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The Confessions of Saint Augustine

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

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With the allurements of smells, I am not much concerned. When absent, I do not miss them;
when present, I do not refuse them; yet ever ready to be without them. So I seem to myself; perchance
I am deceived. For that also is a mournful darkness whereby my abilities within me are hidden
from me; so that my mind making enquiry into herself of her own powers, ventures not readily to
believe herself; because even what is in it is mostly hidden, unless experience reveal it. And no
one ought to be secure in that life, the whole whereof is called a trial, that he who hath been capable


St. Augustine, Translated by Edward B. Pusey, D. D.

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

of worse to be made better, may not likewise of better be made worse. Our only hope, only
confidence, only assured promise is Thy mercy.

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