UNIT 4 PART A 1. Define Staffing 2. Differentiate Recruitment and Selection 3. Define Transfer 4. Define promotion 5. Define Demotion 6.

Define Retrenchment 7. Define Lay off 8. Define Training and Development 9. Define Induction / Indoctrination / Orientation. 10. Define Probationary Period. 11. Differentiate between training, education & Development 12. Define Performance Appraisal 13. State the objectives of Performance Appraisal 14. Distinguish between job description and job specification 15. Define job evaluation 16. Define supervision 17. Define Motivation. Why it is needed. 18. Define the term Job Enrichment 19. Define Leadership. 20. State the main function of Leadership 21. Define Communication 22. What are the important elements in communication 23. How will you make communication Effective

Explain various sources of Recruitment. A supervisor is a man in the middle 8. What are the essentials of effective appraisal 7. State and Explain the Barriers to communication. 12. Compare their merits and Demerits 3. 14. 11. Explain the different styles of Leadership. Enumerate the different methods of communication 15. Which style of Leadership would you prefer and why. 5. Explain the obstacles to effective appraisal. Define Grapevine 25. Discuss the importance of Communication in the functioning of an organization Explain. Staffing is the responsibility of every manager and not of the personnel department alone discuss 2. Explain function of staffing. Explain various theories of motivation 9. Explain steps involved in selection procedure 4. Define Semantic Barrier PART B 1. What can be done to comment . Motivation is the core of Management motivate the staff in the Organization. Explain the methods of performance appraisal 6.24. 13. State the benefits of Training and explain various types & methods of training. Discuss various method to promote motivation 10. Suggest measure for improvement.

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