that your site is a place that................ Good luck.

behnam June 26th 2009 Dear Leyli, Thank you for putting message on this site, in this thread. As I guess you know, we are some learners from different parts of the world. We are improving our English skills through writing to each other. Apart from that fact, we are learning many useful things which are vitally important in our lives. Who has given us this golden opportunity? This person is Clare. She is the runner of this site. We should take this opportunity and fully appreciate the value of this powerful site. Please do not use bad language! Please be a good sample of Iranian people. We are not interested in politics. This site is a nice place just to practise English. For the sake of God, stop writing some words which are so insulting. For the sake of God, do not miss this great opportunity to make friends with us. For the sake of God, do not make us miss this chance to share some useful things with each other. We are not interested in politics. It is very dirty. A coin has got only two sides, but dirty politics has got more than a million sides. There is a nice saying in Farsi, 'Politics has no mother and no father!' That is absolutely true. Do not support this motherless & fatherless dirty thing, you deserve more than it. Dear Leyli, please control your strong feeling. Please calm yourself down and enjoy making friends with us. Please do not use bad languge! Nobody likes bad languge. Would you possibly introduce yourself? Would you mind if I asked why you care about Iran, but your flag does not identify that? Your English is very good. I think, we have got a good chance to make friends. We often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities. Please join us and let us forget the differences and concentrate on similarities. I would appreciate if you could share something with me. I am impatiently looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Stay happy and healthy. y d Beh hnam, 26 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 26th 2009 M ne Dea leyli, ar I saw your mes ssages for m friends B my Behnam and Mohsen fro a couple of days , b I d om e but didn write any n't ything beca ause Behnam and Mohs have got mind , hea and hand to m sen art ds answ you. wer I'm in this site f from long ti ago , I k ime knew lots of Iranian fri f iends ( Behn nam, Marya am, Moh hsen , Asal and Araghi) all of them are great , and as I th they re i) m hink epresent Ira in a an espe ecial way , a I can sa freely tha they are t most imp and ay at the mportant per rsons on this site. s It's a big honor for me to b a friend for them. r be f I thi you are Moslem , a I think y have rea the holy Koran. What does our God ink and you ad r say? He says : " La Tad ??? s dkholo Biota Gair Bio an otekom Hatt Tastaazen wa tosal ta no lemo Ala Ahleha?.." , what is th mean in this case?? , it means , if you wan to open this hat ? nted n in hould respec the runne of this sit " Clare " who is very kind ct er te y site and write i it , you sh d rk ules. That is what our g s great proph " het and respectable, then you should wor with its ru Moh hammad " h learnt a taught u , we shou learn fro his good manners, he was has and us uld om d h poli and treat ite ting all peop with res ple spect. Leyli , we are h here , as Behnam said , for learnin English , there are l of sites to write ng lots out wanted to wr about it , just choos another p rite t se place , it's a very abo politics , so if you w simp issue. ple All o us here a educated , especiall Iranian fr of are d ly friends , so w are not n �ve to we na und derstand wha is going o by a sentence from here or ther , everyon has his/her at on re ne prin nciples and way of thinking , so yo sentence are not do our es doing anythi ing. At la , you are welcomed if you wan to be he , to lear English a to speak about ast d nted ere rn and k life topics , in f you are welcomed here becaus you Iranian in the fi place , b fact e se first because Iranian peop are grea , especially our frien here. ople at nds all I I'm writing now , to put my hand on C w y Clare's and Behnam's h hands , plea we don't want ase t w politics here, please re espect what we ask you for. Please read what e to write about p Beh hnam wrote about polit tics. Tha anks in adva ance. Mar rina.

Marina1 Jun 26th 2009 M ne Hi B Behnam, How are you m dear frien w my nd??? How is it going? What ar you doing in these d w ??? re g days?? Are you busy w your stu with udents' exam ms??? What about your family??? I hope all of you ? d are okay , fine, happy and healthy. It's F Friday, and it's a holid in Islam countrie some peo like to g outside w d day mic es, ople go with thei families, b I prefer be at home to be " Ma ir but e arina-at-hom :) :) :) : :) me" :) Beh hnam , you a a teache , and all teachers ha a long v are er ave vacation in S Summer , what are w your plans??? Is there any ything espec ??? cial Dea Behnam , I'm writing for you in order to let you know that I've mi ar g issed you so much , o why didn't you write to me y e???? :( :( : :(. With my Hope to read you reply soon . Take car of yourse h ur n re elf. h wishes. With my best w Mar rina. 218 8

behnam June 26th 2009 b e 9 Dea Marina, ar It is very nice r s reading you friendly writings. Tha you ver much for valuable ur w ank ry contribution to make this t thread a nic place to b in. ce be Yes, as you said I am goin to set som question to give my students f , d, ng me ns y final exam. In I sum mmers, teach are free We (my p hers e. parents and me) will be free as all teachers. W will d e We go t Azerbaija (Tabriz & Marand a to an actually). I w stay the for ten d will ere days, then I will com back. My parents wi stay there by the end of the sum me y ill e d mmer. I have to be in Te e ehran beca ause of hav ving some ta to do. asks I wa in the par (There is a park nea our house I did som exercise. It was very as rk s ar e). me . y crow wded. Many people we enjoying their time. I don't know what has happened, women y ere g s are much more interested in doing ex e xercise than me. They d care abou their bod and do ut dy health. I saw m many men wh were loo ho oking after c children, pr reparing din nner! I think the k, wor has chan rld nged a lot. P Poor men ar getting ex re xhausted by the big res y sponsibilitie for es the life, but women are getting happie and healt er thier, slowly but surely I don't fee y y. el

jeal lous of wom at all. H men However, I b believe, duti are not b ies balanced. T will cau This use man problems in the future. Do you know why? Well, a hea ny s althy (physi ically strong and g rela axed) lady n needs a heal man, do lthy oesn't she? :) (loool) Ju imagine we have go two ust e ot boxes, what will happen, if we fill one of them an make the other one e e nd e empty? Wha will at happ if wome don't fee hungry, bu men feel hungry? W it is like climbing a ppen en el ut Well, e mou untain, but w women have started so e ooner than m therefo they won reach the top of men, ore n't e the mountain to ogether! :) Unbalanced life will ca d ause many t troubles. It is just a ma atter of time In other w e. words, only time will te us what w happen in the futur ell will re. me elieve that m are get men tting lazier t than before. I am not g going to focu on us Som people be the reasons of u unbalanced life. I just want to men d w ntion that if we don't try to find a p f ry proper solu ution to this problem, in the future we will hav some fat men and th (slim) wo n e ve hin omen, so th won't m hey match. (looo ool) The is a hidd point in the last par ere den ragraph. It w be cons will sidered imp polite if I ma it ake clea arer. I hope all my frien (particu nds ularly Marin will get it themselv na) ves.:) Sorr for the de ry elay. I hope to read mo from you soon. e ore u All the best, Beh hnam, 27 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 26th 2009 M ne Hi M Maryam and Cathy, d ere ds??? What has happen ??? ned Whe are you dear friend I'm sorry becau of being absent for a couple of days , so I didn't write for you, please use g f e forg give. I'm writing to l you know that I've missed you s much , pl let w m so lease write a again . I'm really very much looki forward to hearing from you a soon as yo can. ing d as ou h wishes. With my best w Mar rina.

Marina1 Jun 26th 2009 M ne Dea Asal, ar It's very nice to meet a new Iranian fr o w riend on this powerful site. Nice to meet you. s s o ank writing to m some nic words , it from your kindness. me ce t's Tha you for w

Plea feel free and write whatever yo want. ase e ou Hop to read m pe more from you. h wishes. With my best w Mar rina

Marina1 Jun 26th 2009 M ne Hi A Andrew and Mohsen, d How are you m friends?? I hope ev w my ?? verything is going well with you. How are your f w families , es specially your wives :) on this Sum mmer??? Dea Andrew , how is it th temperatu in Russi this days ar he ure ia s??? Plea write so ase omething, do keep sil on't lent. Hop to read m pe more from you. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

Marina1 Jun 26th 2009 M ne Hi d dear Behnam m, Emm mmmm , you do some e exercises in a park full of slim and beautiful f d females!!! I think u you were happy weren't y y, you??? ;) . Dea Behnam , did you saw all that women who were playin sports ?? ok, let me tell ar w ng ?, e you a secret , b don't tell anybody :) all that w but l ), women are p playing spor maybe be rts ecause they have to be in lots of p y e parties soon .:). Do you know what would hap n u t ppen if a wo oman wen to a party and she wa the fattes one in the party ??? the answer is very clea , her nt y as st e ar husb band would have the m hard ni d most ight in all his life :) :) :) so don't w :). worry about men , they are okay w y when their wives are ok (LOOO w kay OOOOOOL). en n be y ld tiful dress , makeWhe a woman wants to b in a party , she shoul wear the most beaut up , and shoes ( believe me , I don't kn what is that mean in women's dictionary even if e now s s y I'm a girl :)) . F From 9 year ago , my cousin got married , his wedding p rs party was f of full s er ke hair r e beautiful ladies , my mothe didn't lik what the h dresser made to her hair , she was et rty as et he ason , upse in all time of the par , my uncle's wife wa very upse too , for th same rea

but I was happy because th made m laugh (LO y hey me OL).( oh my God!!! Ho much I'm y ow m nau ughty(LOL)) ) It's women's na ature , but to tell the tru , men ar the main reason for making wom o uth re men care about thei beauty , s they shou tolerate what is hap e ir so uld ppening thes days (LO se OL). Dea Behnam , I was writi on the c ar ing computer wh I saw yo writing , so I answ hen our g wered you immediatel , do you k ly know why?? Because you are my best friend , so there is no ?? y d i need to think , I just write , words com directly , besides I k d me know that B Behnam und derstand me. By t way , se easy quest the et tions for your students , don't be v very strict ;) My sister big ). siste who has 3 children is going to g er i graduate this year (Go willing) , she is going to has od g her last exam o 30 June , you can't imagine how much she is afraid , o the other hand , on i w on r her husband is dreaming o sea and s of swimming ev veryday , he is waiting impatiently as he e g y, s to beautiful lif again , w fe" without stud dying(LOL). . says he wants t have a " b Tha you Beh ank hnam for you reply, it made me ve happy. ur m ery I ho to read f ope from you so oon. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

metzean June 27th 2009 m 9 Dea Behnam, ar You writing is always help ur s lpful, useful and I enjoy reading it You analy the subje l y t. yze ects artf fully and sci ientifically, but I think a little diffe erent in som points. Th similarit me he ties betw ween group of birds an people ar not worke out for p nd re ed people who a follow their are t lead by awar der reness. In yo writing people are analogized with the bi our d irds which innate i thei instinctive feeling an their lead as a bod in head of group is v ir e nd der dy very importa but ant, peop who cho ple oose their le eader base on the ideol logy and be elief, the cri iterions and values d that are held in common b t n between peop and the leader ar very impo ople eir re ortant. I ag gree with yo that the r ou reason for a wars are destructive human emo all e otions ,but in all war one side i invader a the othe side is def rs is and er fender ,so w what the leaders of two countries in wa say to the troops is apparently the same b the fact is different. If I ar eir s y but . nt many contem mporary exa amples, may Clare find it as politic and I don't want y d wan to write m to bother her ,s I refer to history and bring you the exampl of Mongo attack to Iran. b so d le olia o One side Mong e golian leade (Changiz) with a des er ) structive hum emotio ,looted o man ons our country and the other side Iran leader (sultan Ja E din) w defended against e e ala who d Mon ngolia attac until he w killed. A there w ck was Also were many w wars that pr rophets and d Ema took pa it withou any destru ams art ut uctive huma emotions that we ca it War for God ( an s all r

Iahad) ,in this way all troops know exactly why they are fighting. You mentioned a narrative from Emam Ali about sedition, thank you very much . We have many aphorisms which were narrated by our prophet and Emams , Also the holy books Koran, the interpretation is very difficult,why ? Because we should know the history ,the situation and what kind of people were addressed for. Our prophet mohammad told: "Atghan nasse man ghalal haghgha feema lahoo va alaih " The most piety is the person who say the truth whether he gain benefit or loss ,so we always should say the fact although we know the cause and effect law. Some words are intentionally were entered to our culture, like "the policy is dirty" or "policy has no father and mother". The purpose is that people will be indifferent to what is happening in their country. Thank you again for your kindness. I think you are very patience and never get upset for my poor writing. I would like to thanks Clare with respect that she give us this opportunity in this thread to write each others. I want to send my special regard to affectionate Marine who always warm the thread with her nice writing. I wish one day come to Syria and drop my ancher in Tartos port to visit her and Syria. B.Wishes, Mohsen

behnam June 28th 2009 Dear Marina, So many thanks for so nice writings. I really enjoy reading your writings. Do you know why people like reading your writings? People like them, because you always write what you think. You never pretend. You are always yourself. I understood your sentences very well. Thank you very much for writing in a very friendly way. There were some beautiful women, but they had got their owners! :) None of them were mine. (LOOOL) According to your way of thinking, or at least, according to what I have got from your writing, women are material possessions like other personal possessions of men! Do you

beli ieve so? (LO OOOL) I do not think li that. If i is so, how do you thin about the owner who is weaker than o ike it w nk e r the p possession? ? omen make themselves ready for m Becaus of men th do those things..I w men. se hey e was "Wo laug ghing at the em..." What do you mea Don't yo make yourself...? O my God! let's an? ou Oh stop writing in this way. I hope you w p won't get ups set. I am in a hurry I hope to r m y. read more f from you. All the best, Beh hnam, 28 June, 2009

Marina1 Jun 28th 2009 M ne Dea Mohsen, ar It's very nice of you to wri such kind writing , t f ite d thank you ve much in ery ndeed. It's a big hon to receiv a friend l you in S nor ve like Syria , so we elcome! It se eems you kn " Tartous" which is a Syrian c now i coast city , i fact I visi it once , it is in ited so b beautiful , w can say it becomes b we t bigger and b bigger every year. So w can say t y we that it's an o and new city at the same time. I've got lots of friends from Tarto old w ts ous. Tha you Moh ank hsen for you kind wor again , th made m very happ ur rds hey me py. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

Marina1 Jun 28th 2009 M ne Dea Behnam, ar Tha you so m ank much for you lovely wo ur ords about m writings and towar my perso I my s rds on. real apprecia your way of thinking about poo Marina. lly ate y g or Dea Behnam, we see lots of birds everyday flyin in the sky and we en seeing them , ar ng y, njoy even if they are not for us. The same f women , you can en the bea , even if it n e for njoy auty was yours ;) . sn't God is perfect , and he kno his crea d ows atures more than us , s he knows men and w e so women , so w when he spe eaks about " Paradise" for the two genders in the holy Ko o oran , what he t

says??? He promises men to meet too much beautiful ladies " Alhor Aleen" , and to live with them their, those beautiful ladies are beautiful from face and body point of view as the explanation of the holy Koran. Why God promises good men to meet and live with those beautiful women??? The answer is very clear , is there any need to write it???? ;) ;) :). Dear Behnam , women should take care of their beauty for themselves in the first place , and for partners in the second one. It's not my opinion , it's the fact of life , and all women who say that they don't care about men's opinions and they just be beautiful for themselves , they are liars. But dear friend , I've no partner , I'm free , I'm like a small bird flying in the sky , I just care about my wings , weather and my group :) ;) , so what are you asking me about???(LOL). By the way , women should care to be slim , because clothes' sizes are not in their service nowadays(LOOOOOOOOOOOL). Dear Behnam , I wrote lots of things about women intelligent in past writings, I'm strongly believe that men aren't equal and women too, some women are so stupid , and others are very intelligent , the question is " who is the intelligent woman and who is the stupid one????? Would you please let me know your answer?. To this moment I don't know if I'm intelligent or stupid in marriage life because I still single. I don't know if I'll be successful or not, all my writings are theories , and as you know dear Behnam , I should know the results for my theories to know if they are true or false , to that moment God only knows :) . Thank you for reading , I'd be grateful to read your comments soon. With my best wishes. Marina.

Andrew June 28th 2009 Hello Marina, I'm fine , thank you. My dear wife slave away as usual. I work too but not so hard (as well as usual:) Our short summer comes to it's middle, the weather is just good for everything whether it be a work or a walk so I can abstain from complaints temporarily:) Last night there was a wonderful lingering rain which made local hooligans to stay home and I had a chance to sleep with no any earplugs. Do young people shout in the night in your country? Just now I try to attach a plinth to the wall in the kitchen and after that our appartment can be considered to be ready for our relatives to come (they are supposed to be here on

Tue esday). That good. My hands used to be not in a habbit to work wit a hammer and t's y d th scre ewdriver so it needs som rest. me Wha new in y at's your world? Have som special pl ? me lans to spen holydays? nd Nice to see you Marina, e u be happy and d h don't worry, And drew 219 9

Marina1 Jun 28th 2009 M ne Hi A Andrew, ank much for you writing, y made m really sm ur you me mile. Tha you so m Dea Andrew, I a memb of my fam , so I a ar I'm ber mily always in my big bosses (my paren :)) y s nts plan and ther is nothing new in the plans , so I do nothi especial at the mom ns, re g eir o ing l ment. May I'll spen some day in anothe city, but I not sure yet. ybe nd ys er I'm e Yes Andrew, yo oung people ( of course only young men :) ) shout a lot in my countr too, e e g n ry of use a ut ighborhood from d all o this becau of extra energy, bu for luck I live in a very quite nei young men poin of view b not from cars' sound point of view :) . nt but m ds v In b brief , I spen my time a an old wo nd as oman , sittin on a com ng mfortable se , under the air eat t condition( beca ause it's ver hot in Syr ) , eating seeds and drinking co juice, ta by ry ria g d old alk pho with my f one friends and talk about people (gos :) ) and at the end writing on this d t ssip d d web bsite. ar ce again. Pleas feel free a share se and Dea Andrew, it's very nic to contact with you a som mething with me. h Be h happy too a healthy. and With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

behnam June 29th 2009 b e 9 Dea Marina, ar How are you to w oday? I hop everything is going w with yo pe g well ou. I do know ho to thank you for lov writings They are really great. on't ow vely s. Whe I am read en ding your id deas about women, I of think to myself tha women might kill ften o at

Mar rina if they could catch her. h (loo ool) I kn that God have prom now mised to giv men beau ve utiful ladies in heaven. What will God s G give to women? Why God have not sp e ? poken about things whi will be g t ich given to wom in men heaven? At th moment, I have no i he idea about i intelligence and stupid e dity. I canno judge abo it. ot out How wever, I will write some ething abou it in the fu ut future. I ho to see yo reply so ope our oon. All the best, Beh hnam, 29 June, 2009 . k ox. who ent forgive P.S. I am not able to check my mailbo People w have se email to me would f me. By the way I am not able to sign in Yahoo M y, a Messenger.

Marina1 Jun 29th 2009 M ne Dea Behnam, ar ank y your writing I'm so del g. lighted beca ause you lik my writin ke ngs. Tha you very much for y In fa my hand can't stop writing these days , I don't know why , mayb if I stopp fact ds p w be ped writ ting on the w website , I w would write a novel :) o a book , because the are lots of e or ere thou ughts in my mind, so th are fight hey ting togethe , some of them are tr er f rying to esca but ape, I try my best to keep them under arres (LOOOL) :) . y o st ) Wha have I wr at ritten about women ??? I didn't wr anythin did I??? :)))))))))). God t ? rite ng, G prot tects me?. A Amen. :) . ar ies of which are th smallest units in eve he ery Dea Behnam , our societi consist o families w soci , so if ev iety very family was built in a good wa , all societies would be ok. n ay d Who are the ba parts fo every fam o asic or mily???? Th are husb hey band and wif The hus ife. sband in the f first place , and wife in the second one. It's no my opinion , God cr n d ot reated men with w lots of specifica ations to be the leader to built a go family. e ood r in Koran " Alr rejal Kawam moon Ala Alnesaa ?.". but on the other o Our God says i the holy K han God crea women to share the husband the duty o building g nd ated eir ds of good famili , so ies they are partne , men ca y ers annot live without women and vice versa. Every woman should e s und derstand her role in her family , the she can b smart en r r en be nough to pla her role i a ay in perf way to s fect share her h husband in her life. h talk t hould be su uccessful wit their hus th sbands in the first place to be e To t in short , women sh succ cessful in ot thers. So if h husband was happy , calm , re her d y elaxed and c comfortable with e her , she would looking for d rward for a her other abilities w all r which God g gave them to her. o

She can work because God gave her mind and heart as all people which are the most important parts of our bodies, and she can be successful, and her husband will be beside and next to her in all her plans , and he will motivate her too. To sum up , we should have a strong basic to success in our life , this strong basic is " the family". I hope I could explain my idea in an understandable way , and I hope you can understand what I mean exactly. Forgive me if I was a bit boring. :) . Dear friend,Your question is very great and I've got the answer, but I think if I answered , I would write about something I don't prefer to talk about it , because I've some limitations. But maybe if I thought about suitable way for answering, I would write it immediately , I promise. Or as old Syrians say when they want to promise someone : I put my hand on my mustache (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL) :), but I don't have mustache , so let's keep it : I promise. :) :) Dear Behnam , don't worry about your friends , because they can understand. Just feel free , relaxed , comfortable , calm and happy , all your friends ( me included ) are with you , and they are waiting for your active writings again . I'm sure that everything will be okay very soon , it just a black cloud and it will go away sooner or later. So please be sure that all your friends are not upset or sad from you , they just miss you so much.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing , seeing , and reading from you very soon. Please stay happy. With my best wishes. Marina.

behnam June 29th 2009 Dear Marina, It is great reading your writings. Thank you for all efforts that you make to keep our friendship going. That is very kind of you. Thank you very much indeed. It seems that you are in an excellent mood these days. Thank God. Your great writings imply that you are very happy. I am happy too. In fact, your happiness makes me feel happy too. I like to call it 'induction happiness'.(Lool) :) My question remained unanswered. Do not worry! I know that it is a very direct question, so it is difficut for you to give a direct answer. I understand you very well. I really like what you have written about family and the real foundation of every society. I couldn't agree more!

These days, you are not able to stop writing, as you have written. Please take this perfect opportunity and write as far as you can. (loool) You have written a wonderful "Aye" from the holy Koran. I mean 'Alrejalo ghawamoona alanesa...." Dear Marina, we do not know why God have said so, but women often consider this "Aye' as the unfairness and cruelty to themselves. They believe that women and men are equal. I have written somethings about equality before (I have written to Lauri, I think). It is better not to focus on it now. Dear Marina, please write something about your routin tasks at home. What do you often do on a typical day? Do you like cooking? Do you often help your mother with housework? Do you like washing? What about ironing? What is your favourite fruit? Let me ask you a funny question. How many times, on a typical day, do you look at mirror? (loooooooooool). What is your main concern in the life? I know that it will take a lot of time for you to answer these questions, but do not worry, answer some of them. :) I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 29 June, 2009

behnam June 29th 2009 Dear Cathy & Nana, Where are you my Chinese good friends? What has happened to you? This is just to let you know that I have MISSED you terribly. Please do not leave this thread and me alone. Please do not lose touch with me. I do need to your friendship. I hope to hear something from you very soon. All the best, Behnam, 29 June, 2009

Mohamad June 30th 2009

My dear friends, Behnam, Mohsen, Marina, Maryam, Cathy, Nana, Asal, Andrew, Leyli and Clare Hello to you all, I hope every thing goes well and you are in good mood. This site be strewn with flowers every day with your lovely and wisely words. As you know I read your writing everyday and remember you all every moment when I turn on my computer at work. There are many useful things in your writing especially about men and women. These days there are many problems and hardness in my country particularly for young people (of course I am not young) like what lili has wrote . please be sure this is not politic issue but it is just to tell out one?s grievances. You know when we have a difficult in our life we say it first to friend, this make our be carefree. From this point of view I think lili was in the right . I think we must let everybody in this world ,world with fullness problems ,write about her/his opinion and about her/his sadness. Saadi is a world known Persian (Iranian) poet. One of his most famous poems is the following: Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain. Once Behnam has wrote it here before. By the way I hope everybody are in good mood and good health and have a life without any problem and country without any cruel. Best wishes, Araghi, 30,June,2009

behnam June 30th 2009 Dear Araghi, How are you my good friend? I hope you are fine. Thank you for putting message. It made me very happy. I understand you and what you have written. It is okay to write about our feelings; sadness and happiness. In fact, we share our feelings with each other. Sometimes, our feelings are so strong. For example, imagine we are extremely happy, then we make a loud voice, or we dance. We like it, but we often bother other people. It is very reasonable in our eyes, but what about other people? How do they think? I believe, people are free to do whatever they like as long as they do not make other peoplem get into trouble. People are free as long as they do not cause any problems to

other people in the society. This is an obvious principle in the world of human beings which is beyond question. In this site, we are some people, as some guests, from different parts of the world. We can give information about everything. We can share everything, but we cannot judge about other people, some politicians etc. It is unfair to judge about someone or something when we have not enough information. By the way, it is not good to be a guest, but do not treat the host with respect. In the first place, we are practising English in this powerful site. We make friends with other people through writing to each other. We share many things with each other. However, we are not allowed to write about politics, because we all know from our experience that speaking about politics comes end with a lot of hostility. It spoils friendship as fire does with dry wood. I have to dash right now. I have no time to check my writings. Please forgive me for making any mistakes. I hope to read more from you soo. All the best, Behnam, 30 June, 2009

nanazhong June 30th 2009 dear Andrew, I am glad to read your message.As you said,the refrigerator maybe made the temperature low down in your city.It ris so hot that i would rather walk and holdi a air condition at hand if i could.However the worst is living in India in summer.Where the tem is over 40'C and the water and electricity had to be cut sometimes because it can't be supplied.Can you tell me something about your city? best regards NANA JUNE 30,2009

nanazhong June 30th 2009 dear Behnam, Thank you for your message.You reply so fasty make me shame. I also wouldn't eat dog meat because i think dog is a piritual animal ,maybe it can hear

and understand Man,it is t friend of Man.Do y think tha d d the f you at? s people in ch hina began to eat vege etarian food no meat for health.Som of d me This day some p them (the white collar)only drink the j m e ly juice of veg getarian or f fruit in popular.They b belive it mak body is healthy and no rubbish.I don't agre that. ke ee GOOD LUCK NAN NA JUN 30,2009 NE

Ju 20 uly 009

i0 09skandar J 1st 200 July 09 hi i' adi. i am newbe here,, can i cha for anybo because my english it's worse 'm m at ody e h Ym i_skandar2 2000 nks than 220 0

Marina1 July 1st 2009 M ly Dea Behnam, ar ank much for you great wr ur riting for poor Marina. Marina fee happy wh her els hen Tha you so m frien are hap too, so w nds ppy when I feel that Behnam is smiling when he is reading my m g s y writ ting I feel so good. o Abo that Aya , I love it , I'm strongly believe th God said so because it is so. W out a ly hat d e Women and men aren't equal , men do lots of things we c feel them around , who is mak d t n f can m king a livin ng?? who is protect the whole fam s e mily?? who i protect th country ? ........ Men are is he ?? n doin so. ng d men hings , he se lots of m ent messages for women in the holy Ko r oran, I God gave wom lots of th thin women sh nk hould read the holy Ko t oran careful , then the will notic that the r lly ey ce road to the " Paradise " for women is shorter than men , what we w r want more?? :) :). ??

It should be mentioned that I'll write something about men duties toward women , otherwise , lots of women will kill me :) , but I'm still young , I want to live more (LOOOOOL), so I'll write about it soon. ( PLEASE WOMEN ! WAIT FOR MY FUTURE REPLY THEN JUDGE) :). Dear Behnam, you have asked lots of questions, oh my God!!! they are many and a bit hard to write the answers :) , but I'll write some of them as you have said. I love chores, I like to see everything clean around me , so I like washing dishes , tyding the house , ironing and cooking , but I'm strongly believe that everything has its time , so I don't like to do chores in all time of the day , I like to fininsh everything in the morning , then do what ever I want in the afternoon. I wake up everyday at 6:00, I watch TV ( the news ) :) , eat breakfast which is a central meal in my day. When my father go to his work I start cleaning the house . My mother likes to wake up late , about 11:00 , so when she wakes up we start to prepare for lunch , but before that I often check this website and write something if I have a time. after lunch I help my mother with lots of things , then check the website again. I like to walk one hour a day with my best friend . I watch TV , but very rarely . At the moment I'm waiting for my job, so when I'll start I think everything in my life will change. Dear Behnam , I think you feel that my life is a bit boring , but I don't feel so, because I prefer to stay at home if it was hot , and I've got lots of private activities to do , like learning English , I spend about one hour a day in studying English , I really love it , do you know why ??? ok, because it made me meet lots of great friends , especially you. :) Dear Behnam , I'm going to write about men , would you please write about the same topic . Then we should compare our writings :) Some of my relatives are comming these days to see my little brother who had a broken arm recently, now he is okay , Thanks God. So forgive me if I answered a bit late. I'm looking forward to hearing from you very soon. With my best wishes. Marina.

Andrew July 1st 2009 Dear Nana, Saint-Petersburg was built by decree of Russian Tsar Peter I The Great (declared as first Russian emperor) having been designed to replace the former capital - Moscow. New city

has given it's name in honour of apostle Peter who (together with apostle Paul) gonna be considered as a saint patron and defender of St.-Petersburg. So it has become a capital of Russian Imperium and was a capital in 1712-1728 and 1732-1918 Our city changed it's name several times: in the beginning of World War I (1914) it was renamed in Petrograd (because an old name construction sounded german-like and Russia was at war with Germany), in 1924 it's got a name of Lenin - Leningrad and was gonna stay under that name up to 1991 when the state of SU radically changed ( SU ceased to exist, socialism as a state system in Russia died etc.,etc.) So as you understand an author of these lines was born and came to be adult in Leningrad. It took efforts to become in habbit for a 'new' name S.-Petersburg which was considered as a historical before that time. In all times S-Pet was (and gonna be) one of the greatest cities of Russia, the second by size after the Moscow, developing powerful industry, scientific researchs, Arts, having a politic influence and attracting millions of tourists (in summertime mostly because a weather is definitely nasty in other seasons:((() Just now the weather is rather good - sunny and the temperature is about 20-24C - the best for walking and excursions by bus or boat. Great! Are you ready to buy a ticket?:))))))) Best wishes, Andrew

nanazhong July 1st 2009 dear Andrew, Thank for reply.As you said,you city-Moscow had change named as SaintPetersburg.However in my memory,we called it Moscow for many years in China and with which we also are familiar.I know her because a song---Moscow nights(???????????? ??????,it's right in Russian,i don't know).Even now this song is very famous so someone will sing it when we go to Karaoke. As far as Lenin is concerned ,i knew him since young.We learn to him from our history book.Even now we had to study Leninism.Sometimes we had to refer to it in writing articles. Can you image them?We have close relationship. I want to know more about Russia,please write to me. NANA JULY 1,2009

Andrew July 1st 2009 Hi Nana, I obviously expressed a thought not clear enough. Moscow is Moscow. It stay in it's own place for more than 850 years. It was a capital of Russia most of the time since the middle of 16 century EXEPT a time when Saint-Petersburg was a capital. Moscow is a capital of RF till now and nobody gonna change it's status as far as I know:)) Moskow is placed almost in the middle of the country, whereas Saint-Petersburg is in the North-West end of it and historically designed to be a link to Europe. I hope you understand me now correctly:) Best wishes, Andrew

Andrew July 1st 2009 By the way, do you know that Lenin is just subverted idol in Russia nowdays? Though some people go on to worship him and his memory till now.

behnam July 2nd 2009 Hi Nana, How are things? I hope you are enjoying the summer. It is so hot now. I dislike hot weather! It is boring. I drink plenty of water, and then sweat a lot. I have to have a shower each day. Last night I couldn't sleep well, because it was very hot. It was really difficult to breathe! You cannot believe it. By the way, I cannot use air conditioning system, because I have got a sort of sensitivity, or maybe an allergy to air conditioner. As soon as I switch it on, I start to sneeze, then I catch a bad cold. I hope you are not facing with such problems, anyway. I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 2 July, 2009

behnam July 2nd 2009

Hello Adi, How are you? Welcome to this thread. Thank you for putting message on this site. Could you possibly introduce yourself? I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 2 July, 2009

behnam July 2nd 2009 Hello Marina, How are you doing today? Are you having a good day? Are you enjoying every minute of your life? I hope so. I hope you are feeling good and enjoying the summer. I really enjoy writing to you and reading your writings. Dear Marina, nowadays, it is not easy to sign in Yahoo Messenger, to visit this site, to check mailbox etc. It often takes a lot of time to sign in. It is really boring. Sometimes, I write www.english-at-home.com in the address bar then press the Enter button firmly. Afterwards, I put my head on the desk and take a rest. I check it; it is still trying to open the site! How silly it is!(loool) After a while, I see the green site! Oh my God! Thankfully, "Let's learn together!" is on the home page! I click on it and wait! And wait! And wait! When will I see the first page of my thread? How knows? After 15 minutes (sometimes, after 30 minutes) I see the first page! Then I happily scroll down to view the end of the first page! Okay. I am there right now! I click on 220, for example! (loool) I wait, and wait and wait! Only God know when it will do me a favour, and then will be openned! Will it be openned for the honour of poor Behnam? (I'm not sure about this structure! It is Persian based. I have to check it later! LoooL) Oh, Yes, I am able to see page 220! Oh, God, Thanks! Finally, I am seeing Marina's writing on the top of that page! Great! OKay. Nice, lovely, friendly writing! Thank you Marina! I am going to answer it. Oh my God. The box isn't there! I mean the place that we write! What is the matter? What is wrong with it? Yes, I have to log in! But, I haven't logged out last time! Well, this is Clare's new policy! It is expired! Oh noooooooooooooo! I have to repeat this process!!! Oh again!!! Noooooooooo, it is

not f fair. How m much time h have I got?? ???!!! pid m, n. s n't lowed Stup Behnam you have to try again Nobody is hear! Don yell! But, you are all to cry! It was b bad, in the p past, for a m to cry! T man These days, it is ok! Cr Cry and get ry! rela axed! Crying is very he g elpful! Wel Behnam, you haven'y got enoug time to an ll, 'y gh nswer Mari ina's writing But, Mar g! rina is very sensitive. S is waiti for your answer. Yo know, sh often give people tip on y She ing r ou he es ps bein patient, b she isn't patient!!! ( ng but t (LOOOL) I kn now, what ca I do? No an othing. It is not my faul It is not b lt. because of m shortcom my ming. Nob body can bla me, I a a very go man. I a a self-di ame am ood am iciplined, si inless, neat and tidy person! (lo y oool) Beh hnam, time i flying. Wr somethi to this A is rite ing Arab. She is an easily a annoyed girl She is l. so s sentimental. Don't hurt her feeling (Loooooo gs. ooooL) Stup ego! Sto bothring me. I am w pid op writing now. Are you bli ind? You mu try your best to ust r boo my morale rather then lose my self confide ost ence! I won' forgive yo Now, I 't ou! und derstand tha you (ego) are my firs enemy in t world. ( at st the (LOOOOOO OOOL) Tha you for r ank reading Ma arina. No tim to check Forgive fo mistakes. I have to d me k. or dash. May next tim Byebye ybe me. All the best, Beh hnam, 2 July 2009 y,

metzean July 2nd 2009 m y Dea Marina, ar Tha for your hospitality I am sure that one da I will com to your c ank r y, ay me country as m many Iran nian people travel to Sy on pilg yria grimage to h zainab shrine, You never told me holy u whe you live in Syria, I h ere heard about one impor rtant port of Syria /Tor f rtuos. How m many imp portant ports are there in Syria. Wh one is the best for swimming? s Which r ? I lik swimming and every year in sum ke g y mmer I go to north of I o Iran to swim in Caspian sea, m n but unfortunate I cannot go there th year , my boss is kin but very uncomprom ely t his y nd mising and don't let me leave absence. He ad d dvise me to save my mo oney and no to spend it as an ot i excu ursion in se easide or mo ountain and forest . he j d justified it w help of imaginatio as with f on follo " when y are in a pond ,clos your eyes and imagin too much water like when ow you se s ne h you are in a sea When you look at a tree ,imagin 10000 of trees then y are in a forest a. u ne f you ?an so on. I listen to his ad n dvice, smile and feel so for him e orry m.

He always says" We have a lot of job to do ,every thing is slow ,we have shortage of time , he shouts Mohhhssen?!!!sooner or later your patience kill me.. so on. In response I tell him " may I kiss you my dear boss and kiss him , then he became a little calm and tell: well well ..,go and do your function well and quit talking ,I like my boss very much and I always play a joke on him. My boss always limping ,because he lost one his leg in IraqIran war and his leg is artificial. One of my friend is a doctor, a surgeon, he like climbing because he should stay on his feet for many hours when he is busy in surgical operation, so every week he goes to the mountains. last week he asked me to join his climbing and I accept it, because he is a humble person and we have close idea in many things. Then, on last Friday we went with our family toward the mountain ,and doctor and I decided to climb the peak. As we arrived in the first slope we did some exercise and warmed up our body and then continued ,after half an hour climbing ,I felt my heart was beating 150 beats/minute ,felt of nausea ,but I did not want to tell the doctor about it as I did not want to accept the a doctor is better in climbing . He was climbing like a wild goat, his hat had a long brim ?turn it down and he did not see anything except the spots in front of his feet ,I had to continue even I was killed , i thought ...I follow the doctor like an elephant which was chasing a goat, so the distance was became loner and longer, suddenly I turned intentionally on right and went behind a big rock and lied down in a shadow place, drinking a little water and got better. After a time my cell phone rang ; hey , where are you Mohsen? ,I cannot see you. I told Where are you doctor? I am here near the antenna mast on top of the mountain ,Doctor replied. I think I have missed you ,I said, one hour later I will meet you beside the cars , good bye.. One hour later when we join each other and were eating our breakfast ,I told him the story and we laugh a lot, specially our wives . I want to go the mountain again on Friday and take over the doctor. Dear marina ,do you like climbing, what is your favorite sport? B.Wishes, Mohsen

behnam July 2nd 2009 Hello Mohsen, How are you? I hope you are fine. Dear Mohsen, I just read your writing one hour ago! Unfortunately, I hadn't seen it. I was actually waiting for the answer of my last writing. The more I keep waiting, the more

wor rried I becom Finally I thought to myself, "B me. y, t Behnam, M Mohsen neve ignores yo and er ou your writing. N Nakoneh nad didish!" The erefore, I de ecided to ha a look to the last pa ave o ages. I foun it. Thank you very m nd k much. I am terribly so m orry, but I h hadn't seen y your nice w writing. Plea forgive m for being very ase me g late in answering. e I co ompletely ag gree with wh you hav written. Y fighting for God (J hat ve Yes, g Jahad) is rea ally diffe ferent from o other wars, but we shou know th it is not f to call a wars fig uld hat fair all ghting for God. I do not know how to make m w myself clear We must k r. know that th here is a ver thin ry line between fa and fact, or between fighting fo God and fighting to f e ate n or f fulfill our le eader's desi ires. When i is fighting for God, th leader is the first on who is re it g he s ne eady to be killed! k If E Emam Ali or prophet M r Mohammad c a war li fighting f God (Ja call ike for ahad), they are at the battle thems selves! I be elieve, it is n good to spoil such g not great facts b comparin our actio with the It is by ng ons em. not good to com mpare our l leaders with Imam Ali ( h (Janam be f fadayat. Ali dar alame hasti i, e ha at hmat bood, va khalife b boodan az a biniye boz kam abe b tanh to boodi ke hokooma barat zah arze eshtar bood Ali, joz to hich basha chonin nemitavanad bashad. Al tanha ba d. ari d li, araye to hok koomat maso ooliyat dash ht...) and ou silly actio with figh ur ons hting for Go od. ar the avelength. I have great respect for your opinio I r ons. Dea Mohsen, we are on t same wa und derstand you very well. u ank writing. Ple ease keep on writing. I hope to rea more from you soon. n ad m Tha you for w All the best, Beh hnam, 2 July 2009 y, 221

Marina1 July 2nd 2009 M ly Dea Behnam, ar Am I sensitive ???? :) , no Marina yo are not se o ou ensitive, jus Behnam s st says that you are u sens sitive. so wh am I gett hy ting upset w when Behnam being late in answer m e ring??? ok, that's beca ause you lik to contac with Behn , you lo to read h writings and love t feel ke ct nam ove his s, to his f friendship .:) ou blem , the earth phone line is brok :( in my home, ken dear Behnam , to share yo your prob n hese days , s if you can write hard , it's imp so n dly possible for me to so I can't be on Internet th chec or to wri here. Now I'm in my sister's hom , she has finished h final exa , and ck ite y me s her am she is preparin for her gr ng raduation p project , she wants me t help her , so I'm here in her to e

home , helping her , and taking a little bit of time to write here. dear Behnam , after all writing about openeing this site , and how much it's difficult to do that for you, I still want you to reply for me everyday , why??? I don't know , it's girl's nature, they like to be annoying (LOL). Dear Behnam, I've seen a movie , there was a great part in it , the main actor was fighting with lots of people to save his girlfriend , lots of people kicked him everywhere , but he could reach to his girlfriend's place and statred to take off the rubes which was on her hands , his girlfriend yelled at him and kicked his leg , he said to her " oh my God!!! I just saved you " , she said to him " yes , but you came late"...:) :) . What do you think about this part Behnam???? I think it is very interesting, isn't it??? :). Dear friend, My sister's child who is 3 years old is trying to play with me, now, when I'm writing , so what should I do ??? it seems I should finish this writing because he is yelling in my ear , oh my God!!! please stop, I'm writing to my best friend. :) Thank you Behnam for writing to me in these days , I really appriciate your care for writing to me , thank you very much indeed. You make me very happy in every time that you write to me ...why??? I don't know , I just be happy. Please write to me always , write to me more. :) With my best wishes. Marina.

behnam July 2nd 2009 Hi Cathy, How are you? Do you read this message? If so, why don't you answer? If not, where are you? I hope everything is going well with you. This is just to let you know that I have missed you terribly. I hope to read your message very soon. All the best, Behnam, 2 July, 2009

behnam July 2nd 2009

Dear Marina, Many thanks for writing in a very friendly way. Your way of writing is great. Many people have written something in this thread until now, but your way of writing is different. I know, you aren't patient (looool), and then will ask: 'What do you mean Behnam by saying that Marina's way of writing is different from other people's?" Don't worry! I will tell you. Marina's writing is different because it always smells females way of writings. I mean, it is clear that the writer is a female. Everybody can get it just by reading only one of her writings! Another point which is more important than the first one is that Marina always writes what she thinks. Marina never pretends to be someone else. Marina is herself. Marina has got no problme with her personality. She loves herself! All my friends believe that I am a very frank person. Of course, I am a frank person. I really love being frank. I am a straightforward person too. I am honest about my feelings or opinions and I hate to hid them. Why did I write these things? I just wanted to emphasise that I am not writing some positive things about you to praise you. I am not praising, not exaggerating, not flattering. I believe, the worse thing in the world is flattering. Human being mustn't flatter! If someone asked me, "Behnam what is the most valuable thing in the world?" I would answer; sincerity is the best thing in the world. Sincerity is really priceless. There are many definitions of "Mankind". In my opinion, someone is a real human being if their actions are the same as their sayings. To put it another way; there is no difference between their speech and deed! Nowadays, it is so difficult to find such a person. These sorts of people are not human beings, they are some angels indeed. They are even much better than angels. They deserve to be worshipped by other people, but we are not allowed to worship someone else. We must only worship God. I do believe that sincerity is the most valuable thing in the world. If you have got someone in your life, who is sincere, do not lose them, keep them with your two hands firmly. A sincere person is a real treasure. Pay for the price of their friendship, although it is not easy to pay for the price of their friendship, because they cost a lot! I will write something about sincerity later. Dear Marina, reading Behnam's writings is like drinking some salty water! You drink it, but the thirst is still there. The more you drink, the thirstier you feel. (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL)

It is about 00:30 in Tehran right now. Tomorrow I will sit an exam. I have to take an English exam. I hope I will pass this exam. If I pass it, I will finish intermediate level. Please pary for me. I hope to see your reply soon. All the best, Behnam, 3 July, 2009

sami July 2nd 2009 Hello Behnan and all of you in this site, I'm ROSA, from Spain. I have been reading the writings in this threat for a long time, maybe more than one year. I love reading it, I enjoy your writings and they make me learn a lot. I am a teacher and I have studying very hard during this year in order to improve and find a good place to work as a teacher. I have to say that in Spain it is hard to work as a teacher in a public school, you have to pass important examinations, and it is hardly impossible to work in a private school unless you have a close friend who works there. Now, I have finished my exams, and I am waiting for the results, let's see if my dreams will come true... I dont know how you are going to receive my writing here, this is my last try to say that I am still here, and I will always be. I think this is enough. Behnam, good luck for your exams, although it is clear that you will pass exam successfully. Your English is great. Rosa, 3 July 2009

Cathy Li July 3rd 2009 Dear Behnam and all friends, Thanks for your warm concern and good advice. I've been busy with work for a couple of days. Anyway, say hello to you and wish you enjoy every minute of life. Behnam, thanks for your message online this moring all the way.


zura July 3rd 2009 please show me the correct answer fi i'm wrong...your help i'm very appreaciate......because i'm very bad in writing or speaking

zura July 3rd 2009 hi...behnam.. are you still there to reply my message?? where do you live???? could you chat with me???... thanks... :-)

behnam July 3rd 2009 HOLA ROSA, You cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw your writing in the morning. Today I got up very early in order to do some homework, and to make myself ready for exam. After a while, I became connected. I visited this site and saw your writing. It energized me. Thank you very much indeed. Your English is excellent. We are some learners on this site. We need someone to correct our mistakes. You are an English teacher, so it seems that we have finally found a proper person to help us with our English. Should you be our teacher? Thank you for putting message on this site, in this humble thread. Thank you for joining us. Thank you once again for following and reading our writings. It is a great honour for me to make friends with an English teacher, who is from Spain, and then Spanish is their first language, or maybe their mother tongue. Spanish is the second most important language in the world. Dear Rosa, please introduce yourself if you do not mind. You have given some useful information about your career and your country, but it is not enough.(loool). I, personally, like to know my friend's gender and age. (I hope you do not mind if you are a lady, because ladies often consider it impolite to be asked about their age by a man. I am a real gentleman. I often do not ask about the ladies' age! looooooooool)

My friends, maybe, find it mysterious and strange that why Behnam wants to know something about his friends' gender and age. I understand them. I know that it is just because of their curiosity. Well, the answer is this: When you (I mean people who want to know why I need to have someone's gender and age) are going to write something to someone, you had better know their gender, because it affects your way of writing, and then the kinds of sentences, or the words you use to put next together! Men are physically strong and rough, so that it is okay to use rough words in the texts when we write to them. However, women are sentimental, smooth, soft and easilly annoyed. We have to be very careful with our behavious, sentences, words, especially, we have to talk to them smoothly. (loool) Age is another important factor when it comes to dealing with someone. There is a big difference between talking to an adult and talking to a fully grown person. (loool) Thank you for admiring my English. What I know is some general knowledge about English that my friends have taught me. I took my exam in the morning. It was great. I was the first person who finished it. The teacher checked my homework. He said; "Well done Behnam! That is excellent! I have nothing to say. You have done it perfectly. I will miss you." Then he gave me his email and said, "Behnam, please write to me and be in contact with me. You are an inspired person. I am very much interested in being a friend of you rather than your teacher." Finally, he signed his name at the bottom of a page in my book. I said to him, "That is very kind of you, actually. It was a great honour for me to be your student. Thank you for teaching. Thank you for all you have done for me. I hope to see you next terms again. I will miss you." Then I shook hands with him and left the class. It was a sad situation, by the way. Thank you for reading. I hope to read your reply soon. All the best, Behnam, 3 July, 2009

ahmedomerj July 3rd 2009 Learning is power ..... who said that thanks

behnam July 3rd 2009 Hello Cathy, Thank you for message. I hope you can make some time for visiting this place and writing something to your friends. Stay happy and healthy. I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 3 July, 2009 222

behnam July 3rd 2009 Hello Zura, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you for putting message in this thread. If you want to chat with me, please add this ID: you.believeme@yahoo.com These days, it is so difficult, sometimes impossible for me to sign in and then chat. I hope this problem will be solved soon. By the way, I am really pressed for time. However, I promise to chat with you, whenever we can meet each other online on the Internet. "Please show me the correct answer..". I could not understand. What do you mean? Would you please introduce yourself? I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 3 July, 2009

behnam July 3rd 2009 Hello Ahmedomerj, Thank you very much for putting message in this thread. That is very kind of you. Welcome!

I think, knowledge is power! How do you think? I do not know who has quoted that, but there is an 'Aye' in the holy Koran. God has asked from people: (Are knowledgeable and ignorant people of equal value and importance?) The answer is "No" and all people know the answer instinctively. Dear Ahmedomrej, I believe we have got many things in common. Please share something with me and my friends, and write in this thread regularly. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 3 July, 2009

sami July 3rd 2009 Hello Behnam How are you? I am happy to read your reply to me, it seems I have been accepted in this wonderful place. Thank you very much for accepting me here. Congratulations for your English exam, there was no doubt you were going to pass it successfully with the highest mark. Something shocked me when reading your writing to me, I said that I am a teacher, but how did you find out I am an English teacher????Oh my God!!!! I didnt say it! (jejeje) You are a very wise man!!! Yes, I am an English teacher, but as you can see in my writings I make mistakes, my English is not perfect, this is the reason why I am almost always engaged with English. Anything I say, I think, I do, I imagine.....is related to English and the English world. I think I have not level enough to be your teacher here (Come on!!!! Your english is much greater than mine) but I am here as always to help you and your friends with anything you need.

This morning, I got up early and I went shopping with a friend of mine (It is summer and it is the season of sales, I bought some nice clothes). I think up to now you dont have any doubt about my gender...I am young woman, dont worry about asking me my age, I have no problem to say it, when a woman has nothing to hide and is happy with herself there is no problem in telling her age. So I am 28 and I am single. I live in the South of Spain, in Andalusia and this is a wonderful place, it is worth visiting it! So you are welcomed here! We Andalusians are people with a good sense of humour and our policy at home is "when

there is lunch for two, there is lunch for three". This means there is always a free place at home for some guests. Forgive me, I have translated it literally from my mother tongue, Spanish. It seems you know a little bit of Spanish (HOLA) you could learn much more if you wished. I'm going to finish this long writing, I dont want to bore you or your friends. I hope you can give me an excuse to write more, I like this place, you know why. Have a nice time, enjoy life as much as you can. Rosa, 3 July, 2009

behnam July 4th 2009 Hello Rosa, How are you? I hope all is well with your life. Thank you for a fast reply. This place belongs to you, and you belong to this place. Thank you very much for joining us. You are absolutely right. You had not written anything about teaching. You had not mentioned that what you teach. A little bird told me that ROSA is an English teacher. (looooool and jejejeje) I am not a wise person at all, but let us take this issue as a problem and solve it. There is someone from Spain, so it is very likely that his/her mother tongue is Spanish. However, s/he has written an excellent text in English. What does it mean? In the first place, it means that the writer of that excellent text is an English teacher. I just made a guess. My best guess was that Rosa is an English teacher. (loool) Nowadays, women are very intelligent. Rosa is surely an intelligent woman. Therefore, she will immediately say, "Behnam, you are from Iran. It is very likely that Persian is your mother tongue, but you have written many texts in English. By the way, you have said that you were a teacher. It is very likely that you are an English teacher! However, your mother tongue is Azerbaijani rather than Farsi and you teach Physics instead of English. Therefore, making guess is not good. It does not work." That is a logical reasoning. Well done! However, I would like to criticise this reasoning. Firstly, my English is not as good as yours is. Secondly, there are many people on this site, who write much better than I do, but they are not teachers at all. On top of that, whenever and wherever I have said that I am a teacher, I have added that I teach Physics. You have said nothing about what you teach. It automatically means that the

writer has deliberately let us make guess about what s/he teaches. In such cases, the most likely guess is what I have made before. (loooooooooool and jejejejejejeje) Finally, Iran is a multicultural country. There are many different people, who live in this country. It is very likely that someone lives in Iran, but his/her mother tongue is not Persian. Thank you for inviting me. I wish I were able to visit you and your country. What a pity! You went shopping and bought some clothes? Great, but what did you buy? Some summer clothes, well what colour is it? Are you fussy about the clothes you buy? Are you fussy about your looks? What do you like more about your country and your city? You have written that Spanish people have a sense of humour; could you possibly give us some example? I know only a few Spanish words, but I like to learn more about it. Please write to me something about Spanish. I am really interested in knowing more about it. In the future, I will try to learn Spanish. This is one of my goals. Your writing is not boring at all. I really enjoy reading your writings. Please keep on writing. I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 4 July, 2009

sami July 4th 2009 Hello Behnam I am very happy to know you are well. I am fine, I feel relaxed, calm, at the same time with lots of energies to face anything it may come. I love those little birds which say things to people. Your logical reasoning may work sometimes but as you yourself have proved, it is not a mathematical rule. So I prefer to believe the theory of little birds!! As I wrote, yesterday I went shopping with a friend. I was really looking forwards to doing it because I, as most of women in the world, love shopping. It has been difficult for me to do it during the last 8-9 months, because I have been mostly engaged with my studies. Yes, I bought some summer clothes, some skirts, a dress, some shirts...In general I love bright colours, especially bright pink or red. I think these colours suit me, due to my skin colour. However, this time I didnt buy anything pink nor red, the predominant colour was blue, which is also a very nice colour.

I am not fussy at all with clothes, all I want is to feel comfortable and also to feel beautiful. I am not fussy about my looks, I am not obsessed with it but I like looking good. You know Behnam, I am a woman, we all like to look beautiful, and I am not an exception. I like to be well dressed, but always feeling comfort. You ask me about what is that I like the most aobut my country. I think you should have to come to Spain, you will soon fall in love with it. Spain is full of great mountains, forests, it has also very beautiful cities, but what I like the most are the beaches. I live in the south west part of Spain, in a small city in Andalusia, I live less than 15 minutes from the sea. We have wonderful beaches, with a great quality of sea water and sand. For me the beach is my paradyse. Whenever I feel weak or worried about something, I use to have a walk on the beach and I go back home full of energy. My parents have a house in the beach and there I use to spend my summers. My home there is 3 minutes from the beach...my paradyse, the worst side of it is that this beach has the coolest water in the south of Spain. Sometimes it is very difficult to have a bath because you can feel your toes become ice! However, some doctors say cool water is great for blood movement inside your body... You should come to this place, it is really nice to spend some time in Andalusia. What is what you like the most about Iran? and about your city? (please, dont tell me what you like the most are the beautiful women who live there!!!!) ; ) If you are interested in learning Spanish I can help you with it. It is not so difficult, although English is much simpler and easier than Spanish. Anyway, I know you wont have any problem when learning it. Behnam, you have said you are a teacher at university, have you finished your work? Have you finished with exams and results of your students? What kind of teacher are you? Is it difficult to pass exams with you? I am sure you are a great teacher and your students love attending your lessons. You have said it is difficult for you to sign in yahoo messenger, however I would like to enjoy chatting with you soon. By the way! there is a great place for English teachers which is eslprintables.com, could you please visit it? ;) I hope to read from you soon. LOL Rosa

Marina1 July 4th 2009 M ly Dea Mohsen, ar So h happy to rea your love writing about your manager an going cl ad ely nd limbing with your h frien It seems you like to make lots o activities , and climb nd. s o of s bing one of them. f I do like clim on't mbing moun ntains , in fa I've ever thought ab act r bout it , may because it's ybe e very rare sport in my coun y t ntry, or may because it needs an athletic pe ybe e n erson , with huge mus scles , and I don't have them :). Eve I don't kn how to s en now swim , my f family prefe going to the mounta and make a ers ains barb beque in the nature wit lots of tre around us , or eatin in a resta e th ees ng aurant there e. May my father used to take us there because a his family members are female , so ybe t e all y's s es it's b better to sta in the nature instead of going to the beach :) , I don't k ay d o know. But to tell the t truth ,I'm str rongly belie in our prophet's ( M eve Mohammad( (peace be up pon him) hadis bou what kind of activitie should be taught by the parents , I'm going to )) ut d es e s g writ it in Arab , then tra te bic anslate it to English : " Allemo Aw o wldakom Als sebahata wa a Alre emaya wa r rokob Alkha " , " teach your child ail h dren how to swim , ride a horse an how e nd to th hrow arrow javelin)" But my fat ws( ". ther didn't t taught me a of those , so what should I all do? :) , but t be honest he knows h to swim but he doe ??? to t how m esn't know t other tw the wo acti ivities. :) :) , so I should blame h :). dn't him Par rents should do what ou prophet s d ur said but by m modernize t them.{ Ridin a horse = ride ng a ca throw ar ar, rrows and ja avelin= sho ooting}. Wha do you th Mohsen at hink n??? :) :) dear Mohsen , there are tw main por in Syria , Tartous a Lattakia , both of th are wo rts and a hem beautiful to swi and to sp im pend lovely time in. in f all Syri is beautif in my ey , and fact ia ful ye Iranian peop are wel ople lcomed! , in fact I'm so happy to kn that Ira now anian peopl are le all I inte erested in Sy yria. Tha you Moh ank hsen for you writing , please keep going writ ur p p ting , all you writings are ur welc comed. h wishes. With my best w Mar rina.

Marina1 July 4th 2009 M ly Dea Mohsen, ar happy to rea your love writing about your manager an going cl ad ely nd limbing with your h So h

frien It seems you like to make lots o activities , and climb nd. s o of s bing one of them. f I do like clim on't mbing moun ntains , in fa I've ever thought ab act r bout it , may because it's ybe e very rare sport in my coun y t ntry, or may because it needs an athletic pe ybe e n erson , with huge mus scles , and I don't have them :). Eve I don't kn how to s en now swim , my f family prefe going to the mounta and make a ers ains barb beque in the nature wit lots of tre around us , or eatin in a resta e th ees ng aurant there e. May my father used to take us there because a his family members are female , so ybe t e all y's s es it's b better to sta in the nature instead of going to the beach :) , I don't k ay d o know. But to tell the t truth ,I'm str rongly belie in our prophet's ( M eve Mohammad( (peace be up pon him) hadis bou what kind of activitie should be taught by the parents , I'm going to )) ut d es e s g writ it in Arab , then tra te bic anslate it to English : " Allemo Aw o wldakom Als sebahata wa a Alre emaya wa r rokob Alkha " , " teach your child ail h dren how to swim , ride a horse an how e nd to th hrow arrow javelin)" But my fat ws( ". ther didn't t taught me a of those , so what should I all do? :) , but t be honest he knows h to swim but he doe ??? to t how m esn't know t other tw the wo acti ivities. :) :) , so I should blame h :). dn't him rents should do what ou prophet s d ur said but by m modernize t them.{ Ridin a horse = ride ng Par a ca throw ar ar, rrows and ja avelin= sho ooting}. Wha do you th Mohsen at hink n??? :) :) dear Mohsen , there are tw main por in Syria , Tartous a Lattakia , both of th are wo rts and a hem im pend lovely time in. in f all Syri is beautif in my ey , and fact ia ful ye beautiful to swi and to sp Iranian peop are wel ople lcomed! , in fact I'm so happy to kn that Ira now anian peopl are le all I inte erested in Sy yria. ank hsen for you writing , please keep going writ ur p p ting , all you writings are ur Tha you Moh welc comed. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 4th 2009 M ly Dea Behnam, ar The are few p ere people who can affect o others de on eeply. They are very ra , we mee them are et by accident , lo a ovely accide , just onc in all our life. ent ce r They walk thro ey ough our spi irits, egos, a hearts , then live in minds. We can't forge them. and n e et Who are those p o people??? What are th specific heir cations?? ho do they affect on ot ow thers?? I do know. A what I kn that I'm writing for one of them , I'm writ on't All now m r m ting for my dear d sinc cere friend B Behnam. :) Dea friend, so feelings aren't able to be writt or descr , they a like a fre air ar ome s e ten ribe are esh

and fresh water , very rare. We can feel them and keep silent. Why do we keep silent??? We can't translate our feelings to suitable words , so we hide them somewhere which is a good place to be in, or translate them to some actions , but in my state , in my situation I can't describe my feelings by actions , so I keep silent. Sometimes, keeping silent is a way for saying something, telling something and describe something. It's an encoded message , will reach safely to its decoder , even though there is a lot of noise everywhere . :) Thank you Behnam for your sincere , honest, direct , affective and frank words. They are great words from great and dear person. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your reply confused me , I didn't know how to write, begin , loge in , sign in and sign out. So , the most important question now : DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME BY YOUR KINDNESS???? With my best wishes. Marina. PS: Congratulation for your exam ! I think it was as clear as sun that your English is great , and I was as sure as a gun that you will pass it. :) :) :) , so you passed it. Congratulation! Are you going to complete in the next level soon??? By the way, forgive me for being late in answering , I'm asking you again to be patient (LOL), oh my God!! Impatient Marina wants Behnam to be patient! What is this paradox???!! I'm suffering from the same problem , I hope it will solve soon.

behnam July 5th 2009 Hello Rosa, How are you today? I hope you are fine. Thank you very much for your nice reply. It made me feel so happy. You prefer the theory of 'little bird', but all life is a kind of making guess. There is no need to prove it, because it is a proven fact. We make guess about something because our knowledge and information about it is not complete. Anyway, now I know that I am writing to an English teacher.(lol) Your father has got a house near the beach! Good for you! What a lucky lady! You like walking on the beach and playing with sands, maybe, writing something on sands like: 'let's learn together!' or something like that. I like designing on sands; I often design the shape of heart, an arrow passed through it, and some drops of blood around it. Once, I was designing it on the beach in the north of Iran (on the beach of the Caspian see), a

sentimental lady was walking there. The design was big, so that she did not see the whole shape, so she put her feet on the part of the shape! I said, "Oh, lady, lady, noooo! Do not put your foot on my heart!" At first, she got deeply shocked, but she saw the whole shape and laughed. She played a joke on the design, saying, "Whose heart is this? It is so big; it means that the owner of that heart is huge like elephant!" I answered, "I am the owner of that heart." She felt embarrassed and apologised for saying that. I told her not to worry about it, because elephants are not so bad animals. She felt ashamed more. I understood that the lady was so sad because of using the name of elephant for describing the shape in a bad way. I wanted to make her forget the entire story, and then I said, "I love elephants because of their long trunks!" Her face went red and said with a bitter smile, "How naughty you are!" (looool jejejeje) My students will take the final exam on Thursday, 9th July, 2009 at 8:00 am. I am a strict teacher, but I am kind as well. I love teaching Physics. It is in my blood. I was born to teach Physics. I can explain the most difficult things in a very easy way, so that even children can understand it. When I am teaching, I am very serious, so nobody has right to speak or make any kind of noise! The students know my habits very well. When I finish teaching an especial topic and put the marker on the desk, it means that it is time to ask questions, to speak, to... I set easy questions. My questions are easy, simple, but tricky. It is very easy to pass Physics with me, because I am so kind, and often in a generous mood when it comes to giving exams and marks. The girls are not interested in Physics. Only a few of them are good at it. You should know that Physics is sweet, but so difficult. In the world of Physics, memorising does not work at all, but the girls are very good at memorising! I live in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It is the most important, expensive, populated and crowded city in Iran. I live in the northeast of it. This part of city is green, quite quiet, next to mountains. The weather is so nice, so that we rarely switch air conditioner on. There are many parks and museums in this city. I love green places. On the other hand, the traffic is very heavy in this city. It is always bumper-to-bumper. Therefore, it is very dirty in the city centre, and the weather is very bad there. It is very boring. Whenever I go to the city centre, I get a nasty headache. I really become ill. The most famous university in Iran is in Tehran. I love Tehran because of its great mountains, universities, and many excellent facilities. So happy that you like blue, I love it. I love pink and red, but not to wear, to look at. (LooooL) Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 5 July, 2009

behnam July 5th 2009 Hello Marina, How are you? I hope everything is going well with you. Many thanks for lovely writing. Thank you for using some wonderful words to describe impression that I have made on you through writing to each other. Imagine we need a machine, a toy for example. First, some engineers put their heads together and design it. Afterwards, factories manufacture it. There is a station, named quality control. There are some employees, who control and check whether the produced toys fulfill the designed function or not. In case of working according to what it is supposed to, they let the factory send the production to the market. The same is in the world of human beings. If someone's heart beats for somebody or something, it means that this machine (this human being) fulfills the designed function. Therefore, Marina, good for you! You are a right human being! What are the important characteristics of a good friend? If you carry out a global survey to find out what makes a good friend, you will hear different answer to this question: What makes a good friend? Well, why will be the answers different? The answers will be different, because people look for different things in friends. I think, a good friend is somebody who you can trust and tell secrets to. They are sincere. They will never lie to you. A true friend is someone who you can feel completely comfortable with and you do not have to make yourself into someone you are not. They should accept you for who you are and not try to change you. They listen to you but, at the same time, do not just agree with everything you say. Some people call someone a really good friend, when they see eye to eye on all things! I do not know why I wrote these things to you. Maybe, I wanted to say that your way of thinking, or your attitude towards friendship makes you feel so. In many cases, we cannot describe our feelings by words. I completely agree with you. I really like what you have written about yourself, and about good impression that I have made on you. It made me fly over clouds. Thank you very much. In fact, it is just because of your own kindness. You have got a heart of gold. Today, I went to the institute, and registered. I have passed the exam with merit. I will continue to learn English at upper intermediate level. I have written this text while I was in a hurry. I could not concentrate on what I wanted to

write. I think, this writing will be a little bit confusing. Please forgive me for making any mistakes and making you get confused. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 5 July, 2009 223

behnam July 5th 2009 My dearest friends Mohsen & Araghi, Tomorrow is birthday of Ali the great, and Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to You! I hope everything is going well with you. Stay happy and healthy, Best Regards, Behnam, 5 July, 2009

mary July 5th 2009 Hi, Happy Man's Day to my male friends. And also Happy Father's Day to all fathers. I hope you all be healthy and happy. God bless those who are not with us and I hope they are in peace.

Best regards, Maryam

mary July 5th 2009

Dear Behnam and Marina, I read you writings to me. Thank you. I'm sorry that I have not answered your writings, but these days I'm not in the mood of writing. Please forgive me.

Best regards, Maryam

behnam July 5th 2009 Hello Maryam, Thank you for the message. When I opened the home page, I saw that "let's learn together!" has got 2222 replies. I thought to myself, who has posted the 2222th message! I decided to thank him/her. After openning this page, I saw your message, then I found out that Maryam has posted the 2222th(four two) message. I became very happy. I really was walking on air. I would like to take this perfect opportunity to express my especial thanks for writing the 'four two' message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Father's Day! May God have mercy on the souls of all dead people! :( Maryam, please do not lose touch with me and with this thread. I really love reading your writings. I really have missed your writings. This thread belongs to you, and you belong to this thread. Please share something with us from time to time. Please do not leave us alone. I need your help to make this thread a good place to be in. Let's put our heads together and try our best to improve our English skills, and to gain experience through friedship and writing. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. All the best, Behnam, 5 July, 2009

sami July 5th 2009

Hello Behnam, I am very well, your reply makes me happy. How are you today? I hope everything goes well with you. I would like to wish you a HAPPY MAN'S DAY too. You have also written that it is Father's Day too. I makes me remember that some time ago you wrote that your father had a health problem. I hope he is completely well now and you can enjoy this important day with him. Probably, in the near future, someone will tell you happy father's day to you. Would you like to have children? I am sure you would be a great father. Lucky the woman who makes you a father! I love children, however I am not a mother up to now. I have a little niece who is the love of my life. There is a special kind of connection between her and me, (a good friend of mine once asked me if she was my niece or my daughter!!!) I use to play a lot with her and I am even teaching her English! Even though she is just 3 years old, she knows some words, I think in a few years she will be speaking English better than me! Sometimes it is very hard to concentrate on doing something when she is at home. The other day I read what Marina wrote, something like that she was not able to type because her nephews wanted her to play with them. I have felt the same lots of time! Please Marina, forgive me if it is not exactly what you wrote,I think I read it two days ago and I cannot remmember the exact words. By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I would be very happy to make friends with you. I usually read your writings, and I truly admire your way of writing and thinking. Your thoughts are clear as crystal and it makes you be a special girl. If you agree to make friends with me, please, write to me and give me an excuse to write to you. Mmmm my mind has flown away! Please, Behnam forgive me, you see, sometimes one thing leads to the other and my writing has nothing to be with what I really wanted to write to you. Forgive me please! I think it is time to finish this writing, I would like to read from you as soon as possible. Please, ask me things, and I will be happy to answer them and write about them. Kisses from Spain. Rosa July 5, 2009.

behnam July 6th 2009 Hello Rosa, Thank you for replying. How things are going? I hope you are enjoying every minute of your life. Would you possibly let us know a little bit more about the beach? It is summer, and there are many people from different parts of the world, on the beach now. Am I right in thinking that? (This is the first excuse to write! LoooL). My father is well. Thank you for asking. Thank you for thinking that I will be a great father, but I believe men make women become mothers! I doubt if the reverse is true! (The second excuse to write! LoooL). Everybody likes children. This is one of the human instincts to get married! (The third excuse to write! You can dig this topic more by writing: No Behnam. I do not think so. I have met many people who hate children...Or, I completely agree with you, but if you like children why you did not get married yet? ... LOOOL). My female friends have got niece or nephew very close to them! It is very strange. Anyway, your niece is my rival, I think! (The forth excuse to write about. You can write e.g.: Do not worry Behnam. Do not fear. There are different parts in ladies' hearts. Some of them are for... LOOOL jejeje). Her English will become better than yours! That is wonderful. It means many things: 1. Her teacher is a great one 2. She is very sharp like her aunt. ...(The fifth excuse to...) Do not worry about writing to Marina while you are writing to me. I do not mind at all, because there is no difference between me and Marina! (The sixth excuse to write! This is a wonderful excuse! looool jejejejeje) Dear Rosa, there are always many things in my writings to take them as some excuses to write about. I often write those things on purpose, just to let my friends feel free in writing to me. If you want a specific topic, how do you think to write about "friendship, love, happiness, kindness"? For example, in your opinion, what makes people happy and who is the happiest person in the world? You should know that there is no need to name someone. You are expected to write: In my opinion, such and such things make people happy, and the happiest person is someone who has got Behnam as a friend! (loool jejeje). Dear Rosa, If you had read the writings in this thread, you would have known that, more or less, all people are interested in reading something about men and women. I do not know why this topic is very interesting for all people. I guess, it is just because of different worlds that men and women belong to, but both men and women live in this earthy world!(loool) How do they belong to different worlds? I have learnt from

expe erience that writing ab t bout the wor of men a women has always welcomed by the rld and read ders. I do no know what is the ma secret? ( ot ain (loool jejeje There are many excu in e) e uses this paragraph. What are y searchi for? (loo you ing oool) You have sent s u some kisses from Spain That is ve kind, bra and gen n. ery ave nerous of yo It is ou. real amazing becuase it strengthen my belief. There are many coupl in the so lly g, t ns f les ociety that have not k t kissed each o other, altho ough they ha been wif & husban for years ave fe nd s. How wever, a frie from Sp end pain sends kisses to her friend! A c k r close friend of mine (H lives d He in Ir ran!) once s said to me t that it is just because of our attitud towards life, our way of f de ay thin nking, our w of upbri way inging, etc. That is true but I think in Iran, m do not know e, k, men k wom and wo men, omen do not know men Our mind are filled with some u n! ds untrue belie by efs our parents! Th grils min are filled with some stupid thin that thei parents he nds d e ngs ir rticularly th mothers have taug them. An the same goes to bo minds! heir s) ght nd e oys (par Am mother is tea aching her daughter: If this->do th if that-> do this... H this fu CD d f hat, > How ull will work? It is exactly like a rubbishl s e -filled CD. We will hea what is w ar written befor re! It is because of the culture gap between Iran and Spain! Peo often c it cultur s f e d ople call re shoc Howeve what mak culture g ck. er, kes gap? What are the rea asons? Any yway, I belie we have to change our attitud and beliefs. I do not mean to sp our eve, e des t poil cult ture at all. T There are m many things we can do, without rui ining our an ncient cultur re. The sky is not b in Tehr e blue ran! It is du usty. I have n seen lik this befor Some exp not ke re! perts said that it is because of Ir d raq! It is ap pparently wi indy in Iraq so that it m q, makes the s of sky Iran become du n usty!!! I ha digresse into an ot ave ed ther topic. S Sorry to be boring. I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 6 July 2009 y,

Marina1 July 6th 2009 M ly Hi B Behnam and my new fr d riend Rosa, Tha you so m ank much for you writing to me , it ma me really happy. ur t ade But to tell the t truth Behnam , I didn't got what yo wrote to me , it was really conf ou fusing, it m means you ar confusing me on por re g rpuse , aren you???? :) n't I've got someth hing to write , but not now , I've no time , but I wanted to write some e n o ething er Hi ))))) " anyway in orde to say " H Behnam, I'm alive!:)

Dea Rosa, it's a big hono for me to be your fr ar s our o riend , thank you for giv k ving me an excuse for w writing to y It seems you are a great perso with an e you. s on excellent En nglish, pleas feel se free in writing to me . As I said to Beh e hnam , I've g somethi to write for you. I promise got ing e p to write very so w oon. Thank y for saying some go words a you ood about my wr ritings and my pers , It's fro your kind son om dness. Plea wait for my next rep ase r eplyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy. :) (it's a new end for a r ) w reply:)))) , o my oh God Marina is a discov d!!! verer) h wishes. With my best w Mar rina.

Marina1 July 6th 2009 M ly Hiii iiiiiiiiii Mar ryam, ank much for wr riting to me. I'm so happ to see yo writings again. py our s Tha you so m Tak it easy an feel free , but don't le ke nd eave us. write for us ag gain and enj your fri joy iendship and English wi us. d ith I'm waiting for your active writing . r e h wishes. With my best w Mar rina.

sa July 6th 2009 ami h Hel Behnam llo u agine how h happy I am when I read your writi Thanks a lot for d ing. You cannot ima answ wering. You are very k u kind. I am very well, I am free fr studyin I am enjoying my ho m from ng, olidays, get tting up late e, swim mming in th Atlantic O he Ocean, sunb bathing...I f very hap but at th same tim feel ppy he me anxious to know the result of my exa I will kn them in 10 days, I c w ts am, now cannot wait more! t w! e me ex writing! I w write abo some of them will out f Wow You have given to m a lot of excuses for w now all are very interestin from diff w, ng fferent points of view. ts As y have said, the beac is now fu of people from differ parts of the world, you ch ull e rent f espe ecially my b beach. It is a very attra active place f rich for for reign people mainly G e, German and British. Th can do h d hey here lots of things, they love our su and nice weather, th y un here are lots of places w where they can play gol (I dont kn why the are so int c lf now ey terested in p playing

golf! Do you know the reason?) This is an attractive place for them, and their presence here makes it an attractive place for me! In the last summers I have worked in a hotel where the 80% of guests where German and British people, I loved working there because I had the possibility of using my English and also improving it. At the end of each summer I could feel my Enlgish was a step beyond with respect to just some months before. Unfortunately this summer I wont work in the hotel, it was nice due to foreign people but it was a hard work, and now I feel I am very tired to work there. It has been a hard year to me, I think my mind mainly needs a rest. I dont agree with your second excuse for me to write. You have said that "men make women become mothers". You are right up to a 50%. It is true that we need a something of a man to be mothers, but how can a man become father without a mother?? What I try to say that both of them are important, there is no mother without a man, or there is no father without a woman... This is the general belief, I think, because nowadays a woman can be a mother without having any kind of contact with a man. I give you an example. My mother has a friend who has a 37 years old daughter. She hasnt found a man for her and she is a very independent woman, she lives alone in a different city, she is a police woman...Then she thought she wanted to be mother, and the reason of not having found her man or getting married was not going to stop her. She is going now to a hospital to get pregnant without having any kind of contact with a man, and this is not new, lots of women do it. To tell the truth I personally prefer first finding the right man and then marrying and having children. I dont think I could do that, I think that pregnancy is a matter of two (Man and woman) and living a pregnancy alone can be a little bit sad. This is just my point of view. What do you think about it? Now I have to leave, I have to do some things for my sister. She is going on holidays to Italy with her husband for two weeks, and she needs a credit card to use it there...I am going to look for that card. I would love to go on writing later if not today, I will continue tomorrow. I hope not to bore you with my writing, ha ve nice day, enjoy as much as you can. Again kisses from Spain (here we use kisses as a hello and bye bye, in Spain we kiss eachother a lot ; ) ) Rosa, July 6, 2009

sami July 6th 2009 Hello Marina It makes me very happy to read your writing to me, thanks for your nice words towards me. I will love to read your next writing, actually I am anxious to read it. As I have said to Behnam, I have things to do now, I will write to you later. A kiss to my new friend! Rosa, July 6, 2009 224

Andrew July 6th 2009 Hi my friends (by week voice), Nobody recall old Andrew.. Not that I can't ggget up from my bed and make a cup of coffee, I can!..yet..(sneezing) But anyone deserve... No! Stop your moaning old bum! Of course I understand: you all are so young, so vivid, you have strengths...and talent... to fill this pages by beautiful, meaningful consisting-from-one-million-words-posts about women, women and women again...while poor old Andrew is hardly able to reach his computer chair and if he even did it he hardly could type more...(coughing)....(which one is it??)...more than just few silly lines before leaning back in exhaustion.. Well, what was I gonna say by the way? Hmm, amnesia.. Anyway my dear friends.. and friends of my friends, I wish you TO DO what everyone happy young people's supposed to do: enjoy your life, find interesting job, develope every possible hobbies, fall in love, fall in love, fall in love again, get married, born children, care about their nieces and nefews and don't forget old friends. Like me:))))))))))))))))))) So Araghi, Behnam, Marina, Maryam, Mohsen, Rosa (nice to meet you dear lady!) (if I try to put in the list ALL of the names of people ever visited this thread it'll be looking as a "house that built by Jack" Good luck

and See you, Andrew

asal July 6th 2009 Dear friends How are you? Happy man's day i wish you a day full of joy.May God help you in everythings you do. Best regard Asal

nanazhong July 6th 2009 dear Andrew, I'm so sorry,i make a big mistake that i confused Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.I sincerely apologize to you for the misunderstanding.I know you live in Saint-Petersburg. As you said,this city is beautiful and i hope i have a chance to there.But i'm frightenned at the cold weather.I havn't live below 0 ^C?in my city the lowest tem is 4-5 C.I havn't skate,too.Can you tell me this feeling? GOOD LUCK NANA JULY 6,2009

Andrew July 6th 2009 Hello Nana, if you're planning to visit S-Pet in summertime don't worry - a day temperature even for bad summer can hardly be lower than about +6C:)) But it could be the worst. An average temperature for the middle of summer (July) must be much higher, something like +20 24C And of course you can get weather report on-line every moment you need it. As to skating, I must admit than I could never learn to do it. Skiing is another matter. I adored it as a boy and a youngman. The best weather for skiing is calm, sunny and -5-10C and everything is good and a snow scroop under the skies and a soul of skier sing a song of happyness:)) Best wishes, Andrew

behnam July 7th 2009 Hello Andrew, How are you my old (a friend I have known for a long time) friend? I hope all is well with you. Thank you for writing again. It really made me happy. Although you have got wife and children, your way of thinking and behaving implies as if you are young. You are young at heart! This is what all people judge about you. Good for you! Dear Andrew, in some tersm I am the opposite pole to you. For exapmle, you are young at heart, but I am old at heart. Who must be sad? I think, Behnam must be sad. Yesterday was holiday in Iran. As I guess you know, the sky is so dusty in Tehran. Dusty weather is very bad for my father, because he has a weak heart. I took my parents to a mountain, not to climb it, but to enjoy it. We love mountains. There was a river, a small one. I searched for a flat place then we put up our tent. Then I searched for some wood to make a fire. It was very difficult to find some wood, but I did it. I found a dry tree which was so difficult to climb. I climbed the tree and broke it into small parts. Finally I made a fire. Afterwards, we had a barbecue. I am an expert in making fire and cooking outdoors meals! We enjoyed all things there! Two blond ladies were hiking. It was clear that they weren't Iranian. We can easily recognise Iranian from other people! (loool) My mother wanted to check my English, whether I can make myself understood or not. She wanted me to make an excuse to start speaking with them. I am an expert in making excuse to make small talk.(loool) I said to them, "Excuse me! Sorry to bother! This is my mother. She wants to check if her son can speak English or not. Could you possibly make a short conversation with me in English?" One of them smiled and said, "That's ok, where are you from?" I answered, "I am Iranian, and I live in Tehran." She asked, "But your accent is very good, how did you learn English?" I told them the story of learning English. They were tourists. One of them was from Germany, and the other one was from Ireland. German lady wasn't able to speak English very well. She had a especial accent. The other one said, "Your pronunciation sounds British, have you ever been to England?" I smiled and said happily, "Come on! Do not try to make me happy with this awful pronunciation I'v got! Although I am trying to speak in British accent, my accent is a

combination of Persian, Azerbaijani, and English." The German lady said, "Oh my God! You are from Azerbaijan. Can you speak Azerbaijani?" I answered, "My parents are originally from East-Azerbaijan province of Iran. I didn't mean the Azerbaijan republic! However, I can speak Azerbaijani very well." The German lady knew some words in Azerbaijani. They sat in our tent for 20 minutes, ate some fruit and left! Dear Andrew, we came back to our home in the evening. I enjoyed it, but there were something which made me so sad. For example, I saw many young boys and girls who were smoking, using hookah, etc. It was very sad to see young girls and boys in such bad situations. For them, it is better to eat some nuts, some fruit, some food, Instead of smoking. :( Also, some stupid people spoil the appearance of such nice places by dropping or throwing away some rubbish like papers, bottles, cans etc. I don't know why people drop litter! There were many litter bins, but unfortunately some people do not throw litter into them. There were so much rubbish. Dear Andrew, today is holiday too!!! It isn't a traditional holiday, this time. It is dustyweather holiday! (loool) The government has announced that the weather is dusty. It is very dangerous, especially for old and sick people. We have two choices, staying at home or going to some safe places like mountains! At the moment, the family is negotiating in order to reach an agreement either to stay at home or go to somewhere! (loool) I hope to go somewhere to meet some foreign ladies again! (loool) I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 7 July, 2009

Clare July 7th 2009 Ooh Behnam - a hit with the foreign ladies!! I hope your mother was impressed with your English conversation skills! Best wishes Clare --

Clare, eng glish-at-hom me.com

Marina1 July 7th 2009 M ly Dea Behnam, ar ank y your writing , even if yo confused me (as usu :) ) but I can g ou d ual Tha you very much for y get y your sincer and pure f re feeling from it , and th m hat's enough for me. :) h ar ix than six exc cuses for our new friend Rosa for w r d writing Dea Behnam, you gave si or more t to you, what ab y bout poor M Marina??? D you forg her??? Did get But as you know Marina c get excu by hers :). I've r w, can uses self read someth hing you wr rote abo daughter and moth in Iran. I agree wit you up to a point and disagree in out rs hers th o ano other. I'm str rongly belie that mot eve thers affect on daughte How do they affect??? It's ers. a bi difficult to talk about it, but I'm going to wr my own experience from treati with it o t g rite ing my m mother. I re eally love m mother , but we(my m my b mother and I) can't hav the same ve opin nion about s something. But I alway take her a ys advise , she can open h hidden door , so I rs can got more k knowledge. B I've eve took her o But er opinion as a rule , I alw ways think about a d tages then m make my ow opinion. B I still an I'll alway take wn But nd ys advantages and disadvant way with sometimes k know the rig ght her opinion in a serious w even if I disagreed w her. I s ng h this f ee thin from her acting with my father , and from t point of view I always disagre with her :), but I've learnt a lot t. Dea Behnam, you are rem ar moving girls personali s' ities when y talk in g you general abou an ut issu with lots o braches. You have w ue of written a lot about wom , do you think they listen t men u then do ???? d you think they have n opinion t know??? Don't you think that girls are n do k no to ? g depending on t their own lif and problems to act in a good w in other times???? fe way r ere e take their m mothers' opin nions and th obey their order( w hey without The are some men who t thin nking) more than girls. What can w say abou them???? Why do the do so?? A we ut ? ey Are they few or man y ny??? Belie me Behn eve nam, the sam for men and women me n. A fr riend of min was enga ne aged , she ha an argum with he ex-fianc� , she didn ad ment er n't spea with him for a week , she thoug and thou ak m k ght ught , then h called he for a meeting , he er they sat with ea other an spoke a lot , what w the result ??? they b y ach nd l was broke up be ecause of an idea that " she is talk a king by her mother's to ongue and m mind" in his opinion , so he o eng gaged to her , not to her mother, an he will li with her not her mo r r nd ive r other. He d didn't accep her opini , becaus of wrong j pt ion se judging. Hi mind was wrong , bu he is s ut was taught by h family o his mothe that if she didn't mak this or tha , it's beca s his or er e ke at ause of som mething she g from he mother. got er May we shou name it " mothers f ybe uld fighting" :) : :). Dea Behnam, we should r ar remove this idea , I thin nowaday each one has her/his s nk ys e s

pers sonality , so we should stop thinkin like that Do you ag o d ng t. gree with me e??? h Marina has written a lo even if sh didn't has an excuse to write , w s ot he e what if (Oh my God!! M she has one ??? (LOOOO OOOOOL).) ar wanted to sa , that bui ay ilding a righ society be ht egin with me and m Dea Behnam, all what I w you , her and h him. I'm stro ongly believ , everything will be g ve good then. Now about a re friend , w w eal what you ha written it's absolutely right. I c ave can't agree more. Whe I'm mista en aken you should say " y your are mis staken in th his?" and the same for me. m The we can bu a strong foundatio for any fr en uild g on riendship. It absolutel right. The is a t's ly ere prov verb in Arab culture " I always remember w made c but I'll n rememb who I'll r who cry, not ber mad me laugh de h". Dea Behnam, I've got a q ar questions for you , what should me give to women to hav r en ve happ life with them??? H can men make thei wives hap ppy How ir ppy??? The sun is shining , birds a singing and Marina is writing What a ni life! :) e are a g! ice I'm very much l looking forw ward to hea aring from y as soon as you can you n. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 7th 2009 M ly Dea Rosa, ar At f first let me s that you name is very lovely. R say ur v Rosa , Rosie, and Rositte are beau utiful nam , they so feminine. A in Arab culture , w are stron believe that everyo got mes o And b we ngly one som mething from his/her na m ame, so Rosa is a beaut a tiful and ver feminine lady from her ry h nam point of v me view. Wha about her writing M at r Marina??? O she is an educationa lady with great Engl Ok, n al h lish. Wha about her country Marina??? S is from b at r M She beloved cou untry and gr place ( reat And dalusia) whi represen the heav in Arab minds. ich nts ven Dea Rosa, the is a common history in some pa from Sp ar ere y arts pain betwee Arab and en d Spa anish people Andalusia is a beautif place w great na e, a iful with ature, there are lots of A Arab buil ldings and p palaces ther I'm stron believe that Andal re, ngly e lusia is a pa from Ara art ab's heart , we have a special h e history there In short , Andalusia is the heave on the ea e. en arth. I h cularly visit it , and visi all Spain in general t see bull fighting it to f wish someday I can partic and buy the fam d mous Spanis dress wh is made from lots o layers , and maybe s , sh hich e of see Anto onio Bande eras there :).

