Introduction Who's Who Publications PLC are the producers of the UK's most prestigious reference library. This historic series is the definitive reference source on the UK's leading professionals and their achievements. Individuals selected for a biographical entry enjoy unprecedented recognition as our books are highly acclaimed for their accuracy and editorial independence. Membership is free to those individuals and the companies they represent that are featured in one of our business titles.

Company Background Who’s Who Publications was incorporated in 1998 by the previous owner and publisher, Robert Nesbit, who spotted an interesting niche in publishing. Whilst there were a few well recognised books in the UK documenting eminent individuals from all parts of society, there were few publishers that noted the success of business people who were either well known in their particular sector or well known in a certain geographical area. The basic premise of the company was formed, and that was to research and recognise key business people and entrepreneurs in the UK who create, inspire and lead the most successful companies. These achievements are then recognised by the publication of a biographical reference book. Operating from offices in London, the company produced 30 titles up until to 2002. A number of these are market specific such as “Who’s Who of Architects”, “Who’s Who in Dentistry” or “Who’s Who in Property”. The popular “County of Britain” series documented key people via region and included museum creators, headmasters, sports personalities and members of the Government. It is the “Business Elite” series that has proven to cover the most successful titles, focusing on entrepreneurs and business leaders in the UK. In 2004, the company was acquired by its present owners with a view to develop the Who’s Who brand in the UK. Since then, the Company has continued to produce a range of biographical reference books listing eminent individuals who drive the UK economy. In developing the Who’s Who brand in the UK, the Company has expanded its product portfolio outside of publishing and aims to develop the concept of the “Who’s Who Network”. This network will allow like-minded people to communicate and trade with each other. Membership is free and exclusive to those individuals and the companies they represent featured in one of our business titles.

Company Philosophy The Company mission is to build a business that researches and recognises people of outstanding achievement. Emphasis is on documenting different groups of successful individuals, writing to them and documenting their education and career achievements, together with personal interests.

These books are an important historic record of people’s achievements in business. They serve as a message to the wider community of an individual’s success in the business world. For those not included, it gives them something to aspire to. Who’s Who are committed to having business titles located in Universities, libraries and other organisations that research business leaders. Data integrity is of paramount importance and the Company will not look to publish sensitive information or sell personal details or e-mail lists in soft copy. Who’s Who respects a number of individuals wish for privacy. As such, the Company will remove anyone from the database with immediate effect, when asked to do so. These individuals will not be contacted again by the organisation. Who’s Who has never, and will not in the future, charge membership fees or levy any charges for inclusion into one of its titles. Entry is by selection and cannot in any way be paid for. Income is generated by sales of books and related products.

http://www.whoswhosa.co.za Who's Who of Southern Africa (Who's Who SA) is a dynamic information tool and networking site connecting professionals to grow their networks and explore collaborative opportunities. For more than 100 years, Who's Who SA has been the leading source of information about individuals of influence in the region. Our database currently features more than 7500 noteworthy Southern Africans in various fields of expertise. Focused on our local market, we have incorporated years of information and networking know-how to develop what is now also set to become South Africa's foremost integrated professional networking platform (We're getting closer every day...!) We'd love to hear your thoughts... The new site will be launched early in 2010, and membership will be FREE to all professionals (or aspiring professionals!) 18 years and older. Sporting a brand new interface that is supported by a robust online platform, members will be able to update and manage their own professional profiles online, search for and follow profiles of noteworthy individuals, and dynamically interact with other members in our Who's Who SA community. Although we'd like to call the World Wide Web our home, our team operates from the Foreshore in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a strategic business unit of the Naspers group of companies: www.naspers.com Contact Us... Frequently Asked Questions 1. Q: I forgot my login information. How can I retrieve it? A: In the event that you have forgotten or misplaced your username or password you can contact Who’s Who SA directly by phone or email and you will be issued with a new username and password as soon as possible. Go to the sign in page> click on ‘forgot password’. You will be directed to another page where you will have to enter your email address (the email address you registered with). You will receive an email with your new password. You can also change your password by clicking on ‘request new password’. *Tip: Choose password that you will find easy to remember. 2. Q: Does it cost money to create a Who’s Who SA profile? A: No. You do not have to pay to register and create your profile on Who’s Who SA. We will be introducing Who’s Who SA Premium membership benefits that will come at a cost. To find out more about this you can click on the ‘Upgrade my account’ tab on the homepage. 3. Q: How do I search for profiles on Who’s Who SA? A: You can view your profile as the network does by typing in your name and surname in the search box on the homepage without logging in. You will then view your profile as does anyone who is a visitor to the site. 4. Q: Who can view my Who’s Who profile? How much information can they see? A: Anyone who searches your name by Google or Who’s Who SA can view your profile and all the information that you have included. Therefore it is advised that you do not include any personal contact information in your profile. 5. Q: I would like to remove my profile, how do I go about doing this? A: If you would like your profile removed completely from Who’s Who SA you are advised to contact us directly by email on info@whoswhosa.co.za. 6. Q: I think someone has hacked onto my profile with my details, what can I do? A: If you suspect that someone has hacked onto your profile with your chosen username and password, you are advised to change your password when logging in by clicking on ‘request new password’ in the accounts information login details.

Q: I am having a problem uploading my photograph. In its present form. What now? A: Check your junkmail folder to see if the email message was mistakenly identified as spam. If you are still busy editing your profile and do not want it to show in any searches. if you do you'll have much less control over how your contact information can be used. you log in on Who’s Who homepage with your username and password. Q: Why has my account been restricted? A: Restriction is usually based on identified abuse of some sort whether the abuse is intentional or unintentional. the site boasts more than 7. 10. Q: I’d like to receive notification when I get private messages on my Who’s Who SA account. Q: What is the value of joining who’s who? A: Who’s Who SA is an extremely powerful networking and business tool. 15. Often the restriction can be released after some education is provided by Who’s Who SA and acknowledged by the member. Q: What are the best practices I can follow to protect my privacy? A: Don't post your private email address. or other addresses on your Who’s Who SA profile. You log on to the Who’s Who SA homepage and click on edit your profile. 9. Please make sure this email address is the one you’re currently using. If you still are having a problem please contact Who’s Who directly and you will be helped as soon as possible. 8. You have the option when filling in your contact details to publish or not publish it for the general public to see. Under the section of ‘admin details’ you have an option of changing your status to active. This will direct you to your profile page where you can change your email address under your contact details. Use a password that only you will know and will not be easily guessed by others. select the ‘Receive email notification for incoming private messages’ field. To receive notification of these invitations. 14. It is a reliable guide to individuals who have joined. If you would like your profile to show on a Google or Who’s Who SA search you should change your profile to ‘active’. pending or hidden.000 biographies/ profiles of noteworthy South Africans in various fields of expertise and in excess of 100 annual editions have been published. Q: Who can see my contact information? How can I edit my contact information? A: Anyone can view the contact information that you have decided to publish it. 11. The image must be 150 x 200 and a JPG file. If you would like your profile to be seen by just yourself and the Who’s Who SA team you can change your status to ‘hidden’. what are the requirements? A: If you are having a problem when uploading your photograph onto your Who’s Who SA profile. Emails will be sent to the email address you provided in your account information. If . make sure it meets the requirements. If you use a public or shared computer. Q: How do I add an email address on my who’s who account? A: To add or change your email address on your Who’s Who SA profile. Under the account information section. 16. 12. phone number. 13. How can I do that? A: You can get invitations and send invitation from members of the Who’s Who SA network. make sure you log out properly when finished updating your profile. If you would like to change your contact information you click on edit your profile and edit your contact information. concluding your previous positions and including your current position in your synopsis. Q: How do I add or remove a position in the Careers section of my Profile? A: If you would like to change or update your position title you do this by editing your profile and updating your current positions on your profile. Q: How do I hide my public profile? A: You do have the option of hiding your public profile so that no one besides yourself and the Who’s Who SA team can see it. change your status to ‘pending’.7. Q: I never got the verification email. If you decide to not publish only yourself and the Who’s Who SA team will be able to see it. log on to the Who’s Who SA homepage and click on edit your profile.

za. Q: I would like to create or edit a profile on behalf of a client? Can I do this? A: If you have a client who would like to have a profile created on Who’s Who SA you can do this on their behalf. You can send us an email on info@whoswhosa.za requesting a verification email. You can also send an email to info@whoswhosa.co. login to your Who’s Who SA account to resend the verification email.co. We however. Once verified you can follow the steps to registering your client as a user by clicking on the ‘Join now’ tab on the homepage. .you can’t find the verification email. need to verify that this is indeed your client and that you have permission to do so. 17.

