AMINUDIN 163 SCRA 402 FACTS: The police agents in Iloilo City received a tip from a reliable informer that the accused, Aminnudin, was on a vessel bound for Iloilo and is carrying with him marijuana. The said vessel was to arrive few days after such tip. On the day of the arrival, the agents then waited at the port for the vessel. Upon arrival of the vessel and when the suspect disembarked, they immediately frisked him and searched his bag which contained the marijuana. Subsequently, the Aminnudin was arrested. During the trial, the accused that alleged that he was arbitrarily arrested and immediately handcuffed and that his bag was confiscated without a search warrant. ISSUE: Is the marijuana found in the accused bag admissible evidence?

HELD: No. The police agents had enough time to secure a warrant to arrest and search the accused but did not do so. In addition to this, the arrest did not fall into any of the exceptions of a valid warrantless arrest because the accused-appellant was not, at the moment of his arrest, committing a crime nor was it shown that he was about to do so or that he had just done so.

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