Wild Tiger, furious Lion, spiked Bear and Serpent mocking Monkey, hunting Dog and many such

are present with monstrous faces, wicked pranks of atrocious demons They rest subdued within the minds of human beings

1+1=3.The creator first
created two animals from each of his hand. Then, he combined both. Lo! there came out the Man, a combination of Fox and Monkey (kagga 193)

Human Heart is a battle field of Gods and Demons. Their regiments are sentiments, affection and obstinacy. They forget the life’s purpose by deluding in the conquest of wealth and victory (kagga192)

Suppressed pranks of Mind
How can we sleep, when
hundreds of thought birds, the Parrot, Owl, Crow, Cuckoo, Eagle and Peacock are assembled in the mind, with their twitters and chatters, melody and gruff? (kagga203) How can we learn to put them to rest, before we rest?

If the demonic heads are ten for Ravana, man has hundreds and thousands. With his changing faces of cobra, tiger, frog and deer, he is matchless on this planet (kagga – 202)

Changing Styles, Shifting Principles, Jumping from one party to another, altering life partners, switching jobs ….. Are we one headed beings?

Humans are part of nature, which is congruent and holistic. Achieving congruence between thinking-feeling, promising-doing, saying-meaning, walk and Talk …disciplines us to get a natural mould

Be one with all in soul
Can you be a blade of grass on hillside? a jasmine at home? a rock when fate showers sufferings? A sweet candy for the humble and weak? (kagga 789)

Remove the masks and discover YOUR face . How long you pretend and display false images, which are unmasked anyway.

Building Value Based Competencies -a blend of Eastern Wisdom and Western Strategy

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