A Spanish woman can translate the whole Spanish culture with her strong look , magic physical appearance and her dark hair. When she dances , she dances with a lot of pride. There is something hidden in her way of dancing. I'm really fascinated by Spanish women , they are very beautiful, and I think Rosa like all Spanish women , very beautiful too. :) Please Rosa, when you are walking in Andalusia , remember that there is an Arab lady her name is Marina loves it , especially Cordoba. So remember me in Andalusia streets and neighborhoods , when you are smelling its air and the fragrance of its flowers. Dear Rosa, about your kind words toward me, I really thank you. It's very nice of you to say so. My mother always say to me " Marina, you are very young , your spirit and thoughts are very young , you should be stronger ". I don't know how to be stronger , I'm trying anyway :). Dear Rosa, it seems you have a close niece to your heart , and I've got a nephew who is very dear to me, and they are in the same age , what are special things about her??? My nephew has three kinds of kisses: 1) a very soft kiss. 2) a strong kiss( my cheek hurts me when he kisses me) :) . 3) a kiss with a lot of noise and a high sound (LOL). I'm strongly believe that boys and girls are the same in their parents' opinion , they love them in a same way , but there are some families which like boys more than girls in oriental world , especially Arabic one. What about your country?? Are they the same??. Nice to meet you Rosa, thank you for your writing to me. I hope to see your reply soon. With my best wishes. Marina.

behnam July 7th 2009 Hello Asal, How are you? I hope you are fine. Where are you? did you read my last writing to you? As far as I can remember, it was about 'women's powerful hearts'. Why didn't you answer it? Thank you for writing. It made me feel happy. * Some people criticised me for writing "It made me happy!" over and over again, to all people who put message in this thread, actually. They believe that it is just a simple compliment which I often give people. One of them had sent an email and had written: You are pretending. You are not yourself. You trick people! You are a big cheater!

THEY ARE WRONG! Let's suppose that Behnam is a cheater and he tricks people. What is he going to get? You should know that we are neither selling something in this thread nor buying. Someone often tricks someone else in order to get some advantages, or to get something from them. I STRONGLY BELIVE that we must trust people, as long as we are not making deal with them. In case of making deal (buying something, selling something, getting married to someone, going out with someone, spending time with someone, etc.) we must be very careful. Otherwise, it is a total waste of time to be careful in all everyday situations. I am practising English through writing to people. This is the main reason of being on this site. The second reason is understanding how other people think about life and about differet topics.* Your writing makes me happy. I do mean it. When I see a message in this thread, I understand that a human being has tried to visit this site, then to click on this thread, then to open the latest page, and then to write something, even though a simple sentence. I do respect his/her effort. I find out that there is a hidden connection. This connection makes me feel happy, even though there is no a long text. Dear Asal, although I have written these things to you, I didn't mean you. I just remembered it now. I hope you do not get confused. I just took this opportunity to write some clear sentences about myself, my aim of being in this thread. Stay happy and healthy. Do not leave us alone, Please share something with us from time to time. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 7 July 2009

Andrew July 7th 2009 Hi Behnam, Thank you for a wanderful story! I hope you keep your family safe in any bad weather conditions. Do you go to the mountains by car or by walk? To have a casual conversation with the foregn tourists is a good chance to train your language. I usually go to my work through the places a lot of tourists are walking and everytime I hope that some of them ask me: "Excuse me please? Do you speak English? How can we get...." But unfortunately foregn people don't address to me or at least they do it extremely seldom. So my rich conversational abilities stay dead for a while:)

How can I change the situation? Should I stick to the forigners pretending to be a forigner myself and ask them: "Excuse me please, etc.?":))) I need your advice. Yours, Andrew 225

behnam July 7th 2009 Hello Clare, How are you keeping? I hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for putting message. I became so gald. The conversation was great. I proved myself! :) Actually, I had chatted (voice chat I mean) with many people on the Internet, but it wasn't enough to prove myself. My mother wanted to check my abilities in a real conversation with people. Thankfully, It was great. Unfortunately, it had a bad side as well. My mother felt proud of me. She said to my father proudly, "See man! This is my son." My father said hopleessly, "He is my son too, isn't he." She added seriously, "But he takes after me." I tried to play a joke, then I said, "Whenever I do some good things, or behave well, I take after mum, but whenever I do bad things, I take after poor dad!" I used these words and sentences, but my intonation said something else! :) It hurted my mother's feelings. She became a little bit sad. I tried to finish that discussion by asking, "Is it ok to divide myself into two parts, one for mum and the other one for dad? Give a knife, a sharp one!" They both smiled, and peace came back to the family again. I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 7 July, 2009

mortaza.abta July 7th 2 m a 2009 Dea Behnam ar This is my first visit to this website. Af I regist s s fter tered and lo oged on succ cessfully, I noticed n Iran nian flag on the bottom n m of my page and I was curio to find w m d ous what it is. I saw your post and I read it carefully enjoying it very lot. I think I have t d y i foun an invalu nd uable websi to improve my English! ite By t way, my name is M the y Mortaza and I am a math professor h r. urs y You sincerely

behnam July 7th 2009 b y Hel Nana, llo How are you? I hope you a fine. I h w are have answer your las writing. If you are wa red st aiting for m answer, then to wri me after reading it, please sear for it, I h my ite rch have answe ered you. I ho you could find it at previous pa ope ages. Sorry, the pages are filled fa by differ , ast rent peop It is ver interestin but this is only its c ple. ry ng, colourful sid On the o de. other hand, it is conf fusing some ehow! (looo ol) I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 7 July 2009 y,

Marina1 July 7th 2009 M ly Hi A Andrew, So s to hear that you are ill after be sad eing absent for long tim God ble you! t me. ess As I remember I've written something to you with n g hout answer so where is your ans r, swer and reply???!! Is it under the sofa or in an other place:) . d ! r Dea Andrew , there is an old saying to Sukrat (t famous p ar the philosopher : a good wife r) can make her h husband hap , and a bad one ,wi make him a good ph ppy ill m hilosopher. :) . wha do you think about it at t???

I hope to read more from you. With my best wishes. Marin

behnam July 7th 2009 Hello Marina, The weather is filled with dust, and it is very difficult to breathe. It is because of Iraq and its shortcoming in preventing dust spreading to the sky. To make it clear I should mention that it has been windy in Iraq since the beginning of this week. A lot of wind, a lot of dry land, what will happen? Nothing especial, some people in Iran will be sick and will die, some days will be holiday, and people won't be able to drive, because it is not possible to see farther than one hundred meters! (An important topic and excuse to write about. You can write about the benefits of Iraq to Iran and its disadvantages. Please be fair and morally right!) How are you Marina? How life is going in Syria? I hope everything is going well with you. Be carefull when you are walking in a famous city; in Spain! (loool) If you had read my last writing carefully, you would have found more than ten excuses to write. At least, there are two important questions: 1. What are the important characteristics of a good friend? 2. What makes a good friend? You could write a book in answering to these questions, rather that a letter! (lol) I have made an analogy between a right human being and a right machine. I have written that a right machine is something that works exactly according to what it has been designed to, by engineers. I made that analogy just to point out that Marina, you are a right human being, because your heart beats for someone or something (You care about someone or something. You have got many nice feminine feelings, etc.) This anology is not a good one, but it makes my idea become understandable: a) A machine works very well. How come? Well the department of quality control has accepted it when checking. b) You are a right lady. How come? Well, your heart is kind to someone. You care about someone, etc. You were able to criticise my analogy, because it is not fair to compare a human being with a machine. However, we are free in making analogy, as long as we do not insult someone, and we make something clear to someone.

What I have written to Rosa was about some girls in our society; Iran. There is a nice saying in English; 'like father like son' which is used to say that a boy behaves like his father, especially when this behaviour is bad. It was a good excuse, maybe an unfair misuse, to change it in this way: Like mother like daughter! If 'like father like son' is true, it goes without saying that 'like mother like daughter' must be true too!(loool) There is no difference between boys and girls when it comes to being ignorant. I do believe that, in some parts of the world (First, I wrote about Iran. You made me broaden it to other parts of the world, included your county! (loool)) women and men do not understand each other very well. Let me explain it more. I am a boy, an old one in fact. How can I understand the opposite sex? Did I studied about it? No! Did I have girlfriend in the past? No! Did I make friends with girls in the past? No! Did I ask from someone about girls? No! Did I have any girls in our close or distant families? No! Did I...? No I just have been studying at university for years. Well, Behnam, there are many girls at university, aren't they? I know, there are many girls at university, but you have got only one choice; to be a good, and successful student, or to spoil your life and mess around! You go to university and come back home. You live with your books. You get married to them. They are all your life! You have got parents. Whenever you want to know how a man does in a particular situation, an image from your father is in front of your eyes! You define men as your father is. You define women as your mother is. Why? You have not got other sources. How many boys are like poor Behnam, from this point of view? A lot of!(loool) It is clear that knowledge is not like injection. Nobody can inject themselves with knowledge. Learning a lot is largely a matter of trying hard, gaining experience, and being in different situations. Also, understanding the opposite sex is not simply a matter of reading some books. I do believe that we are suffering from misunderstanding! Although I STRONGLY BELIEVE that one of the most important difficulties in many societies is the lack of knowledge about the opposite sex, the door of criticising is not closed. All kind of criticism, constructive or destructive, will be welcomed with open arms. Dear Marina, please read my writings carefully. I didn't mean to hurt someone's feeling. I didn't mean an especial person. I was speaking generally. I cannot scape the fact that my knowledge is limited, so I could not take everything into consideration, when writing

about some important topics. I just tried to epress my idea, even though it is wrong. I really don't care about its accuracy. It is not a matter of life and dead! Therefore, let's take it easy.(looooooooool) Dear Marina, how do you feel now? Have you got enough excuses to write? There is no need to search for an excuse to write, you yourself can create many excuses, but please be carefull. Do not create conflict! (looooooooool) Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you soon. "Allaho maak!" All the best, Behnam, 7 July, 2009

behnam July 8th 2009 Hello Mortaza, Thank you very much for putting message on this site. Thank you so much for joining us. Welcome to this humble thread. Your English is great. It is a great honour for me to make friends with you. I hope both of us will improve our English skills, and will learn a lot through friendship and writing. Dear Mortaza, your name emplies that you are male. Would you possibly give us a little bit more information about yourself? I guess you are Iranian. By the way, you are a maths professor. That is great! You are an educated person. I respect you a lot. Where did you study? I wrote something about 'trust' to my friend Asal, yesterday. I believe, we should trust people as long as they do not cause trouble. Trust is an important issue, when it comes to making a deal with someone. We have got two kinds of deals; material-based which is mainly selling and buying some goods, and spiritual-based which is mainly like selling and buying some feelings! :) You are a maths professor, so you will have my special attention and respect. This is a sort of deal! As you know, mutual trust is one of the foundations of friendship. I enjoyed calculation when I was at high school. Our maths teacher was very strict. He often set difficult math problems for maths exam. I clearly remember that one of the questions was this: integral[dx/(1+x(power four))]=?

Cou you plea help me with solvin that? uld ase ng I am looking fo m orward to he earing from you soon. m All the best, Beh hnam, 8 July 2009 y,

mortaza.abta July 8th 2 m a 2009 Dea Bahanam ar m, Tha right, I a an Irani male per at's am ian rson living curr rently in Ira I teach m an! mathematic cs. Man people, a almost a students do not like ny and all s e mat thematics an I think it is because of their nd t lack of knowled and info k dge formation ab bout this basi branch of science. A I rememb you Bah ic f As ber, hnam are a physicist and you kn that wha a major now at e playing in scinece!! (Ev verybody re eading rule MATH is p this passage, please let me know what are my e takes grama atically. I also would b grateful t be to mist hear your comm ments about my opinions!). Dea Bahnam, you asked m more inf ar me formation a about mys I do not know exac what kin of self. t ctly nd info ormation you like to kno u ow. I ag gree with yo about 'tru By defa ou ust'. ault, people are trustable (if I use the w if word correc ctly), ybody had t put a limit on it. The to e of course, every dom main in whic a person trust peopl depends ch le on h his/her expe erience and many other factors, su r uch as fa family, job, ... I think, w no doub that with bt, trus is necessa for a goo friendship. st ary od Abo mathema out atics and th ways one can make p he people be more interes in math I would li to excha m sted h, ike ange our ideas here. I welcome everybody' tip and 's advice which h me deal better with my studen help l h nts! Bah hnam, the in ntegral you p at the end, is a goo put od challange to me! I will try to see what I can do w with this problem!!

Yours sincerely

sakeena July 8th 2009 Hello Behnam My name is Sakeena and I'm persian but i'm from Azerbaijan.My english is quiet in advanced level(sorry for not being modest).I visited this site last week and i found it very useful. I wanted to have friends from foreign countries in order to help them with their English .I have been learning my native language (farsi) for 5-6 months since I cannot speak so well in this language :( I would be very good to have friends from Iran and to share experience related to English language. Khoda Hafez Good luck

Cathy Li July 8th 2009 Dear Behnam, It suddenly started to shower this morning when I was on the way to British Embassy. July showers made my heart empty completely. There was only an earnest voice echoing in my ears welcome home, baby. It strongly made me run quickly and now I'm here writing to you. How are you, my dearest friend? Haven't seen you for ages, I was wondering if you still remember the last dance we had. Time flies, new friends come in and usher the flowers into full blossoming. I see you are smiling happily with friends, old and new. Thoughts are floating with fitful showers I am gazing ruminatively out of the window Are you there smiling at me? Cathy

Cathy Li July 8th 2009 Dear Araghi, Hello to you. Thanks for your wonderful writings on June 30th, 2009. It really touched my heart and made me refreshed. The room is strewn with flowers with lovely words of friends. It is blossoming, everybody can see that, and your writings are just like the seeds of nice words. I hope you can keep on scattering more seeds to this room. We are all looking forward to seeing beautiful flowers everywhere. Cathy 226

Cathy Li July 8th 2009 Dear Asal, Hello. I'm sorry for this delayed response. I'm really glad to read your writing to me. I deeply appreciate with what you?ve said to me. Thanks for your cordial greeting. It reaches my heart. I believe we will know each other better by writing more. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Cathy

Cathy Li July 8th 2009 Dear Marina, Hello. I'm happy to know you stay both in health and vigor. Thanks for your writing on June 26th. I've been busy with work these days. As Behnam said, please don't put busy work as an excuse. But it's a fact that I've been working overtime.

Now I'm extremely happy that I can bask in the sun within this room. To make a deep breath, read nice writings from friends, bury my face in flowers and smell the fragrance of great friendship. Thanks, my dear friend, for your care as you always did. Cathy

behnam July 8th 2009 Hello Mortaza, Thank you for the fast reply. Your English is excellent. I personally cannot correct you, because your English is better than mine. As I know from experience, people in this thread are not interested in correcting someone. Therefore, we have to correct ourselves through writing and reading. Maths is a very difficult subject. I am not bad at it, but I am not excellent. A successful physicist is good at maths, but the reverse necessarily is not true. Maths is like a powerful and right tool for physicists. I think, maths plays a vitally important role in sciences, but it is not science itself! Maths is not science; it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with it. For example, love is not science, but all people love 'love'!(lol) When I was studying at Sharif university, a famous professor once said, "There is no doubt that maths is the mother of all sciences." A naughty student asked immediately, "That's true, but what is the father of sciences then?" All student burst into laughter. The professor answered calmly, "I don't know, but I'm sure it isn't civil engineering!" (Addressing the student who had asked...). Another naughty student said, "I can't believe that maths is the mother of all sciences, because she is extremely ugly, nobody is ready to get married to her. Therefore, I doubt if it can become a mother. If it is, how come?" Some students were whispering something to each other. I heard that one of them said a little bit loudly, so that almost all students heard, "Like the Virgin Mary, like the virgin Mary..." The atmosphere of class was so friendly. The students and the professor got on well with each other. In fact, we did not mind, at all.

Some people do not like maths. There are some reasons. I believe, both teachers and students cause this hatred. As you know, teachers, at schools and high schools, are not specialist in making maths sweet and easy to understand. The teachers often are not skillful at teaching. They do not love their careers. If someone does not love his/her career, s/he cannot have good impression on someone else. How can I inspire my students to like physics when I don't love it myself? It is impossible to inspire someone to do something, unless you yourself has being done it before. This is an importan principal. Another reason is the students themselves. Maths needs a brilliant brain. A bird-brain student will not be successful in maths until his/her dying day. It is not easy to be successful in maths, unless you be an intelligent person. One of the main reasons is its(maths) especial nature. Like physics, memorising does not work in the world of maths. Being successful in maths is a matter of trying hard, having a good barin, working hard, and having love towards it. Information about yourself could be: Where do you live? Marital status: married/single/divorced? Your age? And so on. I am looking forward to hearing more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

behnam July 8th 2009 Hello Sakeena, Thanks a million for putting message on this site, in this thread. Thank you for joining us. Welcome! As you stated yourself, your English is great, how did you learn it? I am a little bit confused with you. You are from Azerbaijan, so it means that you are Azerbaijani, doesn't it? "What do you mean by saying "I'm Persian"? Could you please make it clear? Would you please give us some more information about yourself? I hope we will improve our English skills, through writing to each other. Please do not hesiate to share something with me and with my friends. I hope you help me with my English. Please reply soon.

All the best, Beh hnam, 8 July 2009 y,

Marina1 July 8th 2009 M ly Hel Behnam, llo I ha thanked God that I' not in fro of you w ave 'm ont when you we reading my writing and ere g whe you were writing to me! Oh my God!! Angr Behnam, what have I done???! I just en e ry !!! wro somethin about gir I didn't m ote ng rls. mean that y meant a exact per you an rson, I didn' mean 't it at all , I just talked abou a real pro t ut oblem in my society too POOR MA y o. MARINA , Go bless od you! Poor Mar rina have ev searched for conflic , it's not h nature , she just dis ver d ct her scusses :(. But to tell the t truth , I'm ha appy becau I felt tha Behnam is angry, it's a new feeli , use at s s ing at is friendly, pol and cha lite arming but it seems tha Behnam i the same Behnam in all cases, fr :). ar hat Iraq do if it was next to Iran ??, w o what is the cr rime Dea angry Behnam :), wh should I that it has mad t de??? What can Iraq do if God sen lots of win in these d o nt nd days??? Ira aq, itsel is sufferin from win weather Aren't Iran and Iraq f lf ng ndy r. n friends??? I Isn't possible to be tole erated by yo friend?? :). our ?? The are two c ere cities in the east of Syr which ar suffering f e ria re from the sa problem in ame m Iran , and I thin for the sa reason Those cities are Alha n nk ame n. asaka and D Alzoor , they Dair are very near to Iraq. Ther are abou 1175 Syri people w went to the hospita o re ut ian who o als beca ause of dust weather. So dear ang Behnam , see the fu side from the glass " Syria ty gry m full m , Ira and Iran have lots of common t aq things betwe them , a dusty w een and weather is on of ne them :) :) ,bes m" sides they ar few days , and every re ything will b okay soon don't wor , but be n, rry you should take care of yo e ourself and s at home in these d stay difficult days So is it go s. ood w??? Am I fa and mor fair rally right n now??? :) :) , I hope so But there is a good question ) o. q now shou be ask , how is the weather in Marina's ci uld ity??? Okay dear , the weather is great y and very sunny , there is n cloud in t sky , it's very good to be near t the beach and d y no the s to h go t mountain these day to ns ysssss. :) :) ( please Beh hnam , don' get upset , God will give you 't g the same days i the near f in future). :) :) ) ar ots es bit Dea Behnam, you gave lo of excuse to write , thank you very much , but I'm a b conf fused how t begin wit them , I wrote about one of them and I'll w to th w m, write about s some of them too, but I can't write about all of them at th same time m f he e. abo what you wrote about machine and human being , I understood i , and I fou it a out u n it und goo explanati , your w of compa od ion way aring betwe human b een beings and Machine is really inte eresting. I'm as an engineer unders m stood it. I kn that the are diffe now ere ferent people with e diffe ferent minds , some peop like to e s ople explain thin with com ngs mparing wit other thin So th ngs.

I LIKED IT , so I didn't say anything about it. :) There are some questions ,you wrote them and answered them, there were different but they had the same answer " No" , but you asked them in a clever way , by using PAST TENSE :) ;) , I think some answers will be different if you asked them in the present or present perfect tenses.(LOOOOOOOOOOOOL). Dear Behnam, please don't get upset from poor Marina , you know very well that Marina respects all your opinions , your explanations and your thoughts. I highly admire your knowledge , I feel sometimes that I know nothing if I compare between my knowledge and yours. But you said once that girls have " narrow view" and I agreed with you , do you remember ??? So Marina in a way or another has a narrow view , would you please tolerate her ???? isn't good to tolerate your friend??? I'm strongly believe that you are one of my best friends , so I know that you'll tolerate me, will you?? :). Before ending my writing , I want to say that my heart with all people who are suffering from dusty weather (Iran, Syria and Iraq) God protects all of them , God be with them , I hope everyone will be in safe . Dear Behnam , thank you so much for your writing, you made me happy , even though you were a bit angry , but I found " angry Behnam" is really charming too. I hope to read from you very very soon. " Allaho Maak" :) With my best wishes. Marina.

Andrew July 8th 2009 Dear Behnam and Mortaza, I beg your pardon. You see dear men of science, I would..! I would obviously do a challenge to you both and put some math or physics riddle (or just a dozen of them:) if not my flat-out shortcoming of knowledge about these matters. (if not to recollect childish story about great mathematician Lobachevsky being a schoolboy had got a riddle from his teacher or another story about little green stoneeater which is related to physics in my opinion:)) So it's a case when my ignorancy definitely exceed my impudence. Your luck guys!:)))) Well, so you are lucky and I limit my garrulousness by just prolonged preamble. How my music literature teacher said me once:" Andrew, even if you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the subject, don't keep silence, say something. I can't give you a ball for

saying none. - ??? - Ok, just though open your mouth!"" Mortaza, I do not really understand your hesitations at the point of "you know that what a major rule MATH is playing in scinece!!" - everything's clear Mistake in a word 'science' is not a mistake but missprint definitely, idea about huge significance of Math should hardly been disputed. I agree. Everyone agree. Just unavail to understand a lot from a moment we hear 'integral equation':) Another matter when you write "by default, people are trustable" - sorry, but I don't understand just TWO points in this phrase, "by default" and "trustable". You might say:"I usually trust people" or "People are trustful mostly" or "I'm in a habbit to trust people in advance(by default, ok:)". And at last, how can teacher make a subject interesting? No way if a teacher is not interested him/herself! You have to donate not your knowledge only on your lecture but your attitude, your talent. Good teacher (or a lecturer) is a playwrighter and an actor at a time. Did you watch "Hitch" movie? Hitch is not a school teacher, he is a 'date teacher', he help a man 'to sweep woman off her feet" with him but the objective is the same - just do it with flare, with a guile. A life itself is a game and a teaching is a game exactly. You know how any subject can be interesting or dull depending on a teacher. So, I'm finishing. Bring your good personality before your knowledge and you achieve an excellent result. Best wishes to both of you dear professors and accept my appologies for giving advices being just a bad scholar:) Andrew P.S. (by the way Behnam, to prevent a dust coming from Iraq it should be wiped by the wet cloth. Just do it regularly:)

Andrew July 8th 2009 Marina, It's my fault not answering you in time. I am very sorry. So many long posts are written here! I have obviously missed your one among others. Don't worry about my health - it's fine. I was kidding, you know my naughty habbit. I agree with you about definition a difference between good and bad wifes, I wonder where did you know it from? If you will keep it in your mind you have a chance to become a treasure to your future husbond:) (If your task will be not to make him just a philosopher:))) So once again, please accept my excuses and a curtsey. best regards, Andrew

Andrew July 8th 2009 Dear friends, Please stop make excuses for your English - it come to be definitely much better and more skilfull than native's:)) I guess they just can't imagine how to use it right. Andrew

sami July 8th 2009 Hello Marina! What a nice surprise to see your writing to me. To tell the truth I have enjoyed a lot reading it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your nice words to me. It proves again you have a heart of gold! I have a special feeling after having read it! thank you! Sorry for being late in answering, but I dont have internet connection at home in the beach. I am now at a WIFI bar, having a diet coke, listening to a nice music...i like a lot these types of bars, they are so comfortable and you can have access to internet without being surrounded by crazy boys playing computer games as it happens in a ciber. I have enjoyed reading your words towards my country (Spain) and the community where i live (Andalusia). It seems you know it a little bit. Andalusia and much of our customs are much related to the Arab world. There is also the sign of Arabs here in the past, mainly in cities such as Cordoba as you have said, or Granada. But we can see the sign of arabs in any part of Andalusia. I thank those Arabs who where here because thanks to them Andalusia is a beautiful and special place to be. The city where I live is Huelva, the one which is on the west coast, in the bord with Portugal. It is a not very big city, not very crowded, I love it, and although I love travelling and I would like to travel to many places of the world, in the future I would like to live here. As you have also said the smell of the streets is very nice too. I really love the smell of orange tree flowers when spring comes. Marina, if you have the opportunity to travel you have a house to stay in Huelva. Of course my house is yours and it will make me very happy to have you as a guest. I will also show you my flameco dresses, I like them a lot, if you like one of them, I will give it to you. When I was a child I was at an academy where I learnt how to dance flamenco. I stayed there for five or six years, I could have learnt more and become a professional dancer, but I quit. I dont know the reason why I did it, because I love it. I really like seeing people dancing flamenco...I could show you some steps if you like it!

About my nice...she is my heart! She is very nice and I laugh a lot with her. Sometimes, she comes into my room and tells me: "Aunty this room is my castle and I am a princess" and I ask her, "Well, Laura, if this is your castle and you are the princess..who am I?", she says "aunty you are the ugly witch!" (LOL) As you see, sometimes she makes me laugh and some others she makes me cry! My friend Marina, I have written a lot about myself! I owuld like to make you some questions: I think you are waiting for a job, arent you? What kind of job is it? I also think you are an ingenier,this makes me think you must be a very intelligent woman because you get on well with numbers and formulas... Numbers (the simplest ones) have never been a problem for me but I think I cannot dig in it. I have always prefered letters to numbers! Im going to finish this writing, again, I want to thank your words. Enjoy your life as much as you can Kisses Rosa, July 8th, 2009

Veronicaho July 8th 2009 Hi Behnam! For many weeks I have readed your and your friends tried and Im deeply impressed by it! And you all diskussing importent and funny things! I have thinking to write here earlier but I was scared because of my english. But today I readed many times "no exuces for your english" so I took curage and I will try. I have never read english at school because I was so schooltired and thought I schould never need it! I made a big misstake have I learn :) Now I hope Im welcome here. I am a women from Aland Island. It is a small Island between Finland and Sweden. Aland belongs Finland but everybody here talking only swedish. (100 years ago Aland belongs Sweden, thats the reason). Today Aland belongs Finland but have self-governmet. Im married and have three childs. Two of them have moved and only the youngest are home. Im 46 years so I could be your mother :) Thinking that just Andrew are in my age. Im a nurse practitioners and working at hospital in a medical division almost with heartpatients. The reason to why I want to improve my english is that I want to go to England for work. Hope to hear from all of you!


227 behnam July 8th 2009 Dear Andrew, Thank you funny man for writing in this humble thread. You have got a great personality. I have the greatest respect for your personality. In terms of practising English, there is a big difference between you and me. Do you know? Well, when my mother wanted me to speak English with the ladies, I went to them, and I made an excuse to start making a short conversation with them. They didn't start speaking! :) You like being attracted to people, but poor Behnam wishes to be accepted by them! (loool) :):):) When I am walking in the streets, at parks, etc. Nobody even asks time from me! :) Could you guess why? Yes, because I do not wear watch! (LOOOOL) I have found you a clever, and a funny man. I respect you a lot. I am a little bit funny, but that is not enough! I have decided to improve my sense of humour. Could you please help me with it? I have to confess that I am a very naughty person. Unfortunately, I am not naughty in all situations. I prefer being naughty all the time, but it largely depends on my mood. I believe, you can inspire me to be funny in all situations. I hope so. I really love it. Thank you once again for trying to keep our friendship going. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

Andrew July 8th 2009 Hello Rosa and Veronica, I'm glad to see you and your posts here. Being a musician I offer you to listen "Bolero" which is though not written by Spaniard but so good related to Spein tum, tu-tu-tu-tum, tu-tu-tu-tum, pum tum, tu-tu-tu-tum, tu-tu-tu tu-tu-tu tu-tu-tu etc. and being a hospitable inhabitant of the forum I'd like to offer you cups of coffe: ) ((

(""""""")o """""""""" ) (( (""""""")o """""""""" So how are you ladies? Feel comfortable here, it's a friendly place, nobody teach others, nobody are kidding others (ohh, it's not true, I forgot about myself:) Looking forward to hear from you soon, Andrew

behnam July 8th 2009 Dear Cathy, How life is going? I hope everything is going well with you. Thank you for writing again. It made me walking on air. I felt extremely happy when I saw your posts. Thank you very much indeed. You are the only nightingale of this thread. Whenever you are in this thread, it smells like spring, green, happy, and beautiful. You bring us happiness and health! Stay in this garden and as always make it a pleasant place to be in! I am sure that people, who visit this thread, love your way of writing. They enjoy reading your sentences. You are familiar with the language of love. Your husband will be one of the luckiest men in the world. There is no doubt about this fact! Oh my God! Both nightingale and owl are birds, but there is a world difference between them! Whenever nightingale sings I am floating on air. It energizes me. However, whenever I hear an owl crying, I feel as if the world, and then life is going to end! Both of them are birds, but the result of their actions is difference! It is, more or less, the same in the world of human being. Suffering from hardship, when you have a kind partner, is better than eating honey with a unkind one! I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

Andrew July 8th 2009 Behnam, 'be naughty' means don't listen advices. Naughty person is one who acts on his/her own, in other words independent, 'self-contained'. I guess it's not a bad quality especially for creative people and I guess you ARE naughty one. But is this feature related to a sense of humour? I think there is some terminological confusion, huh? And I guess that I am not so good as a joke maker. I am rather naughty too. When something flows TOO plain (I mean talks, conversations) some little imp inside of me demand to invade and say even just some nonsence for.... I don't know for:))) Be yourself, Andrew

behnam July 8th 2009 Hello Veronica, Welcome to this friendly place. Thank you for writing in this thread. Thank you for reading our writings. Thank you once again for joining us. I am not exaggerating-but your English is very good. Please do not hesitate to write in this place. Nursing is one of the most important careers in the world. Without any doubts, the nurse in the hospital soothes patients and make them feel better. If we pay attention to this matter a little bit closely, we will understand that in the hospitals, the role of nurses is much more important than the role of doctors. Doctors visit patients for a short time (someone must be so lucky to be able to stay in a surgery for more than five minutes. In most cases, the prescription is ready there. As soon as someone enters the surgery, the specialist offers them it and says a big goodbye! :)) Nurses are always there. They are with patients in all situations. Well down Veronica! I have the greatest respect for you and your career. I do understand your big responsibility in dealing with hopeless patients. May God always be with you and help you. Please share something with us. Feel free in writing to me. I would appreciate if you could write more. I hope you will find a good job, a better opportunity, in England. I am looking forward to hearing more from you soon.

All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

behnam July 8th 2009 Dear Rosa, How are you? I hope you are fine. I agree with what you have written about a real pregnancy. Normal and natural ways are better! You have promised to continue writing (answering in fact), because of that I am still waiting to receive your complete answer. :) It should be known that Behnam is like an eagle. He is flying in the sky, so he has got a wide view, so that can see many things which are often hidden from the eyes of other people! You wanted to have some excuses to write about. I offered you many topics. I am impatiently waiting for your complete reply. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

behnam July 8th 2009 Dear Andrew, Thank you my nice friend for your help. You are absolutely right. "Naughty" is not a proper word to describe what I would like to be. 'Naughty' is like zero and one. It is so rude, if we take its third meaning which is involving sex. It means a word for describing bad children, as you have written. I do not know what should I use. What I want to be is "witty", "humorous", and "funny"., but in a complicated way so that people cannot get it easily. We have got many words in Farsi, to describe such person, but I do not know what should I use. Could you please help me with that word? I think, Clare can help us in such difficult situation, but she does not care! :( Thank you once again for your help. I hope to hear more from you.

All the best, Beh hnam, 8 July 2009 y,

Marina1 July 8th 2009 M ly Hel Rosa, llo So m many thanks for your k s kind reply, th hank you ve much indeed , I feel as if I know you ery l w from ages. It's very nice to know Span lady wi this way of writing a educati m o nish ith y and ion. Goo for your students , I'm really su that they are so luck because they have an od ure y ky a Eng glish teacher like you. r anish langua is one of the most difficult lang age d guages , I h have no idea about it , b I a but Spa heard your lang guage in a TV show. Y talk in a hurry :) , I just can re You ecognize the letter " e R" , the first let of your name. :) tter ar m y at Arabs who were in And dalusia , I lo ove Dea Rosa, I'm very happy to hear tha you like A Ara history t abs there becaus they had a brilliant history, they made lots of especial things. se d ey s l Any yway I really hope to vi it, and to visit your city , it's fro my plea y isit o om asure, it's a g great hon for me to visit you a your country. nor o and ar e nt h ponsibility to hire all en o ngineers, we e Dea Rosa, the governmen in Syria has the resp intr roduce abou six choice in six min ut es nistries, and we will be accepted by one of our d opti ions. I've ma this step from 6 mo ade p onths ago, o more than that. now I've been accepted or a in one place, an I'm waiting a sign to begin from my job management , it should be o nd o m b thro ough this mo onth, as I ho To this moment I'v no idea w ope. s ve what kind of work I wil do. f ll But I'm really e eager to sta Two of m friends h art. my have started their job la week , I hope d ast my turn will co soon. In fact I'm bo ome n ored from w waiting , and I'm thinkin to go on strike d ng ore befo starting (LOL). ar on't f gent es le Dea Rosa, I do know if I'm intellig or not, I sometime feel that it's a miracl that I grad duated from such a diff m fficult field. My love is p painting , I was preferr ring to be an a arch hitect more than being a communi ication engi ineer. But th kind of t his thinking is a waste of ti ime. I shoul look forw ld ward to my future with m field. f my ar seems , your niece like my nephew. He likes to make me a r o angry in pur rpose, Dea Rosa, it s and he loves an laughs w d nd when I get an ngry. My mother thinks it's becaus of his esp s se pecial love for me. An e nyway , he is really nau s ughty(LOL). . I thi flamenc is a very h ink co hard dance because of moving leg in a fast w But I think f gs way. th you should com mplete in lea arning it, I'm strongly b m believe that dancing is a good way for t y feed ding our sou :) uls. Dea Rosa, is i your love being a tea ar it acher of Eng glish??? Did you like to have anot d o ther

care eer??? I'm so happy to meet you, y can't im o you magine how much. Plea keep in touch with me. w ase And let's know more about each other d r. Kiss from Syr on your left and rig cheek. ses ria ght With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

Andrew July 8th 2009 A y No w Behnam way m, and certainly th d here is no r reason to thr every th rust hings into o flask. Yo can be fu one ou unny, hum morous, iron sarcasti friendly, good natur dull, gr irascibl and rema to be nic, ic, red, rim, le ain yous self. Stic cking a tag y just mak an image of person (and an ima of yours you ke e age rself) monoc chrome. By t way wha do you th about n the at hink nicknames? I me not one people tak on websi but thos ones peop give (sti down) other ean es ke ites se ple ick peop like scholars do, or like crimin do? ple r nals Sorr if such a sudden turn get you pu ry n uzzled:), it c came unexp pected in my mind, but I y beli ieve you can handle it e n easily:)) just after the co t ooking some meal for m family, e my And drew

Marina1 July 8th 2009 M ly Dea Cathy, ar So h happy to hea from you we are sm ar u. melling your especial fr r regrance in all this thre ead. Wel lcome!!!!! Plea Cathy, s ase share somet thing with m I'll be ve happy to continue w me. ery o writing to each othe Our frien Behnam gave lots of topics to w er. nd write about. Please cho one , an write . ose nd to Poor Marina :) P a. I'm really waiti for your next writin ing r ng. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina. 228 8

behnam July 8th 2009 Hello Marina, How are you? Thank you for writing. Would you please let me know how you understood that I had been angry while I have written to you? It is very mysterious, and amazing. Could you possibly let me know how you found out? Is there any especial sign in my way of writing? (looool) I STRONGLY BELIEVE that Marina read my writings carelessly! I do not know when she will pay enough attention to my texts. (loool) Marina, whenever you are walking in the streets and you enjoy breathing some fresh air, remember poor Behnam who is suffering from dusty weather! Could you please save some fresh air in a container and send me it? I am realling interested in breathing the air of Syria. (loool) You have written to Rosa that the Mediterranean girls are very beautiful. I cannot help satying calm and quiet! In fact, my naughtiness bothers me! What is your idea about yourself? Are you a beautiful girl? Do you consider yourself as a beautiful girl? (looooooooooooool) :):):):) In your opinion, who is beautiful and what is beauty? I really enjoy reading your great posts. Please do not hesitate to write me as soon as you can. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

behnam July 8th 2009 Dear Andrew, Thank you for the reply. Could you possibly make your question a little bit clearer? Unfortunately, I could not get it. I mean, your question about nicknames? Would you please chat with me(Voice chat I mean)? I am interested in hearing your voice.

I hope to hear from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

Andrew July 8th 2009 Behnam, my Skype nickname is 'justandrewdamnit'. I must say that I speak and understand alive speech REALLY bad. Actually I embarass to speak by phone or especially have video chat. But it doesn't mean that I would try to avoid it. Vice versa, I appreciate ANYONE breaking my solitary life. So once again, phone me please by Scype on 'justandrewdamnit'. It's for EVERYBODY !! Andrew

Andrew July 8th 2009 Oops! Just please not now. Daytime would be the best.

behnam July 8th 2009 Dear Andrew, You are online according to what 'Yahoo Messenger' implies! Would you please come to Yahoo Messenger? It is not possible for me to use other software! Do not worry. My accent is awful. I am sure you speak much more better than me. Hope to hear your voice. All the best, Behnam, 8 July, 2009

behnam July 8th 2009 b y Dea Andrew, d not worr at all. I a sure that you speak English mu better th me. ar do ry am t uch han

I ha been writing all day I am so ti ave y. ired. I have to take som rest. It is time to go bed me and to sleep. Th d Thank you fo contribution and a lo of help. or ot Hav a nice tim Stay hap and hea ve me. ppy althy. Goo night, od Beh hnam, 8 July 2009 at a y, about 23:20 (GMT + 3: :30) Tehran n

mortaza.abta July 8th 2 m a 2009 Hel Behnam, hello Andr and hell everybod llo rew lo dy, Dea Behnam, thank you f complem ar for menting me. My English h is no good eno ot ough to writ and talk c te comfortably In fact, I y! suff from a re fer elatively poor vocabula so that m writing ary my does not seem v s very rich!! Her I would l to ask e re, like everybody re eading this message to o intr roduce me w websites and books that would help me improv d t p ve my v vocabulary. Dea Andrew, thank you s much for criticising m last writ ar so my ting. I am going to g "Hitch" m m get movie and w whach it. Abo teaching math, you are absolut right! T teacher plays a very important role. It out g tely The ry t is al very imp lso portant that how studen deal wit the subjec not only in math; in any t nts th ct, n clas ss! I thi some pa of the pr ink art roblem in teaching math is its th app plication. If a student or a teacher can not use what s/he r e have learnt in m math to solv a real life problem, then s/he would possib start ask ve fe bly king him/herself que estions: Why do I have to learn the things? and so on ... y ese In g general math hematics an calculus it is easy to give many examples i nd o y involving math app plications. B when you are studyi advance math it is not easy to see its But u ing ed s o app plication aro ound. In fac it may tak many yea maybe hundredes, for scientis to ct, ke ars, sts use a result in m mathematic developed by a math cs d hematicien y years ago. O course, th is Of his not an excuse for m and oth math tea me, her achers, to no try make their lectur be more i ot re interesting.

Dea Bahnam, the story yo told abou math as t mother o science is so funny and I ar ou ut the of s a laug ghed a lot! L me ask a question: Why people usually us the word "MOTHER when Let se R" they are going to express t importa y the ance of an object? For e example: MATH is the m mother of sci ience, Run nning is the mother of sports, sp Mot therboard (a hardware in compute e ers) Goo luck od rtaza, mor July 9, 2009 y

Andrew July 8th 2009 A y Ok, my problem is not acc but slow m cent wness and to ongue-tie. Afte my show- in writin it looks dissappointing:)) er -off ngs Cal me in a da ll aytime. It must be some possibility to do it des e y spite of your hectic sch hedule, huh Or in the evening bu not late. O GMT is +3 h? ut Our s And drew

Marina1 July 8th 2009 M ly Hi B Behnam, How did I know that you a angry?? Come on dear frien it was ve clear. For w w are ??? n nd, ery F exam the wo " No" , i not in B mple ord it's Behnam's dic ctionary , he uses it ver rarely. ry Why did he use it??? Beca y e ause he was angry :). O maybe be s Or ecause you typed the le etters firm and hard , I could hear your keyboard b mly dly d buttons' soun " help me!" (LOOO nd OOL). Any yway, a real friend can at least und l derstand his real friend , can't he? :) s d ??? ar ou've asked me some dif ifficult ques stions , I'm s sure you kno that you put ow u've Dea friend, yo Mar rina in a na arrow corne :) er. Dea friend , beauty is ver hard to d ar ry describe , we need a goo poet to h us in e od help desc cribing wom men's beauty y. In m opinion , we can def beauty f my fine from three p points of view : 1- P Physical app pearance : w which depen on wom nds man's body , face , hair and lots of other f part Some peo like big eyes , othe like sma mouth , d ts. ople g ers all dark hair, b blond hair, w wavy ?etc from this p c. point of vie , it depen on perso test. An I think it' the main point in ew nds on's nd 's p men mind. :) n's Religion: ou prophet M ur Mohammad (peace be u upon him) s said : "a woman could be 2- R mar rried for fou reasons : her family (the honor of her fami , beauty , money an good ur ily) y nd relig gion . gettin married to the woma who has the fourth r ng an reason will make her h husband

the luckiest".

3- Spiritual side: here , it's very easy to explain: having a beautiful spirit is the deep meaning of beauty. The most important question is : who is the luckiest man in the world??? The answer is, who gets married to a woman who is beautiful from all points of view. :) Dear Behnam, I'm so beautiful , I really believe so. It's not of the highly self-confidence , but it's because of an old saying in Arab culture " be beautiful in your eyes , all people will see you beautiful then". So Marina is beautiful from her eyes point of view :) :). Dear Behnam, I want to prove that all Marina's parts ( eyes, heart and mind ) are caring about all Behnam's writings : I'm strongly believe??( oh Marina! Be careful to Behnam's writing ) ok, I'm strongly believe ( Emmmmmmmm, again!)..ok, ok, I got it? I STRONGLY BELIEVE. ( now it's right Marina!!!!! Good for you). :) :) :) Behnam , I don't know how to thank you enough for your care about me and my English. You don't know what YOU HAVE made with my English. For me it's enough to read your texts to have more English knowledge , thank you for your patience . :). But you should know that I read your texts carefully , I care about you , your thought and feeling in the first place , then I enjoy learning English by reading your text with your simple and understandable way of writing. I still remember your saying " writing in a simple way is an art " , from this point of view , Behnam is a great artist. :) I will not send Syrian air to you, I think if you breath in a sample from it , maybe you will think " oh Behnam! This air is really great , I will always ask Marina to send some!" . But I'll not send , with my hope to see you here in Syria , then I'll let you breath in from its air as much as you can. :) It's about 11:45 PM in Syrian timing , the window in front of me , I can see the moon , it's a full moon today , it means I should have a wish , so Marina , close your eyes ?..and wish! :) Waiting for your answer. Please enjoy your time. With my best wishes. Marina.

behnam July 9th 2009

Dear Mortaza, Thank you for the reply. I am not exaggerating at all-but your English is very good. It is not perfect, but it is very good. Actually, I am not in a position to make a judgement about your English, due to the fact that I am a learner myself. It is much more correct to say that your English is very good from my perspective. There are many books and sites that can help you with vocabulary. For example, the vocabulary section of this site is very useful. Reading is one of the best ways of improving your vocabulary. I have found 'Vocabulary in use' a useful book. I believe, it is very easy to increase our vocabulary range, but it is so difficult to use it in a real conversation and communication. There is world difference between knowing something and being able to use it. I know many people who have got a wide vocabulary, but they are not able to make a simple grammatical sentence in English! Learning a language is not merely trying to memorise some words and phrases. We must try to speak, to live, and to dream in English. There are many powerful sites. I have found www.bbclearningenglish.com and www.listen-to-english.com very useful. There are some audio files on these sites you can download them. These audio files are in British accent. If you are searching for American accent, I have no idea! :):):) Why do people use "mother of something" to refer to the origin or cause of something? That is a very good question. Which of them is the main cause; father or mother? It is a chicken and egg situation really. :):):) Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you answer to this question, I will answer yours! (loool) :):):) A friend of mine (Rosa) has written something useful about the importance of mother. She believes that they are women who make men become fathers. She has written that nowadays it is possible to make a woman pregnant without any sexual intercourse! I had heard it before, it is not a new thing. Jesus(peace be upon him) is a good example. I do believe that mothers are the reall origins of lives. Thank you for reading. I hope to read more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 July, 2009


behnam July 9th 2009 Dear Andrew, My problems are both slowness and accent! My accent is terrible. My way of speaking is boring. Fluency and good pronunciation are good things, but they are not all things. :) For instance, I have got two things: 1. Dogged determination 2. Self-confidence Is there any doubt about their importance in achieving any goals? When I am going to do something, first I think about it deeply so that I see all sides. If I make up my mind and set an aim, nothing can prevent me from achieving it, and to succeed. Please give me a chance to hear your kind voice in 'Yahoo Messenger' no matter how you speak, and how good your English is. Eager to hear your voice, Behnam, 9 July, 2009

behnam July 9th 2009 Dear Marina, Thank you for such a nice reply. I really enjoyed reading it. It really energized me so much. I know that beauty is only skin-deep. It means that how someone looks is not as important as a good character. I know what our prophet(peace be upon him) has said many things about beauty. I also know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means that different people have got different opinions about what is beautiful. However, I do not know your own opinon about what is beautiful. (loool) :):):):) Your cleverness and wisdom in answering to such tricy questions makes me burst into laughter. I remebered old days, when I was at high school. We had a course of study named 'essay'. The students had to write something about a particular subject. As you know, it is very good to write a long text about a subject. Teachers often give a good

mark to a long text. Some students were so clever. In order to make their essay seem long, they usually wrote many unrelated things. It was a common thing among them to write: "In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate..." Then some sentences about the famous people in the government as some nice compliments: "I begin my writing With saying hello to..." Then some compliments to the teacher: "Thank you very much for giving us this subject. It is wonderful. It is a very nice topic to write about...." Afterwards, giving some compliments to the students: "Thank you so much for listening. I hope I will not be boring...." And then writing the name of subject over and over again: "You know, the topic is such and such... It is one of the most important subjects in the world..." Finally, writing some qoutations from some famous people: "In this regards, such and such person has said... " Writing some poems: "There is a great poem about this topic in 'Masnavi'(A famous poetry book in Persian literature)...." And writing some Aye from the holy Koran: "God have said in the holy Koran that..." :):):):):):):) I cannot stop laughing at my own way of writing. Once our teacher said to one of those smart students: "I know all those things, what is your own idea about the topic? Where the hell is your own idea?" (LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL) :):):):):):):) Joking aside, Marina what is your own idea about beauty and being beautiful?

Dear Marina, the following paragraph is a general speaking. It is not for you. I hope you do not mind. Dear friends, if we pay a careful attention to the speeches of some people, we will hear nothing, unless some poems, some compliments, some flattering, some Aye, some hadis, some qoutations, some cock and bull stories, etc. If we notice a little bit more closely, we will find out that it is a monkey business, rather than a useful speech!:):):):):) Like my own writing! hahahahaha... (loool) :):):) jejejeje Thankfully, Marina has seen "I STRONGLY BELIVE"! Could you please tell me you yourself found it out or someone told you that poor Behnam has written it at least three times in bold letters in order to let you know the correct structure..? :):):):)(loool) Anyway, thank you for your given attention. Today, I am in a very good. I have to finish this post before sounding like a stupid person, although it is very good to be stupid from time to time. It really works. If you are in doubt, check it out! :):):) Very eager to see your reply, Behnam, 9 July, 2009

Cathy Li July 9th 2009 Dear Behnam, Good morning. Wish you enjoy every morning of the life and enjoy dewdrops of flowers in the very morning. The best time is morning. The best practice is diligence. The best principle for a family is harmony. The best feeling between friends is mutual understanding. I love your metaphor very much, but I deeply know no matter how hard I try, I can't compete with nightingale, coz she never have a rest and keep singing at night. Her beautiful voice always brings me beautiful nights and let me sleep tight without guilty. Hehe? Anyway, I extremely feel happy that my dearest friend gives me too much praise which keeps me live in the top of sky. Please let me live in this stage, don't stop praising, I can't bear falling down. Hehe? Cathy is a greedy lady. Dear friend, actually, I found you are very funny, hehe? you mother wanted you to speak English with ladies. You followed. But maybe it could be better if you do as follows: Get close to ladies

Offe ladies som fer mething to d drink or sm lightly w them mile with Cat what the are talkin about and listen to th carefully tch ey ng them Join them and f n find some ta topics in which lad are inter alk n dies rested Lad care mo on detai As a lad I feel it' better to b with a kin partner and eat dies ore ils. day, 's be nd hon all the ti ney ime, hehe?

I'm sure you ca do it well an l. eer practice. Che you on p thy Cat

mortaza.abta July 9th 2 m a 2009 Dea Behnam, dear friend ar ds, ank fast g, much for Tha you for f replying and thank you very m intr roducing som very goo resource for studyin English. me od e ng Imm mediately, af I finished reading y fter your messa age, I pu one of the addresses, namely, bb ut e bclearninge english, into my browse address bar and cli o er's s icked on the 'go' button e n. Am message app peared tellin me that ng ough we lov you very much, altho ve ough we dear user, altho pect on ernet, resp you as a free perso who can use the Inte BUT you shoul not be int T ld teresting in exploring e every part of the I Internet. Yo do not kn but we do that som contents ou now me does not fit you s u. Her I would l to make a confessio I am ver angry rig re, like e on. ry ght now and I don' know if it is right to w w 't write in situations like this! Any yway, I would like to co ontinue writ ting about fr freedom and d education as tw indesput wo table human right. n d man ree d abilities and d God create hum to be fr and God give him a wan human to use them to improve h humanity and his lif nt o his y fe. (ple ease correct me if I am wrong.) t I jus don't und st derestand wh some self people (whom I hy lfish hate very much try to rest e h) trict other p people, by u using the

pow they recieved. wer I be elieve that re estriction do not wor at all. It i clear that a does rk is t kind father like and wants his childre to be edu d es s en ucated and to be respec ctful. We se here ee in our society t o that some pa arents try t achieve t pupose by restrictin their chi to this ng ildren; Don't com to home l me late! Don't b a freind of that boy, that be girl they may h l; harm you, a so on ... and .

I be elieve that th best way to put away our childr and gen he y ren, nerally the p people who we om love is to educ them. A e, cate pers son's brain is the most p powerful de efence tool. We just have to learn h to use it him t. w for ply. Now I stop here and wait f your rep mor rtaza July 9, 2009 - 1 y 12:15 pm

nanazhong J 9th 200 n July 09 dear Behnam, I'm so sorry i c reply to you as soon as quickly because m computer couldn't work any can n y my r w re drew severa days befor had to p for a ne laptop by al re.I pay ew y mor after i answered And inst tallments in my credit c card.I am w waiting my la aptop arrive e.No compu uter,no inter rnet,my life become bla and whi ack ite.Can you image it? Best regards NAN NA July 9,2009 y

Marina1 July 9th 2009 M ly Hel Behnam, llo Tha you so m ank much for you reply. It made me in a very goo mood. Th ur n od hank you very muc indeed. ch Dea Behnam, , In fact Ma ar arina liked w what you w wrote about s some peopl writings me le's s( incl luded), so do worry , I've got an open-mind :) I accept criticizing with open arms. don't n d. g So d dear Behnam , my cleverness and wisdom ma you burs into laugh m ade st hter. So nice to

hear that I could paint a big smile on your face. Oh my God!!! How happy I am!! Behnam's writing made me in a mood for killing someone , especially and particularly him !!! :) Dear friend who wanted to make me angry on purpose:) , Emmmmmmm , you wanted me to give you my own opinion about beauty . okay, what can I write when I'm in my current mood , with my black eyes , oh my God!!! I can't see in front of me! There is some fire coming from my eyes and head! You should be careful Behnam , Marina is in a different state, but she is absolutely " NOT ANGRY AT ALL". : ). So dear friend Behnam , THANK YOU for making me over the moon and clouds. You made me walk on air by your especial writing to me. I feel as if my heart is going to stop working from extra happiness, and for this reason I should finish this writing. :) Calm , happy and not angry Marina hopes to see your next lovely reply. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Andrew July 9th 2009 Dear Mortaza, send you a copy of small article from 'bbclearningenglish.com' That's about mice. As you understand such a delivering come to be risky nowdays because it might content some secret information. I just hope you have some possibilities to sit out at some conspirational flat in a case authority will gonna get you. I from my part will continue supplying you by materials from the place been so well secured by Iranian censor serice. Have a good day! BBC Learning English Words in the news 8th July 2009 How mice went global "Scientists who've been working on establishing historical patterns of human migration have found a new ally in their quest - the noble house mouse. It turns out that a study of mice genetics can provide new clues about who settled where. David Bamford reports: Did you know that very specific parts of north-west Britain are colonised by Viking mice - mice that originate from Norway? Or that there are mice families in New Zealand whose rodent ancestors

come from India? A group of scientists have published their findings after a global study of mouse genetics that they say will tell us more about human migration, and where early colonists - going back to the Iron Age settled many centuries ago. Because, as it turns out, the colonists accidentally took their home-grown mice with them - and mice, like humans, have DNA and genetic patterns that can be identified and classified. One of the researchers on the project, Jeremy Searle, a professor of biology at York University in northern England, explains: JEREMY SEARLE: Mice have been moved all throughout the world by people and clearly when you had the voyages of the discoveries, and you had settlements all round the world starting off from western Europe, they took mice with them so mice are now absolutely cosmopolitan around the world. Identifying the chromosomes originating from these seafaring mice should provide useful data to back up studies such as the Genographic Project, in which the DNA of hundreds of thousands of people around the world is being catalogued with the aim of telling us where our individual ancestors came from and settled. David Bamford, BBCpart" No pasaran, amigo!

Andrew July 9th 2009 Behnam, I know that someone has to make efforts to reach a goal. Learning a language (or a learning any serious subject) is a very big deal. So someone should have a dogged determination, self-confidence, ability to keep an interest to studying HOT for a long time and so on. I have no most of these qualities. Maybe it's a reason for my poor success in what I'm weak at - oral speaking. But as I already said many times (and I've already tired to repeat it!) I'm open to have a voice chat ANYTIME (not LITERALLY anytime, but anytime when I have a possibility to speak freely and it is a daytime mostly) Why do you peruade me if I don't persist? So, "fidgetdrowsy" on Yahoo messenger or "justandrewdamnit" on Skype and you are

welcome Behnam. So the rest of you my friends are! BEST WAGES, Andrew

Veronicaho July 9th 2009 Dear new friends! Behnam, tanks a lot for your friendship and tanks for your fast reply! It makes me to feel in good mood! And this site will give me a very good opportunity to improve my english. Again, again and again when I reading what you are writing I wondering, who are you? You are a amazing young man! How do you know so much about everything and you have a wonderful behavior to meet everybody! Your parents have to be proud of you! I really mean what Im say, Im not exaggerating when I say, Im sorry my oldest daughter is already married :) As you writing about nurses care you knew exactly the point of this work. How could you knew this? Im impress! Im a nurse but last 3 years I have studied to nurse practitioners so I even can takes anamneses, makes examinations, give treatment and have right to write prescriptions. I think this must be the most optimal work a nurses can get. To have both "sides". Thats why I want to go to England for short workingperiods sometimes now and then. They have this proffessions since 15 years ago. Andrew, thanks for your welcoming and thanks for coffee :) How do you know I like coffee a lot. My favoritdrink! Nice to meet you on this site. Marina, thanks for every laughter you give me. You writing so nice and funny. Specually when you writing about womens and mens! I feel like you and I can recognice myself! You know I have lived familylife 27 years (with husband and 3 childs) and have got some life experience. (Somtimes peace and sometimes war). But Im absolute sure that womens and mens are from two different planets!

Hope to hear from you soon! Veronica

metzean July 9th 2009 m y Dea Behnam, ar You approach in writing encourages people to w ur h s write in you thread. As I have ope ur ened it this morning an find your answer to me. I was p nd r pleased to s how mu writing covered saw uch pages until now . the p I co ompletely ag gree with yo idea abo our prop and Em Ali, bu I would li to our out phet mam ut ike expl lain a little more. Acc cording to yo idea, al wars from the beginn our ll m ning of human creation were conse n equent of destructive h d human emot tions ( the b both side of a war) but I could not accept it an gave f nd you the exampl of religious wars like what our p le e prophet and Emam PB d BUT fought against a the oppressives I never co s. ompared it w what w behave now althoug I don?t be with we gh elieve to sit and only p lip serv to Islam principa pay vice mic als. u er that war for God(Jahad is one of Islamic prin r d) f ncipals like pary, e You know bette than me t fast, visiting M t, Mecca (Haj), Giving one fifth of ann e nual benfits to deprived people s d (kho oms)?and so on. , we can not comp o pare our pr with the prophet's p ray pray.. can we? But w we c not call our pray a silly action Our prop behavio is a symb for the can l n. phet or bol follo owers to pra actice. r ne rophet'c cul lture was Iti or eteka And about 500,000 people ikaf af. p For example on of our pr took part in ete ceremo in 13th ,14th and 15 Rajab m k ekaf ony 5th month. What is etekaf? t Etek or Seclu kaf usion means to stay in m s mosque with the intenti of prayi h ion ing. It has some elem ments such a intention staying in the chief m as n, n mosque of to or the fo well-known own four mos sques for at least three days and fa asting in the seclusion p e period. Etek offers an immense hidden bene which i protection from the ef kaf n h efit, is n effects of exc cessive soci ializing. Ete also off protect ekaf ffers tion from the evil conse equences of talking and f d sleep eping too mu becaus a person usually doe Etekaf on his own, tu uch, se es n urning to Al llah by pray ying (Night prayers), r t reading Qur making Dhikr, reciting dua, a so on. ran, g and Dea Behnam, you see tha some peop especial ?so calle intellectu ar at ple lly ed uals, called it silly acti ion, I have n never practi iced etekaf, but not dar to showin my partia views and say re ng al d that this ceremony is belon to our pr t ng rophet perio and peop are too m od ple much busy now wadays to st in mosqu for 3 da tay ues ays. You are right a u about the ru of our pr ule rophet in Wa ,althoug he did no took part in all Wars gh ot t of th wars. Sometimes he stayed in fr he front of his a army as a co ommander a when he and h esta ablish the Is slamic gover rnment Ali , ,Ommar and others we in front of army. Th was ere his the style the sam as all wars in world on that tim But now me w d me. wadays the s system of wars are w com mpletely diff ferent. Howe ever our lea aders were in direct fig ghting with e enemies for many r year They we in jail an bear upo a lot of to rs. ere nd on ortures and many of the were vic em ctims of terr rorism.

Thank you also for your father's day massage , wishing a long prosperous life for you and your father. Mohsen 230

sami July 9th 2009 Hello Behnam How are you? Many thanks for your writing to me, you gave me lots of topics to write about, and I will write about them all, but little by little man, I have no the same skill as you and your friends... ;) One of you topics was the difference among cultures, it was due to the fact that at the end of my writing I always send kisses to you and Marina. You said that in some cultures wife and husband even kiss eachother...how can they bear that? We, in Spain, kiss a lot to the others, imagine, I meet my friends almost everyday and we kiss on each cheek when we say hello, and the same operation again when we say goodbye. Also, when you are introduced to someone, we also kiss each other on each cheek (unless it is a formal introduction,case in which we shake hands). Also, among lovers, the first kiss on the lips is the signal of the beginning of the relationship. This is a very special kind of kiss, we just kiss on the lips to our love. I have heard that people in some other cultures kiss on the lips to friends or relatives... How are greetings in your country? Is kissing a usual greeting among people in your country? As I said before, I really love the differences among countries. I would love to know more about the role of women in arab countriies (I would ask it to Marina), as well as in other countries, as China, for example. Neither culture is better or worse than the other, all are great, all are rich, all have a lot to offer us. I think those differences are what make our world a wonderful place to live. I wish I were a rich woman to be able to travel to all countries in the world and learn as much as possible from all cultures and languages. I wish I could. what do you think about this?? At this moment I am at the bar, listening to a song I like, it is "You are beautiful", by James Blunt (I think it is the correct surname). I enjoy a lot listening to music, what

abo you? Do you enjoy l out listening to music? wha type of m at music do you like? what type u t do y dislike? you ? My f friend Behn nam, you ca annot imagine how muc I enjoy re ch eading your writings, n just r not the ones addres ssed to me, also those addressed t other peo a to ople. You ar a great writer, re w d ul, s g ive! your writing is simple and meaningfu and it has something attractive and addicti You uld hought abou this? ut shou write a book, have you ever th I ha to finish, I promise to write mo I really like this room, I loved it when I w a ave ore, d was simp reader, but now tha I write I l ple at love it more e. I ho to hear m ope more from y soon, you Swe kisses eet Ros July, 9th, 2009 sa, ,

Marina1 July 9th 2009 M ly Hi V Veronica, A ni name ga for a nic lady too. :) . Thank y for writ ice ain ce you ting to me , it made me happy. Wel lcome in thi powerful site , partic is cularly in this threads. There are lo of friend who ots ds have sense of h humor and t they are edu ucated and c cultured as well. I did underst dn't tand which writing do y mean , but I'm hap to know that you lik you ppy w ked them :). m. ar d ame fferent plan , where would their nets r Dea Veronica, if men and women ca from dif chil ldren live?? :) I think kids in a pl ?? lanet which is between men's plane and wom et men's plan Then if a mother of father wan to see t net. f f nted their childre they shou travel , then en uld use more powe which is a main prob er blem in our time, beside it will off more es ffer envi ironmental p pollution . :) . So , all o them sho of ould be in th same plan :). he net Dea Veronica, I'm just kidding , I un ar nderstood w what do you mean , but I don't think so. I k STR RONGLY BE ELIEVE tha men and w at women can't live witho each oth , but they like to out her y mak fights fro time to ti , it's the nature (L ke om ime eir LOL). There is an old s e saying in Ar rab cult ture " fightin in marriage life is th salt of lif ng he fe". happy to con ntact with you. I hope t read mor from you. y to re So h h wishes. With my best w Mar rina.

sami July 9th 2009 Hello my sweet friend Marina How are you? How do you feel? I feel really well, and very happy to read your writings. Thanks a lot for answering. I hope you could start working soon. It really makes us happy and complete when we can work as what we have studied. Here in Spain it is really difficult to do so. Lots of Spanish people go to universities and are well educated, however most of them work as a waiter, building, shops... I knew what my profession should be since I was a child. I remember I loved going to school, in contrast to my brother or friends. I enjoyed a lot going there. At this moment I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Then, I started learning English in the 6th course of primary education (now children learn in the first year of school), and I loved seeing my English teacher. She was a young woman, full of life, and she motivated us a lot. I always had the highest marks at school, and this is when I realised I wanted to be an English teacher. From this moment now, I havent stopped studying and learning English, bith at universities and academies. However, my English (written or spoken) is not perfect, I make lots of mistakes as you can see in my writings. I think learning a language is a lifelong process, so I would like to be learning English until my dying day! ;) Now, I am working as a private teacher, I go to my students' houses to teach them. The exam I have done is to get a place at a school for the rest of my life, It is well paid and I can enjoy all holidays, summer, etc...I will know marks next 17 july, lets see what happens. As you can read in my writing to Behnam, I have written that i would like to know the role of women in your culture. I think there is a huge difference between women in Syria and Spain. I will write about the role of women in Spain, but not now, I am in a hurry, as usual. I have also asked him about music...do you like listening to music, Marina? what kind of music do you like? dislike? Do you like dancing? I hope to read your answer soon, my friend. I also feel I know you from a long time ago. But there is a difference, I have read all your writings since you started writing here... :) Sweet kisses to my nice friend Rosa, July 9th, 2009

Marina1 July 9th 2009 M ly Run nning Erran and Doing Chores nds Pos sted: 08 Jul 2009 06:00 PM PDT 0 An E English teac cher from th Philippin wants to know the d he nes o difference b between erra ands and chores. d The word erran is most c e nd commonly u used in the s sense of a sh journey taken to pe hort y erform som necessary duty. Some examples of errands are: taking or fetching clothes fro the me y g g om g clea aners; taking mail to th post offic filling the car with f he ce; fuel, taking sacks of lea aves to the compost center, etc. The word erran comes fr Old Eng e nd rom glish �rend ?messag mission.? The messa was de ge, ? age usua carried by a servant or low-ra ally d anking sold dier. Erra still has the connotation of so and s omething of minor impo f ortance that can be car t rried out by anyone. An employe might co ee omplain of b being ?an er rrand boy? if all he?s a allowed to do is unimpo d ortant work k. The expression to go on a f e n fool?s erra means to set out to accomplish something that and o h g turn out to be impossible to accompl ns lish. Similar to going o fool?s err r on rand is goin on a ng wild goose cha d ase. A ch hore can be simply a necessary do e omestic task such as va k acuuming or taking out the r garb bage, or it c be used in the sens of a really tiresome, time-consuming task. can d se y Her are some examples fr the inte re from ernet of the two meanin of chore ngs e. Cho as house ore ehold respo onsibilities Let? face it - s ?s sometimes, d doing your chores can be a drag! Doi househo chores d ing old does not hav to be bor ve ring or a wa of time. If you don? have aste ?t time to go to th gym and workout or stay at hom and lift w e he me weights, you can combi u ine mus building with doing household chores. scle g g d The are many ways to sa time doing your da chores. You can ma life easi by ere y ave aily ake ier stay ying ahead o things in on nstead of pro ocrastinatin Daily ch ng. hores includ laundry, dishes, de swe vacuum and moppi eep, m ing. Even w washing up y your sinks in your kitch and bath n hen hrooms. Cho as an on ore nerous task Tha sure was a chore tryi over and over to ge you all the actual link. at ing d et Was shing my toddler?s hai was a cho ir ore?moving around cau g using shamp and wa in poo ater eyes and ears?which drove her crazy. s . Com mbined with more explo h osions than the bombin of Iraq w Michael Bay?s pat ng with tented swo ooping came shots, th film was a chore to w era he watch from beginning to end.

Hello my lovely new friend, I'm grateful for all your kind writing. I'm fine Rosa, thanks. But I'm a bit worried , I don't know why. How do I know that I'm not in a good mood??? The answer is : Marina eats a lot when she is worried :(. It's my state now. :) I sit in front of computer and try to make myself busy with something else , in fact learning English is a kind of eating , so I still eating anyway (LOL). I've ever thought to be a teacher , do you know why??? Because teachers should be very

pati , they sh ient hould teach their stude in many ways. I jus teach my little brothe h ents y st er (Ma athematics, p physics) aft his school. I can ad fter dmit that I'm a bad teac m cher , even t though ther is a big d re doubt about my brother understan r's nding :) (he doesn't lik to study , he just e ke like to play football and in computer g n games). I did know w dn't what do you exactly wan to know a nt about Syria women, I write som an I'll mething abo them, but please det out termine som mething , and I promise to write. e Abo music , I love it. But not everyt out thing. I like oriental mu ( Arabic and Turki , usic c ish) but I'm not inte erested in fo ollowing sin ngers or thei songs. If I heard a lo ir ovely song , I wou like to li uld isten to it ag gain. But I want to te you secre ( a deep o ell et one), when I was 15 ye ears old , I w fascinated by a was ger ortugal , his name is " R Ricky Martin " . :) :) :) ne ) sing from Po Dea Rosa, Som songs ca be died , like " I'll a ar me an't always love you" , I thi it singed by e ink d "Wh hitney Husto as I rem on" member , she singed it i her film " the bodygu in uard" which is h real great. lly I lov dancing , as I said b ve before it's a kind of feed ding our sou and spir But Ara uls rits. ab's dan ncing is easi than fore ier eign dancin , we move our hips, h ng e hands , wes and some other st part Everyone got his ow way of da ts. e wn ancing. The are some difference in men da ere e es ancing in Ar countrie even in e rab es, each country ry's citie For exam , there is an espec dance fo men in A es. mple e cial for Aleppo (whic is one of Syrian ch f citie , men ho one napk in each hand , then they made their arms straight , an they es) old kin n nd beg moving t gan them up and down , up and down :) with som steps by t d p me their legs. B you But shou know Ro napkin are very i uld osa, ns important in this dance n e.:) It is very intere s esting to wri to you. Y made m relaxed af this wr ite You me after riting . I thin I ate nk a lo from Engl languag , but I sti hungry :) ot lish ge ill ) Dea Rosa, I've got a ques ar e stion for you Why did y read an didn't wr until now on u. you nd rite w the website??? I think you English is great, I'm as Marina can't recog ur s gnize any mi istake , fa akes, I'm pr roud of them :) , believ me Rosa , your Engl is m. ve lish in fact I love my own mista grea at. y r I'm impatiently waiting for your next reply. eet by is ses Swe kisses for you too.(b the way , we always greet in thi way : kiss in right and left chee but men to men an women to women :) ) eks, n nd o Mar rina.

Marina1 July 9th 2009 M ly

Hello my lovely new friend, I'm grateful for all your kind writing. I'm fine Rosa, thanks. But I'm a bit worried , I don't know why. How do I know that I'm not in a good mood??? The answer is : Marina eats a lot when she is worried :(. It's my state now. :) I sit in front of computer and try to make myself busy with something else , in fact learning English is a kind of eating , so I still eating anyway (LOL). I've ever thought to be a teacher , do you know why??? Because teachers should be very patient , they should teach their students in many ways. I just teach my little brother (Mathematics, physics) after his school. I can admit that I'm a bad teacher , even though there is a big doubt about my brother's understanding :) (he doesn't like to study , he just like to play football and in computer games). I didn't know what do you exactly want to know about Syrian women, I'll write something about them, but please determine something , and I promise to write. About music , I love it. But not everything. I like oriental music ( Arabic and Turkish) , but I'm not interested in following singers or their songs. If I heard a lovely song , I would like to listen to it again. But I want to tell you secret ( a deep one), when I was 15 years old , I was fascinated by a singer from Portugal , his name is " Ricky Martine " . :) :) :) Dear Rosa, Some songs can't be died , like " I'll always love you" , I think it singed by "Whitney Huston" as I remember , she singed it in her film " the bodyguard" which is really great. I love dancing , as I said before it's a kind of feeding our souls and spirits. But Arab's dancing is easier than foreign dancing , we move our hips, hands , west and some other parts. Everyone got his own way of dancing. There are some differences in men dancing in Arab countries, even in each country's cities. For example , there is an especial dance for men in Aleppo (which is one of Syrian cities) , men hold one napkin in each hand , then they made their arms straight , and they began moving them up and down , up and down :) with some steps by their legs. But you should know Rosa, napkins are very important in this dance.:) It is very interesting to write to you. You made me relaxed after this writing . I think I ate a lot from English language , but I still hungry :) Dear Rosa, I've got a question for you. Why did you read and didn't write until now on the website??? I think your English is great, I'm as Marina can't recognize any mistake , in fact I love my own mistakes, I'm proud of them. :) , believe me Rosa , your English is great. I'm impatiently waiting for your next reply.

Swe kisses for you too.(b the way , we always greet in thi way : kiss in right and left eet by is ses chee but men to men an women to women :) ) eks, n nd o Mar rina.

Marina1 July 9th 2009 M ly Sorr dear Ros for this st ry sa tupid mistak I've past somethin in the sa page in ke. ted ng ame Mic crosoft word before starting writin to you. Af finishin , I presse ctrl+A , so every d ng fter ng ed s thin has deter ng rmined , then copy , pas and then send . How fool I'm ! :) ste n w Any yway , what I've pasted is a daily e d email from a useful web bsite " www w.dailywriti ingtips.com m". ank reading. Tha you for r

metzean July 10th 2009 m y 9 Dea Marina, ar I bo oarded a flig that take me to Ban ght e ndar Abbas p port, there was not any problem on the y o way , just befor landing i Bandar A y re in Abbas airpor ,the pilot could not f rt find the runw way beca ause of dust weather. We flew ar ty round a while and he tr again, b no to av ried but vail. At this point we ha been in t air prob ad the bably 1.30 h hour and we flying th ere hrough these dusts. e Som people w me were in panic and I was reciting a v c verse of our holy book ( Va en r yaka adolazina k kafaro?.) asking God fo help. or The plane lurch violentl up and do to find a way for la e hed ly own anding and the whine f d from the engines wen up and d nt down as we climbed and descended I thought what would be c d d. d happ if so mu dusts en ppen uch ntered the e engines, the engines could not take the breath well e h and without air it failed to work ,the p d r o plane was o its last le on egs. I ha been instr ad ructed by m boss to g on a miss my go sion to Band Abbas, I was cursin him dar ng but not from bo ottom of my heart, he ordered me " do this job , then hav a rest for one o b ve wee you can h ek, have a trip with your fa family". I as sked god not to let the p t plane redire ected and turn back. At this poin ,the pilot did his best effort and f d nt t find a way ,we eventua ally land ,very ro ded oughly. We landed safely and I tha l anked the pi as I left the plane. ilot We have receiv a cargo from Eroup and I were supposed to clear it f ved p from custom in ms ndar Abbas. had to proc ceed many s steps to coll the goo Finally ,when the lect ods. ban containers wer loaded on a truck ,ev re n verything wa finished and I decid to come back. as ded

The truck driver suggested me to drop me in Esfahan by his truck and I accept it although it took 2 days to come back to Esfahan ,but was more safe than coming by plane in dusty weather. We eat a variety of cantaloupes and watermelons as the driver ate a lot and the same as me having a good appetite, so my mission was completed on Wednesday and tomorrow I departed to north of Iran to swim in KHazar lake (Caspian Sea). Dear Marina , thanks for your last posting ,As you told your father did not take you to the beach for swimming. I think because the beaches are not a safe place for women . in Iran there are separated places in beaches that women can swim freely without bothering by men. I agree with you about learning some skills as our prophet advised and modernize them . you know that on that time there was only few skills , at present parents are having moral obligation to up to date their children with all modern skills . B.Wishes, Mohsen

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Cathy, Thank you for your advice. What I written about you is correct, because I mean what I say. You are the nightingale of this thread, because of your especial way of singing. If we consider the world as a big garden and people as some birds in this garden; I believe, ladies are like some nightingales. I am an eagle, in this wide and vast garden! (loool) hahaha? I am very late in answering to my friends, so I have to write a lot. Therefore, I cannot write to you more than this. I hope you forgive me. By the way, although my writing is short, quality is more important than quantity. :):):) All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Mortaza, Thank you for the reply.

I agree with up to a point, but I believe people are free as long as their freedoms cause no harm to others. As soon as we start speaking about harm, restriction and limitation will be born! "It is my life, and I am free to do whatever I like" is one of the silliest sentences. If we consider the freedom of each person as a circle with a specific diameter, it will be very easy to explain. For instance, let us imagine that there are two people in a society. Each of them has got some freedoms. Let us assume their freedoms like two circles with two diameters. If these two cirles do not cut each other, or do not join together, their freedoms have no harm to each other. They(two people) are absolutely free without any limitation! In case of cutting each other, their freedoms will join together. In order to avoid any conflict, they have to make some law and obey it. As everything, law has got two sides; pluses and minuses. Limitation and restriction, on the one hand, are necessary, but on the other hand, they are the minuses of the law! We have considered the freedom of each person as a circle. Every circle has got a diameter. The diameter varies from society to society, culture to culture, etc. Why? I do not know! All people believe in restriction and limitation, but why they are different and vary from society to society is another topic. I think, you have to study about the origins and the sources of limitations!!! I tried to answer you with the language of maths. I hope that helps. All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Nana, I think your computer feels jealous of our friendship! (loool) Anyway, thank you for the message. Please keep in touch with this thread. Rich lady, throw it awy and buy a new one. Spend the money on such things which are like first needs in this modern world. What are you going to do with your possession and the money you save and save and save?:):):):) Although my imagination is not good, I imagine it. :):):)

All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009 231

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Marina, Have you ever tried to catch a fish with your hand? If you have tried, you understand what I am going to mean, if not, have a try! :):):) Fish is so slippery to catch and to hold. You are like a fish. It is very very difficult to get the answer of a question from you. (LoooooL) hahaha... Naughty girl, don't fly! Don't go to the Moon! Please stay in the Earth and answer to my question. What is your own opinion about beauty and who is beautiful? :):):):) You still do not know Behnam. He is too determined and as stubborn as a mule to get the answer of his questions. (loooooooooooool) :):):) I was only joking. Feel free! Thank you for writing, anyway. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Andrew, There are some problems with voice chatting. I think it is because of the speed of the Internet, which is so low. I hope we will be able to chat with each other soon. Do not worry about your oral speaking. It is not an exam or a competition! We are going to enjoy our English. Speaking a foreign language is fun. We will enjoy speaking. My spoken English is awful. I have to improve it. Thank you for writing. Please do not lose touch with this thread. I hope to hear more from you soon.

All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Veronica, So many thanks for your great writing. It made me feel extremely happy. It really energized me. Thank you once again for saying some good things about me and my abilities. I just know a little bit Physics. I know nothing, but what I know is from my friends. My friends have helped me with my general knowledge. Oh my God! There is a lady who wants me to be her son-in-law! I cannot believe it. Do my eyes deceive me? I read that sentence over and over again. :):):) It gave me a lot of self-confidence. In other words, it increased my morale. Thank you very much indeed. Unfortunately, your first daughter has already got married. What a pity! Well, what a bout the second one? :):):) Dear Veronica, your kindness made me write and behave in this way. I hope you do not get upset and annoyed. You are a nurse and a doctor at the same time. Good for you and good for the patients. They are very lucky to have such a kind and professional lady as a nurse. I am sure that patients will get well soon if you nurse them. In nursing, kindness, being tolerant and patient plays an important role. Experience, wisdom, knowledge and other abilities are very important, of course. I believe, you have got a good combination of all good things, which are important in nursing. I wish you all the success. Please do not lose touch with this thread. Please share something with us regularly. Your English is very good now. It will be improved soon. All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

behnam July 10th 2009 Dear Mohsen, Thank you for writing. Thank you for giving some positive energy to me. Thank you for

pras sing. I ag gree with yo We have got many t ou. e things in com mmon. We r really feel o the same on wav velength. I d deeply belie in Islam. I have stud about i before. Ho eve . died it However, I di isagree with misusing t nice hist h the tory of Isalm It will sp and destroy the exa Isalm, if we do m. poil act f not be careful. We should not use all tools to justify o ls ourselves. I is not good at all. Isla must not be as It am a to for our a ool aims. Islam is a fact. We should not think that w are the o muslims in the wor I have a we only s rld. already writ that tten just saying som things in Arabic doe not mean to be a mus t me es slim. 'Action speak lou ns uder n We careful with our actions s. than words.' W must be c We must not think that Go have forg od gotten all the world, he is only stan nding over t the Iran and is jus focusing o Iranian p n, st on people. God have creat many cr d ted reatures. He pay e atte ention to all his creatur He do c res. care about a things. all had" is som mething, but our wars are somethin else. It is not good to abuse it. S ng s o Saddam "Jah also believed th he was n fighting with Iran, he was doin "Jahad"! If we do no be o hat not g ng ! ot care eful, all peo will nam their fig as "jaha Don't y believe? Well, think about ople me ghts ad". you ? k "Yaz zid", "Mavi iyeh", "Khavarej". "Om ebne sa on "Asho mar ad" ora" said to troops and soldiers, " o d "Hurry up to owards hea aven. God is waiting for you. Ki Imam Ho d ill ossein and e enter heaven !!!!! n" If m misusing bec comes a rule all people will use it as a tool.(E e, e EVEN BETT THAN US) TER I am in a hurry I have to d m y. dash right now. I will n check my writing. P n not Please forgi me ive for m making any mistakes. y I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 10 July, 2009

Marina1 July 10th 2009 M ly 9 Hi B Behnam, I'm at home! Th Thanks God! I was in a picnic wit my family parents , my little sis !!! th y( ster, my little brother , m big siste with her h e my er husband , m second si my ister with he husband) I er ). don know why my father is insisting in going al together , although m brothers in law n't y ll my aren like each other. I wa thinking it's a bit fun , but tod it was r n't h as nny day really annoy ying.

Am I like a fish h??? Dear fr friend I don't think so :) , but to tel the truth , it's nice to be a ) ll gold tiny fish :). So you are an eagl ,you live in the sky a I'm a tin lovely fish which den h le and ny h lives in a sea, w s what is that mean??? I means Ma It arina is not in Behnam' coverage 's area a(LOOOOO OOOOL). ar iting was on to let you know that Marina dis nly u t sagree with h Dea Behnam, my last wri Beh hnam about his opinion about some people's w n writings , be ecause at th end , we b he built our understand ding to every rything in lif according to lots of H fe g Hadis, Ayat , old sayin and t ng, prov verbs. But I agree wit you that b th beauty is a s opinion or a personal one, but I tried to tell you self n t in an indirect w that I do know w a way don't what to write bout this t e topic. So I g up! I do give on't know what to w write. Bea is more important in men's life would you please let me know y auty e fe, t your own opin nion??? :) By t way, I asked you so questions but you d the ome didn't answe me, so in order to us your er n se own way , would you pleas answer t n se them??? :) , I mean " how can a m make hi wife man is happ ??" , " w ppy what should a man give to a woma to feel hap d e an appiness??? ?". At la , it seem you are a bit busy th day , I ho it's beca ast ms his ope ause of something good d. Ens shaa Allah ( (God willing g). I ho to read y ope your answe very soon er n. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina. PS: about " I S STRONGLY BELIEVE" , I would say that I did get it by myself, in fact Y " dn't y who u ish the same bird w told you that Rosa is an Engli teacher , made me a big favor and d my told me about m mistake. ;) :) :)

Marina1 July 10th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam a Mohsen ar and n, I wo ould say I've paid atten e ntion to your priceless t r topic. So if y don't m you mind , I want to shar you by se re everal lines, again if yo don't min , ou nd. ar n s y e g what we are Dea gentlemen , Muslims (especially Arabs) are not strong , and all w suff fering from because of some kinds of Muslims s. me Muslims wa our time by speakin about dif aste ng ifferences be etween " Su unnis Som kinds of M and Shiites" , th forget all problems in Muslim life and they insist on talking ab d hey a s ms' t bout them I'm as a M m. Muslim ( Su unni(sorry f talking in such a wa wanted to know ab for ay)) d bout

Shii groups , I've read tw books ab ite wo bout them , a I'm going to bring " Nahej Alb and balaga" very soon God willing. y I fou out that people list to other opinions without kno und ten rs' owing. I me some pe ean eople beli ieve what so people tell them. In fact I sear ome n rched and searched and I'm still sear rching for d differences , but I didn't find any ki of differ t ind rence in und derstanding Islam g betw ween them. I think Sunn and Shii are the same. They are drinkin from the same nis ites y ng wat , the wat of Islam. ter ter It's my belief , a I think who wants to make Isla weak , h talks abo a little and am he out ference whic make Isla healthy. At the end human bein have diff ch am ngs fferent mind , so ds diffe for a result , we would hav different understand e ve ding in some small thing e gs. In m opinion, " Jehad " ju in Pales my ust stine which is the cleare issue in all Muslims est s min nds. Any yway , I didn want to b boring or talking in such a way , I just wan to shar you n't be r y nted re som mething , in f you for fact rced me by y your great t topic to writ some. An I tried my best to te nd y writ just sever lines. :) te ral I wa to beg y ant your forgiveness in talk king in such a way , I st trongly belie that all eve Mus slims are al , just Go knows w is right a who is wrong , a h like od who and human being can't g judg in this iss ge sue. ank reading. All your comm l ments about my writing is welcome t g ed. Tha you for r Mar rina.

mortaza.abta July 10th 2009 m a Hel Behnam, hello Andr llo rew, Firs I would l to expre my grati st, like ess itude to And drew for send ding a copy of an article from bbc y clearningeng glish.com. Beh hnam!, abou freedom a restricti ut and ion, you are absolutely e y righ The way you chose t describe y ht. to your idea, t languag the ge of math as you said, was v m very ingenio and you clearly cou ous uld expr your id to me. ress dea Let me agian ta about fr alk reedom and restriction in this writi ing. You know, this is a very go topic to write abou it may als u ood o ut, lso be a disputable and arguin topic as well. e ng (Qu uestion: Is re estriction th opposite of freedom?) he

I thi there ar many kind of restrict ink re d tions. I expl lain my idea a by examples: F e First conside a prisone restrcited in a jail an er er d nd cons sider my stu udents who are restrict in a (bor ted ring math) clas ssroom, at least for 80 minuts. The is differe ere ence betwee en thes two kind of restrictio of cour se ons, rse. All m students know that they can lea the clas my s ave ssroom whe en they want but th don't. In fact, they are convinc that lea y hey ced aving the cla will resu to ass ult losing lecture. But a (bad) prisoner w escape t jail as so as he fi a way to do so. ) will the oon ind o e re d n room is usef for them and ful The students ar educated that being restricted in the classr for the society; the prisone is not edu er ucated for if he was edu f ducated he n never did som mething wron that put him in the j !! ng jail My second example involv the red l ves light, which many drive h ers do n like it!! When a driv meet a r light he stop his ca and waits untill it becomes not ver red e ar s gree Even tho en. ough the dr river can pass the red li ight, he doe not. An ed es ducated driv ver knows very wel that passi the red l ll ing light will ha him and other peop arm d ple. It is interesting because e s g, education, re estriction, a freedom are closely related, in my and m ly n opin nion. A good society co d ontains educ cated peopl who live t le together wit peace and th harm mony. All the best mor rtaza 23:0 - July 10 2009. 09 0,

July 10th 20 J 009 Dea Rosa, ar ank encouragem ment, kindne and affe ess ection. It ma me feel extremely h ade happy. Tha you for e en something or someone, our mind m makes us thi positivel about the We ink ly em. Whe we like s ofte ignore the defects a faults u en eir and unconscious This is a proven fac in the wor of sly. ct rld hum beings. man We are writing here. We share many things with each other In the futu we may g r. ure, ybe pub blish these th hings as a b book. How k knows? :):): :):):) It is ve easy to w ery write a book, but it is qu difficul to find som uite lt meone to re it. (LOO ead OOL) Anywa thank yo for your g ay, ou great advice. :):):) jej ejeje I be elieve, it is b better to thin about sim nk milarities ra ather than d differences a among cultu ures. Hum beings are the sam with the same needs and desire We have got the sam root. man me, s es. e me Ada and Eva are our par am rents.

