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Post Colonial Theory

Post Colonial Theory

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Published by Michael Hopkins

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Published by: Michael Hopkins on Nov 10, 2010
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Post-colonial Theory

Mike Hopkins

France. Asia. and South America ‡ Sometimes encompass aspects of British literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. culture.Postcolonial Studies ‡ The critical analysis of the history. and modes of discourse that are specific to the former colonies of England. viewed through the perspective that [it] was tacitly underwritten by colonial exploitation ± GLT. 277 . Spain. and other European imperial powers. literature. the Caribbean islands. ‡ Focusing on the Third World countries in Africa.

correlatively with its presentations of the oriental as an exotic and inferior other ‡ Orientalism is now sometimes applied to cultural imperialism by means of control of discourse anywhere in the world ± GLT.‡ Cultural imperialism means of disseminating in subjugated colonies a Eurocentric discourse that assumed the normality and pre-eminence of everything occidental. 277 .

Colonialism as a precursor to Postcolonialism ‡ Periods of importance ± Colonization Decolonization (through revolution and/or wars of independence) Post-colonization ‡ Colonization = oppression / repression of: language. power ‡ Decolonization often results in a power vacuum and instability ‡ Post-colonial studies examine the effects of the previous two periods . culture. religion.

Periods of colonization: an annimation .

Periods of colonization: colonization by 1800 .

Periods of colonization : colonization by 1914 .

Periods of colonization : colonization by 1945 .

Justifications for colonialism .

277 279 ‡ All images are open source taken from Wikepedia Commons at http://en.wikipedia.Sources: ‡ Glossary of Literary Terms.org/wiki/File:Colonisation 2. I used Wikipedia to mine for images) .wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonialism and http://en.gif (yes.

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