Who's Who 2010. relied upon by academics. In 1996. has been retained ever since. Containing over 100. age and ‘political bias’ were noted. it consisted of an almanac followed by thirty-five lists of ranks and appointments and the names of those holding them. HISTORY OF WHO'S WHO The first edition of Who’s Who was published in 1849. it has proved invaluable as a research tool and a unique way of measuring social change.http://www. the lists that originally established Who’s Who were omitted. archbishops.000 short biographies. during the Second World War. 250 page volume (one tenth of the size of the 2010 edition). published annually since 1849 and the first biographical book of its kind. published on 7 December 2009. regarding its full circulation to be of national importance. Each biographee supplies the original information for their entry and is then sent an annual proof for updating. whose constituency. judges. Click here to find out about the history of A&C Black. government officials and charities. Contact the Office of Who’s Who for more information. Then a compact. of living noteworthy and influential individuals. George Bernard Shaw listed his recreations as ‘cycling and showing off’. members of the House of Peers and House of Commons. A unique feature was the invitation to include Recreations. the resulting format. Please see our Bookshop. worldwide. The information contained in a Who’s Who entry is essentially autobiographical. due to pressure on space.com/whoswho WHAT IS WHO'S WHO? Who’s Who. giving subscribers access to the complete text of Who's Who and Who Was Who with a wide range of search facilities. In 1896 Who’s Who was acquired by A&C Black. continually updated. WHO WAS WHO . The lists gave no individual biographical details. The online edition is also available here. its integrity and accuracy ensured by constant independent research. business people. It contains over 33.000 entries spanning the 100 years since the appearance of biographies in Who's Who. Substantial changes were made to the nature and content of the book for the 1897 edition. a book consisting solely of autobiographical entries. as well as the casual browser. Throughout the 20th century Who’s Who reflected the many changes that occurred in the world. and British envoys abroad. A fuller history of Who’s Who was published to coincide with the 150th edition in 1998. Who’s Who is a standard reference book in libraries around the world. is among the world’s most recognised and respected works of reference. In 2005. researchers. These included the Royal Household. one of which was the introduction of autobiographical entries which were submitted by some five thousand entrants in response to a questionnaire. apart from the annotations for Members of Parliament. from all walks of life. the first searchable CD-ROM version of Who's Who was published. the research potential expanded further as the entire database became available online. A pioneer of what would become a fascinating and famous tradition. while artist and author Harrison Weir claimed that he played ‘no games of any sort at any time’. Our editors also monitor the press and other sources of reference for day-to-day changes and additions. Who’s Who expanded significantly in subsequent years and eventually.acblack. Winston Churchill personally intervened to ensure its publication was not affected by the paper shortage. Approximately one thousand new entries are added every year. is available to order now.

The majority of Who’s Who biographees are included in recognition of the distinction they have attained in their professional lives. providing a wealth of material for researchers without easy access to the earlier individual volumes of Who's Who. The Index simplifies that search. are invited to have an entry an entry as a matter of course. actors and sportsmen. senior judges and high-ranking civil servants. with approximately one thousand new names appearing for the first time each year. the church. the law. Uniquely among biographical reference works.000 entries. from pseudonyms to maiden names and married names. and the influence they exert on British society. professional institutions. In addition it provides crossreferences. using many sources of reference. A Cumulated Index to Who Was Who 1897-2000. Order a volume of Who Was Who. Subsequent volumes of Who Was Who — there are now eleven — cover the years from 1916 to 2005. this continues to be the policy for selection into Who’s Who today. each new edition provides an opportunity for revision and correction where necessary. such as MPs. local government.’ . or its Cumulated Index. such as artists. for it gives not only the volume in which the person is to be found but also the dates of birth and death. and now every five years. Who’s Who contains biographies of all kinds of people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life: the arts. Until its publication. ‘What is it that really puts the stamp of eminence on a modern British life? Two things count today: having an entry in Who’s Who and being asked to choose your eight favourite records on BBC’s Desert Island Discs. ranging from politicians and academics to musicians and film directors. education. the Selection Board consults those with specialist knowledge.The Wall Street Journal The editor of the 1897 edition wrote in his preface that Who’s Who seeks to recognise people whose “prominence is inherited. or the result of ability which singles them out from their fellows”. The holders of some posts. on occasion. the civil service. entertainment. HOW ARE PEOPLE CHOSEN FOR INCLUSION? An invitation to appear in Who’s Who recognises distinction and influence. government. notable individuals from across the world are included due to their presence and importance in British and international life. Whilst the majority of entrants are British. medicine. serious researchers may. An essential tool for researchers is the companion volume. the date of death. as no account is taken of the many changes that may have been made to an entry during a life. This first edition was composed of the entries of those who had died between 1897 and 1915 with the date of death added to each. Who Was Who has proved invaluable in identifying not only those who shaped the events of their time but others. as well as professors. scientists and businesspeople. science and the trade unions. business and finance. or depending on office. The Selection Board reviews those people whose professions are less rigidly structured. now forgotten. listing those who lead and influence the world today. Each edition of Who’s Who now contains over 33. Prominent figures in numerous fields are considered by the Board on the basis of their continuing achievements. when the appointment itself is of general public interest. a name could be found only by knowing. Where necessary. Published originally at ten-year intervals. sport. and ultimately selected due to their exceptional pre-eminence. entries in Who’s Who are retained for the life of the biographee (being transferred on his or her death to Who Was Who). who were familiar names to the journalists and diarists who recorded the events of the day. . wish to consult the individual volumes of Who’s Who to obtain a fuller picture. a Selection Board meets regularly during the preparation for each edition of Who’s Who to discuss potential entrants. so that the appropriate volume of Who Was Who could be consulted. the media. or guessing at. side by side with their living predecessors. Who’s Who therefore has an unrivalled historical perspective. For those who do not fit into these categories. However.In 1920 the first volume of Who Was Who was published. In essence.

These entries make up approximately 10% of the total listings.com or post it to the Office of Who’s Who. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague for consideration by the Selection Board. from Duke to baronet.Who’s Who also includes a comprehensive listing of the holders of UK hereditary titles. . London W1D 3QY. 36 Soho Square. please send a brief CV to nominations@ukwhoswho. who are invited automatically.

it continues to be published annually in hard copy. British and United Kingdom Peerage and Baronetage are included. Inclusion has therefore come to carry a considerable level of prestige. A full online edition of the work was launched in 2005. actors.Who's Who (UK) From Wikipedia. Scottish. the editors tend to prefer establishment figures to those (such as pop stars and sportsmen) who enjoy greater celebrity for a time. and foreign Ambassadors accredited to London. including the members of the Scottish Parliament.[1] Originally. lawyers. as well as Members of the House of Commons.[citation needed] For example. A history of Who's Who was published to coincide with the 150th edition in 1998.[citation needed] Examples that have been spotted include: the playwright John Osborne did not acknowledge an estranged daughter in his entry. and distinguished writers. Contents Subjects include peers. so for example MPs are not removed when they leave Parliament. or even any obligation to buy a copy. Inclusion in Who's Who. unlike many other publications. very senior civil servants. and the Daily Mail has described it as "Britain's most famous reference book".[citation needed] Jeremy Paxman has pointed out that the publication is dominated by people who are active in British public life. those in less hierarchical occupations are included at the discretion of the editors. Some checks are made by the editors but subjects may omit anything they wish and such errors of omission can be difficult to identify. MPs. but many better-known people are not. even though he has been missing since 1974 and was declared legally dead in 1999. does in his. the free encyclopedia Who's Who (2007 edition: ISBN 978-0-7136-7527-6) is an annual British publication of biographies which vary in length (typically a single paragraph or block) of about 30. the editors now include more such people than before but the numbers are a small proportion of the total. all members of the English. Inclusion has always been strictly regulated by prominence in public life or professional achievement. although her ex-husband.[3] He also points out that there is a high proportion of Oxford and Cambridge (Britain's most prestigious universities) graduates among the new entrants.[citation needed] However.[3] Occasional problems arise with the publication's reliability as a reference source because the entries are compiled from questionnaires returned to the publisher by the featured subjects. However. Carole Jordan does not mention any marriage in her article. Paxman has also calculated that only 8% of new entrants in 2008 make any reference to marital breakdown. Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies. Some (such as those holding a Professorial Chair at Oxford or Cambridge) are included automatically by virtue of their office. it merely provided lists of the names of notable people. for example all MPs or all bishops.[2] Who's Who has been criticised for its conservatism. The Wall Street Journal has said that an entry in Who's Who "really puts the stamp on eminence on a modern British life".[3] . judges. Once someone is included in Who's Who he or she remains in it for life. which is far below the national average. the Chief Executives of all UK cities and counties. but may then slip out of public view entirely. History Who's Who has been published since 1849 by A & C Black. however minor their achievements. and artists. it listed people alphabetically and provided fuller biographical details. The 7th Earl of Lucan is still listed in the book.000 living notable Britons.[citation needed] Since subjects remain in the volume until death. Richard Peckover. researchers. has never involved any payment by the subject. scientists. Starting with the 1897 edition.

