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FW: EL PASO PF-70 Daily REPORT 9-10-2007 Tuesday, September 11, 2007 8:21:41 AM

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Here it is for El Paso.

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Sent: Tue Sep 11 00:42:52 2007 Subject: EL PASO PF-70 Daily REPORT 9-10-2007 Daily El Paso PF-70 Columbus Fence report attached for review.

Snapshot for 09/10/2007

All, 09/09/2007 Evening shift OBP Agents hampered by inclement weather. Today: Numerous Seabees transitioned in and out over the weekend. 78 Seabees on deck (dayshift). 11 OBP Agents on evening shift Dayshift Seabees conducted rework on installed fence east of the Columbus POE as well as electrical work, and road repair. 254 Lin. Ft of fence was installed (254 Lin. Ft). Evening shift OBP Agents conducting angle iron removal on installed fence as well as fence panel leg fabrication as this report is going out.


Numbers below were reestablished after the corral shoot/gate area linear footage was confirmed and today’s installation added. The total remaining to complete the “1/2 mile option” as reported by the Seabees and DHS QC Crandall.

Total PPB installed today – 254 Lin. Ft. Cumulative PPB installed to date – 16,389 Lin. Ft. Total 3 mile PPB remaining to be installed – 0 Lin. Ft. Total length of the project including “1/2 mile option” – 17,477 Lin. Ft. Total “1/2 mile option” remaining to be installed – 1,088 Lin. Ft. All remaining fabricated panels were installed today. Zero panels remain.

An additional 1100 pieces of steel remain to be delivered. This additional steel will be used to complete the remaining portion of the additional .3 mile.

Thank you

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