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Million Dollar Habits

Million Dollar Habits

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Published by: Wealth2010 on Nov 11, 2010
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This obituary had such a shocking effect on Nobel that he immediately began

rearranging his entire life to change his legacy and to assure that his obituary, when

it was written, would be completely different. To this end, he established the Nobel

Prizes, based on his great fortune, which are today the highest awards that can be

attained in the worlds of literature, medicine, science, economics, peace and

chemistry. By thinking clearly about the legacy he wanted to leave, he transformed

both his present actions, and his ultimate memory. He rewrote his own obituary.

To become a person of great quality and value, you should develop the habit of

reading about and studying about other men and women who have started with

little or nothing and who have gone on to accomplish wonderful things with their

lives. It seems that many men and women who achieve greatness as adults spend

many hours as children reading the biographies and autobiographies of successful

people. Because young people are so susceptible to the suggestive influences of

others, as they read, they began to envision and imagine themselves having the

same qualities when they grew up as the people that they were reading about. And

that is exactly what happened in many cases.

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