1996–2000: 2001 ISBN 0-7136-5439-2 11. 2007 Online version of publication External links • See also . 1961–1970. Warner. with the date of death appended. reading or opera (which still feature prominently). 1967 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-0171-X 4. 1979 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-2008-0 7. "Being first in Who's who" and "Contemplating revenge". especially in the description of "recreations". and now appear every five years. 1989 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-3227-5 8. 1971–1980. 1984 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-2598-8 6. 1981–1990: 1991 ISBN 0-7136-3336-0 9. The Skeptic. 1 December 2007 "Jeremy Paxman: Who's new in Who's Who?" 4. ^ Official Who's Who website 2. Some of these are considered to be merely Who's Who scams. ^ Who was Who series: 1. together with a list of her other achievements. p. No. AP via The Orange County Register. there is an excess of detail: the prolific romantic novelist Dame Barbara Cartland listed each of her publications."[6] References 1. They are usually as they appeared in the last Who's Who before the death. 2005. Sometimes." has one of the world's greatest collections of cemeteries and memorial parks in the world. David Vernon. in hers.2001–2005: 2006 ISBN 0-7136-7601-9 • • ^ What Price Fame? Be a Very Important Person . 1941–1950. "Anglophobia". 1916–1928. accessed 27 June. ^ a b c Daily Telegraph. 2. as in this example from an AP wire article about Los Angeles cemeteries: "Los Angeles. 27. having entries compiled by the subject allows information to be included which would not otherwise be a matter of readily-accessible public record. but more recently they have appeared at ten-year intervals. Who Was Who After a person's death. 16 ^ LA cemeteries a who's who of celebrities by Gary A. 1988 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-2670-4 2. 1897–1915.[4] Other use of the name The name has been widely copied. From conventional references to fishing. 1999-10-27 3. 1991–1995: 1996 ISBN 0-7136-4496-6 10.[5] The name is also often used metaphorically.On the other hand. entries are preserved in the volumes of Who Was Who. many hundreds of books. listed recreations now include "Maintaining rusty old cars". 28 December. "Walking my iPod". 1980 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-2131-1 5.all it takes is money. The first volume covered deaths in 1897–1915. Spanish for "The City of Angels. A who's who of what was. 1951–1960. the result was one of the longest entries in the history of Who's Who. ^ Lord Lucan 'officially dead' BBC. 1992 reprint: ISBN 0-7136-3143-0 3. Vol. It also allows the entries to convey something of the character and interests of the subject. 1929–1940. 2007. though they are not from the same publisher. and now there are many publications with "Who's Who" in the title. and not just his or her professional achievements. in USA Today.

wikipedia.org/wiki/Who%27s_Who_(UK)" Categories: 1849 books | British biographical dictionaries | Online person databases | Series of books Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements | Articles with unsourced statements from January 2008 | Articles with unsourced statements from June 2010 .• Marquis Who's Who Retrieved from "http://en.

featuring the Biography of Suresh Kumar Mansukhani-New Delhi -India Who's Who of American Women Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare Who's Who in Science and Engineering • • • .. which also owns National Register Publishing and The Hill. the company publishes over a dozen different series and offers an online database with information on 1. and are also used for research by universities.. The New York Times referred to the 60th edition of Who's Who in America as "a librarian's Vanity Fair". Who's Who in the World. such as Who's Who in America.[3] The content is also now provided online to libraries and other paid subscribers. Inc.4 million individuals. political affiliation. Marquis Who's Who books are often found in the reference section of local libraries.000 entries. writings and creative works. and so on. names of parents and family members.[2] Entries in Marquis Who's Who books list career and personal data for each biography. religion. at corporate libraries. although this is not required to be listed. awards. is a registered trademark of News Communications. In 2008. Inc. and addresses. is the American publisher of a number of directories containing short biographies of influential persons. the company launched a second Web site (Who's Who in America) profiling the lives and careers of America's most noteworthy men and women.[5] Formerly owned by Reed Publishing. "[2] Today. Inc. Who's Who in America.[4] History Founded in 1897 by Albert Nelson Marquis the first edition of the publication contained concise biographies of more than 8.500 "distinguished Americans.[1] Marquis states in the Preface that Who's Who in America. Marquis offers some features associated with the vanity press business models. followed by some subject. those men and women who are influencing their nation's development". Marquis is now a subsidiary of News Communications. "endeavors to profile the leaders of American society. civic activities. a subsidiary of News Communications.[6] Publications General publications • • Who's Who in America Who's Who in the World2010..Marquis Who's Who From Wikipedia. such as selling merchandise to persons selected as biographees. The books are usually titled Who's Who in. Who's Who of American Women. education. including birth date and place.. Who's Who in Science and Engineering. the free encyclopedia Marquis logo Marquis Who's Who. Who's Who in America contains over 100. its flagship publication." Albert Marquis wrote that the book's objective was to "chronicle the lives of individuals whose achievements and contributions to society make them subjects of widespread reference interest and inquiry.

^ About us. Purchase of the book is never a factor in the selection of biographees". ^ Hamilton. 3. ^ "Marquis Who's Who Bluesheet". Chicago.html. ISBN 0-8379-0151-0.[7] Note that in 2003 Marquis had new owners who might have changed this process. Retrieved 2008-04-22. 2008-04-21. in an article entitled "The Hall of Lame" that appeared in Forbes Magazine in 1999. Carlson also writes that Marquis makes money selling addresses to direct mail marketers. pp.[2] Some insight into the selection process can be obtained from William L Hamilton's article entitled "Who Are You? Why Are You Here?" that appeared in the New York Times in 2005. Similarly. The New York Times. make the call on who's notable and who's not. vi. 4.com/bluesheets/htmlaa/bl0234. Ill: Marquis Who's Who. In cases where notable individuals decline to submit biographical data. such as bowling coaches and landscape architects.• • • • • Who's Who in Finance and Business Who's Who in American Law Who's Who in American Politics Who's Who in American Art Who's Who in American Education In March 2008. ^ FAQ. Marquis calls its selection criteria "stringent" and says that biographical data on candidates for listing are reviewed by its editors to confirm that its requirements are met. Individuals become eligible for listing by virtue of their positions and/or noteworthy achievements that have proved to be of significant value to society. An individual's desire to be listed is not sufficient reason for inclusion. http://library. Once selected. Thomson Reuters. "A total of 25. a biographical draft is sent to biographees for prepublication checking. L.[2] Footnotes 1. including 12 researchers. "Who Are You? Why Are You Here?". searchable by artist name and media. and self nominators and thousands of people not particularly notable are included. William. wrote that the selection process is neither rigorous nor meaningful." Tucker Carlson.[6] Regional publications • • • • • • • Who's Who in the South and Southwest Who's Who in the East Who's Who in the Midwest Who's Who in the West Who's Who in Asia Historical series Who Was Who in America Who's Who in 20th Century America Selection process Marquis Who's Who states that selection of individuals for listing in its publications "is based on reference value. 2005 Available online 2.com .dialog. Marquiswhoswho. November 13." a book sales based business model. Marquis launched an online gallery version of Who's Who in American Art. He writes about new owners acquiring Marquis in 2003. Who's Who in America 1994. Marquis Who's Who 5. ^ a b c d Marquis Who's Who..000 copies have been sold for shipment for 2006. wealth or social position are not criteria. Marquis compiles information itself. "an editorial team of 70.

Forbes Magazine.com/cgi-bin/stories. http://www.wikipedia.pl? bryannkomoACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/03-19-2008/0004776717&EDATE=. "The Hall of Lame". http://www. ^ a b "Marquis Who's Who Launches Artists' Gallery Web Site (news release)".html. 1999).org/wiki/Marquis_Who%27s_Who" Categories: 1899 establishments | Book publishing companies of the United States | United States biographical dictionaries . 7. 2008-03-19. ^ Tucker Carlson (March 8. Retrieved 2008-04-26. PR Newswire.com/fyi/1999/0308/063.6. Retrieved 2007-10-17 Retrieved from "http://en.forbes.prnewswire.

99 MICHAEL BOLANOS MADE IT INTO Who's Who in America last year. who lists among her myriad accomplishments a 1968-69 stint as "co-leader" of a Campfire Girls troupe. Rainier chapter of Professional Secretaries International since 1994. anyway. Being accepted into Who's Who is "an honor that only a select few ever enjoy. a fellow influential person of significant achievement who also recently earned a place in Who's Who in America. and thorough editorial review. playing piano and singing. Flip through the latest volume. That's been the marketing strategy. however.html The Hall of Lame Tucker Carlson. Mr. Not that anybody has read Who's Who lately. And let's not forget Mary Morgan. and it's hard not to conclude that something has changed. research. Since 1991 she's coached bowling and floor hockey in the Alpena (Arkansas) Special Olympics. Florida. an accountant from Staten Island. Washington. Or Lila Licens. Bolanos. who runs a celebrity-oriented website in New York." And who does the painstaking nominating and selecting? Marquis implies that members of the publication's Board of Advisors play a large . From 1970 to 1972.000 in recent years. One hundred years after it was first published by Chicago newspaper publisher Albert Nelson Marquis (who despite his ostensible commitment to accuracy pronounced his name "Markwis"). who teaches gym at Wilson Memorial High School in Fishersville. "candidates must have held a position of responsibility or have attained a significant achievement in their field. Or Amy Fung. who has been president of the Mt. a graduate of the physical education program at Appalachian State University." the company boasts. is a "guide to today's most influential people. Or Courtland Paul." Congratulations. Who's Who has been a fairly reliable guide to who has made it and who has not. or ever. Now meet Anita Dawn Sawyer.forbes. Geiman. rigorous nominee review. 03. To celebrate.http://www. was the school's driver's ed instructor. teaches junior high school special education classes in Little Rock. her hobbies include cooking. Bolanos. Or say hello to Stephen Geiman. a landscape architect in San Juan Capistrano." read the release.com/forbes-life-magazine/1999/0308/063. that the selection criteria for "Honored Biographees" in Marquis's Who's Who have become--how to put it?--more democratic. reading. crafts. the publication has tried hard to convey the impression that standards for inclusion have remained the same. at least not very closely. Never heard of these people? Then you haven't read Who's Who lately. Kentucky. a school nurse in Jupiter. Or David Dolsen. a 1986 graduate of the University of Central Arkansas. ALWAYS be fair!!!" And of course there's Marguerite Gearhart. a 55-year-old social worker in Elizabethtown. Virginia. According to Who's Who. fired off a full-page press release to "entertainment and business editors" heralding his triumph. The point of Who's Who is not to read it. Though the number of entries in Who's Who in America has grown to over 100. an undertaker in Denver. "To be chosen for inclusion.08. who implores Who's Who readers to "Be on time." Who's Who. Bolanos reminded the editors. Every person in the book is subjected to "painstaking selection. produce more than is expected and always. an administrative assistant from Tacoma. Sawyer. but to be in it.