In my country when people meet, they shake hands with each other; men shake hands with men and women with women. When two families meet, they shake hands and kiss each other as well. It depends on the degree of relationship. They often kiss each other three times. On right, left, and then right cheek. Mothers often kiss their sons; sisters often kiss their brothers as well. It largely depends on the cultures. I mean, it differs from one city to others, from one race to others. It is not possible to generalize about all kinds of greetings in Iran. What you have written about kissing lips is very interesting. What I have seen in some films, it is not kissing; we name it like eating something greedily. :):):):) jejejeje looool I wanted to put emphasis on shyness and the lack of knowledge among some couples. It is not a fact. I just wanted to make my point seem strange and interesting. By the way, I did not ask from people what they do...(loooooooooooool) Sorry, I did not mean to sound rude, it just went through my mind. I like traditional music. I love Azerbaijani music. Nowadays, I have no time to spend on listening music. I often listen to some audio files in English, which I have downloaded from the Internet. When I am driving, I listen to an English cassette. No matter who is in my car! Sometimes, my mother gets angry with me, but I often say, "Mum, it is English. It is very important. If someone cannot be able to speak English, they know nothing!" She susally answers, "What should we do, if we did not want to learn English, and then did not want to know anything? What should we do if we wanted to be ignoran?" Once I answered, "nothing especial, just do not listen to English." :):):) She got angry and said, "Poor that girl who will become your wife. I do not know how unlucky she will be with your silly behaviours!" :(:(:(:(:(:( How sad, isn't it? You see, sometimes our lives is not so peaceful. We have got some rows, but it lasts less than an hour. Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

behnam July 10th 2009 Deal Clare, Thank you for running this powerful site.

My flag is changed? What is the matter? It is so funny. I am Behnam, from Iran. I logged in with the same account. However, the flag is not for my country, as far as I know. Would you please make it clear by giving some explanation? I do not know what has happened, but it is not the flag of Iran next to my name, in my last post to my friend Rosa! She will kill me, I think. :):):) I hope to see everything goes well in this thread. All the best, Behnam, 10 July, 2009

sami July 10th 2009 Hello nice Marina How are you my friend? I personally try to enjoy every minute of my life. Coming here and reading your writings also makes me enjoy life! Marina, please forgive my writings, when I read them, I just can feel mess and disorder. I think this is the reason of going to bars and trying to write there. Next time, I will write at home and then paste it here. As you can see, I am not good at writing...I hope you could forgive me! Don't worry about that mistake, we are humans, arent we? We can make mistakes! About my last writing, when speaking about my career, I said I always knew what I wanted to be. I am reaching my dream, but it is not complete yet. If my life had taken another direction I am completely sure I would have studied something which could help me help other people. I would probably have been working at any ONG in the world helping the people who really need help. I think both of them are related (teaching and working for a ONG) because in any or another way you are helping people, At school we help children become real and good citizens, and in an ONG I think we help people cover their basic needs to live. Of course there is a great bridge among them, but I can see that connection. Wow! You cannot believe it! When I was a teenager my "platonic love" was Ricky Martin! He is not from portugal, but from Porto Rico. What a handsome man he is! Moreover he sings well and dances better!!! : ) You asked me why I didnt write before. I dont remember the exact date but it is more than a year ago, I found this site by chance, I read Behnam's writings and they seemed to be quite interesting for me. I, as almost all people who write in this thread, fell in love whith

his way of writing and also with the writings of the other people who answered him. Then, I was not only interested in his writings but also in other people's writings. I found this a great place to visit each day, it became part of my daily routine, but just reading. To tell the truth I have always beein shy to write because my way of writing has nothing to do with yours. Another reason is that I have been very busy studying very hard and working, so I had no time to spend on writing, so I prefered just reading. Believe me, the writings of all of you made me happy, even though they were not addressed to me. You became part of my life, but I thought I wasn't at your level, so it was better to remain silent. Eventually, I decided to write a few days ago, I felt I wanted to be part of this site, be friend of you and share my happiness, sadness, etc with all of you. I am very happy to write here and see your replies. So thank you very much for paying attention to me! It is nice to see I make you relaxed. Friends are for making us relaxed, however, it is not easy to be relaxed with all people. I personally get relaxed when writing to you. I can feel you when I write to you, in fact our brains are connected when writing to each other. It is a pity we dont live in the same country, I am sure we could get on well with each other. I have a special feeling for you, and let me say, I am sure I am not the only one. I hope to read your reply soon. Have a nice time, sweet kisses Rosa, july 10, 2009 232

sami July 10th 2009 Hello Behnam! It seems you are travelling! What a great destination you chose! I would love to travel to China too!! ; ) Dont worry about that, I wont kill you! This writing is just to say you I will write to you tomorrow inthe morning, now I am very tired, but I will do it. Sweet kisses, Rosa, july 10,2009

Clare July 10th 2009 Hi Behnam Your flag is back! I don't know what happened either, but I'll keep an eye on things.

Best Clare -Clare, english-at-home.com

behnam July 11th 2009 Dear Marina, Thank you for the reply. I agree with what you have written about Islam. As you have mentioned, we have to focus on our similarities rather than on differences. Thank you very much. However, our discussion is something else. There is a hidden point between Mohsen and me. I agree with your father. It is very enjoyable to go picnic with some close families. Some people would prepare the meal, some people would put up the tent, some people would take care of children, some people would play with children, finally the ladies will eat and enjoy gossiping, etc.:):):)hahaha (loool) It makes me wonder that in my country two sons-in-law are like cat and dog. They do not get on well with each other. I believe, it is because of jealousy. Apparently, it is the same in your country! (loool):):):) Dear Marina, I am not married, so I do not know how to make my wife happy. (loool) How can I make someone happy when she is not in my life?(loool). If you ask me about how my wife (in the future) can make me feel happy, I can answer you, but unfortunately, your question is about something else.(loool):):):) Again, like a slippery fish you ran away! It does not matter. We will meet each other in the future.(loool):):):):):):) I am not as busy as before, but the speed of the Internet is low. It is very difficult to sign in Yahoo Messenger. I will kill that little bird, which talks behind my back. I will have barbecue, or will make kebab with the meat of the nosy little bird. It seems that the little bird is a multilingual one. It speaks in many well-known languages like English, Arabic, Spain, and Persian. I think this sort of bird is so dangerous; it should be killed soon. Hahaha (looool):):):):) I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best,

Behnam, 11 July, 2009

behnam July 11th 2009 Dear Mortaza, Thank you for answering.

This one phrase, "It is my life, I will do what I want," has done more damage than good. People choose to ignore the spirit and derive the meaning that is convenient to them. Such people have tied this phrase to selfishness and I am sure that was not the intent. These people forget that we do not live in isolation. What you do affects me and what I do affects you. We are connected. We have to realize that we are sharing this planet and we must learn to behave responsibly. Let me give you an example. Imagine someone takes drugs. How can guarantee that when someone takes drugs, and when they get behind the wheel of a car and have an accident, the only thing they will ever hit is a tree? If there is someone who guarantees, it does not matter to take drugs. However, if nobody can guarantee that when they take drugs and have an accident, then you or your families or I or my families could be dead under the wheels, we had better believe it is our business. We have to get this person off the road.

So far, we understood that in a society there are many people, and then many circles of freedoms. Many people impose rules and rules impose restriction and limitation on freedoms. In other words, there is law because the freedom circle of someone cuts the other one's circle. Now, it is normal to ask, "Why the diameter of freedom is different from society to society?" In order to answer to this question, we have to consider the diameter of freedom as a function, and then know what the main variables are. There are too many variables and factors that affect on the result; for example, in our country religion is one of the most important variables. As you have said, education is one of the key variables as well. My information and knowledge about such things is not good enough to discuss more. I hope you will forgive me. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 11 July, 2009

behnam July 11th 2009 Dear Clare, On my screen, the flag is for China! It is red. Apparently, it is the same on the screen of my friend Rosa, because she has mentioned it. I do not know what has happened. I just know that the flag next to my name is not for my country (I mean when I have posted to Rosa). Now it is correct. Thank you anyway, it does not matter. I love chinese people and I have great respect for their flag. All the best, Behnam, 11 July, 2009

sami July 11th 2009 Hello my friend Behnam How are you? Please, dont kill that little bird! It is great that it can tell us things about other people. I would love to have that little bird behind my ear telling me things about the people I meet, in this way, I would have "hidden" information about the others and I think it could be very very funny, dont you think so? I have read in your writing to Marina, that you think the reason of sons-in-law not getting on well with each other is jealousy. Can you tell us the reason of that jealousy between them? I have two sisters, older than me, who are married. Apparently, their husbands dont have that kind of problem. They dont see eachother frequently, at least once a week at our familiar lunch which is once a week, especially on sundays. On the other hand, my brother had a girlfriend, and I behaved with her as if she was my sister. She used to spend a lot of time at home, and we talked a lot, we enjoyed being together. I thought she was the perfect mate for my brother, however, it wasn't like that! We are still friends. For me friendship is the most valuable present for a person. I could live without a job, without money, without food...however I wouldnt live without a friend. It is necessary to say that not all people you go out with are your friends. I know a lot of people, I can go for a walk with them, to have a coffee, whatever, but it doesnt mean they are our friends. I remember the first year I went to University, it was 2000, I was 18. In my class there were more than 100 people, among them, we made a group of around 10 girls who went out together, and spent most of the day together. At the beginning I was happy, I thought they were all my friends, however, as time passed I was putting a cross in the name of my

imaginary list of friends. From one reason or another, you become aware they are not your friends, they are just people who want to take benefit from you. I started separating them, and from those 10, now I have just two FRIENDS. I feel they are my real friends, they want me just because of what and how I am, they have no problems with me, I have no problems with them, they are always there when I need them, no matter what my problem could be they are always ready to come to speak to me and help me. I have also another friend from my childhood. We have been together since we went to the nursery school, 28 years have passed from that and we are still friends. If you asked me who is my best friend, I would say without any doubt her name. Someone said who has a friend has a treasure, so I am the richest person in the world. My friend Behnam, I have a question for you. Do you think there could be a real friendship between a man and a woman? or a man is interested in making friends with women just to try to find love in her? I hope my question is clear! I cannot generalize but up to now almost all men who have tried to make friendswith me finally resulted that they wanted friendship but anything else. It annoys me. What do you think about that? It finally seems you have arrived to your country again! What a quick travel! You are in Iran again and a few hours ago you were in China! Great!!! I will write more and more, I will answer all your questions, but one answer each day, it is ok? I hope to read more from you soon. Sweet kisses, Rosa, 11 july 2009

sami July 11th 2009 Hello Andrew How is life going? I dont know the reason but I have been in a very good mood during all this week. I am very happy and healthy. I saw your writing some days ago, but I couldn't answer you because I havent had enough free time. However I dont want to sound impolite after your welcome. Thank you for your bolero and for your cup of coffee. I love coffee and I cannot live without music, so you hit the nail! Nice to meet you Rosa 11 July 2009

mortaza.abta July 11th 2009 m a Dea Rosa, ar This is my first writing to y In aver s you. rage, every 3 hours I vi isit this thread and read all (n d new) writing here from all people This is use to me in two gs m e. eful n ys: earn many things abou English su as new vocabularies, how to write ut uch w way First, I le nice and simple etc. e e, Seco I learn many thing about life You peop here are very talent energeti and ond, n gs fe. ple ted, ic (spi iritually) young and I e enjoy readin your post ng ts. In y your last writting to Beh hnam, you a asked a que estion about t frien ndship betw ween a man and a woman. Let me talk a little about this Here I don want to b an interp e s. n't be poler (this is my first using of this word!) an I hope yo both s t nd ou don mind. n't As y said, fri you iendship is an importan need in th life of an a nt he ny (nor rmal) perso And I thi having g on. ink good friends from both s sexe leads to a healthy liv es ving. Here, in my country, having frien from op nds pposite sex is unusual, at least in a i almost all mid class fa ddle amilies and this is a ver important problem. ry I thi the benif you rec ink ifits ceive from a male perso as on your friend is d different from what you receive fro a u om female friend. O course, t Of there are ma things i any in com mmon. At th end, I wo he ould like to introduce a movie to y which you is ab bout friends ship betwee a man an a woman. en nd The movie is ca e alled "When Harry Met Sally". Wh n hating this mov would be fun; it is o the genre of comedy. vie e of I am waiting fo your reply m or ly. rtaza mor 19:0 - July 11 2009 00 1, nam at ere do PS. Once Behn said tha people he usually d not isize each o other, I would be very h happy if eve erybody criti read ding my mes ssages let m know wh are my m me hat mistakes in w writing.

Marina1 July 11th 2009 Hello kind Rosa, I can't thank you enough for all your kind and nice words toward me. You really made me very happy, I just can say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I hope I deserve what you said. So dear Rosa , you (as me) don't want to see that little bird killed by Behnam , what is your plane??? It seems Behnam insists of killing him. So what should we do??? :) Behnam doesn't know that girls like to know what is happening behind their backs , but you and me we know it very well, so we highly appreciate this kind of birds. Anyway, God bless that lovely bird!! :) Dear Rosa, there are so many things in common between us, it's so amazing , let me list them: 1-we have the same taste (Ricky Martine ) :). 2-I'm the third member of my family , and the third girl :) , my two sisters are married too. :) 3-I'm single as you. :) 4-It seems we know the same little and lovely bird :) :) :) I think it's really interesting to know some people who live in other countries but they are very close and near to you at the same time. Let me say , that I'm really grateful that you decided to write here, you made this website eventful with a taste of Feminine feelings and writing. :) Dear Rosa, I've read your writing to Behnam , your questions are priceless , I would like to answer them , but of course after our friend Behnam. By the way , do you have an especial tan as almost Spanish ladies?? :) , what is your favorite color ? what kind of clothes do you like to wear ?? what is the character of your ideal man??? I'm really happy in writing to you. Now , you are in my list for the most best English in this website ( Behnam, Cathy and Rosa) . :) Thank you for reading, I hope to see your reply soon. With my best wishes to have great days , Sweet kisses too. Marina.

mary July 11th 2009

Hi B Behnam, ank much for you nice wor ur rds. Tha you so m As I see, there a lots of n friends and conseq are new quently lots of writings. I'm not going to lose touch with this th o h thread, but I don't know when the n time will be to w next writ here. Tom te morrow? Ne week?... ext I ho you enjo summer's holidays. ope oy s Best wishes, Mar ryam 233

Marina1 July 11th 2009 M ly 9 Hel Behnam, llo How are you to w oday??? Ho is it goin ow ng??? How is it the wea ather in thes days??? I hope se it be ecomes bett and bette ter er. I ag gree with yo about goi into a picnic with s ou ing some close p people and f friends, but I didn't t enjo yesterday , I tried to open doors for talking in order to make them refresh , but oy y o s g o m b noth hing worked The weath was clo d. her oudy, even if it was sunn :). I agre with you about f ny ee cat and dog the eory. :) ar you uestions, bu you didn't answer me because yo are ut t e ou Dea Behnam, I've asked y some qu not married!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! Behnam come on, my questio could be m, , ons e ima aginary , of c course you have thoug about your future lif with you wife, so I in ght fe nsist on answ wering my q questions :) ;). ) Abo that poor lovely bird please liv him alone , in fact I' not let yo barbeque it, it is out d, ve 'll ou e in my region no , I will n accept to be eaten. H m ow not o Have mercy on him! y (LO OOOOOOO OOOOL). Dea Behnam, I'm very mu looking forward to hearing yo answers to my and Rosa's ar uch g o our s ques stions. Now you can't d anything , Rosa and I made a d w do g d dealing in a secret. isn' true 't Ros sa???:) ) :) :)

With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 11th 2009 M ly 9 by the way Beh t hnam, we wi meet eac other in th future! I really hope so. ill ch he e ur You sincerely Mar rina.

mary July 11 2009 m 1th Hi M Marina, Tha you my f ank friend for understandin me and t ng thank you fo your kind or dness. I ho I can wr actively soon. Some ope rite y etimes I mis writing here. ss Enjo your time the best, oy Mar ryam

mary July 11 2009 m 1th I've read a beautiful poem from Saad Golestan I tried to translate it. I hope the m di's n. . mea aning will be understan ndable.

If yo are hurt by people, don't be sad ou d beca ause you do get comf or pain from peop on't mfort n ple u ow gs r are You should kno the thing that your friend and enemy do a all from God beca ause their h hearts are in God's pos n ssession Alth hough an ar rrow passes throuhg a bow s a wise person s sees the bow wman

Best regards, Mar ryam

Marina1 July 11th 2009 M ly 9 Hi d dear friend M Maryam, So n to see y nice your lovely writing aga but in fa I'm a litt bit worri about yo is ain. fact tle ied ou. ther anything make you f sad??? I don't know why, but I feel you ar sad. I hop I'm re feel w re pe wro ong. waiting for you u.... best a my b wishes...... Marina

Marina1 July 11th 2009 M ly 9 Dea friends, ar I wa to paste this writing , it's also an email fro ant g a om www w.dailywriti ingtips.com . I hope yo m ou'll enjoy it t. One Space or T At the E of a Sen e Two End ntence? Pos sted: 09 Jul 2009 06:00 PM PDT 0 an Susa wrote: I wa always ta as aught to dou uble-space a the end of a sentence I recently began wor at e. y rking in a la office wh aw here I was su urprised to f find that many of the attorneys . . . do not fol a llow this practice, ev when d ven drafting form contracts and docu mal uments. Is do ouble-spaci at ing the end of a sen ntence a str rule, jud rict dgement cal or just old ll d-fashioned punctuation? Bob Dylan said it, Susan: ?The Times They Are a b d s a-Changin? ? Bac when we used typewr ck riters there was a reason to space twice at the end of the e e sent tence. It?s not so nece s essary now. this is what the Gregg Ref e ference says about it: s w tandards of desktop publishing typ f pically apply to all docu y uments prod duced Now that the st by computer, th use of on space is r c he ne recommend after the punctuatio that occu at ded e on urs the end of a sen ntence. Yet this standar should no be mecha rd ot anically app plied.

In a cases, the deciding f all e factor shoul be the app ld ppearance of the breaks between s sent tences in a g given docum ment. If the use of one s space does not provide enough of a e f visu break, us two spac instead. ual se ces The Chicago M e Manual of St says it n once, bu three time tyle not ut es: A pe eriod marks the end of a declarati or an im s f ive mperative sentence. It is followed b a s by sing space gle A si ingle charac space, not two spa cter aces, should be left afte periods at the ends of d er sent tences (both in manusc h cript and in final, publi f ished form) In ty ypeset matte one spac not two (in other wo er, ce, ords, a regu word sp ular pace), follows any mar of punctu rk uation that e ends a sente ence, whethe a period, a colon, a question mark, an er , excl lamation po oint, or closing quotatio marks. on So, Susan, one space, not two. And th accordin to the CM goes no just for pe hat, ng MS, ot eriods, but f ?any ma of punctuation that ends a sen for ark t ntence.? I?ve know abou the new p e ut practice for a very long time now, but I still h the space r g hit ebar twic more ofte than not. ce en

Mar rina.

mortaza.abta July 11th 2009 m a LaT TeX, a types setting progr ram Hel friends, llo Afte reading th last post of dear Ma er he t arina about space after r a se entence, I th hought it ma be interes ay sting for you to know abo a typeset out tting progra that do t job auto am the omatically. e with ing matic materi using ials The problem w typesetti mathem well l-known wo processo like MS Word, is th existence of complex formulas; it is ord ors, S he e x hard and in so cases im d, ome mpossible, t typeset a f to formula usi these sof ing oftwares. erefore, mat thematiciens have their own progr for type s r ram esetting thei notes, art ir ticles The and books. It is called LaT (www.la d s TeX atex-project.org). aybe Behnam is familar with LaTe Many ye m r eX. ears ago som people a Daparmen of me at nt (Ma Com mputer Engi ineering in Sharif Univ versity created a progr called F ram FarsiTeX, based on LaT TeX, for type esetting per rsian texts.)

Anyway, when LaTeX meets a word starting with a lower-case letter and ending with a period [.] or a question mark [?], it leaves a blank space after the sentence which is a little more than an inter-word space, but it is not as twice as an inter-word space. Thank you Marina for sharing the article.

Sincerely yours, mortaza 23:30 - July 11, 2009

sami July 11th 2009 Hello Marina! I dont know if it is the same with you, but I am addicted to this site. It is great to read here the thoughts of many people around the world, particularly yours. They are very meaningful. About that deal against the killing of that little and poor bird we must do something. I think Behnam will finally leave it alone, we are two girls asking him something...Do you think kind and polite Behnam is going to contradict us?? I dont think so. So happy bird will live and tell us more things about people, especially from our Iranian friend. ;) It is true my friend it seems we have many things in common, this is the reason why I think we can be good friends. I really hope so. I would like to read what you think about the question I have made to Behnam. It is not necessary to say you can give me your opinion about everything I write here, whether itis addressed to you or not. I like your questions! I'm going to answer them all and I would like you to answer them too. About tan....my skin is usually light and pale, some people say it is also bright. But now it is summer and I spend a lot of time on the beach, I love sunbathing so my skin is now naturally tanned. Most girls like to be tanned all the year and they go to special places to have UVA rays, but I dont like it. I think it cannot be good for the skin. Even on the beach I am very careful because the sun can be very dangerous too. I use gel with a high protection factor from the sun. My favourite colour is pink, but not the soft candy pink, it is fucsia pink. I love this colour

for everything, clothes, colour of the walls in my room, lipstick, nails... My second favourite colour is red, it gives me energy and I think it suits me. For clothes, I always like to be well dressed, in general I like to be comfortable, elegant and fashionable clothes. However I am not clumsy at all. For example, now I am wearing a dress made of soft and thin jean fabrics. It is a summer one, it is short (up my knees) and it is sleeveless. In winter or autum I usually wear jeans and sweaters. And I love high heeled shoes, in fact I cannot walk with a plain sole shoe. I always wear them unless I go to the gym, where I wear trainers. Do you like high shoes? Your last question is a great one. It is also useful for me to think about what type of man I would like to be with. So, I need time to think about it, and will write probably tomorrow. In general I want a man who respects me, this is the essential feature of my ideal man. Could you please write about your ideal man? I would love to read it. Thank you very much for putting me in that list of best English, it is very nice of you. However, after reading my writings I see lots of mistakes and I still have a lot to learn about English. Thank you also for putting me in the same list as Behnam and Cathy, but with this respect they are too far from me! Thank you Marina!! I am impatiently waiting to read your answers to your own questions! Write also your opinion about friendship between men and women. A pair of kisses from Spain Rosa, 11 July, 2009

sami July 11th 2009 Hello Mortaza Nice to meet you! I'm glad that you wrote to me. I cannot see your flag, could you please tell me where are you from? To tell the truth I have nothing from you, I see you usually write here, but as I am busy when I sign in here, I go straight to answer the people who have written to me. Please, forgive me. Are you male or female? How old are you? Forgive me also for asking these quesitons, I dont mind your age or whether you are a man or a woman but I have the stupid custom to put an imaginary face to the people here. Of course I dont mind you answering to my question to Behnam, in fact it was a question for everyone who wants to answer it. I would like to know opinions about this from

different people. I agree with you. I think friendship can be between man and woman, I think so. I could be a friend of a man, I would treat him as a friend, just this. What I said is that most of the men who wanted to make friends with me wanted something else. Here in Spain it is not unusual for a woman to have a male friend, but I havent had such a priviledge yet. thanks for suggesting that film, I will watch it if I am able to find it and I will tell you my opinion about it. Your English is very good, dont worry about mistakes, it is normal to make mistakes, they are part of the learning proccess. You see, I am an English teacher and I do make mistakes. I think writing and reading what others write can help us learn more. Thank you for what you say about us here (talented, energetic, young...). It is very kind of you to say that. I feel the same about all of you, reading posts here gives life and energy. You all make me happy. Thanks Clare for creating this site and thanks Behanm for writing that 3rd day of december. Dear Mortaza, again, nice to meet you, I would like to read more from you soon. Have a nice time, Kisses, Rosa, July 11, 2009

behnam July 12th 2009 Hello Rosa, How are you my Spanish friend? How life is going on the beach? Do you enjoy walking on the beach, swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the beach during the day, and maybe lying on the sands and counting stars at night? How about speaking with some native English speakers? Thank you for writing in this thread. Your posts have made this place a nice one to be in. Your writing in this thread is a real shot in the arm. Your question is very tricky. You, yourself, know completely well that it is a very difficult question to answer. Someone must be very frank and straightforward to answer such questions. Apparently, I have no choice. I have to answer it. What can I do? Two nice ladies; one of them is from Spain, and the other one is from Syria, have put pressure on poor Behnam to answer some difficult questions.(loool) jejejeje

The popular image of wolves is not a pleasant one. In children's stories, they are often portrayed as cruel, evil creatures, and many people are brought up to fear and dislike them! Poor wolves are created in a way that they have to eat meat to continue to exist. What is wrong with them? Nothing is wrong with them, actually. Human beings' selfishness makes them rank creatures in order of advantages and disadvantages. In reality, nothing is created bad, and there is at least an aim of creating them, but we are ignorant about it. By the way, we cannot blame human beings' silly behaviours. In fact, there is nothing wrong with them. They are created in this way. As we know, human beings are social animals. We have got some basic needs, in order to live normal, healthy, and comfortable. One of the basic needs is having someone as a friend to share your sadness, happiness, etc. with. 'Necessity is the mother of invention', and need is the mother of action! Why do people make friends with others? The main reason is 'need'. This is a rule, a principal, or whatever you call it. There are two sexes in every society; females and males; women and men. These two sexes have got many similarities and differences. Both of them are human beings, but they are different from each other in that men's needs are different from women's needs. They are just different. It does not mean that one of them is better then other. We make friends with people, because we have got some needs and desires, and then we like to fulfill them. When a man makes friends with a women, both of them are trying to fulfill some needs and desires. Women's needs and desires are different from men's. Although they have got many things in common with each other, they have got different needs as well. A man can have a real friendship with a woman, but we have to understand what a 'real friendship' means? If a man asks for some kisses, or for example some physical activities from his partner, there is nothing wrong with him. He is a man with some especial needs. However, women often misunderstand, and then get poor men wrong! Women believe that their hearts (feelings and spirits) are the best things that they have got. In their opinion, their hearts are the best parts of their body, but men do not think so. Men search for something else, beside women's hearts. I have to mention again and again that this action is a part of men's nature. There is nothing wrong with them. I have thought about it a lot. It is really mysterious and amazing. To be frank, it is very difficult for me to close my eyes, and then not to look at a lady's breasts. People give tips on how to gain more self-confidence with eye-to-eye contact with someone while you are speaking with, but for me it is eye-to-breasts contact. I have to confuss that I really love ogling. hahahaha jejejeje (loooool) I hope you will pardon my French. I do not know why

I am not able to control myself. The only thing that makes me different from other men is that I often look at those kinds of things when the ladies have no attention to my eyes and behaviours. Maybe, they are pretending to be unaware, I do not know, anyway. (loool) In addition, it is very difficult for me to stop looking at a lady's posteriors. To thell you the truth, have tried very much to change these behaviours and break these habits, but I have been unsuccessful yet. To sum up, your short answer is "yes", but it is rare. Although it is very hard for a man to ignore his needs and desires, it is possible. An important point should me made that in almost all cases, men and women make compromises. A normal man cannot control himself, unless he has some operations on his body. Unfortunately, I have no time and it was not my aim to write something about your question from psychology point of view. Sex is a taboo for many people, although in western countries it is no longer taboo! However, if we study the nature of women very carefully and much closely, we will understand that almost all normal women still consider it as a taboo subject. Thanks to this fact, which is instinctual somehow, women often are doubtful about men's attitude towards them. They are created in this way, because God have wanted to protect their wombs from all impurity. Thank you for reading. I have written whatever came to my mind. I hope you will forgive me for making any mistakes, for being rude and impolite. I did not mean to be impolite and rude. All crticising and suggestion would be welcomed with open arms. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 12 July, 2009 234

behnam July 12th 2009 Hello Maryam, Thank you for writing, although it was so late and I had missed you terribly. What has happened to you? What is wrong with you? Could I help you? Please share your sadness with us. There are many kind people in this thread who will help you. At least, you will get relaxed by speaking, because women get relaxed by talking and

speaking. (loool) What do you mean by writing those poems? Please be kind and generous to share your feelings with us. By the way, please write them in Farsi. I would like to check your translation. (loool):):):):):):):) I hope you will be in an excellent mood soon. I am impatiently looking forward to hearing from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 12 July, 2009

sakeena July 12th 2009 Hello Behnam I'm from Azerbaijan and my origines from Persia(of course know Iran).They of course speak persian but i'm learning it.I speak English very good 'cause we lived in UK kind of 7 years and I can speak in Russian a little bit cause in Az-n I attended Russian school.Amazing? It would be nice to communicate with you in WWW so that I could help u with English u with Persian. Yours sincerely

behnam July 12th 2009 Hello Marina, How are you my kind, Arab friend? I hope everything is going well with you and you enjoy going on a picnic and going to mountains with your families. I believe, I have answered to your questions in my post to Rosa yet. First, I wanted to address that post to both you and Rosa, but the fear of your anger made me write you privately.(loool) You see, how fearful Behnam is! As a rule, we feel happy when someone fulfills our desires. For example, you have got into a trouble, or you have a hard time, someone helps you; it will make you feel happy. As I have said before, I am still single, so it is impossible for me to answer your questions in a proper way. In addition, I am very bad in imagination, although it is more important than knowledge. However, I will answer to your questions just by referring to the fact that 'necessity is the mother of invention' and need is the mother of all actions.(loool) It is very easy to make someone feel happy just by giving him/her what s/he wants. To put in another way, it is easy to make someone feel happy just to fulfill his/her needs to the

best of our ability. The only thing that I have to know is the nature of women, especially the nature of my wife. Although I have no experience, I have seen that when my father bought some flowers to my mother, it made my mother feel extremely happy.(again my parents are my teachers, so my theory about the lack of knowledge among men and women is a fact!) Therefore, I know that flowers make women feel happy. I know that women are sentimental. They like flowers, sunset, beauty, some birds (especially the small birds). Some women love the jewelry, for example, my mother does not care about jewelry, but my sister does care about it. Therefore, I will check whether my wife likes jewelry or not. If yes, I will try to buy her some jewelry in different situations. I know that women do care about their birthday. I will not forget my wife's birthday at all. I will buy some flowers, some sweets, and some jewelry on her birthday. I also know that some women do care about the wedding anniversary. I will not forget it at all. I will take her to some romantic places, like some places, where we have had some good time with each other. I know that a woman is looking for someone to rely on him. I will try my best to be as reliable as possible. I know that women, more or less, are worried about their beauty. They are so sensitive about their looks or physical attractiveness. I will not forget to assure that everything is okay with her beauty. I will recall speaking and remembering her beauty, for example by saying, 'how are you the king of eyes? How are you the king of eyebrows? How are you the king of hair? How are you the king of cheeks? Etc.' depends on her especial beauty. On top of them, I know that women get relaxed and feel calm if they speak. I will be a good listener, and I will listen to my wife carefully. I will not pretend to listen to her. I will be a real gentleman; for instance, I will open the door of car for her.(loool) I will not forget to whisper in her ear three words repeatedly: I LOVE YOU. Thank you for reading. I hope you already have taken the answers of your tricky questions. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 12 July, 2009

Marina1 July 12th 2009 M ly 9 Hel Rosa, llo Tha anks a lot for your nice answers. A Again we have lots of th hings in com mmon , I lov red ve and pink colors too. Some people thin that peop who like red color , like to ma d s nk ple es ake peop look at them, but I don't agree with them. Red color is the meaning of life a ple e and love Besides it suits me to e. t oo. All p people in Su ummer like to be tanne by sun, bu I don't. in fact I go t the beach very ed n to h ut rare We used to go mou ely. d untains and have a barb beque, it's my family or m rders som mehow(LOL) My father prefers to go their bec ). r cause as he says it's no good to sw in e ot wim a ve crowded places for his beloved daughters . Once I asked my m ery d d s:) a mother " doe my es fath think tha his daugh her at hters are the most beau e utiful ladies in all over the world?? , ??" the answer surp prised me , it was " yes :). I think parents alw s" k ways think that their ch hildren eautiful chil ldren, mayb it's a kind of Mercy f be d from God. L Let's imagin that a ne are the most be ther doesn't like her child's physica appearan and his bad behavi al nce iors too, wh hat mot wou happene uld ed??? (LOL) L). ar m im thes go is ent Dea Rosa, I'm as a Musli , my cloth when I g outside i so differe from my clothes inside. Outside I should m e make sure to wear Islam clothes. I really love it! mic e I lov jeans too , it suits al people. In ve o ll nside, I can wear whate ever I want. Dea Rosa, I've read Behn ar e nam's answe to you, he made me open my mo er e outh , starin by ng my e eyes, he ma me stop breathing.( ade (LOL), he m made me tha God tha I'm not in front ank at of him (LOOOO h OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO But to t the truth I agree wi him, OL). tell h ith frien ndship betw ween men an women is very rarel and it's no exist (kin of) , and what nd s ly ot nd Beh hnam said about himself , proving that point. lf A fr riend of min who is ve "free", and she is "o ne ery open-minded "somehow , has lots of men d w o frien , they always go ou nds utside, eatin in restaurants and such things. Once she was ng w spea aking about a party , it was mixed (men and w t t d women) , sh danced w two of her he with h mal friends , t le then she sat down beca t ause of being tired. One of her mal friends was very g e le w conf fused , he w looking left and rig , but he d was ght didn't look a her. She a at asked him " what's wro with you my friend? , he said " if I answ ong u ??" d wered , would you pleas forgive m se me??" ,,,,, anyway his answer wa " I couldn stop look s as n?t king at you when you w were dancin and ng, I'm very sad ab bout this fac , because you are my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!". ct y All w what I want to say , even "free" people who say " we a friends , what are y ted " o are you talk king about!! , they kno very well that they a not frien in a way or another !" ow l are nds y r. Any yway , men a women can be clas and ssmates , co o-workers and very sim friends , but mple abso olutely they can't be clo or near friends. y ose r

Tha you Rosa for readin my writin I hope y could ge my point of view. by the ank ng ng, you et way , about the ideal man , I've got ve short an y e ery nswer, so I p prefer to rea yours , in order ad n to motivate you , maybe if I answered you , you w say " ju this!!!!!" (LOL), the you'll m u f d will ust " en be confused ab c bout your an nswer. :) I'm very much l looking forw ward to hea aring from y very soo you on. A pa of kisses for lovely R air s Rosa. Mar rina.

behnam July 12th 2009 b y Dea sakeena, ar It w so nice t see your m was to message in this thread. Thank you very much indeed. . u h Tha you for o ank offering, I n need someon to help m with my s ne me spoken Eng glish. My spoken Eng glish is awfu ul. I ho you add my ID: ope d you.believeme@ @yahoo.com in order t chat with me. m to h u mail You can also em me at: behrampednam m@yahoo.co om I am looking fo m orward to he earing from you as soo as possib m on ble. All the best, Beh hnam, 12 July, 2009

mortaza.abta July 12th 2009 m a Hel Behnam, hello Rosa and hello everyone, llo a, Dea Behnam, you asked m more inf ar me formation a about myself Dear Ros you also want to f. sa, know more abo me. So, i this writi out in ing, I am go oing to write a little bit about myse e elf hop ping it helps us to conne to each other more easily!! ect My real name i Mortaza, and I am a man of 32. I am marri and I ha 2 childr is ied ave ren: my , and ughter, Nega 5 months !! ar s boy, Amir-Ali 4 years and 5 months, a my dau Cur rrently, I am living in D m Damghan, a small city i the Semn Provinc in Iran. T in nan ce The wea ather here is dry, it is h in the Su s hot ummer and c cold in the Winter!! Pis stachio is th main he

agricultural product of this region, and it is very delicious, isn't it Behmam! I promise here that if I ever come to everyone of you I will bring some Pistachio as souvenir! I have got a Ph.D in Mathematics in 2007, and I am a fculty member at Damghan University since then. The distance between my home and university is so short, so that I always walk to work, it takes usually less than 10 minuts! I don't like living in big and crowded cities, like Tehran, so I am glad to live here, however, it has its own disadvantage. I don't know why my flag is gone! Actually, it has never been next to my name!! If anyone can help me put it in its place, please let me know! Good luck mortaza 15:10 - July 12, 2009

Cathy Li July 12th 2009 Dear Maryam, It's happy to see you updated information, but sorry to feel sadness welling up from your poem. I hope you live far away from bad mood and smile heartily in the sun soon. Haven't seen you for ages, I miss you terribly. I hope my simple greetings can bring you a flicker of comfort. Cheer up, baby, you will be much stronger by experiencing pain and sufferings. Baby, find a way out, if you want to cry, cry on my shoulder, coz girls enjoy that privilege. Never stop writing and I love your writings which are all out of your heart. If you still feel kind of down, just think a while, through the oceans and space, there is somebody here who cares much for your happiness. Sometimes, when we were trapped in troubles, there is nothing better than knowing we are still loved by someone in this world. We should live happily and smile heartily again and again, coz we know we are lucky being loved. Girl, find a way out Here I am, be your part, Wipe your tears and hug you tight Lucky you are God predestined all good for you Enjoy it and take advantage of it Smile and keep smiling All good things are around you soon Hug, hug always for you.

Cat thy

Marina1 July 12th 2009 M ly 9 Hel Behnam, llo Tha you very much for y ank y your reply, I so pleas by your answer, it w comple , I'm sed r was ete grea and brav and it's n strange to read such a writing f at ve, not t h from my esp pecial frien nd Beh hnam. :) But I've got a c comment , Marina has e M ever been a angry , she e even didn't p attentio pay on out ce te ar osa, mple abo a sentenc you wrot to my dea friend Ro Marina is very simp And to prove th fact , she didn't saw this sentan : " two k d his e w nce kind ladies, THE FIRST ONE T is R Rosa, and TH SECON ONE is M HE ND Marina " . S you see , Marina did pay atte So dn't ention, so w what are you talking ab u bout???? (L LOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOL) :) :) :) ) Dea Behnam, after your w ar writing I thi you will get all girl hearts. :) ink l ls Now people will stand in q w queue to see both of you ( Rosa an Behnam) , Rosa who is very e nd o beautiful , and Behnam wh will treat his wife in a very espe ho n ecial way. W What about poor Mar rina???, no one will wa for her. :( (LOOOO o ait OOOOOOO OL) ar y n you ointed out to lots of o Dea Behnam , although you wrote in a personal way , but y have po imp portant points : the diffe ferences betw ween wome (each wom care ab en men bout certain and n diffe ferent things (flowers/je s ewels )) , kn nowing wife's cares and men shoul d ldn't compa are betw ween women some men compare between the wives an mothers o other frie n( eir nd or ends' wive and so on es n). In e especial day women lik flowers, A ys ke After " prob blems" they prefer jewe :) . My second y els s siste who got m er married fro about 5 m om months , had two rings as a gift , r s recently we knew that she had them after two problems :) :). t Dea Behnam, there is a g ar good point t talk about it. Behnam who just l to m lived with tw wo wom (mother and sister) , and who hasn't gotten a good im men r r) magination ( as he said , it n d) seem he knows about wom more th women themselves :) , it seem men are so ms s men han s ms s dan ngerous (LO OL). Dea Behnam, I would poi out to an important issue " flow ar int n t wers' colors Flowers' colors s". are very impor rtant and me should kn what co is suita and wh one is not. en now olor able hich n Whi flowers m ite mean somet thing, red co olors mean something else?etc. bu they shou ut uldn't brin yellow flo ng owers , the meaning of them is not good " jea f t alously" :) :) ;) ) Beh hnam, I think you notice that Mar k ed rina's naggi got what it wants. O my God! And ing Oh !!! men wonder wh women like to nag (L n hy (LOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOL).

Dea Behnam, I'm so impr ar ressed by yo bravery in writing y our y your opinio it is som ons, mething very especial a it makes you in a tr place. I really ve impresse y and s rust I'm ery ed.:) At la , I want to say that all what yo wrote is r ast ou really great, I hope you can make this t, u step in your fu ps uture life wi you futur wife. I ca freely env her, beca ith re an vy ause she wil have ll an " "especial ma She is very lucky. an". In fa your wr fact riting to Ros and me m sa made me thi about lots of things , but if I wr ink rite them now , my writing will be so long so I'll write my extra thoughts la m g, ater, I don't want to be boring. :) b I've no more tricky questio I'll give a time for rest :), but not a rest fr writing I ons, e from g. wou be deligh to read more won uld hted d nderful writi ings from yo very very soon. ou y h wishes. With my best w Mar rina. V dle s PS: I saw in TV news that it will be a dust storm in the midd east , it's beginning in KSA nd is seems it's ve strong, t ery they talked about Iraq too , I , an it will be through thi week , it s don know abo Iran , an n't out nyway pleas take care :) se e.

Marina1 July 12th 2009 M ly 9 Hi M Mortaza Mr. a, It's very nice to see anothe Iranian fr o er friend. Than you for sh nk haring us in this place, and n than you one m nk more time for commenting on the article whic I pasted y f ch yesterday . I lik your dau ked ughter's nam would y please l me know its meaning me, you let w g?? Tha you for g ank giving us so informa ome ation about you. All your writings are welcom med. Tha you for r ank reading. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

mortaza.abta July 13th 2009 m a Dea Marina, ar ank writing to m It makes me very ha me. s appy and I g get Tha you for w a go feeling when I see a message addressing to me in thi ood a is

thread. You asked me the meaning of "Negar", my daughter's name. First, I would like you to know that "Negar" is a pure Persian word. You know, most of people, here in Iran, choose arabi names for their children because of the infusion of Islamic culture in their life. However, there are many many beautiful Persian names that are used by Iranian family; "Behnam" is one of those Iranian name for men!! Anyway, to answer your question, "Negar" means beautiful drawing, beautiful image, beautiful design. Thank you for reading, All the best mortaza July 13, 2009 235

Veronicaho July 13th 2009 Hi Behnam! Thanks for your fast reply! I hope everything is going well with you! First I will answer you that you never needs to wondering about if you makes me upset with your answer! I like humor and jokes a lot! I am older than you but I have had childrens and teenages in our house last 27 years and I dont feel like a old lady as 46 years. In my head Im still 28, I finish to have birthdays after that so soon my oldest daughter is in the same age as Iam. :) (As a matter of fact people very often think that we are sisters. And I like it !!!) Yes you have right! I forgot that I have a younger daughter so maybe its possible for me to get you as a son in law :) But maybe you dont want to waiting so many years for a wife....she is just 12 years. But Im sure, your wife will be lucky! You have so many nice "sides". Do you have some "bad sides" at all? Please let me know :) My bad sides are that Im very obstinate sometimes. If I think I have right I never change my opinions. My mam often tell me that Im lucky because my husband is so kind. She think that someone else had throwed me out of my house. Thanks Im still living in my

house! But sometimes this obstineteside helps me much. When something is difficult nothing can stop me, I never give up! If its nessecery I will go to the moon :) Now I have holiday staying at our summerhouse. A nice place at the sea. We have nice weather with sun and 25 degreeze. This is my paradise in the world. What about you? Do you have holiday? How long is a holiday in your country? Here is it 5 weeks if you are working full time (38 hours per week) and then someone have few weeks in the winter. I not sure, but I had heard that Finland have most holiday in the world? Hope to hear from you again! Veronica

Veronicaho July 13th 2009 Hi Rosa! As you know Im new here on this site and as you, I like it a lot. This site give me opportunity to improve my english and I really hope I will success. As I write to Behnam one of my "bad sides" are that Im obstinate and I think it can help me now. I was very schooltired so I never read english at school. Just a low level. A big problem now for me. My english have I learn in Romania. You writing nice and I always reading your letters. In one of your letters you had a question about friendship. Who are a real friend? I have a lot of friends but only few are real friends. Once I have been burned a lot. It was a real friend of mine I thought. We had felt each other many years, our childs was friends and we had a lots of fun. I dont know why byt one day she started to lie about me. Even in this day, many years ago I havnt found any reasons for why she done it. In this time she devorsed from her husband and sometimes I thinking that was the reasons. She was jealous of me and she wanted me to do the same. I think she felt bad in this time. Im not sure but I think it can be the reasons. Many years after I missing her and I suffered a lot. But this event learned me a lot. There is only few

you really can trust. Sometimes I think that womens doing things like this more than mens. What do you think? Are women more envy and jealous than men? I have many friends who are womens and even mens, but I have one real friend who are a men and I feel it is a big different between how womens and mens thinking. Im really happy I have this friendship with him. He thinking in a other way and often he give me answers I never should thought about. Ofcourse I speak to my husband but it is nice to have this outsider person. Can I ask you where in Spain you living? Many years ago I been there many times with my husband. It is a very nice country and the culture are different to Finland. Once I never forgot from our trips. It was the bullfencing (I dont know the word, hope you understand). But as turists we should go on it and our child was 2 and 6 years. 6 years old daughter got trauma for rest of her life! :) Have a nice day and hope to hear from you, Veronica

sami July 13th 2009 Hello Behnam How are you? I hope you are fine. I am very well. First of all I have to confess that I have enjoyed a lot your last writing to me. First, it has a great quality as a writing, and second, it surprised me because of what you have written. Thank you for your words to me. For me, it is a great pleasure to receive these words from you. I just hope that shot in the arm doesn?t hurt you so much! ;) Life on the beach is going quite well. Could I say anything different? I am enjoying holidays, it is the first summer I am going to enjoy it after the last 10 years. Before, I spent 9 months studying and when all my friends here were free, enjoying summer, beach, parties?I was always working. This summer I have decided not to work and I am just going to relax sand to write here!!! ? If it is God?s wish, I will start working next September, let?s see? You ask me if I enjoy lying on sand at night looking at stars. For a moment I imagined myself with a nice person besides me, both looking at stars?could it be a better moment? It would be a magical one, I?m sure. When I was younger I used to go to the beach at

nights with a group of friends, I?m talking when I was about 15, we went there to tell stories and have some drinks; we used to spend a nice time there. Unfortunately, I don?t go to the beach at nights, I don?t have that nice person beside me? Moreover, the beach is very dark at nights and I am scared of going there alone! (LOL) Have you ever gone to the beach at night and counted stars? If so, who did you go with? What did you talked about? About speaking with English native speakers I haven?t had such opportunity yet. I can see many of them in the streets, but I am shy to speak to them. I wish I could. Your writing about men and women is great. I was also surprised to see what you have written about looking at women?s breasts. I couldn?t stop laughing. It is great. It shows you are a very brave man. I am sure you (men) all do that, you all like ogling and looking to some parts of women?s body, however, not all men say it. Just one thing about this, you think you do that and women don?t realize or are unaware of it, but dear Behnam, we women are very wise, we have a sixth sense and we know perfectly well when a man is looking at us and to which part of our body. Maybe they don?t tell you anything about it mainly for two reasons: one, they are shy to tell it; two, they like it! If one day I meet you I will never lose contact with your eyes!! Be sure! But what will happen once you marry? Will you go on looking at other ladies? breasts? Poor you wife-to-be?I hope you can abandon this habit, if not she may abandon you! I?m joking. I know this is part of men?s nature, most of you cannot do anything about it, but what will happen if women looked at men like you look at other women? Please tell me, imagine you are married and you look at other women and also your wife look at other men in the same way. Would both of you have the same reaction? Don?t worry about your way of writing, I haven?t thought you are impolite or rude, in fact, some parts of your writing were very funny. This way of writing is what makes you special and this thread so attractive to other people. Please Behnam, NEVER CHANGE, you are unique. I hope to read more from you soon. Sweet kisses, Rosa.

Veronicaho July 13th 2009 Hi Marina! Thank you for your answer! I just had write a letter to you but when I should send it internet wasnt connect so I lose it!!!! Oh....Now I had to write it agin but ofcourse it will get practise!

I agree with you about womens, mens and planets. I was thinking about which planet the kids are living and I think everybody are on the same planet. But there is big diffenents between womens and mens. I like what you told me is saying in Arab culture, that "fighting in mariage life is the salt of life. I told this to my husband and he asked where I get everything :) I told him about my new hobby, this site. He just laughter! Are Marina your real name? Is it a Syrian name? In Finland and Sweden Marina is a usual name on girls and real swedish! Ok but I know even in Romainia they have Mari, Mariam and Marina but on boys. Can I ask about your age Marina? I think you are 25-28 years. Again I can tell you how much I like to read what you are writing. You know everything and have answers and own opinions on everything. Asolute nothing negative or bad...I really like it and I can recognize myself. In our family we have travel a lot to many countries (never to Syrien Iran and countries there around) under 28 years. For me it is very important to show and learn our childs about other countries, culture and religions. Even that I know you just a little bit I think you are the person who can answer me for a question about islam. (Nothing bad, I promise) I have thinking on this question many times when we have been to countries where the religion is islam. But I will ask you a little bit later! Hope to hear from you again and take care, Veronica

behnam July 14th 2009 Hello Marina, How are you my dear friend? I hope you are fine. Thank you very much for saying a lot of good things about me and my writings. That is very kind of you. That shows you have got a heart of Gold. Dear Marina, I did not mean to hurt your feeling by writing your name after Rosa. You know, Rosa is our new friend. We should treat her with great respect. By the way, she is a westerner and so sensitive. She is like a slippery fish. She will leave us soon, if we do not give enough attention to her. (loool) Do not get jealous of her. Be kind to her. :):):):) I read your writing carefully. I enjoyed reading it. However, I do not know what to write.

Do not close it. Make it open; give me some excuses, and let me write to you. :):):) You have got two brothers-in-law.They do not get on well with each other. What will happen if they become three(Your husband be added to them)? I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 14 July, 2009

behnam July 14th 2009 Hello Veronica, It was very nice reading your great writings. Thank you for writing in this thread. Your name is a nice one. Your second daughter is twelve years old. The age gap between us is considerable. I believe, age gap between couples is an important factor, which affects the marriage. It is normal to have five years difference (husband is five years older than wife), I think. Regardless of some exception, the marriage will be unhappy and loveless, if the age gap between couples become more than five years. How do you think about it? What is your opinion about age gap between couples? It is a great honour for me to have such a kind lady as my mother-in-law. What can poor Behnam do, when the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak?(lloool:):):) However, thank you for your kindness. Even, imagination was like a sweet dream, which made me calm and relaxed. :):):) Being obstinate is not a weakness, as long as you do not bother other people. By the way, obstinacy makes our mind narrow. Sometimes, it is very good and positive, as you have written. In such cases, it is considered as strength rather than a weakness. I am a serious and very determined person too. My dogged determination often helps me with achieving my goals. We get four weeks' holiday each year. Teachers are on holiday during the summers. There are many traditional and religious holiday in Iran. I think, Iran is number one in the world, in terms of holiday. Finland is a very good country. Finnish people are so kind. I am very much interested in your country. Please write me something about the lifestyle in Finland. I have got a question for you. I saw you have written that you have got a male friend, whereas you are married and you live with your husband. It sounds strange for me! It is very difficult for me to believe such things, because of the different cultures we have, I

think. In my country, couples are supposed to be loyal, although having a male friend does not necessarily mean disloyalty. However, it is an illegal thing in Iran. Thank you for spending some time on reading this post. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 14 July, 2009

behnam July 14th 2009 Hello Rosa, You cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw your writing. It really made me feel happy. In my last post to you, I had written some unusual things. I was worried about making you get upset or angry with me. Thankfully, you did not get upset and annoyed; at least there is no sign of physical or emotional upset. Can you guess why I mentioned sign of both physical and emotional upset? Was it just to make my sentence sounds beautiful? What is your guess about sign of physical upset? Jejejeje hahaha (loool) It seems that you are an open-minded lady. Although I am not as rich as you are, and I have not got any private beaches, I have been to the beach of the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran many times. Our friend MARYAM is from the north of Iran. If you are interested in getting some information about the Caspian Sea and its beautiful beach, ask from her. I am sure, she is a kind Iranian lady, and she will answer all questions about the Caspian Sea. I love sitting on the beach and watching waves. The waves are so powerful and very large at night. I really love sitting there and watching and listening to the different sounds, they make when breaking on the beach. I also like drawing and writing on the sandy beaches. Thank you for saying some good things about my writings, and my way of writing. It really encourages and motivates me to continue writing. Would you possibly write something about the women's sixth sense? How can they see where men are looking at, whereas they do not use their eyes? It is very amazing, somehow. They often pretend not to give any attention, because of liking it (being ogled) and being shy! I could not understand; what do you mean? (loool) About the question concerning men's feelings when walking in streets and their wives looking at someone else?I should say that I have discussed this matter with many people; men and women in different situation. I found out that it is very difficult, even impossible

to make women convinced that men and women are very different, at least from this point of view. Finally, I decided to answer such questions by questions!(loool) Imagine these two situations and please let me know which of them do you prefer; and why? Please write about the reason (in answering to 'why') to the best of your ability. 1.There is an office in a company; five people are working in the office. One of them is Rosa, and others are all males. I mean four men. 2.The same office and five people, but one of them is man and others are four females (Rosa included). I will answer you, after receiving your answer to these questions! (loool) jejejeje jajajaj hahaha hehehehe I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. All the best, Behnam, 14 July, 2009

sami July 14th 2009 Hello Marina How are you my sweet friend? How is life going? I hope everything goes well with you. I am fine, happy to see your writings here. You tell me your father prefers going to the mountains rather than going to the beach. This is because he is with protective with his daughters. All fathers are like this. He sees you as his untouchable, unlookable princess, and he wants to protect you from other men?s looks. Arent fathers great? Just put yourself in his shoes, imagine you have a beautiful daughter, wouldn?t you do the same as he does? ;) About your clothes, I guessed you wear Muslim clothes, it makes me glad to know you like them. But, aren?t they a little bit uncomfortable for hot weather? There are many Muslim women in my city, some of them wear freely and some others wear their traditional clothes. I think you must be very proud of your religion, this is why you like wearing them. When I wanted you to tell me about Muslim women, my question was related to this, but I didn?t know how to formulate my question. Some months ago I watched a film, which is called ?Not without my daughter?, have you seen it? It is about a couple who lives in Iran, I think, the woman is not a Muslim although she is married to a Muslim man. She was forced (by her husband) to wear like a Muslim woman, even though she didn?t like it. Is there any problem if you go out without these clothes? Please, forgive me, I know this is a very dangerous topic, and I am talking from my ignorance, I know not much about your religion, although I respect it a lot, and it is very attractive to me. Tell me freely what you think about my question, and you don?t have to answer if you don?t want to. Again, forgive me, I don?t want to make you upset

by asking it. I respect you a lot. Behnam?s answer to my question is funny, isn?t it? I was surprised and I couldn?t stop laughing when reading it. I imagined him talking with some women, his eyes must be crazy not knowing where to look at! ;) Writing it shows he is a very brave man, he knows very well what he wants in life! By the way, Marina, in your writing to Behnam you say people will stand in queue for Behnam?s special way of treating his future wife, and Rosa?s beauty �? Have you seen me? I think you haven?t, so who has told you this big lie? (LOL) I am not beautiful at all, I am just a normal girl. I hope our little bird is not responsible for that, if it is a liar I will go to Behnam?s side and think about eating it! ;)) I think you praise me to heaven, you have to look at yourself my friend, you have to think you are the best, no one is better than you, at least, Rosa is not better than you. About ideal man?I have thought about it a lot and for me it is very difficult to give a definition of ?ideal man?. When thinking about it, respect and love are the necessary qualities he must have to be my love. I don?t need jewelry or flowers, I don?t need material things. I think love and respect are the most important things, when there is love and respect, there is everything. I would like him to be intelligent so that we can enjoy nice and long conversations. I would also be happy if he was funny, I think a funny man by your side makes your life easier? I don?t know, I would write a lot of positive qualities and this writing would be endless. I have mentioned four qualities (love, respect, intelligence and fun), although the most important one is his love towards me. I would like to feel he loves me more than anything in the world, and also I would like to feel that my life is complete with him. He should make me feel I have butterflies in my stomach, if that happens, I think he is my ideal man. Up to now I haven?t found him yet, he must be hidden or running away from me. ;)) It is necessary to say that I am not looking for him, I am waiting, If that man exists, I believe, life will bring him to me. Have you ever been in love, Marina? I know you are single, are you in love now? I know very well that my writing is very simple, not so good as yours, I just hope you can understand what I mean, I have not the skill of putting it in a clear way, please forgive me. I am waiting to read about your ideal man, He will be very lucky to have a love like you. Kisses from Spain Rosa, July 14, 2009.

sami July 14th 2009 Hello Veronica, Nice to meet you! We have the same feeling for this site, sometimes I feel it must be bad for our health, I am addicted to it! Something which is addictive mustn?t be good! No,

no, no, I am only joking, I love this site, it gives us the opportunity to learn and improve our English and writing skills, and it also helps us learn about many different aspects of life. Thank you for praising my writing, as you can see from them I am not a professional writer, I had to write a lot when I was at university but I have forgotten everything about it. Sometimes I take some of my university papers and I get surprised, I say to myself: ?Oh my God, did I write it myself?? As almost everything, when you don?t practice something, you forget it how to do it. I hope this site will give me back my great writing skill from the past! What you write about your friend is quite usual, sometimes we have someone as a closereal friend, and at the end it comes out they are not friends at all. You find out, as you say, that they tell some lies about you, or many other things. It is better to be alone than to have friends like these. I tell you another example, I have a cousin who is the same age as me, we have always been together, we have done lots of things together, then she married and now Rosa has disappeared from her life. What has happened? Whenever I want to see her I have to go to her home, she never calls me or comes to visit me. This fact makes me very sad. Does it mean I am not important for her, now and never? I know people?s life changes when they marry, for some women there is no more world apart from her husband, but I am her cousin, I have always been with her, I am not talking about going out with her and leave her husband alone, I just say she could phone me and tell me ?Hey, cousin, let?s have a coffee together? Just this. As it never happens it makes me think she doesn?t care about me?It makes me very sad. This has been my big deception up to now it terms of friendship. Of course, as you say, this makes us learn about life. All learning is a positive change in our life, but sometimes the process of learning it is hard and painful. And I agree with you when you say only a few are real friends. I really don?t care about the number of friends I have, I do care about the quality they have. You say you have a male friend and sometimes you are surprised by his answers. It is great, because men are different from us and makes us see the world in a different way and from a different point of view. I have a brother who is a year younger than me, sometimes I have long conversations with him, and it is difficult for us to agree on some topics. He sometimes says he cannot understand the way we (women) think. He sometimes gives me his point of view which makes me understand things better. He thinks some of the problems we have with our female friends are nonsenses, and for sure they don?t pay attention to them. I have heard many times there is some envy among women, to tell the truth, I have never envied someone or being jealous for something she may have. I think we are all the same, and no one is better than other. I don?t know if this answers to your question. I hope so. I live in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, more precisely in Huelva. It is a not big city on the west coast of Andalusia. You say you have come some times to Spain, where have you been to? Did you like it? What is what you like the most, what you didn?t like of Spain? Yes, I understand what you mean, you mean bullfighting. It is typical here, bullfighters

are considered to be important men and they are paid a huge sum of money for what they do. It is considered an art, and bullfighters are considered artists. Bullfighting is attractive to many foreign people. I have to say that I am not for it, I do nothing against it but I don?t like it. I cannot understand that type of ?art? as it is called. Where is art when someone is killing an animal? Why do these animals have this slow death? I don?t like it, and I cannot understand why people pay a lot of money to buy tickets to see this. It is normal that you daughter was shocked when seeing it. I have never been able to see it, I always bursts into tears when I see that poor animal losing its life little by little. From my point of view, they should be forbidden. Tell me more about you, what is your career? Do you think mothers/wives should devote themselves to be just a housewife? Why are you learning English? Do you like travelling? How many countries have you been to? Please don?t take my questions as something personal, it is just for us to continue being active in this thread. ;) I hope to hear from you soon. Kisses Rosa, July 14, 2009.

sami July 14th 2009 Hello Mortaza How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you for your information about yourself. It really helps me make my imaginary picture of you. So when reading or writing to you that picture comes to my mind and I know who I am talking with. Congratulations for the family you have. I think you and your wife must be very happy with your little children. Your boy is in his first year of school, isn?t he? In Spain, compulsory education starts at 5 but they can go the infant schools before that. And now I think the queen of your house must be your little daughter ; )), just 5 months! I like her name a lot, Negar, it sounds great. What is the behavior of your son with her? Is he jealous of her? Sometimes I think there would be a problem at home when my sisters have another child. As I have said other times I have a niece, from my eldest sister, she is the only child at home, and sometimes when my sister, her husband or even me say something to other children, she (my niece) gets angry! It is a problem for some parents, I hope it is not for you. I love dried nuts, especially pistachios! They have a special taste, I like it a lot. In Spain olives are very typical, especially in Jaen, another city of Andalusia. If I see anyone of you someday, I will give you some olives, or olive oil, which is said to be the best in the world! What will the rest of you give us as a souvenir if we meet????? Happy to know you work at university teaching math. Is this what you wanted? I have always known I wanted to be a teacher, is it the same with you? Are you happy with your job? What is the best and worst of it? I hope to read more from you, by the way, your English is great.

kiss ses Ros July 14, 2 sa, 2009. 236 6

Marina1 July 14th 2009 M ly 9 Hi M Mortaza Mr. a, So m many thanks for replyin s ng. You daughter' name is re ur 's eally beauti iful, and it h a lovely meaning. has y You pointed out to an im u've d mportant thing, about n names and c cultures or countries. I very It's grea to know t at that Iranian people are interested in Arabic n n e names, beca ause Arab them mselves are trying to ge names fro other co et om ountries , esp specially we estern count tries. My relative got three daug t ghters , thei names are Fatima , Natalie and Nancy " , he likes ir e" d stern names , so he chose just one A Arabic nam me(his mothe name) f one daughter. er's for wes Ara are sear abs rching these days in the holy Koran in order to find some Islamic an e e n t e nd espe ecial names " Sedra " is a name fr the hol book, its m s. from ly meaning " t heaven" , I the " don know exa n't actly the Aye which con e ntains it , bu this name became ver famous in Arab ut e ry wor , at least in Syria. rld t I rea like you daughter name , I will put it in my list wh I'll get m ally ur r's n hen married and have a d nice girl. " God willing". W e d Would you p please tell m other Pe me ersian name ??? it wou be es uld very kind of you y u. I ho to read m ope more from y you. h wishes. With my best w Mar rina.

Marina1 July 14th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Veronica, ar Tha anks a lot for your nice words abou my writin I don't th that I k ut ng. hink know everyt thing , I hop I deserve what you sa Thank y very mu indeed. pe aid. you uch ar is c ow Dea Veronica, Marina is not my real name, my real name i an Arabic one. I kno Mar rina is a ver famous n ry name in som western c me countries lik yours, Ita and othe I ke aly ers.

love my real na , but it's lovely to h e ame 's have anothe one, Mar er rina is a goo one, isn't it??? od t :) I'm 25 years. T Thank you fo putting m age between 25-28 . a friend of mine thinks that or my f s my thoughts lik a woman who is 32 y ke years old :( (. ar i know other countries , I wish I can travel whe n enever Dea Veronica, traveling is a way to k and wherever I want. My m d mother alwa says tha I'll travel a lot when I'll get mar ays at l rried. So I still wai I'm iting (LOOO OOOOOOO OOL). Plea Veronic feel free and ask wh ase ca, hatever you want . all y your questio and com ons mments are welcomed! ase ting very sho But I'm a bit ill, my stomach is angry with me, I ort. y s h Plea forgive me for writ feel as if I don' have stren l 't ngth to raise my hand. F e Forgive for making lot of mistake r ts es. I ho to read m ope more from y you. With my best w h wishes. Mar rina.

sa akeena July 14th 2009 y Dea Behnam ar If yo have any questions related to E ou y English u ca ask me th an hrough yaho messenge oo er too,since I alre eady added y you. urs y You sincerely

mortaza.abta July 14th 2009 m a Dea Rosa, ar Tha you so m ank much for wr riting to me. What a lively thre is this th ead hread!! Peo here ar very frien ople re ndly, they write to ea other ve nicely an reply fas y ach ery nd st, so th sometim I feel if I can not w with yo hat, mes, f walk ou neck and neck !! Simple ph k hrases are u used, but ve ery deep meanings feelings an emotions are convey p s, nd s yed! You know, man people ar a little an u ny re nxious when they n are going to ha a new ba specially the first one! ave aby, But, according to my expe , g eriences (!!!) there is n need !), no to be worried a b about having a new bab In fact, a you g by. as said having a n baby m d, new make your lif be more f ife fun, it

brin happine to the fam ngs ess mily. Befo our dau fore ughter, Nega was born we used t give ar, n, to all o attentio to our boy Amirali. A our on y, After Negar was born, r we c could not co ontinue in th manner any longer his r. The new situati was (an still is) un e ion nd nacceptable to Amirali e i. So h started behaving lik he was jea he ke alous of his little sister s r. We always try to bahave in such a wa that helps our boy n ay s have good feeli about th new born baby!! ing he n It is interesting because w realized that, in fact Amirali s g, we t, love his little s es sisiter. He l loves her ve much so that ery whe he is awa from her, for even 1 hour, he sta en ay , arts aski me wher NINI is, w ing re when NINI come back, ... (Am mirali calls h sister NINI !!) her NI Her in Iran, c re, childeren st going to school at t age tart o the of 7. Before going to schoo they have the opport 7 ol e tunity to ex xperience a two-year p pre-school ( (kindergarte So en). we a going to register Amirali in a p are o pre-school f the for next two years. t ar u many subjec to write a cts about. Dea Rosa, you gave me m Tha you! I w write about all of th in the fu ank will hem future. But, if you don't mind, let m ask you to , me writ about you te urself. In fact, I do not know very m much abo you and other friend here, bec out ds cause I am a newcomer r and you have b d been in cont for a long time and you tact d know each othe very well er l. By t way, my oldest siste has 7 chi the y er ilderen!! An her nd olde daughter is going to have a we est r o edding this w week, and I am going to attend h wedding Since we a d g her g. are not living in the same city, right after I post this w e , r writing, I am going to d m drive to thei home; ir the distance is 500 kilometers and it w take 6 h will hour to reac there. ch All the best mor rtaza July 14, 2009 y

mortaza.abta July 14th 2009 m a Dea Marina, ar Tha you so m ank much for rep plying. I wil write to you very soo ll on! Goo luck od rtaza mor

Marina1 July 14th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam, ar Tha you for y ank your reply. Even it was TOO shor , but it wa kind as us s rt as sual. I did close m writing but on the ot dn't my b ther hand I didn't gave you some e excuses to write, So w you are right , but I didn't know what to ask, or w t what to writ Anyway , I'll not clo my te. ose writ ting again in order to " avoid silen in Engli nce ish" . :) , no more silen I promi o nce. ise. Abo putting R out Rosa's name before my name , It d e y didn't hurt m feeling , b as you k my but know, com mpletely wel in saying n ll names we a accord the a alphabet ( M n,o,p,q, th R) M, hen (LO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOO) Dea Behnam, I don't know what wou happen w ar w uld when I'll ge married, I think my b et brothers in la with my " future hus aw sband" will play ( mice cat and d l e, dog) game (L (LOOOOOO OOL). God help my fa d amily then. :) : ar question for , I'll not lea my writ ave ting without a question :) t Dea Behnam, I've got a q You said once t u that girls ar ren't interes in physics , becaus of their fe marks , is there sted se few i any other reaso for noticing that??? ons Let me say that I agree with you, girls haven't a g t s good relatio onship with physics , It was h t my b biggest problem in the high schoo , and even if my field is strongly connected to ol n d Phy ysics , but I f found it har to unders rd stand. The m hard th most hing for me when I stud died abo electroni , especia when so out ics ally omething ha appened bet tween electr rons , some of them go i a way , an others go in the opp in nd o posite way , few of them leave thei places , m ir sudd denly, oh m God!!! W my Where are yo going??? Wait?. Ple ou ? ease wait . M Marina didn n't und derstand why are you le y eaving , plea stay and let's drink some coffe ase d k ee! (LO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOL L). To t the truth I still hav lots of qu tell h, ve uestion mark about phy ks ysics, but I decided to be a b very simple frie to it. I see it from t y end s time to time (LOL). Dea Behnam, I've asked y that que ar you estion becau there w a subject in the univ use was versity ( I wa in the third year) , w as when the tea acher was ex xplaining so of my p ome professor wr riting , he started to la s augh sudden , when h stopped , we asked him about th reason , he said nly he he h

with a big smile " the class is divided , girls sit here and men sit there , I looked at girls faces , all of them looking at me angrily , some of them painted question marks on their faces" .:) :) So dear friend , what about your students??? :) I've got another question for you, would you please tell us something funny which happened when you were teaching in a class??? Thank you Behnam for reading. Sorry for making lots of mistakes, but I'm a bit ill as I wrote to our new friend Veronica. I'm like children , whatever they make mistakes they say " because of my illness" (LOOOOOOOOOL) . I hope to read more from you very soon. With my best wishes. Marina.

behnam July 14th 2009 Hello Marina, It was very sad to here that you do not feel well. I hope you will get well soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I think, it is beacuse of taking a shower and sleeping direct the air conditionar. Please cover yourself, especially your stomach, whenever you are lying in front of air conditioning system. Thank you for the fast reply. Dear Marina, girls are not interested in Physics, because Physics is not interesting. There is nothing wrong with girls. (loool):):):) I said, "girls are some soft creatures, but Physics is a rough subject, so they do not match." :):):) However, there are many hard things that girls like them, so my sentence is not true! :):):) It is better to say that my sentence cannot be a rule, because there are a lot of exceptions. (LOOOL) Anyway, Physics is difficult, because it is speaking about too many things. Physics is responsible for the answer of all human beings' questions about the entire world. On top of that, you have to understand it instead of memorising. Frankly speaking, girls have good memories, but in the world of Physics memory is not enough. You have to use other important tools, memory is a tool but not a right one in the world of Physics. I dislike speaking about Physics in this thread. I hate to sound like a teacher. It will be so boring. I do not like to lose my friends. :):):)(LOOOL) Many funny things has happened at classes. For instance, the pronunciation of some

wor in Physics, sounds so funny in Farsi. Some rds s etimes, they are embar y rrassing. I r really feel embarrassed when pro l onouncing t those words Once my Zipe was un s. ndone!!! Gi irls re nd g. oon. wer smiling an laughing I got it so :):):) I wi write abo "funny th ill out hings" ay cl lasses more e. Dea Marina, w ar what would you do if you decided to make you husband happy? Do not d ur d o writ "I would cook his fa te, d avourite foo I know t od." that the way to a man's heart pass y s ses thro ough his sto omach, but p please write about som other thin you may do to make your e me ngs y e husb band happy This question is so tr y. ricky. Be car reful with it :):):) t. I ha to dash r ave right now. I hope to he more fro you soon Please let me know if you ear om n. beco comple ome etely well or not. I am w r worried abo your hea out alth. I ha no time to correct m mistakes Forgive m ave my s. me. All the best, Beh hnam, 14 July, 2009

Marina1 July 14th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam, ar many thanks for your c s care about M Marina. I hi ighly apprec ciate your h honest feelin ngs. So m Tha you for b ank being with m in all ca me ases. u about air co ondition. But it seems I' suffering from a kind of sensitiv in 'm g d vity You are right a my s stomach. I t think I shou eat some boiled veg uld e getables, but my father insists on ta aking me to the docto it seems I'm going th or, here. ar tion is very tricky :) , I' enjoy ans 'll swer it. I pro omise to wr very rite Dea Behnam , your quest soon I just wan to say " THANK Y n. nted YOU" for my dearest fr y riend. Hav a nice da stay happ and heal ve ay, py lthy Mar rina.

Marina1 July 14th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Rosa, ar Tha you very much for y ank y your answer , it made m really ha r me appy. You have asked an importa question about Isla I should say that I g what yo want u d ant n am. d got ou , wh should I b upset??? Your ques hy be ? stion was ve clear , an we've us to discus ery nd sed ss

everything in Islam. In fact lots of Islamic instructions came from discussion. Discussion make everything healthy. But , please forgive if I wrote it later. I'm a bit ill and I don't know how to answer, I've no strength to think. I promise to answer you as soon as I feel okay. Have a nice day. Marina.

behnam July 14th 2009 Dear Friends(Cathy, Maryam, Mohsen, Mortaza, Nana, Lauri, Araghi, ...), How life is going? I hope everything is going well with you. As you see, the thread has become very active, due to attempt of some hard working people. Therefore, the pages are filled, one after another, quickly. Someone maybe writes something today, but does not check the thread e.g. for two days. After two days, there are new posts and new writings. S/he will not see her/his answer, becuase the pages have changed during her/his absence time. What I am saying is this: Dear friends, I have tried my best to answer all writings. It is my strategy in managing this thread. I have tried not to keep anyone waiting for answer. Sometimes, I have forgotten to answer someone, but it has been rare. Anyway, this is just to let you know that I have answered your last writings to me, now I am impatiently waiting for your responses. DO NOT KEEP ME WAITING! I am very muvh looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. All the best, Behnam, 14 July, 2009 237

behnam July 14th 2009 Dear friends, Many site- runners have emailed me and wanted me to visit and write on their sites! I have answered them:

I have started practising English on this site with its kind runner and some friendly people. I have got many bad parts in my character, weaknesses and faults, but I am sure ingratitude is not one of them. By the way, my friends have accepted me, in spite of having many faults. Therefore, I will not leave this site and the thread, as long as it is active, or is running. Dear friends, each of us is like a member of this big family. It is okay to leave a family for a while e.g. for months, a year or even years, but it is not good to leave it forever. Do not start doing something if you do not want to finish it! We have started together, and we will finish it together. Is there a finish line? There is no need to think about the finish line, because finish line is equal to giving up! However, we are learning something (English) to use it in our lives. Whenever we use it, we are in the pitch, and then far from finish line. It is a little bit confusing, I know. I wanted to avoid writing that finish line for real learners of a new language is their dying day! I hope you pardon my French! I did not mean that you are obligated to write in this thread forever. No never! I just wanted to point out that learning a new language is a lifelong process, and then needs a lifelong ambition. Please do not lose touch with this thread, and devote, at least five minutes a day on writing and sharing something with some eager people. Some people emailed me and want me to make friends with them, and then to be their pen friend. I am really pressed for time. I have no time to spend on emailing. I am terribly sorry, but I promise to answer to whoever writes in this thread. Dear Maryam, Cathy, Nana, Andrew, Lauri, Mohsen, Araghi, and all visiters, I am impatiently waiting for your replies. Sorry to bother, but I had to write these things. All the best, Behnam, 14 July, 2009

Veronicaho July 14th 2009 Hi Behnam! Thanks a lot for your answer, it made me really happy. And always nice to read :) I really like this thread and I improve my english a little bit every days and I can see that you

understand my letters. It makes me to feel good! And not only that, I even learn a lot about so many meaningful things. I readed in some of your letters that you write that girls not like physics. :( :( I really do it. In my schooltime it was the subject I liked most. And I had a very nice and capable teacher. Before I choose to read to a nurse I wondered about to read natural science. So maybe Im not normal :) You asked me what Im thinking about age gap between couples. Im not sure that I agree whit you that relationship can be unhappy if the age gap are more than 5 years. I think there is so many things than age what have a big significance. As example, love to each other, that you have funny, that you trust each other and give space to each other. I can understand what you mean byt there is some couples with more than 5 years age gap who have a very nice and good marriage. Sometimes you can hear that "childs from similar families playing best". Hope you understand! But Im not sure about that too. For me is the most importent that you trust each other and always are honest to your partner. And that you talk about everything and are equal people. That you even when you are marriage can be yourself and not only a husband or a wife. And doesnt matter age, color, religion, sex and other things. Do you think Im wrong? Only in one case a women should married with a younger man. And thats because mens are more illness (when they are old) than womens and often they die before thems wife so the wife will be alone. If a women married to a younger man she should have him longer :) :) (My husband is one year older than me) Im kidding with you, but there is a little bit true in this! About to have a malefriend for a married wife as me looks very strange for you and I understanding you. There is a big difference between Finish and Iracish culture and religion and I have full respect for that! For me is it a very important friendship and it is ONLY friendship, never nothing else! I have know him since 20 years and he give me a lot of knowledge and I really appreciate that I have him. For my husband it is ok and he too know this man. In Finland this is nothing wrong but what I told you before I understanding why this is illegal in your country. You asked me to tell you about the lifestyle in Finland. Oh my God! What should I tell you. I must thinking. Finland is neighbour to Sweden and we are the same people with same cultur. But I think that finish people are more taciturn than swedish people. Finland are a very equal place and finish womens got right to vote already 1906! Finish people are reliables. Young students studying a lot and after they finish they often lives the life and often travelling.

They move to a own apart ey tment aroun 18 years old and they want to m nd ey marriage firs st arou 30 - 35 years old. L und 5 Late! Often they stay w a girl o boyfriend before. Wh they n with or d hen have childs the mother or f e father can s home w the chil for 3 years (with sal stay with ld lary) but then childre going to kindergard and wom en den mens for wo Nobody are a homewife ork. y here The stand e. dard of livin is high he Thats n always g ng ere. not good becaus children are se spoi ilt. Abo Finland I can say it is a nice co out t ountry with nice people We have w e. ing, winter, spri sum mmer and au utumn. I hat wintertim when we have cold and snow. B the summ is te me a But mer nice and the su is shining all the day and night. Then the nights are no dark. It is light e un g y ot s as in daytime! n Finl land have N Nokia and m makes mobilp lphones and maybe you have a nok Santa Claus d u kia! C livin in Finlan in north...:) And fini people like icehock and Form ng nd ish key mula 1. May you ybe know Kimi R�ikkonen, he is a driver at formula 1. e r a te pe erstand my e english and not get bor ring! oh...how much I have writ now! Hop you unde Hop to here fr you aga and I re pe rom ain eally like if y will tell me about I you l Iran and the e lifes style there.

Tak care / Ver ke ronica

nanazhong J 15th 20 n July 009 dear Behnam, anks for you message.I am boring without co ur I g omputer. Tha You are wrong am so poo so i had to but the la u g.I or aptop by ins stallment.Fo the more i only or e eat bread each meal for sa aving money :( y. I he eared about the news P People in Ira took a ho an oliday becau of the sa storm.I wasn't use and It true e?How abou the situat ut tion now? Best wish NAN NA July 15,2009 y

Marina1 July 15th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Rosa, ar How are you m nice frien w my nd?? I hope you are fin , ok and e ne enjoy your l life's momen in nts Sum mmer. u've me uestions , I'l try to answ them on by one, I promise :) ll wer ne You asked m lots of qu

Dear Rosa, Islam is a system for life, it's not just some laws which we have to do. It's renewed and vital , we can feel it more with every minute in our life. God knows his creatures more than us, he gave us some instructions in order to make our life more happy , healthy and meaningful at the same time , he speaks with our minds , he gives us the orders with lots of reasons , we know reasons for everything in Islam , even God through our prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him)- explained the reasons for all the holy Koran's chapters (Ayat). Because of that all Muslims adores Islam. We adore it with our minds. Dear Rosa, I know completely well that people in western countries don't like Hiejab ( Islamic clothes) , they think it's a way for making men stronger , women weaker, and women who wear it a sample of weakness. All western countries ask for freedom and the equation between men and women , but on the other hand they remove their trying by ask Muslims "why ???" , in fact the question should be " why not??? ". Dear Rosa, heijab's reasons are social in the first place. All of us know that sex without getting married is taboo in all religions( Christianity , Jew and Islam) , even in Jew's laws , it's taboo to think of your sexual desires. Islam admits that there are many kinds of sexual feeling , and " making sex" is a need for every person , and marriage is the suitable establishment in order to fulfill your needs and build a family. God created us and he knows that we have this kind of feelings, so there is no wrong with us. And he knows that men think about this kind of things more than women. Let's say man's sexual feeling is more stronger than women's. women have it , but they don't think about it , it comes with emotional moments , all women's feelings come from love. But men not. Heijab is a confession that women are so attractive, beautiful , and affective. it's a way for protecting women and men, not from each other but from themselves. And it's a kind of respecting for both men and women. I know you'll say " women can protect themselves without wearing it??" and that's absolutely right, because each woman depends on her mind, heart and good manners can protect herself. But as educational people , we shouldn't ignore life's facts , we should admit that there are lots of differences between men and women , otherwise , there is no need to create two genders, and when we accept this idea , we will know how to make modern and healthy society , and that is what Islam wants. Dear Rosa, when a woman wear Islamic clothes she can feel that she can treat with men peer to peer , men themselves they will treat her like that, no desire , no bad feeling , they can treat each other by their brains. It makes her somehow feel that she's equal to him. She's not a " creature" to fulfill his desires or make him have some kind of feelings. The woman in Islam is much more important , and she is a kind of pride and honor in Islamic culture. Dear Rosa, I want to point out that Heijab is not just for Muslims , in the past and to this moment there are lots of Christians and Jewish who wear clothes which are very similar

to Islamic ones. There are two small cities which are near to Syria's capital , it's " Sednaya" and " Maalola" , there are lots Christians there , and there are lots of Christian tourists who come every year from all over the world to visit them because they are very important in their history , they come to make pilgrimage. And as you know, completely well that Arab land is the place which all religions come from, so Christians here are origins :) ( I hope you'll get what I mean), I saw lots of them in TV show , I got surprised , lots of them wear clothes like Muslims, all light in the world was coming from their faces. All what I meant , that all religions tell people lots of similar things , all of us from all religions believe in God and his instructions, but the wrong is with our understanding. I'm as a Muslim respect all people from all religions , and I strongly believe that we should read and read , then everything will be clear. God says in the holy Koran that he is not looking at our faces and shapes , he is looking at our hearts. So our hearts are very important. We should keep it in safe, we shouldn't make them busy with wrong feelings. At last I'm going to talk with Rosa , who is a beautiful woman and she knows women's favorites, she knows that women as like as diamonds , beautiful bright and priceless. Women in Islam are so priceless , they are daughters , sisters , wives ,lovers and mothers. And you know what women do to keep priceless things( like diamond) in safe. Thank you for reading. I'd ask all my Muslims friends on this website to add or correct my writing I know that I didn't write so completely , please forgive me. All comments and questions are welcomed , so Rosa feel free! I hope to read your reply soon. Have a nice day. Marina.

behnam July 15th 2009 Hello Veronica, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you so much for the reply. My mobile phone is Nokia. I am so happy that I have got something with myself, which is made in your country. Now, I have got an especial feeling on it. I think, I like it more than before. This feeling about it is just because of our friendship. What is the need to have a male friend when a woman is married? She can get whatever she wants or needs from her husband. There are many married men, who have got female friends, even some men have got

mistresses. More or less, men are the same in all countries. It sounds normal for men to have female friends. It is a part of men's nature. However, it sounds a little bit strange for a woman to have a male friend. You can ask the same question from me: What is the need to have a female friend when a man is married? He can get whatever he wants or needs from his wife. You have rights to ask this question, but I do not know the right answer of this question. If I say men and women are different from each other, it will sound selfishness and then will bother you. This is one of the questions that I have got no answer for it. Although, I have written something about this subject to my friend Rosa, it was not an answer actually. If we study farm animals, we will see that there are a few males in a flock. For example, there is only one rooster among hundred hens! It is the same in a flock of sheep, somehow. This fact cannot be a good reason, because people often get angry immediately and say, "Young man! We are not like animals. We claim that we are human beings and advanced." Although, I personally believe that some human beings are much worse than wild animals, it is not a good reason to this fact. I hope nobody minds me saying so! We have to prove this fact that a man is happy and he has got good feelings, when he has got more than one wife, but a normal woman is unhappy and she has got bad feelings, when she has got two men in her life. We have got no way to prove this fact, unless we make some detectors and sensors to measure the level of happiness and other feelings among men and women. I believe, it is possible to prove this fact, just by considering a defined criterion, and then measuring the level of it among people who have got more than one wife or husband at the same time. Dear Veronica, although I have written about this subject in answering to you, I never meant you at all. This question is in my mind for ages. I could not find a reasonable or a logical answer for it. It is my hope that my female friends help me with writing about this important topic. My sister is living in Sweden . She has told me that in Sweden six months of a year is summer and the Sun is always in the sky. It is not pitch - black at nights. I know the reason, because Physics helps me to understand such things. However, it is so amazing. How do you feel when you see the Sun in the sky for six months? How do you sleep, when it is not completely dark? According to this theory, it must be winter for six months! There is no enough light, and then it is dark, on days and at nights! How do you feel in winters? I will be very happy if you send me some photos of summer's nights in your country. About the lifestyle in Iran , I am ready to answer any question. Please specify your

questions clearly. Dear Veronica, I have to repeat that although I have written some strange things or ideas in answering to you, I have never meant you. I was speaking about people in general. I hope you will not get upset. Forgive me if I have sounded rude. I hope to see your reply soon. All the best, Behnam, 15 July, 2009

sami July 15th 2009 Hello Behnam! How are you my friend? I hope you are fine. I am pretty well. Today, I am happy because I know the marks of my exams. I have got 7.88 out from 10. But I still don?t know if I will have a place at a school or not. Now, I have to put in order all marks, and if mine is among the best 60 I will get a job for the rest of my life. I will have it on Thursday or Friday at last, I am dying to know it, I cannot wait more! Let?s see what happens. Having a place for the rest of your life is very important nowadays. I don?t know if it is the same in your country, in Spain thousands of people are losing their job day after day, lots of companies are closing, many families cannot pay the banks or other facilities and it is each day worse than the previous one. We are in an economic crisis, so getting a place for me is extremely important. Not only for this, as you know, teaching is my life, so I will be complete (professionally) If I finally get it. I don?t understand the last lines of your first paragraph. Of course, I was not upset by your writing, it made me smile and laugh. I am in dark about your ?physical and emotional?. If I am upset, this is an emotional state, which will be show physically, I guess by having a sad face. But I don?t really know what you mean, also when you say at the end of that paragraph that it seems I am an open-minded woman. Please explain it carefully to me. Why do you think I am rich? Little bird? If it is, definitely it is a big liar. I have no money, I have always worked in summer to have some money, This summer I am not working, what does it mean? I have less that 100 euros in my bank account, am I rich? Moreover, who has private beaches? If you mean Rosa has a private beach, well, she shares it will thousands of people everyday! Jejeje You want me to tell you about women?s sixth sense. Well, I am going to tell you something which happened to me the other day. Before working in the hotel, I used to work every summer in an ice-cream shop. There was a young man who went there everyday, at the same time to buy the same ice-creams for him and his wife. We were four

people working there, but he always waited for me to give ice-creams to him. I never shared with him any word which was not related to ice-cream or the beach, actually, we spoke just the necessary for his shopping. I have worked for the last three years in the hotel, so I never saw this man again. No more than a week, I was in a terrace with some friends having a drink. For a moment, I felt something strange, I felt someone was looking at me, I turned my back and I saw this man standing and looking at me. Who told me he was looking at me? I was backwards, I have no eyes at the back of my head, it was my sixth sense which told me that. Has this ever happened to you? Behnam, I said some women don?t say a word to you while you look at her body, first because they like being ogled (it is grammatically correct?) or because they are so shy they cannot tell you anything to stop looking at them. I think it is clear, if you want to know more about this ask me, please. I am afraid of answering to your questions, I am sure they are tricky, however, I will do that! Well I would choose number two, being with three more women and a man. I prefer this because I think I would feel better and more comfortable when being surrounded mostly by women instead of men. I am impatiently waiting to read you reply. Have fun 15, July 2009

sami July 15th 2009 Behnam! I have seen on the news there has been an plane accident in Iran, I hope you and all your relatives are fine. My God be with the relatives of those who have been injured and dead in that accident. Rosa, 15 July, 2009

sami July 15th 2009 Hello all my friends Please, forgive me if I am late in answering, I visit this site everyday, as you know I dont have internet at home now, so what I do is coping your writings and then I read it at home, I write also at home, where I can think what I write, and then paste it here the following day. This is the reason of my delay in answering. I will answer to you tomorrow. Have a nice time, Rosa 15 july, 2009

behnam July 15th 2009 Hello Nana, How are you? Thank you for the late reply. ;) I think, you are bored with the lack of computer. I hope you will buy a new one soon. It is a good idea to save money. If you like to buy a computer much sooner, I suggest fasting all days and nights. =)=)=) Yes, it was terrible. Sand storm made people stay at home for three days. There are many countries which give us some gifts. Sand storm was a gift from Iraq! Topolov is an airplane that is a gift from Russia! :)):)):)) Swine flu is another important gift from Mexico. AIDS is...Some kind ladies are gifts from China. Oh Behnam, be careful young man! What are you going to write? :):):) I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 15 July, 2009

behnam July 15th 2009 Dear friends, A little bird told me that I had written a bad sentence to Rosa! It told me to give some explanation about "You are an open-minded lady", because it is a negative sentence. It said, "Behnam, open-minded means being easily tricked, and it is considered as a negative characteristic, when using to describe a lady"!!! I do not think so, at all. "Open-minded" means willing to consider and accept other people's ideas and opinions. I meant this. I do not care about other people's misunderstanding. I do respect all my friends, particularly Rosa from Spain is a respectable lady. In my last writing to Rosa, the first paragraph is confusing, but I never meant to use bad words. Anyway, I hope my friends, and the little bird will forgive me. Henceforth, I will try my best to write much more clearly than before. Thank you for criticising.

