================================================================== Age of Empires® III v1.

09 Patch Release Notes August 17, 2006 ================================================================== ================================================================== Patch 1.09 – Home City Experience Changes ================================================================== NOTE: For a complete list of all fixes please visit www.agecommunity.com NEW FEATURES - After each game players will now be granted bonus experience, meaning all Home Cities will now level up faster - Players on your pest list will not be able to join your game if you are the host - The experience requirement to level up Home Cities that are level 100 or higher has decreased - New avatars available on ESO CLIENT FIXES - The Russian card Ransack no longer effects teammates NETWORK AND ESO FIXES - When right clicking a player on ESO, whisper will now be the top item on the list of options ================================================================== Patch 1.08 – Balance changes, Quick Search and bug fixes ================================================================== NEW FEATURES - Quick Search now allows players to determine the Home City tier and Power Rating level of their opponents - Power Ratings will now decay over time CLIENT FIXES - Numerous changes to Civilizations' special bonuses - Numerous balance changes - Fixed an exploit that would refund the Home City shipment after sending mercenaries - Changed a line of dialogue from the Campaign which was found to be derogatory - Changing teams on ESO will now unready all players - When a player clicks to delete a Home City, the default will now be No NETWORK AND ESO FIXES - Fixed an issue where Quick Search was not matching people using Power Rating - Added separators to very large numbers to make them more readable - Clan page on ESO now properly displays the last online date for clan members ================================================================== Patch 1.07 – New Random map, and bug fixes ==================================================================

Sonora herds now balanced for both sides of the map .Numerous balance changes NETWORK AND ESO FIXES . RM Hispaniola.Added server maintenance notification that will display when the servers are down CLIENT FIXES .Chat channels' player lists are now alphabetized . balance changes.Fixed ‘This game is not rated’ message that was popping up in rated games .Fixed exploit that allowed more then 20 cards in ESO decks ================================================================== Patch 1.Chat Member List can now be sorted by Clan Name .Advanced Market Card effects now get applied when shipped .Custom Games List sorting fixed for sorting by Rank . map updates.Military shipments from the homecity decreased for 3rd age shipments and increased for 4th age shipments .Added checking that prevents players from joining game rooms which are in a bad state and can not launch.Fixed an issue where the host would appear invisible in the game setup room .Hispaniola map added to the Standard Maps set NETWORK AND ESO FIXES .Several Home City Card tooltip updates .05 – Attack move.06 – Bug Fixes.Added a new random map. would not build houses or collect resources when they started with just Settler Wagons .Added ability to see if a friend on ESO is playing a game .Hispaniola water flags and whale placement fixed .Hispaniola now displays correct thumbnail .Moderators now have blue chat in chat channels CLIENT FIXES .Quick Search now displays the correct number players during search .NEW FEATURES .All ranged cavalry units now do double damage vs.Mercenary shipments now cost 1000g and have fewer units . fixing the source of a crash . The Unknown .Fixed some rollover text issues .Fixed an issue where the German A.Fixed an issue that let military units in Cover Mode do extra siege damage . artillery . ESO Power Rating and much more ================================================================== .Number on Home City Cards now displays the correct number of units to be sent .Fixed an issue where non-rated games were counting toward Power Rating ================================================================== Patch 1.I. and exploit fixes ================================================================== NEW FEATURES .

Native American Treaties card now creates the right number of Natives .Numerous balance changes .Added support for removing the larger pause dialog.Attack move button and hotkey added . NETWORK AND ESO FIXES . Automatic updates will no longer occur.Resume button added.Hispaniola. no XP .+ .Starting crates removed from most maps .cfg .Update to the patching process which should address difficulties experienced during the autopatch process. and exploit fixes ================================================================== CLIENT FIXES .Ranged Cavalry Caracole now applies to all ranged cavalry .Recorded game playback improved significantly .Quickmatch now uses only standard maps.Numerous fixes to attack move command . .Added Stand ground to the game .Playing an old saved single player game should no longer revert your home city to the older state . <enter>.04 – Refresh button.Added support for modifying custom random map names and text NETWORK AND ESO FIXES . .Added <escape>.Fixed an issue where watching a recorded game overwrote home cities .Deathmatch games now have reveal map on .Numerous changes to home city cards .Added Power Rating to ESO .Added Option to save games list filter settings CLIENT FIXES .Fixed numerous issues with joining and creating a clan ================================================================== Patch 1.Many Clan chat fixes .Changes to Games List functionality. you may only promote someone that is two ranks below you .Custom game setup now shows if a game is rated.Added games list filtering options .Changing #players will unready everyone . not rated.Fixed an issue with clan chat not being displayed.Clan change. you may only demote someone that is below your rank. . The list is pulled down once on initial login and can be updated by pressing the Refresh button.Home City level now displayed on the Game Start screen.Clan tags added to the Advanced Game Setup.Deathmatch .NEW FEATURES . . Resume button. mouse wheel scroll and double click functionality to numerous spots in ESO . a new random map has been added . bug fixes.Two players that do not have their routers properly set up can no longer join the same game. . .Added Option for minimized multiplayer chat . Add ‘hidepopups’ to your user. A dialog is now displayed when a user pauses the game.Typing in chat and switching to a different ESO window no longer erases the text .