From 1973 to 1986." An artist. Who's Who in the South and Southwest. I think the majority are appropriate for one of our regional or topical publications. Then who is making the decisions? Paul Canning." Fair enough. "The reality is. Texas. now has a site on the Internet where would-be biographees can complete a "biographical data form.S. Who's Who in the World. a person must meet "qualitative and quantitative criteria." says Aloff. and grants. in order to become an Honored Biographee in Who's Who in America. People like me who really don't get out there in the limelight. wasn't of the highest quality. Reed Elsevier. Donald Ray Grubbs of Portland. cities. I haven't been invited. Only a couple of years ago. And it feels good. It's not as if there's an annual retreat somewhere where we sit around and decide who makes it this year." In other words. the publication's parent company and the owner of Lexis-Nexis. and then Who's Who in America. publisher of National Journal and a member of the board for the last decade." says John Fox Sullivan. he had just received a letter indicating that he had been inducted into yet another volume." as well as for "awards." Applicants who are uncomfortable with sending personal information over the Web are invited to fax their biographies to a number provided on the screen. the flagship Marquis publication. who rarely forwards names to the publication. "will have to have pieces in multiple collections at recognized museums and have one-person shows.role in the nomination process. make the cut automatically. senior vice presidents and above are listed. (The plaque. he confided. Grubbs doesn't put on airs. According to Canning. "but I can't get any more detailed than that. the publication's editorial director from 1992 to 1997. But Who's Who in America also appears to contain a lot of relatively unaccomplished people who simply nominated themselves. We look for writers on The New York Times bestseller list. "We have a thick binder of all the people who must be included. Or if there is.) Yet despite his achievements in the world of Who's Who. I don't do anything. but they don't seem to know much about it. for instance. this is one of our ways of getting a little bit of recognition. wouldn't give a specific answer." Mindy Aloff. There's not a word about qualitative or quantitative criteria. "I don't profess to be a nationally . like artistic directors at ballet companies in major U. too. Now an employee of Longview Inspection. just about everyone who tries hard enough will get his name in print." Some people. "You work up the chain of Who's Who documents. "They didn't give us any guidelines for nominating people. Donald Ray worked as a pipe fitter and welder for the Pipefitters Local 195 in Beaumont." Spaces are provided for "career history." Grubbs explained. a company that assesses the structural integrity of industrial sites. said Canning." So good. Grubbs said. "I was in Who's Who in American Education. or CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies. He sounded pleased. seems to have been left off the guest list. is proof that persistence pays off. "I have nothing but praise to say about them because I think they're serving a good job. a dance critic whose name is also on Who's Who letterhead. For Fortune 500 companies. We have Nobel Prize winners. Does everyone who applies get into Who's Who? "I'll say a majority. was he "elected" to Who's Who in America. honors. though he did say that the admissions process is relatively simple." admitted Canning. Once a year I get a piece of paper asking me if I want to recommend someone." When we talked to Grubbs. he said. I think I need to leave it at that. Grubbs has been appearing in various Who's Who publications for a decade or so. To make the process of self-promotion easier. "There is almost no communication back and forth. including a commemorative wall plaque. that he has purchased a number of Who's Who products over the years. Oscar winners.

When Larry Lawrence. but claimed in Who's Who to have done post-graduate work at the Sorbonne. Grubbs pointed out. which is more than can be said for many of his fellow biographees. for instance. ("He never did buy the book. the late ambassador to Switzerland. another deceased ambassador. Webster and his wife.000 biographies. the former Trish Abigail Boogen. had graduated with a master of fine arts degree from F&M T&A University and received doctorates from Quaker State University and the University of Ron (Ron. . receives 49 lines in Who's Who. Pamela Harriman.C. neither are a lot of other people in the book. who counts among her achievements being a blood donor. Latin-American Business. Anita Dawn Sawyer of Harrison. Unfortunately for Lawrence. Webster. columnist Carl Rowan lists 22 different college degrees in his entry. Webster. wanted to replace his years at Wilbur Wright Junior College with a degree from the University of Arizona. giving himself a membership in a veterans association to back up his spurious war history and a spot on the Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Commission before he was finally caught (though not by Who's Who) and exhumed from his grave at Arlington cemetery. Queenan submitted an application on behalf of a nonexistent magazine editor named R. Rowan graduated from three different colleges in 1966 alone. most of the people listed in Who's Who in America these days almost certainly exist. Margaret Estelle Vorous. gets twice the space of Diane Sawyer of ABC News. none of them identified as honorary. then at American Business magazine. Not all attempts at r&eacutesum&eacute laundering are so blatant. knew that Pat Benatar's real name was Pat Andrzejewski? Or that the rap singer Ice Cube was born O'Shea Jackson? And it's undeniably interesting--if a little sad--to learn that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was first married way back in 1949. France) before moving on to edit such magazines as American Business. never completed college." Although the ADL promptly notified Marquis that Carto's publishing ventures consisted of printing anti-Semitic tracts. making it the ideal place to tidy up an uneven educational or work history. According to Who's Who. Henry Kissinger gets only 34. and thanks to improved scrutiny.recognized welding instructor. decided to test the Who's Who fact-checking apparatus. Your Business and Our Business Monthly. someone at the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith noticed that Willis Carto. an elementary school librarian in Berkeley Springs. Queenan wrote. was listed in Who's Who as a "publishing executive. entries in Who's Who are mostly self-reported and largely unchecked. West Virginia. It was an embarrassing episode for Marquis. Other "facts" in the volume make for less scintillating reading. Donald Ray Grubbs seems like a fairly straightforward person. A member of the Association of Men and the Bureau of People." Who's Who printed most of the entry in its following edition. his entry was not dropped until 1998. which means that many entries are printed at lengths curiously out of proportion to their importance. Joe Queenan. there are bound to be worthwhile tidbits buried in Who's Who in America. though some are considerably more sinister. for example. all while working as a syndicated columnist. As most of those listed in the book know. he got greedy." chuckles Carto's spokesman. But the book is still not edited thoroughly. apart from girls who grew up in the '80s. had children named Cassette. Who. he turned to Who's Who. On the other hand. he listed his hobby as "managing editing." he said. In 1995." Nationally recognized welding instructor or not. Skippy and Boo-Boo. with 105. who is listed three entries down. "Probably half of the welding staff at Ohio State University are members of Who's Who. founder of the lunatic Liberty Lobby. and there are. Arkansas. To this day. Still. meanwhile.) In the mid-1980s. The Business of Business. Lothar.

The home office seems to do a particularly brisk business in commemorative wall plaques.600 self-identified Catholics in Who's Who. Marquis makes certain they have plenty to buy. too. since many Honored Biographees clearly have a weakness for ordering schlocky products through the mail. does a pretty good business renting the names and addresses of its 250. until you notice the large number of librarians who are listed in Who's Who in America. Or." reads one sample entry. it's hard to see how information like this is valuable to reference librarians." "Over 22 years of progressively responsible experience in the food service industry in key decision-making sales and marketing roles. I could. association memberships and "fundraising opportunities. Suddenly it becomes clear how Ruth Ferro-Nyalka. sex. People who are listed in Who's Who. Marquis assures marketers in its promotional literature. those listed in Who's Who in America can now write up to 200 words about themselves and their work." including pitches for new credit cards. A single three-volume edition of Who's Who in America can cost more than $500. There are 17. or even how many copies it prints. either.300 Jews. "One sterling lapel pin. mostly to see if I could. Which is not to imply that vain librarians are Marquis's only source of income. Who's Who. A 1997 direct-mail pitch suggests that biographees use the "Enhanced Biography" option to draft their own personal classified ads. please.Indeed. That is. paperweights and crystal boxes." The entire database can be rented on computer tape for about $22. The ever-growing Marquis list now includes 20 different Who's Who volumes. A three-year subscription to the entire Who's Who product line goes for $5. might have breezed through "Marquis' unique and time-proven compilation process" to earn a spot in Who's Who in America. .000. The company won't say who buys its books. "I'm interested in quietly declaring some of my achievements. The moment my MasterCard arrived. many of which are updated annually. "are interested in many types of offers." "Which book are you included in?" the woman asked. Cardholders are eligible for a discount on any merchandise they buy from the Who's Who catalogue. the list can be broken down by profession. For $150.3 million growth in annual incremental sales. I'm not listed in any of the Who's Who volumes. she explains by way of example. Either way. including various CD-ROM versions. the group for whom the volume is ostensibly written. which generated $12.95 plus shipping and handling. One of the latest offerings from Marquis is the Who's Who/Chevy Chase Bank MasterCard. It's all pretty amusing. It must be a good list. brusquely. which brings the entire enterprise full circle. they "quietly declare your accomplishments") to Who's Who key rings. "We think librarians are important. The company's "Reflections of Success" catalog advertises an entire line of Who's Who-related junk.686. from Who's Who lapel pins (at $52. "I will not elaborate on anything about Who's Who to someone over the phone." They are certainly in a position to contribute to Who's Who." said publisher Randy Mysel. "Recent accomplishments include successful product introductions into local markets. This is the part where biographees are invited to reflect upon their achievements using their own words. and it must be profitable. I called Who's Who. because Marquis recently decided to expand the concept. a librarian at the Hinsdale (Illinois) public library. catalogues." A call to the company's business office proves more fruitful.000 Honored Biographees to direct mail marketers. sure to be seen by "industry leaders and executive recruiters. the first clue that Who's Who is a vanity publication is the "Thoughts on My Life" feature that appears beneath some entries. Or perhaps not. "A fax won't do it. magazine subscriptions." Perhaps "executive recruiters" really do pore over Who's Who looking to fill highly paid CEO slots." I said. but I decided to order one anyway." explained Paul Canning. it turns out. "We think they contribute to society. the woman on the phone says. and 5. which at close to $100 apiece doubtless make for a profitable little sideline. political affiliation or religion.

