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Social Sciences Reference Books

Social Sciences Reference Books

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STL social sciences reference books
STL social sciences reference books

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Published by: cchessher on Nov 09, 2010
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BF76.7 .P83 2010 Publication manual of the American Psychological Association 6th ed. American Psychological Association. 1 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor 1 reserve copy available..

H40 .A2 I5 2008 International encyclopedia of the social sciences 2nd ed. Darity, William A., 19539 copies available


History: America and United States Literary History and Collections Philosophy (General) Psychology, Parapsychology, Occult Sciences

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H62 .E52 2005 Encyclopedia of social measurement Kempf Leonard, Kimberly. 3 copies available


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H62 .L456 2004 The Sage encyclopedia of social science research methods Lewis-Beck, Michael S. 3 copies available


Try these too... Civilization Civics Coalition (Social sciences)



Communication in the social sciences Criminology

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H61 .K473 2003 Key contemporary social theorists Elliott, Anthony. 1 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor

Communism and social sciences Cross-cultural studies Demography Economics 2002

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H61 .I56 2002 Information sources in the social sciences Fisher, David, 19611 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor

Gerontology Human behavior Liberalism Paradigms (Social sciences)

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H41 .I58 2001 International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences 1st ed. Smelser, Neil J. 26 copies available


Philosophy and social sciences Pluralism (Social sciences) Political science Power (Social sciences)

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E184.A1 G14 2000 Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America 2nd ed. Dassanowsky, Robert. 3 copies available


Social ecology Sociology Statics and dynamics (Social sciences) more information: Here are entered general and comprehensive works on the various branches of learning that deal with the institutions and functioning of human society, including anthropology, criminology and law, economics, education, history, political science, and sociology.

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E184.A1 G15 1999 Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America. Primary documents Lehman, Jeffrey, 19692 copies available


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H49.5 .T73 1994 From Aristotelian to Reaganomics : a dictionary of eponyms with biographies in the social sciences Trahair, R. C. S. 1 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor


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B41 .K48 1993 Key ideas in human thought McLeish, Kenneth, 19402 copies available


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PN6084.P6 B35 1992 Power Quotes : 4000 trenchant soundbites on leadership & liberty, treason & triumph, sacrifice & scandal, risk & rebellion, weakness


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& war, and other affaires politiques Baker, Daniel B. 1 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor

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New Oklahoma Government Documents New Federal Government Documents

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PE1460 .M26 1991 The dictionary of bias-free usage : a guide to nondiscriminatory language Maggio, Rosalie. 1 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor


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HM51.S68 A24 1987 Sociology : a guide to reference and information sources Aby, Stephen H., 19491 copy available in Reference Books, STL 2nd floor


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