English 224 Digital Argument

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Criteria Rhetorical considerations: The video has a specific rhetorical purpose (a discernible argument) Purpose is supported with ample evidence The project is geared toward a specific audience The project meets the needs of (a) specific audience(s) Arguments are thoroughly researched Arguments demonstrate that the author has considered multiple perspectives The author avoids making assumptions and/or generalizations about his/her topic The video

Meets requirements (54)

Almost meets requirements (31)

contains some kind of ©actionª that viewers can take away from it Design features: The video mixes still/moving images and sound in rhetorically savvy ways Audio is clear, well-paced, and complements the images being shown Images and audio are Creative Commons Video is long enough to present a sustained argument or set of arguments, but not so long as to lose focus Transitions between images and between segments of audio are rhetorically effective Project incorporates at least some of the suggestions presented in the peer review session It is clear that a significant amount of work was devoted to the project


Essay: In five double-spaced pages, you provide an explanation of all design and rhetorical choices that you made in the video. You should especially talk about who you envisioned as your audience and how all your choices attempted to meet their needs. Also address the more technical aspects of this project what did you learn about creating a video? Discuss your research process, whatever that entailed. What suggestions did you incorporate from the whole class peer review? How was this video composition process different than the process you undergo for an alphabetic text? ______/75



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