" . She didn't seem fazed in the slightest." she said brightly. I said. I'll transfer you. "Well.None. you have to be listed. "But you can talk to the editorial department about that.

a reference librarian at the Donnell Library Center of the New York Public Library. including 12 researchers. make the call on who's notable and who's not. ''Popular culture has expanded and grown coarser. And librarians. managing director for special projects at Marquis Who's Who. Monica Lewinsky? Never had a chance. Who's Who. They take their places in American culture's carved stone with presidents.under a two-year-old management team that wants to recognize popular culture just as emphatically -.Who's In and Who's Out as well. The crowd squeezed into the latest edition is as much V. the basketball player. Kind of like a magazine cover that stays on the stands forever. Nobel Prize winners. by her achievements in three industries: fashion. of reality television. was included last year. incarcerated domestic divas and the famous 15 minutes of fame (probably closer to 5 now). celebrity publicists. And who will never be who? Victoria Gotti. by their inclusion. ''My life is going to go on without it.J. Back after a one-year hiatus is Martha Stewart. the mother of new American cuisine. exhibiting a protective ferocity that might impress the Gottis. recommends them to posterity and to America's collective memory. Gelberg said. believe me. the entertainment elite and the titans of industry. The familiar two-volume ''big red book.html?res=9507E0D6123EF930A25752C1A9639C8B63 THE 60th edition of Who's Who in America. the celebutante. ''Are we trying to make it more relevant? Absolutely. Joel Osteen. She is ineligible because of the Gotti family's associations with organized crime. occupational categories like organized crime are under review. the hip-hop artist. Who's newly who for 2006? Kanye West. But in the era of the Internet and Google. N. or why. ''Who are people talking about? Who is on magazine covers? People in the hip-hop world. whose stint in jail disqualified her in 2005.'' said Matthew Boylan. a star of ''Dynasty. We're adding them in greater numbers. where an editorial team of 70.'' Ms. Socialites..'' a librarian's Vanity Fair. Ken Jennings. recognizes 109. traditionally a polite old-boys' club of state supreme court justices. who is who? ''I think about this every day. This is a part of culture. But with the often upside-down nature of who is celebrated today. Paris Hilton. government and professional figures. Think of going down in history as the ultimate afterparty. Gelberg sometimes looked as stoical as Hercules. like the late. the book's publisher. is now -. the skateboarder. that venerable guide to American achievement.nytimes. so there's no reason not to include Paris Hilton. the author. the actress who plays Gabrielle Solis in ''Desperate Housewives''.November 13. and Linda Evans. X-Games types. was published last week.'' the popular 1980's evening soap opera. HAMILTON http://query. He was speaking at the company's offices in New Providence. Who isn't who yet? Alice Waters. speaking by telephone from California.000 people and. room as reference room.com/gst/fullpage.'' Mr. Gelberg said. explorer/authors. Eva Longoria. Mr. Talking about his work. who holds the record for the longest winning streak on the game show ''Jeopardy''. Gotti said of a Who's Who citation. Mr.'' . to judge from several spoken to. gangsta rap stars. television personality and daughter of John Gotti. what Marquis's editors term ''notorious'' or ''infamous'' achievement. with a few exceptions. are an egalitarian but tough crew when it comes to reference materials. Who was who but isn't for 2006? Beck. clergymen. distinguished. are kept out.P.I. Who isn't who. and Tony Hawk. film and television. the televangelist. botany professors and other conservatively distinguished academic. 2005 Who Are You? Why Are You Here? By WILLIAM L. as in ''Who?'' Rod Strickland.'' said Jon Gelberg. ubiquitous Nan Kempner.

The guide is also applying a brisk sweep of the broom to names that have gathered dust. 26 percent of those included are women.919-page. then contacted for additional information or asked to fill out a form. to make it more reflexive as a reference work.'' Ms. with its new recognition of popular culture. a portrait of America and its tectonic shifts. largely through oversight and not lack of newsworthiness. $749 reference book an authoritative tool and valid portrait of society. said Fred Marks.like an unintended look in the mirror. Cindy Sheehan. available by subscription. which are purchased primarily by libraries. driven by CD's.Hard calls. Though entertainers and other well-publicized figures are not new to Who's Who. Gibson. one and three-quarters each. ''With an Oscar. How does a who become a Who? There are 73 categories and 800 occupations that constitute guidelines for admission. one and a quarter. were excluded until 1927. ''Hilary Duff. Madonna. 37.000 names were dropped while 20. At greatest issue at Marquis is whether Who's Who in America itself is still ''Who. For 2006. its acceptance of popular culture has evolved. Britney Spears. including volumes devoted to American women and to those in education. Terry is being discussed for inclusion in 2007. People will fall in and out of the print edition more quickly than they have in the past. but the product needed great improvement.they have enormous staying power. Mr. the anti-abortionist. who were considered laborers. is a Who by sheer volume of news coverage in the last year. Morrison added. was admitted. When Mae West was denied entrance to the big red book.'' said Kerry Morrison. is not. whom Ms. A total of 25. Brigida Benitez. are subject to debate. ''Compared with Debbie Gibson?'' Ouch.and Hispanic-Americans. his staff reviews lists like the Forbes Celebrity 100 and the Fortune 500. Stephen Hawking and Cher. senior managing director. Asian. Finished entries are not uniformly fact-checked. including those in the book. up from 14 percent 10 years ago. Those selected are sketched biographically. Finkelstein said. Congress. Finkelstein. The company publishes 16 Who's Who titles. . Marquis's managing research editor. Mr. you could stay in until you're dead. Marquis Who's Who also maintains a database. looking for new candidates or verifying that people included in the last edition are still Who. it is now an annual publication. is a picture that some might find startling to see -. Ross Jr. Noam Chomsky. a lawyer and president of the Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia.'' said James A. Mr. the tennis star and social celebrity. it is a brutal world of column inches: George W. In the 1968-'69 edition of Who's Who. or a dinosaur from the print age? ''It had a great name. ''The fundamental standards here are position and accomplishment. as well as lists specific to various industries and professions. two and a half between them. For those included. Morrison characterized as a ''flash in the pan'' -. If Who's Who in America has created. is one example. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Randall Terry.000. of 1. Part of the company's three-year plan to make Who's Who more relevant is to reflect the leadership among African-. Bush. which first appeared in 1898. Gelberg said. who with Wilbur L. those being considered and those of the deceased. its latest edition. two. reflecting parental attitudes toward the Beatles and the Rolling Stones more than professional objectivity. is a 5. the Fortune 1. Christina Aguilera -.000 copies have been sold for shipment for 2006.was never in the book or the database. ''The book fills up fast -. six.000 were added. when Bill Tilden. not laurels. bought Marquis Who's Who in 2003.2 million names. by mosaic. McGovern. opposing the war in Iraq. Appearing every other year until 1992. Who's Who is a dry reminder that celebrity for celebrity's sake is now a seasoned American industry as powerful and internationally recognized as steel once was. tabloid romances and the weightless gravitas of pure appearance. like activists.'' With the information highway now an international Interstate. Professional athletes. To shake out nominees. John Lennon is present but Mick Jagger is not. Ms. Researchers also compile names from general interest magazines like Time and special interest magazines like The American Lawyer.'' In 2006.'' said Gene M. those dropped.Pulitzers. Marquis's chief executive. she told reporters that its editors would not be included in her little black book.Who's Who's worst egg-onthe-face nightmare -. movies. fragrances.

