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Get the Power in Your Hand . .

y Introduction y Mission & Vision y Management y Market share y Sponsorship y Events y Brand personality y Competitors .

LAVA has embarked on an ambitious journey of empowering every human with quality innovative products at an affordable price. .Get the Power in Your Hand . With this motto as its guiding principle.

After-Sales Service and Distribution.y The company aims to carve a unique niche for itself by focusing on Innovation in every field namely Product. The company aspires to become one of the strongest brands in the Telecom sector by offering the customer with a unique proposition unmatched by any other player in the industry. .

to be more y Integrity: Steadfast adherence to high moral and professional standards y Passion for Excellence: Intense keenness to stretch the limits of great in everything we do .y Vision:- To empower people to do more.

y Balakrishna Rao (CEO) y Hari Om Rai (C0-founder & Director) y Sunil Bhalla (Co-founder & Director) y Shailendra Nath Rai (Co-founder & Director) y Vishal Sehgal (Co-founder & Director) y Praveen Srivastav (Sales Head) .

captured almost 6 percent market share. The organization. The company has already expanded its operation in all the states of India.000 distributors and presence in 50. Today LAVA boasts of a network of 1.000 retail counters. y Today the brand is proud of having a wide range of handsets in its portfolio. started operation only 14 months back. .y About Lava Mobile Lava international is a leading brand in Indian mobile market today.

y Lava Mobile. Lava. It is a matter of pride for India to be the fifth nation having a currency symbol of its own. one of the leading mobile brand s in India is proud to be the first handset brand to incorporate Rupee Symbol in mobile phones. . always a leader in consumer insight driven innovations ensured that the Indians did not have to wait too long to have it on their mobile phone keypad.

Quality Appearance Packaging Brand Services Support Warranty .

y Low cost y Dual sim y Torch y Expandable memory y Camera y Fm radio y Battery backup y Touch screen y Different models according to customers requirement .

y Front line service y Public relation y Message y Sales y Media y budget .



Lava kkt24 plus Lavakkt30-05 Lava kkt34-09 Lava b5-09 Lava kkt-34-09 Lava a9-03 .

8% y LG 5.7% y Karbon mobile 6. .5% y Macromax 6% y Samsung 7. Apart from the alpha key-pad lava also has option of QWERTY key-pad phone.y Nokia 56.7% Now the present market share of lava mobile is 6% LAVA is the first handset brand which has created a new segment introducing Alpha series phones and intend to capture 10% to 15% market share within this segment.

y Thank you .

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