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P-2 /æ/ and /٨/ Sounds

/æ/ as in HAT
TONGUE is pronounced with lips stretched
to the side while the teeth are wide

TONGUE /٨/ as is HUT

is pronounced with lips and the
Teeth only slightly opened.

Minimal Pairs:

Bad = bud Ban = bun Began = begun

Ran = run Back = buck Stand = stunned
Tab = tub Drank = drunk Raffle = ruffle
Track = truck Drag = drug Rat = rut
Bag = bug Damp = dump Jazz = just

Phrasal Drill
1. Dashing phantom
2. Enthusiasm of the actor
3. Hunchback with a mustache
4. Analyze the autograph
5. Admirable character
6. Ill-mannered character
7. Pat on the back
8. Avenue of lamps
P-2 /æ/ and /٨/ Sounds

Sentence Drill

1. The back- breaking decathlon

made the athlete an invalid.

2. The affluent and dashing actor

joined the jamboree.

3. The ill-mannered applicant spoke

foul language.

4. The strategy used by hunchback

was imaginative.

5. The cad brought the cats to

the jamboree.

6. A van was used to parade the lass.

7. Her asthma is caused by allergies

to clams and daffodils.

8. The cat vanished from the sack.

9. The man landed on his back.

10. The avenue was lighted with

multi-colored lamps.