'What are the highlights of my career?' This would definitely be a first. geographic location.'' Marquis Who’s Who http://www. ''Looking at those accomplishments. Librarians.'' she said on Thursday in a telephone interview. Each year. It makes you sit back. in 1947. a powerful. Each biography is clearly and concisely presented under subject headings for fast online viewing! Now you can make a choice between our classic print volumes and our new online product based on your biographical data needs. ''We're a little suspicious. over 110 years ago with the first publication of Who's Who in America. web product that offers real-time access to our database of over one million biographies! Marquis Who's Who on the Web has the added capability of allowing for targeted searches based on a variety of criteria such as name. Marquis Who's Who has remained the standard for reliable and comprehensive biographical data. Albert Nelson Marquis. but on lesser-known people. education.marquiswhoswho. Elliott added: ''Reporters always ask me. personnel recruiters. People Search Top of Form First Name Last Name Bottom of Form .''How far do they go to verify the information?'' asked Susan Newson. can still be found in Who's Who. we have strived to develop new and more convenient ways of providing access to our biographical data while maintaining its quality. ''That's the question. and many others rely on Marquis Who's Who every day for in-depth biographical information they can use with confidence. we strive to continue the tradition established by our founder. for example. we have nothing else. and more. She entered the book last year. being included in the book is not just another piece of publicity. You have to assume those selected will not fudge the information or aggrandize themselves. journalists. head of reference at the East Meadow Public Library on Long Island. gender. The family of Marquis Who's Who publications presents unmatched coverage of the lives of today's leaders and achievers from both the United States and around the world. researchers. and from every significant field of endeavor. corporate executives. the first meteorologist to fly over a hurricane. because the list is fairly distinguished. As the needs of our patrons have evolved. ''I'm more than happy to be in company with Oprah and Hillary Clinton.'' Speaking for librarians. While we continue the time-honored tradition of publishing our family of print publications.'' Ms. students.'' Robert Homer Simpson. For many of those whose fame is in full bloom. occupation. Ms. up-to-date information available. Newson added.com Our History Since 1899. we are excited to introduce Marquis Who's Who on the Web. Please take a moment to browse through our family of biographical references. it makes mine look very small. like the hip-hop star Missy Elliott. You'll find a comprehensive selection of Marquis Who's Who titles with the most accurate.

). co-chair LA bd. LA. Jewish. NYC. 8 Bd. trustees Entertainment Industries Coun. 1981–82. CEO CBS Corp. 2 broadcast executive. Hangin' with Mr. Entertainment Weekly. Lorimar. 2004–. NCAA. Burbank. Against the Grain. Family Man. m. (bd. 1949. LESLIE. Full House. for Media (formerly Mus. Burbank. chmn. dirs. 1985–88. Dec. 2003..p. CEO. Burbank. Culver City. Bucknell U. 2004. dirs. 2004–06. Casting Soc.. Sisters. Military Service. creative affairs Lorimar-Telepictures. Film Inst. contributions to professional journals. children: Adam. CEO CBS TV. Inc. 4 s.... Awards. Am. 1982–85. named Showman of Yr. Am. Political Affiliation. 1980–81.). 17. Sherrill Corwin award. .. Hollywood Radio & TV Soc. Crossroads. (TV series) Dallas. Calif. 2004-06. spouse and children. CBS Entertainment. NYC. Dec. Midnight Caller.. CBS/Broadcast Group. Calif. LA. Warner Bros. Recipient Gold Medal award. Pa. Perfect Strangers.. trustee Nat. 1978 (div... 1995–97. 2 Occupation describes the subject's current profession and identifies areas of expertise. Nancy Wiesenfeld. com. Lorimar TV. Key: 1 Full Name ensures the proper spelling of the biographee name for correspondence and other written work. govs. Living Single. 6 Devel. Getting By. LA Free Clinic. bd. Jewish Com. devel. Michael. Family Album. 5 BA. Internat. prodr.. 1 child. v. TV. Julie Chen. 2006–. 1995–97. Am. exhibits.. Time Trax. The Jackie Thomas Show.About Us News / Events | Contact Us | Customer Service | Shipping | Returns | Directions / Map Listees Publications | Merchandise | Submit Biography | Nominate a Colleague | Sample Biography | FAQs Reference Publications | Mailing List Booksellers Publications | Booksellers by Country Online Database Product Description | Database Login | Mailing List | Free Trial | Licensing Publications | Merchandise | Submit Biography | Nominate a Colleague | Sample Biography | FAQs Sample Biography 1 MOONVES. m. of TV and Radio)... v. I'll Fly Away. 3 Date/Place of Birth indicate age and national origin. where available.p. Bd. Columbia Pictures TV. 1998–2003.. Cafe Americain. 8 Civic and Political Activities. 6. 23.p. How'd They Do That. v. Oct. 1989–93. Catalina Prodns. Burbank. 7 Writings and Creative Works list books published. Most Powerful Man in Hollywood. It Had To Be You. Democrat.p. Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman. pres. Cooper. Mem. Charlie. Lewisburg. pres. Coun. KB Home. Herman and Josephine (Schleifer) Moonves. 9 Office: CBS Corp 51 W 52nd St New York NY 10019-6188 Office Phone: 212-975-4321. 1971.. Dark Justice. Career Achievement award. Paley Ctr. co-pres. Memberships. 1993–95. Culver City. movies and mini-series 20th Century Fox. Family Matters. exec. Westwood One. mem. 1988–91. Saul Ilson Prodns. 7 Developer. dirs. Step by Step. Radio and TV Soc. 3 b. 4 Family Background provides the names of parents. Knots Landing. Guns of Paradise. 1988–90. exec. Shaky Ground. co-COO Viacom Inc. bd. for Families and TV. Sara. pres. 2003–04. and commissioned works. Reasonable Doubts. Variety.. leadership adv.. 1991). Religion and Avocations. exec. complete your knowledge of an individual's accomplishments and highlight vital interests. Going to Extremes.: NATAS (exec. pres. Homefront. v.

Is Marquis Who’s Who available online? Yes. Professional associations and organizations provide us with names of members they feel are qualified for inclusion.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. and we will send you a complete list of the publications. 2. including professional certifications. We accept nominations from previous biographees or other individuals.4 million biographies and updated daily. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. we are unable to track faxed/mailed copies until they go through the mailroom process.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Simply notify us via e-mail at optout@marquiswhoswho. which we must have in our records. Please contact Carmine Pietroluongo for further information: carmine. . FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for Listees Frequently Asked Questions for New Candidates Listees Can I update my profile via e-mail? Yes. The form requires a signature. We need to receive all forms back so that we can record your response. You can e-mail your update form back to us by scanning the form. it is also scanned into our database for accurate record-keeping purposes. Do I need to send back my update form even if I have no corrections? Yes. You need JavaScript enabled to view it New Candidates Who nominated me? What is the selection process? There are three sources we use to get our potential biographies: 1. How can I be removed from Third Party mailings We honor all biographee requests to be removed from receiving third party mail.5 Education Summary reveals the level of 9 Address provides vital contact information education and areas of expertise. is available as a yearly subscription service. Marquis Who’s Who on the Web. postal mail lists. featuring over 1. You can send us your revisions via e-mail provided you indicate the revisions on the update form. and telemarketing lists. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Which publications has my profile appeared in? Send us an email at editorial@marquiswhoswho. Please note final selections can be based on update response.pietroluongo@marquiswhoswho. Did you receive my update or information via fax or mail? Due to the high quantity of faxes/mailings we receive each day. Our in-house research staff chooses high profile names. A biographee can be removed from placement on third party email lists. 6 Career Summary details full career history to indicate areas of expertise and facilitate contact. 3.

please go to the Submit Your Biography page. and family information. Listings are free in our reference publications as well as our online database. Proofs will be provided shortly thereafter to those selected to appear. Remember. Listees are under no obligation to purchase anything at any time. birth information. If you would like to submit your biography online. Please note that this will delay the reviewing and final selection process. What is the status of my application? Submissions are screened within a 4-6 week timeframe. you can attach a CV to the data form and send it back to us. this is your profile and you can include only the information of your choice. Can I submit my CV instead of filling out the data form? While we prefer individuals to use the data form. If you would like to submit your biography via fax or email. Is there any way to keep certain information out of my profile? Yes. . If your profile passes screening you will receive a notification via postal mail or e-mail giving you the opportunity to make revisions. please download a blank submission PDF form here. When will I know if I’ve been selected for inclusion? Final decisions are made at the galley stage approximately three months before the book is published. The entire process can take a few months. How do I access the online submission site if the link is not working? We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the link. I'm concerned about privacy issues.Is there a cost for my name to appear in the publication? There is never a fee to be considered for or included in any Marquis Who's Who publication. contact information. We can suppress any addresses. Nothing is mandatory.

Who's Who website terms of use http://www. You may access this website on condition that you accept these terms of use as they are and without modifications.za/terms_and_conditions Introduction • • • • • • • • • These terms of use Important provisions pertaining to legal liability Legal age and capacity We may change aspects of this website Interpretation Definitions How we create profiles Claim your profile and report abuse or inaccurate information Why it's important to claim your profile or report abuse or inaccurate information? Who's Who SA Registration Users' code of conduct Licenses • • • Our license to you Your license to us General issues you should be aware of Privacy policy Software and equipment Liability • • • • Disclaimers and limitation of liability Indemnity Rights infringment Dealings with 3rd parties Arbitration Governing law and jurisdiction Legal service of documents and notices We may monitor your communications Severability Termination Disclosures required by the ECT Act General terms Introduction These terms of use This is version 1.0 of these terms of use. These terms of use were implemented on 9 December 2009. . These terms of use are a binding contract between you and us so it is very important that you read them carefully and ensure that you understand and accept them.co.whoswhosa.