All the best, Beh hnam, 15 July, 2009 238 8

behnam July 15th 2009 b y Hel Rosa, llo So m many thanks for the gre reply. I really enjoy reading it. s eat yed g Con ngratulation on passin one of the most diffic exams i your life. It was a go ns ng e cult in ood piec of news. I really ma me happ WELL D ce It ade py. DONE! YOU DESERVE IT. <:P <:P <:P U E <:P <:P <:P P Yes, it was just because of old Russian Topolov, and the U.S sanction o Iran. , t f S on Unf fortunately, 158 people died! :(:(:( Thank yo for offeri condole e (:( ou ing ence! I wi write to y more, but now I am not in the mood for w ill you m writing. All the best, Beh hnam, 15 July, 2009

Marina1 July 15th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam, ar How are you m Iranian k w my kind friend? How is i going??? I hope you are okay , ??? it enjo oying the be eauty aroun you. How is your par nd w rents??? I h hope they ar okay , fin and re ne enjo oying being with their g great son. day er on diet me vegetables :( :(. My Tod I'm bette , Thanks God. I go o healthy d , just som boiled v little sister was eating one of my favorite cooks, o my God! I felt as if I didn't ea it e s e oh !!! at from ages :). m Dea Behnam , I strongly believe that my future husband wi be very h ar t ill happy just by y look king at me , so in order to make hi happy , I let him lo as much as he wan r im I'll ook h nts (LO OOOOOOO OOOOL) :) :) Bein happy in marriage l is somet ng n life thing very e easy to do, s sometimes a smile is lik a ke med dicine, a flow would b a very ni gesture. But for sor all coupl use thes tools wer be ice rry les se afte at least 10 fighting :) , they pre at first b er 00 efer being seriou and do w us whatever the want ey

, then when there is no result , they begin with some nice things. I mean at first each one wants to say " I'm sad , you should start " , and by waiting no one starts. Anyway , there are lots of important things which make a man happy. He should always feel that he is the leader , even if he often makes all decisions with his wife (together). His opinion should be taken in all issues, and he should know everything in his home. When he come from his work , he should be received with a big smile and with lots of warm words in order to feel that his wife's missed him, and she is grateful that he is working everyday to make a good living for them. Then ( we should talk about cooking :) ) he should eat a very delicious food which is prepared with his beloved wife. He should feel that his wife take care of his details' life , like his health , his shower , his looking , his clothes. Everything about him should be important for his wife. His wife should always take care of her physical appearance , wear what he likes , wear make up, and follow the fashion, he should always see her beautiful and renewed ( she should make new looking from time to time). Her love and her passion are very good tools in making man happy. Dear Behnam, there are lots of details in marriage , I can't speak about them, because I've no idea about them . but I think when a woman wants to make her husband happy, she can make it. Just she should think about her duties, and try her best to make her love helps her in all life details. A couple like two lovely birds , they can't live without each other. I really believe so. Thank you for reading, I'm so happy that I could know Behnam. So we can feel happiness in details , we just should think ;) I hope to read more from you. Have nice dreams. Marina.

Chan July 16th 2009 Hi Rosa, This is Chan from India. I have read the posts sent by you. It sounds great. I just want to communicate better in English. So I joined here @ E@H.

behnam July 16th 2009 Hello Sakeena, Thank you for adding. I hope I will make time for chatting with you. Please write in this

thre from tim to time, a share so ead me and omething w us. with Hop to hear m pe more from you. Beh hnam, 16 July, 2009

behnam July 16th 2009 b y Hel Marina, llo anks a millio for the lo on ovely post. I really enjo oyed reading it. g Tha Tha you for g ank greeting wa armly, my pa arents are w well. I am fi How ab fine. bout you? You answer is excellent, b it is not complete. = ur s but =)=)=) The are many practical ere y acti ions, but you did not mention. :)):) u )):)) Let me point ou just a sim sentenc A woman is suppose to be kind, affective, and ut mple ce. n ed , tole erant. These are women tools, in general. If a woman is not kind, she is not a woman! e n's s w You can call he whatever you like, but not a wom u er r man! In o order to inte ensify my id I should say, a kind woman is l water fo fire. Whe a dea d d like for en man is angry, t n tired, and de epressed, he is on fire. A kind wom does what some water do e man w with fire! h I ho my male friends do not mind m saying th when a m is angry he is like a wild ope e me hat man ry, e anim A kind woman kno how to domesticate this wild a mal. ows e animal. The are a few ere w wom in the w men world, mayb 10%, who know how to treat wi their men be o w ith n. A m is like th gravity c man he centre of a fa family, in ter of phys rms sical actions thoughts, s, ily, supp porting, pro otecting, etc A woman is like the g c. gravity cent of a fami in terms of tre s emo otional actio love, aff ons, ffection, kin ndness, etc. A marriage is like a lo and heavy bar. e ong It is stable if th s here are two points (if i is put on t points, e o it two each side on one of the n em); the phys sical gravity centre and the emotio ty onal gravity centre! y I wi write abo this anal ill out logy more. I have to da right no because I am in a h ash ow, e hurry. I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 16 July, 2009

July 16th 20 J 009

Hi Behnam, Thanks a lot for your reply, you as always highlight at lots of great points. Your writing made me remember a short story , it is a bout a couple. The husband was 66 years old , and his wife younger than him by few years. She had an old box from the beginning of her marriage, but in order to make the wife feel that she has private things the husband didn't care about this box in all their life together. Once his wife was very sick , she told him to bring that box , he brought it and opened it as she asked him to do. He found two dolls and 25 thousand dollars. He was surprised and asked her about these dolls. She said to him " my mother taught me to make a doll in every time you make me feel angry " , her husband felt happy because his wife felt angry just two times ( according to the number of dolls '2' ) , then he asked her about the money , she said " it's the money which I got from selling the dolls which I made in my life with you ". :) :) :) :) Dear Behnam, all people do their best to get more knowledge in their life before marriage and after marriage, but few of them do what they know. It's a complicated thing , to do what you know! Dear Behnam, I've heard from TV that there is a British girl who has two hearts now, after making an especial operation for her. My mother comment was too funny , she said " oh Marina, look ! there is another creature who has two hearts in addition to your father " :) :) :) , according to Mom my father has two hearts , one of them to live and the other one to make a hard discussion with her. (LOOOOOOL). This surgery made me think about giving organs after death, I thought about it , but I didn't know if it's good or not. It was good for Hana ( the girl who made this surgery) , he could live with a heart got it from a dead kid. I don't know, I think it's a little bit confusing to know if it is true or not. What is your mind??? Dear Behnam , in fact I've got lots of private questions for you, I'll ask you some of them now : What is your favorite fruit??? What is your favorite vegetable?? If you wanted to give a gift to someone, what kind of gifts do you to choose and what kind of gifts do you like to receive??? Do you know how to cook :) ??? when did you say to your self " I've to change!"??? you have said , there is no finish line in learning something ( in our situation 'English'), when was your start line and why?? Thank you for reading. I would be very grateful to hear from you soon. Have a nice day. Marina.

mary July 16 2009 m 6th Hi M Marina, Tha you, dea for your c ank ar care. In fa I don't f good ge fact, feel enerally, esp specially wh I'm not a work. Bu don't worr you hen at ut ry. know, every clo has a si oud ilver shining g. I should learn m lesson fr what ha happened to me. I hope to unde my from as h erstand it so oon. Sorr I know t ry, that my writ ting is not clear, but the ere's no way At least, I don't know y. w ano other way. Tha you for r ank reading. All the best, Mar ryam

Marina1 July 16th 2009 M ly 9 It se eems I went to china to (LOOOO t oo OOOOOOOOOOOOOO OL) Tha you Clar I'm goin to visit my chinese fr ank re! ng m friends now. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 16th 2009 M ly 9 Hi B Behnam, anks a lot for your reply you as alw y, ways highli ight at lots o great poi of ints. Tha You writing m ur made me rem member a sh story , i is a bout a couple. Th husband was 66 hort it The d year old , and his wife yo rs d ounger than him by few years. She had an old box from th w d he beg ginning of he marriage but in ord to make the wife fee that she h private things er e, der el has t the husband did care ab dn't bout this box in all thei life togeth Once hi wife was very x ir her. is k him g ned e sick , she told h to bring that box , he brought it and open it as she asked him to do. He f found two d dolls and 25 thousand d 5 dollars. He was surpris and ask her abou these sed ked ut doll She said to him " my mother tau ls. y ught me to m make a doll in every tim you mak me l me ke feel angry " , her husband felt happy because his wife felt an l d s ngry just tw times ( wo ording to th number o dolls '2' ) , then he as he of sked her about the mon , she sai " it's ney id acco the money whic I got from selling the dolls whic I made in my life wi you ". :) :) :) :) ch m ch n ith ar do st re ge life Dea Behnam, all people d their bes to get mor knowledg in their l before mar rriage and a after marria but few of them do what they k age, w o know. It's a complicate thing ed

, to do what you know! u ar from TV tha there is a British girl who has tw hearts now, at wo Dea Behnam, I've heard f afte making an especial o er n operation fo her. My m or mother comm was to funny , sh said ment oo he " oh Marina, lo ! there i another c h ook is creature who has two h hearts in add dition to you ur fath " :) :) :) , according to Mom my father has two hearts , one of them to live a the her g y s s and othe one to ma a hard discussion w her. (L er ake d with LOOOOOOL L). This surgery m s made me thin about giv nk ving organs after death I thought about it , bu I s h, ut didn know if i good or not. It was good for Ha ( the gi who mad this surge , he n't it's Hana irl de ery) could live with a heart got it from a dead kid. I d t d don't know, I think it's a little bit conf fusing to kn if it is tr or not. What is you mind??? now rue ur Dea Behnam , in fact I've got lots of private que ar e f estions for y you, I'll ask you some of them now : w Wha is your fa at avorite fruit t??? What is your favor vegetab s rite ble?? If you wanted to give a g gift to someone what kind of gifts do you to choo and wha kind of gif do you l to e, d ose at ifts like rece eive??? Do you know h to cook :) ??? whe did you say to your s " I've to how k en self o change!"??? yo have said , there is n finish lin in learnin somethin ( in our ou d no ne ng ng situation 'Engli ish'), when was your st line and why?? tart d Tha you for r ank reading. I w would be ver grateful t hear from you soon. ry to m Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 16th 2009 M ly 9 Hi M Maryam, Tha anks a lot for your writi even it was very sh ing, hort. I wa to tell yo that ther is no wron with us if we made s ant ou re ng some mistak , becaus we kes se lear from it. A the mome I love my mistakes, because the make me stronger. s feel rn At ent y ey so free Dear , and live the life e d fe. I ho to see yo as we used to see M ope ou Maryam very soon. y Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina. 239 9

mary July 16th 2009 Hi Behnam, You always care about your friends. Thank you, dear. For sure, there are many kind friends in this thread and you are completely right about women's relief by talking, but I can't talk about it, because I promised. Anyway, thank you. About that poem, you can find it in the first chapter of Golestan. Then you can check it. I hope you always be happy and have a smile on your lips. All the best, Maryam

mary July 16th 2009 Dear Cathy, Thank you for your kindness and your great writing. I missed you too my sincere friend. You are right about challenges. I know they make us stronger and I think God want me to learn something through this happening. I'm not very sure about the lesson which I sould learn, but I hope to get it soon. This way I can pass through it and forget it. During this period the thing that everyone has told me is, "It's God's willing." But sometimes we don't understand why. we must accept it anyway and it's hard. Thank you for your tender shoulder and your warm embrace. Thank you for your love. It surely heals the wounds. I love you too, dear. I hope not to confuse you by writing those words. Keep smiling, because it makes me smile. Best wishes, Maryam

P.S. Let's hold a party and dance. I'm sure it makes me feel better. I'm waiting for your annoucement.

behnam July 16th 2009 Hi Maryam, Thank you for the reply. It made me happy. I hope everything is going well with you. I meant to write something, but I was afraid of making you feel worse. By the way, I often sound like a teacher, a priest, or like a father, whenever I write to my best friends. It makes my friend become sad, because they do not like to be treated as students. I hate to sound like a teacher, but I do not know what I do. I do not like advising people, because I myself need a lot of advice. Anyway, I hope you do not get annoyed by reading my sentences. Dear Maryam, life has got ups and downs. We all know it. What makes life be like that? We ourselves, or others? I believe, almost in all cases we are choosers, and we make our life. Of course, God always control our actions, but his way of controling is different from what we do when controling something. The only law, which controls all actions in the entire universe is the cause and effect law! God have created this law, and this law controls all actions. You know better than me what that law means. I am not going to describe it, but what I want to say is that we have to have deep believe in this law. People often run away from this important law, because it is sometimes very difficult, even impossible, to find out what the cause of such and such thing is, or what the effects of such and such cause are! Albert Einstein has said, "The most difficult thing for human beings is thinking!" Thinking about facts is the most difficult thing to do, so people often try to find some easy ways. This is a bad habit of human beings. They do not like to be under pressure, in hardship, in hard situations, etc. They solve the problems just by saying, "It was the act of God!" All phenomena are somehow the act of God, so what human beings are doing? What are our duties? What are our roles? 'God help people who help themselves!', as an old saying goes. I am not going to make you get worse than you are now, but I hope you will open your eyes to some facts around yourself, and you will not put the blame on someone else. In other words, you will not pass the buck, which people often do in such situation. I do not know what is wrong with you, and why you do not feel fine, your sentences and short messages imply that you do not feel well.

You yourself are an expert in giving positive energy to your friends. Of course, being patient does help.I wish you all the best in the world. Stay happy and healthy, I believe everything will be okay soon. All the best, Behnam, 17 July, 2009 P.S. Dancing is very useful for ladies. In fact, sometimes it is very difficult for them to manage some bad condition or situation. Therefore, listening to music and dancing is very good for them. They make ladies forget all things, particularly their sadness and difficulities! For ladies, dancing is like drinking some ..., I did not taste even a drop, at all, but I have heard that it makes people forget their sadness. =)) It is a perfect opportunity to invite some ladies, from China, Syria, or even from Spain, and then have a party, full of fun and relaxation. I hope you will fully enjoy the party, but please remember poor Behnam who is not invited to your party! ;););)

Cathy Li July 17th 2009 Dear Mayram, Good afternoon. It has been raining all the morning. The heavy rain washed the entire city. The colorful umbrellas constituted the special landscape around the city. Dear baby, I didn't know what's the weather like there, but I held a big purple umbrella this morning and wanna share it with you. I was extremely happy to learn your idea. Yes, let's have a party and dance heartily. Within the last month, there are many new friends joining this love club. The number of friends has been growing day by day which makes me find myself in an entirely new world. It clearly shows that this room is really a place of attraction. Dear baby, what's your idea for this party? Do you love the rhythm of rain? Shall we play this music? What about if every friend holds an umbrella and makes a dance? hehe...Can you imagine? I'm eager to hearing more from you soon. please smell my smile and smile more Cathy

Cathy Li July 17th 2009 C ly 9 Dea Marina, ar I'm happy to re all your writings to friends, esp ead r o pecially to m hehe... Thanks for your me, won nderful writings which make this r room acitive and refres e shing. In my eyes, you are a y a prod ductive writ indeed. P ter Please keep writing, yo writings are just lik nurishme p our s ke ents which keep the flowers blo ooming in th garden. his ar have you ev danced u ver under the co olorful umb brellas in a r rainy night? Hehe, ? Dea Marina, h I am just kiddin But I rea hope w can hold a rainy nigh party and enjoy our m ng. ally we ht d frien ndship. Wha your ide to the pa at's dea arty? I'm looking for rward to hea aring from y soon. you thy Cat P.S. Let's danc happily a make a renewal of acquaintan I wish e .: ce and f nce. each friend, old and new, can fu enjoy in it. d fully n

Marina1 July 17th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Cathy, ar anks a lot for your writi It made me happy and confused somehow ing. e w. Tha A pr roductive w writer can pu ublishs lots of books , o at least some essays in a newsp or paper, but Marina just write their thought which are no complete, but she enj r ot joys writing them g anyway. :) ar ou m me, u eak y Dea Cathy, yo visit this thread from time to tim and you always spe in a very uniq way , it makes this thread a go place to be in. but y don't sh que ood o you hare someth hing with us, I'm sur that you a a girl w lots of th h re are with houghts. I h hope you'll c choose som mething to write about t your frien Marina is one of t w to nds, a them. Dea Cathy, it' Summer , It's very ho I prefer w ar 's ot. winter becau of rainy weather. S I use y So love rain , but i e isn't danger rous to danc under it? ;) ;) ce ??? ank writing to m I hope y me, you'll write s soon. Tha you for w Hav a nice da ve ay, Mar rina.

Veronicaho July 17th 2009 Hi Behnam! Thanks a lot for your answer! And nice you have a Nokiaphone :) Since I got your answer I have thought about this with malefriends for womens! Ofcourse, we have different opinions about this questions becaus our religion are different. And here in Finland and Sweden everything should be so egual as a women and men. But anyway I can thinking about: What is so wrong and strange with it? I cant find a answer! And I Im suprised that you havnt no answer too :) In that case a women have many malefriends and "make bad things" , I cant accept it! Never! But in my situation I have a malefriend and he is like my brother, exactly the same. An other example is my daughter. I have a friend since over 30 years and we got childs in same time, 28 years ago. Iv got a daughter and she got a boy. Our families have spend a lots of time together and the results are now that our childs are like brothers and sisters. And they have a very close friendship today. Both are married today. What should my daughter do? Only forgot this friendship? Thinking on this and try to find something wrong with it. An other question is. "It sounds normal for men to have female friends but strange for women to have malefriends". What is the different? Both gender are the same and have the same needs. And what about this friendship on this thread? Can it be wrong because Im married and talk with you and other mens? I hope not because I really like this site and I want to stay. Dont be afried that you made me upset with your answer. You dont do it. But now Im a little bit nervous I have make you upset! Hope not! Because thats not my meaning. Please tell me if you feel that! Im very interesting about religions and I have readed about Islam, Buddism and other religions so this questions are interesting for me. Now something else :) Your sister living in Sweden! So nice! Why? How? That means you know a lot about this countries? For how long time had she been here? About the lifestyle I meen. Tell me about the life there, how childs growing up, how long is normal in school, when marriage, are a wife homewife or is she working? And tell me please about the especually things in Iran. I dont know much about Iran, only that it is a big country and I think you have oil? But I have heard a little bit because I have a nursefriend on my division and he is a male! A very nice and capable nurse. And at the hospital here we have a surgery doctor too.

Hope to hear from you soon and take care! Im now at our summerhouse and internet is slow here. But when Im home again I will send you pictures from the night! Veronica

behnam July 17th 2009 Dear Maryam, I had an English class in the morning, I got home just 45 minutes ago, had lunch, and now I am here; at my desck. It was terribly hot, isn't it? Thankfully, our home is cool. I hope you are fine, lying on the floor, in front of air conditioner.:)) I reread my writing to you, I saw many msitakes. It is okay to make mistakes, but some mistakes make me sad. For example, I was pronouncing "belief" when I was writing, but I do not know who has written it incorrectly! :)) ...we have to have deep belief in this law. Or even much better "..we have to have a strong belief in this law." Some mistakes are silly, this is one of them. =))=))=)) There are many chapters in 'Golestan', and the order of chapters is different from one Golestan to other. Would you possibly do me a massive favour and let me know what the name of the chapter is? If you have promised to be silent, keep it and do not tell anything! ;) Of course, every cloud has a silver lining. I do believe in it. What a nice saying! Thank you for sharing. :O:O:O I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 17 July, 2009

behnam July 17th 2009 Dear Marina, How are you my knowledgeable friend? How life is going? Does hot weather bother you? I hope evrything is going well with you. I read your writing at least three times. As far as I know, I was speaking about something else. In my writing, the man was angry, then on fire, and the woman was supposed to put out the fire. In your story, the woman has become an expert in making dolls. She is one of

the main doll producers in the world. =))=))=)) Anyway, thank you very much indeed. Every cook admires his broth! :):):) Thank you so much for writing some nice practical points about a good relationship between couples. I do not know what is wrong with ladies, they are skillful in theory, as if they know all things about a happy marriage, but in practice they are not! :)):)):)) (loooool) I have got some questions for you. In you opinion, what is the main reason of divorce? According to the statistics, one in three marriages ends in divorce! Why? Does it mean that marriage is an easy topic in theory, but it is a complicated subject in practice? Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 17 July, 2009

Cathy Li July 17th 2009 Dear Behnam, I enjoyed your philosophy a lot. About the cause and effect law, you gave a wonderful new conception. Million thanks for a role you played perfectly in this room. Indeed, it's impossible for me to define what an important role you played, more than a philosopher, a priest, a teacher. I just affirmed that you are a true friend. A basic truth of life is that people will always move toward anyone who understands them and tells the truth. Your simple words interpret a powerful point: never stop thinking and making self-reflection. Every cloud has a silver lining. I prefer this word a lot. Maryam is a thoughtful lady who is a dear friend to me. I didn't know why she got annoyed and kept silence. But I am sure that she will soon restore herself and be back to enjoy more with friends here. Dear Behnam, dancing is good both for gentlemen and ladies. Besides words, it is another way to express one's feeling. Moving steps, dancers spun in a swirl of skirts. Always, lookers-on see most of the game. Putting thinking aside, now I'm inviting you a dance. Thinkers sunk into the dancing Dancers learnt to think The changes of roles Make the world move around Dear friend, hold my hands, move your step, dancing can make you light-hearted.

Cathy 240

crossover July 17th 2009 hey friends. Nice to meet you. I am new here, also working hard to improve my English. In my opinion, speaking English is the most important skill. I hope we can talk in English someday. ok?

sami July 17th 2009 Hello Marina How are you? I hope your problems with your stomach have disappeared and you feel know healthy and full of life. First of all, please forgive me for being late, I am a little bit busy these days, my sister and niece are at home, and it has been impossible for me to write something. However, I have read your last writing to me many times (about Heijab), let me CONGRATULATE you for it. I think it is a great text, very rich, it shows you know very well about your religion and you are proud of it. I wanted to put a tick to the paragraphs I liked most but, then I realized that I was putting a tick to all of them! I like the way you explain things, I love the way you talk about your religion. It is true what you say about our opinion about wearing Heijab, but it is not that we don?t like it, it is just that we know nothing about it. We don?t know the reason why you wear it, so we see it as something negative, as a sign of women being inferior to men. You have explained it to me, and I think it is just the contrary, you see women as something priceless and as way of preventing damage, you use it. It is even better for you women to use it, so when a man is talking to you, you know it is just interested in you as a person, not as an object of desire. I hope you can understand me with this last sentence. It is great! I have to thank you because you have taught me a lot about this topic. I personally have always been interested in it, I wanted to know the reason why you wear it, I wanted to know your opinion. As said in my last writing to you, I think it is very

magical, it creates a velum of magic about you (Islamic women). It is nice to see you are so much connected to your religion. I am a Christian, I believe in God, I pray almost every night, but I seldom go to church unless there is a wedding ceremony or something like that. I also respect all religions and I have interest for it, as I said before I knew nothing about heijab that is why I was so ashamed to ask about it. You have done it pretty well, Marina, I love your post, I will never delete it! What are you doing these days? What do you do in your free time, apart from writing here? Do you like reading? If so, What is your favourite book? Do you like watching films? What is your favourite film? I love reading, I like reading in bed at nights, before getting asleep. The last book I enjoyed reading was ?The Shadow of the Wind? It is really good, have you heard about it? Whatever you do, I hope you have a great time, enjoy as much as possible. Again forgive me for being late, even though I don?t write just after reading your posts, I think a lot about them and all of you. You now are part of my FAMILY, thank you for this. Kisses Rosa, 17, July, 2009.

sami July 17th 2009 Hello Mortaza, Thank you very much for your reply. Forgive me for being late, the thing is I am a little bit busy these days. As I have said to Marina, my sister is now spending some days at home with my niece and it has been impossible for me to write. What about the wedding? How was it? Could you tell us about that wedding? How do you celebrate weddings in Iran? You told me you wanted to know more about me and other friends here, please ask me direct questions and I will be very happy to answer them. : ) Have a nice time and enjoy your family Rosa, July 17, 2009

sami July 17th 2009 Hello Chan,

Nice to meet yo How are you? I hop everythin is going w with yo Thank you for e ou. e pe ng well ou. y your comments about my p s posts. If you want to im u mprove you E English this is the righ place. s ht I am new in thi site, but I am sure all members w be happ to commu m is will py unicate with you. h Tell me someth l hing about y you, how old are you? Why are you learning E d u English? Te me ell abo yourself, ask me que out f estions and I will be ve happy to make frien with you ery o nds u. Ros sa, July 17, 2009. y

sa July 17 2009 ami 7th Hel Behnam llo How are you? I hope you a fine, w are than you very much for congratulati after my results in t exam. It makes me so nk ing y the t s happ ppyyyyyy : ) My f friend! You all write a lot here, I love reading all writing but as I d u l g gs dont come write w ever ryday I feel a little bit l when I come! :( lost I wo ould like to have intern at this ho net ome, so I wi be able to read caref ill o efully all wh you hat writ te. I ha avent forgot what yo asked me to write ab tten ou e bout, I will d it, I just n do need to thin about nk it. I will do it so oon. ase, m, and nds o being a mem mber of Plea Behnam Marina a all frien here, do not forget me, I love b this site, I love being friends of you. ;) ) I ho to read f ope from you so oon, Kiss ses Ros July 17, 2 sa, 2009

Marina1 July 17th 2009 M ly 9 Hi B Behnam, Tha you for y ank your reply, thank you o once again f your ask for king about m I'm fine thank me. e you, hot weathe is bother , er ring me too much, as yo know I prefer winter I feel as if I'm ou r, f refr reshed in wi inter, but air condition is doing some useful th hings in this hot life. It s t beco omes more hot every ye , God h ear helps people in hot coun e ntries , I thi Iran is o of ink one

them. In Syria it's hot , in my city it's about 32 degree centigrade , and Ramadan is going to be in August , God helps me! :) Dear Behnam, it's very normal to understand the contrary sometimes, in my situation , I think my mind had a holiday :) ;), anyway sorry for interrupting your idea, I agree with you , I wrote something is not connected to your main idea. Please be kind enough and continue writing about it, I'm really eager to read the rest of it. Dear Behnam, as far as I know I've asked you lots of questions , and as you said , you read my writing more than three times, so what has happened with them???? ;) Dear Behnam, I'm not knowledgeable at all , in fact my knowledge is nothing if I compared it with yours , I just write what comes to my mind , because as I said before I'm writing to my friends , and I feel free in writing. :) What you have asked is really important , in fact I wanted to ask you about the same question with some side questions which are connected to that topic, I should think about it before writing , I promise to answer you soon , but I want to say that the main reason in getting divorce are men. :) :) :) :) Thank you for reading, I'm very eager to read your answers to my questions very soon. Have a nice day. Marina.

mary July 17th 2009 Dear friends, Marina, Behnam and Cathy Thank you for staying in touch with me. Thank you for your tolerance and reading those boring words. And thanks for those kind writings. I'm terribly sorry for spreading sadness and making you worry. I never forget your kindness towards me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope you be healthy and happy. Yours, Maryam

mary July 17th 2009 Hi Marina, I agree with you about becoming stronger by learning from our mistakes, but what would happen if I didn't want to be stronger and had a strong person beside me? :) Please join us to the party and help us with it. I'm sure your happiness and beautiful smiles make our pleasure double, so be kind as always and make our party warm with your presence. And do not worry about dancing in rain and getting wet and consequently catching cold. When we are all together nothing can hurt us. Now what is your idea? Will you join us? I hope to read from you soon. Best wishes, Maryam

mary July 17th 2009 Hi Behnam, Thank you for your efforts to make me feel better. It really worked. Your writing didn't make me feel worse at all, instead, it showed me that my friend, Behnam, wanted to stay beside me and carry my sadness on his shoulders. Thank you a bunch. Don't worry about sounding like a teacher. Whenever I feel like that I will let you know, so feel free in writing and give me some pieces of advice. I sometimes need them. I like these sentences, "Life is full of ups and downs" and "Life is not always a bowl of cherry." They sound great. Thanks for writing it. I do believe in the law of cause and effect. Thank you for writing it in a simple way. I enjoyed reading it. You know, I think I expressed my thoughts wrongly. I didn't mean to blame someone or deceive myself by saying that God did this. If I want to think this way, where my choice is. No, I'm sure that I'm a chooser. I know that I made some mistakes and also I know that

I'm a human being and like others I make mistakes. Besides, I can learn from them and go ahead. But there was something that I couldn't understand. The more I thought, the less I got. I think I tried my best, but it went wrong. Now I tell myself maybe I went wrong and God wanted to tell me that my way was wrong. Maybe I shouldn't have done something. I don't know. They are all some guesses. Only God know. I have decided to leave myself on God's hands and let him lead me through it. I'm fed up with it and need him who always support me. Now I want to be ready for Cathy's party. You are right as always. I love dancing and it makes me feel relief. Listening to music and moving your body at the same time. It's really good. You are welcomed to the party. We are all friends and we share our happiness together as the sadness. About Golestan, that poem is in "In character of kings." I hope it will help. :) By the way, thank you for your correction. Sometimes I don't know the meaning of some signs. What does :O mean? I hope to read more from you. Best wishes, Maryam

mary July 17th 2009 Hi Cathy, Thank you dear for such a wonderful party. Your offer is just as unique as you are. I love rain and I like walking in the rain. I think, firstly, we can dance with our colorful umbrellas, then put them away and dance under rain drops without being worried about getting wet, because friends love keep us warm. As you wrote all friends are welcomed. The more friends, the more hearts, the more love and the more happiness and enjoyment. Let's enjoy it together. You can sing and you can play any music that you like. I'm sure you choose the best. What is your idea about a white dress with some spring flowers on it? Thank you for your beautiful smile. Please keep it. :)

All the best, Mar ryam 241

Marina1 July 17th 2009 M ly 9 Hi R Rosa, Tha anks a lot for your nice and kind w writing , than you once gain for un nk e nderstandin my ng idea in fact I wasn't worr becaus I know that Rosa is a educated lady. All in all as, ried se an d n THA ANK YOU v very much in writing in a very frie n n endly way an saying so good and nd ome a posi itive words about my w writing , you made me r u really happy My health is okay no my y. h ow, stom mach plays f from time to time , but I made a de with it. :) (LOOOO Thank y for o eal OL). you cari ing. ar ove g vorite hobby , books made me forg the time, it y get , Dea Rosa, I lo reading , it's my fav mad time pass too fast. I like socia books and romantic s de ses al d stories , onc I cried w ce when I read a story " J d Jain Ayer", I'm really fascinated b this story , I've read it more than 5 f by y n time , everythi about it is great ( c es ing t characters, p personalitie events, d es, dialogue and the d end) , it is uniq I saw th film but r d) que. he reading it is much more interesting About the book s e g. e which you men ntion it , I di idn't hear ab bout it. In fa there ar lots of books and gre stories in my home. I tried to re " war a fact re eat n ead and peace "for 'Lion Tolestoy ' who is a ve famous Russian wr ery riter but I co ouldn't comp mplete it ause I could underst dn't tand , or eve to save th persons' names (LO en he ' OOOOOOO OOOL), beca they were really hard to sa or to ke in mind. Russian na y ly ave eep ames are ha , it's a ard fact t(LOL).(excu me And use drew , but yo name is not difficul :) ). But I read a stor to the our s lt ry sam Russian w me writer , it's " Anna Kar rrinine" , it's especial. I was two s s It sides in this novel , one of them abo Anna's life and the other abou another person's life, we can ut p , out dist tinguish betw ween being happy , and not happy I really lo it. d y. ove I lik watching films, but n all of the again I like social and historic (someho ke g not em, cal ow) film , I hate fic ms ction films. I like " the mask of Zor very mu , " the lo of the ri ro" uch ord ing" , " the Godfather" and lots of films which I don't rem " f h member the names. eir ar ank reading and please fee free , we a d el always wait for you. I really t r Dea Rosa, tha you for r app preciate that you are try t ying to writ even it is a bit hard for you. I re te f eally enjoy reading r your writings, t thank you fo being a p from ou family. for part ur ase nternet com to your home, and le see you everyday. :) me h et's ) Plea let the in I ho to read m ope more from y you. Please write abou your favor movies and books. e ut rite

Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 17th 2009 M ly 9 Hel Maryam, llo , Of c course I'll jo your party, in fact I got a lo of time , p oin I've ot please accep me. :) pt But at first let m say that I'm really h me happy to see your writi e ings again i the same week :) in , it's making me feel good about you. s e ar ce ur not. b Dea Maryam, we will fac more problems in ou life if we wanted or n So it's better to thin about the good side f nk e from these p problems. I my belief It's f. By t way, wh are you g the hat going to we , becaus I want to wear somet ear se thing suitab to ble yours :). ank reading. Wo ould you ple ease write a about Behna am's topic a about divorc and ce Tha you for r let's know your opinion. s r Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

behnam July 17th 2009 b y Dea Marina, ar Now I have got some time to answer s w t some of you questions ur s. Wha is your fa at avourite fruit? Apple. I really ador apples, es re specially wh they are hard, hen not soft. I do no know how to describ but I like them when they make especial so ot w be, e n e ounds whe biting. :)) en ):)):)) at avourite veg gtable? I am not sure, b I like tom m but mato. Wha is your fa I oft give boo as gifts to my friend and I lik to receive fountain p ften oks ds, ke e pens as gifts from s my f friends. I lik books as well, but it is a little b risky, bec ke t bit cause I like especial bo ooks, not all sorts of books. =))= f =))=)) you how ow t Do y know h to cook? I know ho to cook, and I like cooking, but I can cook some food not all so of food. d, ort

When do you say to yourself, "I've to change!"? Whenever there is a failure in my plan, I often revise it, and change something if necessary. I have to say that the whole plan never changes, but the ways to achieve it maybe change. When were your start line to learn English, and why? I have been learning English for many years, at schools, at high schools, and at university. For example, all my course books were in English when I was studying at university. However, it was just about half and two years ago I started learning English seriously. I have took every opportunity to improve my English skills. During these half and two years, I have always been involved in English. I have tried to achieve this target from four battles, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Although I am not satisfied with my improvement, I have done my best. Why? Well, in the first place, I needed it to be able to study Ph.D, although unfortunately I faied. In Iran, English qualification is one of the main needs to be able to register for entrance exam. I failed, beacuse my professor was not in Iran. He was abroad. Please answer to your own questions. I like to know your answers to these nice questions. =)) Dear Marina, a friend of mine came to chat with me, I have to dash right now. I hate to keep my friends waiting. I hope you do not mind. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 17 July, 2009

sami July 18th 2009 Hello my nice friend Marina How are you? I hope eveything is fine with you. I am very well, I am living the happiest days in my life. I have written many times about my exam and I dont want to bore you, I just want to share with you that I will never have to worry again about job. I have got a place as an English teacher at a school for the rest of my life. I have reached my dream, my biggest dream has come true...I hope you can feel the same soon when you start working because I'm sure you deserve it. My friend Marina, I am happy to know you are fine again, Summer is a very difficult season, people who has never been ill in all the year are ill in summer, especially stomach problems. I dont know the reason, but they are common. I hope your stomach dont give you more problems ; ) Marina, I love reading, especially novels. I know many men think that women love novels, they are right, but I think it is not just a genre for women. This topic reminds me a

boo I read at u ok university. It is called "Northange Abbey" w I er written by Ja Austen. I ane reco ommend it t you, I lov reading it, I couldnt stop doing it and I wa very sad when I to ved g as finis shed readin it, becaus I really lo ng se oved it. I thi the one you mention is "Jane Eyre" ink E by Charlotte Br C ronte, am I right? I als read this book at uni so iversity and I can tell y it is d you one of my favou urite books and stories So If you l s. liked Jane E Eyre I am co ompletely sure you uld hanger Abb If you re it, let m know you opinion a bey. ead me ur about it. wou enjoy reading North I als watched the film (Ja Eyre) bu I didnt en watchin it, it was so dark, I so ane ut njoy ng s ima agined the ch haracters in my own w and they were so dif n way y ifferent in th film. hat At u university al my subjec were in E ll cts English and related to the english language, d liter rature, histo and cult ory ture. I had t read lots of English book, both written by B to British and North Ame d erican write and from all genres and topics. The novel was my fav ers m s . vourite genre. w oks are sh, know very w what to give me as a well o s Now all the boo I read a in Englis people k pres and wh languag it should be written in. The book I am read sent hat ge b ks ding now ar those re which are not s difficult t understan I read fo pleasure, I dont wan it to make me so to nd, for , nt e nk which make me laugh. Once of thi type I enjo e is oyed thin to get its meaning. I like books w read ding was "B Bridget Jone Diary". Have you re it or wa es' H ead atched the fi film? With th his boo I did the c ok contrary. Fi I watched the film, then I read the book. I was very n irst d It nice. I do like watc ont ching fantas films, I hate them, I am not int stic terested in t them, a few days ago I watched "The Mask of the Zorro (of Anton Bandera (Andalus o o" nio as sian ;)) and Cat therine Z Jo ones)!!!! Wh a coincid hat dence!! One of my favo e ourite films is one I watched whe I was a te en eenager, it i a version of "Romeo and Juliet" the actors were Leon is ", s nardo Di C Caprio and Claire Dan I have w nes. watched it th housands of times. I re f eally love it. Have you watched it? If not I am sure you k ? m know about Romeo and Juliet's sto d ory. w, ritten a lot! Marina wh I write t you I feel as if I am w ! hen to l writing to my m Wow I have wr siste maybe w are not sisters of blo but my h er, we ood heart feels y are my nice Syrian sister, you n this is why I fee very comf el fortable wh writing t you. hen to I ho to read y ope your reply s soon. thanks for unders ks standing my situation. In Septemb y ber, ends of August, I will be at home, in m city, whe I have in ds , my ere nternet conn nection, so I will be able to write to you more frequentl a e ly. Lots of kisses, s Ros July 18, 2 sa 2009

Marina1 July 18th 2009 M ly 9 Hi B Behnam,

Thanks a lot for being so kind and answering my nosy questions. It seems we have the same test in vegetable, I like tomato too , it's my favorite , I sometimes eat it as a fruit :) :) . I love all fruits kinds , especially yellow watermelon in Summer , it's a great meal. I love Apples too , especially green and yellow Apples. So I understood what you mean about hard apples , most red apples are soft , they are good for people who don't have enough teeth to bite.(LOOOOOOOOOOL). It seems your teeth are excellent :) ;) About cooking , I know how to cook lots of food but my mother doesn't agree to try by myself. I sometimes cook something for me in order to eat something when my mother cooks food with lots of meat, because I don't eat meat. When there are onions , tomatoes, paper and rice in my home , I can find something to eat in tough predicaments (LOOOOOOL). I say ' I've to change' when I feel there is a lot of routine in my life , so I try to change something in order to break the routine around me. I like to give Crystal gifts , I really like them, but I like to be gifted something I can feel that this gift from this friend, and the other one from that friend. I mean I like to feel the taste of persons from gifts. So when Behnam will give me a book as a gift I would be very happy because I know that it's what he likes. :) :) I'm here , in this website to improve my English , it was my aim , when I was in the middle of the fifth year in the college , I wanted to begin something by something , so I started with English. Behnam, it's so sad to know that there are some difficulties in continue your study in Iran , for some reasons. It's so sad that someone like you with his hardworking and knowledge and especial personality can't do it. But I think it's not the end , you should try to got your PH.D from another country. Dear Behnam, I'm talking very seriously, you should take it, otherwise the world of teaching will lose a great man. I really believe so. Thank you for reading. Good for your friend who wanted to chat with you, it seems he /she is an important person for you. :) I hope to read more from you soon. Have a nice day. Marina.

sami July 18th 2009 Dear Mary and Cathy

It is my first writing to both of you. I know you come here from time to time, but you belong to this place. A little bird has told me there is going to be a party here, I think I am not invited but I will be very happy to go to a party with you and the rest of friends here ; ) It would be a multicultural party and I love everything which is multicultural... I hope to read from you soon. P.S: Oh!! Please forgive me! I forgot introducing myself! I am Rosa, 28, from Spain. I am here to improve my English and my writing skills. I love visiting this site. And I owuld be very happy to make friends with you. Kisses Rosa, July 28, 2009

sami July 18th 2009 Hello Veronica How are you? I hope you are fine and enjoying every minute of your life. I am very happy these days, but a little bit sad :( My friend Veronica I wrote to you 4 days ago, I made you some questions and I havent received any reply from you. I visit this site almost every day and I see you write frequently but there is no writing for me. Is there anything wrong with my writing? I hope not, if it is, please forgive me, it was not my intention. I hope to read your reply soon, Kisses Rosa, 18 July 2009

Veronicaho July 18th 2009 Hi Rosa! Thanks a lot for your replay and forget me for my late answer! Im at our summerhouse for holiday and my daughter and her kids (daughter 4 months and son 2 years) are here too. Thats nice and I really love them but it means I have no minutes free!!! Sorry! Your english is exellent and you too writing so nice. Yes Iv been a lot in Spain many years ago when my husband who are a truckdriver drove at Spain. I liked Spain a lot, especually the mountains and the see. And peoples was very

frien ndly. For th most we been to Mur he b rcia, Almer Sevilla, Valencia, M ria, Malaga and d Bar rcelona. I re emember ou childs like to pic ora ur es anges from the tree. I rea like to t ally travelling, a every years our fam going f a long tr and mily for ravel in the winter. Last year we be to Phuk in Thaila and now we are pla een ket and w anning for n trip. Th will next his go t Malaysia in february and we ar going hom in marsh from Thai to a y re me h iland. We ha ave been to Thailan 8 lastest year and w have lear n nd we rned to know few famili in Thaila so w ies and we w want to go t there to mee them. I al et lways think king Im born on a wron place in the n ng t wor I hate w rld. winter and th cold wea he ather. We have travel since ou childs wa very youn because it has been importent for us lled ur as ng f to sh them o how other countr ries, peoples and religio And ev now whe two of th s ons. ven en hem have moved the always ca ey aming with us with the partners and kids. A we hav very ems s And ve nice and funny together! e Abo me, Im a nurse prac out ctitioners w working at ho ospital on a medical di ivision almo with ost heartpatients. I love my wo but I wa to do something els now. I fin ork ant se nnish my las st stud last yea to a nurse practition dies ar e ners. (It was 3 years mo after nur s ore rseeducatio so on) now I have righ to make p w ht patientanam mnesis, exam minations, g treatme and writ give ent te pres scriptions. T profess This sion they ha had sinc 15 years ago in Eng ave ce gland and no I ow wan to go ther for work sometimes n and the Iv been in London l novemb for nt re now en. last ber 2 we eeks work. The reasons wh I need to improve my english is just becaus I want to work in Lo e hy o s se o ondon. you avelling? Wh Where have y been? H you Have you eve been in F er Finland, Sw weden, Do y like tra Nor rweig? u what Im thin nking about homewifes I really respect them but for me I want t s? m e You asked me w to work. In Fin w nland it is us sual that eve erybody wo orking and i so impor its rtent the egu ual betw ween women and men. What about Spain? Wh do you t n What think about this things? ? w make dinner for everyb body (ofcourse the othe helping me) :) ers Now I need to m Plea tell me a ase about you. H Hope to hea from you soon and take care! ar u t Veronica

Marina1 July 18th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Rosa, ar anks a millio for nice a comple writing, i seems we have the sa taste in books on and ete it ame n Tha and films. :). B before ta d But alking about your writin , I would like to con t ng d ngratulate y , you you deserve wh you got. I'm really v hat very happy f you. A p for permanent j is really a gift job y

for any person in this life. So CONGRATULATION! From the bottom of my heart. :) :) Dear Rosa, I've not read the book which you mentioned , but if it was near to " Jain Ayer" , I would be very pleased to read it. I will try to buy it. Dear Rosa, it's really amazing that we can talk with each other almost everyday, I'm like you , I feel that I'm comfortable when I write to you, I think I can imagine you and personality. So in order to know about you more, would you please have a look at my writing to Behnam, I've asked him some questions , he answered them and me too, please be kind enough and answer them. :) Behnam and me like tomatoes , in Spain there is a festival , I think its name " tomatoes festival ", would you please tell me why are you doing this festival and what is the reason??? ??.I personally feel sorrow when I see this big amount of tomatoes are used as a game , it's my request to Spanish people " Please keep tomatoes alive" :) :). Rosa, I've got another question for you, would you please tell me something about the most difficult problems which are facing the Spanish society??? Thank you very much for reading. I've made lots of mistakes , and as usual , they are many :) :) :), besides I've asked you lots of questions, but I'm a little bit nosy , you can ask my friends here about this fact :) , so please tolerate me. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you can. Have a nice day. Marina.

behnam July 18th 2009 Hello Veronica, So many thanks for the great reply. How lifeis going? I hope you enjoy your life and have a good time in your summerhouse. Summerhouse is the term used in the Scandavian countries to describe the popular holiday homes or summer cottages which are often located near the sea but can also be in attractive areas of the countryside. Most of them are timber constructions, often suitable for year-round use. Increasingly they have additions such as saunas, heating ovens, fireplaces or attractive gardens. (I just searched for it on the Internet.:):):):)) Both women and men are human beings. They have got similarities and differences! For example, they need food, sleep, clothes etc. but in some points of view, they are different. Women need something, and men need something else! You expect something from your

husband, and he expects something else from you! If you do not believe, ask him! :):):) Being different is not bad. Do not worry! Being different does not necessarily mean that one of them has got privilege. Anyway, have a good time! Iran is an important ancient country. According to the history, we are Aryan. The majority of people are shiite; one of the two main groups in the Muslim religion. Women are free to study, work, make money, etc. There are equal rights for women. For example, According to the statistics, the number of female students at universities is much more than the number of male students. Young People can vote when they are older than 16. They can get driving licence when they are older than 18. They can get married when they are older than 18. Compulsory education starts at 7. All young men are required to do two years (less than two years, it depends) of compulsory military service. Women are treated with respect. Children are treated with respect. I believe, Iranian married men are the most miserable men in the world! They work for more than 12 hours a day outside, and they cook, clean up, wash up, and do a lot of homework at home as well. Not all men, I mean the majority of men; particularly in big cities. =))=))=)) hahaha In terms of climate, Iran is a four-season country. I meant, at the same time it is very hot in some places, and very cold in other places. Therefore, if someone makes a journey to different parts of country, they will enjoy summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The climate is good for growing all kind of fruits and vegtables. If you come to Iran, you can take carpet, pistachio, and saffron as some souvenirs. If you want to know more, please let me know. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 18 July, 2009 242 behnam July 18th 2009 To all my friends, As all people, I have got some unforgetable time and days in my life. Yesterday was one them. I was very happy and extremely delighted. In the morning, I went to the English class. I really enjoyed speaking English. I spoke English fluently. It was very easy for me to express my idea, to put words next together, to

make nice sentences. I was, as though flying in the sky, and the English languge was my wings! In the evening, I heard that my hard - working friend; Rosa, has passed her important exam. As far as I know, she has been studying for more than half and one years. She proved that trying hard is the secret key of all success. This was a piece of good news, and it makes me feel very very happy. I would like to take this opportunity and to say WELL DONE Rosa! congratulations on passing the exam and getting a fixed place in education system of Spain. You deserve it. I wish you all the best in the world. You cannot imagine how happy I was when I was chatting with a nice friend of mine in the evening. I really enjoyed chatting with my friend. Another thing that made me delightful was Rosa's post to Marina. In fact, my old friend Marina has proved that she is an educated, knowledgeable, thoughtful woman. She showed that she is a good representative sample of Muslim women! Nobody can imagine what a nice feeling I had, when I was reading her writing to Rosa, and Rosa's answer to her about "Hejab" in the world of Islam. Only God know! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marina for her excellent post about "Hejab", and to say WELL DONE Marina! In the middle of the night, I saw Maryam's post. It made me really happy when I understood that my good friend Maryam is going to get better, and she finally overcame her sadness. We all know that Maryam is a real treasure for all people who visit this thread. Nobody will forget her excellent writings and many handy idioms, proverbs, and saying. Dear Maryam, thank you for coming back. This garden has got a nightiangle. Undoubtedly,she is lovely Cathy with lovely way of writing. She always speaks in the language of love. She often throws a party to make her friends happy by dancing and having fun. Thank you very much indeed. I would like to thank Mohsen, Mortaza, Nana, Andrew, Asal, Veronica, Araghi, and all people for their help, contribution, encouragement, support, friendship, and all they have done for me and for this humble thread. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are some people from different parts of this earthy world. The only connection between us is friendship and humanity. We shared many things with each other. All our success was thanks to Clare, the runner of this powerful site. It is unfair to leave without saying an especial "Thank-You" to her. Dear Clare, "Thank-You" is not enough or a proper phrase to say to you, the to show my feelings towards you but I have nothing to offer! Therefore, I would like to express my especial thanks to Clare for her powerful site, and for support, motivation, and good management. Some lovely friends, lots of success, lots of nice posts; what else a man needs to be happy?

Dea friends, th ar hank you fo making m happy. or me It is very hard f me to sa that I am a little bit t s for ay tired. I have to take som rest. I am e me m goin to leave this thread f some da or some months; o God know! I promi to ng for ays, e only ise com back as s me soon as I can. At the mo oment, the n number of p pages is 241 and the nu 1, umber of posts is more than 2410 I hope to s the num p e 0. see mber of page 300 and the number of es r post 3000 whe visiting th thread a ts en his again. I hop so. pe Plea carry on writing in this thread Please keep this thread active. ase n n d. You know perfe u fectly well th nobody is perfect. A all human beings, I h hat i As n have got ma bad any qua antities. I hop you all f ope forgive me b because of m bad deed God kno that I did not do my ds. ow d them on purpos The reas of my bad actions w simply one thing. I AM A HUM m se! son was UMAN BEI ING, SO I A NOT PE AM ERFECT! oes, ing nly s ting. I will n never forget your t We go, time go everythi goes, on kindness is everlast dness. Stay h happy and h healthy. kind h ve, With lots of lov Beh hnam, 18 July, 2009

Marina1 July 18th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam, ar I jus read your writing. In fact I didn understan st r n n't nd!!!!!!! I still can't understand!!! And !!! I'll n understa not and!!!!! Tha anking and killing at th same tim he me!? Is th here anythin wrong w you??? What has h ng with happened??? I don't kn why, bu I have now ut a feeling that y you'll not wr for a lon time. rite ng I'm really sad, y can't im you magine how much. You should kno that I'll n write ag w u ow not gain if tinue writing To that m g. moment, I'm waiting. you didn't cont Mar rina.

sa July 18 2009 ami 8th Hel Marina llo It ha also been shocking f me to kn Behnam wishes o leaving th site for a time. as n for now m's of he For a moment, I thought it was a "goo bye" but after readi it many times I am r t od t ing com mpletely sure it is a "bye for now". e

It is sad to know he is going to leave us for a time, I think this thread is going to be like an orphan boy without his dad...But we are also here, maybe he needs some rest, he may need a holiday, or he needs to pay attention to other things now. I think we can continue writing here without him. Of course, it won't be the same, but I am sure he is not going to leave us for a long time. He loves this thread, he loves writing, so he will come back soon (I hope so). My friend, what would happen if Behnam goes, and now you say you won't write here unless he writes????? Just think about it. You are one of the most contributing members (apart from him), you write a lot, your writings are wonderful, are you going to leave us alone too without your art???? If he goes, and you go to...I am afraid there wont be thread for long... Just think about it, it is normal you are shocked or maybe angry, he wants to leave and we know nothing about it, just respect his decision, I am sure he cannot be away from this thread for long. If he is the father and he goes, you are now the mother of this thread...are you going to leave your children alone???? Rosa, July 18, 2009

Veronicaho July 19th 2009 Hi Behnam! I was shocked when Im readed you are going to leave us for a time! And really sad..... When I was thought if I had potential to write here and I was a little bit scared, you gave me strength and hope! But now you leaving from this thread :( I have thought about the reason and why and I thinking you need a rest! You are the father of this thread since a long time. Every days, many hours you have spent to wrote answers and write new letters to everybody. I have full understanding that you need a rest from this site and to make something else. Enjoy you life and try to forget everybody here for a while and Im sure you soon coming back and can see on this thread with new eyes. Im sure and I hope we other still can have this thread alive! The thread will not be the same as before but Im sure you are not leaving us for the rest of your life. We waiting until you are ready to be back. Marina and Rosa are so good writers and I will do my best. Take care and I hope to see you here when you are ready and motivated.


Veronicaho July 19th 2009 Hi Marina! As you I was very shocked to read that Behnam leaving us for a time. But maybe he need it? I dont know but he have spent a lot of time last 1,5 years here so maybe he need a rest. He coming back soon Im thinking an hope. But please Marina, dont leave us you too :( :( As Rosa said, If Behnam are the father You are the mother and you cant leave your kids. What should we do? Try to stay here at the thread. We have to "work" here as a team and stay together even if someone needs a break and rest. If Behnam are tired and need a rest we will help him if we havnt a demand on him. Hope to hear from you soon!! From the kid Veronica

sami July 19th 2009 Hello Behnam I dont know if you are on your rest now, so it is possible you dont read this post now. Well, I hope you do it whenever it may be. First of all I would like to thank you for your last post. You say two days ago was one of the happiest days for you. One of the reasons is your great English, it makes us happy when we speak freely and we are able to do it without any problem. Hoever, for me sometimes I feel as if I know nothing, as if I have never studied English. Thankfully, it doenst happen everyday, so I can speak English well or at least make the others understand me. As it is not easy, I congratulate you fro your real and native-like English. Secondly, I want to thank you for something from the bottom of my heart. You say my news about passing the exam and getting a fixed job is another reason which contributed to make your happy day. You cannot imagine where these words went when I read that. These words went straight to my heart. My success makes you happy; your happiness makes me happy too. It means you are not only a good writer, a good Physic teacher...you are a great person. I will never forget these words from you.

As you say hard-work and effort is the key for success, I have worked very hard, you know it, but I have had some help. : )) I had a written exam and an oral one, both in English, and reading this thread (among other things) everyday has helped me with my English. So, part of my success is thanks to you. Maybe you dont know it, but you have helped me a lot. For this I want to tell you THANK YOU VERY MUCH BEHNAM!! Then you write lots of kind words to other friends here, and it seems it is hard for you to leave, you say we have made you happy, but what you dont know is that you are the one who has made us happy with your kind, polite words, even with your jokes, with your great wisdom...Behnam we are sad because you leave, what does it mean?? It has got a deep great meaning. It means we consider you a great person, and above all I consider you a GREAT FRIEND. Dear Behnam, just enjoy whatever you are going to do now, you as all people deserve to have a rest, you are the one who is going to decide how long this rest will take, but dont worry, we are going to be here writing until you can back and delight us with your refreshed ideas and news. ENJOY YOUR LIFE BEHNAM, YOU DESERVE IT. Kisses, Rosa, July 19, 2009

sami July 19th 2009 Hello Veronica How are you? I hope you are very well, enjoying your summerhouse! I understand you very well when you say you have no time enough to write, and internet connection is low there. As I have written to other friends, my parents have a house in the beach, so I spent there every summer. I guess this house may be called summer-house too! : )) I dont have internet connection there, so I go to a bar where there is wifi and I can read what you and other friends write here. For this reason, I am sometimes late in answering. You have travelled a lot! Wow, I wish I had travelled more. I love travelling and learning about different countries, languages, customs, etc. I think travelling gives wisdom to a person. SO for me you are a person who knows a lot about everything. To my eyes, you are a rich person, I am not talking about money, I am talking about knowledge from other countries. Veronica,from the countries you have visited, what is the one you liked the most and why? What is the one you liked the least, why?

On the contrary I am a very poor person ;) I havent had so many opportunities to travel yet. I have always been studying, I went to university twice, first to study "English Philology" (5 years) and then to study "Teaching" (3 years, but I did it in 1 year). Then, 10 years ago I decided not to take money from my parents (even though I still live with them), so I had to earn my own money to pay my studies and my things. I have worked each summer of my life since I was 18. So I have not had time to travel. I have travelled through Spain, mainly the south, and I have also been to England. I went there some years ago to spend a few weeks. I stayed in Manchester, and from then we went from some place to another, we went to London, Liverpool, Sheffield. I love England, one of my dreams is to spend some time there, at least a year. I have never been to Finland, Sweden nor Norweigh, I really hope I can go there in the near future. I went there because the sister of one of my friends was working there as a nurse. It was easy for her to find a job there than in Spain. She worked there for 2 or 3 years, I dont remember very well, and now she is working in Spain. It may be easy for you to work there ; ) I really hope you can get a job in London as you wish. London is a wonderful city to be in, I really love it! About housewife in Spain, I think it is similar to your country. Both man and woman work outside home, and couples usually say that they are going to do the house chores together, the man says he is going to contribute, but dear Veronica, in general it is not true. It is always the woman who does house chores, pay the most attention to their children, and they also work 8 hours outside home. We are all trying this situation changes soon, but I think it is a problem of education with boys. I mean, mothers never let their sons do anything. I tell my personal experience. I have two sisters older than me and a brother a year younger than me. My mum has been teaching us (girls) how to cook, use the washing machine, wash the dishes, clean and tidy home...and we have done it since we were children. However, my parents didnt the same with my brother. My biggest question has always been WHY???? I see my brother is the same as me, same age, same parents, same everything, and he has never moved a finger. Whatever he wants, my mum hurries to give it to him. Imagine I come home at night, I want to dinner, so I have to cook my dinner, however, my brother comes home and wants to dinner, and my mum cooks dinner for him. Why this differentiation??? Like my mother there are still many mothers in Spain, and many are young women. So we will always be the same if there are women like these. Young women want this change, if two (or more) people live at home we all have to share house chores, it doesnt matter if it is a man or a woman. We are the same. Arent we tired when we come home after 8 hours of work? I think if we both man and woman in a couple work outside, both of them have to do it. A different thing is if just the man works, in that situation, if is normal that if the woman is at home she does it. What about salaries?? Is it the same salary for a man and a woman in exactly the same

job?? In Spain equality in this sense in not always a reality. WHY????

Well my friend, I hope to read more from you soon. Our friend Behnam wants us to continue writing here, I hope you continue doing it. I will. Enjoy your family and summer. Kisses, Rosa, July 18, 2009

Nguyen Thi T July 19th 2009 Hi Rosa, this is the first time I've posted reply here. I am not a member of this family,I know. Frankly,I just wanna thank you for what you've written to Beham. It reminds me of my close friend,she nearly had the same style of writing as you. I like that style so much. I wish you a happy life and that Beham will come back to all of you as soon as possible. There may be miracles when you believe. Nice day!

sami July 19th 2009 Hello Nguyen Thi Thank you very much for what you have written to me. Thank you for praising my writing to Behnam, it wasn't me who wrote that, my feelings did it. Although I haven't been a member of this site for a long time, I have read it without writing for more than a year. I know Behnam as if he were someone of my family, a relative of mine, I have read his ideas and thoughts for a long time. Directly or not he has done a lot for me and for many people, I'm sure. So I had to thank him, in order to do that I let my feelings write it for me. He deserves the best, and I wanted to transmit it. I dont know whether Behnam is going to read it or not, but I wanted to write it just in case he does it. Dear friend, what is your name? where are you from? It seems you know Behnam or you visit this site frequently, at least this is the impression I have after reading your writing. You say you are not a member of this site, I would like to invite you to write here frequently so you can become a member. Our friend Behnam wants his thread to be active when he comes back (I hope he comes back) and if you and more friends write here we can keep this thread active. Please tell me things about you, I will be very happy to make friends with you. Thank you for wishing me a happy life. It tells a lot of you, you dont know me and wish me a happy life. It means you are a great person.

Fina it is tru what you say, there may be mir ally, ue u racles when we believe something and n e whe we have f en faith on it. S let's beli So, ieve that Be ehnam will come back s c soon and th our hat frien Marina i going to c nd is continue wr riting here ( (even if Beh hnam is not here). I ho to hear f ope from you so oon. Ros July 19, 2 sa, 2009

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9 Dea friends Rosa and Ver ar ronica, Tha anks a lot for your nice feeling tow wards me. Yo devotion made me f very ha Your feel appy. Tha you very much inde ank y eed. Yest terday I was very sad , and I still s s sad. But let me say that I found the way to kee e ep Beh hnam keep g going writin . I know t ng that he is ve tired , bu the owne of this hom ery ut er me shou always be here, eve from time to time. H told us th he is an eagle. Eagl uld en He hat les always fly but t they return home. Any yway, thank you from th bottom of my heart. You made m feel that I'm a rish girl he me t g beca ause of hav friends lik you. ve ke ase o nswer my writing. I stil waiting fo your replies. ll or Plea write to me, and an Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina. PS: dear Rosa? ?..I'm waitin for your answers to my nosy qu ng uestions. :) 243 Mar rina1 July 1 19th 2009 Dea friend Be ar ehnam, We are , all you friends, i your hom you shou ur in me, uldn't leave us alone in order to fe that n eel we a welcom are med! :) :) :). Beh hnam, I can understand that you ar tired , bu I'll not ac d re ut ccept to live here withou you. ut I str rongly belie that you are the cen here..... eve nter .. Beh hnam, dear , my dearest friend...CO OME BACK K... You friend...... Marina. u


Mar rina.

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9

Hel llooooooooo oooooooooo oooooooooo oooooo I'm Marina.

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9 Goo evening e od everybodyyy yyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyy yyyy


Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9 :) :) :) :) ) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) : :) :) ) ) ) :)

Mar rina...

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9 H E L L


Mar rina. :)

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9 Beh hnam...... Yo see! I can make this place activ , but witho any tast in fact I think ou n ve out te... som people wi think tha Marina is a bit fool :) , do you w me ill at s ) want them to have that o feel ling??? :( :( ( But Behnam..... This place can't be co e ontinued wit thout you , e even for two days. Say o som mething for p poor Marina.....She is w waiting.

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9

By t way new visitors, I' a right human being , believe m the w 'm g me...... :) :) : :) Mar rina.

Marina1 July 19th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam? all what I meant that y are not allowed to take some rest. :) . no one ar ? you t o take a rest from his friends Please wr here in order to ma us feel t e m s. rite ake that you are okay. e I'll a accept a me essage like t that from yo " Hello M ou Marina, I'm fine , what about you? " ??? ?it'l be enough until you f that you are okay a you can write as us ll h feel u and n sual. Goo night ( I hope I'll see Good mor od e rning from y tomorro you ow):) Mar rina.

sami July 19th 2009 Hello my lovely friend Marina It is wonderful to see you are going to be here, and you are not going to leave us alone. Of course I want to anwer your "nosy questions", I think they are not nosy at all, they are just to know more of your friends. I am glad to answer them. I maybe ask you some questions too. 1. What is your favourite fruit? ? I like many different types of fruits, I have three favourite fruits. In winter and autumn I like eating bananas. In spring I love eating strawberries. And in summer I love eating red watermelon. So watermelon is the fruit I am eating now, I eat it everyday and I can eat it at any moment. As summer is hot, watermelon is a help to refresh my body. I love it. 2. What is your favourite vegetable? Like Behnam and you I love tomatoes, especially the red ones. I usually eat it at night for dinner within a salad. My second favourite vegetable is carrot. I love a green salad with tomatoes and carrots. 3. What will you give as a present? When I am going to give a present I first think of the person to whom I am going to give it, so depending on the person I choose one gift or another. I like giving books, perfume, pieces of clothes, some accessories like a bag, a necklace, a ring...Something like this. For me the perfect present would be a book or a new perfume. For the last one the person who is going to give it to me must know me very well, because I dont like all perfumes. Sometimes a perfume can make me a headache. So they should be careful when choosing it. 4. Do you know how to cook? Yes, I know it and I enjoy doing it. I enjoy it more when the person who eats it likes it. I like making cakes, so I think when I have a family I will have my husband happy (because of my cooking) and my children too (because of cakes). The cake I like the most is chocolate cake, made with biscuits, it is very easy to do and I love eating them! : ) 5. When do you say "I have to change"? This is a good question. I say it to myself many times. Life consists of "trying". Whenever I try something and I dont like the result, I say it to myself. I give you an example. Sometimes I dont do some things because I know the others won't like it. And it makes me feel very sad. In such situations I say to myself "I have to change". I cannot stop doing things because the others dont like it, or the contrary, I cannot do things to please the others. I have to be myself, however, it is sometimes hard for me to do it. If there is something I dont want in my life is to hurt the others. 6. Start line in learning English?

I started learning English at school when I was 10. I didnt do it on purpose, it was a compulsory subject at school. From that moment I felt I was good at English, I studied it in hight school. Then I wanted to learn more English, I knew I wanted to be an English teacher, so I convinced my parents to take me to an academy to learn more. Then University came, I decided to study what will take me to be an English teacher...and up to know, when I am 28 I continue learning English. I hope this line never ends, I think you have to continue learning eNglish up to your dying day if you dont want to forget it. So, I think this line will finish the day I die (I hope not soon!) Marina, you also ask me about "Tomatoe Festival". Let me tell you it is celebrated just in a city of Spain, most precisely in Valencia. This festival is called here "Tomatina". Well I have heard of this festival and watched it on Tv, but I have had to read about it in order to tell you about its origin. It seems it started in 1945 in the center of a town. There was a fight among some young men, in the place there were some out places where vegetables was sold. So, these men, when fighting against each other took what they had at hand to throw it to the others. What is what they had at hand? Tomatoes. This was repeated year after year, and it has become a Festivity. I agree with you, I see no fun in it, I think there are lots of people dying of hunger and in that place they use food as toys. I am Spain, that is true, but it does not mean I agree with everything that is done in Spain. This is one thing, another one is bullfighting. My dear friend Marina, as you say, Behnam is an eagle, he himself has said it many time. Someone once taught me: If you want / love someone, let him free, if he loves /wants you, he will come back to you soon. I am not talking about love between a man and a woman, but love between friends,no matter genre. So, we here all love Behnam, let's let him free, and let's see whether he loves us or not. Meanwhile, let's be here writing, learning and enjoying everyday with our writings. I hope to hear from you soon, I havent forgotten to make you questions, I just have to think my questions, I will do it soon. Lots of kisses. Rosa, July 19, 2009 244

Veronicaho July 19th 2009 Hi Rosa! Thanks for your fast and nice writings. Hope everything is well with you. Ofcourse we must continue writing here and have the thread active like Behnam want. In this situation we have to stay together even when someone wants to take a break or a

rest. Im sure Behnam coming back again. But I think he need something else to thinking about for a while. And we can wait. Yes, as you said Im a rich person because I have travelled a lot. But Im sure your time will coming! Now when you have got a job (congratulations) you get satisfactory opportunities of travel. I really wish you get travels in your life. It gives so much wisdom. You asked me about what travel I like most and thats very difficult to answer on because you can like a country in different ways. But one country I never forgot is Romainia. Iv been there as a nurse on a hospital for childrens -91. It was after Cheauchescu fall and Romainia needs help from other countries. I been there for 3 months. That work gaves me more than something else. In this time it was very hard and strange to be there. It wasnt safe for us to be there, nothing to eat, no water to wash in and very hot and dirty. But I loved it. The childs you could help and people was so friendly. And the country was so nice with mountains, donkeys on the roads, the language and everything else. My best trip in my life! In an other way Thailand is my favoritecountry. There is so nice weather. And people takes days as they coming. No stress and nothing is a problem. Thats because thems religion buddism. And that is a very safe country. I dont know why but nothing happen there and you are never afraid in nighttime outside. In Stockholm and Helsinki I should never go out in nighttime. Very much drugs and criminality. I thinking and thinking but I dont know what country I like at least. I like every countries and where else I coming I feel I could live there. Sometimes I feel Im rootless. Intresting what you told about differences between girls and boys. You have so right! But I can tell you from my own home. I have a sister and a brother. My mam done everything for my brother. Even in this time he only work and have a domestic servant? in his home. Bad!!! I have 2 daughters and a son. So when my son was born I said that I will learn him as his sister. He got a doll from the beginning. I learned him to wash, dishes, look after his younger sister and things like this. Doesnt matter. It is a big different between girls and boys even if the mothers educated them in the same way. My son never understand how to play with a doll. He use the doll as a airplaine and throw it in the air. :) :) Ok a little bit he have learn. Now he washing, dish and things like that because his girlfriend tell him to do it! Good, I like it! It makes to be egual between genders here and thats good but about salaries it is diferences. Men get more for same work. But often they call it a addision to salary for language, some work, many years in the same work. Rosa, please tell me about your new job. Somewhere I readed that you give privat english lessons? Am I right? I should need a course fulfil 2 study points. On high shool lewel. Is it possible to buy it from you and have it at distance? Do you understand? Please tell me about your life there. You told me you live in your parents home. Its very

good if that is possible when you are studying. Are you looking for some apartment? Is it difficult to find one there or? General how much is a rent for a apartment? Hope to hear from you soon. Take care / Veronica

Cathy Li July 20th 2009 Dear Rosa, I'm glad to read your writings. It's a crystal fact that you ushered the fresh air into this lovely place. Thanks a lot for your first writing to me. You are full of passion and strength, just like a bird which are flying into my window. Rosa, come to our party, we're happy to invite you. That's why I named it a rainy night party. The rain must be full of uncountable numerous raindrops. In my view, each of friends here is just like a single drop. Only when we gathered together, the rain did knock at the door of the earth. Every friend can hold a special umbrella and join this party. Actually the colors of umbrella just stand for the people who they are. We're all different from each other, but we surely can embrace each other in the name of Love. Rosa, come to the party, dancing and singing. Can you recommend some wonderful music to me? We can play them in the music. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kiss you Cathy P.S.: Actually, we are in the same age. I've never been to Spain before, but I love Barcelona a lot. I think I will travel to it down the road. And thank you for opening a door for me first, hehe...

mary July 20th 2009 Dear Marina, Welcome to the party! I'm so glad that you joined us. Try to enjoy it the best. As I wrote to Cathy, I like to wear a white dress with colorful flowers on it. What is your

idea? What do you want to wear? Thank you for your nice writing. I try my best to follow your good and friendly advice. I will write about that topic, "divorce" latter. Have a good day, Maryam

mary July 20th 2009 Dear Rosa, I'm so sorry that I have not told you welcome before. I should have done it sooner. Please accept my sincere apology for the delay. I'm so happy that you wrote to me. It's an honor for me to make friends with you. Please keep on writing and I try my best to answer you as soon as I can. I'm almost the same age as you and I like writing to my friends and then to share our feelings and thoughts together. Both I and Cathy welcomed all friends to the party, so you are welcomed, too. We will be so glad if you join us and share your happiness with us. By the way, what do you want to wear? I like Spanish dress and dance. I saw it in some movies. Would you please teach us that? I look forward to reading from you. Best wishes, Maryam

mary July 20th 2009 Dear Behnam, Thank you so much for your kind words to me. Actually, you praised me to the sky. Thank you my friend, indeed. Your writing was very beautiful, especially the last paragraph. I hope wherever you are and whatever you do, be healthy, happy and successful. Feel free and do whatever you think is true.

I hope to read good news from you as soon as you can. Best wishes, Maryam

mary July 20th 2009 Dear friends, Today is a holy day for Muslims. It's the day of the appointment of Mohammed as prophet. I want to take this opportunity and wish a happy day for all Muslims, especially my friends here. Prophet Mohammed said, "The best people are the ones who behave good towards others, without thinking if they are good or not." God bless us to be on of them. Have great times, Maryam

sami July 20th 2009 Hello Veronica! First of all good morning! I dont know what happens today, but this is the third time I write to you. The two other times before, this pages disappeared when writing it. I hope the third is the good one. Thank you for your answers, it is true what you say, there is not "least countries" in terms of liking. I think all countires have something to offer us, many positive things from which we can learn a lot. I hope to start travelling next summer! It is funny what you say aobut your son. I imagined him throwing that doll on the air! Poor dolls! Boys dont use them properly! jejeje It is very funny. By the way Veronica, how old are your son and daughters? Do they live on their own? I think so, because you have said your son lives with her girlfriend. Is it normal for young people in your country to leave home soon? In spain it is a little bit difficult. We stay at our parents homes until we have a good job which allows us paying a rent or bying a house. I have to say it is up to our 30s. First, it is very difficult to find a good job, and second, houses are expensive and banks dont

concede loans so easily. Soe years ago it was completely different. For example, my parents married when they were 20 and 22, and my mum had 2 of her 4 children at my age. I am 28 I have no house, no boyfriend, no children...So I live at my parents home. I have to married sisters, they married around their 35 and this is the usual age to marry here, although there are lots of exceptions, as always. You cannot buy a normal house here for less than 100000 euros, and this is a normal and small house. If you want to rent, it will cost you around 500 or 600 euros. Imagine the salary of many people is no more than 900 euros, if you pay 600 for renting, it is impossible to live a whole month with 300 euros (paying water, electricity...) I am not looking for a house to live. I am very well at my parent's home! : )) I would like to stay here at least one more year or two, the time necessary to save money and buy a house on my own. And believe me, it is normal here. I will start working next september in a public school as an English teacher. In Spain there are two types of schools; private (where you have to be a close relative of the head master, otherwise it is hardy impossible to work there) and public schools, held by the Andalusian administrations. To work in a pubic school you need to pass difficult exams, passing exams is not enough, you need high marks to get a place. I have just passed this exams and I will start working very soon. About private lessons, I have been giving private lessons to students since I was at university. My students went from beginners to advanced English learners, I went two or three times a week to their home and I helped them. I did it as a way ofgetting some money while studying. I will stop doing it, since I will have my own job at a school (which is my biggest dream). Tell me what is what you need, I will be very happy to help you. Dont talk about buying Veronica, I am your friend, I am here to share things with you. Just tell me the grammar points, vocabulary, expressions... which you need, I will send them to you along with lots of activities which you can send me later, and I will correct them. But please, be precise with respect to what you need. This is my email: rosammd@hotmail.com you can add me and tell me what you wish. Hope to hear from you soon. Kisses, Rosa 20 July, 2009

sami July 20th 2009 Hello Cathy Thank you very much for welcoming me and for inviting me to your great party. It makes me nervous, I am going to meet my friends for the first time... ; ) and have fun with all of them.

I would like to wear whatever makes me comfortable, and about wearing an umbrella it is ok. I would take a pink umbrella, we will dance the umbrella's dance together! It will be a funny party I think. We can listen to music from different countries, I will show you how to dance flamenco and how to sing it, although I am very bad at singing! :) Cathy it is a great honour for me to write to you and to receive your writings, please share your thoughts, feelings ... with me. Tell me about you. What do you do? What do you like doing in your free time? I hope to hear from you soon. Kisses from Spain Rosa, 20 July, 2009

sami July 20th 2009 Hello Mary As I say to Cathy it is a great honour for me to receive a writing from you. I have read your writings in the past, I really loved them, some of them were too connected to my way of thinking about life. Thank you for inviting me to the party. It will be a very funny party, I think, We all will dance and sing, and chat a lot with each other. It will be wonderful! I will definetely wear the typical Spanish dress, I love it, we use to call it "the gypsy dress". I think they are very feminine and fits very well to our body. I love dancing "Flamenco" (typical spanish dance), I learnt it at an academy when I was a child, I really love it, I wish I could go on learning it now. If you wish, I will show you how to dance it, it will be my pleasure? What about the typical dancing in Iran? Will you teach it to us? I think you are now a busy girl, you are working, what kind of job do you have? Do you like it? What is the job of your dreams? I hope to hear from you Kisses, Rosa 20 July, 2009

sami July 20th 2009

To all my muslim friends: HAPPY HOLIDAY! :)) Rosa, 20 July 2009 245

kami99 July 20th 2009 To Marina, Behnam and Sami I have read your posts regarding the absence of Behnam from the thread for the next days or might be months. I think it is good to be a story for Indian movie. The way you all wrote made me feel that it will be a tragedy for the participants when Mr Behnam is not being in the thread. By the way,Indian films exaggerate sense of the narrative drama in an illogical way. I offer you my condolences for that sorrowful event. You should have a self-confidence, replace him. Sorry for being tough in critisizing you. All the best Kami

Cathy Li July 20th 2009 Dear Maryam, I'm so happy to know you are happy with my idea. And I'm much happier to take your advice in the party. I really love the white dress, hehe... It's quite interesting to imagine that Fairies come down to the Human World. Especially, it clearly reminds me of the old times when I was 18 years old. Pitter-patta pitter-patta. The rain fell down slowly onto the umbrella, and we can clearly hear the rain sound, and with the rhyme of it, we are dancing trippingly. Each friend holds his special umbrella and dance alone first, then move slowly to the dance pool. When we dance to the center, we exchange the umbrella each other and send our hearty smile. The rain sings happily and notices us dancing in a good mood. I just imagined the first round of dancing, how do you think of that? On the second round, we can fold the umbrella and put it aside, one by one stepping into the dance floor. Andrew will play the piano and Marina will sing a romantic song. Behnam controls his nerve and keeps doggedly to his place, but he never notices that so many female friends are waiting to be invited by him. With the beautiful song and music

performed by Andrew and Marina, Mohsen and his wife time steps to music. I smile to you, dear Maryam, are you happy? Rosa comes late, but she wears the special dress and soon invited by a gentleman and steps into the dance floor. Dear baby, how to arrange the third round? Please help me. Cathy

Cathy Li July 20th 2009 Dear Marina, Are you willing to sing a song for friends in the rainy night party? I love listenting to your beautiful song and appreciate your elegance. In terms of your last writing to me, I have to say that Cathy is willing to share her love with friends, especially to Marina. I will try to follow you and friends here later. It seemed hard to follow you closely, coz you always run fast and write diligently. Hehe... Anyway, I am really enjoyed a lot from your writings. Please keep writing to me, I will share more with you. By the way, what's your idea toward this party? What kind of food we can offer to let friends really happy? I'm eager to hear your voice soon. Cathy

Cathy Li July 20th 2009 Dear Nana, How's going recently, my naughty girl? I'm basking in the endless classes these days. Happily, it rained last night once again. I just wonder if that's just like what Behnam said the other day" God helps those who help themselves." I pray to God, please let me have a rest and embrace the acquitance of friends. God didn't respond to me. But it rained, I was fully washed and got to know that I need to work hard and improve my efficency. I've been having classes on Saturday and Sunday for the past two weekends and will keep this successively by the mid August. Actually, I have to say it's vey hard for me to pursue part-

time postgraduate studies after graduation from university. Hehe, I need more energy. Dear Nana, come to the party, and I want to talk more to you. Hug you. Cathy

Andrew July 20th 2009 My dear friends! I am sad to watch this terrible alarm caused by the declaration of our great threadfounder Behnam about his presumable prolong absence. And of course I am sad to imagine that he gonna perform his intention. I can understand if a man break some woman's heart, but to break so many women's hearts at a time??? Unbelievable! Hey Behnam, don't you hiccup yet?:) On the other hand dear all, PLEASE don't make tragedy ahead of time. I have a feeling that every things will be ok. Obviously it take a time to make a good Indian movie (good idea Kami!) but you know they do it very fast:)) Everyone needs to have a rest from time to time. It is necessary to have a rest for to remain fresh-minded, seeing good, thinking quick. It's our important right eventually. This site is really powerful and this very thread is just incomparable regarding an amount and a quality of posts, subjects discussed, positive thoughts and feelings expressed. I participate some other forums on different sites and I can approve - this place is unique. It's like wonderful garden staying full of beautiful flowers in a middle of huge dusty megacity. And we are all it's gardeners:) Just keep in mind - a rest is a necessity. There is no need to approach a chief gardener for being tired. Be sure that he never leave it alone for a long time. *** Dear Nguen Thi, I'm very glad to see you at this thread. I have to say that I read some of your recent posts and I've come to belief that your speaking became much better. So WELL DONE to you too. Dear Maryam, I'm really sorry for not answering your mails in time. I'm in a state of resignation now (resignation from the post of a lot-of-posts-maker:)). It's maybe not good defence to admit that a reason of my periodic silence is not just fatigue and definitely not

being busy but (what a shame!!) an addicting to silly pc games:(( Please don't worry about my smoking habit - I'm just one of millions of my stupid countrymen doing that. And nevertheless I hope to overcome the habit. How about watching movies in English? Have a possibility to do it sometimes? Dear Cathy, how are you? Missing a serenade?:) Unfortunately I have very very few gigs (jobs) in summer and definitely come to be worse as a piano entertainer (I just wonder if I can entertain my cat playing at home on detuned piano?:)) Dear Marina, accept my sincere apologies for my long absences and not doing proper amount of compliments to my lovely, clever and vivid Syrian friend:) Have some things to discuss? You see I have to be induced to start a conversation sometimes being in a lack of my own ideas, alas! Have nice holydays! Dear Veronica, what about traveling? Do you plan to visit Saint-Petersburg yet? I believe every things is fine with an Aland Island and it's inhabitants. I notice that your English become advanced pretty fast. Dear Rosa, nevertheless everybody knows how old Andrew actually is, please consider me as a friend of 'approximately' your ages regarding my curiously boyish origin and availability for jokes and kidding every time:) Just prick me and I pay you back the same. Ohh please, prick me, don't make me feel been alone! By the way we have the same problems with buying or renting properties in Russia. Actually most of people can't allow themselves to do it at all and have to huddle in small apartments their whole life. We say: "to calm down, bring a she-gout to your house and then you'll understand how good it was to live without it":)) My dear men friends, everyone I have not incidentally addressed personally to, be healthy, be lucky with your business, keep your families safe and visit this room. I'm in a lack of stories about black cat dear Mohsen:) See you friends, Andrew

Chan July 20th 2009 Hi Rosa, i am fine. i am very happy for getting a response from you. i do agree this is a place where we can improve our English better than anywhere else.i am 23 years old. i am

working as a software engineer at a reputed software company in India. i want to communicate better. that's the reason i am here. now it is your turn to introduce

Veronicaho July 20th 2009 Hi Rosa! Thanks again for your answer, it made me happy! I really like to write and read here because I improve my english every days. Already I can read a little bit faster and my vocabulary are bigger for each days. Every new word I dont understand I writing them on a paper and then learn them. It is so nice to read the threads so thats the first I do in the morning! You was wondering about my children. It is like this: My oldest daughter is 27, she is a nurse too. She is marriage with a cruise captein and they have 2 kids. A boy who are 2 years and a daughter who is 4 months. We got her very early, I was just 18 years. But I never regret I had childs early even if it is very early when someone is 18. The second one is my son, he is 23. Now he have taked a free year from studies because he dont know what he wants to do. Now he working as a truckdriver in Sweden one week work and the other week free. He thinking to be a police maybe. He have a girlfriend who study the first ground to be a nurse. Together they have a nice dog. My lastest child is a daughter who is 12 years old. A small lady :) In Finland its usual for childs to move from thems parents when they are about 17-19 years. Often when they are going to high shool. My daughter was 19 and my son 22 when they moved. They are living near us so we see each other often. And our grandchild like to be here with us doing something fun. Tonight there is a Rock festival in town and my daughter and son in law are going there and my grandchilds coming to me. In Finland its usual to study at the first and then "live the life", maybe travelling and when they are about 30-35 they married and have childs. This will be later and later for every years. Maybe bad, I dont know? In Finland its usual with childs around 35 and over and sometimes the age are a problem when couples didnt get childs. I even think that the finance crices in the world make young peoples to wait with a lot. They wants a job, and thats not easy in this time. And they want money, own house or apartment. Here is relative easy to find a apartment to rent. Then you have to pay the same as there, around 500-600 ?. Its very easy to borrow money from the bank for young people if parents vouch for it. My son bought his apartment because the money to pay is the same as if he rent. My daughter starting to build a house in october but thats very expencive. It will coast

350 0000 ?. Pric are going up every time. ces g t Abo salary, I think a nor out rmal salary after tax is about 1500 0-2200 ?. But Im not su In ure. my c case I get 2 2200-2500 fo a months after tax. B I work e for s But even weeken and eve nds enings. Do y know th salary fo nurses the you he or ere? Do you think it is the same? u Bac to travels Where do you want to travel? W ck s. o Which countr do you wa to visit to the ry ant first and why? Do you spe some oth languag than span and eng t eak her ge nish glish? Is'nt easy to und derstand ital lian, french and romain nian langua when yo speak spa age ou anish? Som metimes I thi I have h ink heard this bu Im not su But this language a coming f ut ure. s are from latin likes l span nish? the ill will ulation you because yo passed yo exams. You ou our To t last I wi write, I w congratu have had a har work and now you fi rd d inish. It is a nice feeling I really r g! remember th he feel lings. I felt I was in hea aven and wa alked aroun on clouds :) nd s You made me s happy wh you writed you can help me wi my engli You are a u so hen n ith ish. e valu uable suppo I promis I will sen you an eort, se. nd -majl about what Im ne But I have to t eed. pay for it, Its ve importe for me an It will fe better for me. Even if we are fri ery ent nd eel r iends here e. Enjo the summ and sun oy mer n! Veronica

Marina1 July 20th 2009 M ly 9 Dea all friend Rosa, Cat Maryam and Andr ar ds thy, m rew, anks a lot for your writi ings. It seem you are e ms enjoying preparing for that party. r Tha Tha you Rosa for your g ank great answe , thank y once ag ers you gain for bein a good fr ng riend. Tod is a very especial d in Musli culture , thank you f sharing us. It's very nice day y day ims for g ry of you. I'm still waiting for your quest y l r tions :) Dea Maryam and Cathy, I still don't know what to wear , I think abo it. But w ar t t I'll out we shou be differ from ea other. :) , girls like to be uniqu uld rent ach ) e ue. Dea Andrew, thank you fo your wri ar for iting, it's ver nice of yo to remem ry ou mber me :) , of course I'm goin to write f you and other friends. :) ng for d All d dear friends , today I b s began my jo :) :) :) , it was my fir day. all p ob t rst people there are e olde than me b lots of ye er by ears. When they knew t that my birth year in 19 , they st h 985 tarted to la augh. They looked at m as a stran person, looking at me up and down. But they me nge t wer very kind , all their sp re speaking wit me about my mother it seems th want to know th t r, hey o my m mother mor than me, because she is in their age (LOOO re e r OL).

