Chelsea Arellano July 2, 2010

Rough Draft

Brave New World
In the book ”Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley the world is different from the world we live in today. We have so many differences; things that appear common in their eyes are a lot different from ours. The book has a different aspect of life then we do. In our world we take the values of love and marriage, human life and death, and lastly, religion. In the book, its pretty much going against the values we use and take very seriously. Love and marriage doesn’t exist in the book. Those people actually believe that everyone has to sleep with each other and not have any other deeper feeling of love. They feel like this because of the instability the world is in. Us people however, believe in marriage and also, that you remain committed to that special someone. To us, being married you experience a deeper meaning of love, not just physical, but mentally as well. One person, named Bernard, doesn’t believe in just sleeping around. He actually wants to learn how to love. On page 93, Bernard tells Lenina, the person he is learning to love, that he doesn’t want to have sex with her on the fight night, “I thought we’d be more…more together here- with

meaning she doesn’t want to just stay with Bernard. Don’t you understand that?” Of course Lenina doesn’t understand what he’s saying because her mind is still normal.nothing but the sea and moon. Human Life and Death. we all are afraid of death. More together than in that crowd. or even in my room. In the book the little kids are actually accustom to the way of death. but there isn’t anything the world we cant do about it. On page . We try to protect the little ones from learning anything cruel until they are at an age to understand.

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