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We do generate profiles of and for individuals based. Our database currently features more than 7500 noteworthy Southern Africans in various fields of expertise. For more than 100 years. "Who's Who of Southern Africa" is a registered trade mark held by Jonathan Ball Publishers (Proprietary) Limited. in varying degrees. business associates and colleagues can access your profile to come to you with opportunities Network: Connect with or add colleagues to expand your professional network Registration You are required to register on this website if you wish to create a new profile and/or manage an existing profile. that person may must contact us through this website and bring such an infringement to our attention. on this public information. Who's Who SA is currently the leading source of information about noteworthy people in Southern Africa. Claim your profile and report abuse or inaccurate information Claim and edit your website profile to control your professional image. We do not exercise editorial control over these articles or their links to or associations with profiles. We refer you to our disclaimers below and recommend that you carefully consider public information made available on this website in light of our disclaimers.com may be linked to or otherwise associated with profiles where those articles mention the individuals profiled. a Naspers subsidiary. . In addition. Why it's important to claim your profile or report abuse or inaccurate information? • • • • Manage your Web presence: Control your "professional brand" by creating an accurate. Once registered you will be able to log into your account using your user name and your password or your relevant account information with your preferred authentication service. The use of your registration data is dealt with in our privacy policy below. We have adopted strict privacy guidelines and you can help us to protect your identity on the website by claiming or reporting abuse profile by clicking here. In the event any person feels his or her rights are infringed by such articles. This means that anyone wishing to claim a profile on this website must contact us through this website and agree to these terms of use. Searchability: Recruiters. How we create profiles We incorporate a variety of public information into the databases that are available on this website. There is increased user profile hacking and abuse on social or professional networking platforms.Who's Who of Southern Africa ("Who's Who SA") is a dynamic information tool and networking site connecting professionals to grow their networks and explore collaborative opportunities. You can find out more about Who's Who SA on this website. When you register on this website you will be asked to select a user name and password which you will use to secure your account. links and/or associations. Increase your visibility: Your Who's Who SA profile is made available to major search engines for publishing online. Who's Who SA has been the leading source of information about individuals of influence in the region. We may require proof of identity (we will determine the form of this proof of identity at our discretion) in order to transfer control of a profile to a person claiming that profile. Registration is achieved using a registration form available on this website (whereby you grant permission to the providers to pass certain of your personal information to us to enable you to register on and participate in this website). but not limited to. We do not maintain this public information or have any control over its accuracy or completeness. Those individuals may claim their profiles on this website and exercise control over those profiles subject to these terms of use. you are required to submit information about yourself and your preferences to us ("registration data"). This public information is made available to you and other users to facilitate richer and more complete profiles on this website. upto-date online profile that can be found all in one place and edited regularly. News24. articles appearing on a range of Media24 Limited publications and/or websites including. In order to successfully complete the registration process.

you will notify us immediately. you agree to comply with all local laws. our officers. • • engage in any activity intended to entice. but not limited to the providers) which may be required to reasonably complete the verification process. offensive. You agree to this verification process and irrevocably consent to us gaining access to relevant information held by 3rd parties (including. if you believe that information or content posted to this website infringes on any person's rights in any way. without being limited to ○ ○ the posting or cross-posting of unsolicited content with the same or substantially the same message to recipients that did not request to receive such messages. You may not frame this website in any way whatsoever except as permitted by our website's functionality (details may be found on this website) or otherwise without our prior written permission.You warrant that the registration data is accurate. your access to this website. you will notify us immediately. hateful or which carries child • . take any action aimed at deceiving or misleading any person. you shall be held fully responsible for any misuse or compromise to your account which we are not properly notified about. may be suspended or terminated and you waive any claims you may have against us. we reserve the right to suspend access to your account pending an investigation and resolution. current and complete. harmful. discriminatory. rules and regulations regarding your conduct on this website as well as the providers' terms. make sure your contacts on other services are receptive to receiving invitations to joining us and accessing this website or other communications you send them from us). Users' code of conduct You may not access the content or this website for or in conjunction with any illegal. directors. use this website to post or transmit anything which is defamatory. servants. current and complete (this includes registration data we may receive from the providers). obscene. harassing. You agree that the security of your account is solely your own responsibility. attempt to impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation to any person or forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of anything posted or transmitted through this website. abusive. including. generally. thereby keeping it accurate. agents and/or contractors arising out of our denial of access to you to this website. You acknowledge and agree that access to this website may be limited until such time as the verification process has been successfully completed. threatening. You agree to adhere to generally acceptable Internet and e-mail etiquette. Recognising the global nature of the Internet. if you believe the security of your registration on this website has been compromised in any way. Should you not agree to the verification process as contemplated above or withhold your consent. you agree not to: • engage in any abuse of e-mail or spamming. without being limited to the examples listed below. and inviting people who you may be connected to using 3rd party services to access this website where those people may not wish to receive such invitations or similar communications (in other words. You further agree that • • • • • you are responsible for maintaining and promptly updating the registration data and any other information you provide us with. You will be denied access to this website should you breach this warranty or subsequently be found to have breached this warranty. employees. In this regard. solicit or otherwise recruit website users to join an organisation except where we expressly authorise such activities in writing. We will take steps to verify your registration data once you have completed the requisite registration process using a verification email sent to your given email address. unlawful or immoral purposes or as prohibited by these terms of use. and if any security violations are believed to have occurred in association with your account.

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royalty free. sub-contractors and other partners (such as Internet content delivery networks and wireless carriers) to grant access to this website. reproduce. contractual rights or any other rights of any person or entity. • General issues you should be aware of Because you can only lawfully license content you have certain rights in. we may make commercial use of your content or otherwise commercialise your content. please do not access or register on the website). By posting any content on or through this website. fees. modify. you represent and warrant that: • • you own the content you posted on or through this website or otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth in this section. commercial. copyright. and the license extends to anywhere in the world because of the global nature of the Internet and the fact that our users can access the content from anywhere in the world. publicly perform. the cached content is updated at least every 12 (twelve) hours. use. For the purposes of this clause "personal information" shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000. including ○ ○ academic institutions you attended. we are able to use our affiliates. transferrable and worldwide license to moderate. Your license to us We do not claim any ownership rights in the content that you post to this website. birthday. You also agree to pay for all royalties. education and employment histories. store and use personal information with your consent (if you don't consent to this. and posting your content on or through this website does not violate the privacy rights.• • • the cached content is not modified in any manner whatsoever. the following: • • • • name and surname. but is not limited to. The license you grant to us means that • • • • you are free to license your content to anyone else in addition to us. fully-paid. non-exclusive. . You retain any rights that you may already have in your content when you post your content to or otherwise access this website. partners' or affiliate channels and make use of the content in our advertising campaigns. distributing part or all of this website or content in any media formats and through any media. publicly display. commercialise or otherwise distribute such content on or through this website including without limitation. Privacy policy We shall take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. publicity rights. add to. We may electronically collect. you grant us an irrevocable. and any other monies owing to any person or entity by reason of any content you post on or through this website. gender. subject to the limited license you grant to us. and the cached content is removed or updated when we so require. This personal information includes. qualifications you obtained. delete from. we are not required to pay you for the use of the content you post to this website.

We collect. spouse's or partner's name. communicate information to you regularly. and birthplace. store and use the personal information described in order to (but not limited to the following) • • • • • • • • • • • • enable you to create personal profile on this website and thereby access this website. register and/or authenticate users of and/or visitors to the website. . and children's details. area or postal code. compile and maintain the website and member database. industries you have been involved in. professional affiliations and associations. your email address. organisations you worked for or were engaged by. click patterns and access to the website. and IP address. address and contact details including your - family information including your - miscellaneous biographical information about you including - personal preferences. for example through user alerts. parents' names. track database size and growth. enable you to make use of this website in the manner described on this website. the services you may use on the Internet. for example demographics. and dates on which you were appointed or engaged. identify and take reasonable measures to prevent fraudulent uses of or access to the website. achievements. communicate requested information to you. enable other website users to find you on the website and connect to you. interesting facts and noteworthy events. compile non-personal statistical information about browsing habits.○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ your opinion about yourself as a professional. and track compliance of registrants and third parties with these terms of use. attract advertisers by showing anonymised information about the database. from time to time. for example through newsletters. non-personal browsing habits and click patterns. and other activities. country of residence. descriptions about your positions. positions you occupy and have occupied.

