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Comparison of Laptop Computers

Comparison of Laptop Computers

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Published by: Kerol Akim on Nov 09, 2010
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Comparison of Laptop Computers

The purpose of this comparison is to help prospective laptop purchasers in their decision. In today's mobile climate, the average person can make good use of a reliable portable computer; this report is designed to help in that search. Of the many perspective computers, only several brands have been selected for this comparison. Those that have been selected are Pentium computers that boast the new MMX technology. MMX technology lends itself to portable computers because of the added internal processor cache, graphics acceleration, and lower power usage. The first two features add to the speed of the machine and the last to the travelling lifetime. This report will compare laptop computers on the basis of the following: (1) features, (2) performance in hardware tests, and (3) price. Options for Laptop Computers Of the many laptops available, some equipped with MMX, only four specific computers were chosen. These computers are equipped with MMX processors and stood out among other MMX computers for their performance as well as their value. Those chosen for this comparison are the Compaq Presario 1080, the Dell Latitude LM M166ST, the Gateway 2000 Solo 2200 166MMX, and the Micron Transport XPE P166. These computers all have Pentium 166 processors with a variety of other features that will be discussed in the following. Points of Comparison The industry of computers is an ever growing and continually more competitive market. Many computer manufactures are emerging with well made, reliable systems that make a valid argument for themselves. Several of these computers are discussed below. Features. Many different features are available on today's computer, but only the standard, essential features will be discussed here. These features are grouped into subheadings below for ease of use.

Memory: Each computer has a processor speed of 166 MHz. The Compaq has the least amount of standard memory with 16 MB, with a maximum of 48 MB. Both the Dell and Gateway computers come with 40 MB installed with their maximums being 72 and 80 MB respectively. The Micron had the most

The Micron machine rates best in this area [1:144-145]. The Micron ranks at the top of this category. The Latitude has the lowest rating at 322. The various machines were put through their paces to determine their comparative performance. is very important. The final three scored fairly closely together with the Dell coming in at 36. The Dell computer had the longest rated battery life with a rating of 4 to 5 hours.6.1 pounds. Micron rates at the top for this category for its 3 GB hard drive [1:144145]. Storage: All computers rely on their storage unit to operate for the use of programs and storing information.4.25 hours.6 pounds travelling. Both the Dell and the Gateway computers had 2. It's light weight and long battery life aid in portability. that is the weight of all of the required equipment and carrying case. Next in order for performance was the Presario at 328. travel weight.5. The Gateway came in right behind them with 8. having a maximum at 80 MB also. The several different tests are listed below as well as the various computers' performances. The Dell and Compaq are the best in the weight department [1:144-145].5 and 2. Battery: Another key factor for laptop computers is the length of time they can operate away from an outlet. weighting in at 9. ad the Micron having a score of 39. Overall. they are more than sufficient for good performance. Compaq's computer had a rating of 3 hours while Gateway and Micron's laptops were rated with 2. The numbers don't mean much on their own and are best used in comparison.4 GB. Battery: Battery life was tested by performing a combination of down time and heavy activity for the extent of the battery lifetime. The Presario had the smallest standard hard drive at 1. The Micron comes in at the top of this category also.5 [1:140-141]. respectively.1 GB hard drives. Dell's computer has the best rating for battery life [1:144-145]. the Gateway having a score of 37. and while its hard drive and memory are average for this group. Of the four computers. the Latitude from Dell gets the best rating for this section. y y y Windows applications: The various computers were tested and scored on the execution time of eight top-selling Windows applications. Processor: These tests were run by exercising the processor and memory with test that mirror the processor usage of many Window programs. The Micron and Gateway . the Micron was the heaviest. The final two machines are fairly the same in this test with the Gateway testing at 331 and the Micron at 332 [1:140-141]. The Compaq and Dell come in with the lowest travel weight at 8.y y y standard memory at 48 MB.5 pounds. Weight: For laptop computers. The Compaq had the lowest score with a 29. Performance.