I've lots of thing to say. I promise to write more But you kn that Ma gs e. now arina didn't stay t alon time out of home. I'm tired, eve if I didn't do anything :) :) ng m en t g. I pr romise to wr more , a night , or tomorrow. Thank you very much f being nice rite at r for frien nds. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 20th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Kami, ar anks a lot for writing in this humbl thread. Th n le Thank you fo being her and readi our or re ing Tha writ tings. It se eems you ar an Arab, so you know that it's b to enter other's hom and say re w bad me som mething bad to its citize Respectin other people is one of the most important things en. ng t in Arabs and M A Muslims cult ture. Any yway, you ar welcome If Behna was here , he would say " Welc re ed! am e d come!" to yo I ou. thin Rosa will say Welcom too. nk l me ank your nice co omplements , would yo please int s ou troduce you urself??? Tha you for y Mar rina.

Veronicaho J 20th 2009 V July Hi A Andrew! You cannot ima u agine how h happy I was when I saw your writi to me ab s w ing bout my eng glish! I read it many times! YOU ENGLIS BECOM ADVANC ded y UR SH ME CED PRET FAST. TTY Tha anks a millio for those words! My english is n good bu I learning every days from on e y not ut g s this threads. Th hank you ev verybody wh writing to me. ho o I ho everythi is well w you. Bu one thing made me a little bit wo ope ing with ut g orry! I saw you are a sm moker! :( :( As a nurse I cannot let it past me. Why do yo smoking? You want and like t ou ? a it or is it a bad habit? Try to finish wi it. I dont want to sca you but do you kno that r d ith t are t ow 60-7 70% of smo okers get can ncer in the lungs after around 30- years? A that is not a -40 And n nice disease! A its very unhealty fo your hear a big risc for infarct in your hea e And or rt, c t art! Mak a decisio and finish already to ke on h, oday! You a a winne The mos importent for are er!! st t you is your hea alty. Me too, I have bee a smoker but I have f en r finish 15 ye ears ago. It was

very easy that d when I really want to finish. Im sure yo will fix it y day ted ou t! And drew, I have been to S ent Saint Peters sburg yet bu I still thin ut nking about it. I already have t dy a tic by a cr cket ruise ferry. T ticket are open so I can go wh The henever I wa I think it will ant. be in autumn. F i From the be eginning wa it summer as r. I ha holiday now and enj ave njoing the su ummer. Me and my fam have be at the se and mily een ea at our sommerh o house wher we are bu re uildning a new guesthouse and a fi finish sauna. So you are welcome ev verybody. D you know sauna? Is it usual in R Do w Russia too? ? at n n e do nd mmertime? Wha happen in your town in this time and how d you spen your sum Tha anks a lot ag gain for the word about my english h! Hop to hear fr you soo again! pe from on Veronica 6 246

Marina1 July 20th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Cathy, ar uld ase ss ??? it's Wou you plea explain your endles kindness towrds me? I really think that i not beca ause of Mar rina, but it's Cathy's na s ature to be s kind. :) so ar like g oice y hat happen if Marina M Dea Cathy, I l singing , but my vo is really bad :( , wh would h sing a song i your part ged in ty???? YOU GUESTS WILL GO AWAY :)))) =)) beli UR S O )))) ieve me. Be h happy......... and enjoy y your party. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 20th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam, ar I've felt your ni feeling, and I can feel your kin ice fe ndness towards me. I str trongly belie that eve Beh hnam didn't write to me in the thread , becaus he writes to me in his heart. And e se s d Mar rina read th message. :) :) he

You have writte lots of tim that partners are l u en mes looking for t their needs , each one wants him/her to fulfi his/her ne ill eeds. It's the main reas of gettin married. Of course there e son ng t er ng or ve ome are lots of othe reasons , like buildin a family o even hav children , but they co er on. afte that reaso My dear friend Behnam, w d women and m are ma men aking lots of mistakes in choosing their f n part tners, and b because of that divorce is increasin every ye In fact i becomes a t e ng ear. it seri ious problem in all societies. m en et to fulfill their d desires and needs from their d m Whe a man ge married t a woman , they will f bod and sexu feelings point of vie after a y dies ual s ew. year , it wil not be the same passi , ll e ion thei life will become more stable wit calm egos They will look at eac other as a ir e th s. l ch hum beings , have the sa interes and hobb man ame sts bies. If they chose each other from h m pers sonality and spirit poin of view , their marri d nts iage will be forever. Bu when they e ut y choose each ot ther from ex xternal thing ( beauty, money) point of view, the pleasur will gs re appear very soon and th will find themselve in front ea other. T y hey d es ach They will no otice disa that they don't have the t

Marina1 July 20th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Behnam, ar I've felt your ni feeling, and I can feel your kin ice fe ndness towards me. I str trongly belie that eve Beh hnam didn't write to me in the thread , becaus he writes to me in his heart. And e se s d Mar rina read th message. :) :) he u en mes looking for t their needs , each one wants You have writte lots of tim that partners are l him/her to fulfi his/her ne ill eeds. It's the main reas of gettin married. Of course there e son ng t are lots of othe reasons , like buildin a family o even hav children , but they co er ng or ve ome er on. afte that reaso My dear friend Behnam, w d women and m are ma men aking lots of mistakes in choosing their f n part tners, and b because of that divorce is increasin every ye In fact i becomes a t e ng ear. it seri ious problem in all societies. m en et to fulfill their d desires and needs from their d m Whe a man ge married t a woman , they will f bod and sexu feelings point of vie after a y dies ual s ew. year , it wil not be the same passi , ll e ion thei life will become more stable wit calm egos They will look at eac other as a ir e th s. l ch hum beings , have the sa interes and hobb man ame sts bies. If they chose each other from h m pers sonality and spirit poin of view , their marri d nts iage will be forever. Bu when they e ut y choose each ot ther from ex xternal thing ( beauty, money) point of view, the pleasur will gs re disa appear very soon and th will find themselve in front ea other. T y hey d es ach They will no otice that they don't have the sa frequency. Each on of them is singing al t ame ne s lone, walkin ng alon and livin alone. ne ng

Bad choices is the most important reason in getting divorce. Life needs is one of them too. Living this life without feeling it is another reason. Needing the change and?.etc. Dear Behnam, in short we should try to search about our soulmates! This is the medicine of marriage. Beauty goes , money goes, just soul and spring's spirit is going to stay. Dear Behnam, you've asked me about this topic before. I've thought a lot about it. But what I've written is the center of my thinking, maybe I couldn't explain it in a good way. I promise to write more. Take care, I hope you will write to me soon. Marina.

Cathy Li July 21st 2009 Dear Marina, Congratulations! I just send a bouquet of Lilies to you, for your first job and for your kindness to me. In terms of kindness, you explained it fully. From your endless writings to friends here, I can see how generous your kindness is. If you feel kindness from Cathy, and you can see that's not because of Cathy, that's just only because kindness is one of Marina's attributes. Dear Marina, if you feel nervous about singing, just forget it. I was so sorry about my idea which made you upset. Please free to do whatever you like in the party. It's not my party, it's ours. I just want friends taking this opportunity to enjoy more, to brighten the chain with old friends and to get to know new friends. Enjoy your first day of working Wear the dress you like and then enjoy our party. Cathy

Cathy Li July 21st 2009 Dear Andrew, Thanks for your wonderful writings, especially the first part to describe the true friend

Behnam. You made me laugh and amused me more. I am sure you are enjoying every minute of life and making the people around you laugh heartily. Dear Andrew, I don't want to praise you more, but I was overawed by your deep insights to the lives once again. Million thanks for your wonderful explanation about Having A Rest and Returning. Please come to the party and play the piano and sing the serenade. Let your cat have a rest and enjoy a happy weekend without your perpetual nagging, haha... if you want to see how our dear Behnam breaking so many women's hearts, just come. I'm sure you are not one to leave a friend in the lurch, especially, he is Behnam. But who knows, maybe Behnam is learning dance secretly these days, that's why he is absent and works hard. I believe he wouldn't let friends down. Come to the party, man. Cathy

Cathy Li July 21st 2009 Dear Rosa, Please feel free to come to the party and wear whatever makes you comfortable. I love your pink umbrella which is just like the tender blossom with pleasant and sharp fragrance in the garden. I'm eager to learn Flamenco both singing and dancing from you. I'm sure that the flamenco will flame the party fully with its unrestrained passion. Cathy once dreamed of being a dancer long time ago, but she didn't meet Rosa at that time, hehe... Then she is working as a secretary in an educational agency which mainly provides domestic students with overseas education. From Monday to Friday, I work regularly and contact with foreign schools and domestic students. For students who want to study overseas, we make documentations and submit the files to the relevant embassies to get study permission. Sometimes, I need to work overtime, especially these days, so many senior students just finished their university entrance examination, they need to choose the universities and colleges where they will finally to pursue their advanced education before this September, in China or foreign countries, and part of them want to study overseas to pursue advanced education. That's why I always work overtime these days, hehe... Fully enjoyed it. I spent my spare time sleeping these days, but please don't take Cathy as a dozy girl. Besides Monday to Friday working, she participate part-time postgraduate studies majored in Pre-school Children Education Psychology on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. Please don't worry, because she is strong enough to handle it. She just wants to

enri herself m ich more. Actua she used to spend s ally d spare time r reading and watching m d movies, espe ecially watc ching love a romanti movies. S and ic Sometimes, s is easily moved tea by she y ars the touching lo stories. B ove Better part of days, she smiles all the time. I h e have to say that Cat is just lik a little ch in her h thy ke hild heart. Hehe... ar do? your spare time? Tell m your story me Dea Rosa, what do you d How do you spend y mor re. Kiss you s Cat thy S.: me nd minds me of beautiful r f roses. The ro oses P. S Your nam is very beautiful, an it just rem are blossoming soundlessl g ly.

Veronicaho J 21st 20 V July 009 Hi M Marina! Its n you are still here! Ofcourse, y are a sm women and under nice e you mart n rstand that n nothing will change if y too leav l you ving us. nice ve b. mmerjob or p permanent? If I remem ? mber you ha avnt So n you hav got a job Is it a sum finis your stud yet. Ple sh dies ease can you tell me ab u bout the job? What are you doing t there and for how lon time? Pl d ng lease tell me even abou your studi e ut ies. rgive me for short letter but Im a b r r babysitter to my grandc o child and they dont let me stay m For at th computer Sorry! he r. See you/ Veron nica

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Dea Cathy, ar anks a lot for your nice reply. It wa really fro your kindness. as om Tha Tha you for y ank your nice fe eeling about starting my job. t Whe I began m job I wa so happy because I'm going to p en my as m prove myself and have my lf m free elance incom But whe the hours was runnin I missed being at ho , I miss my me. en s ng d ome sed pare too. An ents nyway , I hop I'll enjoy it. As I sai all people there are kind. ope y id ar wrote somet thing to our friend Beh r hnam about getting divo orce , what do you Dea Cathy, I w

think about that topic??? Is it easy in China ??? What about getting married in your country, which is the suitable age for getting married( for both men and women)??? You know Cathy, nowadays it's very hard for a man to buy all what he needs for his marriage , because of that , men are getting married when they are more than 30. Before ? in Arab countries- men was getting married when they were 25 or maybe less than it. Everything has changed! What about China??? Thank you for reading! I'll write about lots of problems in Syria which are annoying the both men and women. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you can. Have a nice day. Marina.

sami July 21st 2009 Hello Kami Nice to meet you. when reading your message I didnt see criticizing at all, moreover I dont know what you say about tragedy and Indian films. Who said anything about tragedy? I agree with Marina, it is not a good way to start writing in a place, however, you are welcome. Have a nice time Rosa, July 21, 2009

sami July 21st 2009 Hello Kami Nice to meet you. when reading your message I didnt see criticizing at all, moreover I dont know what you say about tragedy and Indian films. Who said anything about tragedy? I agree with Marina, it is not a good way to start writing in a place, however, you are welcome.

Hav a nice tim ve me Ros July 21, 2 sa, 2009 247 7

sa July 21 2009 ami 1st Hel Chan llo How is it going I hope ev w g? verything is well. As y say now it is my tur well, I c tell you I am 28, Im Spanish an I am an English you w rn, can m nd E teac cher. I will s start workin next Sept ng tember in a school, tea aching Engli to childr Let ish ren. me tell you this makes me the happies woman in the world. I have alwa loved te s st n ays eaching d me e m and in a few tim I will see my dream come true. Im h here if you w want to imp prove your E English, min is not so good, but w ne writing and read ding can he us impro elp ove. Tell me someth l hing about y your country what do y do in yo free time, your hob y, you our bbies, etc, tell me wha atever you w want and as me questi sk ions. Hop to read fr you soo pe from on, Ros July 21, 2 sa, 2009

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Dea friends Behnam, Ros Cathy, M ar sa, Maryam, Ve eronica, Mohsen and Andrew, Afte thinking a lot why married peop are getti divorce, and why it increasin er ple ing t's ng ever ryday. I found out that there are lo of side p ots problems wh are con hich nnected to our o topi ic. Life needs, mak men think about mar e ke rriage when they are a bit old, wh they hav n hen ve mar rriage's nee Men sea eds. arch about women who are young than them by a few years. w o ger m y for e example in Syria it's ve normal f a woma to get ma ery for an arried to a m who is older man o than her by 12 years or ma n aybe more(n (nowadays).

Let's imagine that a man who is 35 years old got married to a woman who is 20. what would happen??? I think their life would be good for about 10 years. Then the man will be 45(a bit old), and his wife in her bright age (30). If they had children , it would become very hard for their children to contact with them when they will be very young. The age difference between them would very big. And problems will begin to be more between the parents and between the parents with their children! On the other hand, if the man was equal to a woman from age point of view, when they will be in their thirties, the woman will look older. It's a fact , the woman always looks older when they are in the same age. Because women give a birth and some other physiological matters. Again a kind of feeling would be between them , the man will feel that he is very young , and the woman will feel she is a bit old. Some men will start looking for a change ;) I don't know if you understand my idea or not, I know there are lots of differences between cultures, maybe Iran and Arab world have lots of things in common. But maybe in China, Spain and foreign countries , have different problems. Dear friends, it's a complicated topic, I hope you'll help me by your priceless opinions. Please feel free. All what you write is welcomed! I know that I didn't explain my ideas completely , but it will be very interesting to discuss them. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Have a nice day. Marina.

sami July 21st 2009 Hello nice Veronica How is life going at summerhouse? Mine is quite well, I enjoy being here, the problem is there are lots and lots of people everywhere. This fact makes me very nervous, especially when I dont find a place to park my car!!! Today it is a hot day, but it is cloudy, so I dont feel like going to the beach. I prefer having a walk or being here at the bar surfing the net. also, as every Tuesday, there is a street market, there are lots of shops at the street where we can buy clothes, shoes, bags, fruits, species, furniture...It is great, I have gone there with my mum and she has bought a pair of red high heeled shoes for me just for 6 euros! My mum is the best at bargaining! I am often shy to bargain with tenders, so whenever I want to buy something I tell my mum to come with me! Do you like street shops? what do you usually buy at them? About nurse's salaries, to tell the truth, I have no idea, but I think it must be around 1500, not less and not much more. So in your country salaries are higher than here! do you

know the salary of teachers there?? I would like to travel all over the world, as many countries as possible. I would start by going to England again. I love visiting it, I would like to go to Ireland and Scotland. Then, I owuld go to France, Italy, Finland, Sweden...I am interested in going to India, I think it should be a wonderful place. What you say about French and Italian is right. They also come from Latin, so it is easy for us to understand it, well, not easy, but not so difficult. It is the same with Portuguese, we can understand it well. Apart from English I have studied French and German, I like them, but I am not able to communicate in them as well as in English. Maybe in the future I will study them more profoundly. I did also a course at University of Arab language and culture. It was just an introductory course to the language and culture and I loved it. I took the greatest mark, however, as i havent used it, I cannot remember it. I wish I could learn it in the future. Please, email me with what you need, I will be happy to help you. Again, dont talk about paying, please. Hope your email, Rosa, July 21, 2009

sami July 21st 2009 Hello nice Marina, How are you? I am happy that you write more, I love reading your writings, this last one about divorce was great as usual, I will give you my opinion about soon. I have some questions, maybe these are not nosy but silly questions, but I think they will help us know more about the others. Imagine you go to a desert island and you are allowed to go there just with one person: who would you choose? just one kind food to eat: which one? just a personal object to take: which one? which kind of clothes? how would you spend your time there? (you have lots of free time there!!) these are silly questions, I think, but I would like to read your answers. Marina, congratulations!!!! you have got that job you were waiting for. Enjoy as much as possible, and also learn as much as possible. Dont let the others think you know less than them because of your age, you are young but very intelligent and I am sure you can do

your job pretty well. I have no time to write more, moreover, there are a few mosquitoes here which are bitting me!!! It makes me nervous, so I will leave and continue writing to you soon. Kisses to my sweet friend. Rosa, July 21, 2009

Chan July 21st 2009 Advanced wishes for you Rosa becoming a lecturer and fulfilling your DREAM. It sounds great you love teaching. I do love teaching. Before coming to software, I worked as a lecturer in an Engineering college. I do love this profession. That?s why I have started a Communication development center in my hometown to serve people especially Engineers. I am an Indian. I have been living in southern part of India since I born. I love to be in my home. I used to play cricket. I am a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Hope you don?t know about him. Let me give a brief introduction about him. Sachin who is a best cricketer I have ever seen. Not only me there are billions of people who love sachin. People used to call him Master Blaster. I am interested very much in exploring many technologies to grow up. So Most of the times, I hang up myself in reading technical books. I am much interested in making friends. So you could find me most of the times online. To tell about my country, it is ranked as a second country in the world in terms of higher population. India is a place where you could find rich people less in numbers and a huge number of poor people. You can find hell lot of religions here in India. Though there are lots of religions, people maintain their unity. This is strength of India. I am very proud to be named as an Indian. Can you tell me about Spain? What is your hobby? Are you married? Regards, Chan

Chan July 21st 2009 hi benham, can i join with you guys to discuss why married people are getting divorce?

Cathy Li July 21st 2009 C ly 9 Dea Marina, ar Hap to know you fully e ppy w enjoy your fi day of w first working, and you are e energetic to doing ever rything. I ad dmire your strength. Te Tender Marin is full of passion an energy, I'm na f nd happ to see th ppy hat. Mar rina, I just w wonder wha makes you always th at hinking so m much. It's cle early to tell that l you are care m more not only for friend but for th world we live in. I us to escap from ly ds, he e sed pe answ wering big questions, c I though it's easy t tell but ha to hand However, I coz ht to ard dle. changed my ide with your endless ca and pas ea are ssion. I think you are ri k ight. We sho ould e the we d care more for t world w live in and try to find the rule it runs. In te erms of gett ting divorce Chinese A e, Academy of Social Scie f ences demog graphic exp perts rece ently released a report and pointed out that si d ince the late 1970s, Ch e hina's divorc rate ce continued to ris The divo se. orce rate in China is m much higher than that of the neighb f boring Japan and South Korea. W What's the re eason for th rising div he vorce rate, I personally think y that the rising d t divorce rate in China c at least in part, be attributed to spousal e can, t e inco ompatibility disparities in educati levels, c y, s ion changing social attitude and the es incr reasing upw ward mobilit of the you ty unger gener ration. At th same time, age for th first he he mar rriage has b been gradua postpon In old d ally ned. days, men w would get ma arried befor 28 re year old, and women did before 25 y rs years old. B nowaday men wou normally get But ys, uld y mar rried before 35 years old and wom did befo 30 years old. Of cou there are e men ore s urse a som exception Maybe th me ns. hat's kind of fact that th world de f he evelops so fa Most pe fast. eople have to struggl for how to survive th changing world, and getting ma le o he g d arried usual lly mea laying a burden on them. ans I did get mar dn't rried yet, th thing I ca he ared is one l life, one ma arriage. Sure marriag ely ge shou be estab uld blished in so basic e ome economic foundation, b more imp but portantly, a you as said it should b establish in a spir d, be hed ritual found dation. I'm looking for rward to sha aring more v views from you. Cat thy

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Dea Rosa, ar Tha anks a lot for your nice questions! I think you put me in a narrow corner, God help me h with this hard s h situation! (L LOOOOOO OOL).

Dea Rosa , a d ar desert island would be very boring , I can't ta who I want , but I th g ake hink who loves me , will come w me. o with I'd p prefer to tak fruits, an if one kin I would c ke nd nd, choose App because they are fu ples e ull vita amins and w give me the strength to stay ali :) :) will h ive! An o object, I'd ta a book f reading Maybe it s ake for g. should be about 10000 sheet (LOL). In 000 an i island , I ca write by a rock or a p an piece of wo on the sa and I can draw lot of ood and ts shap too. So then I can w pes write and re :). ead I'll w wear what w would prote me from sun beams and what w ect would make me feel com mfortable. I thi I would spend my time by cryin at what I had in my home ink ng (LO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOL or maybe I'll try to b L), e build a boat to t retu home :) , but then I should hav a knife, ca I take an urn ve an nother objec ?? :) ct Dea Rosa, you questions aren't silly at all, they are a bit tr ar ur s y y ricky. You w wanted to kn now lots of things li love and interests because all p ike d people choo what the love and need in ose ey hard circumsta d ances. But I think I'm ve clear Ro you don need suc questions to ery osa, n't ch s know me :). In f fact, I'll nev go to a d ver desert islan it's not m nature to live alone. I nd, my o e e, will enough. I st trongly beli ieve that always need lots of people around me a person w not be e d ted beings to liv with each other. Liv ve h ving alone w one per with rson God have creat human b will make both of us a bit c l crazy. :) on the other h n hand, I can't live with o object, I should t one have at least 3 things " a t tent, an umb brella and a very great and comfor t rtable pillow too w" OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO :) :) :). OL) (LO Any yway, thank you. It was really inter s resting to answer them Please wr your ow m. rite wn answ to you questions. And please be kind en wers ur nough and w write about " divorce" , we will make a ric conversat l ch tion then. Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Dea Chan, ar Tha you for w ank writing in th place. It would be v his t very nice of you to shar us our top f re pics. Beh hnam is not here thses d days, he wil come very soon(God willing)let' hope to se him ll y 's ee toda or maybe tomorrow. Anyway, Y are welcomed to w ay e You write about w whatever yo like. ou Plea write ab ase bout divorce , and let's know your opinion. e anks again. Tha Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Dea Mohsen, ar How are you ou Iranian friend??? a Where a you??? I hope your absence be w ur f and are r ecause of so omething go in your job and fam ood r mily. Plea be kind enough and write something in th thread. W are miss ase d his We sing your se erious topi and disc ics cussions. I rea hope to hear from you very so ally o oon. Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina. 248 8

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Dea Andrew, ar How are you ou Russian f w ur friend??? H is it go How oing??? I ho everythi is going well ope ing g with you, your wife and yo children h our n. I kn now, and eve erybody kno that An ows ndrew is an especial person who ca always make us an m smil in hard situations. le Wou you plea let us kn the seco side fro Andrew? would y please s uld ase now ond om ??? you share us o topic " d our divorce" ?? would you please writ something about you own expe te g ur eriance in marriage an how could you contin to this m m nd d nue moment wit your nice wife??? th e Dea Andrew , I hope you will be with your wife f ar h forever and to stay hap and hea d ppy althy with her. :) h I rea hope to read your writing very soon. ally o ry Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9

Hi V Veronica, anks for you nice reply It was fro your kind ur y. om dness to wri to me. ite Tha Veronica , it se eems you rea my writi ad ings careles :( , I FIN ssly NISHED M STUDY LAST MY L AR. YEA :) :) It's a permanen job God w nt willing. To this moment I don't kno exactly w t ow what I will do, but d it se eems it's som mething har I hope I' like it. rd. 'll Dea Veronica, you are m ar married too ( like Mohse and Andr en rew), and it seems from your t m writ ting , that yo had som problems with your h ou me husband. So for bein nosy , bu you orry ng ut have written it to me befor Would yo please te us how c re. ou ell could you sta with you ay ur husb band to this moment?? Would yo please tell us your se s ?? ou ecret ??:) :) ) My dear Veron nica, I hope you'll conti inue your lif with your husband , and I hope you'll fe r be happy with h forever God give y the great happines for both o you. h him r, you ss of ase o Plea write to me soon. Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Goo evening B od Behnam, Ho are you my absent d ow dear friend??:) :) I'm writing now to let you know that I missed y so muc I hope to see you be w I've you ch. o etween very very soon. us v Hav a nice da and stay happy and h ve ay h healthy. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 21st 2009 M ly 9 Hel Maryam, llo , How are you m dear frien w my nd??? How is the life w you?? h do you spend your time w with how u r thes days??? I hope you a fine, ok and enjo your life with your fa se are kay oy family and friends. fr It's so nice to fe that you put everyth feel u hing behind your back and continu your lov d ued vely life. But to prov this fact :) you should write mo for us. P ve ore Please be alw ways here and a re opics. I've w written some ething about " getting d t divorce" and other side topics d e shar us our top

, of course you'll make our discussion more valua by you own opini f r n able ur ion. I strong gly beli ieve that the magic of a discussi is having different i e any ion g ideas and op pinions. I ho to read m ope more from y soon. you Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Chan July 22 2009 C 2nd Man thanks fo acknowle ny or edging me. T That?s very kind of you and it?s m pleasure to y u my scri ibble someth hing here al long with yo all. ou Let me come to the topic, a far as I a concerne divorces are happen o as am ed ning when the gap t betw ween the couples are ke on build eep ding. Now m question is why did they give a room my n to build that ga Instead they would have talked with each other and m b ap? d d might get ri of id that gap betwee them. I g t en guess people who marr after lov e ried ving each o other are mo ostly app plying for divorces. Why is it happe y ening? Are they loved t truly? I don think so, if they n?t , love truly, thin may not end up in divorce. Bef ed ngs efore marryi to some ing eone, a person shou think fro many as uld om spects such as characte lovable, beautiful, a cared et er, and tc... Fina he/she does ensure that they h ally e have made a right choi ice. As t there is a sa aying in Eng glish ?Marr riages are d decided in H Heaven? and marriage is the d mos important thing in on st t ne?s life. So before mar o rrying some one, I requ all to th e uest hink twic or thrice to make a p ce perfect choi in order to avoid di ice ivorces in fe eature.

mortaza.abta July 22nd 2009 m a d Dea friends, ar Bec cause, durin my trip, I was away f ng from the Int ternet, I cou not be in contact with you uld n for the last 10 d days. Now I am back a I will try to write re and y egularly! Her I would l to quote a MATH j re, like e joke from "http tp://www.ma ath.ualberta a.ca/~runde e/jokes.html l" Q: W What is the most erotic number? c A: 2110593! 2 Q: W Why? A: When 2 are 1 and don't pay at10tio they'll k W t on, know within 5 weeks wh hether or no after ot, 9 months, they' be 3... 'll od Goo luck

mortaza July 22, 2009

kami99 July 22nd 2009 To Marina It seems that you are an arab also,because you did understand my previous message well.I'm sorry for disturbance. It looked so funny, don't panic. I'm elder than you,I'm in 40s of age.when we get old we view things alot difference than we do when we are younger.I didn't mean to make fun of you, because i know what it feels like to be joked by others. In your reply in return, the begining and the end of the mesaage were so kind, but in the middle of the message you were offensive. Anyhow, you are an arabian lady, there is an arabian saying" intimate friendship comes after enemity" Hope we could be friends later on,i'm always busy with work, i don't have enough time to write constantly in this thread. As a married man with 3 kids, I will wrtie to you about your current topic "devorce" to give you some tips to make it happy relationship, tips from my past experience regarding the married life. wish you all the best, without hard feelings KAMI Amman-Jordan

Chan July 22nd 2009 hi marina, can you say something about your likes and dislikes? what is your take on divorce? are you agree with whatever i said? if not, please tell a reason. hope to read from you soon. take care.

Veronicaho July 22nd 2009 Hi Marina! Thanks a lot for your answer! Sorry a million times because I missed that you finish your studies! Maybe I was

careless!! Sorry again and it will never happen again. Please forgive me. One of the reason why I want to improve my english is to move away the missunderstandings what happen when Im not abel to speak good enough english! You are not nosy! I really like your nosely, honesty and frankly way you are asking me when you wondering something about me. That is just what a real friend will do, not just thinking! Thanks! And in the same way I will answering you. I thought you thinking about my writings to you when I wrote " I have been marriage 28 years and have a lot of experians from it, sometimes peace and sometimes war" That is tru! But I living in a very lucky marriage with a husband I love a lot! And I dont want to change him!!! :) :) Oh my God if I could explain this for you in my language! But I will try. We meet each other when I was 17 and he 18 years. So young and childish! Really fast I was pregnent (!) in the same time when I was studied to be a nurse. But we loved each other and we had the same target (?, Im not sure about the word) We wanted to fix it together! It was a hard time. Just a small apartment, studies, no money, no "teenagelife" as everybody else of our friends and both very childish, and a BABY! But we both wanted to take responsibility to this and made it in the best way we could. Ofcoures our parents helped us a lot. Our marriage have gone up and down and thats normal. No marriage are like roses everytime! Many times when it was down we could had leave each other and taked an other way. Example when our kids was small and it was a hard time and not so much sleeptime, no money at all, or when our daughter was teenage and we had different opinions about how to educated her or when my husband worked a lot in Spain and I was alone home. Then we had war-time! In that time it was easy to start a argue with each other. But we always talked about our problems and what feelings we had and then we tried to solve them and make it to the best. And I think this is a good way to have a nice marriage. And through problems, up and downperiods couples growing and being stronger! An other thing we doing is to let each other to be that person you was before you marriage. We make a lot together but sometimes you need to do somting just you and some friend as example. So you are not ONLY a wife and mam or a husband and papa. As everybody know I love to travel and I want to go sometimes to Stockholm, London or Copenhagen for few days. But my husband travel so much at his work so he dont like it. And he hate shopping. So sometimes me and a friend of mine do it together. The lastest travel I done to London was with a friend in june. Very nice. We was to Madame Tusseauds, London eye, saw a musical and shopping. Just 4 days! And to do this gives me a lot of energy and good feelings. Next time my husband go for ischockeytravel somewhere as I dont like.

I thi its very importent to give each other respe and space. And alw ink t h ect ways give the truth, be honest and n h never lie. An to under nd rstand that m marriage is a hard wor to make rk toge ether. Abo why man people di out ny ivorse so ea I thinkin they dont give enoug respect to each asy ng t gh o othe they take it so easy to leave the marriag and they dont trying to fix it. In Nordic er, e ems ge g area it is so usu with div a ual vorse. I think 40-50% d it. They c do change them partners and ms soon they have a new fami and child Everythi should b so easy t n ily ds. ing be today. Nothing is enough for peo oples today, everybody wants more and more. Nobody wa hard w e ants work, n rriage! even in the mar Now I really ho that you understan what I me w ope u nd eaning Mar rina! :) :) :) And if you even now have some more obsc w e curitys, plea let me kno as ow! Plea let me h ase hear from yo as soon a you have possibility! ou as e Hav a nice da / Veronic ve ay! ca

Marina1 July 22nd 2009 M ly Dea friends, ar It's an email fro " www.d om dailywriting gtips.com " , I've found it really us d seful. I hope you'll e oy enjo it. sted: 13 Jul 2009 06:00 PM PDT 0 Pos Two readers wonder abou the practi of using nouns as if they were v o ut ice f verbs. Nan wonder if journal is acceptable. nerl rs led Mar rilyn writes: My colleagues, at a reputa academ institutio all use t word "a able mic on, the action" as a verb, such as: "we m action t h must these items" and "befor these item can be actioned."Th " re ms his driv me crazy because I'm sure 'act ves y tion' does no have a ve connota ot erb ation, but the word e is us so frequ sed uently with this connota ation that I am no long sure. ger I?d guess that w all have our lists of "verbed" n we f nouns we ha to hear o read. We may ate or e not, however, a agree as to which ar abominations and w all re which are no ot.

Some examples from the web: 1. Clause said all three girls were initially conscious at the scene. Swanson and Zeien were flighted to the Milwaukee Area Medical Complex. (An arrow may be flighted with feathers, but injured people in a helicopter are being flown to a hospital.) 2. How many People Were Impacted? and How Severely? (What's wrong with affected?) 3. Federalist Papers Authored by Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton was the author. He wrote the document.) The capacity of English for turning nouns into verbs is both its glory and its bane. This line from Richard II shows how Shakespeare managed to "verb" even such a noun as uncle: Henry IV: My gracious uncle? Edmund of Langley: Tut, tut! ?Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle:?I am no traitor?s uncle; As long ago as 1870 Henry Alford noted that the tendency to use nouns as verbs is so much a part of the nature of English speakers that it?s futile to rail against it: I do not see that we can object to this tendency in general, seeing that it has grown with the growth of our language, and under due regulation is one of the most obvious means of enriching it. Verbs thus formed will carry themselves into use, in spite of the protests of the purists. -The Queen's English. In Alford's day people were objecting to the use of experience as a verb. As for journaled and actioned, I think the first is possibly OK while the second is abominable. Sometimes a "verbed" noun fills a void, but too often it is the lazy expedient of a thoughtless writer. The best course of action I can suggest is to take the trouble to consider appropriate verbs that already exist before taking a noun that has not previously been used as anything but a noun and turning it into a verb. In deciding whether or not to use one of these fairly recent coinages, consider your own sense of aesthetics. If you feel that the word is ugly, don?t encourage the spread of it by using it. What can we call this tendency to use nouns as if they were verbs?

How about ant w thimeria? Th we can anthimeria this term a warn pe Then a and eople agains st anth himeriaing n nouns! In r rhetoric, ant thimeria, tra aditionally and more p properly cal antimer (from the lled ria e Gre ????, a �, "agai eek: ant inst, opposit and ??? te" ???, m�ros "part"), is the use of a word s, s as if it were a m f member of a different w word class (p of spee (part ech); typica ally, the use of a nou as if it we a verb. un ere Her are some rants and o re observations you may e enjoy: iting, Clear and Simple e Wri Kat Schenck thy k The Grammar Curmudgeo e on Judy Muller dy imp as a ver pact rb

anks for read ding. Tha Mar rina. 249 9

Marina1 July 22nd 2009 M ly Dea Clare, ar May I know the reason o your abse ybe of ence. And I respect it. B please , if you don't mind But , wo ould you giv me your o ve opinion abo my writi and my E out ing English??? do you thin it ? nk beco omes better r??have I m made a good progress on it?? d I ho you are reading my writing , and I'd be ve grateful to know yo opinion. ope y a ery l our I'm very much l looking forw ward to hea aring from y very soo you on. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 22nd 2009 M ly Dea Kami, ar Tha anks a lot for your writi and reply. ing

Kam I unders mi, stood what y wrote about Indian movies, be you n ecause in Ar world " Arabic rab , Ind dian and Am merican " m movies have got differen meaning. So it was v nt very easy to know wha you mean at nt. I wa asn't upset t that you " m made fun of m " becaus I don't ca about others' opini me se are ions as long as I know what I wan and what I'm doing. B , I got u g nt But upset becaus you are a Arab se an , an I like to see all Arab have Arab manners. nd I'm not an enem for anyb my body, I hope so. You are welcomed as I said before, pleas feel e e d se free and write a e about whate ever you wa ant. I ho to read m ope more from y you. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 22nd 2009 M ly Dea friends( C ar Cathy, Chan and Veron n nica), Tha anks a millio for your wonderful w on writings. Yo really ma me very happy , dif ou ade y fferent peop with diff ple fferent ideas , but at las all of us a thinking in a good w s st are g way. The is an amazing sente ere ence , our friend Cathy wrote it , it as I reme t's ember " one life, e one marriage" , it's very meaningful , we should think about it deeply. T m t Thank you C Cathy , I thi you wro about the main idea ink ote e a. Our new friend chan gave us a second thought , and I agree with her op r d e d e pinion , she is e abso olutely righ Love is not everythin we shou think abo lots of o ht. ng, uld out other things to mak the marri ke iage everlas sting. ar nd movie , I don't know ex xactly Dea Veronica, your own story remin me of an American m wha it's name. but I think your feeling about lots of things i your life m at k s in make your mar rriage conti inue , even if you were very young and your h husband too. Congratul lation Veronica! I thin lots of pe nk eople will le earn lots of things from your story f m y. ar hank you fo sharing me your opin or m nions and id deas , your writings wa so as Dea friends, th beautiful. I'll w write somet thing very so for all o you. Forg me if I didn't write separately but oon of give e y, I'm a bit nervou today, I d us don't know why. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 22nd 2009 M ly Dea friends, ar Plea write th short stor I found it in interne I think it' very mean ase his ry. i et. 's ningful. One day, there was a blind man sittin on the ste of a buil e d ng eps lding with a hat by his feet f and a sign that read: "I am blind, please help." A creative p d t m publicist was walking by him s and stopped to observe he only had a few coins i his hat, he dropped a few more coins in d e in his h and with hat thout asking for his per g rmission too the sign, turned it ar ok round, and wrote w ano other announ ncement. H placed the sign by the blind man feet and left. That He e n's afte ernoon the c creative pub blicist return by the b ned blind man a noticed that his hat was and t full of coins and bills. The blind man recognized his footstep and aske if it was him who e d ps ed h had re-written his sign and he wanted to know w d d d what he wrot on it. The publicist te e resp ponded, "No othing that w not true I just rew was e, wrote your s sign differen ntly." He sm miled and went on his way. The blind man n d s never knew but his new sign read: "Today is spring w s and I cannot se it." d ee

Mar rina.

Marina1 July 22nd 2009 M ly plea read* :) ase )

ahmad safar July 23rd 2009 a rz d Hi M Marina Im a ahmad and Im new in t thread. My age is 3 old and m english i not good. I hope this 33 my is . you and your fr friend in this thread can help me. Y s n Your writing is very goo and i enj g od joy whe you write en e. I ho to read m ope more from y you.

Veronicaho J 23rd 2 V July 2009 Hi m new frien Rosa! my nd Tha anks a lot for your answ and sorr Im late! I dont have any excuse for it. I can wer ry e nt blam me(?) my gr randchild th time! his But I had a har work yesterday to ex rd xplain for M Marina what I meaned w "war-time t with h nd". hink ad nd ve oblem with my with my husban :) :) I th she ha understan that I hav some pro

husband. Have you readed it? How do you understand it? But I really hope she understand now :) Missunderstandings are results when a person cant speak english enough. How much more have everybody missunderstunded? I dare not think about it! :) Im still at my summerhouse and enjoying days and the sun. We have had very nice weather here. I hope even you have nice at your parents summerhouse. The markets you talked about, we dont have it here!!! :( :( There is just very small with nothing to buy. But I have visit markets in many countries and I love them. It is so nice to walk there and looking to find some bargain(?). Even if you need nothing you always will find something! When I been in London we was to Portobello Road, a small road whith markets and small shops. Have you been there when you was in London? And ofcours I shopped! I often buing small things, shoes, bags, cd's, tins of tea and things like that. I can recommend you to visit nightmarkets in Bangkok! They always have it in full moon time. I have never seen anything like it! So big! I think arean was 1 km x 1 km. Clouds, shoes, guns, foods, massage, beerbars, bags...yes everything you needs. And a million ! peoples, everybody smiling. And it is open from 8 in the evening untill I think 2 o'clock in the night. My mam is a teather and have pupils in nine-year compulsory shool. The pupils are 7 16 years. She told me Finland and Sweden have not so high salary as Denmark and Norweig have. But maybe doesent matter because there is more expencive and they have high tax to pay. She said that a new teatcher get 36000 e /year in the same classes she have. And a little bit more when work with teenage. In small class its not so many hours/week as it is in higher classes. She also told me that a teacher in high shool have around 43-45000 e / year. For both this is that for every year you work, you get extra money. You even have 3 weeks free in Christmas, 1 week in february, 1 week at easter, 3 months at summer and 1 week in october free with full salary. Tax in Finland is around 22 - 26% for a normal salary like this. Mayby you start reading swedish and coming here for job? :) :) For teachers here is a lots of work! What is tax in Spain? I think it is lower? But it is difficult to compare the salaries of various countries. You have to take cost of living into consideration. Now to the questions! What do you think about EU? Is it good or bad? What is good and what no good? Have a nice day / Veronica

Ds, I havent sent an e-maj yet but I w do it as soon as pos jl will ssible!

metzean July 23rd 2009 m y 9 Dea Marina, ar Afte a long de I opened the Behna er elay am's room , oh my God how many pages had been d, y d cove ered and ne friends , it was wode ew erful to read all of them was like a book and took d m,it e me o month r one read all of t them. but I try it. t I ho evrythin have gone overwell for you. ope ng f As I told you I took a trip to north of I t Iran by my car .I traveled through Tehran ,th town h he of Bahnam and Sari ,the to of Mary , then s B d own ryam stopped in B Babolsar fo 5 days in a or sum mmer house which was overlooked to the Casp d pian sea . it was really a time for m to t me swim in the sea I managed to swim at early mor m a. d a rnings and the nights be t ecause the b beach was not very cr s rowded and also not le the sun ray harmed m skin. It w 7 days p d et ay my was passed of my traveling to the nort of Iran which I called my boss and asking h to let me m g th a him m exte my jour end rney for 3 m more days. H did not le me down ,but as usua he shoute from He et al ed othe side of ph er hone, "You know how m many job ha been dro ave opped behin Are you crazy , nd, u who spends his money in t rerrible hot weathe for such a traveling" and many other o s this e er " advices. I told h that he was clearly right and I try not to repeat it ag him y gain. Finally he y epted my re equest and I continue m journey . I departed from Babol my lsar to Mas shad on acce last Friday and stayed the for 3 day Finally a t d ere ys. after a 10 da trip whi I travele ays ich ed abo 3000 km and passed through m out d many cities, m mountains, f forests, and deserts , I came d back home. en office I faced with a ma of jobs w d ass which I desp perately got busy t Whe I came back to my of with It was a la h. aborious jo that I should cope w them . I hope to fin more free time obs with nd e to write in near future . w r B.W Wishes , Moh hsen

mary July 23 2009 m 3rd Hi C Cathy, Tha you so m ank much for you kindness I've really enjoyed re ur s. y eading your writing, de ear. I'm happy that y liked th white dre I think w can wea the shoes which are the you he ess. we ar t sam color as o umbrell What do you think? me our las. o ?

You truly described the party well. I can imagine it easily, even our friend Behnam who is seriously sticking to his chair. :) I like your idea for the first and second rounds very much. I am sure we enjoy it a lot. And for the third round, I'm thinking of making a big circle and hold each other hands and sing a song together and at the same time move our body slowly. Now what is your idea? You always make me happy with your kind smile. So please, keep smiling, dear. See you soon in the party. Have good times, Maryam

mary July 23rd 2009 Hi Andrew, How are you? I hope you feel great and enjoy your life the best. It's ok with me. Sometimes we don't have time or we are not in the mood to write, so feel free. But could you please answer my e-mail with an e-mail? I mean when you write here about my e-mail, I feel confused. Thank you in advance. You can't say, "Others do that, so I do." It's not a good excuse. And I'm worried about my friend, Andrew, and his family, so please try to overcome that habit soon. Nowadays, if I have time, I read books. I'm looking for something. And I'm not in the mood of watching movies, but sometimes, I watch for about 30 minutes. I just want not to forget listening skill. What about you? Do you watch movies? What was the last one? Send my best regards to dear Kati. Best wishes, Maryam 250

mary July 23rd 2009 Hi Rosa, Thank you for your warm and kind words. Thank you for your friendship. You are completely right. We will enjoy the party the best. I love your dress. I think it's colorful. Am I right? Thank you for teaching me how to dance "flamenco?" I really like to dance it. Pleasure is all mine for having such a good friend. In Iran, every region has its own song and dance. I come from Sari which is in Mazandaran Province, so my typical dance is called "Mazandarani." If you like, I will show you how to dance it. It's easy and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Of course, I'm not very good at it. I'm busy, because I live in another city alone and I should do everything myself. I work as a seller in a company which produces wooden furniture. Of course, I'm not standing behind a counter and talking with customers. Most of our customers are building makers. When they build their buildings and want to design inside them and buy some furniture or cabinet, they call us and we(a seller, a designer and an installer) go to the place and start our job. Of course, I work in the part which sells office furniture and partition. I like it and sometimes enjoy it a lot, but it's not my favorite. I love to be a researcher or a librarian. By the way, I'm really happy that you have started your dream job. Congratulations! Good luck, dear Rosa. All the best, Maryam P.S. Thank you so much for congratulating us for the holy day.

mary July 23rd 2009 Hi Marina, I'm so happy that you found the job. Congratulations! I hope you be successful and enjoy doing it, dear. I'm busy with the same things as before and as I wrote I don't have much time during the week. It takes about one hour to go to work and the same time for coming back. Nowadays, I'm looking for a place, something like a dormitory, for living. I want to leave my cousin's home. I like to read my friends' writings everyday and write to them at that time, but I can't. You

know that I did it before(when I was at home in Sari.) I don't want to promise, but I try my best to write more. Thank you, dear Marina, for trying to keep this place alive and active. Thank you for your affection and kindness. I've read your writing about divorce. I agree with you up to a point. I will write about this topic today, but later. Best of luck, Maryam

mary July 23rd 2009 Dear Veronica Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thought with us. It is truly great. I've really enjoyed reading it. I agree with you in many cases, especially about talking about problems and feelings. The other thing that you have mentioned is acceptance. It's the thing that our friend, Behnam, talked about before. Even about taking everything easy and not to try to fix their relationships. I don't want to rewrite your words again. I just want to show you that I really enjoyed it. Thank you, indeed. I hope you share your experience with us more. All the best, Maryam

Chan July 23rd 2009 Hi marina. i think you are mistaken. i am not a girl. i am boy and 23 years old. may be my name sounds you that i am a girl. but it is not true. thanks a million for reading my take on divorce. i wonder if you could tell something about you. BR CHan

Chan July 23 2009 C 3rd Hi m marina, i ha read you post about the blind man. it's aw ave ur d wesome. it t tells us we have to h be creative to s c succeed in whatever we are doing. and not on that we h w e . nly have to thin nk diffe ferently but t that differen ntial thinkin should m everyon expecta ng meet ne's ations.

Marina1 July 23rd 2009 M ly 9 Hi A Ahmad, Tha anks a lot for putting a message in this thread It was very nice of yo to join us All of d. ry ou s. us a trying to make a go progress in our Eng are o ood s glish skills. Please writ and talk about te a wha atever you w want. All your writings and comme are welc ent comed! Wou you plea introduc yourself ( country, w uld ase ce work,...)? I ho to read f ope from you so oon. Mar rina.

mary July 23 2009 m 3rd "Ma Reasons for Getting Divorce" ain s g The are facto which m lead to d ere ors may divorce. Som of them are as follo me ows, -We eakness or l lack of comm munication Par rtners can kn each other and be aware of e now e each other's feelings, th houghts, nee eds, expe ectations, d desires and h hopes by talking. It cre eates sincerity. With hout talking and a good communic g cation their small prob r blems chang into big ones. ge o Whi talking h them so their pr ile help olve roblems pro operly. If th don't tal their par hey lk, rtners don't know what is happenin with them and it cre ng m eates dist tance between them. Also it should be mentioned that in a good conve o, ersation, bo partners should talk It's oth s k. not good that a person talk and neve wants to l ks er listen to his/ s/her partne Actually, they er. uld shou respect each other's rights. -Lac of suitab reasons f marriag ck ble for ge Foll lowing reas sons are not enough for a successf marriage t r ful e, A de esire for having childre en Lov ving someon ne Mon matters ney s Bein tired of l ng loneliness Beli ieving that h he/she is the only one w e whom you c marry can

Believing that you can change your partner by being kind towards him/her . . . They show that such a person doesn't know the real meaning and the goal for marriage. -Weakness or lack of commitment to marriage -Alcohol addiction or drug addiction It prevents marital bliss, because it changes behavior patterns of such a person. So it affects their relationships. Also their partner may feel unsafe. -Sexual problems Some partners don't satisfy their sexual relationships and it may lead to disloyalty. -Differences in personal and career goals A good partner accompany with his/her partner and help him/her reach their goals. -Intellectual incompatibility and inflexibility -Change in priorities For example, when a child is born, they become busier and it causes they don't care each other the same as before and day by day, it will create distance between them. While they should remember that they have this gift because of their partner's presence.

Usually after facing some problems, we think, we cannot be good partners for each other and come to the decision about getting divorce. Actually we're looking for quick solutions, but the simplest way is not always the best one. Sometimes we should sacrifice to keep our marriage going. We should be patient and forgiving. Also we should be aware of the differences between men and women and accept them and respect each other. The most important thing is, it's a mutual relationship, so both of us should work on the relationship and we should remember that for having a successful marriage which lasts forever we should work on for the lifetime.

Thank you, friends, for reading. And sorry for such a long and boring writing. I'm looking forward to read your ideas. Have good times, Maryam

mary July 23rd 2009 Dear friends, I hope all of you are fine and enjoy every minute of your life. Today, I've read something in a magazine which I thought you may like it. I hope so. the title is, "Sometimes look at the sky" God! Thank you for all blessings which you have given me. Thank you for al sunny and all cloudy and rainy days. Thank you for peaceful sunset and also dark and long nights. Thank you for health and sickness, for sadness and happiness which you have given me. Thank you for all the things which you lent me for some time and then you took them back. God! Thank you for all kind smiles, helpful hands, and all love, affection and wonderful things which I have received. Thank you for all flowers and stars, for children and dears who love me. God! Thank you for my loneliness, my job, problems, all doubts and tears, because all of them make me close to you. God! Thank you for continuation of my life, for having a shelter, for food and providing all my needs. God! I want the one which you want for me and I just want from you. God! Give me that much faith to see you and your willing in every thing and situation which you put me through. That much hope and courage which I don't feel hopeless. And that much love and kindness, everyday more than the previous day, love towards you and the people who are around me. God! Give me patience, humility, yielding and satisfaction. God! Give me a obedient heart, hearing ears, conscious mind and powerful hands to surrender to your satisfaction and accept what you wanted for me by heart and soul. God! Give all my dears blessing and prosperity and govern peace, friendship and calmness in people's hearts.

Yours, Maryam

Clare July 24th 2009 Hi Marina Sorry for not replying earlier to your post. I don't check this forum as often as the other one, and whenever I come to this particular thread, there are always pages and pages of new posts! You asked me if I think your English is improving. I wanted to say "yes"! In fact, the level of English on this thread is extremely high. The writing is fluent, expressive (interesting images) and clear. Writing in a clear way is one of the most important aspects of effective communication in my opinion, as it means there is less chance of misunderstandings. People on this forum are very careful to write in such a way that others are not confused or offended. Best wishes Clare -Clare, english-at-home.com

Niloofar71 July 24th 2009 Hi there! I am a high school student and i am trying to improve my English and luckily i think that I've found the right place:D Please help me with this. 251 « Previous Next»

mary July 24th 2009 Dear Niloofar Welcome to this thread. It's so nice that we have another friend here.

Actually, we are all here to improve our English and learn something through our friendship. By the way, we have a party. I think you came here at the right time. Would you please join us at the party? (If you read past writtings, you will know about the party.) Feel free and write about what you like. I look forward to reading from you. Best regards, Maryam

mary July 24th 2009 Dear friends, I just want to say that there are some gramatical mistakes in my previous writing. I hope you forgive me with your highness. Best regards, Maryam

Mai July 24th 2009 Hello everybody! My name's Mai.I'm a student.I live in an area of Viet Nam called Buon Ma Thuot,a highland.My English is very poor...Uhm...So, i was daunted by the thought of addressing you...I hope that being talked to you that... help me learn English better and better^ ^. Write to me soon!^ ^ Bye bye

Niloofar71 July 24th 2009 Thank you Maryam for your quick reply.I thought that this is an expired thread and nobody is going to answer to me.fortunately i was wrong. And about the party,would you explain it more??? cuz the number of posts is too much and i dont know were to read about this party thing. Thank you!!:X

Niloofar71 July 24th 2009 Oh I think i got it.It is a kind of virtual party,isnt it??? I would like to join you people:D

Niloofar71 July 24th 2009 By the way I was just taking a glance at the posts in this thread and I realized that you,behnam,chathy,Marina and some others [if I'm right]are the most active members here. Would you mind introducing yourselves a bit??? And please let me know if my writtings make you bored.

Mai July 24th 2009 Hi Niloofar! At present, you are the most active new member^ ^

Niloofar71 July 24th 2009 So what am I supposed to do???:D

Nguyen Thi T July 24th 2009 Hi Rosa, (I'm so sorry to reply without being allowed by the owner-Beham) It's been a week since I came here. As you thought, I'm actually a member of this site, I've been here for a year. I found it useful for my Eng writing skill. And moreover, the friends here help me to solve my problem, to share thoughts, to compliment when I achieve success in my school life, to give advice when I'm exhausted and so on. I do believe you enjoy being here too much. I wanna thank you once again for your lovely reply to me. How is everything thesedays? Are you enjoying your life every moment? Ah ha, to me, I think life is so interesting when we've got a lot of things to do, and to hope, exactly, I call it aspiration. I was so happy to receive reply from you. Have a nice day, Rosa! Thi Nguyen Friday July 24th 09

Mai July 24th 2009 =) you just smile and make friend with me,Niloofar^^ 252

Mai July 24th 2009 Hello Nguyen Thi! Great!you are Vietnamese!

Mai July 24th 2009 At least,you are my compatriotism,Nguyen Thi^^.uhm...can i make friend with you?

mary July 24th 2009 Hi Niloofar, Thank you for your writings. If other friends don't write, it means that they are busy and I hope they are busy with good things. You're right about the party. Welcome to the party. So could you please tell us about the dress which you want to wear and the color of your umbrella? (you can read Cathy's writing to me, then you will understand about the party more.) I never get bored with your writings. Feel free and write whenever you want, but just remember that I usually write here on weekrnds. It means that I may answer you next week, but please don't think that I forget to answer. I'm about 28. I graduated in Physics and now I work as a seller. I come from Sari, but now I live in Tehran. What is your subject? Do you like to go to University? By the way, your English is good. Do you take part in any classes? I hope to read more from you.

Best wishes, Maryam

mary July 24th 2009 Dear Mai, I'm glad that you have joined us. Here, we help each other with our English and share our feelings and thoughts together. You are welcomed and you can write whatever you like and share your opinion with us. Also you can write about your country and culture. I really like to know about it. I look forward to reading from you. Best regards, Maryam

sami July 24th 2009 Hello Andrew Thanks for addressing to me in your writing. I have no problem with your age (by the way, I don?t know it), I am here to share my ideas with all of you, so you can write to me whenever you want to. Life shouldn?t be so serious, I consider fun and jokes are part of life and all like laughing and having fun, so your jokes are welcomed. There is just one problem with me, I cannot understand your jokes, it is maybe due to the cultural gap between you and me, and also my English. I will try to understand your next joke. :) Rosa, July 24, 2009.

sami July 24th 2009 Hello Cathy I have enjoyed a lot reading your writing to me. Your way of writing is nice, maybe I am wrong, but it makes me feel Cathy as a delicate girl, nice and kind to all people. When I imagine you, you are always smiling, so it is always nice to talk to you.

Your field of study is connected to mine. I have always been involved in theories about teaching, all of them related to the psychology of children and adults. Moreover, your job is related to education, so here I find another similarity between you and me. I think your job is very useful to those students who want to study abroad and don?t know where to go, or what to do. Do you like your current job? This is what you wanted to do? Cathy! Many people consider sleeping as the elixir of beauty, so you must be a very beautiful girl ; ) I don?t use to sleep so much, I sleep around 8 hours at night, and I don?t sleep ?siesta? (a short sleep in the afternoon, after having lunch) because I like to be active. I think the time you sleep is time you are not living, experimenting new things, emotions, etc. However I know there are lots of people who like sleeping, I just can say : good for you! The more you sleep, the more beautiful you are! About me?I don?t know whether you have read or not, I am an English teacher, I have been working as private teacher and at an academy teaching adults. However, it is not regular and not well paid, so I have been studying for an exam proposed each two years by the Spanish State. After having passed it I have got a job at a public school as an English teacher for the rest of my life. It is now, at 28, when my life begins. I have always been busy studying and now, with this job, I will have lots of time to enjoy life. I really hope so. Then, as well as you I love reading. Every night before sleeping I read some chapters of the book I am reading at that moment. At this moment I am reading a silly story, it is called ?The WAG?s diary? by Alison Kervin. It is a funny book, written by a woman who is married to a famous footballer. She writes a diary to help other women how to behave as a WAG (Wife and Girlfriend of footballers). It is maybe a silly book, but I really enjoy reading it, it makes me laugh. There is a kind of comparison of the life of the protagonist and her husband to the life of Victoria and David Beckham. I have to say I am not interested in football nor in footballers, but it is a funny book, that?s why I am reading it. Apart from reading I love going to the beach, having fun with my friends, walking, practicing some sport like swimming, aerobics, cycling? Tell me Cathy, what is the best book you have ever read? What is the best film? I hope to read from you soon. Rosa, July 24, 2009 PS: Im happy you like my name, in fact, Rosa is the same word for the rose flower in Spanish, as well as that of colour pink!

sami July 24th 2009 Hello Chan How is it going? Thank you very much for your wishes towards me. It is nice to see you also like teaching. After reading many people?s writings I realize all of us have something in common to one another, this is maybe what makes us be interested in reading the writings of all friends here. Would you like to teach again? I think teaching engineers is a very hard work, I personally think I wouldn?t be able to do it. For me, all engineers are very intelligent people. I live in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, most precisely in Huelva, it is called the ?city of light? due to sun light. It is a lovely place to live, lots of sun, light, good weather, better food, wonderful people? :) I wouldn?t stop writing good qualities of my city and country. Here, most of people are Christian, it is the predominant religion, although there are many people who consider themselves as atheist. I am a Christian, I do believe in God, although I don?t usually go to church. You are right, I know nothing about Sachin Tendulkar. In fact I know nothing about cricket too. Here in Spain people don?t play cricket, at least it is not famous. Famous sports in Spain are football, basket, tennis, car races?From all of them football is number one. I don?t know why people are so interested in football, mainly men. They stop their lives to watch a football match, they shout to footballers and insult the referee (poor my brother who is a referee)? Footballers are paid huge sums of money for just one football match. If you are a good player, you play just one match and you wont need to work for the rest of your life?I can bear it while there are lots of people dying of hunger and many people are committing suicide nowadays because of the economic crisis we are living in Spain?there are thinks I will never understand! My hobbies, as I have just written to Cathy are reading, going to the beach, practicing some sport, walking, having fun with friends? About your last question I have to say that I am not married, in fact I?m single. Ah Chan! Yesterday I watched in the news that there was going to be an eclipse, which couldn?t be seen in spain, but it was possible to see it in Asia. Have you seen it? Do you like to see eclipses? I hope to read more from you, Rosa, July 24, 2009.

sami July 24th 2009

Hello Marina How are you my friend? I hope you are enjoying your new job and every minute in your life. Please forgive me if I am late in answering, I have no excuse, I know, but as you know, I don?t have internet at home, moreover I have been receiving some news about my new place of work and it has kept me busy, and to tell the truth, not in the mood of writing. Please forgive me. I will have internet at home in September, I promise to write regularly. I have been thinking a lot about ?divorce? and the reason why couples decide to live separately after some time together. I have never been divorced ; ) So it is a little bit difficult for me to talk about it. However, I have some ideas, which maybe helpful to you. First of all, people here are free to marry whenever they want and with whom they want. I mean, marriage is something couples decide by themselves, there is no interest in any other thing rather than love. So the starting point for a couple to marry is love. Many couples spend lots of years together before they marry (2years, 3, 5, 8, 10, etc), during this time they check whether the person they are is the one they want to share the rest of their lives. If the answer to this is ?yes? they marry, if not they may break up and after a time, find another person? Well, imagine two people get marry after 5 years being together and after some years of marriage, they decide they want to divorce. What would be the reason? There may be lots of reasons for divorce, we can not say ?it is due to men, or it is due to women?. We should not say that. Sometimes a woman is the responsible for divorce and some other times it is the man. I know many people who have divorced from their couples, and I can say that the main reason among them (at least what they said) is that ?love is over?, ?we finished our relationship because there was no love any more?? Something like this. If when they married they were in love and they loved each other?what has happened to love after some years???? I think it is clear, in my opinion when two people are boyfriend and girlfriend they pay lots of attention to each other, they are interested in the other, they usually buy presents to each other?lots of things which makes the couple be happy together, and so love is alive. However, when people marry they stop paying so much attention to the other, what in my opinion should be just the contrary, I think it is even worse when children come, because the man may say the woman just pays attention to the child and doesn?t pay attention to him anymore?Maybe some men wants to find that care outside marriage and problems are bigger and bigger. Marina, all I want to say is that maybe one of reasons of divorce is that once they marry, people forget watering love (of course, love is like a plant you should have to take care and water it every day, if you stop watering it, it dies). I am not an experienced woman in terms of marriage and divorce, but what I say is just my opinion after what I have heard to many people. I don?t know whether I will marry some day or not, but Im sure I will never forget watering my love! ; )

I ha to finish now my de friend. I hope to rea your opin ave ear ad nion about this writing soon. g Onc again, for ce rgive me if I cannot co here eve ome eryday. Lots of kisses fo you Mar s for rina, Ros July 24, 2 sa, 2009

metzean July 24th 2009 m y 9 Dea Friends, ar The was a sc ere candal in Ge ermany, where one of t biggest c the crime in human history was y happ ppened and t state off the fficials in Ge ermany had not shown any reactio on it. Ima d on agine , if su a crime had been c uch committed in reverse by a Muslim in middle east ,they mi n y ight deci to destro ide oyed a natio the out cry in their media mak on, c king the nati accused of lack ion d of human rights and savag h ts gery ... I rea this artic which w publish in a lot of m ad cle was media, I expect my frien Mrs Clar dose nd re not consider it as a politic affair ,be cal ecause this is what was written in many newsp s papers n even in Britain. "On July 1, the 31-year-ol pregnant Egyptian M n e ld Marwa El-Sh Sherbini was slaughtere with s ed a kn in open court in Dr nife resden. Her killer was the German citizen Ale r n exander W., a , raci who had been found guilty of d ist d d defamation a against El-S Sherbini. A p police officer in atte endance did nothing to aid the stric d cken women instead sh n, hooting dow her husb wn band, caus sing him serious injury y. At th end of la year, Elhe ast -Sherbini, w worked in a pharm who macy, asked A Alexander W 28 W., year old and u rs unemployed to let her s d, small son p on the s play swing in the local playg e ground. He immediately insulted th woman, who wore a headscarf, as a ?slut, terrorist an an y he w f nd Isla amic fundam mentalist.? He was char H rged and found guilty o defamatio and was fined. of on, s An a appeal was subsequent lodged; h tly however, it is unclear w whether it w Alexand W. was der himself or the p public prose ecutor who had lodged it. d Tag gesspiegel re eported as f follows on t events in the courtr the n room where the appeal was bein heard: ?The examin ng nation of the witnesses w conclud when t German citizen e was ded, the n aske to addres the court He asked to be allowed to ask a question, to which the court ed ss t. o did not object. Alex W. tur rned to Mar El-Sher rwa rbini: ?Do y have any right at all to be you ny in Germany?? There was s G silence in th room. ?Y have no reason to b here.? Alex W. he You o be beca louder. And he thr ame reatened, ?I the NPD [ far-rig German National Pa If [the ght arty] com to power there will be an end t all that. I voted for th NPD.?? He then thr mes r to he rew himself on the d defenceless woman and began to s d stab her wit a knife. H defence th Her rown a chair at him, bu this did no stop him. r ut ot . counsel is said to have thr Sherbini?s 3 32-year-old husband, E Ali Oka came to his wife?s a and the court d Elwi az, aid El-S

soun nded the ala arm. A cour official an two polic officers w were in the buildin rt nd ce who n ng stor rmed into th courtroom Without warning, on of the off he m. ne fficers immediately bega an shoo oting Ali Ok also an Egyptian. Okaz, who had already been serio kaz, n y ously injure in the ed knif attack, wa shot in th leg. A litt later, Ma fe as he tle arwa El-She erbini succu umbed to he er inju uries, having been stabb 18 time The coup g bed es. ple?s three-y year-old son witnessed the d enti proceedi ire ings. Wha has been the reaction in Germa to the murder of Ma at any arwa El-She erbini? Pra actically non initially. The politica establish ne, al hment at firs said nothi at all, and the popu st ing ular pres merely re ss eported it in the margin talking a n ns, about ?a gro owing contr roversy ove a er swin ng.? Saxony Justice M y?s Minister Ge Mackenr ert roth said that in future the princip of ple ?op justice? would no lo pen onger be po ossible, mea aning that co omprehensi security checks ive wou be introd uld duced in all courts?." l It is a long pain report a people o world rea it with tea s nful all of ad arful eyes, m more over sorry s for s silent of me edia in Germ many With sorrowful look h l Moh hsen

mortaza.abta July 24th 2009 m a Hel Dear Ma llo arina st pologize for the long d r delay! As I said to Rosa I was in a trip to my sister's a, s Firs of all, I ap hau which is far away fr where I am curren living. use rom ntly Let me continue writing ab bout names chosen by p people in my c country, Ira When yo said that Arabian pe an. ou t eople are no ot very interested in names c y d coming from their own culture and m d inst tead they try to get nam from we y mes estern count tries, I was actu ually a little bit surprised! e Ara world has a very rich culture an heritage, just like ot ab s h nd ther nations in the midd east s dle and other parts of the wor I think, as a Persian individual, I should t to keep my life d s rld. a n try m very close to m culture an heritage (I am not s y my nd sure if I can make myse be clearly elf y und derestood!) a one ver little thing to do so is choosing P and ry g s Persian nam for my mes chil ldren. I see many peop around who are ve intereste in wester names bu they are v e ple ery ed rn ut very few. Most of Ira . anians pref to get Ira fer anian name Arabic na es. ames, such as Mohamm mad, Mor rtaza, Hassa Hossain for men, a Fatimah, Zahra, ra an, n, and aziah, for w women are th most he

common religious names here in Iran. However, recently and especially among the young eneration, these religious names are not prefered very much. (This is also an nteresting topic to write about.) I think Persian names fall into three categories: (1) Historical names which are usually the names of Iranian kings, their wives, and their children. Examples (boys): Kourosh: First king of Iran, Afshin: An Iranian army commander in old times, AnoushiravAn: Name of a Persian king, DAriush: Name of a Persian king (girls): AtoosA: Name of an Iranian princess AzitA: Name of an Iranian princess PanteA: Name of Kourosh's Daughter

2- Names coming from Persian literatures. Shahnameh (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shahnameh), an enormous poetic opus written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi around 1000 AD, contains many many characters with beautiful names. Some of them are historical and many of them are mythical. Examples: Rostam: A hero in Shahnameh SohrAb: Rostam's son, RoudAbeh: Rostam's mother 3- Names coming from the nature. Examples, (boys): BAmdAd: Early Morning, Behrang: Good color, BornA: Young, youthful, MehrdAd: Gift of the sun, (girls): Arezoo: Wish, asal: Honey, Banafsheh: A flower (Violet), Ahou: Deer, Guiti: World, universe,

I should mentio that I bri these ex on ing xamples from m: "http tp://www.an nvari.org/co ols/Original l_Persian_N Names.html l" Tha you very much for r ank y reading this long and p s possibly bor ring text. Best regards mor rtaza July 24 - 2009 y 253

revious Nex xt» « Pr

Andrew July 24th 2009 A y Hel Rosa, llo ry, understand w what a joke of mine you mention:) Of course sometimes I can u ) Sorr I don't u writ something like comp te g plete mess. I try to fix it promise! t, Too late to con o ntinue, I'll w write you aft being ba from cou ter ack untryhouse where I go to tomorrow morn ning. Best wishes, And drew

mortaza.abta July 25th 2009 m a Hel Dear Ros llo sa, I ap pologize for the long de elay. In your last writin to me, yo asked me to write ab r ng ou e bout wed dding cerem monies in Ira You kno people in Iran are d an. ow, n devided into many tribe and o es each of them ha its own w h as wedding cer remony, of c course, ther are many things in common. re y I raised in a ru area at the east of I ural Iran. When I ask my mother about her wedding she m ting stories. The way th used to c hey celebrate th wedding is more heir gs tell me interest what is done nowadays actually m s; many parts of it have b been faded b by beautiful than w pass sing of time (and I don know why e n't y?). I wi try to get all the deta from my mother an convert it to English which is q ill t ails y nd t h, quite a challenge to me What I ca tell you n is that, in the local area wher I come fro a e. an now l re om,

typi wedding in the pas took at le 3 days! Many peo and nei ical g, st, east !! ople re ighbors wer invo olved, they w were helpin cook the f ng foods and e entertain the guests and they were very e d happ of that situation. Isn it interes ppy n't sting Rosa! Tha you so m ank much for rea ading. I wai for you re it eply. mor rtaza July 25 - 2009 y

Niloofar71 J 25th 20 N July 009 Dea Mary ar I'm really surpr rised about the party a i have to think abou my dress and prepar a t and o ut re cial dea as spec one.I'll share my id with you as soon a I decided what to wear.[I have a vivid ima agination] Abo my Engls out lsih,Actually I do love E y English and I attend En d nglish class since chi ses ildhood and I'm doing m best to im d my mprove it.[w your help]Besides I watch fil a lot. [with s lms I ha two mor years to K ave re Konkoor .Ab bout the maj I'd like to study i ha ajor aven't decid ded yet.A Actuallly I c choose s.th then immed diately I cha ange my min nd:D.But at the time be t eing I wan to study C nt Cumputer an that sort of stuff.The thing is,I'm scared sti of nd t e m iff Kon nkoor[Altho ough I'm a g good student]and I real don't kno how to f lly ow face it.The closer it c gets s,the more u upset i am. I'm looking for rward to hea from you ar u. Best Wishes Nilo oofar


Niloofar71 J 25th 20 N July 009 Dea Mai ar I'd l love to be yo friend.A our Actually I'm hear to fin friends!!: m nd :d

Niloofar71 J 25th 20 N July 009 Dea mortaza.a ar abta did you choose yo country when you r u our registered here???

mortaza.abta July 25th 2009 m a Dea Niloofar, ar Man thanks fo respondin ny or ng. Yes! I have cho osen my cou untry, but th problem e he exists. By t way, I co from Ir the ome ran. rtaza mor

ahmad safar July 25th 2009 a rz Hel dear mar llo rina. Tha anks for you reply and your kindn ur d ness. I liv in tehran the capital city of iran Im an acc ve l n. countant. My interest is computer science s s and my field at university was animal science. Pr d t l rogress in english is my wish. I co e y oudn't beli ieve my eyes when i saw this forum and your a others f s w m and frinds writin I hope i can ngs. imp prove my eng glish here. My f friends, i ha got one question. C ave e Could you a answer it ple ease? If to omorrow is y your last da what do y want to do, say, or see before you go? ay you o r e

Niloofar71 J 25th 20 N July 009 It is a really ha question to answer. s ard n . If th were me would pro hat e,i obably try t call peop who I bo to ple othered and beg them to o forg me for the things I done an then mayb I'll buy gift for my m and kis her give I've nd be g mom ss as m much as I ca and than her. an nk

ahmad safar July 25th 2009 a rz The purpose of life e f A lo time ago there was an Emper who told his horsem that if h could rid on his ong o, s ror d man he de hors and cove as much l se er land area as he likes, th the Emp s hen peror would give him t area d the of la he has c and covered. Sure enough, th horseman quickly ju e he umped onto his horse a rode as f as poss and fast sible to cove as much land area as he could. He kept on riding and riding, whipping the horse to er a n d h go a fast as po as ossible. Whe he was h en hungry or tir he did not stop bec red, cause he wa anted to cove as much area as pos er ssible. Cam to a poin when he h covered a substant area and he was ex me nt had d tial xhausted and was

dying. Then he asked himself, "Why did I push myself so hard to cover so much land area? Now I am dying and I only need a very small area to bury myself." The above story is similar with the journey of our Life. We push very hard everyday to make more money, to gain power and recognition. We neglect our health , time with our family and to appreciate the surrounding beauty and the hobbies we love. One day when we look back , we will realize that we don't really need that much, but then we cannot turn back time for what we have missed. Life is not about making money, acquiring power or recognition . Life is definitely not about work! Work is only necessary to keep us living so as to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of life. Life is a balance of Work and Play, Family and Personal time. You have to decide how you want to balance your Life. Define your priorities, realize what you are able to compromise but always let some of your decisions be based on your instincts. Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of Life, the whole aim of human existence. But happiness has a lot of meaning. Which king of definition would you choose? Which kind of happiness would satisfy your high-flyer soul? 254

Veronicaho July 25th 2009 Hi Mary! Thanks for your kind answer! As you know Im new here since 2 weeks... Please can you tell me about you? What are you doing? For how long time have you been here? Where from? Have a nice day, hope to hear from you soon! Veronica

Veronicaho July 25th 2009 Hi Mai, Niloofar, Nguyen Thi and Ahmad! Nice to find new people here! Im from Finland, a nurse practitioners, married and Im here since 2 weeks ago for to improve my english. I really like the threads and its helping me a lot. Please tell me about yourself. Where from, what are you doing, why do you want to learn english and other things. Veronica

Niloofar71 July 25th 2009 Dear Veronica My name is Niloofar and I am a high school student.I come from Iran. I think learning English is really necessary nowadays"as nurses that are indispensable for a hospital:D"and every thing you buy ro you use has s.th to do with English.On the other hand i do love English and I enjoy dealing with it. Looking forward to hear from you. Best wishes Niloofar

nanazhong July 25th 2009 dear Cathy, How are you this day?I hope this message finds you healthy and in good spirits.Please forgive me that i have a long time to log in this web because my computer couldn't work.Now i have buy a new laptop.It is a red dell,i love it. You are so diligent .After work you spend you weekend to have the class.I agree with what you said ---it's very hard to pursue part-time postgraduate studies after graduation from university.I also try learning french for two month.The live enrich and you can learn more knowledge and know more people.But you feel some tire.By the way,what's your class? Keep at it NANA July 25,2009

nanazhong July 25th 2009 dear Behnam, How's it going?I got my new laptop at last.I can surf online at night again.This feeling is perfect.In china the price of laptop turns cheaper than before.My laptop only need 4000 yuan RMB .In Iran is it the price of computer cheap? Where are you?I turn up last pages,i can find your message. Do you like movie?Have you see the new movie--Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Best wishes.

NANA July 26,2007

Mai July 26th 2009 Hi Maryam, Niloofar and Veronica! I'm very pleased that hearing from you.I am really happy(^_^). I have read this web site many times.You and others write well.Your writing skill are expert.I want to be participant but i'm a shy girl, i'm worried about having no talent for maintaining consersation.You know it is difficult to communicate with foreigners when not being good at English (>.<).Sometimes, i would like to write but i haver.I thought:"What will i write? I want they to understand my meaning but rather backward in expressing my ideas".I'm stumped and disappointed(>.<). "Be confident!",my mom said, "they will sympathize with you.Everybody has problem with English.They will help you.Make yourself comfortable about that". My mom is right.If i don't write,i won't improve.If i have a vicious style, you will show me,won't you?I will know countrys where i never move towards, and i will have new friends, from far-away places, are warm-hearted, boon, cosmopolitan,includingyou, Maryam, Niloofar, Veronica(^ ^). I hope that we will have a good friendship. Write to me soon!

Mai July 26th 2009 Dear Veronica, Maryam, Niloofar! I'm very pleased that i have new friends.I'll tell you about myself, and you can do the same when you write to me. I am eighthteen years old.I live in DakLak, a province on the west highland where coffee is the most important industrial tree,with my parents and my younger brother.DakLak has the largest coffee area.People like drinking coffee here.Buon Ma Thuot coffee is famous for high quality. I completed the higher education entrance exam.I am looking forward to publication of the exam results.I hope that I will be successful candidate of Ho Chi Minh architectural university,which i love. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Write soon!

mortaza.abtahi July 26th 2009 Just a test!

Mohamad July 26th 2009 ??A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain??? (Gibran Khalil Gibran). Hi my friends Absent Behnam, Marina, Mohsen, Maryam, Andrew, Nana, Cathy , Rosa ,veronica,Mortaza , Mai , Ahmad?. Hello and slam to you all. How are you ?I hope every thing be nice with you. I am very pleased and very happy because have a time for writing you and saying hello to you all from miles away. As you know I am a member of this site and read your writing everyday . Once this year in May I write your nice name on a paper and put it in the center of a big flower bed and take a photo , this photo is saved in my p.c . and in my mind and heart too. Now I see more friends here , these are new flowers that grow in this nice garden, maybe you know why I talk about garden , yes I am a gardener , I work in a big garden with difference part and region from Iran and other countries , this is botanic garden indeed .we are working for this issue : save the plants for saving the plnet. I think you know something about plants like flowers and trees , they are same as a one month baby need food and care. for this reason I am very busy at work and this is because of late in writing here , please forgive me. My friends I look at this site as well as garden with many beautiful flowers , and you are the flowers of it, as each flower has own smell , your writings have their own perfume so I enjoy reading them always .I believe that a life without friends , is like a garden without flowers. These words just for saying that you are my friends and you are in my heart garden . Best wishes, Araghi, July,26th,2009

zita July 26th 2009 Hi my dear friend Behi! At last I am here writing to you in your page. Thank you for your invatation. I hope to learn English language more... As you know my English is not so good, anyway I will try to do my best. Also it is so nice to know a little bit more about you. Bye Zita


zita July 26th 2009 Hi Araghi Mohamad! I ma Zita from Brazil and Behi is my friend. I have read your letter and I love this part: I believe a life wthout friends is like a garden without flowers. You are completly right. Congratualion for your idea about friends. I hope to hear from you a little bit more. Bye Zita

ahmad safarzadeh July 27th 2009 Hi dear Mohammad. Hello to you and other flowers in this thread. How is it going. I read your writing. your descriptions were very nice and beautiful. your view to your friends is nice. I love friends like you with this nice view. you are my countrymen. I like Knowing more about you. your city, university, field and so on. please write to me more about yourself. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Mohamad July 27th 2009 Hi Zita, How are you , I hope everything goes well with you .Thank you very much for your message in this thread and thanks for joining us. Dear Zita as you see ,my friends and I are here for learning English and find nice friend around the world and you can see our success and prosperity .you see wise friend from China, Iran, Syria, Russia, Finland, Egypt, and other country and now a new friend from Brazil. Welcome Zita . please share us your idea and opinion about your country , Brazilian culture and everything you like. Good luck , Araghi, July,27th,2009

Mohamad July 27th 2009

Dea Ahmad, ar Hel and gree llo eting, Thank you for you attention , salam to my friends all in this th k ur n hread and hello to the finger w d eir when they da ancing upon the keyboa and writing nice wo n ard ords and good sente d ences and fr riendly mess sage to us. I must say I can not see them but can feel e c thei smell and odor . ir d I spend time wi this writ ith tings and de eeply think a about what their words trying to te us. I s ell thin if everybo read ou friends (B nk ody ur Behnam , Ma Marina , Moh hsen , Andre , Nana , Cathy , ew Asa , Niloofar ,Rosa ?) writings , can feel that th al n here is warm in their . mth r But about me . I work in a research in nstitute in T Tehran, and my major i natural d is ources . and what abou you? d ut reso With many pray h yer, Ara aghi, July y,27th,2009 (Sal lam=Hello) )

Marina1 July 27th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Friends ( Behnam, M ar Maryam, Ro Cathy, Veronica, C osa, Chan, Aragh Mohsen, hi, And drew, Zita , M Mohammad Ahmad an all friend here) d, nd ds It's very nice to meet all of you again. I'd like to s " Hello" to Zita wh is a new o f . say ho mber , and " "Welcome a again"to Ara aghi, thank you for join ning us again, what you wrote u mem abo friends is absolutely amazing. out s y Dea Mohsen, thanks a lot for all you writings , especially about Marw Alsherbi ar t ur wa ini, than you for c nk coming back again too. k Dea Rosa , it's really grea what you wrote abou divorce, I think all of us sharing the ar s at u ut g sam ideas. All in all, divo me l orce is a kin of solutio but it is s nd on, sometimes a kind of selfi fishness , pa arents shoul think abo their chil ld out ldren before doing any e ything. All h human bein have the right to ha the both mother and father. It makes me t ngs e ave h think about what you wrote to Be ehnam once about bein a mother without a f e ng r father, it ma akes my idea more clea The selfi ar. ishness mak some wom to have babies by s ke men e some wrong ways with g hout real relationships , women then are absolutely w l n a wrong , their selfishness push them to do r s m that just to prove that they can live al t y lone without men , and even they c do what can tever they want witho them, th don't thi about th children who can't know their real y out hey ink heir n r fath hers. What w would happe ened then?? Isn't it th children right to kn the both ?? heir n now h mot ther and fath her? Isn't th right to say " dady as all children?? heir o y" Any yway, it's rea a comp ally plicated topi and wha Maryam w ic, at wrote is the summary fo for reas sons , I thin they were complete. Thank you M nk e Maryam! ar nice et riends here know that M Marina is fa ascinated by Iran y Dea Ahmad , n to mee you. All fr :), s you are a so already welc comed just by being Ira b anian :).

Dea Zita , thank you for j ar joining us th place. It seems Behnam is alre his t eady your fr riend , wou you plea tell us so uld ase omething ab bout him? W What does h do these d he days? And w when is he going to com back?. W g me Would you p please introd duce your s self? What is your age/ s / wor rk?.??? ar please forgiv me for be ve eing late in answering, I was a bit busy. I'll tr to be t ry Dea friends, p here more. e I've received an email abo professo ways of making que n out ors' f estions for t their students, it s ny, o it h. ly was really funn I'll try to translate i to English For me, I felt it deepl :) :) :) Wou you plea write so uld ase omething fun which h nny happened w you whe you (wer , are) with en re at th university or work???? he ty I'm really very much looki forward to hearing from you a soon as yo can. ing d as ou Hav fun. ve Mar rina.

ahmad safar a rzadeh July 27th 2009 Dea Mohamad ar d Hel to you an your nice and meaningful writin and tha llo nd e ngs anks for you reply to my ur m ques stions. Im a accounta . Im wor an ant rking at Bea autification Organizatio of the Ci of on ity Teh hran. I calcu ulate the sal lary of perso onnel and s somtimes i r record the in nformation of acco ounts and tr ransactions on the syst s tem. I like le earning eng glish very much but im very buss and i can taking pa in any cl sy n't art lassses. I ha to learn english my ave yself. Could you d tell me about th ways tha i can learn english my he at n myself. I appreciate you in advance e. I'm looking for rward to hea aring from y you!

