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Business Studio Modeling User Guide

Business Studio Modeling User Guide

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Published by: mopacheco73 on Nov 09, 2010
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1.Make the Project Explorer active by selecting Window > Show View > Project

2.If you have not already done so, create a Project.

3.Next, create a Package.

4.Select the Package you created, right-click and select New Process.

5.Click Next to accept the current Package and Process.

6.Enter Hiring for the Name and click Finish.

7.Double-click the title bar:

The Process Editor expands to fill the window. You can double-click the title
bar at any point to restore it to its original size (for example, if you need to see
other windows).

Task BCustomize the Lane

1.Rename the lane by double-clicking Default Lane and entering the text HR

TIBCO Business Studio - Modeling User’s Guide


|Chapter1 Getting Started

2.Make the Lane larger:

a.Click the Lane.

b.Position the mouse pointer over the bottom edge. The pointer changes

shape .

c.Drag the lower edge of the Lane to make it larger.

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