computers ranked at the bottom with 2 minutes 20 seconds and 2 minutes 19 seconds. Finally. the Compaq was rated at 2 minutes 32 seconds [1:140141]./max) Weight (lbs. 1 is best) Windows Apps. The Compaq was at the top in this category.1 48MB/80MB 9.199 Performance:(number is rank compared with the other computers.5 2.724 $5. Finally. The computers were priced by the manufacturers suggested price. Dell's Latitude was next with a battery life of 2 minutes 30 seconds. but is somewhat heavy and the battery life is short. The Compaq Presario sells for $4.999 direct.1 40MB/80MB 8.) Storage (GB) 16MB/48MB 8.4 40MB/72MB 8. but the prices grow considerably when adding options. .999 Micron Transport $4.5 4-5 2. Laptop Computer Comparison Compaq Presario Cost Features Memory (std. the following conclusions can be stated: 1.724 direct. the difference is not enough to negate the Transport's superior performance in the other tests. Gateway's system can be purchased for $4. respectively. From this information. Processor Battery Life 4 3 1 3 4 2 2 2 3 1 1 4 Conclusions Table 1 illustrates the preceding comparison of features.1 2. 2.6 2. The Dell is best in the features in terms of portability and average for the other areas. and cost. Although the battery life is lower than two of the machines.199 direct.25 3 Dell Latitude $4. The Latitude priced at $3. Table 1. and most expensively.299 Gateway 2000 Solo $3. Cost. In this battery of tests. The Micron Transport covers the other aspects with high end hardware.) Battery (hrs. performance.299 for the average mail order price.5 3 1. the Micron sells for $5. the Micron appears to be the leader.

Recommendation Based on these comparisons. 4. 8. Also. 7. The Gateway laptop computer is the best choice based on the preceding conclusions. it was priced lower than the Micron laptop." Computer Shopper (July 1997). Literature Cited 1. The Gateway computer performs very well behind the Micron machine. Although the Micron and Dell laptop computers provide slightly better performance in certain areas. 138-145. The Micron computer is the most expensive with the Gateway computer being reasonably priced behind it. . "MMX on the Fly. these advantages are not worth their higher price tags. It performed well in all of the tests and had good standard features for the price. The Transport leads in most of the performance areas and is not far from the front in the area of tested battery life. The Gateway laptop provides essentially the same features and performance as the Micron but at a lower price. 6. 5. I would recommend the Gateway computer.3.

under any driving condition. The jeep's handling is sound.000. The Ford Expedition. Some of these such as the GMC Jimmy and the Chevrolet Blazer do not fit into the luxury category but are very good sport utility vehicles. The Land Rover and the Toyota 4Runner are not considered because they fall out our price range [1:53]. The Ford Explorer handles soundly. Sharp turning does not cause the Expedition to do excessive leaning. which can be used at all times. The vehicles were equipped with either all-wheel drive. which should be used only part time on loose surfaces such as mud. The ride is overall pretty quiet but there is an occasional gear changing sound from the transmission [1:56] . More and more people today are drawn to utility vehicles for reasons such as durability. is a responsive vehicle. and the Ford Explorer. Many families today are trading in their minivans and purchasing sport utilities with the impression they have bought a safe vehicle. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport rides more like a pickup truck than a luxury sport utility. roominess.Recommendation Report on the Purchase of the Safest 1997 Sport Utility Vehicle This is a recommendation report for any individual looking to purchase a 1997 sport utility vehicle with safety in mind. despite its size. These families want luxury and safety from their sport utilities. The ride is firm and a bit jittery. Overall driving experience. The interior sound is overall quiet and the handling is less than graceful. or four-wheel drive. The body doesn't lean . the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. but with a full load it gets better [1:57] . and invulnerability.000 to $35. Comparisons There are many so-called sport utility vehicles on the market today. All of the vehicles were of the highest luxury model available. The Jeep Grand Cherokee rides more comfortably than most utility vehicles even with a full load. Bumps in city driving are pronounced and highway driving is jittery. The four sport utility vehicles that will be considered are the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The purchase of a sport utility vehicle would need to take into consideration the following criteria: y y y y Overall driving experience Vehicle cockpit Safety Price The four vehicles that were tested all fell in the price range of $25. These vehicles may give the user a false feeling of security and pose serious danger to other vehicles. the Ford Expedition.

