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Million Dollar Habits

Million Dollar Habits

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Published by: Wealth2010 on Nov 11, 2010
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Another important habit for you to develop is the habit of punctuality. Less than

five percent of people are punctual every single time. And everybody knows who

they are. They stand out. They are admired and respected by others. Opportunities

open up for them. They are considered to be more valuable and more competent

than others simply as the result of habitual punctuality.

Million Dollar Habits – Page 224

Vince Lombardi, when he took over the Green Bay Packers, found that the players

often arrived at the bus after the scheduled time of departure. He therefore initiated

what he called “Lombardi Time.” This was 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

From that day forward, if the bus was leaving at 10:00am, everyone was expected

to be on the bus by 9:45 am. If they weren’t, the bus left without them. This only

had to happen once for the players to get the message.

Remember, anything that you do repeatedly, over and over, soon becomes a new

habit. Resolve that, “Just for today, I am going to be punctual for every meeting.”

Don’t try to change your whole life at one time. Live in what Dale Carnegie called

“water tight compartments.” Focus on changing one behavior at a time, one day at

a time, until it locks in and becomes permanent.

With punctuality, resolve to be punctual to your very next appointment or meeting.

Then, resolve to be punctual for the next meeting as well. Do this, one meeting or

event after another until it begins to become automatic and easy. In no time at all,

you will have developed the habit of punctuality. Other aspects of your life will

seem to change and improve at the same time.

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