Marina1 July 27th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Clare, ar I do know ho to thank you enoguh , I just can say on't ow h n " TH HANK YOU FROM TH BOTTOM OF MY H U HE M HEART" :) : :) you made me really happy by your wr y riting and op opinion, it m means a lot t me. to Plea forgive me for bein late, but I was a bit b ase ng busy, beside as you sa the page are es aid es runn ning too fas many new friends ar here. The are makin this plac better. W just st, w re ey ng ce We need our friend Behnam to come agai :) :) I thi you as a manager to this site should d d o in. ink, s do s something w him. is he allowed to take all these days o ??? PLE with d off EASE DO SOM METHING. :) :) ;)

Mar rina.

Marina1 July 27th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Mortaza, ar ngratulation your flag is here :) :) :) n! ) Con Tha anks a lot for writing ab bout perisan names. In fact they ar a bit har In Syria there is n re rd. a fa amous Irania name " S an Shereen" for girls, it's r really beaut tiful. I'll w write about this topic soon. t s Tha anks. Mar rina.

Niloofar71 J 27th 20 N July 009 Dea Mai ar My English is n as perfe as the oth guys he not ect her ere,so I'm no allowed t judge you ot to ur Eng glish.But jus to say my opinion I th your E st hink English is gr and I re reat eally mean it.N Nobody is fla awless.We'r all here to progress. re o And I think you my mothe is right.L d ur er Lack of confi fidence is a s severe prob blem which I mys suffer fr it.But w must get through this together. self rom we s I ha to say I s believe your Engli is really good. ave still e ish y Be c confident. Best wishes oofar Nilo

Niloofar71 J 27th 20 N July 009 Dea Friends ar Rec cently I have designed a forum abo English.It just show my love to English and to e out ws o a incr rease it's lev I need yo help. vel our I ne your exp eed pertise.(espe ecially CLA ARE, Behnam Maryam Rosa, Cat , Mai , m, m, thy Veronica, Mari , Chan, Araghi, Mo ina ohsen, Andr rew, Zita , M Mohammad, Ahmad , Mortaza , M and all friends here and fo d orgive me if I forgot to mention the others nam f e mes). If it is possible f you and if have tim visit it an help me w this == http://sw for d me nd with => weetglish.forumo otion.com/ eng Best wishes Nilo oofar


Mai July 27th 2009 Dear Niloofar, Veronica, Maryam! I have been expecting to hear from you. Hello Mohamad! Glad to meet you(^ ^). Yesterday,i onlined to seek my higher education entrance exam result.My mark is 20 (In Viet Nam, we have to take 3 subjects in higher education entrance exam,the highest mark is 10 poin/subject). It's high mark,but,there are too many students have mark higher than me. I'm very worried about that.And i am afraid of not being successful candidate of my university which i'm most interested. I always enjoy hearing from you.Please write. Best wishes, Mai

Niloofar71 July 27th 2009 Dear Mai I had written to you.Didn't you see it??? Congratulations!! Don't be afraid,and rely on god. Wish you luck. Niloofar

sami July 27th 2009 Hello Veronica How are you my nurse friend? : ) I hope you are fine, enjoying life. I also have to apologize for being late in answering. It is not easy for me to come here (wifi bar) everyday, but I am not going to give excuses, I hope you and the rest of friends understand it. Veronica, I read your writing about ?war with your husband? and I understood it very well. I think it is normal to have ?wars? with him, to start with, you (you and your husband) are two different people, two different ways of thinking (woman and man

different way of thinking), lots of years together, so it is natural to have small fights or arguments with him. But, how do you think about these arguments? Of course, I guess after an argument you may feel sad, but I think they are very positive for your relationship, they make your relationship with your husband stronger, and you are closer to your husband than before the argument (closer, not physically, but emotionally). All relationships have ups and downs, not only with your husband, but also with your parents, friends, brother, sister?As I have read from Behnam, life is full of ups and downs, ?downs? make us stronger, in a relation with your husband, those downs make your love stronger. This is just my point of view. I also liked what I read about being together but having your own life. You are married, but it does not mean you can not continue doing things on your own. You can go out with friends for a coffee or whatever, and it doesn?t mean you are not a good wife. I think, apart from having your husband it is essential for a woman to have her own ?freedom? to continue being herself, your own parcel of freedom, always respecting her husband, and the other way round. Veronica...after reading about salaries for a teacher in Finland?do you have any free room at home??? : )) Wow, what a high salary!!!! I am not sure because I haven?t started working in a school yet, but I think a teacher in primary education gets here around 20.000 euros, and I think it is a good salary taking into account the amount of hours we work a day. I guess price of everything there is higher than in Spain, isn?t it? Let?s compare with some items, here you can buy a bar of bread for 1 euro, a coffee 1e too, the cheapest car is no less than 6.000euros, a laptop around 400e...What about your country? If it is the same, I will definitely start studying Swedish and start working there!! ; ) You say there is a lot of work there for teachers, what is the procedure for selecting teachers? As I have said other times, in Spain we have to pass hard exams, is it the same in Finland? I have to admit that I have had to ask my parents about taxes : ( I had no idea about it. They say that for a normal salary of around 20.000e per year, the tax is 14- 16 %. So maybe the salary in the end is the same here and there. You ask me about EU, I don?t think it is bad, but I am not personally interested in going there. I love English, and of course English is spoken there too, but I have always been interested in Britain. Don?t ask me for the reason, because there is no reason for saying this. I think it is a rich country, it is number one in many ways, rich history, rich diversity of people, also lots people are interested in going there, lots of people who want to succeed in music, films?go there, but I don?t. A cousin of mine is in Chicago, she studied the same as me, to be an English teacher, but she finally went there and she is working as a Spanish teacher. She has been there for more than 20 years, and I don?t think she is coming here again. I cannot say it has something bad, because to know that you must be living there for a time, as I haven?t lived there, I cannot say it. Just to say something negative about going there is the long flight, more than 12 hours from Spain, I don?t think I can bear that?This is just to say something, but I know for many people it is worth

the effort. Do you like it? Have you ever been there? What do you think about it? I hope to hear from you soon. Kisses, Rosa, July 27, 2009

sami July 27th 2009 Hello Maryam I know you are a busy girl, and this is why your writing makes me so happy. Thank you very much for doing it. As you say, my dress is colourful, the typical Spanish dress is full of spots. Spots maybe small, medium, large?I love a red dress with big white spots, I have another one which is white with blue spots, I like it very much. I will be pleased to learn how to dance ?Mazandarani?, it will be a pleasure for me. I am not good at dancing, although I like it. I think when you like something and you put all your energies into it, you will finally do it well. Maryam, I have been reading this thread for a long time, I used to read what you wrote on the past because I liked your way of expressing your thoughts, they were clear for me. I wish I had the same ability as you to express myself clearly! I think you went to University, what did you study? Was it related to commerce or selling? I ask it because I thought you studied something related to physics, am I right? Forgive me, but I don?t remember it well. If you studied something different from selling, why your job is related to it? Was it difficult for you to find a job? Maryam, do you like living alone or you prefer being close to your family? I ask this because it is very probable that I start teaching in a different city from mine. I live in Huelva, and maybe I will be sent next September to Cadiz( I will know it next 31st july) . I like to live the experience, some time alone, living on my own, doing everything myself. I think it makes you grow up personally, and I also think it is necessary for all people. What is the best of living alone, from your point of view? What is the worst? I hope to read from you soon. Kisses Rosa, July 27, 2009.

sami July 27th 2009

Hel Thi Nguy llo yen How are you? I hope every w rything goes well with y Don?t w s you. worry abou not having a ut g welc come from B Behnam, he is absent, he said he w going to leave the thread for a time, e was o this is the reaso why he h on hasn?t writt to you. I am comple ten etely sure he would wel e lcome very happy t have you here as a n active m to new member. you and he is v I am very happ to see you reply, and forgive me for being l in answ m py u d e late wering, but a I as have said many times, I do y on?t have in nternet at ho now, so I have to g to a bar to get ome o go ernet connec ction. Even though I do on?t come h here everyda I come h ay, here regular rly. inte This is a very h s happy summ to me. I have reached my dream after a lo time of hard mer ong h wor I will sta working next Septem rk, art mber at a sc chool, and th is my big his ggest dream Now, m. I am having tw months ho m wo olidays and as you can imagine I a the happ d n am piest person in the n wor Apart fr this, I e rld. rom enjoy spendi time wit my family meeting m friends, also ing th y, my a enjo oying time o reflection alone whic I think it is necessar from time to time?so of n ch ry e o?what else can I ask f e for? at o? you your free tim Please, write more about you, and me? , e Wha do you do How do y spend y ask me things, I will be ver happy to write to yo ry ou. Im w waiting? Ros July 27, 2 sa, 2009.

sa July 27 2009 ami 7th Hel Mortaza llo How is life goin after a lo time in absence? I hope every w ng ong ything goes well with yo As ou. you see, lots of new people write here everyday. A I dont co here ev f e e As ome veryday, I always see new people and it is dif e ifficult for m to follow it. But don worry if it happens th same me w nt t he y ere. to you. continue writing he It is nice to rea from wed s ad ddings in yo country, I would lov to read m our ve more after you ask y your mum. You are marrie aren't yo Would y please share with u how was your u ed, ou? you s us dding day? What did yo do? Did y go on h ou you holidays afte it with yo wife? er our wed I wo ould like to hear more f from you. Write to me and make m questions I will be happy W me s, h to answer them a m. Ros July 27 , 2009 sa,

Marina1 July 27th 2009 M ly 9 Dea friends, ar I've received an email, I ho you can help me w it. n ope n with IF ; 2+3 3=10 7+2 2=63 6+5 5=66 8+4 4=96 en 9+7=?!!! The What is 9

I ho to read f ope from you so oon. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 27th 2009 M ly 9 Dea friends, ar I thi I've known the answ :) :) :) ink wer. wha about you at u? Mar rina.

Niloofar71 J 27th 20 N July 009 Dea Marina ar I go it too !! :D ot D

metzean July 27th 2009 m y 9 Dea Andrew, ar I am in Saint P m Petersburg .I want to vis Armitaz Museum, I don't know if the muse is I sit eum in Admiralteysk naberez A kaa zhnya street or Dvortso t ovaya naber rezhnaya st treet . I am sure s that Andrew wi help me, Andrew wh is the At t ill hat trmitaz muse addres eum ss?

As I heard Atrmitaz museum is very old and have some hiding doors and places ? do you confirm it ? Andrew all of us have a skeleton in cupboard. When I was living in my father 's house ,there was a door which was opened in our neighbor's house and nobody knew it. When we wanted to go to the neighbor's house ,we knocked the door and he let us entered his house. not needed to trun our way to the street. Andrew .what is your skeleton in cupboard? I heard this joke about David beckham ,It was the second best joke in ranking of 2008, some people burst into laughter when reading it " all us have a skeleton in cupboard but David beckham takes his out to the public" All the best , Mohsen 257

Andrew July 27th 2009 144 why not, Marina?

Cathy Li July 28th 2009 Dear Maryam, I really love your arrangement on third round which shows the harmony and unity of our friends being together. Since we have arranged each round of party, the last thing is to fix the date of party, so that every friend can clearly know the date and join in time. Which date do you think of? All is now ready to go, haha... I can't wait to have this party. Smile and smile, smell the smiling food, taste the friends' smile. Cathy

Cathy Li July 28th 2009 C ly 9 Dea Nana, ar I'm so happy to hear from you and ho you can always kee smiling. o ope ep By s sheer coinci idence, my laptop is de too, with the color of jelwery bl I just bo ell lue. ought it this early July ?July 5, heh I just wo he, onder if we bought it at the same d I studie partt day. ed time postgradu program in Pre-Sc e uate m chool Childr Educati Psychol ren ion logy at Insti itute of Psychology, CA Since m location i far from t school, I have to ge up at 5:30 in the AS. my is the et 0 mor rning of wee ekends to ca the clas atch sses. The cl lasses begin at 8:30 a.m and end at 4:00 n m. p.m. After class I alway feel tired but excited Hehe, it's really hard to learn so ses, ys d. d ome ular uation. Anyw it's wo doing. way, orth regu course after gradu I'm looking for rward to sha aring more w you an eager to know more about you. with nd Hav fun. ve Cat thy

metzean July 28th 2009 m y 9 Hi A Andrew, I fin the addre of museu nd ess um,as you w were busy w the ridd , Your an with dle nswer is cor rrect ,you can say th again, ex u hat xellant. luck you that M ky Marine give you the pr !! why n e rize not Moh hsen

pengfei July 28th 2009 p How everybod doing? m name's p w's dy my pengfei Li, 2 22years old Chinese ha andsome you ung man I'm curren live wit my paren in the U.S. I just fou out this great webs n. ntly th nts und site toda What surprised me is that I am not only ab to meet my Chinese fellows he but ay. m ble e ere, pepople come f from all aro ound the wo orld. Well, h honestly, i am a nice gu with a sen of uy nse hum I don't care your n mor. nationality, s color, s skin straight or g and ed gay, ducation lev I vel. stro ongly belivev as long a we got so respect to each oth we can be friends ve as ome t her, toge ether. I'm w willing to ma more fri ake iedns and pr ratice my E English here and we ca move e, an foward hands b hands. So ladies and gentlemen if you wan make a fr by o d n, nt riend with m me, plea don't he ase esitate to rep this mes ply ssage. I will be waiting your guys ! l g

Your sincere friend, pengfei. 7/28/2009 Eastern time 1:55 am

mortaza.abtahi July 28th 2009 Dear Niloofar, This is my first writing to you. You are a very young, active and lively person. I read your writing to Mary (about 3 days ago). You said that you are a good student, and that you are going to face Konkoor, the biggest challenge to Iranian students, in the next few years!! I am a MATH professor and I am 32. I passed many major exams in my life successfuly. The first one was Konkoor, exactly 14 years ago. Let me talk to you a little about it. It can be easily realized from your writing that you are anxious very much about the exam (I hope I am wrong!) and this is not good at all. In fact, one major reason which may result a student to fail an exam is that s/he underestimates her/his abilities and therefore starts filling anxiety. You should believe that more that 50 per cent of the contestants in Konkoor do not have even a plan for their future! They don't know what they want to study in university. They just want to go to university, some of them because of their family pressure, many of them because they don't want to be idle at least for some years and part of them because they think having academic education brings them more prestige, which they need, for example, for a successful marriage!! But you do know what you want to study. You passed the first step successfully. Next, you have to control your fillings and stop being worried too much. However, being a little worried about it helps you to keep working and preparing for the exam. Finally, before it become too late, make a plan, pick your books and start working calmly. Thank you for reading. I am waiting for your nice writings. Good luck mortaza

mortaza.abtahi July 28th 2009

Dear Marina 9+7=? I think I have the answer too!!

sami July 28th 2009 Hello Araghi Thank you for your hello and salam to me, as well as other friends here. I am happy to say Hello to you too. I have enjoyed a lot reading your writing about flowers and friendship. I feel completely what you say in your first sentence: a friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than who is at hand. It is completely true. At least, it makes truth with me. I have a friend who lives in a different country, far away from Spain. I have been in touch with this friend for a long time, we have chatted a lot, written lots of emails to each other, talking about everything, and I can say I have never had a friendship like this. I have felt this person much closer than someone who lives next door. Do you know the reason of it? The reason is that it is a heart to heart friendship while what we see near to us is not like this. What happens to me in this thread is just this, a heart to heart friendship, I think this is the success of this thread. I think your job is wonderful, you are always surrounded by nice and beautiful things, by flowers. I love flowers, there are many kinds of flowers I like, however, as they have technical names I rarely know the name of the flower I like most. One which I know its name is rose, I love roses and they smell very well. The rose I like the most is dark pink or fucsia pink. Do you know the one I mean? I like flowers but I don?t like to be given a bunch of flowers as a present, because they die soon. I prefer seeing then in their natural state without being cut. I think you have been asked this question 100 times, here it goes number 101 ; ) I hope you don?t mind. What is your favourite flower or tree? What is the strangest flower you have ever seen? I also like your sentence, a life without friends is like a garden without flowers, so I would like to have good and true flowers (rather than lots of flowers) in the garden of friendship. I hope to read from you. Rosa, July, 28, 2009

sami July 28th 2009 Hello my dear friend Marina How are you sweet friend? I hope you are fine, enjoying life as much as possible. I have enjoying reading your writing after a short period of absence, please Marina, don?t be silent for a long time, we all here enjoy reading what you write. I personally enjoy a lot and I feel identified with many of your writings. Of course I understand that you are busier now, but please, let some of your time to write something to us. ; ) Marina, reading your writing about what I wrote related to ?being a mother without a father? makes me think about something. I would like to know your opinion about a question I am going to ask you. I have my own opinion and my answer is fixed, I am not going to change it. I will let you know it after knowing your answer. Does a woman who is single and cannot find a man to marry have the right of becoming a mother? I think it is partly answered by what you have already said, but please, answer it and give me the reason of your answer. It makes me think about lots of topics related to this, I will write about it soon. All of the members of this site are welcomed to answer this question. I would like to know the opinion of as much people as possible. I would like to read about that email you have received, that one of a professor?s way of asking questions to students, it may help me in my future! ; ) I am going to tell you about something which happened to me at university. Maybe it is not funny but I laughed a lot. It was the second year of my first studies at university. The subject was ?Theory of literature?, the teacher was a man, he was I hope he still is) a little bit strange, sometimes while he was talking to us he became completely inmovil, looking at nothing, and he was in this position for at least two or three minutes, we called him, said his name, but there was no reaction from him. Once, he was telling theory to us, and all the students were taking notes, so we were not looking at him, we were writing, he wanted to attract our attention and he threw energically a piece of chalk against the blackboard. Imagine the situation, all writing, the teacher was then silent and in the middle of silence the noise of the chalk in the blackboard! I thought my heart stopped for a time, I was shocked and scared, we didn?t understand it. And you know what? Whenever he took a piece of chalk we were all frightened because we thought he was going to throw it to any of us. At such situation I couldn?t stop laughing, I think it was a nervous laughing, I wanted to stop it but it was impossible. Can you tell me a situation like this one, one in which you should not laugh but you couldn?t avoid it??

I hope to read from you very soon, my sweet friend. Kisses from Spain, Rosa, July 28, 2009.

mortaza.abtahi July 28th 2009 Hello Dear Rosa, How are you? I hope you are fine and happy. As I said before, I do not know you very much. So let me ask you some questions, if you don't mind. I know that you are a 28 female and you are an English teacher. Recently, I heard (actually I read) that you have been qualified for a job, congrajulations! What is it? A position as a teacher? I also know that yau have never been married. Where do you come from originally? I would like to talk to you about marriage and, more generally, relations between man and woman in western culture. We, me and my wife [Maryam], usually watch western movies, almost all of them American. In Iran, and many other Eastern nations, it is not acceptable that a girl has sexual experience before she is married. And many families, especially those from middle class, do not like their daughter to have any relation with any man involved mature subjects. I do not approve all of what we have in our culture, also I do not approve all of what we see in Western movies concerning relations between women and men. I am very interested to know what is your opinion in this subject. I am waiting for your beautiful writings. Good luck, mortaza July 28, 2009 258

Cathy Li July 28th 2009 Dear Rosa, Your words always make me happy. You are totally right indeed, Cathy is a delicate girl, hehe... That's always because friends never stop smiling to Cathy. Nothing is more

beautiful than smiling. I always think of that. I'm much happier to know the similarities between us. It will be much easier for us to know each other better. Yet it will be better for us to learn from each other by exchanging views, coz the lines we are engaged in are quite related. I love my current job very much, maybe that's all what I wanted to do. Maybe I want to be a teacher likewise down the road. Hehe...some of my friends always persuade me to be a private teacher. Rosa, actually, I sleep less than seven hours per day, hehe...I love sleeping all day though. Maybe that's the main reason why Cathy is not a beauty queen. Hope I didn't let you down. Just keep your imagination, hehe... I will try my best to squeeze more time to have a good rest. Rosa, I believe that you are a good teacher, not only in teaching English, but also in guiding students. It has been clearly seen from your writings. Patience, passion and diligence are through your writings. There is a good word that always makes me excited and satisfied, that is "Enjoy". Enjoy just shows the highest level that appeals to my emotion. I enjoy reading a lot. But regarding the best book I've ever read, I can't tell clearly. I love reading Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. Recently, I'm reading a novel Twilight written by Stephanie Meyer, an American female writer, and this novel also was produced a good movie shown to the public in this summer. This novel tells a 17-year-old girl falling in love with a distant, stylish and disarmingly handsome boy, who is also a vampire. I recommend it to you. I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Enjoy your life and keep smiling. Cathy

Andrew July 28th 2009 Mohsen dear, where are you? I've sent you an e-mail yesterday and waited for a phone call. Though I am very bad as a city guide and I am so weak in voice conversation I'd be glad to face you somewhere in the 'downtown' for to walk and talk. How long you're planning to stay here? Andrew P.S. How much is the sum of numbers from 1 to 100 (that is 1+2+3+4 etcetera)? Dear Mortaza, please don't help:))

mortaza.abtahi July 28th 2009 Dear Andrew An infinite crowd of mathematicians enters a bar. The first one orders a pint, the second one a half pint, the third one a quarter pint... "I understand", says the bartender - and pours two pints. Quoted from "http://www.math.ualberta.ca/~runde/jokes.html" Mortaza

Niloofar71 July 28th 2009 Dear Mortaza I appreciate your concern,I really do. To be honest I extremely need some advice about this Konkoor thing, though I have 2 more years to Konkoor. About deciding what to study,I can't choose.I like a major one day,then the other day I change my mind and it's my main worry. I got help from many people.some of them say " Find a major that has a good salary,easy occupation and blob blob blob....!"The others told me "Just listen to your heart and try what you most like." I'am really confused and I'm trying to gather information about different majors maybe I can find the major that suits me the most.Having a goal is the first step and I'm failing in this part:( Dear mortaza my major in high school is math.This summer I decided to study Hesaban,to decrease the pressure for the following year.As I have trouble making decisions I attend Ooloom Institude classes then after one session I quit.The level of the class was low and the teacher was reviewing the primary things.So I decided not to waste my time. In your opinion as a math professor,Is it necessary to study Hesaban this summer???(My average in second grade was 19.95) If it is beneficial to study Hesaban in advance let me know so I try to find a private teacher. I'm looking forward to hear from you and use your expertise. Best wishes Niloofar P.S - Forgive me if it was a large writting.I had lots of things to say and you just show up.I try to make it short next time.

Niloofar71 July 28th 2009 Dear Pengfei Welcome here! Actually I found this place recently myself.I have to say this is a great place.You can express your feelings freely and you will find alots of friends with different nationalities and kind hearts. Any way I'd like to be your frined:D I'm looking forward to hear from you. Best Wishes Niloofar

Andrew July 28th 2009 Dear Mortaza, "Bartender has lucky chance to count cash all the night through up to the dawn because a mathematician has paid 1 cent for the smallest portion of beer, another one -2 cents, third - 4 cents, fourth - 8, fifth - 16 etcetera, etcetera - a lot of cents" (True Stories About Great Mathematicians) Good luck! Andrew

asal July 29th 2009 Dear Behnam how are you? I hope every thing is going well with you. I only can say that thank for your reply. Best regards Asal

asal July 29th 2009 Dear friends how are you?I hope every thing is going well with you and your life.i read your writting . they make me realy happy.your writting give me a helping handwith the English language. Thank you Asal

metzean July 29th 2009 m y 9 Dea Andrew, ar I on wanted t ask you th address of Museum to find it th nly to he o hrough Goog glearth, I w over was your town by G Googlearth, thanks for y your kindne , If I com to your t ess me town in future, i l ome ow usy ur took a pencile and will directly co to your address, no , I am bu with you riddle, I t a pa aper to culc culate the su of 1 to 100. I think i takes time till evening ,as many p um it e g people dist truct me , sp pecially my boss,meanw while if you wouldnot m mind please culculate th sum he of 200 to 300? ,then we ad the totall and find th sam of 1 to 300.If oth friends like to 2 dd l he her jion a team wor n rking ,we ca continue to 1000. w an e what is your idea ? Dea Andrew, D you rea the David beckham j ar Did ad d joke? did yo laugh ? ou Wai iting for you u, Moh hsen

Andrew July 29th 2009 A y Dea Mohsen, ar ddition of al these num ll mbers (200 - 300) is 245 550 the result of ad u to surely shall see the sun shine soon or "If I c l n n." could I would! But You better try t say:"We s I ca so I won or "Ne an't, n't!" ever trouble about trou untill tr e uble rouble troub you" bles And drew 259 9

Andrew July 29th 2009 A y Moh hsen, you're a deceiver e r! u've wondered fo the whol day:"whe is Mohse why he doesn't for le ere en, d You hoaxed me man! I w call while yo just goog me. Sha on you, I was eage to meet m penpal fo the l?" ou gled ame er my or first time. t Ok then, what a sity do you live? I'll g google you and make th same jok he ke. And drew

mortaza.abtahi July 29th 2009 Dear Marina, How are you my friend? I hope you are fine and happy! You said that "Shereen" is a famous name for girls in Syria! This makes me have a good filling! Do you know what is its meaning? What is the meaning of "Marina", your name? I don't know very much about you. So, let me ask you some questions, if you don't mind. Where are you living now? How old are you? (men are not supposed to ask this question from ladies!!) What is your occupation? Syrai is a very beautiful country and it has a nice weather. I like to travel to Syria someday. All the best mortaza

mortaza.abtahi July 29th 2009 Dear Niloofar, Please, feel free to write what you want. Speaking and writing to other people are two good ways to find confort and get rid of bad feelings. Especially about Konkoor, talk to your family, to your parents, brothers and sisters. Do you have a graduated family member? If you have successful educated people around, consider them as a treasure. You said that yet you have not chosen a major to continue your studying at university. It is not acually necessary to determine what major exactly you want to study at the university. You just need to realize which field of science is more suitable to you; Mathematics? Physics? Chemistry? Engineering? Computer? ... You can achieve this decision only by discovering your interests and abilities. If you are good in MATH, probably you like it and you will be successful if you choose Mathematics as your major in university. If you do not like chemistry, you better put branches related to chem in second or third place when you are going to choose your major. Other factors, such as job market, are also very important. But, in my opinion, they are not as important as your interests and abilities. If I did not like mathematics I could not continue studying it until I got a Ph.D! You asked me what to study in this summer; I think studying Mathematics (Hesaaban), Physics, Chemistry and other more important courses simultaneously is a good idea. Do not focus on just one subject (for example Hesaban) for a long time. You know what I mean? Thank you for reading. I am waiting for your nice writings.

Good luck mortaza July 29, 2009

sami July 29th 2009 Hello Mortaza, How are you? I am very well, I hope you are as well as me. Yes, you already know a little bit of me! I am 28, female, English teacher, soon starting to work in a school, it is a permanent job, it means I will never have to worry about looking for a job. In Spain it is very hard to start working in a public school, we have to pass an important exam (oposiciones) and we have to get high marks in order to be chosen for the job. I have just passed them with a high mark, so I have been selected to work teaching English to students. Teaching is considered as a good job in Spain (in terms of working conditions, hours of work, salary...), this is why I am so happy to get it. ; ) As you also say, I have never been married. I?m 28, people in Spain nowadays marry around the age of 30, because it is hard to find a good job, then to buy a house to live in after getting married. To give you some examples, I have two sisters who are oldern than me, they married at 33 and 35. I am still a young woman, I think I have a lot to live and learn before getting married. As you know, I am Spanish, I live in Andalusia which is in the south, most precisely, I live in Huelva, a small city in the west coast of Andalusia. Maybe, it is not the most beautiful city in Andalusia, but it has great beaches, forests and the light from the sun is unique in this place. About what you see in movies, my friend, dont believe it word for word. Sometimes when we watch a film we see how people die, and we even see blood coming outside their body. Is it true? Is that person really dying? The answer is no, it is just a film. The same happens with the relation between men and women, you can see it, but it doesnt mean it is true. You say you dont approve what you see in western movies about the relations between men and women. I think movies always show an exagerated picture of reality. However, I understand it can shock you because it is so different to relations between man and woman in eastern countries. Most of Spanish people are Christians, and a Christian girl is supposed to be virgin until she marries. But it is not always like this. Some girls are, some others not. My opinion? Well, it is a little bit hard for me to give you my opinion and also to talk

about this topic, but I will tell you my opinion. You have seen on films that a woman may be one day with a man, and next month with a different one, and so on...I dont accept this, it comes with my personality, If I were with a man the reason would be that I am completely in love with that man, LOVE doesnt last 1 month or some days. For me, love, true love, is for the rest of my life, so I would never be with one man, then another one. About having sex before getting married...well, if a woman is with a man (then, completely in love with each other), they have a long-time relationship, I dont see why they shouldnt have sex before getting married. Let me ask you a question: Can a man lose his virginity before getting married? Is there any way to check it in both sexes? Gypsy culture has its own way of checking a woman. We dont do it in our culture. Dear Mortaza, please forgive me, as I said before, it is a little bit hard for me to talk about this topic, I?m shy, moreover, I know there are lots of differences between our cultures and ways of thinking. Let me say that neither culture or custom is better than the other, all of them are great. I hope to have answered you with what I have said. I hope to read from you soon. Rosa, 29 July, 2009.

sami July 29th 2009 Hi nice Cathy How are you? I hope you are smiling too (in my imagination, there is always a nice smile on your face). You say friends never stop smiling to you, do you know why? People reactions are like a mirror to us, if you smile to people, they smile to you. Keep on smiling and having a positive attitude towards life. I think this is the way to success and a happy life. I have always thought that a positive attitude can help you face problems in a good way. I am a positive person, I am not the kind of people who is always saying: how sad I am! Or everything wrong happens to me?or something like that. I think everything that happens to us has a purpose, and I accept it. I think you are this type of person too. On the other hand I believe that people who are negative, always thinking how bad life treats them, attract problems themselves. I think it is not the way to enjoy this life which God has given to us as a priceless present. So MY FRIEND CATHY, KEEP ON SMILING. I have a question for you dear Cathy, do you believe in fate? Do you think our lives are written before we are born? Cathy, of course a branch of what you are doing now is teaching, so it is not a bad idea to start working as a private teacher, maybe teaching English to other people, individually. I can tell you that nothing can make you happier than when you see the

success of your students after your help. Thank you for your nice words towards me about being a good teacher, I try my best to help students and not only that, I try my best to help people around me. If there is something I can do to make someone smile I do it as soon as possible. It is not a hard work for me, just the contrary, it is my pleasure to help the others. Yes Cathy, the word ENJOY is wonderful and full of meaning. I really like this word, it can be applied to many aspects of life, and again, God created us to enjoy life, so we should follow what he said. ; ) Again I see lots of similarities between you and me. It seems we enjoy the same time of reading. Look! My favourite book is Jane Eyre too, I would like to read Pride and Prejudice, I have watched the film, I have read a lot about this author and I love it. This is the kind of literature I enjoy reading the most. I recommend you reading ?Northanger Abbey? by Jane Austen (I am not completely sure about the author, please forgive me). I am sure you are going to take pleasure in reading it. And you know what? I have also read Twilight, I did it some months ago. I loved this book. I read it in a weekend, I couldn?t stop reading, and I was sad at the end because I finished it too soon. I wanted to know more and more about the story, and I could also feel that I also fell in love with Edward Cullen!!! : )) After reading it I watched the film, it was not bad, but I preferred what I saw in my imagination when reading the book. There are more parts of this book, I think they are four, I will try to have all of them and read them all. Cathy! I have enjoyed (again this word) a lot reading your writing and also writing to you. This is the reason why I cannot wait to read your next reply, I hope soon. Lots of kisses, Rosa, July 29, 2009.

sami July 29th 2009 Hello Marina

How are you my sweet friend? where are you? I guess you are a little bit busy with your new job, but please, dont stop writing here. I love reading your writings. Tell us something about your new job. How do you feel when working there? What do you think of the people who work with you? Is this job what you expected? or it is better

or w worse in any sense? y Mar rina, today I am extrem melly happy and I want to share my happiness with all of you. t y s f You know, frien are like a treasure, when you think you ha lost a fr u nds e , ave friend, you fe the feel poo orest person in the worl I thought I had lost a friend in the past, the was no sign of ld. ere frien nship. Toda I have rec ay ceived grea news of th person a it makes me very ve at his and s ery happ Dear M ppy. Marina, have you ever fe this? Ha you ever felt you los a good fr e felt ave r st riend? and then you fi out that that person is still you friend? d ind n ur Apa from this i am excit today. T art s, ted Today is the f f n m first day of holidays in Huelva, my city. The is a fair in my city fo a whole week. This f is celeb ere for fair brate every y year, the gr reatest day is August 3 commem 3rd, morating th day when Columbus parted from Huelva to finally he n m o cover Ameri ica. disc Dur ring these d days there ar some con re ncerts, I thin a concer each day. Today I am going nk rt m to go to a concert of one of my favour singers. He is Manuel Carrasc I dont th you g rite co, hink know him, if yo have the change, ple ou ease try his name in you utube and t me if you like tell u the way he sing I love go gs. oing to conc certs, have y ever bee to a music concert?? you en ase, a, ur ughts with u I hope to read from you very so us. o m oon. Plea Marina share you great thou Lots of kisses, s Ros July 29, 2 sa, 2009.

Marina1 July 29th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Niloofar, Mortaza an Andrew, ar nd I thi it's 144 too. :) :) ink Best regards. Mar rina.

Marina1 July 29th 2009 M ly 9 Dea Rosa, ar Tha anks a lot for your kind, nice and fr d, friendly repl I really d ly. don't know w what should I do d towards your E Endless kind dness. I just can say " T t Thank you" very much indeed. Dea Rosa, I go home abo 3:00 pm in Syrian t ar ot out m timing. The weather is bothering m too me muc When I r ch. return home I take som rest. But there is som e, me t mething ann noying , the e

electricity switches off for 4 hours a day these days, there is no main time, so sometimes when I have time to write , there is no electricity :( :(, so please forgive me if I replied a bit late. About my job, I still don't do anything, I'm a trainer now , but I told the manager that I'd like to know about the work on the real land, he understood me , and said that he will try to give me all information about it. So I'm waiting! :) Dear Rosa, there are lots of feelings all human beings can't have them in their life. If a woman could to be a mother without having a real partner , what can man do to have the feeling of being a father??? Dear Rosa, mothers' feelings are so pure and unique , no one can feel them except them , but why mothers do have them??? Because those children are a result for love between them and their husbands. I strongly believe that husbands are a part from this great feeling, and without them , this feeling is not complete. Dear Rosa, some people don't have partners , others don't have children even they are married , others didn't have the real love yet , others live alone without their families. I think we should think in general , then we should know what is wrong and what is right. And as I said before women should think about their children, do they want them to live their life without their fathers???? In short , mothers' feelings are apart from this world , women wants to be mothers, because being a mother is a gift from God and it completes any woman, but I strongly believe without fathers nothing is right, because fathers are apart from everything in women, children and families life. Dear Rosa, I hope I could make my idea clear enough , I really don't know how to explain it. A single mother is the biggest fault in her child's right, because he/she has the right to have a father too. Thank you for reading dear Rosa, all your comments are welcomed. These days I don't think very much because I gave my mind a small holiday :) , I wrote to you whatever came to my mind. Dear Rosa, I've ever gone to a concert yet, but personally I'd be very glad to go there, it'd be a new experience. I like to know about other countries' music because the music is the most global language in the world, all people understand it. By the way , is it too hot in Spain ???? what about the humidity degree??? It is killing me :( I'm really happy for you about your friend, as you said a real friend is a real treasure , we should keep him/her forever. I've got two real friends in my real life , they are with me , and I hope to be with them forever. All of you here real friends too, I hope that our friendship everlasting. Dear Rosa, thank you for everything, I really appreciate your devotion , Marina will always write here, God willing. Please keep on writing to me , I really like to read your

writings too. :) I hope to read more from you soon. Have a nice day. Marina.

Andrew July 29th 2009 Hi Mohsen! I don't understand a joke about David Becham's skeleton. What was it? By the way, there is another Google map program - http://maps.google.ru/. You can place little figure of a man in some point and "come to be" on a real street. Pity that it works generally to America, Australia maps and some few places in Europe. Try it! West wishes, Andrew

pengfei July 30th 2009 Hey Niloofar It's good hearing from you! What's going on, man? Sorry, i could not tell you are male or female by your name. how have you been? you know what? I have never found any places like here where I can write freely and communicate with people have different cultural background. I'd like to say it's not just a place that we can know interesting things from our mother countries, but a place that we are able to exchange our ideas. let's get to know each other a little bit more. I'm currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. 22 years man. I go to community college here and take some english courses and other. Since i have just moved to here from China a short period, I am not a pretty good at speaking English. i think some people may think i am dumb more or less, but the good thing is I am working on it right now. by the way, i'm so excited get your replay. I hope i can know you more if you don't mind,and i will happy to listen whatever you say. you take care. have a wounderfull day! pengfei eastern time 10 p.m


metzean July 30th 2009 m y 9 ar Dea Andrew , I lik you very much , Plea don't ca me a dece ke ase all eiver.no no say what yo wish ,you are ou righ ,but don't take it to your heart, I know that y are ang and wra ht t you gry athful, how can I mak you cool ,It is not a t ke time to cons you , I should be w sent waiting , An ndrew is like e expl losive capsu I live in Esfahan, E ule Esfahan is a historical t town and ma skeleton are in any n peop 's cupbo ple oard . you w welcome? My boss I shou uting? Bye e Moh hsen

Wendy Zhou July 30th 2 W u 2009 Dea Mohsen, ar It se eems your w work is very busy. As i k y know, you a from Ira It is a my are an. ysterious co ountry for m What i only know is it's a midd me. i ddle-east cou untry and m of wom wear sca in most men arfs thei heads. Plz excuse my nonknowle ir z y edge. Becau of this, I am eager t know more use to abo you and y out your countr Now i am working. My work is not so busy and i have a lot ry. m s y e of ti to spend Wo, it is 5 pm. I've g to go! ime d. got you row see y tomorr ndy Wen

Veronicaho J 30th 2009 V July Hi R Rosa! ope ing with d enjoying the life! Here e e everything is well i I ho everythi is well w you and that you e and Im still at h d holiday at o summer our rhouse. ve or u g ve house with m many Ofcourse I hav a room fo you if you are coming here! I liv in a big h ms oors. The fir floor is empty since my son mo rst e e oved! Oh so nice it shou be! uld room and 2 flo :) Y are so W You Welcome! It lo ooks there is a big diffe s erens with sa alaries betw ween our co ountries. But you are rig I ight, thin its more e nk expencive to live here. o

A bar of bred is about 2-2,5 euros, a coffee in a bar is 2 e, cheepest car I think about 10000 e and a laptop 500-1000. Food for a 4 persons family is about 700 e /month. Electricity about 100 e / month, petrol to the cars 1,35 e / litre. What about social service there? How much will it cost? Here to have children at school is free and they get food there (in Norweig not), to go to a doctor is 20 e, and to stay at hospital is 22 e / day including everything. To go by bus in town is free! You told me about the procedure for selecting teachers. That you had to pass a hard exam before you get a job. In Finland (and Sweden) you make a hard exam at the last period in school before you graduate to a profession. After that you dont need to do some other tests. Then you are qualified for a position and you can search for a work. So you are qualified for a position in Finland if you want, :) but you must know swedish. So if you coming here you speak english with me and I speak swedish to you! What a great idea :) :) I thought you missunderstand my last question about Eu. I mean Europeen union not USA what Im think you tought. But doesnt matter. About USA I dont think I like it. I have never been there but Im interesting to go there sometimes. But I think its too big, many peoples and a big difference between poor and rich peoples. But ofcourse they have a lot there, influenses coming therefrom. Difficult to say so much about USA when I never been there. About Europeen Union I think its good. We have same value, countries stay together and the doors between countries are open. Its easy to pass other countries, have work in other countries and other things. The bad things are that maybe we are more like each other here in the Nordic and sometimes peoples here think that the ministers in Brussel controll us too much about things they dont know from here. I dont know. What are you thinking? In general, whats peoples opinions about it? Today Im in a situation a hate! I know its normal and its the real life that childrens fightings, not by thems hands but by words. My daughter (youngest one) have a big fight with her friend. It started when they was 3 girls (as it often will do) Now they tell each others bad things and they hate each others :) My daughter showed me what her friend had wrote to her at msn. I told my daughter to not answer in the same way. That she schould stay more adult and not say so bad words back. Those words make them both so sad! But she wants to give back! This is so difficult. I shouldnt interfere what she doing but I cant let it be....Do you have some advice? Oh, I forgot, I must tell you (I tell everybody) about the trip next vinter. We are going to Malaysia for one months and in the middle we going to Singapore for 2 days. I see forward to it! It will be so nice. So now starting to safe money!

Have a nice day, hope to hear from you soon. Ds Today I sent you an e-majl. Veronica

Veronicaho July 30th 2009 Hi Marina! I think you are busy! I hope everything is well with you! Dont stress, but when you have time tell me your opinions about divorse. I havnt heard it. About childs right to have both parents I agree with you. I dont like divorses but if that is the only way because the parents not love each other anymore or the have a lots of "war", then Im sure it is better for the child if thems parents make a divorse. What do you think? But then is it very importent to have a good relation with each other, even if the parents "hate" each others. And make the best for the childs. What do you think about homosexual peoples right to have childs? In Nordic area, I think from the beginning of this year, homosexual people have right to adopt child. From the beginning I was very thoughtful about this but Im not sure about it more. This is very difficult! What do you think? Do not take a stress of the answer! Write it when you have time! Have a nice day / Veronica

Veronicaho July 30th 2009 Hi Mortaza! I trying to speak with everybody here but in this time it is so many! Thats good but how to get time for it? I hope everything is well with you. I dont know so much about you, just that you are a math.prof, married and have two childs. Im Veronica from Finland. I living at Aland Islands, a small Island between Finland and Sweden. Our language is swedish, even that we belong to Finland. Im married too. I have three childs (27, 23 and 12 years, then 2 grandchilds who are 2 years and the second 5 months.) and only the youngest one living in our home. The two older have moved to own houses. Im a nurse practitioners who working at hospital in a medicin divicion. I love to travel and yesterday I booked a travel to Malaysia in the vinter. I really waiting for it! Do you travel? Where? Please tell me about you, your family, where you are from (I know Iran), work.

Hop to hear fr you! pe from ronica Ver

metzean July 30th 2009 m y 9 Niha Wendy, Her is very ho about 42 C and we c not bear it in midda to go out , the weath is re ot can r ay t her also dusty and p o polluted, th streets ar full of car ,bumper to bumper. Everyday p he re rs people eat watermelon and cantaloupe and generally ea n g ating food is very important as well as s clot thes, we add salt to all of foods, al drinking of alcohols is illegal h d lso g s here. Dea wandy, w ar what is the H Han. Is it the name of o China? W e old What about your cultur ,Do re your people ad salt to the food? Is sa expensiv in your country? dd e alt ve Goo Night od Moh hsen

metzean July 30th 2009 m y 9 ar Dea Andrew, Eve erybody has a skeleton in the cupboard" is an idiom. It m means that ev very body h a has secr in his lif You know that David Beckham is a famous soccer play and his wife is ret fe. w d s ayer too much thin l a skelet so the jo is mean like ton, oke ningful when you know that his wif body n fe lender and b bony is sl ll e board ,but D David Beckh takes his out in the ham e " al of us have a skeleton in the cupb pub blic." ar Do ow y iedrich Gau when he was in elem uss e mentary Dea Andrew, D you kno the story of Karl Fri scho ? one of his student answered the riddle and it was 5050. ool f ts d eers w, past ght ed to nd amless Che Andrew it is half p midnig and I nee to fall int a profoun and drea slum mber as tom mmorow ear morning i should go to the mon rly o ntain. Moh hsen

Andrew July 30th 2009 A y

Hi Mohsen, Of course I knew the idiom but didn't know about David Becham's wife That math riddle was told to me by my father many many years ago. He mentioned the name of Lobachevsky. But let it be Gauss! Good night and good mountaing in the morning:)) Andrew

Cathy Li July 31st 2009 Dear Rosa, How are you? I highly enjoyed your imagination and your writings. As you said, keeping on smiling and having a positive attitude toward life, that's the way to make the world move round. Smile, smile, smile again, wish you smile a lot and enjoy a lot. Actually, I'm very emotional, and sometimes I'm easy to shed tears. Weeping seems a good way to reduce stress or tension. I also think it's a gift from God. After weeping, I will smile more beautiful. The belief in either pessimism or optimism is a matter of choice. Hehe... Girls seem have more rights to enjoy both of them. No destiny, no life. Hehe... My father was destined to marry my mom, and I was destined to see this world. All human beings are destined to live in the shield of God, and are bestowed with good attributes. I personally think that one's life consist of a series of choices. The fate is a gift for ones, but that didn't mean one can do nothing to get this gift. Taking ours meeting as an example, I think it is kind of fate. I highly appreciate this special gift. More luckily, we are eager to share more with each other and feel happy to write to each other. That's because we all have done something to feed our friendship and keep it smiling all the way. Similar tastes always thaw friends out. I enjoy the similarities between us. Hehe...I never read the book you recommended to me, but I will watch that movie first and then buy a book. "Edward Cullen" is so charming, but I dare not love him, hehe...I won't break my boyfriend's heart. Twilight is a saga with four parts. I've finished three of them, now I'm reading the last episode. I just wondered if the writer wants to make each part as a season, coz it is special in each part. From the first love to break apart, then reunion, and having a baby, and stick to each other through life. That's ideals for lovers. I'm looking forward to sharing more with you. Smiling, hehe Cathy

P. S.: I have to say that I really enjoyed your kisses.

Niloofar71 July 31st 2009 Dear Maryam Here It comes the end of the week but you haven't showed up yet. Hope to hear from you soon. All The Best Niloofar


Wendy Zhou July 31st 2009 Dear Mohsen? Thanks for your letter. Now i am sitting in front of laptop and feel cozy. The temperature is down to 30 degree after it was up to 40 degree several days ago. Just like your custom, we eat watermelon almost everyday in summer. The other friuts, such as grape and peach are popular, too. On account of hot weather, we always do dishes using vegetable of water gourd, towel gourd and cucurbit at home. These materials are good for decreasing our body temperature. We add salt into dish, sometimes sugar. But chinese people think salty taste is the king of all the tastes. Therefore, the name of salt trademen in old days comes down to now. About Han, i will get back to you later. Now i am going to eat birthday cake. have a nice day Wendy

Niloofar71 July 31st 2009 Dear Mortaza I know graduated people around me but they may have not time or they can't help me with this.They say you yourself must discover your ability. I'm not a genius person but I have a great persistence and with hard-work I can achieve what ever I want.So I don't know which lesson I'm good at more. About Konkoor I know a lot of studious and hard-working guys who weren't accepted is Konkoor.That is why makes me worry and stressfull. Thank you for your patience and consideration!

All The Best Nilo oofar

Niloofar71 J 31st 20 N July 009 Dea Pengfei ar I ag gree with yo ou.Here is a great webs and I ha learned loads of things here. site ave d Actu ually I'm fem male,17,a h high school student. I fan learning English and I attend classes.I lo working with compu and I take ncy g ove g uter a som "Robocup and "Art me p" tificial Intell ligence" cou urses. It is really nice to hear fro you s e om All the best oofar Nilo

metzean July 31st 2009 m y I've all my wisd teeth dom Two up top, tw beneath o wo ognise And yet I'll reco d My mouth says things that aren't so wise s t w But when I sing my friend's praise g I kn I'm righ or close a now ht, anyways r earth For he's a gem upon this e I kn to me he will return now e n ar nam Dea Mr. Behn I do know wh on't here you've gone I'd l load you up with lead p shoot myself in The hea lf ad To s I'd w you ba soon wish ack And I really ask myself d k at without you Wha do I do w I gu I'll go a buy mys some ro uess and self ope ar nam Dea Mr. Behn I do know wh on't here you've gone I ne you righ now eed ht And please don ask me w d n't why I'd w you ba soon wish ack Cau your thr use read ain't re eally worth d doing u're d You my kind friend

And you'll take me to The end d e

All the best , Moh hsen

metzean July 31st 2009 m y Dea Andrew, ar w ablished his big family in the attic ,her childre are all black s en b Now the block cat has esta with green eyes h s,now I shou be ready for a banq party, I prepare a poem to sin for uld dy quet ng her ere s med The once was a cat nam black, she ran around and smoke crack, d ed one till o day, he was found a gay, w now he is busy reproduct. w I am girding my lions to ad some dru to the d m y dd ugs dinner Moh hsen

metzean July 31st 2009 m y ndy iend, Wen dear fri hape waterm melons, wat termelon lik a big ball with green skin and red ke l n r We have two sh other kind i like a big capsule wit light gree skin and red inside, the is th en d inside and the o ght 10 weig is 3 to 1 kgs. As y said you eat gourd at home ,do you cook it in boiled water? We use to fry it in a you u d do i pan by oil, we h n have a wron culture in Iran that in cooking p ng i process mo of the foo are ost ods fried , also gou is not in our everyd dishes, b d urd day because many people d don't like the gourd e tast they pref to eat eg plant than gourd ( co te, fer gg n ourgette or zucchini) .w what about y do you you like egg pla ant? I ho you have enjoyed eating in bir ope rthday party y Moh hsen

Marina1 July 31st 2009 M ly 9

Dear Mortaza, So happy to hear that you are interested in Syria and its nature. As you said Syria is a beautiful country with friendly people, I hope one day you can visit us. I know that Iranian people love to visit Zeinab shrine which is in Damascus and which means a lot for all Muslims. I'm from Lattakia which is a city in the coast line. In Summer, lots of tourists come here to have nice days on the beach. Besides , there are lots of beautiful places in its mountains. Dear Mortaza, Marina as I said before is not my real name , but I love it. I love Arabic names too. I liked the Persian names too, but they are a bit hard to keep in my poor mind :) Dear Mortaza, you are a professor , would you please tell us something about your way of setting questions??? :) I hope to read more from you. Marina

August 2009

Wendy Zhou August 1st 2009 Dear Mohsen? Thank you for your quick reply. First I?d like to answer your previous quention. Han can be explained by two means. one is it refer to one of the dynastes in old china. the other means Han nationality. Why is Han remembered by you even the world?the reason is that Han dynasty is one of the strongest countries in old world according to chinese history record. It is the center of the world trade at that time. The famous ?silk road? begun from Han. The people were called as Han people by the old world. Despite China is not so strong, the name Han people is kept until now. I am one member of Han nationality. I love to eat egg plant. We fry it by a lot lot of oil. It is not good at our heath. So i dont eat frequently. The mini birthday party is hold by the company at the end of month for those employees whose birthday fall in the month. only cake is served at the party. It is very funny that we always eat less lunch at that day and leave more appetite for the nice cake. Do your

com mpany hold t kind of party? this f Hav a good w ve weekend? ndy Wen

metzean Aug 1st 200 m gust 09 Dea Andrew, ar ry mistake I wa made in Black Cat as Sorr for type m I rev it as follow vise ere s med The once was a cat nam black, she ran around and smoke crack, d ed till o day, one ay, She found a gay w y t. now She is busy reproduct And drew ,I am i S Peter to visit the Armitaz Mus in o seum,I don't know the c t correct spell of l mus suem name , see an Isl ,I land in midd river ,w dle what is the na of this river ? ame The tour I have started fro caspian Sea to Asta e e om arakhan Por Volga riv S.Peres rt, ver, sburg than continue t Baltic Sea -Aland Isl n to a land in Finl land ,then p pasific ocean -Andalusi in n ia sout of Spain ,then Lattak in Syria. th kia ase orry,I am in Google Ea n arth. Plea don't wo Moh hsen

mortaza.abta August 1st 2009 m ahi ar Dea Rosa, I rea your wri ad iting carefully. You wri honestly and clearly. Thank yo ites y ou! I am very glad that you ha got a satisfying excellent job. I my count Iran, ha m ave In try, aving a posi ition as a te eacher is on of the mo demande jobs among educated people. H ne ost ed d However, its salary varie depending on the sch s es g hool level in which you are teachin n u ng. In Ir Iran, public schools dev vided in 3 le evels. The fi level, w first which I think it can be k tran nslated as "p primary sch hool", is a 5 years perio The second level ca od. alled "high school" is a 3 years per riod and the third level is a 4 year period. Th usually students s e l rs hen, y, start prep paring to ta a compr ake rehensive ex to deter xam rmine if they are qualif to go to y fied o univ versity (this is the topic which I wr to Niloo about it). s c rite ofar Any yway, if A, B and C are respective a teacher's salary in level 1, 2 and 3, and if D is B, e, ely, 2, d the salary of a f faculty mem meber at a u university, t then in Iran usually A < B < C < D D, t ely ould be adju usted: A > B > C which I think it is absolute wrong!! In fact, the reverse sho

> D !! Let me explain my idea. Educating children who are in primary school and are in their ealry ages is more important and more critical than those who are in high school or university. A teacher in a school level 1 has a more difficult job than a teacher in school level 2. If a student is properly educated while s/he is in first level then s/he can learn lessons more easily while s/he is in level 2, and so on. Unfortunately, in Iran, teachers are not paid as much as they deserve. As a result, they have to work more and more to afford life expenses. Some of them have a second (part time) job. This situation is harmful to the educating system. If the educating system in a country does not work properly then the whole society might be in danger! Dear Rosa, the purpose of writing here, to me, is two things: 1- Practising English, 2Exchanging ideas. Please, forgive me if sometimes my writings are long and boring. There are many subject between us to write about. So please let me know your comments about what I am writing here. I am waiting. Yours sincerely mortaza Auggst 1, 2009

262 mortaza.abtahi August 1st 2009 Hi Veronica, Thank you so much for writing to me. Everytime I visit this website I look for writings addressing to me, and when I find one it makes me very happy!! My real name is Mortaza and I come from Iran. I am a male person and 32. As you know I have 2 children, a boy and a girl; my girl is now 5 months. I am living in a small city located just where a desert ends and mountains start. Its weather is dry, it is hot at the Summer and cold at the Winter. I work at a university as a faculty member and I teach MATH. Do you like MATH?!?! You are living at an island; well! that must be very interesting. How could be life on an island? Please, write to me about it. Here, after driving on a road passing through mountains and a jungle covering the mountains, it takes just 3 hours to reach the sea, so we usually go picnic to jungle or beaches, when we have enough free time. My language is Farsi or Persian. In this region people in a few countries speak Farsi, including Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Farsi is a very old language and it is very rich in

literatures. There exist many invaluable books written many years ago (100-700 years ago). You said that, although you come from Finlad, your language is Swedish. Does this mean that your country, Finland, have its own official language, yet people in your city speak in Swedish? You are a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2, you are also a nurse. You are a treasure here. I can learn invaluable lessons from you. In the future writings I would like to share some ideas with you about lifestyle especially those related to family health. You are going to Malysia, lucky you! I have never been there but I know that it is a very beautiful country. I do like traveling. But honestly I do not have enough money to travel abroad. I just try to travel inside Iran. Here we have many beautiful and historical places and cities which I think any traveler must visit them. We can talk more about this subject in the future. I am waiting. Your sincerely mortaza August 1, 2009

Veronicaho August 1st 2009 Hi Mortaza! As you, Im very happy to find writings addressing to me! Thanks for your fast replay! So nice that you have childs. How old is your boy? If I remember right I have readed he is 2 years? Then your childs are in the same age as my grandchilds. Ofcourse every age have something but in this age from half a year to about 3 have a very especually charm. The kids learning so much, they learn to go and speak and they get a personallity. And as parents you can see yourself at the childs. It is so nice! Take care and enyoing this time, it will never coming back! And the time going so fast when the childs growing up. Oh my God, I speaking as a old lady!! But its real tru... Yes I like math and physics. As a nurse practitioners I have readed much math because we count so much at our work when we make infusions and other thretments. My father was a matematic and I think he learned me a lot. And to think logical. Often a person have easier to learn matematic or language. Two of my childs have easier to learn language but more difficult with matematic. And I can be so angry when they

dont understand! I try and try to explain but they dont understand! But Im not a teacher, and its lucky (?) because I should be a horrible teacher! I really admire teachers for the work they doing! About my country Finland I can explain. At 1100 Finland belongs to Sweden and many people spoke swedish untill 1800 when Russia took Finland. !917 Finland been a independent country and Finland even get the Aland Islands from Sweden. Thats the reason why people at Aland Island speaking only swedish and in real Finland 95 % speaking finish (the official language). A little bit strange when we living in same country! In 1922 Aland Islands got status as a autonom region. So it is a autonomous with own government. We have a own flag and its likes the swedish flag (blu and yellow) but we even have a red cross in the middle. So the finish flag is not the right flag on this site. Maybe Clare can change it? I will ask her :) We even have own stamps. Aland Islands cold The Peaces Islands because this is a demilitary zon so it means that no military is accepted here and boys here never goes to military as they do in Finland for 6-9 months. It is a big difference to live in a small Island. Here living 27500 peoples and in my town 11000. We have everything here. Like a small town. And we have the sea around us. Most importent industries is shipping, crusies, banking, farming. We have many big cruises going to Finland and Sweden so we often go there. It take 2 hours to Sweden and 5 to Finland. If you are interesting go to www.visitaland.com There is good information about Aland Islands in english. Sometimes I should like to live in a big city. Especually in vintertime becaus then is it a little bit dead here. In spring and summertime we have a lots of turists here and I like it. I think one of the reasons why we travelling a lot is to see something else. Not only this small Island. The second reason is to show our childs the world and differences on it. I have a collega at my work, a young man who studying to be a nurse and he have told me a little bit about Iran. He coming therefrom and I think he to speaking Farsi, but Im not sure. Is it usual with male-nurses in Iran or you havnt? Ofcourse, ask me what you want about familyhealty or diseses and treatment and I will answer and help you if I can! Hope to hear from you again and forgive me for misstaks I have done in my writings. Veronica

Andrew Aug 1st 2009 A gust 9 Moh hsen dear, n't out ring about you:)) y don worry abo me worr Goo everyw ogle wehere you w want. Being in S-Pet go to the Nor g o rth-East par of a city a look rt and for the metro st tation "Kom mendantsky Prospect" - I live near to it. r ad hat ng's ht fabulous Bla Cat. Ple ack ease advise her to Gla to hear th everythin allrigh with our f refr rain from sm moking crac at least fo the period of feeding Hope the kittens are safe? ck or g. I suspect that B Black Cat's boyfriend is not a GAY but a natural GUY (ta it easy s Y ake ryone can m these w miss words includ ding me:) ever Wel ll....so does your 'financial state' a allow you to have trave in a real life? My on o els ne actu ually doesn' Only cha 't:( ance is to g a job abr get road. rem main sick, ne evertheless h happy to tal and chat lk urs, You And drew

Marina1 Aug 1st 200 M gust 09 Dea Veronica, ar Tha anks a lot for your writi thank y once ag ing, you gain for your understan r nding. Dea Veronica, I agree wi all of you about gett ar ith u ting divorce I strongl believe th it's ed. ly hat the last solution when not n, thing works And when there is no love. s. en ng puter we try to do some y ething befor using the last re Whe somethin happens to the comp chance " forma atting" , bec cause of all the informa ation on it , and maybe we can fix it. Inst talling a new system an moving th importan files from it to a flash memory will take w nd he nt m h w a lo of time. ot I me eant from m example that there a lots of so my are olutions bef fore making the hardes one. I g st stro ongly believe that as lon as there is a love, ev ng verything ca be alrigh even if there are an ht a lo of problem ot ms.

Dea Veronica, about your hard ques ar stion " adop pting childre for the ho en omosexual p people" I thi I have n ink nothing to sa , because I disagree with the wh idea fr the beg ay e e hole rom ginning " ho omosexual". So forgive me, I don't like to talk about such a topic, I'd prefer to keep . e t k h d k silen nt. ar e f u Dea Veronica, your name consists of 8 letters ( V, E, R, O, N, I, C, A) , would you please tell me eight im mportant wo ords in your life begin w them?? r with ? Ex: V : Vest :) E: element ;) ..... And so o e on. I ho to read m ope more from y you. Mar rina.

Marina1 Aug 1st 200 M gust 09 For Dear friend Rosa who loves goin to the con r o ng ncerts :) How Do You P w Pronounce " "Mozart"? Pos sted: 29 Jul 2009 06:00 PM PDT 0 In some culture names ar held to be so importa and pers es re e ant rsonal that m members of the f cult ture keep them secret fr strange from ers. Eve in Wester society, n en rn names stir emotions. It bothers us to see our n names missp pelled or h hear them m mispronounc Journalists try har to avoid o ced. rd offending th subjects of their he o stor by doing either. ries g I rec the conf call nfused ripple General C Colin Powel caused on NPR as an ll n nnouncers stum mbled over t pronunc the ciation of hi first name They wer used to th traditiona short is e. re he al o pr ronunciation of the nam "Colin" and require a day or so to settle to the long o with n me ed which the gene pronoun eral nces it. t R ers t Clinton does not pronou unce Not all the NPR announce have yet figured out that Bill C "Cli inton" with a t, but with a glottal s h stop. Whe it comes to living pe en eople, the pr ronunciatio of a name can be set on e ttled by aski the ing pers to whom it belongs That?s no the case w the nam of longson m s. ot with mes -dead writer or rs com mposers. e Wolfgang Am madeus Moz has bee pronounc the same way by En zart en ced e nglish The name of W spea akers for a v very long ti now. It seems to me that the tr ime e raditional pr ronunciatio of the on nam can be co me onsidered th correct p he pronunciatio on.

So why are some people beginning to pronounce "Mozart" as if they were saying "Moe's art"? I?ve heard more than one radio announcer pronounce it that way. Can this be the thin edge of the wedge? Is the next step going to be pronouncing "Beethoven" and "Bach" as [bee-thoven] and [bahtch]? Heaven forfend! Here, for the benefit of the young and inexperienced are the traditional pronunciations of the Big Three as given at Inogolo, a site dedicated to conveying the correct pronunciation of proper names.


Mohamad August 2nd 2009 Hola Rosa, Salam to you and to your family , how can I thank enough for your affection and attention, thank you for your pure feeling and thank you for your nice and sweet writings , I hope you are in good mood , I read your writing and enjoyed it. Miss Rosa you are a teacher and you are a good writer, what a lucky student is to have you for her/his teacher and what a lucky parent your mother and father are to have you for their child, I am jealous of them ,but I am lucky too, because you are my kind friend , as you know life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends. I find very useful things in your writings , I read them 3 or 4 time , friend like you is really like perfumed flower that grow in mountain , hard to find and lucky to have, of course my other friends in this site ( Behnam, Marina, Maryam ,Cathy, Mortaza , Niloofar, Asal , Veronica ? ) are like this. You asked me about my favorite flower, this is a difficult question for me as a gardener. I love every plant even weeds. I agree with you, roses are beautiful flower, we have more than 100 species and cultivar rose in our garden. Some of this cultivars are very perfumed and is obtained rose water from them , as you know Iranian rose water is very famous in the world . I like tuberose too . this flower is called golemaryam in Iran. I like my job and agree with this description about gardener by Paulo Coelho: An anonymous text from the traditional says that , in life, each person can take one of two attitudes , to build or to plant. The builders might take years over their tasks, but one day, they finish what they?re doing. Then they find they?re hemmed in by their own walls . life loses its meaning when the building stops. Then there are those who plant, they endure storms and all the many

vicissitudes of the season and they rarely rest. But unlike a building , a garden never stops growing. And while it requires the gardener?s constant it also allow life for the gardener always recognize one another because they know that in the history of each plant lies the growth of the whole world. Brida, Paulo Coelho Have a perfumed time, Araghi, August, 2th,2009

Andrew August 2nd 2009 Dear Marina! Wrong pronunciation of foreign names is a story having old roots. How poles say "Chopin" and how englishmen do? English way sounds odd for the russian ear:) What about Haydn, Chaikovsky, Churchill, Peron, Matiss? We all know houndreds of very famous names, names of people who belongs to different cultures and, what is the most important, to another language or even to another group of languages! In a case you'd like to pronunciate ALL these names (and just words! Can you say "adieu" like Frenchwoman?) correct you should speak ALL the languages like native. And it is definiteky unsoluble task for the most of us. So my advice is: learn everything you want to learn about the languages but don't try to break what come to be a model of pronunciation in your own language - it's reasonless and would bring to complete mess you countrymen:)))) Best linguistics, Andrew

Veronicaho August 2nd 2009 Hi Marina, Thanks for your answer and I was happy to see you here again! You gave me a difficult task :) To put 8 importent words to my name. My vocabulary is so small so it was difficult to find the words I wanted. I will do it again after half a year, and I hope it will be more exact. V - wisdom E - enyojing my life every days R - respect to everybody in this world

O - own time N - never lie I - importent to have good self-esteem C - child at heart A - ability to listening and see other peoples Please can you do the same with your name? About the question about homosexual peoples right to adopt childs. I respect you about your attitude to this topic. And you dont need to answer it. But I want to tell you something. I hope you will read it :)When I was younger I had many "ideas of what is right and wrong". But for every year I being older I change my ideas a little bit. Nothing is �"black or white" Even for me it is a "mysterium" when a person is homosexual but I dont think its my right to judge them. I will respect them for the person they are! Sometimes I think people have so many preconceived notion about something. Since I got childs I have change how to think because what happen and what should I do if one of my child told me he/she is homosexual? Nobody knows about childs disposition. Ofcourse I should be in chock but anyway, I love my childs depence what they doing! As a mother you can never forgot a child! Even in my work as a nurse I must accept everybody. (It doesnt means I agree with them. ) Doesnt matter who the person is. If they are homosexual, criminal, have an other religion as I have, naughty or what else, I have to respect them all and they have the same right to care and help as everybody else. I hope you dont be upset about my opinions. And again, I respect if you dont want to answer this topic! But Please think a little bit on it :) Today Im ill. My nose runny, fever, headache and pain in whole my body! I have taked painkiller but nothing happen. Maybe svineflu!!!!!!!!!! No I dont think it is that :) My grandchilds was ill few days ago so its my turn now. About svineflu. Have you got it in your country yet? In my area just one person have had it but in Finland around 200 peoples. A lot in England, ~ 100 000! Many are very scary for it. Have a nice day and I hope to hear more from you! Veronica

Veronicaho August 2nd 2009 Hi Mohsen, I readed in your writings to Andrew about your trip from St. Petersburg to Syria via Aland Islands, by Google earth. Please call me when you coming to Aland Islands. I will invite you for dinner :) :) And I will show you Aland Islands! Maybe I can go with you to Syria and Iran! You know I really love to travel :) Have a nice day in St. Petersburg Veronica

Andrew August 2nd 2009 Dear Veronica! There is really nice time in Saint-Petersburg. A summer is still a summer, though not so hot. For those who adore a mix of warm, cool and fresh weather for a walk it is definitely the best season. My wife and daughter had been back from Finland (real travel, not by Google:) last night and just now they went to the 'dacha' ('dacha' = country house) I'd go with them if not being sick. Some silly and inappropriate flu took possession of my nose and throat. Though....to be honest, I'm not a 'journey animal' (it's my own idiom, similar to 'party animal') and I feel actually relaxed exactly in my home chair. So I am into it, checking posts, playing games, swallowing pills and enjoying to be alone:) Yes, right, I love my family but adore to be alone sometimes. Veronica, what do you think, is people really scare to speak by phone? I mean do many people scare to speak foreign language by phone as I do? And isn't it exactly what we should do? So I address to you and TO EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM: let's try to speak by voice! Use Skype or some different connection. Maybe for somebody voice conversation is such an easy thing as writing but not for me. I'm bad at it and I need practice. My Scype name 'justandrewdamnit', Yahoo name is 'fidgetdrowsy' *** If my friend, owner of black cat and Great Google Searcher Mohsen will ever visit Aland Islands please pass him my friendly bow, little spell correction: not 'Armitage' but 'Hermitage' and remark: the Hermitage place on the left bank of Neva river, on

"Dvortzovay" embankment (not on the island), between two bridges "Dvortzoviy" and "Troitzkiy", near to "Vasilevsky" island. Sorry for troublemaking:)))) Best wishes, Andrew 263

Veronicaho August 2nd 2009 Hi Andrew, Very nice to hear from you. And what nice that your wife and daughter has visited Finland! Where have they been? Did they like it? Maybe they have been there before? Im ill today with fever, runny nose, pain in my whole body and troath and tired. So we are in the same boat :) Maybe svineflu? Who knows? Your idea to connect at skype is good! We really need it everybody for to practice to speak english. I dont know if people are scare to speak in phone, maybe? When you are writing you have more time to think about how to write, than you have when you speak by phone. That can be a reason, I dont know? Dont you speak at skype to someone from this site? Or have I missunderstand it? But I like your idea so I will add you at skype in the evening and I hope our friends here will do the same :) Hear you at skype next time :) Veronica

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear friends, I hope all of you be healthy and enjoy your life the best. I'm sorry for being late in answering. Actually, as I told before, I was searching for a place to live in and I found it, so last thursday I went to Sari to pack the things which I

needed and came back on Friday. Then I should arrange my things. On saturday, I was at work from 8:30 A.M. to 8 P.M.. I, myself, really missed you and wanted to see you sooner. Now I'm here. Anyway, I hope you forgive me for making you wait for a long time. Morning or night, you are light Big or small, you are all Young or old, you are gold Far or near, you are dear. Best wishes, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Niloofar, Please hurry up and make your decision about the clothes. Be aware that the party is coming. As you wrote, you are a good student, so make plan and do your best and try not to think about the result. Think about the process and be sure that you will succeed. I try to visit that site, but not now. Whenever I visit, I will let you know. Have good times, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Veronica, Thank you for accepting me as one of your friends. It's an honor for me to have a friend like you. As I wrote before, I'm 28 and graduated in physics and now work as a seller in a company which introduces office furniture and partition and cabinet. I'm from Sari which is in north of Iran. I'm here for about seven month. I don't know what else you want to know, but you can ask me what you have in your mind?

Have a nice day, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Mai, Thank you so much for your nice words. Thank you for making friends with me. I'm proud of being your friend. Dear Mai, try not to put label on yourself. As you write here, it shows that you are not shy. Your mother is completely right. Don't worry about making mistakes. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them. Whenever you write something and we don't understand, we will ask you to explain it more, so take it easy and keep writing. I wrote about myself to Veronica. Please read it and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I like coffee very much. I think you can bring some coffee for us in the party. Will you come? :) I'm sure it's late to ask about your exam, but I hope you be successful in your life. Just be hopeful, dear. I hope to read more from you. Have good times, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Araghi, Thank you so much for you kind words and your nice description of friends. I'm happy you had time to write to us, too. Thank you for making time in spite of being busy. I really like your writings. You write little, but beautifully. I really like to see that photo. Could you please do me a favor and send it to me whenever you have time? My e-mail address is,

mary_moon1981@hotmail.com Any excuses is acceptable. There is no problem if you cannot send it. All the best, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Sami, Thank you for being kind to me. Thank you for your nice reply. I love your dress. Actually, red and white are my favorite colors. Pleasure is all mine to dance with you, Mazandarani. I agree with you about putting energy into what you like. But also, you can enjoy doing waht you dislike. In fact, it depends on your thoughts and the way you look at it. I'm glad that I make myself undestood to you. Your writing is as clear as the day for me. Feel free and keep writing, please. You are exactly right. I studied physics, but here in Iran it's hard to find a job according to your subject. For sure, I prefer to live with my family, but now I'm sure that I made the right decision. Now I got used to it and learned to enjoy it. Maybe the best thing is becoming independant, but for sure, the worst thing is feeling homesick and missing your family, especially when you are with them, for example, in vacation and then you want to leave them and back to your home(another city.) When you experience it yourself, please tell me your idea. Have a nice day, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Cathy, I'm happy that you like it. I think to hold it next saturday. What is your idea? If you have a better idea, please let me know. I can't wait eighter. I hope to see you and other friends soon.

Let us enjoy your sweet smile. Kiss, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Marina, How are you? I hope you are great. Thank you for your nice words about my writing. Actually, my absence made not be aware of what was happening here, but I hope to be able to write, at least, once a week. Make yourself ready for the party. See you, Maryam

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear Rosa, I'm terribly sorry for writing Sami instead of your name. I hope you will forgive my mistake with your kindness. Best regards, Maryam 264

mary August 2nd 2009 Dear friends, Today, I read a beautiful sentence and now I want to know your idea about it. I want to know how you get it and how you explain it. please share your ideas with me and others. "A friend is one who is your friend even when he/she is absent."

Thank you all in advance. Best regards, Maryam

nanazhong August 2nd 2009 dear Cathy, To my surprised,You get up at 5:30.You raise me up---when i read this thread,i think it over this song which is singed by Donald Drasswell in America's Got Talent.Donald Drasswell is a sales for car which has three children.He had been a professonal singer but he lost his speaking voice for a traffic accident 11 years before.Now he begins to talk and to sing.You can watch the video http://sunnydayqt.blogbus.com/logs/41905843.html So keep it going. GOOD LUCK NANA Aug 3,2009

mortaza.abtahi August 2nd 2009 Dear Niloofar, How are you? When you say that you have a great persistence and, with hard-work, you can achive what ever you want, I can realize that you have great self-confidence. So I am really surprised that what cause you to worry about the exam. In fact, you know the key of success; persistence and hard-working. Consider a running match. There are many good runners who want to win the match. Each runner just focuses on his way and wants to reach the end as fast as he can. They never pay attention to others, because this may lead to lose their focus and then lose the match. I think Konkoor is very similar to a running match, and the students are the runners! If you want to make it, you just need to focus on your own way. Do not pay attention to what your friends and other students say and do. Just because your friend, who is strong, fails an exam does not mean that the same may happen to you. Every person has his own reason for being successful or unsuccessful. We can continue writing about this subject, if you want. I am waiting for your nice

writings. Good luck mortaza August 3, 2009

Andrew August 2nd 2009 Hi Maryam, please accept my coming to be customary delay with an answer. I seem to become negligent, shame on me! I need some point to induce me to write. So now I have a point:)) What do you think about voice communication? Did you notice that people even having constant intense corresponding with other people seem to avoid a possibility to speak by phone? I had obviously asked you this question before; I've asked this question Veronica in my recent post, I've asked myself and I've not got proper answer till now. I have maybe some assumption but it's not completely clear. Regarding with a target we all should use both writing and live speaking, but nobody do it! At least I have never talked by phone to anyone on this site. (It's an answer to your question, Veronica!) Behnam was only one who offered me voice chat but he had troubles with slow internet in his PC so.. So why? Why many people studying languages avoid voice practice? It's a question and I'm really interested to get an answer. I am really interested to know your opinion Maryam, just don't say me that you have the same troubles with an internet:) ?? Sorry if I put the same question many times, anyway take it easy and once again please forgive me my non-regular answering. Go on to be admirer of your wisdom, kind and tactful personality and stay to be your friend, though even being absent sometimes:)))) Andrew

Andrew August 2nd 2009 Mariam, "please accept my coming to be customary apologies for the delay....:)))))

Veronicaho A V August 2nd 2009 d Hi A Andrew, If yo want to s ou speak by sky ype...just ac ccept me an I will call you tomor nd l rrow! Veronica

metzean Aug 3rd 200 m gust 09 ar Dea Wendy, Hop you are d pe doing fine.W have cele We ebration in our compan for wedd ny ding anniver rsary of emp ployees, We receive an appreciatio plaque and also a go coin in the ceremon on old ny, eati candies and drinkin fruit juic we also have cerem ing ng ces, mony for hol leaders birthday ly b ann niversary, lik our prop birthday (Mohamm ke phet y mad). Nex Friday the will be a big cerem xt ere mony in Iran for birthda of Imam M n ay Mahdi, the last succ cessor of Pr rophet Moh hammad. We believe tha Imam Ma e at ahdi never d in 1000 years died 0 ago he disappeared, as G wished a he will come again to save all people and make o; God and n l d an e equivalent s society in th earth. The advent of Imam Mahdi is similar of advent of he e f r Jesu Christ. W also belie the Chr advent; we believe that Mahdi and Christ advent us We eve rist in future. fu We have side d of egg p dish plant pickle- garlic pick onion p klepickle-shallo pickle an all ot nd d ble which kept i vinegar, w in when we mi all fruits and vegetab to ix bles kind of vegetab or fruit w mak a mixed p ke pickle we ca it Leete P all Pickle , man Iranian l to eat pickle with th ny like hier food What is y d. your custom for pickle o other kin of side di m or nd ish. One of employe in our co e ee ompany is ve sensitiv to pickle, he appearn hate pic , so ery ve ntly ckle ever rybody call him Leete p pickle to bother him an play a jok on him. nd ke All the best, Moh hsen

sa August 3rd 2009 ami t Dea friends ar How are you all? w I ha been abs for som days, I ha been en ave sent me ave njoying holi idays in my city and als I had so

a sm trip to P mall Portugal. S I havent h enough time to wri but let m tell you I have So had ite, me miss you very much! It i when we are far from this place that we rea sed ry is m e alize how imp portant it is f us. I wa dying to c for as come and re all your writings. ead r I ha read the all, and a copied them, I wil write to ea of you t ave em also d ll ach tomorrow. I hope you dont forget me for being so late! t Now I am still in my hous at the bea as you know, I will start work w, se ach, l king next sep ptember at sc chool. This month I am going to be working t m b too, but in a icecream shop. I hav an m ve wor rked there fo at least 8 years, the owner is a f for friend of my family, for me he is li an y r ike olde brother. H asked m to work th er He me here as a fa avour, just fo this month, and I am going for m to work there in the morni w n ings. As you can imagin i love ic u ne, cecreams! I love all flav vours...so ma aybe I will h have to be o a diet nex septembe on ext er!!!!! Do you like icec creams? Whi is your f ich favourite fla avour? ar ad f nt mail, I have Dea Veronica, I have rea in one of your posts that you sen me an em chec cked my ma ailbox and I have no ma from yo I write m address a ails ou, my again in cas there se was a mistake: "rosammd@ s @hotmail.e I would be very hap to read an email fr es". d ppy d rom you. Dea Maryam, dont worry about call ar y ling me sam this is my nickname, and my rea name mi, y al is R Rosa. You ca call me h you wis an how sh. To t rest of y (Marina Cathy, Ar the you a, raghi and M Mortaza) I w read aga your wr will ain riting and write to yo as soon a possible, maybe tomo d ou as orrow. I ho you all a having fun and enjo ope are f oying your life. Kiss ses Ros August 3 2009 sa, 3,

metzean Aug 3rd 200 m gust 09 Dea Veronica, ar I am honor to p m present my compliment and thanks for your in c t s nvitation, I w pay a v to will visit Alan Island as I finish vis nd s siting the S. Petersburg ,specially the Hermita Museum and g age m, som tete a tete with my fr me e riend Andrew.I hope yo will be be ou etter and be sure that it was e not a swine flu. . Dea Andrew, I am very happy that you correct m writing, this was al the black cat ar my lso k irrit tated to app the name of gay for her husban She refra from sm ply e nd. ain moking crack as she k is no in love w husban and the k ow with nd kittens ,but I am afraid that if the l love diminis shes she smo over aga .Andrew you should not expect me too mu ,You sh oke ain w d t uch. hould not exp a xpect mar rried man th correct w he words and sp pelling, but the single o are not expected a t one t mist take. A mar rried man w works by half of his min ,because his second half works f his lf nd for

family. Writing correct spe g elling and g grammar is a hard job and time co onsuming, I write as s soon as I fin the words from my c nd s computer dic ctionary an write the sentence , s I can nd so not j join to your Skype Ch but if I i rs hat, install the skype softwa I try it. are And drew I went to Hermitag Museum my hair st ge m, tiffed by the excitement when I en e ts ntered the I Inverno hal ,it was rea amazin ,at first w ll ally ng when I was g going up the marble sta e airs, I saw a woman b statue s w bust stuck on the wall, I rem e membered B Behnam. If I want to see 3000.000, p painting bo oard and collection whi are in th museum ,I ich he shou stay the for one m uld ere month. Andr have ev seen all part of the museum ? H rew ver How muc time it ta ch akes? All the best, Moh hsen

Andrew Aug 3rd 200 A gust 09 I do know M on't Mohsen, I don't know ac ctually how much it tak 'cause I h kes hadn't been there n sinc my young nails. May not so m ce g ybe much if you don't try to memorize e every image by e heart:) And drew 265 5

metzean Aug 4th 200 m gust 09 Dea Maryam, ar I thi you are very happy to find a jo and home in Tehran ,congratul ink y ob n lation. Wha about you accent , do you have special ac at ur d e ccent of peop in north of Iran? or you ple h r have chenged i to Tehranian accent.L it LOL Whe enever I com to Tehra I speak with Esfahan me an w nian accent, as people of Tehran like t, l Esfa fahanian acc cent,special when i co to larg companie which the sale person alway lly ome ge es e is a woman. God forbiden, i I come to you compa for buyin of some decoration and partion you d if any ng ns, can control you urself ,not to laugh.. LO o OL Tha anks for bea atiful sentence "A friend is one who is your fri d o iend even w when he/she is abse ent." as you know our f u friends Cath and Mar hy rina have a nice tender taste in thi r is pero ofessinal aff ffairs like yo but i dar to write m idea. ou, re my whe a friend i sick in ho en is ospital , in ja , in travl ail ling or gene erally at tim of crisis, a good me frien could hle care her childern, m nd ep r make her roo tidy,take notes for h friend in om e her n scho and give her their h ool e homework a assignments when she i absent an sick at ho s is nd ome. supp her with proper mo ply h oney to relea her form jail and so on.. as m o

A good freind never forget her friend even when she is in far distance, she can send her letter Card, and send her a gift for her birthday. I think a good friend who is in heart never been absent if she is far from her, she soothe her by her memories . happy days Mohsen

Hamed71 August 4th 2009 hello every body i am new member in english at home. my name is Hamed i like make friendship with you and make progress in english I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY thanks

mary August 4th 2009 Dear Andrew, How are you? How's life? I hope you feel great. Thank you for your writing. As I wrote before, all of us have something to do, so sometimes it's hard to answer soon. I do understand it, so don't worry and feel free in writing. :) About voice chat, as Behnam told, the speed of Internet is low at home. Of course, I can do it in a cafe, but I really don't like it. Some years ago, when my family wanted to talk to my aunt, who lives in sweden, they went to cafe, but I never did it. I prefer to call and talk. What I like the most is to see someone and talk to him/her face to face. But to show you that I don't mean something else, I TRY to have voice chat with you the next time which I go home(about 2 months later.) I don't avoid speaking English generally, but when I feel that the other person wants to see my ability in speaking, I prefer not to talk or when I don't feel good, I prefer to speak Farsi. Don't put so much presure on yourself, Andrew and write whenever you can. Thanks. Have better times, Maryam

mary August 4th 2009 Dear Rosa, It's so good to see your writing and know that you have enjoyed your trip. Actually, I hope you enjoy every minute of your life. This summer I have not gone to the beach yet and I hope I can. Please look at the see and smell it and walk on the sand instead of me. WoW! Icecream. I love chocolate icecream the most. How you can resist. Can you??????????? Please bring some icecream to the party. :D I like to call you with your name, Rosa. Hope to see you soon in the party. Have good times, Maryam

mortaza.abtahi August 4th 2009 Hi Veronica, Many thanks for fast replying! My boy is now 4 years and 5 months! So the difference between the age of my boy and the age of my daughter is exactly 4 years. What do you think? Do you think that the difference between the age of my two childeren is large or good? My wife and I believe that the best difference between the age of two successive childeren in a family is 4 years!! One of our reason is that 4 years is long enough for the mother to get rest and recover from her last pregnancy. The second reason is that after 4 years the child becomes grown enough so that s/he no longer needs especial cares. At this time the parents have sufficient time to care about the new born baby. To complete my studies in 2005, we went to Canada and stayed there for about 6 months. In that time we had only 1 child; my boy. He was about 6 months. My wife used to come to Family Center; a place where mothers with their babies come together, talk to each other, get advice and learn many things, meanwhile the children enjoy playing with many toys and eating lots of snack!!

We don't have such places in Iran, what a pity! Anyway, my wife says that she observed many mothers coming with 2 or 3 children; the children seemed to be very close in age. She started thinking if it is better that the difference between the age of two successive children is not more than 2 years!! Please write to me and let me know your opinion. I am waiting. All the best mortaza August 04, 2009

mary August 4th 2009 Dear Mohsen, Thank you for your writing and sharing your treasure thought with us. I really enjoy reading your writing, so be kind and share your ideas with us as always. You're right. I'm happy for finding a job and a place. Unfortunately, I don't know Mazandarani very well, because we don't talk at home. :( Most of our relatives whom we have connection with live in Tehran. Maybe it's one reason! I like Esfahani accent, too and I will be glad to see you in the company(Poonel.) Whenever you need office furniture or partition for your company, let me know and then I will send you the cataloge and resume. I hope you need them soon. :D By the way, my rommate is Esfahani. She's kind. I like her and I'm happy for making friends with her. Maybe we have tender taste for such writings, but different ideas and way of writings make a subject interesting, so thank you so much. In fact, your writing remembered me of an expression, "Absence makes hearts grow fonder." I like this sentence very much. Have great times, Maryam

mary August 4th 2009 Dear Hamed, Thank you so much for putting message in this thread. Welcome to our friendly

gath hering. As y see, we are all here to improve our Englis and lear something through our you e e sh rn g o frien ndship. So f free and be genero to share your thoug and ide with us. feel d ous e ghts eas I loo forward to reading more from y ok you. Best wishes, Mar ryam P.S. I should sa that I don write her regularly but I answ the writ . ay n't re y, wer tings which is add dressed to m me.

