Codi Peterson Religion A 122- Ogden October 12, 2010- October 12, 2010 3 Nephi 1-10

In 3 Nephi chapter one the sign for the birth of Christ is given and then everyone repents but with in a couple of years the Nephites are already back to their wickedness and the Gadianton Robbers began to rise up. I find this extremely interesting. They had just witnessed a miracle, the prophet Samuel the Lamanite had been right; how could they turn to wickedness so fast? I feel like this is a great lesson on faith. When somebody witnesses great miracles they are not truly converted, even though for a while they might live righteously. It is not the great miracle that converts people; it is the still small voice and the act of faith by the individual. They are converted as they study prayerfully in their heart the truthfulness of the gospel. For all those people who ask for a sign in order to believe, they completely lack faith. Faith is in the doing of the small things that may seem pointless. Doing things such as reading the scriptures, going to church,, and obeying the commandments. How can we expect to be shown great miracles if we cannot even exercise the faith to follow his smallest commandments? For after all, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

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