details of which are set out below. in our sole discretion. compile. Any content you access through the use of this website or the content is done at your own discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from accessing any such content. You may determine cookie use independently through your web browser settings. Although we take steps to verify information presented on or through this website. The process you should follow is detailed in our Promotion of Access to Information manual. save. statement. for that matter) is fit for any purpose. Information. displayed on. through the use of cookies) or is provided voluntarily by users of and/or visitors to the website. neither we or our agents or representatives will assume any responsibility and neither we or our agents or representatives (in whose favour this constitutes a stipulatio alteri or stipulation for another) shall be liable for any damages to or for viruses that may infect your computer equipment or software or other property on account of your access to. You further agree that - . In the event that your personal information is inaccurately or incompletely reflected on the website. share. or other information contained in. We reserve the right. This website is provided "as is". ideas and opinions expressed on or through this website should not be regarded as professional advice or our official opinion and you are strongly advised to seek professional advice before acting on such information. We may collect. Software and equipment It is your responsibility to acquire and maintain. maintain. use and share any of the information that does not relate to a specific individual. You acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion. Personal information collected from you may be deleted from the website and member databases when your account on the website is terminated for any reason. to correct any errors or omissions on this website without notice to you. consents thereto. you agree that we shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage caused by or arising from the unavailability of. disclose and sell the personal information subject to the following: • • • We shall not disclose personal information unless the person from whom the personal information is collected. any interruption in or your access to this website (either in part or as a whole) for any reason whatever. We will use reasonable endeavours to make this website available to you. we do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice. advice. opinion. To the fullest extent permissible by law. linked to or distributed through this website or the content other users may publish to this website. We shall disclose the information without your consent only where we are compelled to do so by law. communications infrastructure and access accounts required to access this website. you agree that it is your responsibility to notify us of this fact and to supply us with the accurate or complete information to enable us to address your concerns. and keep this website available to you at all times.The personal information is collected either electronically (for example. including without limitation to the implied warranties that the content published to this website (or this website itself. store and use. Whilst we take reasonable precautions in our operation of this website. and We may compile. software. whether express or implied. Liability Disclaimers and limitation of liability Your use of and reliance on this website is entirely at your own risk. the computer hardware. statement or information shall be at your sole risk. we disclaim all warranties of any kind. use of or browsing of this website or the content or your downloading of any content. You may request details of your personal information which we collect. However. at your own expense.

the written or electronic signature of the complainant. • Indemnity You hereby indemnify us and our officers. damage or damages of any kind whatsoever or howsoever caused (whether arising under contract. Dealings with 3rd parties Links to and from this website from and to other websites belonging to or operated by 3rd parties ("linked websites") do not constitute our endorsement of such linked websites or their contents nor do we necessarily associate ourselves with their owners or operators. servants. including as a result of our negligent acts or omissions or those of our servants. special. the use of this website. agents or contractors or other persons for whom in law we may be liable (in whose favour this constitutes a stipulatio alteri or stipulation for another). a statement by the complainant that the information in the take-down notification is to his or her knowledge true and correct. or related to. identification of the right that has allegedly been infringed. of the complainant. servants. corruption or loss of information. a statement that the complainant is acting in good faith. you waive and may not bring any claims or legal action arising out of. Rights infringment If you are of the view that your rights have been infringed through the unlawful use of this website by registrants or third parties. You are solely responsible for identifying and familiarising yourself with any terms of use which will govern your relationship with such third party. you may address a complaint to us which satisfies the following requirements and/or contains the following information: • • • • • • • • the full names and address of the complainant. exemplary or consequential loss. the content or these terms of use more than 1 (one) year after the cause of action relating to such claim or legal action arose. liability. removing the offending content from this website and/or suspension or termination of the offending registrant or third party. extrinsic. agents and/or contractors and/or other persons for whom in law we may be liable (in whose favour this constitutes a stipulatio alteri or stipulation for another) from any loss. content or data and/or loss of contracts sustained by you. resulting from your use of or inability to use this website. but is not limited to. . We are not responsible for files and data residing on your account. loss of operation time. damages. delict or otherwise and whether the loss was actually foreseen or reasonably foreseeable). Channel Manager and/or Content Manager Email: info@whoswhosa.co.• under no circumstances whatsoever. claim or demand due to or arising out of your use of this website or your breach of these terms of use. dealers or customers. the remedial action required to be taken by the service provider in respect of the complaint. loss of revenue. penal. shall we or our servants. be liable for any direct. damage. identification of the material or activity that is claimed to be the subject of unlawful activity. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on our servers.za Please either contact us on this website or address your communications to: • • We will investigate the complaint on receipt of a complete and properly formulated complaint notice and will take appropriate action where necessary. Such action may include. directors. indirect. including but not limited to any loss of profits. employees. your directors. punitive. if any. agents or contractors or other persons for whom in law we may be liable. telephonic and electronic contact details.

Cape Town. Arbitration If any dispute arises between us regarding any provision of these terms of use. Legal service of documents and notices We choose the addresses below for all communication purposes under these terms of use. delete. you agree to permit us to intercept. conditions. You irrevocably agree that the law of the Republic of South Africa shall govern this website and these terms of use. and may be made an order of any court to whose jurisdiction the parties to the dispute are subject. . In the event we are unable to informally resolve our dispute. nothing in this clause shall be construed as precluding either party from applying to court for a temporary interdict or other relief of an urgent nature. and you shall not be entitled to withdraw your consent or to claim that you are not bound by this clause. information. pending the decision of the award of the arbitrator in terms of this clause. block. This clause shall constitute your irrevocable consent to the arbitration proceedings. This clause is severable from the rest of this agreement and shall therefore remain of full force and effect even if this agreement is terminated or cancelled for any reason at any time. that dispute shall be finally resolved in accordance with the Rules of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa by an arbitrator appointed by the Foundation. disposal. will be carried into effect. you do so entirely at your own risk. goods or services available on or through any such linked websites or for any damage. filter. correspondence or business dealings. You consent to the jurisdiction of the Western Cape High Court. information. disclose and use all communications you send or post to or using this website and/or to our staff and/or employees. payment and delivery of any goods or services. damages or any other loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your use of or reliance on any such content. and any terms. South Africa in respect of disputes which may arise out of your access to this website and these terms of use. You agree that where you access linked websites. Your interaction. We may monitor your communications Subject to the provisions of the RIC Act. or its application or termination. You also irrevocably and unconditionally consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court even though the value of a claim which we may have against you may exceed the ordinary monetary jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court. Arbitration proceedings shall take place in Cape Town. at our discretion. We may.We have no control over linked websites and you agree that we are not responsible or liable for any content. Notwithstanding the aforegoing. Governing law and jurisdiction This website is controlled and maintained from our facilities in the Western Cape province of the Republic of South Africa. warranties or representations associated with such interaction. notices or other documents or communications of whatsoever nature. waive this clause and permit our dispute to be resolved using an alternate dispute resolution process. then we agree that we will attempt to resolve our dispute informally by means of joint co-operation or discussion between the parties directly involved in the dispute within 5 days after that dispute arises or such extended time period as we may agree to. Any award that may be made by the arbitrator • • • shall be final and binding. whether in respect of court process. correspondence or business dealings with 3rd parties which are referred to or linked from or to this website is similarly entirely at your own risk and are solely between you and such 3rd party including the acquisition. goods or services available on or through any such linked websites. read.

Cape Town. Cape Town. automatically and without notice to you. Disclosures required by the ECT Act Access to the content on or through this website and this website itself are classified as "electronic transactions" in terms of the ECT Act and therefore you have the rights detailed in Chapter VII of the ECT Act and we have the duty to the disclose the following information: Our full name and legal status: Street address: Postal address: Physical address for receipt of legal service: Naspers Limited. Media City. and/or prohibit your future access to use of our website. Registration number: 1925/001431/06 40 Heerengracht. 7th Floor.za None None These terms of use.You agree and acknowledge that the consent you provide above satisfies the "writing" requirement specified in the ECT Act and in the RIC Act. 8000 PO Box 2271. without invalidating the remaining provisions of these terms of use. applying for urgent and/or interim relief or claiming damages). and all of our rights in this regard are expressly reserved.com info@whoswhosa. 8000 Naspers is a multinational media company with principal operations in electronic media and print media.co. without incurring any liability to you of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising.naspers. 1 Heerengracht. invalid or unenforceable shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or unenforceability and shall be treated pro non scripto (as if it were not written) and severed from these terms of use. we may immediately. Cape Town. http://www. Termination If you breach any of these terms of use. a public company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of South Africa. terminate your use of and access to our website. 8000 Wiki Unit: Who's Who SA. See above. Costs are detailed on this website. Main business: Website address: Official email address: Membership of self-regulatory or accreditation bodies: Codes of conduct to which we subscribe: Governing terms of use: Manual in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000: Management: Costs associated with the access to and use of this website: Dispute resolution: . Details of our management team can be found here. Severability Any provision in these terms of use which is or may become illegal. Our Promotion of Access to Information Act manual can be found here. and/or take appropriate legal action against you (including without limitation.

No indulgence. waiver or relaxation of any of the provisions or terms of these terms of use which we may show. Nothing in this agreement shall create any relationship of agency. See clause above.Cooling off period: Complaints process: General terms You agree that: • • • you are bound by these terms of use. extension of time. as well as warrant that data messages that you send to us from a computer. sent by you within the geographical boundaries of the Republic of South Africa. partnership or joint venture between you and Naspers and you shall not hold itself out as the agent or partner of Naspers or as being in a joint venture with Naspers. . grant or allow you shall operate as an estoppel against us in respect of its rights under these terms of use nor shall it constitute a waiver by us of any of our rights and we shall not thereby be prejudiced or stopped from exercising any of its rights against you which may have arisen in the past or which might arise in the future. encryption and/or authentication are not required for valid electronic communications between you and us. this agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded in Cape Town at the time you access this website for the first time. data messages addressed by you to us shall be deemed to have been ○ ○ received if and when responded to. was sent and/or authorised by you personally. ○ ○ ○ you shall be deemed to have been received data messages we address to you as detailed in section 23(b) of the ECT Act. electronic signatures. IP address or mobile device normally used by you. These terms of use constitute the whole agreement between you and us relating to your access to and use of this website. Not applicable.