Marina1 Aug 4th 200 M gust 09 Dea Veronica, ar anks a lot for your kind reply. d Tha How are you d w dear Veronic How is it going?? I hope you are fine , ok and enjo ca? a kay oying this Summer in every singl minute of your life. n le f r ts f rong , weak , fast and s k slow signals Some peop feel s. ple Our life consist of lots of signals. Str abo some of t out them , and it's depends on them. i s As y know de Veronic all signa depend o sending d you ear ca, als on devices, rec ceiving devic and ces the p pass betwee them. en If th here were se everal high mountains and other s signals prev venters betw ween the sen nder and receiver , s d signals will have two op options : 1- t signal w be recei the will ived as a we one eak beca ause of refle ections and other bad effects. d e 2- th signal will reach as a strong on because of the perfe pass betw he ne ect ween the sen nder and receiver. d Dea friend, I d ar don't know w I am w why writing these words, but they came to my mind after e t d read ding your w writing to me I strongly believe tha what I've written abo signals is e. y at e out stro ongly connected with hu uman being world. gs Abo my name out e: M : melting hea :) ;) arts A:A Adam & Ev ve. R : returning to my heart. o I : I bad in acting. I'm N : never lie , a always the t truth. A : author! I'm a bad one :( ar ences were so lovely, it reflexes yo nice feel s t our lings and Dea Veronica, your sente

pers sonality , I r really didn' thought ab 't bout my sen ntences , I ju wrote wh came to my ust hat o min nd. Tha anks a lot! P Please motiv me to w vate write more. I hope to re more fro you. ead om Mar rina.

metzean Aug 5th 200 m gust 09 To w whom it may stay at ho alone, y ome To w whom it may not go to dache . y To w whom it may be sick an need a ca y nd are, I alm visited many part of Museum ,Jordaian hall, Mar most d ts m na rshal do Co ompo hall, R Raphael hall library of Catherine t second a many p l, f the and paiting from Picasso, V Gogh, m Van Mat tisse,Giorgi ione, Leona de vinci,Michel Ang an so on.. ard ge The is a crystal bowl in weight of 18 tons. ere The foundation of Museum laid by Ko e n m onstantin Uk Ukhtomasky in 1861. And drew who is Konstantin Ukhtomasky? n Dea Andrew ,w ar where is ne earest sea po in Baltic sea from S ort c S.Peter ,I wa to board a sail ant d boa in Baltic s Is it pos at sea. ssible to go to Aland by sailing bo y oat. Hav a suny da ve ay, Moh hsen

metzean Aug 5th 200 m gust 09 Dea Ahmad, ar I rea your stor about an Emperor a the hors ad ry n and seman, it wa an instru as uctive story which give advice to p e people to co ontrol their willing .cov veting is end dless, the br rowbeat of human self cause that we close ou wised eye and do w f ur es what we shou not do, t uld then we fill with rem morse ,but w have no m we more time ,w what is the u of mour use rning plea share m ase more story fo us or Moh hsen 266 6

Andrew August 5th 2009 It is no use of wishing me sunny days dear Mohsen, alas! The weather gave Saint-Petersburg gallant bow and promised to be back next summer and make strip dance so.. Nearest ports are Helsinki and Tallinn. Prince Konstantin Uhtomsky is a famous Russian physiologist, the founder of "dominanta" doctrine. It's about brain activitiy. I believe my wife knows much more on this subject. Bye! Going to dacha in spite of the weather absence. An: an idle and venomous type dr : drink in the evening e : everyday 5 km walk (just wish to himself) w : what else?

Andrew August 5th 2009 Dear Veronica, how are you? Take care about your health. I go just now so can't talk more. Be back soon. Andrew

Veronicaho August 5th 2009 Hi Marina, and thanks for your nice answer. Always so nice to read writings from you and everybody else. I am still ill with headache, pain in my whole body and trouth, fever and my nose runny. This is the fifth day so today I going to my work and take a test to see if I have swineflu! Im not sure, but why not? I really believe it today! I have had every symtoms. But I am a little bit better today. Do you have swineflu in your country? Here media have writed so much bad about it, how dangerous it is and how many coming

to die so peoples are very scary for it. Everybody waiting for the vaccin we get in septoctober. Yesterday I been to Sweden (not so good when I was ill, it didnt make it better) with my daughter, sister and her daughter. We went there in the morning by a cruise, and then home late in the evening. We made a lot of bargain and bought a lot of clouths and had a nice trip. Im going there very often and now it cheep to buy there because swedish money fall in a price. (Financecrices) Tomorrow (if Im still alive after swineflu) Im going to a consert by swedish musician. I really love music and I always listening music. What about you? What you like Andrews idea to speak by skype? I think it is a good idea! We spoked to each other few days ago. It was really nice and Iv got a face on him and his cat. You should do the same and everybody else! Its good practice! Do you use skype? From your word about your name and you writings I tried to make a face on you but its difficult. Please can you try to describe yourself! How you looks like, your best/bad sides and other things. Next week Im going for work again after my holiday. Then I have been therefrom for 7 weeks! I have really enyoied the time and now it will be nice to start working again. Now I want coffee to feel a little bit alerter! Im so tired!!! I just taked some painkiller but they dont helping me... Have a nice day, Im waiting to hear more from you. Veronica

mortaza.abtahi August 5th 2009 Dear Marina It seems like these days you are busy so that you can not write here as much as you used to write here. In Iran, during the summer, schools are completely inactive. The students, as well as the teachers, have a lot of free time which is a great opportunity for them to go traveling and enjoy the summer. Universities are also less active during the summer but not completely inactive. Just a few students stay in campus to complete their studies.

Dear Marina, I am a Shia muslim. What about you? I am asking this question not because it is important to me to know your religion, but because it may help us to communicate more easily. Especially, since we both are living in muslim world, there are many common subjects between us to talk about. You said that you are aware of how much important is Zeinab to Iranian and, in general, to Shia muslims. They come to Syria to visit Zeinab shrine and enjoy the beatuful Syria itself as well. There are many other holy shrines in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. I see people here who seem like they are desperate to get an opportunity to visit these holy shrines especially those located at Iraq. Although every month they hear many bad news about suicide bombing coming from Iraq indicating it is a very unsafe and dangerous place, they insist on traveling there! I can clearly remember that a few months ago a group of Iranian pilgrims, more than 100, were wounded and killed during an attack. I personally can not underestand this feeling. I belive that it is not right to put your life in danger even for visiting Kabah. Dear Marina, you asked me about my way of setting questions! Well, that seems a hard question to me! :) Honestly I even cannot underestand the expression "Setting Questions" !! :) So I started googling this expression. The first result found by google contains other questions: "Why to ask? What to ask? How to ask? ... " Would you please tell me more about this expression in a simple way. Imagine if I am an ordinary student who needs extra explanations!! By the way, I asked you about your profession in my last writing to you. I think you forgot to answer it:) it's ok if you don't like to answer the question:) I am waiting for your beautiful writings. Good luck mortaza August 4, 2009

Veronicaho August 5th 2009 Hi Andrew, Thanks for your thoughts about my health! As I wrote to Marina I go to my work and take a test today. So to know if I have had swineflu. I have to be healthy if Mohsen coming! And who knows !? maybe I soon going to Syria with him :)

Was nice to spe at skype Just a litt bit scary but we mad it!!! s eak e! tle y de Hea you at sky again w ar ype when you ha time, ave Veronica

Veronicaho A V August 5th 2009 Hi M Mary, anks for you kind writi ur ings. Its a honor even f me to ha you as m friend an for ave my nd Tha ever rybody else here on thi site! I rea like this place! is ally s As I think every ybody know Im still ill and feel ba Tired, fe ws l ad! fever, pain in whole bod and n dy else symtoms. M daughte (12 years) working a my nurse now and sh do it very well :) e My er ) as he y (My husband is at work). y s Do y have sk you kype? What you like it? Its nice to get "face" a the perso you spea ? at ons aking with I spoked t Andrew f day ago A litte bit scary but w made it! :) h. to few o. we I rea want to have "face at you everybody so please, can you descri yourself How ally o e" n ibe f? you looks like, best/bad sid and others. des iting for you answer / Veronica ur Wai

Marina1 Aug 5th 200 M gust 09 Dea Veronica, ar It's so sad to he about yo illness. I hope you' come bet so soon. Please tak care ear our 'll tter . ke of yourself. I st y trongly belie that swi flu like o eve ine other kinds of flues , ju be carefu , and ust ul any way , I hop it's not th swine flu. pe he . Abo my coun , there a 14 peop who have swine flu , 12 become better and their out ntry are ple e e d health is okay n now. ar out uestions very soon. I jus read your y st r Dea Veronica, I promise to write abo your qu writ ting about y your illness. I become v . very sad. Ag gain Take ca of your health ..dri tea are ink and think of me :) d e.. With my best w h wishes to be better and better? Mar rina.

Marina1 Aug 5th 200 M gust 09 Dea Mr. Mort ar taza, Tha anks a lot for your kind writing. Th d hank you on gain for having the care of my nce abse ence. To t the truth , I have a time , but I think I'm a bit in a bad mood for t reasons : 1tell h d two s The hot weathe 2- Switch e er. hing off the electricity ( 3 hours a day). I rea all friend writings everyday , and I really enjoy them Let me sa that your ad ds y m. ay r Eng glish is exce ellent like al Iranian fr ll riends. I can understand it easily b n d because it's very simp and und ple derstandable , thank yo for writin in this wa ou ng ay. Dea Mortaza, I'm 25 year old , an engineer , co ar rs e ommunicati departm ion ment. I got m job my just from 18 da ago. Ple t ays ease forgive me if I didn write the before . e n't em I'm Muslim Sun I strong believe t nni. gly that there is no differen s nces betwee Muslims g en groups , because all of us are Mus f slims, we ar different f re flowers from the same garden. Pl e lease feel free in disc l cuss whatev you wan Feel free in talking a ver nt. about whate ever you wa All ant. your writings a welcome with open arms . I w are ed n wrote someth hing to Beh hnam & Moh hsen out om ys ase abo Islam fro some day ago, plea read it. Abo setting q out questions, so profess ome sors like to m make their s students ver poor in th ry heir exam They se hard ques ms. et stions , or m maybe they a question from ano ask ns other planet :), then the students will ask " are these quest tions belong to this subj g bject??" (LO OOOL). so how do h you think about it??? I'm in a hurry , I've to dash , I promis to write m h se more than before. Pleas motivate me se with some inter h resting topic cs. Tha you for r ank reading. Ple ease don't h hesitate to w write to me. Mar rina.

Veronicaho A V August 5th 2009 Hi M Mortza, Tha anks for you replay! I h ur hope you an your fam are grea nd mily at. Im n Im still ill but it is a bit better today. I jus been to m work, too a test to see if I not, st my ok s have swineflu! After 4 day I'll get the result. Exa ys e aiting! Im n often ill and its nev funny, bu I think its importent f a nurse to feel the p not ver ut s for e patient-

situation. To be a patient can learn a nurse very much! So there is something good and positiv in this situation. Thanks for that :) My daughter have training as a nurse. My husband are at work. She takes care of me, make coffee and tea, make dinner, give me the newspaper, cleaning, speaking nice to me and asking if I need some painkiller :) I feel Im in safe hands! Every child like to feel they are nessecary, and I can see how my daughter like this situation! About age differences between childs I dont think there is no right or wrong. There is advantages/disadvantages with both small and big age differences. I have 4 years between child number 1 and 2. I thought that was very good because the older child could help me with small things and she didnt needs me everytime so I had time to child number 2. But! My daughter was a bit jealous! Sometimes when I didnt saw, she could pinch her small brother or she took what he had in his hand! Just for to have him to cry. :) But this is normal and nothing to make a big thing of. One importent thing to not forget. An 4 years old child is very old and large(?) over a night when they get brother/sister. But they are young and small and they need to get time as a small child too. If the childs with 4 years difference not are the same gender maybe they dont have such a common of each other than they have if they are in the same gender. They dont have same interests. If the age differens is small, as my daughter have at her childs maybe they can have much common and very funny but for the parents its very heavy to have it like that. 2 childs with napkins, always some of them awake in nighttime, always tired, never a free minute! I dont know? Sometimes I take the childs to us and let my daughter and her husband do someting nice together alone and sleepingtime a whole night. Its very nice and I really love my grandchilds but, Oh my God how tired I am after one day and night! I prefer to have 3-4 years between the childs. For me the age differens to child number 3 is big. Even that was nice and both the older brother and sister really love thems sister. I have a lot of help from them. But the differense between oldest and youngest is 15 years so the oldest one been a "small mother" more than a sister. But today they are like sisters. :) Between my son and youngest daughter it is 11 years so they havent had so much common together when the youngest one was small. When my son was 15-16 he "hated" when his 4-5 years sister came to his room. Now every child have a lot together and they are proud of each other and always help if someone needs help :) I think parents shall do what they feel is the best. Doesnt matter how other people doing,

the importent is that it feel right for the parents. Thats the b founda s ls t . best ation to stay on for y to have a nice f h family! Abo that man mothers h out ny have 2-3 ch hilds in very close age c have ma reasons y can any s. May they wa that but the reason c be that they didnt plan for the childs. The not ybe ant can p e e use contracepti ives? I lik your won ke ndering abou this and I sure you and your w make th best for y ut Im u wife he your chil I think y are a lo lds. you ovely father who really thinking ab bout your fa amily and fu uture toge ether with y your wife. Yo cant mak it better! You are in the right w You ke ! way! My daughter ha a "blog (I dont k ave gg" know the wo for it) at internet. S writing on a ord t She o n ernet about her life, ch t hild, houseplans and mi illion other things and she put own side at inte pho of them there. Go t www.fameliasson.blo otos to ogg.se and y can see how life go you e oing ther with 2 sm childs in same time Her husb re mall n es! band is a ca aptein on a cruises so h work he one week and h home one w week so my d daughter is alone with the kids a lo ot. In N Nordic area its very com mmon with those writin - bloggs How is it there? ngs s. I rea every wr ad ritings here and I have readed abo your rel out ligion from d different ar reas. Can you please explain the difference about shi n e es ia-muslim, s sunni-muslim and other Is it m r. just small differ t rences? Ho many diff ow fferent religi ions are tha Is it imp at? portent to "s stay" in your own group when you married fo example? p or I am interesting about reli m g igions so I waiting your answer. w r All the best and give kisses to your ch d s hilds from m :) me Veronica

Marina1 Aug 5th 200 M gust 09 Dea Andrew, ar How are you m old man f w my friend?? :) H is it go How oing??? I hope you are okay and e enjo oying your t time with yo family. our Abo my writing to Rosa (spelling so foreign names for f out ome famous mus sicians) it's not my own writing. I s n sometimes p paste some emails whic I receive from ch e www w.Dailywrit tingtips.com ? so it was one of the .anyway thanks a lo for your advice. m s em. y ot a Hop to read fr you. pe from Mar rina.


Cathy Li August 5th 2009 Dear Maryam, Happy to get your idea. I wish we can hold this party on Next Saturday, August 15th. I am looking forward to sharing with you and all friends together. Hehe... Sunk in the night and dream that party Cathy

sami August 5th 2009 Dear Marina, How is it going? I hope everything goes well with you. Again forgive my delay, as I told you, these days there it is holidays in my city, there is a fair, and I have been going out a lot, so I haven?t found time to write here. I have done lots of things during these days, one of them which I have enjoyed a lot is going to Portugal. I have spent two days there, precisely in Albufeira. As you know, I love the beach, and there I have found the greatest beach I have ever seen. What a lovely place, white sand, crystalline sea water. It is also a place for tourism, so there are lots of foreign people there and I had the opportunity of practicing my English. After this short holiday I have started working in an icecream shop, I was asked to do it as a favour and I accepted. It is just 4 hours in the morning and it is an easy thing for me, as I have been working there before. It is a great problem for my diet?I love eating icecreams ; ) Do you like icecreams? What is your favourite one? I have many favourite tastes, but I really like dark chocolate one. Dear Marina, your thought and way of writing says you are older than your age, it is very good for you. I think you will have less problems in your life than any other girl of your age. You have to congratulate your parents because they did a good work when

raising you up. I totally agree with you that a child needs both a mother and a father. But as we know it is difficult to find a couple, and when you find it, it is hard to maintain it?When I asked you that I did it thinking of those people who are alone and want to complete their desire of being a ?mother?. I don?t know very much about it, I just can say that a mother can make a child happy. This topic lets me thin about marriage between homosexual people. In my country homosexual couples can marry and form a family. They can adopt children, so, a child would have two mothers or two fathers. They also have the right of having children, and I think and believe they can raise up their children as well as a ?usual? couple. I think this is a hard topic, I am sure you are not going to agree with me, but do not worry my dear friend, I know our different way of thinking is due to our different cultures. What you think is right, and what I think is right too. : )) Marina you said weather was bothering you, there were high temperatures in Syria?Summer in Spain is hot too. Our temperature is around 35-40 grades centigrades during day, and around 25 at nights. I have to admit that I like hot weather, I love spring and summer seasons, and I dislike cold weather. In Andalusia, temperatures in winter or autumn are not so low, so happy I live in this part of Spain! Thank you for your post about the name of important people, I have enjoyed a lot when reading. I hope to read from you soon my dear friend, Have a nice time, Kisses, Rosa, July 5, 2009.

sami August 5th 2009 Dear Veronica, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you very much for welcoming me at your house. I am sure you will be a great hostess! It is great what you say about you teaching me Swedish and we will practice our English together! I cannot teach you, because your English is a good as mine! I always enjoy reading your writings, I learn a lot from them. About social service in Spain? just to compare with what you have written, public schools are free, food is not included, so if we want our children eating at school we have to pay for it. Going to the doctor is free as well as to stay in hospital. This is public health service, it is free for all people and it is quite good, the worst thing about it is the long list to have any kind of surgery. There is also a private service, you have to pay for it, and it is quicker, although to tell the truth I find no differences between public and private. And to take the bus you

have to pay 90 cents (1euro=100 cents). I don?t usually take the bus, as my city is not so big we can go everywhere by foot, or if I am in a hurry I prefer taking my own car. Now you say I, yes! Sorry I misunderstood about EU and US!! So sorry! Do you know the reason? In Spanish ?United States? (US) is ?Estados Unidos? (EU), so my mind didn?t detect English when I read it! About European Union I am for it, I like it. I think it is good to have equality among all the states together, we can get lots of benefit from it. As you say we can travel freely inside the EU, and it is easy for us to find a job in any country belonging to the EU. The worst side of it is when they try to unify all countries. Imagine we have something good at Spain, and in order to be the same with the rest of countries, they change it, so we lose it. It is supposed to be better, but changes aren?t necessarily positive. In general, I think people in Spain like it. So sorry again for not giving you advice when you needed it (about the problem of your daughter and a friend of her). Dear Veronica, I am not in a situation of giving advice. I am sure you have solved situations worse than it in your life. If I were in your situation I would do the same as you, I will try to advice my daughter to calm herself, not to say words she would regret later, and let them (girls) solve it by themselves. Forgive me for not helping. : ( It is great about your travel to Malaysia. It is a job travel, or just for pleasure? I wish I could go there with you. The worst thing of travelling is that you have to save money unless you are a rich person! Let us know about it when you go there. I hope to read from you very soon my friend. Have a nice time, Kisses, Rosa, July 5, 2009.

sami August 5th 2009 Dear Veronica, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you very much for welcoming me at your house. I am sure you will be a great hostess! It is great what you say about you teaching me Swedish and we will practice our English together! I cannot teach you, because your English is a good as mine! I always enjoy reading your writings, I learn a lot from them. About social service in Spain? just to compare with what you have written, public schools are free, food is not included, so if we want our children eating at school we have to pay for it. Going to the doctor is free as well as to stay in hospital. This is public health service, it is free for all people and it is quite good, the worst thing about it is the long list to have any kind of surgery. There is also a private service, you have to pay for it, and it is quicker, although to tell the truth I find no differences between public and private. And to take the bus you

have to pay 90 cents (1euro=100 cents). I don?t usually take the bus, as my city is not so big we can go everywhere by foot, or if I am in a hurry I prefer taking my own car. Now you say I, yes! Sorry I misunderstood about EU and US!! So sorry! Do you know the reason? In Spanish ?United States? (US) is ?Estados Unidos? (EU), so my mind didn?t detect English when I read it! About European Union I am for it, I like it. I think it is good to have equality among all the states together, we can get lots of benefit from it. As you say we can travel freely inside the EU, and it is easy for us to find a job in any country belonging to the EU. The worst side of it is when they try to unify all countries. Imagine we have something good at Spain, and in order to be the same with the rest of countries, they change it, so we lose it. It is supposed to be better, but changes aren?t necessarily positive. In general, I think people in Spain like it. So sorry again for not giving you advice when you needed it (about the problem of your daughter and a friend of her). Dear Veronica, I am not in a situation of giving advice. I am sure you have solved situations worse than it in your life. If I were in your situation I would do the same as you, I will try to advice my daughter to calm herself, not to say words she would regret later, and let them (girls) solve it by themselves. Forgive me for not helping. : ( It is great about your travel to Malaysia. It is a job travel, or just for pleasure? I wish I could go there with you. The worst thing of travelling is that you have to save money unless you are a rich person! Let us know about it when you go there. I hope to read from you very soon my friend. Have a nice time, Kisses, Rosa, July 5, 2009.

sami August 5th 2009 Dear Veronica! I forgot to say!!! I have read you are a bit ill, I hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you need. Kisses, Rosa, July 5, 2009.

sami August 5th 2009 Hello smiling Cathy

How are you? I hope you keep smiling as always. I really enjoy reading your writings and writing to you, your words are full of optimism and they make people smile. I too believe in fate, I know there is a fate for all of us, I have always thought that all our life is ?written? at the moment we are born. In the same way, when something happens, it happens for or because of anything else. I think it is how it works and on the other hand, it helps us understand and accept things. In this way, it was written in our fate that we had to meet at this wonderful site. Cathy, I would like to see a picture of yourself, is it possible? I imagine you in my own way, with the typical Chinese features, dark, straight hair, pale skin, nice eyes and lovely smile. Am I right? I will send my picture to you if you write your email address here. By the way, how do you think of me? What do you think is my physical appearance? My email address is rosammd@hotmail.es I would like to see a picture of all the friends here, if it is possible, just to have a clear image of you. I love taking pictures and also I like to see the pictures of all people I ?meet?. So all friends? pictures are welcomed in my mail box. ; )) Dear Cathy, you have a boyfriend, can I ask you some personal questions? : )) I am going to ask them, you can answer to them just if you wish, if not, ignore these questions, ok? How long have you been with him? How old is he? What is what you like the most/the least of him? Do you live with him, or you live separately? He is still a boyfriend, would you like to marry him? If so, when? Wow, too many questions, I hope you don?t mind ; ) Nothing will happen if you decide not to answer them : ) I would like to hear from you soon. Kisses, Rosa, August 5, 2009.

sami August 5th 2009 Dear Mortaza, How are you my Iranian friend? I hope you and your family is very well. Let me tell you your writing is not long and boring at all, I really like reading your writing, it is a different point of view, andI would like to learn as much as possible from

your country as well as that of the rest of friends. This site offers us the chance to learn and to exchange ideas at the same time we practice our English, and I think we could take benefit from it. All your topics and questions are very interesting, so please, continue asking me questions, I will answer to them as well as I can. In Spain salary varies too depending on the educational level, it is A<B<C I also agree with you that a second part time job for a teacher is harmful for education. It may let the teacher tired, so he/she is not preparing the following lessons and maybe his /her performance in front of students is not as good as it should. But I also think that it the best way to earn more money to pay bills and everything we need to pay. What do you think it is the best solution for it? Do you have a second part time job? Does your wife work outside home? And finally, I cannot agree with you more when you say ?If the educating system in a country does not work properly then the whole society might be in danger?. Children at school as well as older students are the future of each country, I think teachers should be motivated to be always ready to teach and do it in the best way. Dear Mortaza, ask me more, any topic, it is great to know all points of view, so for me it is not a problem if our thoughts don?t agree on some topics, it is normal, different cultures my bring different points of view. I hope to hear from you soon, Kisses, Rosa, July 5, 2009.

sami August 5th 2009 Dear Araghi First of all, let me tell you I love your writings, you write so sweet?you write like a poet, and your writing denotes kindness and affection. With this, you cannot be other than a gardener, flowers need delicate hands, nice words and I am sure you do it very well. Araghi, we have some plants at home, my father loves plants and flowers and he sometimes speaks to them while watering them, do you do the same? The first time I saw him talking to the plants I thought he was talking alone, to himself, and I thought ?oh, my god, my daddy has lost his head? Then I asked him and he told me he was talking to the plants? :? Thank you for your nice words to me, those kind words can just come from a kind heart which I think you have. And let me say I am the lucky one in having you as a friend. Thanks again for reading my writings and praising them, I am not a skillful writer, it is not my intention to be so either, I just write what comes to my mind. If you think I can help you, here I am, ask me whatever you want.

I wo ould like to hear from y as soon as you can you n n, Kiss ses, Ros July 5, 2009. sa,

sa August 5th 2009 ami t Dea Maryam ar How are you? I hope you a enjoying life, even though you are far fro your fam I w are g u om mily. thin this oport nk tunity will m make you learn a lot as a woman, and you wo s ould get you all ur pers sonality, I a sure of it am t. Mar ryam it is a pity you ha avent been t the beach yet this sum to h mmer, you s should go, i is it real good for your health and also f all your senses! I ha less tim now to en the lly r h for ave me njoy beach, I work i the morni in ings and my favourite t y time in the b beach is in the morning I g, som metimes go t there in the afternoon a evening and g...Be sure I will enjoy i on behalf of you, it f next time I go t the beach I will think of you, and you will f it! : ) t to h k feel Abo resisting icecreams...it is a littl bit hard f me, I lov icecreams, one of my out g le for ve y favo ourite is cho ocolate too. Have you e ever tried a chocolate m milkshake m made of icec cream? I RE EALLY LOV IT!! How do you lik them? We serve them in a cone or in a sma glass, VE w ke e m all I pr refer eating icecreams in a cone! O course I w bring y one, I w i Of will you would bring icec creams for a of you if you wish! all f I ho to read m ope more from y you, Kiss ses, Ros July 5, 2009. sa,

Marina1 Aug 5th 200 M gust 09 Dea Veronica , ar I'm here just fo you! :) :) or So a you bett now??? I hope that from the bo are ter ottom of my heart. y Dea Veronica, it's a little bit hard to speak abou my physic appeara ar e ut cal ance. In this thread s we t talked abou this topic before , it was so inter ut w resting to kn my frien imagin now nds' nations abo my appea out arance. So would you p please tell m about yo own idea about me??? It me our a wou be very k uld kind of you. . Abo my specif out ifications , I guess you know some of them by reading my writings. Again e y y A it's a bit hard to talk about such a top , but I wi write sev o pic ill veral things about me.

1-I d don't like to know abou other peo more th what they tell me. o ut ople han 2-I treat all peo with re ople espect. When someone bothers me, I forgive h , him/her twic , then ce I'll t take a serio attitude( which I thi it's a neg ous ( ink gative side in my perso onality). 3-If I didn't like feel comf f e( fortable) the person wh I'm speak e ho king with, I can't make a nversation , or maybe I not speak again ( I d believe in my first th I'll k do n houghts continuous con out abo people). 4-W When someon hurts me , I don't ma any kin of behavi ne e ake nd iors , I just g away for get rever. 5-I'm a bit prou . m ud 6-I d love mys do self. 7-I h lying , I'll tell the truth whate hate ever the resu was. ult 8-I s sometimes f that I'm number on in my par feel m ne rents' eyes, so I must be always nu umber one especially in my love's eyes (LOo s oOL). if I did feel my especial po dn't y osition from people m who I used to h o have the full attention f l from them, I just get aw way. 9-I'm a little bi convention , it's ver rarely to do somethi unusual. And if I did it , it m it nal ry ing . shou be some uld ething so esp pecial. 10-A friend of m said th I'm so se A mine hat ensitive and impatient . ;) d 11-I don't like t go outsid very much , but I do really hate being alone. I even do like I to de on't to be alone for some hours in my hom I like to b alone in a room, bu all my fam b s me. ut mily be shou be in oth rooms i the same home (LOO uld ther in OOOOOL). 12-I have two r friends in my real life , one of them is my friend from 17 years a I real f y m ago, and the other o is my fri d one iend from th first year in my colle So I alw he r ege. ways keep real r frien as much as I can, I forgive and try to keep them with me in hard conditions For nds h p h d s. them I can say " I'm sorry" from the b m bottom of my heart. y ar hat maybe if I th hought a litt bit , I wo tle ould Dea Veronica, I wrote wh came to my mind, m writ more, but as I said b te t before, I thin you your nk rself already made your idea abou me. y r ut And I accept it anyway. :) maybe I ha negative sides more than the positive ones , I d ave e e s DON KNOW N'T W! Dea Veronica, I don't use Skype , I u MSN me ar e use essenger and YAHOO m messenger , but I don like makin voice chatting witho knowing the person who I talk with face to face, n't ng out g n k o besi ides I don't have time t chat anyw But I'm really happ to have t opportu to way. m ppy the unity to read from and write for al my friends here. :) d ll s ank reading dea Veronica please tak care of yo ar a, ke ourself. Tha you for r I ho to read m ope more from y you. Again M MOTIVATE ME TO WRITE MOR E W RE. Mar rina. 268 8

Marina1 August 5th 2009 My Dearest friend Behnam, You are absent from about one month , isn't it enough??? I Think it's time to come back. Please Don't be late! Marina.

Veronicaho August 6th 2009 Hi Rosa, Thanks for your kind writings! I hope everything is fine with you. So nice that you had a small holiday in Portugal. I have never been there but I think its a nice place and I believe you about the beaches there. They must be very beautiful with clear blue water and white sand :) And sunset to the water :):) Im envy! Me too I like to go to the beaches and stay lazy with a nice book. And take sun even when it is dangerous... Thanks for your generous words about my english, I really need them, but I have to practice a lot to get my english so excellent as yours. You speak so fluent and your vocabulary is big. But I am very obstinate so maybe I can fix it! And I have a lot of support here :) Thanks everybody! About my illness I think I am a little bit better today. But I was to my work and took a test yesterday for swineflu. I will get the results after 4 days. Exciting! The girls are best friends again by them self! Im happy for that and I belive they learn something from this history. I have readed in the newspaper there is very hot weather in Spain, Portugal and French and many forest fires. Because of the weather I think you have a lot of job with the icecream. I like icecream much and if I had that work my weight should go up a lot. Today my husband coming home again after his work and then we going to our summerhouse. We have really nice weather, sun and around 25 degreeze. In the evening we are going to a concert with musician from Sweden if am not to tired. Soon Im back to my work again after 7 weeks! I think I really believed that. I worked a lot in springtime. Now I feeling It will be nice to going back. In february we going to Malaysia and just for pleasure! Now we have to save money because Im not rich in that way :) Thats the "backside" of travels :( Rosa, what do you think about Andrews idea to speak by skype? We spoke to each other few days ago and I think it is a good idea even if it was a bit scary :) Now I have a real

"face" at him and his cat! Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day! Ds Have you got my e-mail? Veronica 5 Aug - 09

Veronicaho August 6th 2009 Hi Marina, Thanks for your thoughts about my health. I'm a little bit better today. No fever and no runny nose. Just pain in my body but I take painkiller :) I will alive!!! After 3 days I get results from the tests. Exciting! What tasks you give me :) I try to give my imaginations about you! You are not so long, about 160 cm with dark long curly hair :) :) You are your parents first child! Im sure about this :) You are a smart girl who thinking a lot. No birdbrain :) You dont like sports? You have a good self-esteem and you are very self-confident. Your self-confident is very good to have because you do what you want, you tell that you think its right and you take responsibility for what you say. (Im the same) But your self-confident can sometimes be a negative side at you. Thats because people who dont have same self-confident often can be scare and they can think that you thinking you are "more and better than others". You are very kind and you thinking about your family, friends and unknown people. You respect all people Im sure (but what about homosexual people, think a bit of what I was writing to you some week ago). I respect you and you have your culture but I think nothing is right or wrong. If God didnt want this people, he shouldt create this people. You love yourself and are proud of you! Nothing negative. Thats good. I think you never lie and thats even because your self-confident. You dare to say the tru! I think a negative side is that you have a bit difficult to take critic. When you get critic you will be strange and "angry" and you choose to go or not speak anymore. And you know this! Try to learn to take critic! Its very importent and as a person you can learn a lot. (same with me) A person growing and be stronger with to take critic. You write you are a bit conventional and I think the same. Thats good in many ways but that means you can loose many things you never want to listen to, see, try and others. Like Skype :) Even when you never have tried it you know you dont like it :) Marina! How can you know it? Maybe you should try it and then you know! Open your eyes and mind

and you can fin a lot of n and fun things. d nd nice nny u ate od thing bad! Y can go t the moon if you wan You to n nt! You are obstina in a goo way. Not Tho people w have yo as a frien they hav a real frie who the can trust what ose who ou nd, ve end ey ever happen. Y are hone humility and consid r You est, y derate. You are your own and you are u u uniq qe! To s sump up you are a very nice perso and I can see myself in you beca u y on n f ause your pers sonality is a bit same a me. Dont make the w as world "black or white". You are a real k r frien and Im v nd very happy t be your f to friend! Your "sides" are more posi than neg r e itiv gativ. Plea Marina! Dont be up on me and I want you to tell m if Im rig ase pset me ght? I waitin for ng your answer. If yo want I w be happy if you mak the same about what you thinkin on me :) ou will y ke t ng Veronica ug 6 au - 09

Marina1 Aug 6th 200 M gust 09 Dea Rosa, ar happy to hea from you again. I th Clare s ar u hink should do so omething wi people w ith who So h don write in th site as u n't his usual. She sh hould make a punishment on them In this cas e m. se abse Behnam should tak a about 1 ent m ke 1000 years i writing here everyda as a puni in ay ishment :) :) :) , and if y did it ag ) you gain you'll take the sam one(LOO t me OOOL). ar ood for oing to Por rtugal. 2- liv ving with ice e Dea Rosa! Go for you f two reasons : 1- Go crea am(LOOOO OOOOOOL) I really a ), adore it , it's my favorite to eat a bi mug of da s e ig dark chocolate ice c cream, and a very delic cious ice cre namely " San Geor eam y rge" . m iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii , so de friend , good for yo ear ou! Yam Yamiiiiiiii Dea Rosa, it's the first tim for me to go outside everyday i July and A ar s me o e in August , my new y job makes me d it :(. I ha Hot weat do ate ther becaus it makes a people a bit nervous I se all s, ado cold win and rain. In short , I LOVE WIN ore nd NTER :) :) Ros I'm not o sa, older than 25, I swear t God ! (LO to OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOL). I unde erstand wha you mean , maybe yo are right , this kind of thinking makes me w at nt ou g without pro oblems som mehow. :) :) ar strongly bel lieve that th here are lots of things w s which we ca choose th by an hem Dea friend, I s ours selves , it's depends on the founda ation!!! Again, I have nothing to sa about ay hom mosexual pe eople, please forgive me e e! Dea Rosa, I re ar emember th you aske me once s hat ed some questi ions about b being in a desert d

island , would y please w you write your o answer ;) , You k own rs. know dear R Rosa, Marin na does forget a sn't anything (LO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO even af long tim :) :D ... OL), fter me. I ho to read m ope more from y soon. you Enjo your time with ice c oy cream, Mar rina.

gisele Augus 6th 2009 g st I'm really glad to know tha there are other peop intereste in exchan experien at e ple ed nge nces in Eng glish. I'm loo oking forwa to write in English in order to improve my skills. If th ard y here's som meone intere ested in exch hange it wit me my e-mail is: gis_ th _azevedo@ @yahoo.com.br. Reg gards

Marina1 Aug 6th 200 M gust 09 Dea Maryam, ar Tha anks a lot for your writi ings. I read all of them , they were really grea and inter d e at resting. I lik what you said abou the senten which yo like. You are a thou ked u ut nce ou u ughtful lady. . Dea Maryam, do you thin that wom are the s ar nk men same???! A men are the same????! And e How do you thi about be w ink eautification operation ??? I kno that in Ir lots of women ns ow ran w mak them for their noses. Do you ag ke . gree with thi phenomen is non. ase me a. ng Plea share m your idea I'm waitin for your reply. Mar rina.

Wendy Zhou August 7th 2009 W u h Dea Mohsen, ar Lon time no see. Do you still remem ng mber me? I h hope you are going fine e e. I kn you mak a travel on googlear Where a you now it's very f now ke o rth. are w? funny becau you use need step out threshold but traval in the world. Its my hon if i can i dnt t b n . nor invite you to visit o China, precisel Shanghai where i am in. Shangh is close to east Chi sea, and ly i m hai ina d theast of Be eijing,the ca apital. I thin you can r nk recognise it in googlearth. I would like to t d sout take you to the 2010 Expo site.:) e Speak of side d dish, we usually make it with salt, s t sometime vi inegar. Chin nese people like e e ast e e getable or fr fruit. It's cooking conjee as breakfa and have it with side dishes made from veg y very tasty.

The big ceremo has 7 da countdo e ony ays own, doesnt it? Is it hol by the wh country or just t ld hole y som places? W me What will yo do for it? I think may you are praparing something to ou ? aybe e g well lcome it. It's f friday.The w weekend is coming, but the weathe will be ba er ad.The tyho will land in our oon city and it will bring heavy rain. The idea of goin outside t weekend comes up in my y ng this d nd ear uwu.... (wee eping). min and dispe soon. wu Dea Mohson, Thank you f keeping replying to me. I reall need to m ar for g o ly make a prog gress in Eng glish. Soon o later, I w change m job. Goo english s or will my od skill is very important to find t ano other job. Th hank you ag gain!! Hav a good w ve weekend! Wen ndy.

Marina1 Aug 7th 200 M gust 09 Dea Veronica, ar anks a millio for your nice writing You wrot in details , you made me wonder if you on g. te e r Tha know me before :). Thank you for all y e your kind w words about me. Thank you once a t k again for w writing in d details. To t the truth , you were right , but I just have a comment that I've ev thought that I'm tell h e t ver bett than othe I strong believe t ter ers, gly that all hum beings a the sam But there are man are me. e diffe ferent person nalities with different w h ways of trea ating. Maybe keeping silent is a wr rong way sometimes , but it's lik golden in other time There is an old sayin in Arab culture y s ke n es. ng " if speaking fr silver, keeping silent from gold ", another old saying about the same rom k d r g s topi " who talk so much, makes faul too much , and I st ic ks lts h" trongly belie in those eve e sayi ings. Som metimes , as I said befor to our ab re bsent dear fr friend Behna , keeping silent is a way to am g say something and tell som mething , ma aybe it's a s solution som metimes , an resolution in nd n ano other. yway, I'd tha you for giving me a piece of ad ank dvice , you made me re eally happy. By the . Any way , I accept t criticism with open arms, belie me :) , I even learn from it , if it's y the m n eve n f righ or wrong! ht ar omosexual topic , I wan to tell you something From the past t nt g. e Dea Veronica, to close ho ther were " wr re rong " and " right" thin Every m ngs. mother raises her child up and trie to d es teac him/her w ch what is wrong and wha is right. N at Nowadays everything h changed , even has d " wr rong" and " right" thin , sometim there is no " wrong anymore I'd like to ask you ngs mes s g" e. som questions dear Veron , to lea and to k me s nica arn know from y , What w you would happe to en this world if the was no " wrong" th ere hings or beh haviors??? What would happen if we d f epted every ything even i it was for if rbidden in a religions??? What w all would happe if all en acce peop chose human laws and leave G laws??? ple God

Whe we accep something in the soc en pt g ciety, it mean we accep it for our children. I believe ns pt so. Dea Veronica, this topic is not the en of the wo , there are lots of t ar nd orld things we sh hould thin about , lik wars , killing poor a innocen people everyday , poor childhoo for nk ke and nt od lots of children , suffering from food's decreasing in Sudan a other p n s g and poor countri ies, dise eases ?? etc c. Any yway , I hop you can u pe understand my idea. m Dea Veronica, I guess yo are very w ar ou white , with golden and short hair You like to wear d r. o jean ,T-shirt a sports shoes. You a a nurse , so you are absolutely a woman with a ns and are e y w heart of gold. ase writing, but I know tha you are ve kind and nice and you'll t at ery d y Plea forgive my way of w tole erate me! :) ank reading. Ple ease don't h hesitate and write to me as soon as you can. d e s Tha you for r Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

Marina1 Aug 7th 200 M gust 09 Dea Cathy, ar I thi you are busy with y ink your Summe and you are enjoyin your time er, ng e. I did see any writing for you from l dn't y r long time ag Would y please w go. you write someth hing. We have missed you terrib Please w d bly. write again , even few w words. I ho to read m ope more from y you. Mar rina.

Marina1 Aug 7th 200 M gust 09 Dea absent Be ar ehnam, Moh hsen , Morta Marya Araghi a all Iran aza, am, and nian friends, , I rec ceived an em mail, I foun it really i nd interesting, again from www.daily ywritingtips. .com. I hop you'll enjo it. pe oy

?Pe ersian? is a Lovely Wor rd Pos sted: 04 Aug 2009 06:0 PM PDT g 00 T Ami Bahmany raises a question about the use of the wor "Farsi" i English: ir yari a rd in . . . there is a w defined word "Pers well sian" in Eng glish which refers to th language of the he e Iran nian people. Why is it t that the Ara word"F abic Farsi" [is] u used in daily communic y cations by the English speaking pe t eople instea of the En ad nglish word ?Persian?? ? I suspect that "p "political co orrectness" m have so may omething to do with it. Since many o y imm migrants from the Midd East refe to the lan dle er nguage as "F Farsi," it may be that jour rnalists and others thin they?re b d nk being ethnic cally respect by doing the same. tful g Unt fairly rec til cently the wo "Farsi" was little k ord " known to En nglish speak kers. Even though t the country for rmerly know as Persia took on its internation identity as ?Iran? in 1935, wn a s nal i the language sp poken there continued to be known as "Persia e n an." As A Amir points out in the r of his co rest omment, ?Fa arsi? is an A Arabic versi of the or ion riginal word "Parsi" in which the letter "P" w d n was repl laced with a ?F? by th Arabic sp an he peaking peo ople. . . ther is no lette "P" in Ar re er rabic . . . Alth hough the pe eople of Ira have always called t an their country "Iran," En ry nglish speakers e and most other outsiders r d r referred to i as Persia until 1935. The change came at th it he sugg gestion of th Persian d he diplomatic delegation in Berlin.* The sugges stion may ha ave been prompted by the fact that the wo "Iran" m n d ord means ?land of the Arya d ans" and th word he "Ary yan" was ve popular in German at that tim ery r ny me. In E English the w words Persia and Pers sian have co onnotations of exotic be eauty. The w words sugg Persian carpets, P gest n Persian cats and Persia literature The name "Iran" has less s an e. e s rom mantic conno otations Refe ferring to the Persian la e anguage as ?Farsi? is a recent dev velopment t that not all spea akers of Per rsian are ha appy with. Acc cording to th ruling bo for the l he ody language, T Academy of the Per The y rsian Langu uage and Literature (Farhanges d stan), the te Farsi is an incorre term for the Persian erm s ect n Lan nguage; an a analogy wo ould be requ uesting that the German language be called Deutsch n D by those who sp t peak Englis sh. Mar rina. 269 9

Marina1 Aug 7th 200 M gust 09 Dea friends, ar Whe I was in the primary school , th en y here was a s subject nam " essay" Me and my mely ". m frien used to begin our e nds essays by fa amous prove erbs. For ex xample: at t beginnin of an the ng essa about tim , we used to write an old Arab s ay me d n saying " Tim like a sw me word , if you didn't u cut it , it would cut you" :) d )

Our Miss didn't say anything about our rule of writing old proverbs or poems at the beginning , but when I moved on to the intermediate school we discovered that it's wrong linguistic to do that. After finishing all school grades and university , my little brother gave me a piece of paper and asked me to write him an essay about time. Do you know what did I wrote ??? I wrote the proverb at the beginning and continued, even if I know it's wrong in Arabic language to write like that. Dear friends, my writings holds a deep meaning , I hope you'll get it. Thank you for reading. Marina. PS: the meaning is not that I write my little brother's essays , in fact I already know it's wrong , but I also know that my brother will not write them by himself. Oh my God!!! I can feel my fault. :) :) :)

hoang gia minh August 8th 2009 Benham Teacher hey !How to learn all right English language and physics.I write properly thanks teacher Viet Nam pupil. Minh

Andrew August 8th 2009 Hello Marina, my restless and inquisitive friend:))) I notice that I have to say 'I don't understand' too often last time. And when I don't understand something I stick about it, especially if it "holds a deep meaning", ok? So you help your younger brother..... (not 'little' because he's definitely not a boy after finishing school and university. He must be about 23 I guess)...... to write an essay. It's not very typical when a guy of his age ask for to do his job in spite of to do it himself. Question # 1 : why does he do so? About a mentioned prohibition of using sayings and proverbs at the beginning of a composition. Why??? I did it at school (or at least I COULD do it). Many authors use quotations and put epigraphs on the top of the first page. It seems to be a world practice. Everybody do it but ....who? Does this rule treat to a practice of writing accepted in Arab literature, muslim literature? Is it's about proverbs only?

Que estion # 2 : what that ru exactly s ule says? Que estion # 3 : why? what is a justification? It m be very strict rule if you are so happy to s must i o save your brother from doing that m t. But if it IS and WAS a stric rule why your 'miss' (she was a teacher of E ct ' English I supp pose?) said NOTHING on the subj d G bject? ll, eal )) derstand the points it an nnoys Wel you see I can be a re sticker:)) But when I don't und me. There are t many va too ague and difficult to explain ma d aterials in a life itself to allow your o rself to say vague. Don be n't simp Nooooo You hav brains, you have tas you have style, you are well ed ple! oo! ve ste, e ducated. But let me unde erstand you every phr ur rase, every i idea definite ely. It's not a questi of Gram ion mmar - you'r good wit it. It's a q re th question of c carefulness. ase eems to be re eproaches. It's not. Plea forgive me what se It's j my view of a probl of comm just w lem munication. It's just a w addres wish ssed to myse as elf well as to other Too man missunde l rs. ny erstandings: :))) You sincerely urs y, And drew P.S. the prover is great, w and bit . rb wise tter

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea Veronica, ar I wi you are doing fine a the reco ish and overy for yo illness c our came to end d I fin nished visiting S. Peters sburg, Andr is sick a missed the boat ,he can not to rew and e olerate the voyage. I sa goodbye to S. Peter aid e rsburg, I ha pleasure times there and I enjoy ad e y ting the mus seum ,thank you Andre for very thing and g k ew goodbye. I w would have posted p visit you some photo I had tak os ken,but unfo ortunately m camera fe into the s while I was my fell sea boa arding the bo in Hilsin , now I a on the w to Aland Island ,it is windy in Baltic oat nki am way d sea , anemometer shows 5 50m/h and so ooner or later I will an nchor in one of Aland ports , e p as I see the Ala is like a archipela and an ago. where i the main I is Island ports some of island s?, f are empty and no one lives there ,the views are v s very sightly and also da angerous .If I miss f the way or my b boat crushs the rocks , I have to li in one of island like Robinson Crusoe s ive f e cann't imagi the varie of anima which live there. M be the w ine ety als May white whale , ,Mobi .Ic Dick lives arou here , w und white bears a at large in this isla are e and..? i feel a little fear r.. se his ns xplain more about geog e graphy of th his Veronica pleas answer th question , please ex a. s what is the m interes most sting places in s area I want to pay a visit to Aland as a tourist ,w Alan nd?

have a good weekend Mohsen

mortaza.abtahi August 8th 2009 Dear Marina, Today is friday and in my country fridays are free-days! I am now sitting on a coach at my brother's hause writing to you. I have just returned from a walk and I feel tired especially at my knees, it's pleasing however. I love doing exercise. I usually go swimming with my boy once a week and, since he can not swim. he has to wear a special cloth filled with air (I don't know what it is called in English). Occasionally I go running alone and sometimes I go for a long walk, about an hour. During the academic year, when all my calleagues at university gathered at work and hence they are accesible, we use the gym to play football (succer). I am not a good player but it is fun! Since we live in a small city and people here suffer from lack of entertaining utilities [?], one of the best ways to stay in a good mood is doing excercise. What about you dear Marina? Do you usually do exercise? Swimming or running at the beach? Unfortunately, in Iran, women HAVE TO wear the Hejab outside. They are also not allowed to do exercise in public, for example running or biking! In my opinion, this is not convinient at all. I like to bike with my wife at fridays afternoon but I can't! Here, men and women are not allowed to swim together at the beach, men have their own part of the beach for swimming and women have theirs. With no daubt this is very good that there are places at the beach for women which men are not allowed to enter, and the same for men, but I think there must be also places that women and men can be together, there are lots of people who want this. In a good society, needs of peaple are satisfied as much as it can be. I know that in Syrai women are free to wear the Hejab or not. This is very good, because each person can come to public with its own choice of cloth. This is a good topic to write about, isn't it? Please, let me know your opinion. What do you think about the Hejab? Do you think a muslim woman should wear the Hejab? Yours sincerely

mor rtaza Aug 08, 200 gust 09 PS. about "sett ting question I will w ns" write soon!

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea Marina, ar It is my pleasur that I am in your min eye, than for postin the artic about Fa and s re m nd nk ng cle arsi Pers sian ,in Eng glish commu unication I use the wor Persian ,not Farsi a I think it is rld and i corr rect. ar ess is s a Dea marina , can you gue ,where i Behnam, I think he is in Canada or Britian. I think he has gone the for an u h ere university in nterview .. w what do you think? Abo your bro out other essay,y can not help your w you t wrong habi , there?s a part of yo it. ou which still wor in the same way?an you write a famous p rks nd e proverb at b begining of essay. May you feel th The forb y hat bidden fruit is always v very attracti ,I don't b ive beleive you feel f so.. then I can s sing with yo i don't kn ou now!!meanw while how c we cut th time? can the B.W Wishes,Mohs sen

hoang gia m h minh August 8th 2009 Hmm....why no one answe me o ers

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea hoang, ar Wha is your qu at uestion, if y have questions are about Engl you lish,i don't k know ,but ever rthing else a welcom are m. Moh hsen

Marina1 Aug 8th 200 M gust 09 Dea Andrew, ar

You don't know what you h u w have done w me. You made me reread my w with u writing , rea your ad writ ting about 3 times. At f first let me a you a qu ask uestion : wh am I inqu hy uisitive and restless??!!!!!! Sorr , if my wr ry riting was a bit confusi for you, but I think it was clear as sun. :). ing Whe I said " a en after finishin all schoo ng ol?." , I mea myself, b ant because as y know , I'm 25 you year old , and I graduated the last ye I said m little bro rs d d ear. my other becaus he is 13 y se years old, and as I re emember , I spoke abou him once or twice. So he is 13 , in intermed ut diate scho In this a there is a subject n ool. age s namely " ess says" , all A Arabic teach give the hers eir stud dents simple topics to ta about, time is one o them. e alk of , This subject is taken in the secondary school too, but in diffe s e y ferent way( m more harde er). It's not wrong t write the proverb at the beginni , but it's more right to use it du to ing s t uring the essay , the s same for po oems. It's no a strict ru , but we learnt that it's better to write ot ule o them during the essay. m e Ara language is different from other language. Arab langu ab e t r uage is very hard , espe y ecially Gra ammatically all Arabs don't know everything about their language , in fact they are y, r y inte erested in ot ther languag like Eng ges glish, Germ , French Russian > If you want to man h, >> w know how much the Arabi is a fantas languag you shou read the holy Kora ic stic ge, uld e an which is a grea miracle fr God. N one can w at from No write someth hing like the holy Kora , e an beca ause it's per rfect , its lan nguage is tr gramma rue atically and words are Arab. d yway, as I sa that the rule is not completely wrong, but we should always use aid Any ever rything in p perfect way. at from iting, that people do wh they wer taught when they we hat re ere Wha I meant fr my wri chil ldren , and b because of that we should focus on our childr and the strong t n ren foun ndation!!! ! was it hard to find out the meanin dear And d t ng drew??? :) , anyway , I'll try I to be more clea in other t b ar times. Any yway , thank you for wr k riting. By th way , I love being sim he mple. In fac I'm very simple. ct :) ke Tak care. Mar rina.

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea hoang, ar I kn that you country are invaded by America at 40 yea ago and many innocent now ur a d an ars d peop were kil by Amm ple lled merican arm read that some of y my,I your people at war are called e e Viet kong, .Can you explai about Vie kong. t n in et than a lot nks

Moh hsen 270 0

Andrew Aug 8th 2009 A gust Dea hoang! ar n't been addres ssed, addres yourself. Just join to some subje discusse or ss o ect ed Don wait for b offe your own one. Everybody is wel er lcomed in th room! his And drew

Andrew Aug 8th 2009 A gust Mar rina, I ha to go, wr you late ave rite er. Tha anks for an e explanation n. Bye for now e And drew P.S. ok, be simp but neve single:)) . ple er

hoang gia m h minh August 8th 2009 Moh hsen !where do you live know ve little abo viet kon but I know the war h e e?I ery out ng w has dest troyed my c country is. o orange, a bo has des omb stroyed my c country, millions of peo ople who sacrifice to protect th country o o he

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea hoang, ar It is 3.45 PM, m boss is a s my absent ,it is a good time to write he ,but at 4 i should le e ere eave my offic and go home,please be kind eno ce e ough and an nswer my question, I co back here ome tomorrow. Bye e Moh hsen

hoang gia minh August 8th 2009 Dear mohsen, i didn't get that,you feel.Sorry,I have a question: -What do you do? -Where do you live? Minh

hoang gia minh August 8th 2009 My friends, How to learn all right English language and physics!.I write properly Thanks

mortaza.abtahi August 8th 2009 Dear Rosa, I am fine, thank you! How are you my good friend? In my country, during the summer, schools are completely inactive and thus students and teachers have a lot of free time. This is a great opportunity for families who have schoolgoing [?] children to go traveling all together and enjoy the summer. The west and northwest of Iran has a relatively cold weather and it is chilly these days, and hence people are very interested in traveling to those regions during the summer. During the winter, if you want to travel to Iran, then centeral parts and sauthern parts of Iran would be my suggestions:) Economic situation in Iran is currently severe to most of people; school teachers are part of them. In this situation finding a good job is difficult. You said that having a second job is the best way to earn more mony to pay bills ... I agree, but does this mean that in your country people usually have second job? You also asked me if I have a second job; the answer is no! but I usually stay at work for a few extra hours during the week and thus I can earn extra money for that. In university, professors like me have to work 14 hours a week. I usually work 26 hours a week. What about you? How many haurs do you have to work during a week? Do you think working 26 haurs a week might be tiring for a teacher?! Does my wife work? No, she doesn't! She is a hause-wife, I mean she stays at home, takes care of our two children, cooks food, ... Of course she likes to have a job to earn mony.

She says that this makes her have good feeling if she can afford her own life expenses herself!! I am sure you underestand what she means! We, me and my wife, do not really know what would be the result if she works outside. We are both sure that it makes her happy as an individual, but we are not sure if the effect of such situation on the whole family is positive!! For example, if my wife also works outside home, we have to put children somewhere to take care of them, which is bothering to both of us. What is the situation in Spain? In a typical family, does the woman [have to] work outside? Dear Rosa, I am very happy that you find my writings and topics that I am talking about interesting. I want you to talk about what you want, not neccessary about our current topics. Please feel free, I would be very glad:) All the best mortaza August 08, 2009

behnam August 8th 2009 Dear Friends, How are you? I hope you are happy, healthy, and enjoying every minute of your beautiful lives. I have missed you terribly. It is not easy for me to describe my especial feeling after visiting this thread and checking my mailbox! At the moment, my feeling is so especial. It is like a complex combination of sadness and happiness. It is like a mixture of crying and laughing. I do not know how to make it clear, so that you can get it as I wish. Have you ever beem in a plane which came down suddenly? In this hard situation, people ( I am one of them. lol) often think that there is no air to breathe, or they have not got any hearts. They feel as if their hearts stop working and pumping blood through their bodies. I really feel like that. Although I was absent for few days(lol), I have not seen you as though for ages. I will be lying if I say that I have read all posts which are written during last days (absence days! :):):)). In fact, due to the lack of time, it is not possible for me to read all writings carefully, but I had a very quick look at all of them. I really enjoyed reading some of them. Thank you very much for writing in this thread and for keeping it active, alive, and a friendly place to be in. I would like to thank some new friends for putting message on this site and particularly choosing this humble thread to share something with other people. Dear Niloofar, Zita, Wendy, Gisele, and Hamed thank you for joining us. Please do not hesiate to share

som mething with us. h A po should be made rig here tha poor Behnam has for oint ght at rgotten Eng glish. His En nglish was bad, but no it has go worse tha before. I hope you w help me with my En s ow ot an will nglish. I hop to gain my last ability in writing again.:):): Would yo please he me? pe y ty g :) ou elp It is time to exp s press my esp pecial thank to all old f k friends; par rticularly to kind Marin with o na her Eastern kin of feeling and emot nd gs tions. Also I would like to thank Ro Veroni e osa, ica, Moh hsen, Marya Mortaz Andrew, Araghi, Ca am, za, athy, Asal, a Nana fo their attem to and or mpts keep this thread active. Th p d here is no de enying that Rosa's post are like some flowers with ts s diffe ferent smells They are excellent. Thank you m Western f s. T my friend for tr rying to keep this ep thre alive an friendly. ead nd Dea Mohsen, although I s ar said that I h just a quick look at posts, it do not mea that I had t oes an did not see you great poe about Be ur em ehnam. Than you very much indee nk y ed. I am happy when I am amo my frie m ong ends. I am li blind peo when I am not wit my ike ople th frien My frie nds. ends are lik my eyes; I can see the world just with my fr ke riends (eyes) s). I we on a hol ent liday. I went to many ci ities actuall I saw ma people. I saw many ly. any y plac I gained a lot of ex ces. d xperience. I really enjoy my holi yed iday. I prom to write mise e som mething abou my holida in due tim ut ay me. Dea friends, a the mome I do not k ar at ent know what to write, ho to start w ow writing abou ut som mething, and how to fini it! I was actually fa from the w d ish s ar world of the English e lang guage. I hav been speaking Azerb ve baijani duri my holid Therefo my min is not ing day. fore, nd read to use En dy nglish word Although I am trying hard to make it come back to the world ds. h g e e of th English l he language, it firmly resi t ists! :):):) I ha received some lovel emails fro a friend of mine. Th really e ave d ly om d hey energized me and gave me a lot of motivation to carry o writing. T on They made me feel that Behnam is not t s forg gotten. They made me f that Beh y feel hnam is imp portant for s someone. Th made me feel They m that Behnam is strong. t s A go friend o mine is w ood of wating for me to go and to chat. I h m d have no time to check m e my writ ting. I hope you will for rgive me for making an mistakes. ny I am looking fo m orward to he earing from you soon. m All the best, Beh hnam, 8 Aug gust, 2009

Marina1 Aug 8th 200 M gust 09

Emmmmmmm Absent Behnam is here! come my friends and let's recieve him! Hellooooooooooooo , Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Good evening, Good morning, Salam , Marhaba, Ahlan Va Sahlan...... I've missed you so much.....Welcome in your home! It was nothing without you! Marina.

behnam August 8th 2009 Dear Hoang, I am terribly sorry, but I forget to write your name in my last post. Please accept my apology. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for putting message in this thread. Please feel free in writing and sharing something with us. I have to say that as a rule in this humble thread, it is necessary to introduce ourselves to people, who read our writings, or who write to us. Therefore, all our new friends are supposed to introduce themselves as completely as possible. The information should be about name, age, sex, job, nationality, etc. I have not got a good feeling when I am reading someone's writing, or even I am writing to someone, whereas I do not know him/her. I think, all people are like me. They have not got a good feeling when... I am eager to hear more about you soon. All the best, Behnam, 8 August, 2009 271

behnam August 8th 2009 Dear Marina, How are you my Arab friend with a heart of gold? Women often wear golden necklace or bracelet, but you have got a golden heart. I hope you are okay, full of energy and glitter like the Sun forever. Thank you for a warm welcome!

I wr something about n rote necklece and bracelet. W d Would you please let m know if you p me y wea any sort o jewelry? Do you like jewelry? W or why not? ar of e Why, y Oh y you can play a jok on me rig now by s yes, n ke ght saying that "Behnam, w when my he is eart gold it mean that I am wearing je den, ns ewelry, aren I?!!!" :):) n't ):) Any yway, it was just an exc s cuse to moti ivate you to write. You were self-m motivated in the past What has happened t you?:):):) Only jokin t. to ) ng. Hop to hear m pe more from you soon. All the best, Beh hnam, 8 Aug gust, 2009

mortaza.abta August 8 2009 m ahi 8th Dea Behnam, ar How are you m good frie w my end! Welcom back! me Eve person h ery here has its own way of writing, so I can learn very much about writ f o n h ting in Eng glish when I read our fr friends' posts here. You Behnam ha a very sp ts ave special way in writ ting. You us very simp and clea phrases w deep meaning so th everyon can se ple ar with hat ne und derestand yo as you wa I wish someday I c do the s ou ant. s can same:) As y may see I usually w you e, write forma This als happens w aly! so when I writ in Persian So te n! my w of writing may be suitable for some serio subjects I try to b friendly, but I way r ous s!! be b don know if I can put my feeling into words! n't o u you zerbaijani. I it your m Is mother tongu or you ha learnt it ue ave t? You said that y speak Az Whe do you o ere originally c come from? Which city? My older brother has been in Ta ? s abriz for two years. He s studied in T Tabriz Unive ersity. Durin those tw years he b ng wo brought to me m ny d aining beau utiful Azerba aijani songs Of course I can not s. e man recorded tapes conta und derestand wh the sing says, but I can feel its beaty. In some case it make me cry hat ger t n es m !!! L summe we, me an my family had a trip to Ardabil. I really en Last er nd ly, p njoyed that. . I am waiting fo your beau m or utiful writin ngs:) mor rtaza Aug 08, 200 gust 09

metzean August 8th 2009 Dear Behnam, You are most welcome, I hope you had the world by the tail and enjoyed your holiday. We often don't pay attention to what is around us, what precious thing that we face with and not understand the value and pass by it easily. what other conclusion I can reach from the following experience is that we should not miss our friends and stick to our life. Stop and Smell the Roses Musician playing violin in a Washington DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007 He played six Bach pieces for about 60 minutes. During that time approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After: 3 minutes A middle-aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace, stopped for a few seconds, and then hurried to meet his schedule. 4 minutes The violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money in the till and without stopping, continued to walk. 6 minutes A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. 10 minutes A three-year-old boy stopped but his mother tugged him along hurriedly, as the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally, the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time. Several other children repeated this action. Every parent, without exception, forced them to move on. 45 minutes The musician played. Only 6 people stopped and stayed for a while. About 20 gave him money but continued to walk their normal pace. He collected $32. 1 hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was

ther any recog re gnition. s tory. The W Washington P Post, as par of a socia experimen about rt al nt This is a real st perc ception, taste and peop ple's prioriti arrange the entire scenario. Playing inc ies, ed e cognito, no o knew th violinist w Joshua Bell, one of the best m one he was f musicians in the world. H He play one of th most intr yed he ricate piece ever writt with a v es ten, violin worth $3.5 millio h on doll lars. Two days prior to this, Jos o r shua Bell so out a the old eater in Bos ston where the tickets aver raged $100 per seat. 0 The questions t experim raised: e the ment In a commonpl lace environ nment at an inappropri hour, d we percei beauty; do we iate do ive stop to appreci it; do w recognize talent in su an unex p iate we e uch xpected con ntext? One possible co e onclusion r reached from this exper m riment could be: d If w do not ha a momen to stop an listen to one of the b musicia in the world, we ave nt nd best ans w play ying some of the finest music ever written, wit one of the most beau th utiful instrum ments? How many othe things ar we missin w er re ng? B.W Wishes, Moh hsen

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea Wendy, ar Yes ,I remembe you ,you are a Chine beautifu girl, 22 ,single ,you a looking for a er ese ul are f job in hospital, you wish to improve y o your English you like t eat conjee at mornin and h, to e ng on..If you wa to be em ant mployed as a nurse in h hospital you can ask Ve u eronica to h you help so o ,her experience and knowl r e ledge is inva aluable, don miss the boat. n't e r f hdi ld ew me The festival for birthday of Imam Mah was hol for last fe days but the peak tim was on F Friday. The festivals ar supported by people there are n any offi e re d e. not icial organiz zations to organize it, p o people are divided in tw groups. First group prepare a lot of eatab d wo p bles such as candies in differen kinds ,ice creams, ch h s nt e hocolates, ca akes , cooke foods ,an ed nd man kinds of d ny drinking the also decor the stre and sho ,festooning with lig and e rate eets ops ghts colo ored papers .The secon group are people wh visit the s s nd e ho street and shops and en ntertain by eating and d e drinking and if a singer performs , d r ,people clap pping there. I am a mem . mber of seco group v ond visiting man places an eating an drinking, I think my blood suga was ny nd nd ar abo 130 when I came ba home last night. To out n ack oday I feel dizzy. d

Wen what is a cook Con which y eat for b ndy njee you breakfast? k breakfast tha we call it Ash. Ash is cooked by using of at t s y We have a cook food for b redients mix of meat, ve x egetable, be ,pea, len added spices and after cook ,it was ean ntils , ingr grou und. Dea Zhou, how do you wr your na ar w rite ame, I heard that the Chinese write their fami d C e ily nam first and then their name (first n me n name). Goo fortune. od Moh hsen

Marina1 Aug 8th 200 M gust 09 Hel dear Beh llo hnam, Nice very nice , and so mu nicer to read your words in th site , wha e, e uch o his atever they were. I like them! :) ank y your fast rep and you friendly w ply ur words, you m made me fee el Tha you very much for y rela axed that Be ehnam came with a lot of energy. T e Thanks God :) :) d! ar ow uld ou t Dea Behnam, do you kno what wou happen to you if yo be absent again??? I , mys , don't k self know yet, bu I'm thinking of somet ut thing, and y know wo you omen's thou ughts (LO OoooooOL), so be caref :) ful! iously, you a not allo are owed to get away again especially that I have put an exp n, y e pensive Seri glue on your pl e lace on the site , do you feel it??? :) ;) u Aga seriously where did you go??? Did you se lots of be ain y, d ? ee eautiful wom ( oh my God!! men y I ca see your s an smile, I thin you saw and met lots of them :) ) ???? nk a s Dea my friend Behnam, I'm really so happy that you are he again. :) :) ar d I o ere ) Abo jewelry , I like them but not too much. I lik to wear b out m o ke beautiful rin , and a ng neck klace. But a again seriou usly, did you brought so u omething fo me??? :) :) or I lov Platinum , I love it m ve m more than g gold. But to tell the trut I don't kn why, bu I th now ut always like to w wear it. So if you are co onfused abo my gift's kind, I've t out s told you, bu don't ut tell anybody , k keep it as a secret (LOO OOOOL). Beh hnam, I'm re eally in a ve good mo now , an when Ma ery ood nd arina is in a good mood she d, does know w sn't what to write How muc she is sim e. ch mple! :) But I promise t be angry , to imp patient, and annoyed tomorrow the I'll write more (LOO en OOOOOOO OOOOOL).

Wha about you Behnam, w at u what do you like to offe for your g u fer girlfriend, f fianc�e , or wife ( o neck klace , ring , or?.) ?? and why? An where ar you going to dig you name??? a nd re g ur ? Dea , I will giv you abou 10000000 ar ve ut 00000000 e excuses to w write , just be here and don't go a away :) :) :) :) ) Wri always a more. ite and Mar rina.

metzean Aug 8th 200 m gust 09 Dea Minh ar At 4 PM I finish working and come back home , In the eve hed g e e ening I went to the mar to rket buy a pair of sh hoes, I alwa buy my shoes from the same sh for man years, so the ays s hop ny shop pkeeper got used to call me a frien and gran me a spec discoun The price of t nd nt cial nt. e shoe was 30/US but I pa 25/USD and receiv 5/USD dis e USD, aid D ve scount. Do you receive e disc count when y buy som you mething from shops? Plea don't forget to writ something about Viet Kongs. ase te g Goo night from here mea good mor od an rning to you u. Moh hsen

hoang gia m h minh August 9th 2009 hell dear Moh lo hsen, g I thi viet kong is souther liberation army Viet Nam, affili ink rn n t iated that so outhern Nat tional Libe eration Front is Vietna amese and it be a part o Vietname people tr t of ese roopss, acq quire supp from U port USSR, china a.Military th against the Republ of Vietna that the hem t lic am. mili itary govern nment of the Republic o Vietnam ( e of (zach) befor 1975. Established si re ince 195 with a cor of militar Vietnam National U 55 re ry Union of Fra ance, mainly Security G y Group, the Safety Grou On trad up. ditional (also known as the Military Day) is 19 months 6 days. o y 9 For rcer Vietnam Republic is equipped with robus consequen m d st nces of the F and the Fire e stro support of a positiv U.S., and the league, to combat southern li ong ve d , iberation ar Viet rmy Nam m.

Veronicaho A V August 9th 2009

Dear Behnam, What surprice this morning when I opened the thread! (and e-majl) And you made me and everybody else so happy! WELCOME BACK! We have missed you a lot... Please let us know where you have been, what you have seen and who you meet in this time when you didnt been with us :) Veronica Aug 9 2009

Clare August 9th 2009 Hi Mohsen I loved your story about Joshua Bell - thank you very much for posting it here. Welcome back Behnam! We all missed you! Now I'm going to stir things up and urge you to read Mohsen's post about when he travelled to Russia and visited the Hermitage Museum. There's one line in his post that made me laugh out aloud... Very naughty Mohsen ;)) Clare -Clare, english-at-home.com

Veronicaho August 9th 2009 Hi Mohsen, So nice to hear that you soon arriving at Aland Islands! You are now at the cruise and you wrote it's too windy, 50 m/s! Oh my God!!!! I hope you have a cabin so you can lie in the bed because this wind is nothing to play with! As you wrote you can see many small empty islands. Unique for Aland Island is the untouched archipelago and the beautiful bedrock, worn smooth by the inland ice, with the typical red colour of the �land granite. With its 6.500 islands �land offers an island world where the sea is always present. The archipelago joining Aland Island to both Finland and Sweden.

You felt a bit fear and wondered about bears and other bad, dangerous animals :) Take it easy, you are now coming to The peaces of Islands! We have no military, because of the demilitary zon, and no bears or other bad animals :) Just friendly people as me :) If you send me a mess when you arriving I will pic you up at the harbour in Mariehamn. You have been in St. Petersburg in a big city so now I think you need some holiday here. Here is a lot to do, depence how long you will stay here. I can recommending you to visit our castle since medival times, Castle Kastelholm, and The fortress of Bomarsund what was built during the years 1832-1854. Aland was Russian at the time and the fortress was intended for the Russian contingents on the islands. I can even recommending you to see The 4-mast sailing vessel ?Pommern? who is the only ship of its kind in the entire world that is preserved in its original condition! One day I will go with you by a big sailing-boat for lunch in the archipelago of islands. I hope the weather still are so nice as now. Sun and 25 degreeze. If you want you can stay at our summerhouse few days. My husband can take you on a fishing trip by boat. In the evening we eating the fishes you got with potatos, sallad and black bread, when the sun falling down to the sea! Before you leaving us you have to use a finish sauna! Have you ever done that? I dont think so, so that will be an experience for you! Hope to hear from you as soon as possible! Everybody waiting for you, even my family wants to meet you! See you / Veronica 272

sami August 9th 2009 Hello my punisher-friend Marina! : )) How are you? I hope you are fine. My sweet Marina, please, don?t ask for punishment to your friends! I love this site, reading and writing, however, as you know nowadays it is not easy for me to visit it everyday. So please??..forgive me and don?t punish me pleaseeeeeee : ) As for me?I will try to write as much as possible. Dear Marina, I have found something which differentiates us, among other things, you

love winter, but if you asked me about my favourite season I would say without any doubt that I love summer. I like hot (bearable) weather, it makes me be in a very good mood, maybe it is due to the effect of the sun on me. However, I dislike rainy days, in my country it rains a lot in winter, it is very uncomfortable for me? About my questions about desert island?I don?t remember very well the questions, but I am going to tell you what would I do on a desert island or who I would go with. First I wouldn?t mind living on a desert island for a while, maybe a month or so. I think it would be a very exciting experience, and it will teach me we can really live without all material staff we have at home. If I were allowed to go with just one person I would choose a female friend, and I explain it. On a desert island you would have a lot of free time and with another woman conversation topics are endless : )) We can talk about one topic, then another, and another?With a man is very different, they can give us conversation, but there would be a point were no conversation is possible and I would be very bored. So I prefer a good friend. Maybe Marina you would be my chosen one, it would be very nice to meet you and talk day and night with you. Food? I don?t know, I think there are fruits on desert islands, so I wouldn?t take any food with me. I think it would be ideal for losing some weight. We women are always trying to lose weight even though we don?t need it, so it would be perfect! Any material item? Mmmm I don?t know, maybe something to light a fire, or a spray to keep insects and strange animals away from me! What to do? Well, I think we can do lots of things on a desert island, having a walk, swimming in the sea, sunbathing, fishing, talk and talk and talk with your friend ; ), try to build a ship with wood from trees and sail it? There are lots of things to do. I don?t know whether I have asked all my questions or not, I hope to have answered at least most of them. If you remember or you can have an easier access to the page where I wrote them than me, please, write them to me, ok? Please Marina ask me more things, I love writing here, and especially writing to you. A pair of kisses, Rosa, August 8, 2009.

sami August 9th 2009 Hello Veronica How are you? I hope your health is fine now and that test on swine flu has a negative result.

The whole thing about swine flu worries me a lot. Everyday I see on Spanish news more and more people being at hospital and even dying because of it. To tell the truth I am a little bit scared of it. Yesterday I heard the health minister saying that it was better not to kiss or ever touch people, because it is dangerous since we can pass the virus to each other. It is a little bit complicated for us, Spanish people kiss a lot and we touch a lot each other while we are talking?I will try my best to follow her advice? Again, thank you for praising my English, but I am sure I make lots of mistakes, and for my vocabulary I feel many times that I need more words. A very good way to get your vocabulary bigger is to read in English as much as possible. I think it helps me a lot, however, most of this vocabulary I get is passive, and then, it is difficult for me to make it active. So I think the best think in this situation is to try to speak in English as much as possible. The idea of chat voice is great, either by Skype or by yahoo. I have used yahoo and it is very very good. I personally don?t have skype installed in my computer, once I had it and it gave me lots of problems. Dear Veronica, lucky you who can go to Malasya. For sure you deserve it since as you say, you have worked a lot in springtime. I have just remember something which a nice professor used to tell us when I was at university. He used to say that after some work our beer or coke will taste better. He is right about it. And it is the same with travelling. After a long time of hard work, I am sure you are going to enjoy it to the most. Veronica, I have read what you have written about Marina?s personality. You have written a lot about her, it seems you know people by what they write or how they do it. I think reading what others have written about you is wonderful, because among other things, it makes you know yourself better. I mean, sometimes people can see in us something which we don?t know we have, qualities or defect, I believe they can help us grow and be a little bit better because we can learn and change what we don?t like. I have to admit that I have enjoyed a lot what you have write about her, would you please write about myself?? ; ) I have just read your email I will answer to it as soon as possible. Hope to read from you soon Kisses, Rosa, August 8, 2009.

sami August 9th 2009 Uppps!!! It seems I dont know even the day in which we live! Sorry dear friends, I have mistaken today's date, it should be August 9, 2009. This is because I am shocked after so many writing you all have written in the last days.

Welcome my friend Behnam! How is it going? Did you enjoy your rest? I hope you have come full of energies and ideas to continue writing more and more. We all here needed your writings, so thank you for coming back dear friend. I hope to hear from you soon, Rosa, August 9, 2009

behnam August 9th 2009 Dear Mortaza, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you for trying to keep this friendship going. Thank you once again for saying some good things about my English. That is very kind of you, but your English is better than mine; much better than mine actually. It is very good to be humble, but not as humble as you are! :):):) Both my parents are originally from East-Azerbaijan province. My father is from Marand, which is a small city. It is so green and beautiful. Marand is covered by trees. My mother is from Tabriz. As you know, it is one of the most famous cities in Iran. Both my parents are teachers. My father teaches Maths at secondary school, and my mother teaches Persian literature in high school. Although I was born in Tehran and I have grown up in this crowded city, I love Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani. I speak Azerbaijani very well. As a matter of fact, I show my real feelings in Azerbaijani. Whenever I think to myself, I think in Azerbaijani. :):):) For example, I start paraying (saying my prayers=Niyyat) in Azerbaijani. If you hit me, I will make some sounds or some voice in Azerbaijani. :):):):), but do not do that, please! LOOOL I often write simple and use simple words because of the fact that my vocabulary is not big and wide. It is very limited in fact. Your English is excellent. Do not worry about writing in formal or informal English. We are not native English speakers and we are not going to speak only with native speakers; also native speakers do not expect us to speak like them. We just have to try to make conversation with people. That is enough, I believe. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

behnam August 9th 2009 Dear Mohsen, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you very much for the delighted posts. Dear Mohsen, I understood and got the points I think, but I have got a different idea about the reason of such actions. I mean people's ignorance. I believe, the majority of people do not understand the precise meaning of beauty. I do not know how to make it clear. For example, someone asks from some people, or even speaks proudly among his/her friend like this; "Have you ever seen such and such place? Have you ever listened to such and such music? Have you ever eaten at such and such restaurant? Have you ever been to such and such city?" etc. S/he often adds;" You have lost your life if you didn't do such and such thing yet!!!" The listeners often think that they are like some losers in this situation. They think that the speaker is important, but they are not! What will happen? Well, next weekend the listeners will go there, will try to listen to it,...just to have an illusion about being important! It is, more or less, a fact among people. Only a few people know that what they really want, or what they really need. In short, the majority of people are like sheep! If a sheep does some an action and makes its especial sound "Ba ba.." other sheep will follow it without any thoughts. I am so sorry to make an analogy between sheep and some people, but it is a proven fact. I even believe that sheep are better than some people! At least, sheep are very useful for human beings, but some people are very dangerous and harmful. I hope my friends do not blame me. :):):) Some people do understand the beauty of the nature. For instance, someone who paints, draws or makes sculptures has got an especial talent, but many people only pretent to understand such things. I am not an artist person at all. I have no idea about paints, draws and art-related things. However, I never preted to understand or to get the points from them. They are often funny and meaningless for me. I hope you have got my idea about the story. A few people have listened to the famous musician, because a few people have understood it and its beauty. I will write about this important fact among human beings in the future.

I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

mary August 9th 2009 Hi Veronica, How are you my friend? Do you feel better? I hope now that you read these words feel good. I think you are a good mother and your daughter loves you because of looking after you. What's her name? Is she your last kid? Actually, I don't know about Skype. In Iran, if we want to chat(voice chat) we use Yahoo or Windows live Messenger. I agree with you to some extent. I like to talk face to face, but chatting with such a speed(speed of Internet) is disgusting. About your question, do you mean my appearance or my character? About my appearance, I wrote before and I prefer not to write it once again. I'm sorry, but if you want I can send my photo for you. Also you can imagine it in the way you like, both my face and my personality. I hope not to make you upset by my words. Sorry again. I look forward to reading from you more. Best wishes, Maryam

behnam August 9th 2009 Dear Marina, How are you keeping? I hope everything is going well with you. Thank you so much for your very kind words, sentences, posts! They are really lovely and great. I do not know how to thank or what to say; but I do enjoy reading your excellent writings. Oh my God! Many questions! They seem easy when you just read them, but very difficult to answer! Have a mercy on me! I saw many beautiful ladies. Ladies are very beautiful. God have created them beautiful

for men to look at! However, I do not look at them, I stare at them! :)):)):)) My eyes need some food, and I have to feed them, you know! By the way, ladies are beautiful because our eyes see them and invent their beauty. If men do not look at them how they will understand that they are beautiful? :):):) Ladies must appreciate, be grateful, and value men's eyes and their looking at them. LooooL I like to give her whatever she likes, but I love to see her wearing earrings. I also love to give her necklace that my name is engrave on one side, and the shape of a heart on the other side. LOOOL I will try to be stuck at my computer's desk, but I do not promise. :):):):):):) Pleae consider my lack of time. I am really pressed for time. I hope to read more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

mary August 9th 2009 Hi lovely Cathy, How are you? It seems that you are busy. I hope what you do be happy and successful. I agree with the date, so I will announce all friends to come. I hope they come. As you see, Behnam is here. He has arrived for the party. So the time is ripe for gathering and having fun and joy. I'm eagerly counting days till due date. See you soon, Maryam

mary August 9th 2009 Hi Behnam, How are you? How's life? I'm glad that you are here again. Welcome to your thread. Welcome among friends. Don't worry about your writing. You write as good as before. It didn't change. You are just as humble as before. :)

It seems that you are here and answering your friends' writings. I'm looking forward to read your beautiful writings about different topics. See you at the party, Maryam

mary August 9th 2009 Dear friends, I'm delightful to invite you to the party on Saturday, the fifteenth of August. Please join us and enjoy being together. Lady's don't forget to bring your umbrellas. I hope to see all of you there. Come and make it bright with your smiles. Yours, Maryam 273

mary August 9th 2009 Hi Rosa, Thank you for your kindness my friend. Thank you for thinking of me at the beach and thanks for the icecream. I hope I can go to the sea before autumn. As you wrote, I really need it. I want to breathe the air in and to walk on the sand and feel the softness of the sand under my feet. I like to hold my friend's hands and turn. I like to gaze at the sea and the sun, especially sunset. Any way, thank you for remembering me. I think you mean icecream with liquid chocolate on the top. I tried it, but I prefer the chocolate iceaream. And I like the cone, too. I like fruity icecream in a cone with chocolate. Actually, I love it. Have you ever tried cake with icecream instead of cream between the layers? What do you think about this one? Whenever you eat icecream, remember me. :D

Have a good day. See you at the party, Maryam

behnam August 9th 2009 Hello Veronica, How are you? I hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for being here and trying to make this thread a friendly place to be in. You have made a big progress in writing. What did you done? How did you achieve this goal? What is the secret of your success? I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

mary August 9th 2009 Hi Marina, How are you? How's your job? I hope you are successful and enjoy doing it. Thank you for your nice words. Thank you for your compliment. Actually, I didn't get your question well. According to what I understood, I think women are the same in some way and also men. In my idea, it's true, because our nature is the same, but we are different in some characters. Our environment, society, family... have effects on our characters. So from another view, we are not the same. I do like to say and think that we, all human beings, men and women, are the same. I don't know if I get you right or not. Please tell me about that. We discussed the reasons for wearing make up. I think the operations are the same. We look for more beauty. If you remember, one reason was, women liked beauty. Actually, they like to look better. They do what they can to reach this goal. We have a proverb in Farsi, "Kill me, but make me beautiful." I think it's very clear and shows our desire for looking more beautiful. :) I both agree and disagree. It depends on the person and the situation. Sorry, but I should go and cook something for dinner and tomorrow's lunch. If it's not

clear, please let me know. Please tell me your ideas about these questions. I hope to read more from you. See you at the party. Have good times, Maryam

behnam August 9th 2009 Hello Clare, How are you doing? I hope everything is going well with you. Thank you so much for writing occasionally in this thread. It is very kind of you. Would you please let me know which post you mean? There are many posts and I know that Mohsen has not visited Russia yet. I am a little bit confused. Is it an imaginary story or something like that? Please let me know the number of page. By the way, Mohsen is an Iranian man. Iranian men, with the exception of poor Behnam, are expert at making ladies laugh. :):):) I am expert at making ladies cry instead! :):):) I am very naughty, but there is a thin line between naughtiness and rudeness and I often are not able to be careful with the line!!! It is a bad habit of mine. Due to this fact, I often try to be silent rather than play jokes on people! :):):):):) Dear Clare, as you know, many people have posted a lot of interesting posts in this thread. This site and its materials are a part of their lives actually. To put it another way, we are not only writing in this thread, but also living. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE BACK UP OF THE SITE AND ITS MATERIALS? It is vitally important to think about this matter. I will not ask you to write regularly in this thread, because I know you do not care. :):):) However, I will be glad if you even write occasionally. Whenever I read your posts and comments, and then understand them, I have got a sweet illusion that my English is good. I know it is just an illusion, but it is sweet and I love it. Imagination is very important; do not blame me. LOOOL Thank you for reading. I hope to hear more from you. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

Niloofar71 August 9th 2009 Dear Friends Sorry for the delay! I'd gone on a camp for a week[actually it was RoboCup competitions] and I really didn't have time to post here.It was a great time for me with my friends,boys and girls from all over Iran,in a same place.I enjoyed it alot.It was the best trip ever!!! Dear Behnam It is really nice to see you sending posts here.I've heard from you alot.It seems that you are so popular amoung all.It's a proud for me to be here with you and every body else. Dear Maryam I'd missed you.Congratulations for finding the palce. Dear Mortaza Thak you for your guidance.I will work hard and I know I will succeed.But a little bit stress is natural. Looking forward to hear from you soon. All The Best Niloofar

Clare August 9th 2009 Hi Behnam I'm not sure which page it was, but let me explain what happened. In your absence, Mohsen has been travelling! First he descended upon Andrew, in Russia, and he visited the Hermitage Museum - which sounds absolutely fantastic. It's enormous, and packed full of cultural treasures. But Mohsen is an observant traveller. While he was at the museum he saw a bust of a lady on a wall and thought about you. (That's the post I meant!) Then Mohsen started travelling towards Finland and he's off to visit Veronica. The Aland Islands sound beautiful, by the way. I hope he enjoys his Finnish sauna - I'm sure that will be an eye-opening experience for him! Where next for our intrepid traveller? Will you travel to Andalucia to visit Rosa? Italy to visit me??