.Fixed an issue where a game would be cancelled and all players given a "Failed to join" message when two routers that could not communicate joined the same game.03 – Hotfix to Matchmaking ================================================================== NETWORK AND ESO FIXES . .New user.Allow users to turn off enter/left chat messages on ESO.aspx?forumID=7 ================================================================== Patch 1. . . ================================================================== Patch 1.Fixed a bug that made abundant resources available in the single-player Campaign .Fixed a bug where the auto-patcher text was difficult to read. NETWORK AND ESO FIXES .New ESO privacy option.Switching home cities during game setup unreadies all players.Fixed a bug in the Portuguese tech TEAM Early Dragoons that kept some civilizations from training their anti-cavalry units until the Industrial age . .Fixed a bug on the Postgame screen that allowed players' names to be edited .Fixed a D3D initialization error when launching the game.. ================================================================== CLIENT FIXES .com/ibb/topics.agecommunity.Fixed a bug with sound being choppy.Fixed a bug that kept the ESO connection problem dialog box from closing . Large Maps and numerous bug fixes ================================================================== CLIENT FIXES .Fixed a sound crash issue.New hotkey editor added to the game.Fixed a bug where disconnecting a player would lock up the game.Fixed a bug that caused sound effects (and sometimes music) to stop playing .cfg commands to assist with router and direct IP issues. . .Fixed some performance issues with boat battles.Timeout added to Vote Dialog box.Fixed a bug in the command manager that caused slow performance when CPAIs were in the game .Fixed a problem where unplayed dialogue lines made the Campaign scenarios stop working .Removed the exploited ability to split the military and economy scores.Quick search now uses the Standard Map set.Fixed a bug that did not let the host launch the game once the number of players was reduced below the number that had clicked ready . .02 – Hotkeys. . For more assistance on this check: http://forum. . ================================================================== Patch 1.01 – Fixed some bugs and a few exploits. .Updated a number of error and user messages. .Fixed a bug where all players would hear the selection sound for HC cards played . .New large map set. .Fixed a number of multiplayer exploits.Fixed a game pause issue when a resigned player remained in game. Five new large versions of popular maps have been added.Tweaked movement code to improve the responsiveness of units . .

<http://www.com/japan/games/age3/> 有關修補程式的相關資訊請參考 <http://www.microsoft.microsoft. .agecommunity.com> Age of Empires Community Website <http://windowsupdate.aspx> Official Age of Empires III website http://www.com/spain/juegos/> Sie finden Informationen zum Patch auf der Homepage des Ensemble Studios.com/korea/games/aoe3/>를 참조하십시오.microsoft. <http://www.com/games/pc/age3.pl ================================================================== Web Sites ================================================================== <http://www.com/brasil/games/> 한국어로 된 패치 릴리스 정보를 보려면 Age of Empires III 한국어 버전 공식 홈 페 이지인 <http://www. All rights reserved.microsoft..com/italy> Visite a home page do Ensemble Studios para obter notas da versão da correção <http://www.microsoft.com/france/jeux/> Visite la página de inicio de Ensemble Studios para consultar las notas acerca de la versión del parche <http://www.microsoft.com/taiwan/games/> 網站內 說明 „Aktualizacje znajdziesz na tej stronie internetowej” www. この更新プログラムの詳しい情報については、以下の Microsoft の Web サイトを参照してくだ さい。<http://www.com> Windows Updates ================================================================== Trademark Notice ================================================================== © & p 2006 Microsoft Corporation.Fixed a bug in the Unresponsive Player dialog box so that it closes once consensus is reached ================================================================== Localized Release Notes ================================================================== Visitez la page d’accueil de Ensemble Studios pour obtenir les notes sur la mise à jour.microsoft.gram. visita la home page di Ensemble Studios <http://www.com/germany/ms/games/> Per le note sulla Patch Release.Changed formations so that unit types keep their setting even when grouped with different types NETWORK AND ESO FIXES .microsoft.microsoft.microsoft.

. Uses Bink Video. © 1997–2006 by RAD Game Tools.Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Inc.

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