Program Bahasa Inggeris

Kepentingan Bahasa Inggeris

Why learn another Language

For Student Impress your friends Overcome their shyness with other friends

For Student
things faster Achieves better results in examinations

Help them to learn

For Student
Hels you to become a
role model in study groups Preperation for studies in IPTA / IPTS

For Job seekers
Interviews Wider range of job oppurtunities for you

Succers at Job

For Employees
Oppurtunities for
promotion Impresive and comanding during meetings

For Employees
subordinates, peers and managment

Resped at all levels-

For Employers
Improvers standard of
communication with customers and staff Easier to explore new business oppurtunities with foreignes

For Travelers
foriegners easily. Help you to become “leader of the travelling gang” Make your trip more fun and enjoyable

Make friends with

Gold is my name…, Succes is my game.

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