Don't worry Behnam - the site is regularly backed up so we shouldn't lose any materials. I'm an enormous fan of this thread and I read the posts regularly. I don't always contribute, because it's not my thread, and in any case, I don't want to put people off from writing. But rest assured I read it and - I have to admit it - feel enormously happy that people can find friends from around the world. It's not just Iranian men that make ladies laugh - everyone on this thread has got a very funny sense of humour! Enough from me - I'm going to sit back and read for a while ;)) Clare -Clare, english-at-home.com

behnam August 9th 2009 Hello Rosa, How are you? I hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for trying hard to keep this thread active. I appreciate all your attempts. What are you doing? Are you still on the beach? What are you doing there? I was on the beach of the Caspian sea for one day, last week.The Caspian Sea is the largest inland sea in the world, between southeast Europe and Asia. It is surrounded by Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. I sat there watching the waves breaking on the beach. The beach was so sandy. Actually, I dislike sandy beaches, because it makes my clothes and feet dirty. I know, the sea with a lot of water is there, but if I wash myself and then become wet, the sand will stick more. I like beaches with big sands, stones and and rocks. I do not know why, but I dislike naked(partly naked) men. In Iran, the beaches are divided into two parts; one for men and the other for women. I did not see any naked (partly naked) women, but I think they are ugly too. I believe, clothes make human beings beautiful, and without clothes human beings are one of the most ugliest creatures in the world. Do you agree with me? If not, why? I have missed you and your writings a lot. Please be kind enough to post something to me and use my nasty name sometimes. :):):):):):):) Only joking. If I do not play joke on you, I will lose my fairness. :)):)):))

Dear Rosa, when you paste some written files in Microsoft word format, you should rewrite inverted comma, comma, apostrophe, and other signs. There are many ? in your writings and they often made me confused. They also are not beautiful; like naked people. :):):) I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

behnam August 9th 2009 Hello Maryam, How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you for writing in a very kind way. Your writings are great. You are always speaking about party. What do you mean? Is it an imaginary one; like Mohsen's journey to Russia, Finland, Spain, Syria, Italy, etc.? Why has he started from Russia? Ladies first! :):):):):):):):):):):):) I am not sure about this sentence. Do you know what the proper sentence is for this situation? I mean he must start from other places. LOL People are supposed to bring an umbrella! Why? Is it raining or snowing??? :):):) Very funny. :):):):) Maybe party is outside, and it is sunny! :):):) It is a picnic rather than a party. :):):) How many people are there? Any man? :):):) It is so dangerous for a man to be at a women's party. LOOOOL Dear Maryam, I was at the north last week. Actually, I was there just for one day. I visited many cities. You should know that I visited "Grdaneh Heyran" and "Amol"! How many cities did I visit? Can you guess? :):):):) I was on the beach in "Gisum". It was so beautiful. What are you doing? How about life in Tehran? Did you change your home? Did you move from last home? You have got flatmate, roommate!!! How come? What about the job? Do you like it? Are you satisfied with it? I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 9 August, 2009

Veronicaho August 9th 2009 Hi Marina, Thanks for your kind answer to me! It was nice to read that my description about you was right! Funny! Only once I will explain. I didnt meant that you thinking you are more and better than other people. But I mean that sometimes when people like you and me with a good selfconfident speaking, and think our ideas are so smart, THEN other people can thinking about us, that we think we are more and better than them. This was difficult to explain but I hope you will understand it now :) I really like your ideas and I will tell you that I agree with you in many cases. You asked me about what would happen if all peoples chose human laws and leave Gods laws. Even for me its very importent to be a good human with right ethics code. I think people need rules and laws. From the beginning when my childs was born I have tried to learn what I thinking is right and wrong. I hope you understand my ideas and about homosexual peoples I thinking that its not my right to judge them. As you wrote, there is many other topics like war, no food in Sudan, diseases and other things what are very bad in the world. More importent than homosexual peoples. My idea is that a good human are a person who not do something bad to someone else. I hope you understand because I can see my writings are incorrect! About my health I can tell you that Im ok again! I havent got the results yet but tomorrow. You had right about my appearance, Im blond with hair to my shoulders and blue eyes. Have you ever heard that blond people are stupid? Some peoples say that!!! But I dont think so! :) About my clouths you had right, I often use jeans and t-skirt. But not sportshoes. I dont like sports. I have big self-confident, im obstinate and my tolerance is big! I thinking to other people and I want to help everybody who need help. But when Im angry, I will bee very angry and then I can bee very naughty. But that is not often...Thanks for that! In this time I cant find a question to you ? :( Please ask me something, what ou want! Hope to hear from you soon Veronica August 9, 2009

Veronicaho August 9th 2009 Hi Mortaza, I hope everything is well with you and your family! I send you a post 4 days ago but no answer :( Maybe you didnt seen it or you are busy? Dont stress, write when you have time :) Veronica August 9, 2009 274

Mohamad August 10th 2009 Dear Maryam, How are you my intelligent sister, I hope you are ok. As you know because of seeds love to grow and be attractable so when you put them in suitable earth they turn into beautiful plant and flower, I think words in your writings like this , when they come in your heart and mind turn into beautiful sentences and appear in the monitor , on the other hand I see words in your fingers is the same as beeswax and you can shape them to every form and this is your sagaciously art and this make your writings very sweet and beautiful . thank you for your reply me it is clear that you are a accurate lady,I am sure you will be a successful business person in your life. I wish you much success for the future. Have a great day. Araghi , August , 10th, 2009

Cathy Li August 10th 2009 Dear Rosa, Sorry for my delayed confession to you, hehe... hope you didn't make your decision who you will mary with. Give me one more chance, hehe... It's just kidding. I enjoyed a lot writing to you, I just finished my examinations on two courses which are part of

postgraduate program. Upon completing them, I feel more excited and light-hearted. In my mind, Rosa must be as beautiful as rose. Big flashing and smiling eyes, long curling hairs with fragrance, straight nose and rosy lips, shapely figure with elegant manner, Rosa can fully interpret the beauty of rose. When she dances, the flow of passion will melt all hearts, when she stands still, the mystery of tranquility will comfort all hearts. Dear Rosa, I just wonder who will be that lucky man to cut out all rivals for your affection. Hehe... Can you share with me later? Dear Rosa, I'll send my photos to you soon. I wish the photos will clearly answer your questions. Smiles Cathy P. S.: my E-mail is greenkiss1981@126.com, I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.

Mohamad August 10th 2009 Dear Behnam , Salaam and welcome , How are you , we are glad you have decided come back and join us again ,words can not express how deeply happy we are for your come back. what?s up? (other what?s up?)LOL. Yesterday one of my kind colleagues sent me an email ,now I writ that here and present it to you . With many prayer Araghi, August,10th,2009 ''The best moments of life from Charlie Chaplin point of view'' To fall in love, To laugh until it hurts your stomach. To find mails by the thousands when you return from a vacation. To go for a vacation to some pretty place To listen to your favorite song in the radio. To go to bed and to listen while it rains outside. To leave the Shower and find that the towel is warm! To clear your last exam. To receive a call from someone, you don't see a lot, but you want to.

To find money in a pant that you haven't used since last year. To laugh at yourself looking at mirror, making faces. Calls at midnight that last for hours. To laugh without a reason. To accidentally hear somebody say something good about you. To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep for a couple of hours. To hear a song that makes you remember a special person. To be part of a team. To watch the sunset from the hill top. To make new friends. To feel butterflies! In the stomach every time that you see that person. To pass time with your best friends. To see people that you like, feeling happy. See an old friend again and to feel that the things have not changed. To take an evening walk along the beach. To have somebody tell you that he/she loves you. To laugh .......laugh. ........and laugh ...... remembering stupid things done with stupid friends. These are the best moments of life.... Let us learn to cherish them. "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed"

Cathy Li August 10th 2009 Hi Love Maryam, As you guessed, I was fighting with examinations on two courses over the last whole week. Now I'm fully free from the examinations and hope we can have fun and share all together. I'm smiling to the coming party and happy to know that our dear brother Beham returned back from his blinding date, hehe... Be reday, Be happy. With you, with all friends Cathy

metzean Aug 10th 20 m gust 009 Dea Veronica, ar Tha anks for you warm wel ur lcome.it is nice that you health co back an no sympt n ur ome nd thons of flue are in your body. e r Dea veronica as the wind was blewin terribly , tried to li down on t bed ,but I ar d ng ,I ie the t miss my way ,I went to B sed y Bothnian Se in north o Aland ,fo ea of ortunatly I fo found my wa ay inst tantly, I wen reound to nt oward Marie ehamn the m main Island and the Ca d apital of Alan nd,near the harbour I s an old s saw ship which has been st tayed in the berth, so I decided to berth near th ship and landed on the Island. This ship was an old v b his d w vessel which didn't h wor anymore ,it was calle Pommer , used as an Museum The muse ship Pommern rk ed rn m, eum is an nchored in the western of Marieha n amn's harbo ours, V�ste erhamn.. I pa a visit to the musem and they ga me a lot of infroma ay ave t ation about h history of Pom mmern ship . Mar riehamn wa the base f the last l as for large ocean commerc sailing ships in the world. nic cial e The final task were brin eir ks nging Austra alian wheat to Britain, on which A t Aland ship-o owner Erik kson kept go oing until af WW2, 1 fter 1947 being his last yea The ships latterly ma ar. s ade only one round y d-trip from S South Austr ralia to Brita per year after each marathon voyage ain r, h goin back to M ng Mariehamn to lay up fo a few months. The sh Pommer now a m or hip rn, museum in Mariehamn, was one of these last v M f vessels.. It w very int was teresting as I never visi inside it of old cargo sh o hip.Thanks V Veronica for you recom mmend. Veronica,I deci ided to book a place in ferry boat (cruiser or schooner) t have a jo k n to ourney ds rs, ere passenger f ferries line h here ,called Viking d via many Island and river there we famous p d first I wante to buy a new camer or repair my old cam ed ra mera which was and Silja , But f falle into the w en water, so I d decide to pr repare a tick in Bergh ket hamn port i Eckero to in o Swe eden , Norrt talje .may I buy an Eric ckson camera , Vernica ,what is th famous brands a he b in Sweden? S Whe I come back , I will visit Castle Kastelholm and The f en m, fortress of B Bomarsund ,it will be my pleasure to have a d m e dinner besid your kind family. de d All the best, Moh hsen

metzean Aug 10th 20 m gust 009 Dea Clare, ar

I am really hap that you find oppor m ppy u rtunity to re my writi ead ing, you kno that I am ow m trav veling to som parts of Europe ,I li to come by your city as I see yo have pla me f ike ty ou anted the I Italy 's flag over your posting ,but I think you live there a a guess. g p t u as If I come to visit you I'll as Behnam to come alo with me When you visit behna in sk ong e. u am Italy you can ask him to do everything for you as Behnam w be under your spell unless y o g s will r l you button your shirt colla ar. hold you desk f d firmly and LOL L Moh hsen

metzean Aug 10th 20 m gust 009 Dea Minh, ar anks for you informatio about Vi Kong, th were a g ur on iet hey group of figh hters which fought h Tha aga ainst Americ Army,th asked fo their liber .this is w can hey or rty what i 'v und derstood fro your om writ tting. I he eard from on my friend that Viet K ne d Kongs lived in Tunnels under the g d s ground ,and they d cam out from the tunnel a night and attack to th enemy, they keep insisting on th kind me at d he t his of operation til American Army had to left Vietn op ll t nam. ar it aining in Vie etnam?. Vie etnam is ver famous fo growing of rice/ ry for Dea Minh, Is i always ra do y have a f you field of rice e? B.W Wishes, moh hsen

Veronicaho A V August 10th 2009 h Hi R Rosa, Tha anks for you writings! About my h ur health I can tell you Im healthy and back to lif d fe aga But no r ain! results yet! I think there is so many tests to an e y nalysies. Eve here in F en Finland news spapers and Tv talks a lot about th swineflu. Ofcourse i d he . its imp portent but it will make people scar re! As y your health minister sa about to kiss and touch each ot aid ther is absolute correct t! I ha got much informatio at the ho ave h on ospital abou what kind of epidemi it is, how to treat ut d ic pati ients and ho to preven and redu virus spr ow nt use read. All do octors, nurse and helpn es nurses have got the inf formations because eve erybody can be involve if the epi n ed idemic will be big. b I do think peo have to be scare e ont ople o even if this f are more dangerous as usual. This flu flu e s T mak mostly yo ke oung people illness bec e cause they h havnt had a real flu bef fore (like Ho ong

Kong and Asiatic) and got antibodies at the blood. This flu is not dangerous as a flu, it is complications like pneumonia what can be dangerous. But for that there is antibiotics to take. I dont think people have to be in panic! But everybody should think about 3 things! 1. Do not kiss anyone in this time and shaken hands - just say hi! 2. Do not touch anything (like door-handle, escalators, toilettes..) at public places. 3. Wash your hands very often! (with soap, not only wather) If everybody doing this we can delay and reduse virus-spread untill we get vaccin. Then we will hope that the vaccin can protecting us, nobody knows in this days) Oh...you readed my descriptions about Marina! Have you readed her answer - I had right!! :) At my job as a nurse and even as a responsible person for nurse-students at my division I have readed a lot about "body language", non-verbal language and how to know what people want and needs. And to learn what kind of person a patient or a student are. This is very interesting!! And I like to make descriptions for people :) If they are right I feel good! Ofcourse I will make one for you! Here it comes :) :) You are 170 cm long with dark half long (?) hair. You are your parents middle child (I know this since before, you have told me) so you are not so prominent as Marina and I am (because we are our parents first child). You are a soft, nice person who are very kind. You thinking about everybody and wants to make everything in the best way. This is a very nice features, but be careful! Especual in school when you start working. Childs are very smart and when they will see that you are so kind they can made use of you! Can you say NO, and how often are you saying NO if you do not want something? Thinking of this! You are a person who wants to "stay on your own legs". You really respect everybody in this world and you are open for to see new things! This is good! You have good self-esteem, you take responsibility to what you are doing. You have good self-confident but you can make it better! A little bit often you can say that your english is not good enough....? It is!! Your english is EXCELLENT ROSA! Try to say it to yourself in the mirror :) You are a person to trust on! My feelings is that I can trust you to 100% ! In reality I

can't know you, but I know this to 99%. You are a person who know what you want and you have goals for it. You are a real friend and I think you are funny because you have humor and you have your "eyes" open. I think you will take "the middle way" if something is uncomfortable (I think the word are wrong, hope you understand). Sometimes you dont tell exact the truth because you dont want to make someone sad or angry. Because you are so conciderate! But I dont think you are lieing! You just modify the truth a bit :) To sump up you are a very nice, funny, kind and conciderate person! You will be a very good teacher! And you are a independent person who take care of yourself. Good! Please let me know if I have had right or not :) Now my brain is so empty so I can't find a question to you, so please can you find out a topic to talk about? Have a nice day, hope to hear from you soon! Veronica 10 Aug. 2009

mortaza.abtahi August 10th 2009 Dear Veronica, How are you? I hope you are fine. Veronica, my dear friend, I sincerely appologize for the delay in ansewring to you. Please, forgive me! Actually I had not seen your post:(:( Thank you so much for reminding me. You know what, I thought it was you who forgot to answer!! Today, before I connected to the Internet, I decided to send a reminder to you :):) but I saw yours, thus I searched the previous pages to find your writing, and I found it:):). It seems funny, doen't it? Today is Monday and I am sitting right now on a chair at my brother's house! My brother is married; he has 4 children. We, me and my brother, are not living in the same city, we are far from each other, about 550 kilometers away which it takes usually 6 haurs to get here by car. Next week, I will be at home:):) Dear Veronica, in your writing posted 5 days ago, you said that you had taken a test. Did you get the result? If so, what was it? I hope you are fine and recovered from your illness now. Regarding the current subject in our writing, I have one sister and two brothers. Actually, I had 3 brothers, but I lost one of them 22 years ago; he was killed when he was

serving the country as a soldier during Iran-Iraq war! It was a shocking event to the family. At the time I was 10 years old and we were all grief-stricken, however after a few years the life came back to its normal way. Anyway, my sister is the oldest and I am the smallest! My older brother is 4 years greater than me. My other brother and my sister are, respectively, 13 and 16 years older than me. My older brother and I are not just brothers, we are also friends! I think we would be even closer to each other if the age difference beween us was less than 4 or 3. I don't have the same feeling to the other brother and sister. Veronica!, thank you for complementing me as a father. I really care about my children's future very much, as any father does. While training a child, I think the most important step is to discover the child interests and then put him/her on its way. For example, I have to realize if my boy is good for being a teacher, or a doctor or even a succer player!! What do you think? Am I right? We can talk about this in the future. Let me also talk a little about the number of children in a family. I think having 3 or 4 children is normal and it can make a family be more happy. However, my wife says that two children is enough for us and she can not bear another baby! My wife also says that she likes to continue her studies, and she will not be able to do so as long as there is a little child in the family!!! She has a degree in management. I do respect her feelings. You said that when your daugther and her husband are tired of taking care of their children, they bring the children to you and you do the job! They are very lucky that you and your husband, as the grandmother and grandfather of their children, are living close to them so that you are accessible when they want. We are not in the same situation. My parents are living in another city, my wife's parents are also living in a different city. So we are living alone, almost with no relatives, and this makes our life be a little bit hard. I think It would be interesting if you know that my sister has 7 children. The children are all young and with lots of energy; it is so funny when all her family members come together at home. This is what I mean, when I say that having more chilren can make family be more happy provided the parents can afford their needs, of course. You asked me to talk about muslims and related issues. I promise I will write a lot about all of them. But, since this writing is already long and possibly boring, let me finish it here. Just let me ask you a few questions. I am so interested in those parts of the earth where you live. How is the weather there? How long is it freezing during a year? Do you have mid-night sun? I heard that in parts of the earth which are close to the poles, the sun appears in the sky even at night! I don't know if you are close enough to the pole so that you can see this beautiful scene. Thank you very much for reading. I am waiting for your beautiful writings. Good luck

mortaza August 10, 2009

behnam August 10th 2009 Dear Clare, Thank you very much for the quick reply, and thank you so much for making a backup of all materials on this powerful site. Thank you for telling the story of Mohsen & museum, but I have got some questions for you. Why did Mohsen think of me when he saw the bust of a lady in the museum? I know that this question must be asked from Mohsen, but what is your answer? You have written that you had laughed out loud(LOL), so it means that you have gotten the point! Could you please let me know the point?This is a little bit challenging, isn't it? :):):):) You should know that poor Behnam is a very simple and naive person. He is very bad at getting such complicated points. I hope you help poor Behnam with this matter. :):):) Mohsen is going to take me with himself. He is speaking about Italy, button, shirt! What does he mean? :):):) Frankly speaking, I dislike your sentence; "this is not my thread..". This is not my site too!!! This site is like a tree and this thread is like one of its thousand branches. When the tree is yours, the branches are yours automatically. LOL Please feel free in making excuses, but this one is not good at all. :):):):):)):)):)) I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 10 August, 2009 275

behnam August 10th 2009 Hello Mohammad (Araghi), 'Salam bizdan Azarbaijani doosta!' How are you? I hope you are happy and healthy. Thank you for writing some beautiful texts in this thread. Thank you for sharing the email. It was great. I really enjoyed reading it.

Now I am in a hurry. I ha got to leave soon. F w, ave Forgive me f the shor post. for rt I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 10 Au ugust, 2009

Marina1 Aug 10th 20 M gust 009 Dea Mr. Mort ar taza, anks a lot for your writi ing. Tha It se eems you lik do exerci like our dear friend Behnam, are all Iran ke ises r d nian like tha at??? Goo for all of you , it see in Iran lots of beau od f ems utiful park , beautiful w women and a athletic men too. n ia lar which is an I Islamic cou untry. Yes , in Syria i Syri is a secul country. We are not like Iran w wom wear w men whatever they want, they are free , and that's b ey y because of-a I said bef as fore- its syst tem. Dea Mortaza, I strongly b ar believe that each count has its o way of l t try own living or we can e call it its specia , and it's going wit lots of thi l alty th ings like peo religio , nature and ople ons othe specifications. er r rina, I adore Heijab, as I said befo I love it and know the value of e s ore. t f For me as Mar wea aring Heijab I saw lots of Iranian girls on TV , to tell the truth , I go surprised I b. s V e ot d. thin all the wo saw fre women w wear wh they wan In Syria Muslim wo nk orld ee who hat nt. omen don wear Heij like that , they put it more seri n't jab iously. I don think wea n't aring Heija ab prev women to play spo and eve ride bikes ( For me I don't like r vent n orts en s riding a bik ke (LO OOOOOL)). I do respect Ira o anian and Sy Syrian system Both of them know their peopl specificat ms. f le tions. So I as an ex I'm xternal watc cher , I like Iran with it specialty and I do res ts spect it. :) :). You :) shou know th Iran is d uld hat different from Syria , Sy is differ from Le m yria rent ebanon , an nd Leb banon is diff ferent from K , becau each on of them h its SPEC KSA use ne has CIALTY. Dea Mortaza, I can't hide my wonde about ask ar e er king me abo heijab fr a Musli man, out rom im who is an educ o cated one. D Dear Rosa w is a wes who stern girl as sked about i before , bu her it ut ques stion was ve normal, because th don't know about it Anyway , I wish I cou ery , hey t. uld answ your qu wer uestion comp mpletely. If y have any more ques you y stions , I'd b happy to be o answ them , p wer please feel f free. ank reading , I h hope you ar enjoying your Summ with you wife. I know that re mer ur Tha you for r the new Studyin year is c ng coming, so e enjoy as much as you can. :) :) I ho to hear f ope from you so oon.

Mar rina.

Niloofar71 A N August 10th 2009 Hi D Dear Friend ds I ha to prepa a writtin for wedne ave are ng esday in thi topic"who is the pers that most is o son influ uenced you??" ought that I is a nice topic for wri It t itting and so I decided to share it with you.I'd like to o d I tho see who is the p person,how did you me w eet,what are his/her/the influenti qualities and ... e eir ial s I loo forward to hera from you ok m Nilo oofar

Marina1 Aug 10th 20 M gust 009 Dea Behnam, ar So h happy to see your writi e ings to all fr friends on th place. Yo made it g a strong light, his ou got g you made it act tive! You made Clare w write someth hing too! Fr this point of view I'm a rom I jealous from Behnam d m dear Clare!! What abo poor Ma !! out arina ??? sh was abse for he ent bit j abo one day( out (LOoOoOoO OoOoOoOo oOL). I've read all wr ritings here just right n now, they we all grea ere at. A ne ecklace and earring! H nice!!!! :) :) :) it sh d How ! hows that B Behnam inte erested in so ome part ticular part from wom ts men's bodies head ,nec and shoul s! ck lders!!! So I can imagi what ine kind of hair and dress you like (LOOO d d u OOOOOOL L). Dea Behnam, women are beautiful, b ar e because Go has creat them lik that. Whe a od ted ke en man looks to a beautiful w n woman it me eans he enjo God cre oys eatures and he should say " s Sob bhan Allah" and he should thank G that he can look at them! God t (LO OOOOOOO OOOOOL). I've received an email from a friend o mine, it w a bit nau n m of was ughty , but i talks abou a it ut scie entific fact! I try to sa it in a saf way:) :) :) It said that looking a a certain place I'll ay fe :). at in women body by men , w reduce the probabil for caus w y will t lity sing a heart attack with t h men n!!!! So do y see dear Behnam :) women lik a medicin sometime (LOL). you ) ke ne es Som women fe that they are beautif when th attract m me feel y iful hey men's eyes, b believe me , the but righ woman ju enjoy and feel her beauty by fee ht ust b eling that sh is beautif in her lo he iful ove's

eyes I think so. Then all m in the w s. men world are no important at all. ot t But Behnam, I' got a que 've estion for you! ( I'll dare to ask so daring q ome questions, maybe m just today :) ) I know that there are so especia parts in w t ome al women's bod which ar so dy re imp portant for m Women hands ar one of the Lots of poets talked about them and men. n's re em. f d thei touch , an what this tough can make!! ( it's poets opin ir nd s 's nions not mi ine(LOOOL so , L)) why don't you l to buy y y like your lover a ring???? D Don't you li to see he hands wi ike er ith beautiful jewelr ry??? :) :) :) :) :) :) : ar d u 00 more , I gav you ve Dea Behnam, I promised to give you 100000000 excuses to write or m ow one of them , no I'm goin to give yo some of the rest (LO ng ou OOOL), and to tell the truth , d it's a hard task for poor M k Marina. 1-D you believe in love fr one sid Do from de??? 2-W What would y do if yo loved a la so much but she di you ou ady h idn't felt the same??? e 3-W What would y do if a g came a said " I love you" , but you did feel the you girl and dn't sam me??? 4-D you think men can lo just by l Do k ove looking at w women??? 5-D you believe in love fr the firs look??? Do from st 6-D you think that men's opinions ab Do k bout women beauty may change f n's m from time to t time e???? 7-... ......... 8-... ...... 9-... ...... 10- ..... . . . . 0hat le 100 (LOL) do you think th Marina is a suitabl name for me??? (LO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOL) So d dear Behnam now they are enoug , I'll comp m, y gh plete soon. But to that mom ment, I'm ve eager to read your a ery answers , I hope you'll answer my l y stions as co ompletely as you can , a you sho s and ould know th Marina will not acc hat cept ques shor answers : :) rt :) Mar rina.

Marina1 Aug 10th 20 M gust 009 Dea nice Rosa ar a, Tha anks a lot for your kind reply. I pro d omise not to punish as long as you are here. I'm not o u I a teacher, but I know that it's good to be strict fr time to time, so in o o rom order to be strict I

shou punish! How can I punish???? By making some poin in the real land. Wh can uld ? g nts ho help me???? C p Clare can he me! :) elp It'd be from my pleasure to go with yo to a dese island , b I'll take lots of thing with y o ou ert but gs me , can I??? i fact I nee at least , 3 trucks (L in ed, LOOOOOOO OOOOOOO You sh OL). hould know that I'm v vegetarian , so I should take some potatoes w me, then I can eat d with n barb becued pota atoes just by using the s light. R y sun Recently, I'm very worri about po m ied ower reso ources , and I'm very ea d ager to use solar powe in all our life sides. I very wor er I'm rried abo generatin electricity , you kno that dam are very e out ng ow ms expensive to be built , besides o b ther is a serious problem with water these years , so even d re r s dams can't g the goo give od targ So from " English-a get. m at-home" as Marina I s " PLEASE USE SO s say OLAR POWE IN WER GEN NERATING ELECTRIC G CITY ". I ho someone will think seriously , at least in S ope k Syria abo that. The are lots of very sunn places in Syria , so we can get lots of clean out ere ny n n ener from it. rgy Marina! Wh are you doing??? Y are wri What You iting to Rosa have you forgot a, Oh M yourself???? (L LOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOL). ar e r nam came from h holiday , after going to his his g Dea Rosa, I've asked our friend Behn (who c city and swimm ming in the C Caspian sea :) ;)) some questions , would you please sha US a e u are your answers to my questi o ions???? Ros I'm alway here , read and writ , enjoy an feel happ You shou know th I sa, ys te nd py. uld hat app preciate all y your writing because y are an honest girl. :) gs you . I'm very much l looking forw ward to hea aring from y as soon as you can you n. Mar rina.

Marina1 Aug 10th 20 M gust 009 Dea Mohsen, ar How are you m Iranian fr w my friend??? H is it goin How ng??? I hop that you enjoying yo life. pe our It se eems that ev verybody he likes you writings recently , es ere ur specially Cl lare! Good for you f :) ank sharing me your thoug about my writing, as I said to A ght y s Andrew I me eant " Tha you for s stro foundati ong ion" :( , but it seems I c t couldn't exp plain my ide in a clear way. Anyw , ea r way than you. nk Hav a nice da ve ay. Mar rina.

behnam August 10th 2009 Dear Marina, You are an especial lady, and your questions are as especial as you are! :):):) Women are created to be loved by men, and men are created to love women.:):):) I would like to say that women are created for men, and men are created for women. Women are created in a way that men like, and men are created in a way that women like. It is a fact. There is no definition for one of them, when other one is not there. There is no beauty, if men are not in the world. The reverse is true too. Men and women are not perfect; they complement each other well. Some abnormal people think and believe differently. We should know that whenever we are speaking about human beings, or making comment on them, just the average is always considered. There are some exceptions for each rule, but in this case exceptions are not important at all. My way of thinking about such things looks strange, but I do not care about the result of my strange beliefs. I believe, the world of human beings is like a garden, and human beings are like trees in this garden. They are expected to be fruitful trees; but some of them are not fruitful. They are dry, fruitless, ill, and harmful for other fruitful trees. The main aim of creating this garden is getting fruit; so the fruitless trees must be cut down! In other words, the society is like a fruit tree and abnormal people are its ill and dry branches. If someone cares about the fruit of the tree, they must cut the ill and dry branches! Otherwise, bad branches will ruin the tree. After giving this strange idea about such an important subject, I will be criticised by my friends, but that is okay. An important question is this: Assume that my idea is reasonable, but who has got authority to cut down those ill branches or trees? This is an extremely important question. That's enough for this now! So sorry, I have digressed, but it was necessary to express my idea about abnormal people which are outside of the average! I like women's narrow and long fingers, narrow waists, curved shape eyebrows, etc. Fingers are beautiful themselves. There is no need to make a beautiful thing much more beautiful; because it will be in danger of being spoiled. :):):)

You questions are witty and tricky, but I would like to write my own belief about them. Your answer is so short: REAL LOVE MUST BE UNCONDITIONAL. If you love someone, if only s/he loves you, it is like a dealing, selling some things and buying other things. Sometimes, we need to be given a kiss or a hug or..., these are our basic needs; animal instincts actually. This cannot be considered as real love, but it is a good step. It is a good sign of willing and looking for something and someone outside of yourself. If someone sticks in this first step and insists on these sorts of willings and desires; it becomes a big limitation rather than real love! If a girl says; " I love you Behnam!" I will say; "Love me please, but I have nothing for you. I will not pay anything for your love. It is up to you." :):):) Fortunately, nobody has said such sentence to me yet! :):):):):):):):):):):):):) Girls are so lucky! LOOOOOL I have to dash right now, because my friends wants me to go and to chat with them. Forgive me! This friend is so impatient. I have to leave if I want to be alive for some years! I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 10 August, 2009

Veronicaho August 11th 2009 Hi Mohsen, Im glad to hear from you and that your travel went good. Your boat could foundered at Baltic Sea! But I really dont understand why you had to went to Sweden to buy a camera??? Ofcourse Aland Islands are very small but we have department store and shopping centre where you could find a new camera! When you went to Berghamn in Eckero you was just few minutes from my summerhouse!!! In exact the same time, just before the ferry leaved the harbour I was to the small shop there to buy some food. Then I saw a foreign citizen man! An long, thin man with dark short hair, sunglases and just a small bag in his hand....It must have been you!!!?? There was only once I wondered about? In the bag... I could see a small cat?? Did you took Andrews cat with you? Ok, now you are in Sweden, Norrtalje for to buy a new camera! Haha Go to a big shop call Elgiganten, there they have a lots of cameras. You need a good camera I think. Buy an system camera so you get nice pictures from your trip. I can recommending Nikon.

When are you coming back? So I will know with the dinner :) And when I have to "make fire" in the sauna! Hope to hear from you soon! Be careful in Sweden Veronica 11 Aug 2009

mortaza.abtahi August 11th 2009 Dear Behnam, How are you my friend? Thank you for your nice post to me. Am I humble more than I should be? Probably yes :) You are not the only person who tells me this, my wife and some of my friends also tell me similar comments. Is it good to be such humble? As you said, the answer is no!! You know, I really don?t know why in some cases this happens to me :) :) Anyway, thank you very much for sharing with me some very interesting information about yourself. It is very interesting to me when you say that you think in Azarbaijani. I can not understand this feeling, probably because I speak in just one language, Farsi. I can clearly remember a TV show has been broadcasted a few years ago during the New Year vacations. It was very funny, and the story was about a mother who lives with her son, and they are Azarbaijani. Its language was Farsi, but when the son did something wrong then the mother told him something in Azarbaijani !! Behnam, I am sure if someday I hit you then you will tell me many things in Azarbaijani, but don't worry, I will never do that. The first time I see you I will give you a very very worm hug:):) In this case, however, making some sounds in Azarbaijani by you would be also inevitable LOOOOOOL. For some reason I cannot continue writing now, so let me finish it here. Thank you for reading. I am waiting for your nice writings. All the best Mortaza August 10, 2009

mortaza.abtahi August 11th 2009 Hello Dear Rosa, How are you? I hope you are fine. Many days ago (I cannot remember exactly how many days !!) I wrote to you, but no answer :):) It seems like you have not seen it! But don't worry, to me waiting for something which is supposed to come from a friend is a sweet feeling :) :) I am waiting, All the best mortaza PS. Or maybe you have answered and I have not seen your post !! 276

Veronicaho August 11th 2009 Hi Behnam, and thanks a lot for your writings. I was so happy to hear from you that I have made progress in my english! Thanks again! I havn't done something else than being here with so many nice friends, and answer thems questions. And I learn a lot! Thanks everybody.. Many years ago I was few months in Romainia for work by "Safe the Cildrens". There I learned english but I have forgot everything. Maybe one sectret for my english learning can be that I have a little bit english deeply in my brain and now something coming up? I dont know! But I'm so happy I improving my english every days. You arked me about midnight-time here at the summer. And how I can manage this time. This time is no problem at all. In winter-time the weater is cold and dark. Sun going up at 8 in the morning and down around 16.00. This time is a long time between november to the middle of march. So when this light period from march to august coming everybody wake up. You can feel so much energy and you are so alert. You have more time in a day because you dont need to sleep so many hours. When we sleeping we use roller blind and get dark. No problem! :) Sometimes I work in the night-time and then sleeping in daytime. Then I do the same and sleeping so well! :)

I rea hope th you will visit Finlan and Alan Islands o day! The you will see ally hat nd nd one en mid dnightsun an try finish sauna! Both are fanta nd h astic! You told me bef u efore that yo sister liv our ving in Swed have yo ever visi her there? Why den, ou it ? she living there Moved, study...? e? s Hav a nice da and I hop to hear fr you soo ve ay pe rom on Veronica Aug 11 A 2009

Marina1 Aug 11th 20 M gust 009 Dea Maryam, ar Tha you so m ank much for ask king about m I'm fine thanks Go me. e, od!!! How d you know that do w Mar rina is okay y??? By seeing her sitti on a coa , under the air cond ing ach dition , drin nking som juice and reading & writing to h friends on this beau me d her utiful place :) :) Dea Maryam, I don't thin that wom are the s ar nk men same , or men are the s same. I strongly beli ieve that the are deep differences between th ere p hem, and w can touch these diffe we h erences whe we focus on our life' details , a our roun en 's and nd. ar so e s ring betwee all friend on en ds Dea Maryam, you can als know the differences by compar this site. Of cou I don't mean that t urse there are so friends better than others , bu I ome n ut mea that there are differe women with differe ways of t an e ent w ent thinking and acting. Th same d he goes with men here. Each one has his s s/her especi way , no one can be like the oth , ial e her even if all of us have the sa needs . n s ame Abo beautific out cation opera ations , I'm against foll lowing it. I believe that every age has its t beauty. Even I think every person has his/her esp s pecial organ ( noses, ? but I'm with it ns ?.). w just in one case , when the part which will make the operatio for is ma t e e h on aking some bad affe on his /h inside. ( ects her (very ugly) Tha you for r ank reading Ma aryam. I'd be very happ to read yo commen py our nts. Mar rina

Veronicaho August 11th 2009 Hi Mortaza, Thanks a lot for your answer, always interesting to read! I'm in good health and back to life again! I havn't get the results from the tests yet, if I have had swineflu or not. Tomorrow I start working again at the hospital after my holiday so then I can check the results. I thinking exact like you about how to educate child to life and to an education. As a parents I think its very importent to always support and help the child. To give them possibility to try out what they want and to find good interests. But its very importent to let childs even take responsibility to what they doing and what they wants. Here in Nordic area some parents do everything for the childrens. We call it to be a "curling-parents". I dont think this is a english world. This fenomen I do not like. This make the childs very spoilt. They get everything and they do nothing because parents do everything for them. I just wondering whats happen when this childs growing up and moving to an own home. It will be a very difficult time for them! What do you think? I agree with your wife when she dont wants one more child in this time and she wants to continue her studies. But maybe later? :) I think its importent for womens to not only be a mother and wife. If you study or work you see other peoples (not only the child) and you develope as a person. And that give a person a very good feeling to her body! And I think everybody in the family will win on it. I was home few years with our 2 first childs but then we had them at a day nursery. They like it a lot and got many friends there. And I could start working again. I tought I was a better mother when I worked again. I think it is a bit differences in this case between our countries. Here in Nordic area I think 80% of mothers go to work when the childs are around 3 years. Am I right or is it the same there? But I know there is womens who really like to stay home and take care of many childs. As your sister who have 7 !!! I really respect this womens. They are very strong and have a big tolerance! Oh my God... I shouldn't fix it! Im not strong enough :) Please give my best regards to her and tell her that Veronica from Finland respect her a lot! She must be a nice women! I readed in some posts from you about womens haijeb? You wrote about how difficult it is to cycle with them. I can understand it. And that women and men can't go to the same beach together as a family. I know thats because your religion but it seems a bit strange

for m Sorry! I is so impo me. It ortent to do things toge o ether the wh family :( hole Can I ask abou what happ if you should do it? Why is it a big differe between n ut pen ? ens n countries? In T Thailand peo who ar muslims can do that ople re t. You have been in Canada so you have seen how p u e people livin there. Do you think the ng o rule will chang in Iran about those things. Is it only positi es ge a t ive? Do you think youn u ng peop will cha ple ange lifestyl le? Wha happen if I visit Iran Can I go without hai or must I have it? Ofcourse if the at f n? ijeb f rule tell me that I must ha it, I hav it! No pro es ave ve oblem for m :) I just w me wonder. You asked me a u about weath here. We have 4 sea her asons. Start with spring t gtime march - may with 10 - 20 de h egreeze and the light co oming. Ever rybody wake up and ge energy aft e et fter wintertime :) S Summertime from june - aug (some e etimes septe ember) with around 20-25 deg greeze and m midnightsun ! Very nice and beaut n e tiful. Autumn is from oc n ctober to no ovember with much rain and dark everytime. O h n e Often very c cloudy so so ometimes we didnt see t sun e the and light for many days. A middle of december w get snow until febru d At f we w uary - march. Aro ound 0 - min 15 degre nus eeze. Somet times minus 30 but just few days. A if the w s t And winter is real cold we ca drive wit cars from this Island to Finland The clima has chan here l an th m d d. ate nge so its warmer t than before and not so much snow like before Do you ha snow? w e. ave Has the climate change a lot there as here? s e Yes we have mi idnight-sun. It is very b beautiful an light who night :) S nd ole Send me you eur jl ew maj and I will send you fe pictures. (And if you wan you and y nt your family are so welc y come to visi my countr and I wil show it ry ll you everything :) ) Hop to hear fr you soo pe from on, Veronica Aug 11 A 2009

metzean Aug 11th 20 m gust 009 Dea Veronica, ar

My boat have a anchored in the berth n n near the Ma ariehamn 2 d days ago , I have come here e in Sweden by a big ferry re S elated to Li injien shipping line com mpany , I ha a safe trip ad ip, than ,as you recommend I bought a Nikon from Elgigante it was Am nks d m en, merican bra (12 and Mp pixel) 120 /E Euro , but in Iran Nikon is Japan b n n brand and m more expens sive, We hav a ve refr rigerator at my father's home whic is Elektro s ch ohliose bran ,made in Sweden ,it is nd wor rking for ma years an never ha any kind of break do any nd ad own. I like E Elekrohliose e. Dea Veronica, I think all devices and home app ar d pliances are working by electricity in e y y Alan even ovens and stoves in the k nd, kitchens. Are they? W en't What kind of Electric po f ower stat tion do you h have in Ala ,is it ato and omic power station? In iran ovens and stoves are wor rking by gas The main fuel in Iran for kitchen is gas wh fed thro s. n ns hich ough city pip line, ipe I thi that the basic indus in Aland is fishing, shipping a timbers, am I right? ink stry , and , Veronica ,what a coincide t ence ,you an me were in the same shop , I saw a white ta nd e all blon woman w looking at me. .it is a pleasure time to see a friend in foreign country nd was g s e e n Wel I hope to s you very soon maybe tomorrow evening, I will have a dinner wi you ll see y w ith ,wha is your fa at avorite food for dinner? d course I res serve a room in Hotel F m Familia Con in Huel ,you kno that Rosa is nde lva ow a off c wor rking in ice cream shop for one mo p onth and I s should visit her very soon,so after visiting of Castle Kaste C elholm, and The fortres of Bomar d ss rsund I will leave Aland d. If yo want to c ou come with m have som exercise in order th your bod be ready for a me, me e hat dy long time ,dang g gerous voya ,I want to ship thro age t ough Gulf st tream All the best ptain Mohse en Cap

Marina1 Aug 11th 20 M gust 009 Dea Behnam, ar I do know ho to thank you enough for writing about lots of things in your last writing. on't ow h g s n w You pointed ou at lots of v u ut valuable thi ings. Thank you very m k much indeed I always feel that d. f we h have got the same opin e nion in some topics, but I always b e t believe that B Behnam can write them more clea than me. I know that Behnam ca write and explain th idea with his m ar t an d he h simp and und ple derstandable English. S for me th So here is no cr riticism. In f I can't agree fact a mor Your opi re! inion wasn' strange , i was right! 't it ! Dea Behnam , a friend of mine his na is B... ; said many times that Marina is an ar f ame ;) y t imp patient perso but her c on, co-workers told the con ntrary. So w Marina is patient i her why a in wor and not p rk patient with her friend? :) :) :D ??? Dea friend! Yo always s that you are going t chat with your "impa ar ou say u to h atient friend ;) , d"

so y have another impat you tient friend . I've got a question for you. Who is more "imp patient", tha friend or me??? :) ;) at r ) Now to comple the rest o the excuses , I would like to ask you to do s w ete of d k something : you have lots of frie ends , Marin is one of them, would you pleas say a wo as a kind of na f se ord d cribing for e each friend . for examp Clare .. power. : . d ple: ..... :) desc Clare , Rosa, C Cathy , Moh hsen , Marya Araghi, Mortaza, V am, , Veronica, an Marina are nd waiting for you answer. Don't let us wait :) ... w are eager to read yo reply. :) :) ur D we r our h wishes to hav a nice ni ve ight ...... With my best w Mar rina.

metzean Aug 12th 20 m gust 009 Dea Marina, ar r ple u on patient. The young peo are e ople For young peop like you it is commo to be imp enth husiastic for every thing they are d r g dealing with h,this is the youth properties, they need mor changes , they do n receive a positive re re ,if not eaction from what they are anxiety for, m y y man of them w ny would be tre eated for bo depression and anxiety. oth impatient a p positive fac ctor,but it sh hould be controlled, W When you pla a ant i consider the i d o ant its, mother who is o seed ,your are impatient to see the pla and furi or like a prognant m imp patient for 9 months to s her chil see ld,or Marina who is wa a aiting for he answers er All the best, Moh hsen

Wendy Zhou August 12t 2009 W u th Dea Mohsen, ar Tha you for y ank your letter. You have a lot of frien here, so you made a mistake. I think nds ano other Wendy ever appea y ared. :) I, Wendy, 30, m W married,wor as a sales assistant. But I perfer to be a nur It looks a rk s r rse. s spou use-seeking post :) g Dea Mohson, Which grou did you b ar up belong to wh the cele hen emony was been holdin If i ng? wer you, I wou be in the second gr re uld roup, walkin in the str and eat ng reet ting a lot of food, f it's s beautiful so l. Moh hson, the co onjee is not exactly the same as As But we c sh. cook such fo smilar to Ash ood t as b breakfast. D you like t eat Ash? What's is yo main co Do to our ourse? is it rice? My name is ZH HOU Weidi in Chinese. The first na is my fa ame family name Mohson is your e. s glish name o Irianian n or name? eng

Keep writing to me and have a good day All the best Wendy

Veronicaho August 12th 2009 Hi Mary, How are you? I hope everythis is fine with you! Im in healthy again and today I going to my work again with mixt feelings. I love my work but I even love to have holiday :) You asked about my daughter. She is child number 3 and she is the last one. Her name is Hanna, 12 year and a "small lady". What about your name, Maryam, is it your real name or nickname? Today in the newspaper I readed about threat of climate. I readed about the ice at north pole witch melting away and ice-bears dying. It is warmer than ever before. People over the world, especual in Africa are dying because of starvation and diseases. Peoples leave so much exhaust discharge to the air...and so on. What should we do to safe the world? Have you seen how the climate has change in your country? We can see many things in the nature witch has changed. It's warmer here than before, not so much snow at wintertime, more alga at the sea and many other things. At saturday it is the Earth hour over the world. Everybody have to swith off the lamps and light. Do you do it? Hope you will have a nice day today! Let me hear from you soon. Veronica 12 Aug 2009

mortaza.abtahi August 12th 2009 Dear Marina, How are my Syrian friend? I hope you are fine! Yes, I do like doing exercise regularly, and moreover I think I have to do it. If several days pass and I don't do it, then I feel tired and fed up. What about you? You said that you do not like biking, but what about other kind of exercise?

Yes, Iranian gir and wom are very pretty, an men are v , rls men ry nd very handso :):) In f ome fact, we Iran nian are well-known fo being bea or autiful and h handsome L LOOOOOOOOL. But, I have to sa that whe we talk ab ay en bout beautif women t iful then medite erranean countries, like e Leb banon and Sy Syria, come to mind :):) ):) Abo Hijab, as you know there are m out s many levels. For examp I see ma Arab wo ple, any omen who live in our neighbourh o r hood countr just acr ries ross the Per rsian gulf, t that wear th Hijab he in it highest le ts evel; they ev hide the face und the veil. The same c ven eir der case happen in the ns sout thern provin nces of Iran If you hav a journey from south of Iran to its capital, n. ve y h Teh hran, then yo will obse ou erve that the way wome wear the Hijab varie significan In e en es ntly. the big cities, li Tehran, most of wo ike omen wear s stylish cloth parts of t hs, thier hair is s visib ble. To b honest, a few years ago a BIG question wa arisen to me? Which level of Hij is be q as h ijab the best? I believe that it is not necess s sary to wear the Hijab like what w women in so outhern part of Iran do, and I belie that it is not conven t , eve s nient for the women an the societ as e nd ty well that wome appear in the public almost like they appea in thier h l en n e ar home!! found the a answer. I ask my wife and many f ked e friends, but no perfect t t Yet, I have not f wer. Marina, you as a musli women w is educa and wh lives in a u im who ated ho answ Dear M country where the Hijab is free to cho s oose, please write to me about my question an let e nd me k know your o opinion (you already to me what you think about the H old Hijab but I w would be grateful if yo explain in more deta g ou i ails). By t way, you said that p the u posing these kind of qu e uestions by a educated muslim ma like an d an, me, seems a litt strange to you :):) w tle while it seem normal if a person l our frie ms like end Ros who does not know v sa, s very much a about it, ask them. Why Actually, there are l of k y? , lots othe questions about Islam which I d er s don't know t their answer and I wan to get the nt answ We can talk about this later. wer. n t To m the current topic is very interes me sting and I like writing about it. B anytime y feel g But you bore please f free to t me and w can star new topics :):):) ed, feel tell we rt s All the best, rtaza mor Aug 12, 200 gust 09

Marina1 Aug 12th 20 M gust 009 Dea Mr. Mort ar taza, Tha you so m ank much for you reply. Th ur hank you on again fo being so h nce or honest and clear. The are two p ere points that c caught my e eyes in your last writin One of th that the are r ng. hem ere

lots of Muslims who don't search deep about th golden la which th have. A the s ply he aws hey And seco one is a ond about Irania society. an You have said t u that in south hern places the heijab is better tha in the mi s an iddle and no orth Iran I can say f n. freely it's b because of b being a bit r reach in the northern places , and being in a normal sta from fina ate ance point o view in th southern places. I th so. of he hink I thi sometim reach pe ink mes eople think in a differen way. I'm not criticizing Iranian society nt , I ju speak in general. T fact is a in Syria There are lots of reac families who ust n This also a. e ch thin that wear nk ring heijab i the comp in plete way is not good in their situation. Being n "Mo odern " from their poin of view is more better. m nt Aga I'm not c ain criticizing, I speaking in general. I'm g Abo the perfe Heijab , I don't know But I thin you (men know which parts fro out ect w. nk n) om wom men's bodies should be covered mo than wo s ore omen themse elves. As M Marina I thin the nk, enti hair and all the neck should be covered se ire d e eriously. it's my opinion I think so. s n. Abo exercises I like to w everyd It makes me feel ha out s, walk day. s appy and ca alm. But in t these hot days with th humidity degree I'd prefer to s at home m his y d sit more than w walking. Wa alking at night is very good, but I can't walk at night. I h n y k hope when this period will go, I'll be able to come back to walking. o Tha you for r ank reading. I'd be grateful to read yo comments about my writing. d l our y Mar rina. 277 7

Marina1 Aug 12th 20 M gust 009 Dea Veronica, ar happy to kno that you are much more better than other days. I'm h u m r r happy too th my hat So h ow ima agination is working in a good way :) y. Dea Veronica, In fact I need an espe ar ecial topic to write about. I've said before that I need o d a ki of motiv ind vating. Pleas MOTIVA me, Ask me, write to me and s se ATE k share your ideas i with me. h I ho to read f ope from you so oon. Mar rina.

behnam August 12th 2009 Hello Veronica, Thank you very much for the post. You write very well. Your reason about the improvement is logical. The English words are in the depth part of your mind. In other words, they are passive. Now, with spending some time on writing, they come up and become active. I saw the photos. They were very interesting. Your country is very green. I really love green places. My sister is living in Sweden with her husband and two sons. She is a chemist. She has got Ph.D in medicine. Her husband is working as a mechanical engineer for a car company. I have been to Sweden twice. When I was there, I spoke English, almost all people understood me. People were so friendly and happy. They are always smiling at foreign people. The bad side was its weather. It bothers, especially in winters. My sister suffers from a nasty pain in her leg. Her doctor has said that it was because of the climate. It seems that you have been to many countries. You have got a lot of experience. Good for you, and good for your husband. He is a lucky man, I think. :):):) For me, it is a great honour to visit Finland, and then to meet you. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! I love to do it, but I have got too many limitaions. Lack of money is only one of them. :):):) By the way, I am a very well-known person in all countries, so girls will enter a competation to get me as a husband. :)):)):)):)):)) It is not bad for me, but so bad for my mother; she maybe will lose her son! :):):) This is the second reason and limitation actually. Being limited to leave your home or your country is the first price of fame!!! :):):) LOOOL Joking aside Veronica, writing to you in this thread is like visiting your country. I am as though in Finland; sitting with you and your family fact to face, and speaking about different interesting topics. Thank you for giving me this imagination. Dear Veronica, I believe that for a man having a mistress is like a habit. It means having a woman that a man has a sexual relationship with, even though he is married to someone else. This is a part of men's nature. Do not believe if a man says that he did not care about having a mistress. If a man says, "No, I am so faithful to my wife; there are only two possibilities: 1. He is lying. 2. He is not a normal man.:):):) I wrote this long preface just to give you a good excuse to write about. It seems a little

rude I hope yo forgive m e; ou me. My question is this: Why do men alwa search f someone else, even though his wife is d ays for e num mber one in all feminine parameter e rs? ase say, am, om " a Plea do not s "Behna ask this question fro a man." Actually, I know the answer, but I want to kn your op now pinion as a western edu ucated wom By the way, do not say, man. t "Behnam, you a wrong; in my coun men are not as you have descr are ntry e u ribed." Behn is nam a man himself, and he kno men ver well. :):): Men are the same; in Iran, in ows ry :):) e land, in Ma in heave or hell! There is no difference f ars, en T from needs a desires point and s Finl of view. v ase bout this ma atter careful and answ it. I hop not to ma you upse and lly wer pe ake et Plea think ab ann noyed. Actua being t mother o three chil ally, the of ldren make me think yo as my ow ou wn mot ther too, and then ask y such a c d you childish que estion. I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 12 Au ugust, 2009

metzean Aug 12th 20 m gust 009 Dea Behnam, ar It is difficult to swim again the strea course, w s nst am when a man separates f n form others he s will be suffered from what he hear an what he s l d t nd see. at an oncept of ar especially natural ar which ar gifted by God? rt, y rts re Wha does a ma get of co why the percep y ptions are di ifferent? Wh her impr Why ression is qu differen from him? All uite nt ? hum have a s man similar syst tem. Five se enses, a body a head an two legs No one is better dy, nd s. than others. No one is guil because the cause o perfection is the effe of enviro n o lty, e of ect onment and our mind g d grows by its surroundin environm s ng ment. So if a person i not impre is essed by what others co onsider it as an Art is n s/his gui and s not ilty also if a lot of p o people conf firm an artis and appla him we can not jud them as a st aud dge s shee may be t ep, they unders stand the rea art in the belief. al eir Goo night od Moh hsen

behnam Aug 12th 20 b gust 009

Dea Marina, ar How are you? I hope you a fine. It s w are seems you a online r are right now. T Thank you fo being or in th friendly place. his about the an nswer of you nice post I will answ it tomor ur t. wer rrow. Do not worry a By t way, the are man hidden th the ere ny hings in my l writing to you. Ple last g ease focus on one o of th and wr about it. The life is f of topic :):):) hem rite . full cs! Wri about thi one: ite is at tages and di isadvantage of getting married so soon (you es g o ung) and so late (40 Wha is advant for b boys and 30 for girls, a an examp 0 as ple!) u vide pic r l You have to div this top into four individual parts: 1. T advanta The ages of gettin married so soon. ng 2. T advanta The ages of gettin married so late. ng 3. T disadvan The ntages of ge etting marri so soon. ied . 4. T disadvan The ntages of ge etting marri so late. ied ally, w n bout the best age to marry for both boys h Fina please let me know your own opinion ab and girls. d I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 12 Au ugust, 2009

metzean Aug 12th 20 m gust 009 For attention of sales assis r stant , Sorr for the m ry mistake I hav made, Ye I like eati Ash par ve es ing rticularly in winter, Ash is hot h and delicious , but in summ a comm breakfa is cheese cucumber , tomato an d mer mon ast e, r nd brea which many people eat for brea ad akfast . Bec cause tomato cheese an cucumber color o nd r is li the color of our flag ( the color of Iran flag ,we call it flag or in Persian we call it ike r g r g) e Par rcham( in Ar rabic the fla is called Bayragh or Alam, Ma ag d r arina you kn it ..!!?) what is now the f flag in Chin nese langua age?. Do you eat tomat cheese an cucumbe for breakf to nd er fast? ar as st was nd nd d Dea Wendy, a I write in my last pos to you, I w in secon group an my blood sugar was about 130 at the end o ceremony our main course is m and ric and veget s of y, meat ce tables . I am an employ in a eco m yee onomical commercial company, yo are a sale assistant , hope ou e ,I you ,ll be prom moted to the rank of man nager of your company it is easy y should try y, you

your rivals leave the arena . What is the scope of your company? I hope you and your family are being safe as I see in our TV a heavy downpour and flood in west of china . Have a Good Day Mohsen

ahmad safarzadeh August 13th 2009 dear friends. The true love is made without any foolish sexual tension. the heightest sexual tension without any true love will ruin. My idea is that for the win in this competition we must follow the combination between this sexual tension and the true love, but it needs too many chance. If the sexual tension is not true love then whats that? One of the signs of the true love is the tendency of supporting and taking care of our partner and make he/she happy and helping he/she in her/him success. This is different with the sexual tension that only make your partner pleasure you. If you really love somebody never make he/she to love you. Of course you want they love you too. But if they want somebody else you give them freedom because you want he/she become happy and glad always. You protect of her/his great decisions in life. Even if you don't be of the same mind(or opinion). But if this was the only reason we must have true love with all our relatives. because of this we say that we need some tension too. Of course this tension isn't like the sexual tension that we have spoken about. But some loving and romantic relationship is enough for the start. Yours Sincerely, ahmad safarzadeh

Andrew August 13th 2009 "If I was a solton I'd had three wives"

behnam August 13th 2009 Hello Marina, How life is going? I hope everything is going well with you. I have promised you to answer your question as completely as this place allows me to write about such personal issue. Each friend of mine has got some especial charactristics. It is not possible, even it is not good to name all friends and list their

charactristics, because the have not asked me. H ey However, yo have ask me. Tha is ou ked at okay Do not w y. worry! I will answer. :): l :):) As f as huma far anity is conc cerned, Mar rina is not a human bei ing! :)):)):)) Therefore, what ) , is sh I do not know what she is, but I do know that she is n a human being. :):) She he? t t not n ):) is an angel; but it is not go to be lik an angel in all asspe n ood ke l ects! :)):)):) )):)) For exa ample, ang are not capable to g birth to a baby! O my God! Naughty Be gels give o Oh ehnam! Stop Stop! p! Stop LOOOOO p! OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOL L en ring friendsh and beh hip haviours, sh has got a golden hea She he art. Whe it comes to consider has got a heart of gold. Sh is extremely kind. t he en g me opics, she so ounds like a philosophe She er. Whe it comes to speaking about som serious to is so thoughtful and celevr in dealing with differe problem in the wo of huma o l r g ent ms orld an bein ngs. In te erms of fem minine feelin she is a normal wo ngs, oman with tr feelings. On top of that, rue f she is always h herself witho any pret out tending. I believe every ything has g its price, but a got pers who is a son always him/ /herself to h his/her frien is pricel nds less. Mar rina is a ver good rep ry presentative sample of t world of Isalm. She is familiar with the f e r all s subjects rela to the p ated politics and other impo d ortant probl lems in the s society, which are und discussio in the wo der on orld. For ex xample, she knows very well what women's rig y ghts mea and wha is the ultimate purpo of these sorts of mottos. She ha got her es an; at ose as special opin nion about e every subjec in every a ct area. It is not fair to look at this matter only from an especial ang I have to look at dif s s y gle. o fferent ang gles. Marina is very imp a patient! She is so sensitive. She is p e pretty prou She often does ud. n not reveal her f feelings in t real life. She has no got enoug self-conf the . ot gh fidence in th real he life. I do not kn why, bu I think she suffers fro somethin in the rea life. now ut e om ng al Tho are what I have got from her w ose t t writings in th thread. A his About her p physical bod and dy app pearance I h have got no idea, becau of the fa that my i use act imagination is not good n d. Dea Marina, I have writt whatever went throu my min I hope no to make y ar ten ugh nd. ot you upse insulted and annoye et, ed. I ho to hear m ope more from y soon. you All the best, Beh hnam, 13 Au ugust, 2009

metzean Aug 13th 20 m gust 009

Greeting to S. peter Sultan, Oh majesty .please wake up and leave your bed. If the first lady of town let you please write something to people. Your Excellency, they are worry for highness healthy. Harem Steward, Mohsen

behnam August 13th 2009 Hi Mohsen, How are you? I hope you are happy and healthy. It is difficult to swim in the opposite direction (against the stream) of a river, but fllowing the same direction, which a river flows does not mean swimming! If you put a dead person in a river, it will follow the river, like a piece of wood actually. There is nothing in following other people. There is nothing in an old path, unless someone looks at it differently, otherwise the destination is the same. If some people have done some useful things, surely they have looked at things in a different way. Doing something over and over again and expecting new results is the exact meaning of insanity! I have no idea about art and art-related things, but I have great respect for people who are artists. I have not said any bad things about them, I just said that it is not good to follow other people like sheep. I still believe so! Many people see a film and do not understand what the main goal of the director was. When it comes to speaking they say, "It was a terrific film!" Some people read something in the newspapers and describe it in a way, as though they are the inventors of such and such thing. Some people go somewhere and talk to other people about it. Next week there are a huge number of people there! What is the matter? Well, this place is so nice. Is there nice? No, there is not. People just have followed others like sheep! :):):) The world of art is very interesting and strange for me. I have no idea about it. I wish I could understand this world. Thank you for interesting topics. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 13 August, 2009 278

behnam August 13th 2009 Hello Ahmad, Thank you putting message in this thread. Actually, I did not understand what you mean! Why have you considered love and loving as a competition? You believe in winning, but there is no win or lose in a real love. When you still believe in being a winner, so there is someone else as a loser! Without any loser, there is no winner. Some people speak about win-win situation. Speaking about losing and winning reminds me making deal; buying something and selling something. Almost all people in this thread know something about me and have read my love memory! I was in love with someone many years ago. She is married now and has got two kids, but I still love her. She does not know that I love her, and I do not care whether she knows or not. By the way, I really do not care about meeting her, and do not think about her physical body. If I meet her, I will not look at her! When I am in Tabriz, my heart works differently and breathing is in a different way. Her voice is like a nice music in my ears. I just remeber it. I do not know what call this feeling, but I know that my feeling is unconditional. I want nothing from her. Love is so complicated. If supporting someone means love, we support many people and things. If having sex means love, ...I do not know! I just know that it is so complicated. However, it is a very nice feeling. God have put this feeling in human beings' hearts. I believe, the start point is sexual desires, but the finish point is the center of this univers; GOD! Dear Ahmad, I just understand a little bit Physics. I know nothing about other things. My idea about love is reasonable just to myself. I do not try to persuade people to agree with me. I will be very glad if you share something with me from time to time. Thank you for making comment on love. I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 13 August, 2009

behnam August 13th 2009

Dear Andrew, How life is going? I hope you are fine. Thank you for the short message!!! A: If I had a lot of money, I would buy an island. B: But you have not got a lot of money. A: I know. But if I had a lot of money, I would buy an island. B: If you bought an island, what would you do? A: If I bought an island, I would live on it. B: If you lived on an island, you might be ill. A: Of course, I would not live there unless I had three wives. B: If you had three wives, what would they do? A: One would cook, one would clean, and the other would take care of me. B: I am sorry you have not got a lot of money. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) I just told this imaginary story to make you know that your sentence must be: "If I was a solton(maybe soldan or sultan), I would have three wives." LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Take it easy! The owner of black cat always thinks of white mice! :)):)):)) I hope to hear more from you soon. All the best, Behnam, 13 August, 2009

mortaza.abtahi August 13th 2009 Dear Veronica, Thank you for fast replying. I am very glad that you are fine and you started working. For people who usually work, it is hard to be idle for a long time. During the summer universities in Iran are less active so students and professors have a lot of free time. Actually, I am a little tired of these free days and I am waiting for the new academic year to start and I can go back to work!! The academic year in Iran starts at the middle of September, it lasts approximately 9 months and then it ends at the end of June. I completely agree with you that parents must provide the children with the opportunity to experience new situations as long as it is not harmful. One day my boy, which is now at the age between 4 and 5, wanted me to start the car. You know, It is an easy task but very exciting for the first time!! At first, for a moment, I thought I must say to him that he is not old enough to do that, but then I thought allowing him to do it may have many positive effects. So I said "there you go". He failed at the first try but, after I explained to

him how to do it, he could start the car successfuly. At the time I felt his good feeling. I think these kind of experiences makes me and my son be more friendly and also help him be more sefl-confident in his life. Don't you think? Someday, my boy wanted to sit on my lap while I am driving, so that he can experience the situation of being a real driver !! Of course I did not allow him to do that, and I explained that this is a very dangerouse situation. Dear Veronica, we have a proverb in our culture, which says that when your child falls on the ground, put your foot on his/her hand !! This means that not only you must not help the child to stand up but also prepare conditions that make it even harder to him/her to stand up!! I know, it is very exaggerating, but what we can learn from this proverb is that, as you said, parents must allow thier children to solve thier problem themselves. Sometime I criticize my wife for helping our son too much while he is doing something. You are a mother and you underestand her feeling. My wife is now 27 and, as I said before, she wants to continue her studies. So, if she postpones her next pregnancy to, for example, 8 years later then she will be 35. Is it healthy for her (and the baby as well) to be pregnant at this age? However. if I take a look at my mother's life, or other women in her age, I see that they have been pregnant even at the age of 40 and they have delivered healthy babies! My wife does not work outside home. She stays at home, cooks the food and takes care of our children. She likes to find a job so that she can earn money and afford her life expenses herself; she says this makes her have good feeling. My wife and I both agree that working outside is very good for her as an individual but we don't know if it has also positive effects on the whole family. Dear Veronica, you asked about the Hijab and its effects on a mulsim woman's activities. This is a very long story and I love to talk about it and other subjects related to Islam. As I said before I will write about them in the future :):) What I can say here briefly, is that according to some verses in the holy (book) Quran, mulsim women should cover some parts of their bodies, especially those parts which are related to their feminie beauty, from all men except from men who are family members, like husban, father and brother. So if a mulsim woman wants to get out of the home and appear in the public, she should put an scarf on her head to hide her hairs, and wear a suitable dress so that it covers her body; in fact she is allowed to show only her hands and her face. Moreover, covering the body, for a muslim woman, is necessary but not sufficient; in outside, a muslim woman is also not allowed to wear kind of clothes that displays her body curves. In some Islamic countries wearing the Hijab has become a law, and Iran is one of them which I personally don't approve that. So if someday you travel to Iran you have to wear the Hijab otherwise the police will arrest you :(:(:(. But, as I wrote to Marina, there are levels in wearing the Hijab; some women believe that they must even cover their face under the veil, and some women take it very easy.

Whe I write to you, I open your last writing (to me) in a sep en o parate wind so that I can dow read you questi d ions and an nswer to the one by on Now I can see there is remaind lots of em ne. e d your questions and my wri iting is alre eady long. S let me finish it here. So By t way, I visited your daughter's blog at "ww the ww.famelias sson.blogg.s but I cou not se" uld read it for it is not in Engl d lish! So I sta arted watch hing its beau utiful photos and I enjo s oyed a v lot. You have very beautifu grandchildren :):) ful And finally, my email is mortaza.abta d y ahi@gmail.c com (mo ortaza[dot]a abtahi[at]gm mail[dot]co om). I am ea ager to see w what you wa to send to me:) ant Goo luck od mor rtaza Aug 13, 200 gust 09

metzean Aug 13th 20 m gust 009 Dea Behnam, ar You were suppo to write something about your traveling, p u ose e g r please shar the fruits you re have picked up from Mara 's Garde p and en. If a man don't k know how to swim, he can not eve follow the river, let a o en e alone in opp posite dire ection, A ma priority i to learn to be a good swimmer , and good s an is o d swimmer sh hould wat up that r tch rocks , whir rlpools and canyons not to divert h from the main cour him e rse. Som metime swim mming in opp pposite direc ction make a person a w wrong doer Some peop r. ple thin that they more talent and never follow the r ng t rules. Back to history w when prophets clai for their religions, m im many ordina people j ary join to them but few ex m, xceptional w who beli ieved themselves thoug ghtful and ta alent objecte to prophets and even encourag ed n ge peop to restra prophet s claims. this is my l idea about general pe ple ain ts, t erspective of life. f But for behavio culture, living appro or, oach, I am in 100% ag greement wi you. ith Hav a safe we ve eekend, Moh hsen

metzean Aug 13th 20 m gust 009 Dea Veronica ar s k talje and de ecide to hav a tour thr ve rough Prast to This morning I came back from Norrt Isla , sceneri were spe and ies ectacle, spe ecially the pure nature.

I wa walking o the bridg which co as on ge onnects Pr�st� island to Bomars d sund ,there was tunn beside th Bomarsu wall ,I w into the manhole a went to 1854, it wa a nel he und went and o as time tunnel, it w war and the Boma e was d arsund was d defending a against Briti ish-French f fleet, it was bombarded all places and fire wa spreading all over th building , Bomarsun was s d s as g he nd not able to resi Three hu ist. undred Finn grenad nish diers defend ding the fort tress were captured c d ewes Prison in the United Kingdom was frig n m.I ghten ,runni toward the ing and taken to Le tunn ,come ba to 2009 and passed out behind the wall. nel ack 9 d d day uin with ones left ove there er Tod only a ru of wall w big sto Now I am going toward a sauna, I rea need a massage af one har adventuro day. w g ally fter rd ous B.W Wishes, Moh hsen

hoang gia m h minh August 13th 2009 dear mohsen How are you?I is 11:15 Pm.Tam wr w IT P ruting a lette for you.a 5:00pm,I went to th er at ee supe ermarket . I often buy f food and bo in a sup ook permarket .I bought thre kilogram I m beef f,twenty app pie ,doze eggs and some book ple en d ks.they cost $100 and I paid $100 .I often buy books and apple pie w when i go to supermark .I like rea a lot of b ket ad books such as:d diary of time brother,t old man and the sea ed the n a,knigntena ant.I like Sin a song. My ng M favo orite singer is aqua and my favorit song is B Big Wor d te Big rd,Cry on my shoulder,D y Dragon fly.I word verry hard But i think:" Sum up every one should have a hob to relax,h I y m bly have fun and reduce stress e goo ogbye,Minh

Marina1 Aug 13th 20 M gust 009 Dea Behnam, ar How are you m generous friend??? H is it go w my s How oing??? I hope everyth hing is going well g with you. I hop you are fi Ok, and enjoying y h pe fine. d your life wit your pare th ents. God ke eep them for you, a keep you for them! m and u I asked Behnam to describ each one of us by a w m be word, but B Behnam was so generou with s us me, he gave me more than I deserve. e n Beh hnam, thank you very m k much for say ying some g good words about me. Y really m You made me g glad by eve word. Ea one of t ery ach them means that Behna is here , not only to write am to me and prac m ctice his Eng glish, but al to under lso rstand me, think of me a know me very t and m

well too. There is a sentence which made me think about myself. Is that clear that I've got some problems in my life??? Or it's a real friend's feeling??? Dear friend, there are some usual problems in my family which I used to deal with from time to time. But I can't forget that they made me sad for plenty of time. They affected deeply in my personality , but as I think in positive way. I don't want to write about my family's problems , but I can say that they made me stronger and more knowledgeable, they made me have a lot of self- confidence. Dear Behnam, I don't show my feelings not because of lack of self- confidence but because my feelings are only for me. Plenty of Girls know what I'm talking about , maybe my writing makes you as a man a bit confused. But dear friend, there is an old saying in Arabs culture , it is " if all men in the world come to understand one woman, they will not understand her" (LOL), so it's normal not to understand me. :) Dear friend, you said that Marina doesn't reveal her feelings in her real life , and it's completely true , and to tell the truth I've ever felt something especial. No one made me have an especial feeling. But here, on internet , in front of millions of people from all over the world , I'd like to say that " I'm lucky because of having Behnam in my life". I think all friends know how much you are important for me. You are a real treasure for me, not only here , but also in my real life. You gave me your pure friendship, you made me understand lots of things in an especial way. In a way or another , you gave me some of your strength , and love to this life. You have learnt me how to be a good friend. Marina will not forget you Behnam, in fact she wants to keep you with her as long as she is alive. Behnam, I'm a bit sad today for some reasons, but your words energize me. Thank you very much indeed. In English writing , my reply to you consider as " thank you message" , but in Marina's writing, it's consider as " heart to heart message". I just wanted to say that Marina only reveals her feelings to someone who deserves, and Behnam deserve more. :) :) Thank you for being so patient with me, please be always patient , and don't leave me alone!!!!

The second part of my writing will be about your questions about advantages and disadvantage. I'd say that Marina will write about this topic very soon, but as you know that Marina doesn't know what to write when she is in a good mood. I think I should be impatient to write about a serious topic. :) :) :). I promise to write soon. Write always , and make me happy. (impatient sometimes :) :) ). Marina.

mortaza.abtahi August 13th 2009 Dear Andrew, Behnam, and all friends I want to introduce to you a "mathematician detection device" !! But I want you to think a little bit about it first. Imagine you enter a party and want to detect all mathematicians in this party by saying just one sentence. You know, it would be impolite if you say "Put your hands up if you are a mathematician" or "Who is mathematicien here?" What would be your sentence?! mortaza

Andrew August 13th 2009 Hi Behnam! "If I was a sultan I'd had three wives.." is a begining of a song from old (80-th)good russian comedy beloved by everyone till now. The end is "If I was a sultan I'd be single!":))) Andrew

Andrew August 13th 2009 Dear ladies, please don't worry to argue about above mentioned quotation - it's from comedy so it is just a joke:) 279

Veronicaho August 13th 2009 Hi Mohsen, Im glad to see you are back at Aland Island again. I hope you are well and have had a nice day at Bomarsund. I have been at work today and came home late. Sorry for late answer :(

You wondered about what kind of electricity we have here. We have power plant, wind power and a lot of our energy coming from Sweden by a cable i the sea. We dont have atomic power station here. In Finland they have. At the kichen to ovens and stoves we have electricity, no gas at all. Some people have both. Do you have time for dinner tomorrow? I will make smoked fish, potatoes, sallad and a good sause. And black bread. To desert icecream with strawberry. This is real Aland dinner. At the evening I make "fire" at the sauna so you can try it. You will like it. From the sauna you can go for swimming at the sea. Here in Finland sometimes men and women go for bath in the same time together, even friends. But I promise you can go there yourself! :) Im really interesting to come with you at the voyage so tomorrow I will ask my boss if I can have more holiday :) Gulf Stream will not be a problem, I'm use to be at the sea by boat. I can navigate and take courses so maybe I can give you a bit help. As a helmsman :) And I can make food! Do you have GPS at the boat? Im very tired and I have to go to bed! I will dream about to meet Rosa, Marina, Behnam, Mortaza and Mary...:) I will sleep with a smile on my mouth... You are so funny :) :) :) You give me so many laugh, because of your sense of humor! Veronica 13 Aug 2009

Andrew August 13th 2009 Dear Mortaza! there is no any good idea in my mind, honestly, about that 'mathematician detecting' riddle:))) Just shame on me! But I am really intricated. If you asked how to indicate physicists (and just exactly russian physicists) in the

crowded room I'd make some assumption, but maths??? To say loudly some scandalous (from the point of view of mathematician) heresy?? Submit for being a looser:(( Andrew

Andrew August 13th 2009 Veronica!!! I'd so like to swim at sea after having sauna! The same about strowberry. May I join you too? Andrew

Andrew August 13th 2009 Gulfstream is not a problem, I swim like a frog. Just like a sea frog.

mortaza.abtahi August 14th 2009 Andrew! You've got the idea. I will give you the exact sentence after a short while, to see if other friends have any idea:)

Andrew August 14th 2009 Hi Behnam, 'I would HAVE three wives' o my god! It seems I come to be too absent-minded to study something more difficult than a bus schedule. Or to count mathematicians. By the way, what is your suggestion in occasion of Mortaza' story? Please don't evade a discussion! Andrew

mary August 14th 2009

Hi Niloofar, How are you? How's life? I hope you always have great times. I missed you, too. As you wrote, you were in a camp. Would you please tell us about the place and what you did there? You suggest a topic which is, "Who is the person that most influenced you?" As you asked, it means who had the most influence on your life and I think they are our parents who have had the most effect. But if you mean the greatest effect, I don't know him/her. Maybe in the future, I will know. Could you please write your idea about this question? It may help me remember something. Thank you in advance. The party is coming. Did you see the invitation? I hope to see you there. Best regards, Maryam P.S. I visited that site and I saw the vocabularies which you have written there. Now I'm sure that your English is great. Well done, Niloofar.

mary August 14th 2009 Hi Behnam, Thank you for your praise and kindness. Thank you for your warm writing. About the party, if you remember, before you leave the site for a while, we (Cathy and me) were talking about a party. It's that party. We arranged it and I have announced it to all friends. If you read it, you will see that all friends are invited and we will be so delightful to see each friend there. We are waiting for that time. Please be kind and generous as always and make your friends happy by taking part in the party. If you want to know about the rounds and umbrellas, you can read about it on page 245(Cathy's writing to me) and page 249(mine to Cathy.) Don't worry, nothing will happen to you. It's not dangerous at all. :)) How lucky you are for being at the beach. Did you smell the sand and the salt? I just know that "Gardaneh Heyran" is in Astara and I don't exactly know which towns are between there and Amol. Actually, I don't know roads. I just see the nature and enjoy its beauty. If you ask me which towns are between Sari and Tehran, I'm not sure to answer you properly. :D Please tell me about them and also describe "Gisum." In our last meeting with the manager of the company, we asked him for a summer vacation and he promised to do so. I'm waiting for that time to go home and to the sea.

I'm busy with my job. Actually next week we have an international exhibition from Monday to Thursday. I think I'm one of the people who must be there during four days. It's my first experience and I've heard that it's hard because during the hours(from 9 A.M. to 4 P.m.) we have to stand and talk with visitors and present our company. I think if the manager isn't there, it will be better. :) As I wrote, I moved from my cousin's home to another place. It's like a dormitory and I have a roommate. I think it's good for me. Actually, it's a good experience. I didn't get you about "how come." What do you mean? About the job, I like it. Actually, it's challenging. I didn't know anything about it, but I'm learning and always we should try to find a better way for a good connection with a customer. As you know, people are different. So we cannot use a method for all of them. It makes me learn more. Now that you are free from teaching how do you spend your time? How's your English class? Do you like your teacher? I hope to read more from you. Best of luck, Maryam

mary August 14th 2009 Dear Araghi, Thank you so much for your kind words. You praised me to the sky. Now I'm over the moon. I don't know what to write. I just can say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm really happy for having you beside me as a brother. Brothers are so supportive. Thank you, indeed. I hope all the best for you and your family. I look forward to read from you from time to time. Best regards, Maryam

mary August 14th 2009 Hi Cathy,

I hope you pass the courses with flying colors. Now you can enjoy the party more. It also can be a relaxation after the exams. I'm good and ready. Let's have fun and good times together. See you tomorrow, Maryam 280

mary August 14th 2009 Hi Marina, I'm glad that you are fine and enjoying your time with friends. I hope you a happy life. I got what you meant about differences between women or men, but I think we looked at it from different angel. You looked in details, but I talked about the whole. From that point of view, I completely agree with you. About the operation, you wrote that you agree when the person (the organ) is very ugly, but as you know well, being ugly is relative. So who wants to describe a very ugly thing? I do respect your ideas. I just think we can put ourselves in their shoes and then look at such things. Of course, it's easy to say, but hard to do. When one of my friends tells me that she wants to do the operation, I try to persuade her not to do so, although I know it's useless. :D As you wrote, we are different, so we think differently. As a result, I may think that something is necessary, but the other one thinks that it can be done, but not necessarily. I hope not to make you upset by my words. By the way, don't forget about the party. And don't forget to smile, because it makes your beauty double. I look forward to reading more from you. See you tomorrow, Maryam

mary August 14th 2009

Dear Veronica, I'm so happy to hear that you are healthy. I hope a healthy and happy life for you and your family. To tell you the truth, I love holidays more than job. You know, I'm a lazy person. I cannot do some things together. :D Thank you for explanation about your daughter. I hope success for Hanna during her lifetime. Actually, Maryam is my real name. I don't have a nickname. I do love my name and if you see Mary, it's because of my laziness. Sometimes I use it, because it's shorter in terms of writing. :)) In fact, I don't know about the Earth hour and switching off. Could you please tell me why you switch off the lamps? What does it mean? By the way, tomorrow, we have a party. Would you please join us there? I hope to read more from you. Best wishes, Maryam

Veronicaho August 14th 2009 Hi Andrew, Nice to hear from you! Ofcoure you are welcome to me for dinner, sauna and swimming at the sea! When are you coming? I thought you dont like to travel :) I think I will join with Mohsen at his trip by the Golfstream! Are you coming too? Do you think this is a safe trip? Do you think he have GPS on the boat or we take out coures from the stars likes in Columbus time? Maybe this travel takes a long time. What should we take with us? Maybe we need to ask Captein Mohsen? I will do it in the evening when he caming for dinner :) Let me hear from you soon! Veronica 14 Aug 2009

Andrew Aug 14th 2009 A gust Hi V Veronica, My guess GPS will be goo od. I go onna take a night flight, just after m evening gig. t, my Wha is a temperature in G Stream today? at Gulf m Do y think I should take my Seaman's Record B you e Book with m me? And drew P.S. my cat is w . worring. I sa her that I wasn't pl aid t lanning to ta her with me but ake h neve ertheless sh still looks troubled. I definitel that even an idea of s travel s he s It's ly sea seems craz for her. zy

metzean Aug 14th 20 m gust 009 Dea Veronica , ar I ac ccept your in nvitation for dinner, today evening I will com to your ho r g me ouse, please take it e easy ,for dinner a dish of s y r salad is eno ough althoug I like eat gh ting smoke f and ice cream. fish e In fa I can no bear the d or steam sauna, but if you have pond besi your sau I fact ot dry m ide una will be happy to use it alth l o hough I have a bad exp perience from sauna. m Yest terday, I wa tired and went to fin a sauna in Aland. I w into a p as d nd n went public saun as na, soon as I was s n speaking to a person in charge, a l n lady not com mpletely naked passed in behind me. I sa sorry to the man an asked him the addres of a saun which me and aid nd m ss na en men re y. me ress una he cal wom go ther separately He gave m the addr of a sau near th Evangelic Chu urch. I walk king slowly t toward the s sauna,knocked the sauna' door, a person ope ened the doo and inform me that sauna only works on Saturdays. I talked to h a lot ,asking or med ly him him let me have a bath and sauna, I to them tha I cannot go to the sa e d old at auna with w women toge ether, I whis spered something to th person h accepted it immidiatl and let m have hat he ly me a sa auna. ( I whispered ? th a friend of mine ,Be hat d ehnam told me the nake men are ugly ed and naked wom are mor ugly, I ca not tolera it LOL), I went to a hot room almost d men re an ate a war rmed to 80 d degrees C , when I decided to leav the room, a man cam into the r ve , me room and instructed me to lie do on behi ,as I did it ,he start to beat m by a bou d own ind d ted me ughs of silve birch. I f pain in my back an cried, but he continu it and to me this is a kind er feel nd t ues old s of massage tha we do her I begged him to igno it and he left me alo Finally I went m at re. d ore one. y out and jump in cool wa pool. nto ater my equipped wi modern f ith facilities, G ,turbo e GPS engines ,first aides yes Veronica, m boat is e cked food fo one mont ..and so o ,my pleas or th on sure to be w skillful navigator like with ,pac Veronica. And drew, don't m this eq miss quipped boa Take your cat to Ala ,she nee some cha at, and ed anges.?

Mohsen, 14,Aug -13 GMT

mortaza.abtahi August 14th 2009 Dear Marina, Thank you very much for fast replying. Forgive me if sometimes I answer after a couple of days. This is because I want to do my best in writing so I need more time to think. I definitely agree with you that most of Muslims (including me) actually do not think about their belief and they inherited Islam as their religion from their forefathers. During theire life, most of muslims just learn how to pray, and they don't learn how to think or what to think about. There are lots of questions that a muslim is not supposed to ask!! Not because of Islam itself but because most of muslims do not have the right answer or they are afraid of answering. This is a very complex subject and it can easily make two muslim individuals argue:) Drear Marina, I realized from your last writing that, in your opinion, the more a muslim woman cover herself the better Hijab she has, am I right? I am not sure really; in fact this is my big question! We know that in ancient Europe women used to wear very long skirts so that the entire legs were covered. In this case, as I heard from a documentary movie, for men it was very pleasing to see a woman's knee!! These days in Europe many women appear in the public with naked legs, and it became normal for men to see these kind of scene. What I am trying to say here is that in general restriction does not lead to the desired result. Marina, please write to me about your country more. Start with its educating system. For example, in what age does children start going to school? How many levels do you have in schools? Is education free? How many years does it take for a normal student to be prepared to go to university? Is going to university free? Who is qualified to go to university? What kind of universities are there in Syria? ... There are lots of information that I am eager to know about Syria, and being friend with an educated Syrian young lady like you in this place is a great oppotrunity for me:):) I also would be glad to answer your questions about what you want to know, of course if I have the answer :):) Thank you for reading, and I am waiting for your nice writings. Good luck Mortaza August 14, 2009

sami August 14th 2009 Hello Mortaza, How are you? First of all, please forgive me for being so late in answering you. To tell the truth I have been very busy these days, and as you may know I dont have internet connection at my summerhouse. Whenever I want to visit this site or a different one I have to go to a wifi bar, this is what I do but sometimes it is not easy for me to go there. There is no excuse my friend, but If I were at home in my city I would write more regularly and I wouldnt make you wait. I will be there on September 1st, so from that moment I will be able to answer you in the same day you write to me. ; )) In Spain the situation at school is the same during summer season. I mean, summer is the season for holiday, so schools are closed and students are free to do what they want. Many families travel, or those who have to work take their children to some ?educational camping? or with some relatives. Some others stay at home and go to the beach at the weekened. What I have told you is what families do in general, of course, there are thousands and thousands of things people do. Thank you for suggesting the best places (in your view) to visit in Iran. To tell the truth, I feel a strong interest in visiting your country, who knows? Maybe someday I can go there.In this way, I will be happy to meet you as well as other Iranian friends : ) The ecomonic situation in Spain is difficult, it is very difficult to find a job nowadays and it is even worse because lots of people are being fired from their jobs. However, there are still lucky people who maintain their job or find a new one. Due to the economic crisis, everything is getting more and more expensive, so people usually have to look for a second job. It is not the general thing but lots of people do it. Related to this and it answers to one of your questions, women usually work outside home. Let?s imagine a situation: the salary for a medium job is around 1500 euros, it is the man who is working, they have to pay 1000 euros to the bank to pay the house, then they have 500 euros to live in a whole month. It is completely impossible for a family to live with 500 euros to pay bills, food, etc. So, most women go outside to find a job. This is one of the reasons why women work outside home. Another reason, and maybe the most important one for us (women) is to feel complete and happy with ourselves. For example, I am 28, I have been studying (to be a teacher) for more than 10 years. This has been my main goal and wish for a long time. I have now reached that dream because I have the job and I want it because it makes me very happy and helpful for the Spanish society and future...This means it is very important for me, for this reason when I marry and have children (If it happens someday) I will continue working outside home. I know it is complicated, because I will be attending my home and children (working inside home)

and also working outside. It would be easier if men helped at home, but this is a different matter... Well, I know it is better for a family to have the woman at home fulltime, but we have also needs which we have to fulfil to feel ourselves complete. Nevertheless, there are many women who dont want to work outside and are at home, and there are also some cases when the one who is at home as a ?housewife? , or lets say, ?househusband? : ) is the man, although these are strange cases. Talking about the number of hours at work, in general in Spain people work 40 hours in a week, 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Depending on the type of job we work more or less hours. I, as a teacher, have to work 25 hours per week, 5 per day. It doesn?t mean that we are teaching all these 5 hours. We teach most of them, but there maybe an hour when we are not teaching but preparing some material or doing something at school. You ask me if I consider 26 hours is tiring for a teacher, if you asked it to a person who is not a teacher and works 40 hours, the answer would be NO. 26 hours may be nothing to them. But dear Mortaza, you have asked to a teacher, my asnwer is no too because I love it, but I have to admit that in some situations our mind is tired and needs some rest. Do you think it too? Do you sometimes feel that you are tired of your job? I think Ihave never asked it to you, Do you like your job? Is teaching for you as you have imagined before doing it? What is, in your opinion, the worst side of teaching? Dear Mortaza, I hope to have answered to your questions, please forgive me if I am boring and If I sound serious with my writings. I am not a so serious woman at all, I like fun and laughing, but as I reread this writing I feel I sound tooooooooooooooo boring. Please forgive me. Have a nice time Rosa, August 14, 2009

sami August 14th 2009 Hello friend Maryam How are you? Are you getting ready for our party? ; ) I am looking forward to it, I cannot wait more! Summer is time for holiday and parties, I love parties, and I am sure this will be a great one. I will be very happy to see all of you and we will all have a good time together. Do you know how you are going to wear that day? I imagine you as someone who wears formal clothes, so in my imagination you will be wearing elegant, formal clothes, with an elegant hair style, high heeled shoes. Am I right? Please, forgive me if you don?t like this way of wearing?I am very bad at imagining ; ))

I have tried cake with icecream, and let me tell you it is delicious. I love it, especially when the icecream is starting to melt. But my friend, I have a problem just with seeing icecream everyday?I am putting on weight just by looking at them!!! I hope September comes soon, and then I will start my physical activity again. Dear Maryam, do you have problems with your weight? Do you take care of diet when you eat? I hope to read from you soon, Have a nice time Rosa, August 14, 2009.

sami August 14th 2009 Hello dear Behnam How are you my friend? Thank you for thanking!! : )) But let me tell you there is no need to thank, I love this site, reading and writi