There is no question here the Ford Expedition superseded all vehicles on the inside due to its size compared to the other vehicles. The safety equipment on the Ford Explorer includes dual air bags and four three-point safety belts. The Ford Expedition tested price was $32. Vehicle cockpit. Safety.885. The four head restraints are high enough even when lowered and they lock in place. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport is equipped with dual air bags and four three point safety belts. The rear seat offers adequate room with average comfort. and the driver side seat adjustment will fit almost any user. The steering wheel hides some of the instruments for any size user. There are numerous latches one must undo to arrive at the split bench back seat.in turns and when the vehicle turns wide it is easy to recover. In the Jeep Grand Cherokee the optional power seat helps tall and short people get comfortable. The controls are easy to see day or night.535[1:55-58] .554. Summary . Safety equipment on the Jeep Grand Cherokee includes dual air bags along with four three-point safety belts. Each seat has four head restraints that do not lock in their raised position. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport tested price was $29. The Ford Expedition comes with dual air bags and three-point seat belts with adjustable height positions. The rear seat is a split bench and in a pinch can hold three six-footers [1:58] . The Ford Explorer is equipped with a sixway power driver's seat which should help any user get comfortable [1:55] . Overall the Ford Explorer and the Jeep Cherokee performed above average compared to the other vehicles. The head restraints on the Expedition are fixed and are high enough. The Expedition comes with added seat and steering wheel adjustments. All compare the same in safety but the Explorer offers the child safety seat option. The Expedition is considerably more expensive than the other three. Just about anyone should feel comfortable in the Ford Expedition's driver seat. Getting to the back seats of the Expedition can be some what of a task. with a good view of the road. The fixed head restraints are adequate [1:55-58] . Price. The rear three point belts on the Explorer have an adjustable latch for child safety seats. The gages on the Explorer are easy to read but at times some switches are hard to reach. The ride is stiff and when on bumpy roads it is choppy [1:55].465 and the Ford Explorers tested price was 29. which have close to the same price. The Explorer has a split rear bench seat which will hold three adults. The Jeep Grand Cherokee tested price was $29. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport cockpit offers average leg and head room. The gages are readable and are within reach.

and overall instrument layout. Although the Ford Expedition is superior in terms of comfort and cockpit layout. 3. The Ford Explorer gained an advantage overall with the child safety seat restraint option. The Ford Expedition crushed the other competition when it came to the inside leg room. Because it meets the requirements stated earlier in this report and because of its relatively lower price. 4. 2 . The Ford Expedition is much higher priced than the other three. The Ford Explorer and the Jeep Cherokee outperformed the other two in handling and maneuvering. the Mitsubishi Montero Sport.0 Note: 1 . 4 . the Ford Expedition. 5. the Mitsubishi Montero Sport.6 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2 2 1 2 4 2.2 Ford Expedition 2 3 3 2 4 2.Poor. and the Ford Explorer. 2. 7. these advantages do not justify its greater cost. The Montero Sport and the Ford Expedition did not handle as well as the other two but made up for this in the overall comfort of the interior. head room.Good. 6. All four vehicles fall under the sport utility vehicle category.00 of each other which is the lowest prices of the tested vehicles. Table 1.The following is a summary of the comparison of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. the Ford Expedition.Very good. and the Ford Explorer: 1. 9. Testing results of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Three out of the four fall within $400. the Ford Explorer is best choice of the four vehicles compared.Excellent Recommendations . All three vehicles except the Ford Expedition had equal amounts of comfort for the driver and the passengers. Category Performance Comfort Ride Noise Controls and display TOTAL Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 2 2 3 4 2.8 Ford Explorer 2 2 3 3 4 3. 8. 3 .

I recommend the following: y Purchase a Ford Explorer which meets all the minimum safety requirements along with the added child safety option. "Four Foul-Weather Friends. Material Cited 1.Based on the testing results previously discussed in this report and the ratings from Table 1. The Explorer performs well in the luxury and the performance test and is reasonably priced. 52-58. ." Consumer Reports (June 1997).

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