Seychelles June M. Doringo 2005-33968 Should Social Sciences be more applied?

Social Sciences 198 September 3, 2008

Before I proceed, it is of great importance to define first what is meant by applied and how will it be technically treated in this paper. “Applied” in its usual sense confers a direct correspondence to the world, it is in itself pragmatic, that which is at hand and can be used to interpret and understand, or to even dialogue with the world. Application is directly pictured by the natural sciences. Practically, this discipline provides medicine to cure infection, provides basic mathematics to calculate profit and balances, technology to make <wo>man’s life away from boredom and inefficiency, and more. Social Sciences in terms of this “applicability” is far more idle because it in itself is not as handy and as applicable to routine-oriented way of life like natural sciences. Social Sciences cannot afford to be at that level of application, not because it is not useful or pragmatic but because its orientation is more on theory not practicality. This is not my way of saying that social sciences is useless, but that social sciences is never to rub an itchy back! Social science cannot be more applied, following the definition of the word “applied” established. Social science seeks to explain and probe the social and the individual. For this that it deals much with theory and philosophical presuppositions. Social science studies history, culture, ontology, epistemology, ethics and more, and it taps the individual and the social as its primary focus. It is applicable because it touches almost everything about human existence though it fails to be recognized because it is not for everyday dialogue, meaning it is very profound and demanding that the everyday mind finds it tedious to deal with. I found it successful to compare the level of application of the two sciences since it is from here that we can draw clearly the level of application each fosters. I am not saying that social sciences is grounded on the higher level of application, only that it can never step on the same ground with natural sciences. It cannot be more applicable than it is.